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Politics / Re: No Matter How You Mock Tinubu; God Has Already Elevated Him - Reno Omokri by nabiz(m): 4:46pm On Jun 12
Reno is looking for recognition.

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Politics / Re: World Largest Portrait Of Tinubu Unveiled At Eagles Square (Photo) by nabiz(m): 1:00pm On Jun 12
Unless people. Is it part of his achievement as a president


Politics / Re: Who Is Out Of Reality In Terms Of Minimum Wage: FG Or Chatgpt ? With Snapshots by nabiz(m): 3:16pm On Jun 11
why u go marry or give birth when u know u dey earn 62k.. why no save and get a side business before marrying. Nothing pass business.
how old are you

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Politics / Re: Who Is Out Of Reality In Terms Of Minimum Wage: FG Or Chatgpt ? With Snapshots by nabiz(m): 1:46pm On Jun 11
Imagine a family with children, who pay school fees

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Politics / Re: See What People Are Celebrating As Achievements In Ebonyi State (photos) by nabiz(m): 9:09pm On Jun 05
"It is time we get serious with Governance in Ebonyi State. Anybody celebrating these Bus Stops as achievements in the state should be ashamed of himself. In fact, this type of project should be left for local Government Chairmen".

"It's time we start holding the government accountable. Governor Nwifuru is more than one year in office and needs to get serious with Governance in the state".

© Wisdom Nwedene
i am from Ebonyi state but this present governor is a confused fellow. He is a big disappointment to Nigerian youth
Politics / Re: This Is The Pay Slip Of A Personal Assistant For May 2022 Salary(photo) by nabiz(m): 9:18pm On Jun 04
Let us be realistic. Political appointment is not employment. It's just for little time, no pension, no retirement benefits.
if you truly want to be real I think you should understand that political service is a service to the people not to earn a living.
Politics / Re: How much you think will be reasonable for NLC/TUC Accept as minimum wage? by nabiz(m): 10:07am On Jun 04
150k with i beg
Politics / Re: Top Ten Things Wrong With Nigeria's New Old National Anthem-saharareports by nabiz(m): 9:42pm On Jun 03
[quote author=Dsimmer post=130294123]Typical from the usual wailer. Would erosion landlocked southeast be in Nigeria in the first place if not for the British, let alone them killing other people's regional leaders after independence?

So what's with the wailing? The British history is always a part of Nigeria history as a matter of fact.

Anyways, The anthem is a Nigeria anthem because it isn't hailing the queen or anything. The anthem is simply talking about Nigeria. It was even composed by a non colonial British who recognizes Nigeria diversity which is only telling the truth about Nigeria. As a matter of fact, the British recognizes the diverse different tribes in Nigeria hence why Nigeria were practicing a functional federalism which got Nigeria into lots of greater height in the first place. The only wrong the British did to Nigerians was coming to rule Nigeria as a colonial. Howeve
Politics / Re: EXPOSED: How Bill Gates Is Sponsoring Terrorism In Nigeria by nabiz(m): 8:01pm On Jun 03
I also suspect Dangote. Have you nothat the man is taking over food production. Our politicians are satanic and can do anything for their master
Politics / Re: I Condemn The Aba Attack, However We Are Not Scared Of The Nigerian Army by nabiz(m): 6:40pm On Jun 01
While I vehemently condemn the dastardly attack on the Nigerian army In Aba, but it's better for them to do due deligence instead of attacking innocent people. We are not scared of them, no sane person should even be scared of this unprofessional armed force. If need arises, we will defend our land with our blood like our fathers did.
Igbos are not known to be intimidated. We don't care about the gang up by other Nigerian tribes against us, if there's a need to defend ourselves, we will do it.

And yes, we will keep telling our children about the Nigerian gang up against igbo people until the country does the right thing just like our fathers did.

We are not scared of the army, you can go to a minority to tribe elsewhere and threaten them, not the igbos.
supported. They should avoid innocent people. If they attack innocent people the masses will resist it


Politics / Re: Who Will You Pick To Lead Your Region If Regional Government Is Reintroduced? by nabiz(m): 9:57pm On May 31

The only person that would beat obi is NOI

Aside her Obi go beat anyone...
nnamdi kalu will beat all of the plus their father
Politics / Re: Who Will You Pick To Lead Your Region If Regional Government Is Reintroduced? by nabiz(m): 9:48pm On May 31

If the constitutional amendment for regional government is to succeed, who should lead the Southeast region?

⚫️ Peter Obi
⚫️ Chukwuma Charles Soludo
⚫️ Dave Umahi
⚫️ Anyim Pius Anyim
nnamdi kanu
Politics / Re: Questions No One Is Asking About Biafra? by nabiz(m): 10:47am On May 31
Biafra is not going to solve the multitude of problems affecting south-easterners. The corruption, tribalism and intolerance that got us where we are now will not magically go away when Biafra becomes a reality. In fact the tribalism might even turn out to be worse because the smaller the difference between communities, the larger it appears in the mind of the people.

What will will be the fate of non-igbo speaking people in this hypothetical Biafra?

How do you know that the leaders you will get then will be better that ones you have now? Remember that while the system may change, the elites almost always have a way of staying in power.

Why are you people forcefully taking territories of people that do not identify as Igbos (South-South)?

Nobody is asking these questions not to talk of answering them and that says a lot.

I rest my case.
all tribalism was created by government and can easily be stopped by any government that wants to stop it. Nigeria type of tribalism is man made by politicians for their own good. Tribalism is the easiest thing to kill in Nigeria
Politics / Re: Nigerian-looking Egyptian Pharoahs (pics) by nabiz(m): 9:36am On May 29

And who are those people?



thank God technology is fast growing..one day our children will read our comments and judged us. They may spit our grave. Their cry may not allow some of us to rest in peace by then we are already dead, even the death we were afraid of. Most of what we write online today will become a quote for them
Politics / Re: Nigerian-looking Egyptian Pharoahs (pics) by nabiz(m): 9:24am On May 29

Which Fulani is destroying where?

You sound VERY paranoid.

Nigeria has 240 million people, but you think Fulani will drive us all out?

How? With some illiterate herdsmen? grin

Dude, stop listening to Kanu, Ekpa, Emma Powerful and all these funny characters.

Those guys are just using you people to cash out. 💰
Fulanis are just a tool under a win win agreement. The original people that want your country are someway stractegising


Politics / Re: Nigerian-looking Egyptian Pharoahs (pics) by nabiz(m): 9:21am On May 29

Which Fulani is destroying where?

You sound VERY paranoid.

Nigeria has 240 million people, but you think Fulani will drive us all out?

How? With herdsmen? grin
how was once great Egypt destroyed. Could they have believed that one day that great country will be scattered around the world or exterminated.
Politics / Re: Nigerian-looking Egyptian Pharoahs (pics) by nabiz(m): 9:11am On May 29

You can say that again.

Beautiful stuff.

These statues are over 4,000 years old.
original inhabitants of Egypt has been scattered all over the world by Europeans, the same thing with the original Israeli. If the indigenous Nigerians don't fight to protect their land the same faith will befall on them. Gradually hausas are going. What was the ratio of hausa to fulani during the era of usman compared to now. Fulanis are trooping into Nigeria daily without documentation.

They are destroying Nigeria so that you will japa. Instead of Nigerian to stand and defend their country they are running away from their country. Continue running away. One day you will have no place called home. Your children will be scattered in all nations without a home. To conquer a nation is a gradual process and it has started in our era. I dont know why indigenous Nigeria should be so foolish to allow minor group that if put together is not up to a state to destabilize and destroy their nation. They gave you entertainment and take away your history and political power so that you keep on having fun while the actual deal in done underground

I think we really need to study how this once a great country of Egypt was destroyed


Culture / Re: Emirship: Hausa, Fulani Clash Over Traditional Stool by nabiz(m): 3:28pm On May 28
At the end na IGBO them go use settle this matter, so Igbo be wise


Politics / Re: There Were No 'TRIBES' Before The British Invaded Nigeria by nabiz(m): 6:36am On May 25
There were no 'TRIBES' before the British invaded Nigeria.


Divide And Rule.

There was NOTHING like ''Igbo people'', ''Yoruba people'', ''Hausa people'' before the British got here.

People identified themselves by their LINEAGE, ie their HOMETOWN, not by the language they spoke, which was always subject to change.

Why? Because people migrated constantly. Searching for arable land, prosperous lands, conducive environments, water etc.

There was no 'lingua franca', so an Igbo speaking family migrating to Ijebu land meant they had to learn the Yoruba language of the Ijebu and speak it, learn the culture, observe their religion etc.

They would get there and ask them about the deities they honour, and they would be guided.

You could not take your religion and deities there. You would adopt theirs. That's how it worked.

After a decade or less, you've effectively become an indigene there. An Ijebu man, plus your kids!

Today we would call you a 'Yoruba man'!

But you're actually an ''Igbo man''! wink


IE your ancestors of just 150 to 300 years ago were immigrants from a totally different region to where you are now,.

GO AND DO A DNA TEST AND YOU WILL BE SHOCKED as a ''proud Yoruba man'' to learn that your great-great-grandad was an immigrant from Nnewi or Sokoto.

And YOU, Mr ''Proud Igbo man''.

GO AND DO A DNA TEST to find out where you really come from, ie your LINEAGE.

You will be shocked that you are actually from Oyo State or Kwara.

Or even from Sierra Leone or Congo!

Or holy of holies, descended from an 18th century Fulani herdsman!

Today an Igbo family can decide to migrate to Ibadan, and not bother learning to speak Yoruba for several generations, and they'll be fine, since we can all speak English.

But it was not like that in pre-colonial Nigeria.

You HAD to learn the language, and adopt the culture of your new abode, as a matter of survival.

So you true identity was your LINEAGE, not the language you were speaking at any point in time.

If LANGUAGE was what identified you in the past, that means you could be born Igbo, and by your teenage years be a Yoruba person, and by old age, an Hausa man, depending on your migratory path.

So of course it wasn't language that we identified ourselves by.

IT WAS THE EUROPEAN COLONIALISTS that created these language-based blocs, and falsely claimed that you were of the ''Igbo tribe''.

Of the ''Yoruba tribe''.

Of the ''Hausa tribe''.

It's all NONSENSE.

Why did they do it?

So that they could create large blocs of DIVISION among you, their subjects.

So that you could remain DISUNITED, in RIVALRY, and thus kept too busy fighting one another to challenge their authority.

If you are a TRIBALIST today, you are simply an ignorant colonial creation.

An ignoble, pitiful colonial caricature.

Go do a DNA geneology test, to find out where you're really from.

The 'native' language you speak today means a big fat ZERO.

you are not far from the truth. It is a pity we don't know this. I fill like taking degree courses in family history because of this nonsense

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Culture / Re: Obi Of Onitsha Narrates Migration Of His Ancestors From Benin And Ife by nabiz(m): 6:27am On May 25

The king looks more like a Benin palace chief than an igboman
And his title is Obi
While other igbos kings are known as Igwe. The heavy influence of Benin in Onitsha cannot be overlooked
But also we can't take away the fact of Exe Chima also being a founding member of Onitsha along with igalas.
Simply put Onitsha isn't igbo but benin
migrating from benin may not mean that they are from benin. It may mean that they once settle in benin may be something happened the decided to move out. The truth is that Igbo and Yoruba not all Yorubas have a lot in common, may even be a bros or a very close relation

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Autos / Re: Made-in-Nigeria Electric Powered Nord Tricycles by nabiz(m): 10:30am On May 22
how do you recharge the batteries?

Current tariffs and lack of power plus fuel prices nko
how do you recharge your phone?. I think it will be cheaper to recharge than to buy fuel

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Politics / Re: Government Should Frustrate Small Business by nabiz(m): 5:02pm On May 21
in my approach to a better economy, the government should frustrate small business like pos, little stores, substandad schools, houses, handwork.

i want this things should be one eg all handwork carpenter in a city should pull resources together have a boss and work
this are the type of people in Tinubu's government lol

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TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by nabiz(m): 3:41pm On May 14

It is not expensive. It is you that made it expensive for you

The same numbers of channels on dstv that cost 15k or substituted with other more interesting channels , viewed like somebody with work ,with kids outside watching TV, to do ....not the one somebody here says he starts from 5:30 to 12 midnight everyday

if I am watching a 4k content 50gb will not do me for a week with mifi

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TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by nabiz(m): 8:42am On May 14

Are you saying what others are watching is not HD? They play...
what I mean is 4k content
Politics / Re: Soludo Has Standard, Can't Use Water Vendors To Fill Ochanja Water Fountain-APGA by nabiz(m): 8:18am On May 14
So how do you refill water fountain? Though that water fountain was poorly constructed, you can use tanker to fill the water fountain. Water fountain is refilled the way swimming pool is refill. If there is no nearby source of water, there is nothing wrong refilling once a month. I do water fountain. That water fountain is very ugly and poorly constructed. The body filler will soon start growing green stuff. What stop a whole start government from having a marble stone curved water fountain

Below is a small 100% marble stone fountain i constructed. This fountain body will last more than 200 years without body maintenance. You only need to maintain the water Pumping machine

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Properties / Re: For Your Increte (decorative Stamped Concrete Floor design in Ngeria) Pictures by nabiz(m): 8:55am On May 13
For your quality stamped concrete floor 08l35884401
Politics / Re: Monetary Policy: Would You Recommend This For Nigeria? (pix) by nabiz(m): 2:28pm On May 12

Definitely yes
even banks sometimes reject a ton note


Politics / Re: Dear President Tinubu, Is This Punishment Not Too Much For Our Sins? (Opinion) by nabiz(m): 2:12pm On May 12

Sometimes,I ask if some of u are sensible at all.

How does this correlate with the topic tribalist?

do you think most of the read. They always comment before reading

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Politics / Re: Dear President Tinubu, Is This Punishment Not Too Much For Our Sins? (Opinion) by nabiz(m): 2:10pm On May 12

Of all the points dissected in the write-up, this is what you could deduce. Does that means all the points raised are invalid?
do you think they read. All they know how to do is to rush and comment. Before apc told us that buhari will fix it, with the excuse that Jonathan put the economy is mess. Now the same apc is blaming buhari. Confuse people


TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by nabiz(m): 2:05pm On May 12

That's too much TV time for your family members....
i tell you. Not really my family member oo. The just visited from my village and no job yet


TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by nabiz(m): 2:01pm On May 12
na cinema house?
na children na. Even family visitors lol

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