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Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 2:34pm On Jul 30, 2017
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 2:30pm On Jul 30, 2017

You are the only male child of your parents. Yes ?
no, we're 3 boys.

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Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 2:29pm On Jul 30, 2017
Schizophrenia along with many other so called psychological disorders are just branded terms for demonic possession. I don't expect you to believe. Maybe you should check out " lastchild " go through his threads. That guy suffers from a very severe case of demonic possession.

Many atheists have tried to dismiss his claims saying he's only suffering from schizophrenia, but alas his situation has grown worse and the demon now appears physically to him and even speaks of things which later come to fruition.
Of course I believe, I know this. But, I kinda think like this,...about half of these schizophrenia kind cases are physical in nature, and about half are demonic. Schizophrenia caused by demonic possession wont go away with drugs. People with schizophrenia caused naturally will take drugs and the symptoms go away, some even live natural lives, work, get promoted etc.

The people who suffer from natural schizophrenia would not encounter some rather spiritual symptoms. from my experience and research. Demon possession mimics certain mental illnesses, e.g schizophrenia.
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 10:33am On Jul 29, 2017
sup bro mrmime
I'm fine, you're the one with email Hg Ayan right?
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 9:07pm On Jul 28, 2017
It's really baffling when people say things they have no idea about.

Schizophrenia and brain damage? Lol.
Well, to be really honest, schizophrenia is kind of a pointer. Demon possession brings about feelings similar to schizophrenia. But in my case i've felt really strange things, so I know that it is spiritual.
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 9:03pm On Jul 28, 2017
Mate be honest here,have you ever taken any hard drugs,weed and etc?

Schizophrenia or depression could be the cause,I would however suggest that you visit psychiatrist.

Forget about pastors,they'll add more to your problems.

I have done hard drugs (weed) only once. That was in 2010. a friend/former room mate offered me and out of curiousity i took it. I felt really dizzy and somehow for a week after that and I never returned to it again.total no-go experience for me.

Demon possession mimicks schizophrenia. I have had very strange things which show that I am being attacked by spirits. I have visited psychiatrists, twice, been given drugs both times and it completely did nothing.

Pastors will help, this is a spiritual disturbance sorta
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 5:00pm On Jul 27, 2017

Demon possession. Someone gave your will away to these entities or you did without knowing.

But the first Church you went to didn't do a good job. How can they notice something like that yet let you go?

You need someone who can stand in for you. Someone who will take your place to challenge those entities since you can't really have your senses and don't know what they are.

They want you mad on the street. But won't succeed.

Where are you, i mean your location now.

You are right, it is demon possession. But how does someone give someone's will away? Or how does one give his own will away? i'm kinda curious and would like to know.

The first church didn't really know what they were dianosing.You would observe that a lot of churches don't know about demon possession. about half know, and about half dont know. Those people were just tired of the situation and had to call my parents.

You call them entities. Thats very interesting. I actually came across someone n a forum who directed someone suffering with somewhat similar situations to googling "remote spirit release" and upon googling it myself, I was very shocked. its this belief in entity possession or spirit possession in which some kind of ghost attaches itself to a person and tis symptoms/effects were crazily simlar to what I was experiencing. Prior to that I hadn't found anywhere on the internet that listed all the symptoms so clearly.

I am in abuja atm.


Cele is a completely bad idea.

I am definitely not considering cele, or any other unverified church. I have been going to only old school churches sort of since this thing started (Living Faith Church, Anglican, Redeem)


Can you Pm me? and pls include your contact if you can.

I have done so.
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 4:08pm On Jul 27, 2017

What you are going through is referred to as "Schizophrenia"

Have you seen the movie "Beautiful Mind"?

Maybe you can relate with it..

I think you need antipsychotic medication.. . You need to see a doctor. ..

Traditionally, you may want to ask your parents if they searched for baby a long time before giving birth to you , that's if they actually visited any water goddess for baby.
Lol, you first mentioned schizophrenia, the route in which people do not believe in spiritual things as causes for such mental illnesses. You then mentioned getting me from mami water lol, take your stand.

And yes, schizophrenia. Psychiatrists attribute schizophrenia to the unexplained weird touchings, weird feelings, weird sensations, etc. The psychiatrist told me it was schizophrenia long ago, and from my findings I actually discovered it was, but then, I really differ as I have experienced very weird stuff. I feel someone touching me at times, the incident where I wandered off cannot be explained by schizophrenia and a host of other stuff that suggests demon possession. If you check the internet, it is filled with a lot of debates as to whether someone has demon possession or schizophrenia. Right from beginning, from all the symptoms I had been experiencing, I was sure that it was very demonic and not schizophrenia.

And yes, if you read several articles on the internet, you would see that demon possession is characterized medications not orking. I have consulted psychiatrists and taken medication which did not work. I guess they were your 'anti-psychotics. I have also gotten a 2nd opinion from a 2nd psychiatrist (in another state) who prescribed drugs that also did nothing.

I am so glad that nairalandrs are coming to my rescue, as things have gotten really bad of recent. I have gotten very suicidal and on the verge if doing something really crazy. I really will do it. gosh, God help me

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Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 11:29am On Jul 22, 2017

Be very watchful and careful. Some people while trying to offer help will lead you into something worse than your present predicament. Run far from anyone trying to introduce you into cosmic science and the likes.

The only answer is Jesus, outside him there is no other.

You may choose not to believe , but the truth is if you do not, you will spend years trying to find a solution only to realize that your problem compounded with time.

The reason you were not delivered at the various churches you attended is simple, "there is insufficient power in those places". What I mean is this, it is written in Ephesians 3:20 20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think , according to the power that works in us.

You noticed the bolded right? Now pastors and prophets do not have the same power, even though all the power comes from God. Some pastors are naturally gifted with more power than others. That was why Gehazi couldn't heal the shunamite woman's son but Elisha could. That was why the seven sons of Sceva were confronted by the demon possessed when they tried to imitate Paul by casting out demons even though they did so in the name of Jesus.

How could they deliver you when what is inside of you is bigger than them? When two powers meet, remember the lesser power bows. I know some people will tell you to pray yourself and believe but such cases of demonic possession are rarely or never conquered alone.that is the feelings he went through and that he is really totally fine today. I would like to know how he got healed, this would really help me.

I know someone who had a similar problem like yours but today he's perfectly fine.

I would recommend TB Joshua or O.P.M port Harcourt. Good luck!

Amberon11, thank you for your input, I definitely know that there are cosmic sciences and all that stuff and i definitely will run far away from them. I know about all those stuff and I have been walking on wires when it comes to this issue (that is to say that I have been very careful). There are a variety of indian religions, islamic religions and others that would list similar symptoms to mine and try to offer healing but though they all seem like they are on to something,I know that Jesus is the only power. These situations seem to be solved by only one problem, accepting Jesus into your life and becoming born again but I have done that since it started and sadly it didn't work. The second situation proferred by good sources on the internet is exorcism, that is deliverance (casting out of demons), for which I have been to churches (mainly anglican, living faith, redeem) for it, but sadly none has worked.
You said there is insufficient power in those places; well, i have really been to many places, could they all have had insufficient powers?I doubt, I dont know really, God just dosen't seem to be answering me, I don't know why. And yes, sadly I have prayed like never before, I have prayed steadily, for a very long period of time, sSince like the beginning of this stuff till now, I get so frustrated and pray in screaming, begging, desperation and shouting, but sadly, nothing has happened, making me to give up on that and give up on hope quite a bit.
That you mentioned demonic possession means that you are spot on. I have checked through the web and I have come to realize that I am under a spell,as I have cases of memory loss, a floating mental state, disorientaion(psychiatric disorientation); but this seems not to be able to happen without demonic possession as I have symptoms of those too which are hallucinations (hearing voices), visual hallucinations(like d satanic silhouette i saw), the loss of time i experienced wherein i wandered into the bush, the inability to function socially/to socialize, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, depression etc.
You say you know someone who had a similar problem but today is doing fine, please i would like to know the things the person went through,
Also, you mentioned TB Joshua, Nooooooo. You should have seen from general opinion that TB Joshua is is considered totally unsuitable. Naa, that is a total no go for me.
Has OPM port hacourt conquered similar cases? Do you have some evidence? like videos and other things that I may use to learn that they hav conquered such? thanks for your reply and thanks in advance.


Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 10:39pm On Jul 21, 2017
Ur problem is simple, but how person go verify say u are real. I'm worried abt that.
Lol, well, i dunno how else I would verify sha. I thought the post with all the details and suggested timestamps would say otherwise. Anyways, i don't know how else to prove that i am real.
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 9:05pm On Jul 21, 2017
Do I have your permission to explain what is happening to you ? I ask this because those archons disturbing you can actually invade anyone who helps you now without your permission. So, I need your permission.
This is weird..
Religion / Re: Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 9:04pm On Jul 21, 2017
Simple Matter...

Bro...Are u in Nigeria....
Yes, I am
Religion / Weird Spiritual Things Been Happening To Me by mrmime(m): 8:53pm On Jul 21, 2017
Good day N'landers,

I thought to share my experiences that have been happening to me of late, how weird they've been and how spiritual they are. It all started back in 2013 when I started having strange high blood pressure, I couldn't sleep at night, would feel my heart thomping in my chest, as though it was going to beat right out of my chest. It was a very bad experience for me, but it soon shortly ledt, after the use of drugs. The next episode was another day some weeks after, when I just started feeling strange and sidturbed at home. all of a sudden I started walking to the gate of my estate barrely dressed. Upon getting outside the gate, a bike-man (okada man) pulled up to me and asked if i wanted to go to church, shocked, i obliged and he took me to church. When we got there, he dropped me off and didn't collect any money from me. surprised again, i want into the church. On entering the church, I was disturbed and uneasy, I started wandering around and feeling uncomfortable till I told the secretary that I wanted to see the pastor. She said he was busy doing counselling by upon my disturbing her in abrupt manners, she called the pastor who came to me. By that time i was already unstable. A deliverance process started. That day was so strange, by the time the man came to me, some voice started screaming out from within me, as though it was being tormented and under pains, the pastor put holy communion in my mouth and the thing started spitting it out. He put communion wine and i/the thing; spat it out strongly, screaming as if it was being terrorised by what it was ingesting. That day was very strange. My mom came to pick me up, and I went home, feeling unreal though, but I went home. fast forward to a few weeks later, my mom had to travel and so she was at the airport and I was home alone when all of a sudden I started feeling weird/disturbed again. I was very uncomfortable/disturbed and somehow I found my way to the church. I really can't recall how it happened but I got there, the events between, I can't remember. When I was there, a voice was just speaking to me, telling me strange things. telling me to go around the building, telling me the building was mine, showing me different drawings on the buildings and telling me explaining different things behind them. I was just under some control of a kind of voice that was telling me different things. When I had had too much, I knew i wasnt in the right place and in harm's way sort of, so I phoned my mom who was about boarding. She was shocked, and so she told my sister to come pick me, my sis was at work at the time. My sis came and picked me and dropped me at her house and went back to work. In her house was her new born baby and her nanny, an elderly woman. that was when something strange happened. All of a sudden, I got up from the bed , went to the front of the house, opened the door and just started wandering. I didn't know what I was doing. I walked far away into the bush. I walked for about two hours, not knowing what I was doing, under the control of something, till I finally got to a school. The next thing that happened to me was a hot slap on my face! I immediately snapped out of the trance to see three policemen in front of me in uniforms, two school security guards and I looked dowm, my feet were in chains, so were my hands. I was just shocked and confused. I asked what I was doig there, they saidI was trying to steal a car, I was just surprised. They said they could see me from a corner putting my hands in between a car's window, that is the space left between the window vane and the car, since the owner wound down a bit. very shocking, i called my mother who was had reached her destination by then and she was alarmed, shouting I wasn'ta thief. I was taken to the station and my mother called on my two sisters to come to the station to write reports and discuss with the policemen before I could be released. 2014 came and I stayed for sometime, semi employed until it was around march or so, when my dad told me he would like to send me for masters. I strongly refused, because I had just been feeling somehow since that incident happened. I was disonnected from reality, things just didnt feel right and i told him I didnt want to go, so as not to waste money as the masters was to be abroad. He said no, that I would be fine that all that had happened in the past were in the past. I had no choice, so I had to go. I went to UK in september 2014, that was when all hell broke loose. I had just like half of my mind to be thinking, I couldnt even spend money. All i knew was that I had to put a roof over my head, so i rented a house. But the difference between the money i had for rent and my total spending money would still be there. I would only remember to buy biscuits and some fe cooking at times. I was disturbed. I always felt a dark cloud over my head. Very strange and reall happenings happened then. One night, I was in my room, I saw a very dark silhouette of the devil right by me, I was so afraid that I jumped over the covers and was there till morning. About 3 nights later, or maybe the same night I dont know, or i am not so sure, I had the strangest experience. I had a dark shadow come over my head with something that was like a nut and it put it in my mouth. I would feel something beating me in my room in the day time and compelling me not to wear clothes, so I would be in my naked all day, in that crazy abroad cold.
I kept going to churches, not to really help me, I hope they really tried to. By july 2015, I had had enough, the churches had had enough, so they called my mum to come and pick me. I didn't do anything during the masters, never went to classes, hardly involved, so the masters was a waste. My mom brought me back.
Now itjust crazy,I feel disconnected from reality somehow, I have reduced awareness of external environment, I cant seem to think of a future for my life, everything just seems bleak. I have some kind of memory loss, find it very hard to be friendly with anyone, find it hard to be social, find it hard to join any conversation or talk to people really. Feel hopeless.

Pleas guys what do you think the solution really is?

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