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Investment / Re: The Founder Of The Billionaire Crypto Platform, Binance, Says He Is “again” Poor by nairaab: 9:45am
That's another logic to the crash right now o!

Abi, I should rush in and buy the dip!

Career / Re: Top 30 Practical Careers For Creative People by nairaab: 9:44am
Top 30 Practical Careers For Creative People

In the modern world, there are many professions where people can use their creative abilities to adapt to practice discipline in order to avoid the obstacles of life as musicians or artists, such as travelling to play concerts or being poor!

Theoretically, people can be creative in any profession, but some require more creativity than others.

Click through this gallery below and discover some practical professions that require people, or at least allow them to stretch their creative muscles.

Career / Top 30 Practical Careers For Creative People by nairaab: 1:41pm On May 20
Top 30 Practical Careers For Creative People

In the modern world, there are many professions where people can use their creative abilities to adapt to practice discipline in order to avoid the obstacles of life as musicians or artists, such as travelling to play concerts or being poor!

Theoretically, people can be creative in any profession, but some require more creativity than others.

Click through this gallery below and discover some practical professions that require people, or at least allow them to stretch their creative muscles.

Investment / Re: The Founder Of The Billionaire Crypto Platform, Binance, Says He Is “again” Poor by nairaab: 10:35am On May 20
CZ is still a billionaire BTW
Investment / The Founder Of The Billionaire Crypto Platform, Binance, Says He Is “again” Poor by nairaab: 9:08am On May 19

The founder of the billionaire crypto platform, Binance, says he is “again” poor after his Luna holding – which used to be worth $1.6 billion – has crashed and is now only worth $2,200.

In a tweet on Monday, Zhao said that Binance, the world’s largest cryptobourse, has 15 million luna tokens. Binance received these tokens in exchange for an investment of $3 million in 2018 in the Terra space network.

According to Zhao, his luna tokens were “never transferred or sold” on Monday.

Binance luna was worth $1.6 billion in early April, when the token reached its highest price. However, its recent collapse this week caused the amount to fall to about $2,200. The currency traded at around $0.0001468 on Thursday.

Luna’s value has fallen sharply in the last two weeks.

The blast began when her sister token TerraUSD lost the US dollar two weeks ago. The values ​​of the two tokens are linked.

When the price of TerraUSD fell, investors invested their assets in this token in a scenario similar to a bank run. The fall of TerraUSD once again pulled the price of luna down.

The free fall of the two tokens is said to wipe out more than $50 billion in paper, Insider said.

On Monday, Zhao urged the Terra team to pay its small investors first. “In order for Binance to set an example of USER PROTECTION, it will leave it at that and ask the Terra project team to pay retail users first and Binance last if possible,” he wrote on Twitter.

Despite his remarks, Zhao, 45, is not absolutely broken. Bloomberg estimated it had nearly $14.8 billion in net worth on Thursday.

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Business / Found An Interesting News/story? Share With Us! by nairaab: 10:53am On May 13
Anthonyex.com is curating the latest news using a dare technology. Just paste the link to the original story, and you will be credited 100pts.

Found an interesting story? Share with us! https://anthonyex.com/frontend-submission/
Business / What’s Something That’s Criminally Overpriced Yet People Still Buy Anyway? by nairaab: 1:23pm On Apr 29
What’s something that’s criminally overpriced yet people still buy anyway?

Crazy funny comments: https://anthonyex.com/whats-something-thats-criminally-overpriced-yet-people-still-buy-anyway/

"Feminine menstrual products"
"Table water at a 1-star restaurant"
Romance / What Type Of Men Make You Uncomfortable? by nairaab: 5:19pm On Apr 28
What Type of Men Make You Uncomfortable?


"The “out do everyone” hyper competitive type"
Family / What Instantly Makes You Suspicious Of Someone ? by nairaab: 8:50am On Apr 28
What instantly makes you suspicious of someone?


"Telling me how intelligent they are, how rich they are, how honest they are, or what a good Christian they are. If you really are any of those things, you don’t have to tell anyone."

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Romance / Re: You Meet Your 13 Year Old Self, But You Can Only Tell Them 3 Words. What Do You by nairaab: 7:50am On Apr 28
Omooh! Lots of replies (like regrets; I could relate!)
Romance / You Meet Your 13 Year Old Self, But You Can Only Tell Them 3 Words. What Do You by nairaab: 5:26pm On Apr 27
You meet your 13-year-old self, but you can only tell them 3 words. What do you say and why?

Business / How To Invest In Yourself 2022 – A Step By Step Guide by nairaab: 11:41am On Apr 05
You might have heard the term invest in yourself before. Warren Buffet, the greatest investor of all time says that the best investment you can make is in yourself.


All kinds of things can happen but no one can take away your talent from you.

This guide will go over the 5 steps of investing in yourself and we are starting right now.

1. Get To Know Who You Are.
The first step is to get to know who you are and what you want to accomplish. If you don’t know yourself and you try investing in yourself, it’s like driving in the dark with your headlights turned off.

You won’t know where you are going and it most likely will be a waste of time.

To get to know yourself, first ask yourself what you want. Maybe you want to make $100k / N50Million per year. If you don’t know, keep reflecting or do other things to learn about yourself like travel.

Then ask yourself how do you want to achieve what you want. Maybe you want to get a high paying banking job or maybe you want to earn the money through starting your own business or maybe you want to make the money just from investing.

At this point, it’s very important you trust your own intuition and make your decision based on what your gut says. People will tell you what they think the best way to achieve your goal is but there’s a chance it doesn’t align with who you are as a person.

Do your best to trust your gut and don’t listen to the voices around you because they might lead you down a path you never wanted to go down. For example, don’t start a dropshipping business because someone on the internet told you that it’s the fastest way to 6 figures per year when you would rather do something programming related.

2. Find Out What Tools You Need To Achieve What You Want.
This is the step that everyone associates investing in yourself with. When people think of investing in themselves, they think of this step and more specifically, learning or education.

Learning is mandatory for this step since no matter what you chose to work on in step 1, education will be one of the tools needed to achieve what you want.

Books used to be the common way to learn what you needed for the task at hand but now there are many options to learn from.

Education can come in many forms from books to online videos to digital courses and to coaches.

Choose the option that you are most comfortable with and start building up the knowledge you need. However, depending on what goals you wanted to achieve, there will be more tools needed.

For example, if you wanted to invest in real estate, you would need to have a good credit score, have a certain amount of capital, have your papers ready, find a real estate agent and more. If you wanted to start a business, there might be other things you need to accomplish your goal like licenses and employees.

Figure out what you need to get things started. This step is important and you must be sure you know all the tools that are required to complete your task. If you end up missing something, completing your goal will become a lot more complicated and you might miss opportunities.

3. Start
This step is pretty self explanatory. Once you know what you want and how to get it and you have the tools needed, it’s time to work towards your goals. You should ideally be learning something that helps you achieve your goals every day.

Warren Buffet may read 500 pages a day but that is a bit extreme and he is a very fast reader. For most people, I would say spending around an hour or 2 towards learning will suffice. Remember, learning isn’t only restricted to reading now since we have the internet which can accelerate how efficiently we learn.

As you are building your knowledge, start applying it and using your tools to get what you want. If you are investing in stocks, as you read up about companies and learn how to pick stocks, you should be buying stocks as well.

It’s ok if you fail since you can always pick yourself back up and try again. That statement holds true no matter what your goal is.

4. Let Your Knowledge And Skills Build Up Like Compound Interest.
Investing and compound interest go hand in hand and when you invest in yourself, the benefits will also compound like compound interest. This phenomenon is called accumulative advantage.

Success will lead to more success.

Success can lead to resources you might not have been able to access before. You might think failing might be bad but you are wrong. Even if you fail at a certain step, you will have learned a lot throughout the journey and the next time you attempt to achieve that same goal, it will be a lot easier.

In a way, failures can also be successes since you learn a lot more from failing than succeeding. Keep trying to reach your goal while learning from mistakes and successes. Eventually, you will be able to reach your goal with all the knowledge gained from your journey.

5. Invest in your health.
This step is like a bonus step. All of the steps above are pretty useless if your health is compromised. What’s the point of investing in yourself to better your business if your health gets compromised and you don’t get to enjoy life? You need to eat correctly everyday and exercise often.

If you take care of your health, you will be more energetic and happier which can help you achieve your goals faster.

Investing in your health will also make sure you are able to enjoy the benefits gained from achieving your goals. When you invest in yourself, a world of opportunities will open up. You will be able to become the best version of yourself.

By the way, if you are interested in online courses, check out our courses section.

How do you invest in yourself? Leave a comment below
Business / According To Money Pros, Minimum Amount Of Money You Should Have Saved by nairaab: 3:31pm On Mar 24
According To Money Pros, This Is The Minimum Amount Of Money You Should Have In Your Savings Account


You probably know the “rule” of emergency financing – you will save 3-9 months to cover potentially unexpected expenses.

And while it’s a good rule to follow, few people will actually save – a 2021 GoBanking survey found 40% with a small savings of $300 (N150,000) – so we asked professionals: As a solid emergency fund now unavailable, what is the minimum amount of money you need to save?

Chanelle Bessette, a banking specialist at NerdWallet, says you should try to have at least $1,000 (N500,000) on hand.

“A small $1,000 emergency fund would have to cover most of the small costs, such as purchasing new car tires or having to travel on an emergency trip, such as caring for a family. A family member in a hospital or attending a funeral,” Bessette said.”

And Charles Lattimer, vice president of innovation and growth at FinFit, announced the first goal of saving $1,000. “It’s 100% psychological and practical.

According To Money Pros, This Is The Minimum Amount Of Money You Should Have In Your Savings Account

Psychologically, most working people can achieve this goal within a few months to a year. In practice, research has shown that about 90% of all unforeseen extraordinary expenses can be covered by $1,000,” said Lattimer.

Of course, that $1,000 is the starting point. “The end goal is to have enough savings to cover the 6-month cost.

(Another thing to consider: you’ll definitely need six months or more of essential spending to cover all of your basic bills, which can make this goal easier.)

Table of Contents
Why the emergency fund is so important
How to save on an emergency fund
Why The Emergency Fund Is So Important
As shown in the early stages of a pandemic, unemployment and income disruption can occur suddenly and without warning.

“Having an adequate emergency savings plan is a debt buffer against high-interest rates and serious or desperate lifestyle changes to increase household incomes,” McBride said.

This emergency fund can also prevent you from immersing yourself in the funds you need for other reasons.

“You don’t want to cash out your invested assets or accounts, which can cause tax problems and force you to sell at the wrong time,” said Stephen Carrigg, a certified financial planner and director of investment research at Integrated Partners.

How To Save On An Emergency Fund
To begin with emergency savings, Anne Marie Ferdinando, Contact Manager at the Federal Federal Credit Union, suggests creating a detailed budget.

“Your budget can be a useful guide to keeping expenses within certain parameters, but you should also set specific savings targets.

Saving can be difficult at the moment, but participating in the monthly online setting up of savings accounts, emergency funds, or contributing to a retirement account with tax benefits can make a big difference in the long run. “Ferdinand said.

One place to look: Online savings accounts offered by federally insured digital banks and credit unions offer security and at the same time have access to money without penalties when needed.

“They still pay better returns than the regular savings accounts of most banks and other cash investments,” McBride said.

“Find a savings account with a low minimum initial deposit and no current balance requirements; there is a lot available with a competitive return,” McBride said.

Of course, in the midst of rising inflation, savings are not good either.

“When it comes to finding a savings account, interest rates are generally very low. Some digital banks offer better rates than others, but most are almost 3%, so we don’t want people to keep too much money,” Carrigg said.
Business / Re: 12 Simple Money Habits You Need To Become A Millionaire by nairaab: 3:19pm On Mar 24

I really love this cool
Business / 12 Simple Money Habits You Need To Become A Millionaire by nairaab: 4:57pm On Mar 22
12 Simple Money Habits You Need To Become a Millionaire


Humans are creatures of habits. You cant get rid of your bad habits. All you can do is change them to better habits. Habits that would improve your life or at least wouldn’t harm you. The process of developing habits takes a lot of time, but today we are going to do something different

We are going to focus on small habits that you can easily adapt right. They are not going to take you a lot of time, yet they are very effective. The moment I started implementing these habits, financially, I started doing better, that’s why I am going to share with you 12 mini money habits that you should start doing right now.

So, Let’s start with the first of the 12 Simple Money Habits You Need To Become a Millionaire

1. Don’t Use Cash

I might get criticized for saying something like this but hear me out. The greatest financial habit you can ever develop is tracking your expenses.

Because when you know how exactly you are spending your money, it’s much easier to change your behavior. If you are spending too much on moving around, next time, you will be more careful before taking another unnecessary ride.

And the easiest way to track your expenses is to pay with a credit or a debit card. Every transaction is recorded on your phone and you can revisit your transactions every day to see if you are not overspending.

This brings me to point number 2.

2. Spend 5-10 Minutes Every Night To Audit Your Spending

An hour or two before you go to bed. Just pick your phone, open your app that tracks your expenses and take a look at how much you have spent today.

Just Audit your expenses. You might realize that you have overspent on food today. That will push you to be more careful next time when you are buying a meal. Or maybe you have spent too much on uber, and you have to minimize your expenses for the next few days so that you don’t get into a credit card debt at the end of the month.

People usually act when it’s too late when they have already run out of money. So they are forced to get into debt, but then they repeat the same mistake over and over until they find themselves buried in a lot of debt.

3. Set A Budget For Everything
That most people do – They work hard, save money, they might even save for 6 months worth of expenses. Fantastic! But then they go on a vacation. And while they are on vacation, they want to enjoy.

They realize they have all that money that they don’t need urgently. Why not spend some of it? I mean you will get back to work in a week or two and fill it again, right?! But you won’t! So to avoid overspending or withdrawing from your savings account, always set a strict budget and never leave it no matter what! This is how much you set for a vacation.

That’s it! That’s your budget! This is how much you have set for outside dining. You can’t spend more than that! You will have to wait till next week!

12 Simple Money Habits You Need To Become a Millionaire

4. Automate Your Investments
If you are not into investing, I mean if your job is not directly related to the stock market or real estate.

You probably don’t have the time to analyze companies, look for real estate deals, or follow up on the financial news. That’s why you watch people like me who try to summarise everything in short animated videos.

But here is a Lifehack! You can’t always look for the next opportunity, and you don’t simply want to keep your savings in cash because you might end up spending them so chose a few stocks or maybe one index fund and dollar cost average.

This means every week or month, just invest in that stock without analyzing a new company every time you invest. I get it, you don’t want to be buying at the top, but you don’t know where is that top! So just invest every week, you will hit the top and the bottom so you will dollar cost average at the end of the day.

And you aren’t going to waste your time looking for opportunities which means you will finally start investing instead of just watching how others are investing.

5. Negotiate Whenever You Can
You can’t negotiate when you are in Shoprite, for example, since prices are fixed, and if you don’t like it, no one is pushing you to buy anything from there.

However, there are plenty of stores where there is room for negation. Whatever you are buying, if it’s possible to negotiate, always do it whether you are in a job interview trying to get a higher salary or buying a house.

You might put yourself in an uncomfortable position but imagine for a moment if you get a slightly better deal. If you get a 5 or 10 percent raise. That extra 5 or 10 percent means now you can save more money, and if you count the opportunity cost, which means how much that extra 5 to 10 percent is going to be worth in the long run, then you just saved yourself a fortune.

Especially if you are buying a house, whenever you buy something really expensive like a house that costs a million dollars, for example, 20, 30, or even 50K dollars do not seem much in comparison. But if you drive the price down by 30K, for example, that’s equivalent to someone just handing you $30K.

You just saved yourself a few months of work.

6. Always Check The Lower Shelves
Hypermarkets or stores, in general, have long ago analyzed your height and carefully placed the most expensive items at your eye level.

So that you come across them first. If you take a look at the lower levels, prices are a bit cheaper because that’s where they place the most affordable items since they know that most people aren’t going to look at them.

But you can outsmart them by taking a Moment and checking what’s down there. Usually, the products aren’t much different from the ones on the top. Eye-level shelves at stores usually cost fortunes, and the companies who are willing to pay that much usually include that cost in the price of that product.

So you are basically paying for not looking down.

7. Don’t Brag About How Much Money You Have Or Make
People have the tendency to expect more from people who make more money. If you get them a little small present on their birthday, they won’t like you, but if they think that you are not a rich dude and you barely making ends meet, then they will be happy that you even got them that little gift.

I know that it sounds horrible, but that’s how humans are. You are rich. – People expect more from you. It’s like when a billionaire donates a hundred million dollars. People still criticize him saying that’s peanuts for him.

He makes much more than that. Well, who cares how much he makes? He donated more money than you will be able even if it’s a tiny fraction of his wealth.

8. Surround Yourself With Likeminded People
It’s very difficult to live frugally, trying to get financially free as soon as possible when your friends enjoy expensive meals, expensive vacations, and 5 dollar coffees.

Sometimes you even wonder whether it is worth saving all that money. So in order to keep yourself motivated, surround yourself with people with similar goals. Join the FIRE movement on Reddit, join the chat rooms, share with each other different tools and techniques you use to save money.

It really helps to know that you are not alone in this tourney, you are not the only one who is struggling now to be financially free later. In the process, you are going to learn so much that you will cut your journey by a milestone.

9. Avoid Cheap Shoes
This might sound a bit controversial because we talk about saving money and being frugal and yet here I am telling you never to buy another pair of cheap shoes or in fact, clothes.

What does cheap or expensive mean? If you buy a pair of cheap shoes that are going to last you a month or two, then I call that expensive, that was a waste of money. But if you spend slightly more and these shoes will last you a few years, that’s what I call the ultimate way to save money.

Whenever you buy clothes or shoes, ask yourself how long will this pair of shoes or this shirt is going to last me. I would buy sneakers that I can wear for the next five years rather than buy a new pair every single year.

10. Avoid Your Local Grocery Store
I get it, it’s comfortable to get your groceries from the corner shop beside your house. You don’t have to walk anywhere far, it’s convenient and you pass through the store every day.

But groceries are slightly more expensive there than in hypermarkets. That might not seem a lot, but over time, they add up and turn into a decent amount of money. So here is what I like to do. I buy bulk! Go to the nearest hypermarket and buy the stuff you need for the next month at least.

If you turn it into a habit, you are going to save a fortune in the long run.

11. Cut Back On Sweets
The worst habit you can ever develop is eating a lot of sweets. Don’t get me wrong, I like sweets too, but most sweets are made out of pure harmful ingratiates.

They are expensive, and they damage your health. It’s ok to have some time to time but try to cut on them as much as you can. You have no idea how much you are going to save if you cut back on sweets, and most importantly, you are going to save a fortune on medical bills as well.

12. And Finally, Think Twice Before Paying
This is one of the best habits I have ever developed. I use to waste a lot of money like some of you. And then, a few minutes or hours later, I would ask myself why on earth did I buy that.

I don’t need it. I just wasted money. It happens to all of us so I have promised myself to think for a minute before paying for something, even if its something I wanted to buy for a long time. I ask myself, do I really need that or do I just want to spend some money, and the answer is quite often the latter.

Try it, but do not be biased. Try to think about it independently.


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Business / Here’s What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Talking Finances With Your Family by nairaab: 3:18pm On Mar 14
Whilst it can seem easier to avoid the taboo subject matter, there are methods you may talk about finances with your family without making them feel awkward — you may even discover them rewarding.

Business / Here’s How You Can Double Your Money Without Having Prior Experience Investing by nairaab: 2:15pm On Mar 08
Here’s How You Can Double Your Money Without Having Prior Experience In Investing


Here’s How You Can Double Your Money Without Having Prior Experience In Investing

As an investor, you can have long-term goals and one of them can be to increase your money over time. But to achieve this, you need to build a solid portfolio. And if you are new to the stock market, you may not be sure of your ability to choose the mix of companies that will make your goals achievable.

Please note that apps like Risevest, Bamboo can help to achieve the goal below;

If so, don’t worry. One simple step on your part can potentially triple your money – even if your stock knowledge is somewhat limited.


Why invest in a wide market is important?

The market contains many different sectors and in every industry, many different companies. You can spend a lot of time trying to find that shares a place in your portfolio. But if you don’t have time, there is another solution that can make you very rich – which draws on the market-index funds.

Index funds can easily process funds designed to meet the performance of different reference values ​​that are tied.
Index funds apply to low fees because they do not lend fund managers in stock choosing. However, their strategy is to simply select an index.

There are now a number of index funds in which you can choose to save your money. But if you have big goals and limited knowledge of the stock market, you can choose the S&P 500 index fund.

The S&P 500 Index is one of the 500 largest publicly traded companies and is considered a measure of how the stock market works as a whole. With the S&P 500 index fund in your portfolio, you get instant diversification. And you can also enjoy decent returns.

Between 1957 and 2021, the S&P 500 achieved an average annual yield of almost 10.5%. Well, that doesn’t mean the index in this window is back 10.5% a year. Remember the Great Recession? The index did not always do well. But everyone says S&P 500 rewards investors who stay there for years. And if you’re willing to do the same, you can triple your money than you hope.

So let’s say you have $10,000 to invest and decide to put that money in the S&P500 index fund and leave it without adding a dollar. If this index fund provides an average annual return of 10.5%, you can triple your money in 11 years.

Leave this money for 22 years and you will have nine times your initial investment, or $90,000, so you can expect the same return of 10.5%.


S&P 500 Index Funds cannot help your portfolio beat the wide market. But if you like the idea that matches the performance of the wide market, buying the S&P 500 index will be an easy way to create a portfolio in the first place.
Business / Re: The 27 Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views, Subscribers, And Likes In 2022 by nairaab: 2:10pm On Mar 08
Buy small; then build from there
Romance / Love And Money 2022: Money Dates & Financial Infidelity Amidst Couples by nairaab: 12:46pm On Mar 07
Love and Money 2022: Money Dates & Financial Infidelity Amidst Couples


Money Dates & Financial Infidelity Amidst Couples

Changed work?
Owning a house or a car?
Starting a family?
Some life milestones have a huge financial impact. And when you’re in a relationship, these effects spread outside of your own wallet. After a difficult, confusing year, they may be bigger than usual.


The hard truth is that almost a third of married couples keep financial secrets from their partner. And 50% have no intention of sharing at all. 76% of them don’t even plan to share their secrets with anyone. As before. According to TD Bank, these numbers are much higher than in 2020.

There is an expression for this: financial infidelity/betrayal. And while spending more when your partner agrees on a new dress or a nice dinner, it’s one thing hiding debt or an entire account can lead to serious relationship problems.

If you are hiding something from your significant other because you are shy, process your emotions before you say it.


Survey 2022 TD Bank found that most pairs are comfortable talking about talking and discussing money at least once a month.

Even if it doesn’t feel strange, do what can be done to make a convo go.

For Help: Allow the more extroverted partner to kickstart. This will help the other partner to open up. If you don’t know the subject before, you can start by sharing how much you earn and how you expect it to change over time. It will help you both set realistic life expectations.

Then give each person a chance to share their own financial boundaries. Maybe your partner will only spend a percentage of their income on food. And you can have limited rules for lending money with friends. Whatever the best thing is best to put early on the table. So you can get into the cash management plan with all cool.

Another thing to cover is DEBTS. No matter how much or less you have.

Everyone keeps in mind that everyone has different feelings, attitudes, and baggage when it comes to money. Share yours and listen with an open mind.

Keep listening to things you don’t agree with, but also try to create an environment without judgment. There is no one way better than the other. The most important thing is to take the time to check in regularly to stay on the same page. In a big thing and in a small thing.

Right? But in reality, this is not always possible. *See above where we called the whole journey is different.

Our suggestion? Attention to resolve. Their study also shows that 62% of couples prefer to discuss alone. But there is no shame if it’s not your style. In fact, 11% are associated with a financial advisor. And 96% of the couples describe “happy”, it is more likely to solve by checking in on an expert.

Oh, and it can be tempting “to allow things to be once in time”. But factual couples that describe “unhappy” could not prevent confrontation. Not good.

So talk to your partner about money, yes. But also talk to your partner about how you can talk about money.

And who else – if anyone – has to deal with. It is also good to agree on what everyone “should” and “want” to do. And what is a “mistake”.

Suggestion: 52% of married couples admit to making a financial mistake on their way. Big surprise: Excessive spending is the most common.
Business / The 27 Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views, Subscribers, And Likes In 2022 by nairaab: 1:03pm On Feb 22
The 27 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Views, Subscribers, and Likes in 2022


The 27 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Views, Subscribers, and Likes in 2022

In this world of trendy technologies, social media is one of the best tools to support the start-up of your online business and you can become an entrepreneur you never thought you could. It will not only help you grow your business, but it will also help you reach a wider audience, which will increase your confidence and also the growth of your business. One of the most popular and often accepted social media platforms is YouTube.

People have YouTube channels in many different genres from food to reviews, fashion to entertainment, sports to global fashion, and more. However, once you launch your YouTube channel, you need to consider different marketing methods for your content. It can be organic or more direct – for example, use the service to purchase views, subscribers, and likes on YouTube.

Because it has such a huge impact on your audience, there are specific ways you can promote your YouTube channel quickly and effectively. Below are some of the best sites where you can shop for YouTube likes, views, and subscribers –

Followers packages
SMM Points
Social king

This is one of the best sites for growing and promoting your YouTube channel at a very low price. They use a formula that will help you lift the rankings on social networks and ultimately help increase the reach of your YouTube channels by purchasing your likes on YouTube and more.

Especially if you’re just getting started with a YouTube channel, this may be one of the best sites for buying YouTube views. This is a site that will make your YouTube channel viral and not only make false promises but also deliver them, so it’s a platform you can easily trust. It’s also one of the most trusted brands when it comes to social media marketing, and uses years of strategy to make your YouTube channel famous. They have five plans ranging from 500 views to 100,000 views and a price range of $ 6.99 to $ 374.99 for most plans.

If you want to expand your business and immediately gain recognition, socialpros.io is one of the best sites for buying and tracking subscribers on YouTube.

They have a variety of packages that include the price and number of impressions you can receive based on payment, and provide the highest quality services in a fast and efficient time frame. They also have a 24/7 customer care team that is readily available to solve all your problems. You can buy 500 views on YouTube for $ 3.50 and 1,000 views on YouTube for $ 5.50. Plus, you can buy 3,000 views for $ 15.50, 5,000 views for $ 22.50, and 10,000 views on YouTube for just $ 44.00. Top plans give you a maximum of 50,000 views for $ 199 and 100,000 views for $ 373.

If you’re interested in the best sites where you can buy views on YouTube, and you want to climb the charts to grow your channel, getviral.io is one of the best sites to do that. It provides great service and is very memorable, you can easily become a customer here because they are sure to have the cheapest price available in the category.

They offer 2,000 views for almost $ 6. The reviews on this site are very positive and provide efficient and fast customer care and delivery services. If you are talking about the best sites where you can buy likes on YouTube and more, it is worth mentioning.

Followers packages
It is one of the most used sites on the market and offers extremely high-quality browsing and services. It provides personalized services, so it can help you improve your social media rankings and potentially expand your YouTube channel. It targets your audience and increases your credibility between them on YouTube and all other social media platforms. It is one of the cheapest websites available and provides a secure environment for conducting your transactions using SSL cash services. The best sites that talk about the best sites to buy YouTube views always mention FollowerPackages in their list. You get 2,500 views for $ 19, 500 views for $ 29, and 10,000 views for $ 55. Plus, you get 20,000 views for $ 89 and 50,000 views for $ 175.

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Business / Re: You Are Invited - Investment & Financial Prosperity Conference 2022 by nairaab: 8:46am On Feb 10
"Investment & Financial Prosperity conference 2022"

As we count-down to Feb. 15th, 2022;

Kindly secure your seat at www.anthonyex.com/moneyconf

A copy of the agenda will be forwarded to you

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Contact organizers:
"Investment & Financial Prosperity conference 2022"

As we count-down to Feb. 15th, 2022;

Kindly secure your seat at www.anthonyex.com/moneyconf

A copy of the agenda will be forwarded to you

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Contact organizers:
Business / Re: You Are Invited - Investment & Financial Prosperity Conference 2022 by nairaab: 8:18am On Feb 04
"Investment & Financial Prosperity conference 2022"

As we count-down to Feb. 15th, 2022;

Kindly secure your seat at www.anthonyex.com/moneyconf

A copy of the agenda will be forwarded to you

Add to calendar to get a gentle reminder

Contact organizers:

"Investment & Financial Prosperity conference 2022"

As we count-down to Feb. 15th, 2022;

Kindly secure your seat at www.anthonyex.com/moneyconf

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Business / Re: How Many Followers And Subs Do You Need To Start Making Money On Instagram And Y by nairaab: 1:08pm On Feb 03
You can start with 1,000 followers
Business / How Many Followers And Subs Do You Need To Start Making Money On Instagram And Y by nairaab: 10:07am On Feb 02
How Many Followers and Subs Do You Need to Start Making Money on Instagram and YouTube?

Influencing on social networks is a serious job that can easily pay your bills.

The world of social networking applications such as Twitter, Instagram, and others has given rise to a new variant of unconventional work, which we call “Influencer”. Now, more than ever, people want to quit their daily jobs and influence full-time work.

However, however attractive and easily visible, it is difficult to get thousands of followers, millions of views and build your audience on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. You need to define your place, continue to create quality content, be consistent, and build a strong community of your own. However, once you break the algorithm and build your social media empire, you can start making a lot of money.

The fourth annual Instagram-rich list at Hopper HQ 2020 shows that Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has earned about $1,523,000 per post, while Kylie Jenner earned a huge $1,494,000 per contribution.

Business / 6 TOP Business Ideas You Can Start In 2022 With NO MONEY by nairaab: 3:38pm On Feb 01
6 TOP Business Ideas You Can Start In 2022 With NO MONEY

Screw sitting at a desk and taking orders from some guy in a suit

You want to be your own boss, calling the shots and counting that dinero. So what’s stopping you?

You don’t have any startup money, hell, Mark Zuckerberg is the fifth richest guy in the world and he started his business with nothing but a computer

Today, in 2022 there are plenty of businesses out there that you can start without a dollar in the bank and yes, they may not make you Facebook money but they can definitely lie in your pockets and maybe even get you a nice car

So if you’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit but you don’t have any money; read up to the end because I’m about to talk about 7 business ideas that you can start without money

Read more: https://anthonyex.com/6-top-business-ideas-you-can-start-in-2022-with-no-money/
Romance / Re: 50 Questions You Should Ask Yourselves Before Making Your Relationship Official by nairaab: 5:26pm On Jan 26
Yay or nay
Romance / 50 Questions You Should Ask Yourselves Before Making Your Relationship Official by nairaab: 4:57pm On Jan 26
50 questions you should ask yourselves before making your relationship official: https://anthonyex.com/50-questions-you-should-ask-yourselves-before-making-your-relationship-official/

So you’re dating someone you like.

Maybe you want to try to make your relationship official?

Starting a relationship is a big deal. In fact, it reassured someone you had seen for a long time.

As a result, many things need to be considered before taking the next step. Asking different questions can help you think realistically – especially if you’re on your honeymoon.

Clinical sexologist and relationship coach Ness Cooper explains: “When we introduce a new relationship, it can only be easy to see a fantasy version of what we expect.

Asking questions before taking the next steps will help you make the relationship realistic and accessible if you understand what your potential partner is – instead of the version we can try and plan for them.

This is something that psychotherapist and coach Andre Radmall supports, who says it’s important not to look at the situation with pink glasses – so questioning things can help bring things back to normal.

He added: “When the tsunami hits, it will destroy everything in its path. New relationships can be a tsunami of love, envy, love, and obsession. Psychologists return to Freud in comparison to falling in love with a temporary loss of common sense.

“That’s why I suggest that before you tell the world about a new relationship, it’s important to step back and ask yourself a few questions.

“It will provide a solid and solid assessment of whether it is something you want to make ‘official’.”

As a result, the experts shared 50 questions to ask before making your relationship official – they split into questions for you and others that you can ask your partner.

This is because asking a few questions to your spouse can help you determine if you are compatible in the relationship and if you want the same things.

25 questions you should ask yourself:
Did you tell your best friends about this person? (If not, what are you hiding? If so, what is their reaction?)

What is the most annoying human behavior? (If it was boring now, how would you feel in a year in a relationship?)

Is it lust, love, or both?

Does your interview partner listen to you as much as he does?

How are decisions made? (Is anyone more dominant and if so, do you mind?)

How to deal with conflicts or differing views?

Do you enjoy being together?

Are you on the bounce?

Do you feel safe the way you feel to yourself? If you are a woman, can you be vulnerable and feel emotionally safe with a male partner?

Are you at the same stage of life – wanting and having children / don’t want to have children and the like?

You are financially sound – AKA, do you have the same view on money and expenses?

Do you like your spouse and friends or are you worried?

Are your visions in line with starting a family?

Do you have the same sexual desire and connect on an intimate level?

Are your political views consistent, and if not, can you have polar opposing views?

Are your connection styles consistent, and if not, can you manage the relationship?

Are past relationships closed and are there former people who can affect your future strength and happiness?

Does the relationship support you and regret it when you think you are not together?

Do you have the same ideas about marriage, and if not, how can you handle it?

What do you want from this relationship and is this person able and willing to offer it?

Do you love and admire them?

Did you choose them because they are a sure bet?

Are they good friends? (In other words, do they have your back, and are you ready to have it?)

Is their level of commitment the same as yours?

25 questions you can ask your partner:
What kind of safe sex do you prefer? (Interview on STDs and testing is also recommended here).

Is there anything particularly reassuring for you that I can help with?

Do you hope for an exclusive relationship – or do you want to explore other related structures like Open?

What are your barriers, no-push buttons, and no-go zones?

Should we have rules about how we walk (for example, public kisses, no nicknames)?

Is there something in your life that is always important to you that I need to know?

Do you have any other responsibilities I should know about?

How do you think we can help each other improve?

Are you a morning or evening person? (This may seem like a silly question, but finding out if our colleagues are more vigilant can be used to find out when certain activities need to be planned.)

What makes sex and intimacy special to you?

How often do you want to have sex?

What are your goals in a relationship? (Long-term and short-term)

How would you describe how you view a healthy relationship?

How do you share time between other important relationships, such as friends and family?

Is there anything that always overpowers you that I need to know, avoid you or comfort you when it happens?

What would you like to improve in your life? (Maybe I can help you reach your goal.)

What do you expect romantically / what do you consider romantic?

What do you expect from your partner in a relationship?

What are your on and off? What makes you feel satisfied?

What makes you feel satisfied?

What’s triggering you?

How would you describe your sexuality?

What is your opinion on monogamy?

How do you take care of yourself?
Business / Re: You Are Invited - Investment & Financial Prosperity Conference 2022 by nairaab: 5:58pm On Jan 25
Business / You Are Invited - Investment & Financial Prosperity Conference 2022 by nairaab: 3:44pm On Jan 25
"Investment & Financial Prosperity conference 2022"

As we count-down to Feb. 15th, 2022;

Kindly secure your seat at www.anthonyex.com/moneyconf

A copy of the agenda will be forwarded to you

Add to calendar to get a gentle reminder

Contact organizers:

Business / 4 Passive Income Streams That Can Earn Over 6 Figures Annually by nairaab: 1:21pm On Jan 10
I’m always looking for new ways to bring in money, so I decided to ask financial planners and accountants to share unique passive income streams they’ve come across that can generate significant earnings. Read on: https://anthonyex.com/4-passive-income-streams-that-can-earn-over-6-figures-annually-business-insider/

One way to find new ideas for passive income is to look at businesses and services you see operating every day. Financial advisor Chris Nddie suggested that people should look into owning parking lots, for example.

Depending on the location of the parking lot you want to buy, you can find some property for as low as $10,000 using websites like Loopnet.

According to How to Start an LLC, the typical monthly expenses for a small, outdoor parking lot can be around $5,000, but gross profits of a lot with about 20 spaces can reach around $28,000 per month.

A popular way of making passive income is through real estate properties, whether commercial or residential. Financial planner Brent Dickerson recommends people invest in real estate properties, such as office buildings or retail centers.

“Many large real estate ventures are owned by several investors through a Tenancy in Common Arrangement,” said Dickerson. “This allows for multiple owners to own an unequal share of a property, such as an office building or retail center. As payments are made by the lease tenants, the owners of the property receive those payments as income.”

Dickerson added that the amount of income one receives is determined by the percentage ownership in the property, so the more you invest, the more passive income it will generate. You can start with $1,000 and build up from there.

For someone with a strong personal brand, blogging can be a great source of passive income according to Olivia Tan, a CPA.

“Blogging has helped countless entrepreneurs earn passively through affiliate links, courses, sponsored posts, products, book deals, and more,” said Tan.

While Tan acknowledges that starting a blog requires a lot of upfront work in order to be successful, she added that: “It’s one of the most sustainable ways to generate an audience through organic and social traffic, or by building an email list.”

While much of this income is based on how much traffic you can get to your website or social media channels, it’s possible to make money without having a large audience. You can do research to set your personal rates, or follow the common advice of charging $100 for every 100 subscribers you have.

One of my personal favorite ways of making passive income is through the creation and sales of online courses. Financial advisor Sanchit Taksali said that this is a great route for anyone who has specialized knowledge to share, or is an expert in a certain topic.

Depending on the topic of your course and how big your potential audience is, you could follow in the footsteps of people like this copywriting expert who made $1 million dollars in 2020 selling a course, or this 71-year old who makes $8,500 a month selling a course.

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