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Business / Re: Access Bank To Splash Millions On Over 1000 Diamondxtra Customers This Month by nex(m): 12:55pm On May 07
I hope to be one of the winners. I've been saving for months now without a single withdrawal. Thanks to Access Bank, and farewell to my beloved Diamond.
Business / Re: Working Vessel In Lagos by nex(m): 10:44am On Apr 15
You sell $750,000? If you will, let me know so I can request some documents via Whatsapp.
Technology Market / Re: Buy Plasma, Lcd And Led Televisions For Affordable Pricein Lagos. by nex(m): 2:03pm On Apr 10
Samsung 49" Smart Curved 2017 UHD 4K LED TV with Wi-Fi HDR 10 plus and Bluetooth

Model code : UE49MU6220

Price : 160K negotiable

Condition : ALMOST NEW

Is this still available?
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 5:46pm On Mar 31
Nigerian used 2014 Hyundai Elentra
Bought brand new
Leather seats
Push to start
Mileage: 15,000
Price: N2.6m
Location: Ajao Estate
Call/Whatsapp: 08093403611
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 12:10pm On Mar 30
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 10:59am On Mar 29
2014 Hyundai Elentra
Nigerian used
Bought brand new

Mileage: 15,000km
Price: N2.6m
Location: Ajao Estate
Call/Whatsapp: 08093403611
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 7:28am On Mar 29
Still available.
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 8:02pm On Mar 27
2014 Hyundai Elentra
Nigerian used
Bought brand new

Mileage: 15,000 kilometres
Price: N2.6m
Location: Ajao Estate
Call/Whatsapp: 08093403611
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 9:44am On Mar 27
2014 Hyundai Elentra
Nigerian used
Bought brand new

Mileage: 15,000km
Price: N2.6m
Location: Ajao Estate
Call/Whatsapp: 08093403611
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 6:55pm On Mar 26
Nigerian used 2014 Hyundai Elentra
Bought brand new

Mileage: 15,000km
Price: N2.6m
Location: Ajao Estate
Call/Whatsapp: 08093403611
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 8:15pm On Mar 25
This 2014 Hyundai Elantra is still available for sale.
Autos / Re: Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 8:36pm On Mar 24
Sir, can it fly for #2 million?

Not at all. It can go for N2.6 million though.

Autos / Nigerian Used 2014 Hyundai Elantra For Sale - N2.6 Million by nex(m): 8:31am On Mar 24
Nigerian used 2014 Hyundai Elentra
Bought brand new
Leather seats
Push to start
Mileage: 15,000
Price: N2.6m
Location: Ajao Estate
Call/Whatsapp: 08093403611

Entertainment / TENI’18 – Why Teniola Was Better Than Peruzzi In 2018 by nex(m): 10:44am On Jan 14
I have seen all sorts of absurdity happen at music award ceremonies in Nigeria to make me never watch another one for the rest of my life. Yet, I have not laid eyes on one more deserving of an award as Teniola who won the Best New Artist award at the Soundcity MVP Awards.

Although she had some formidable competition (read Peruzzi) in the category, had Teni not won the award it would have been a shame and a travesty indeed. Therefore, Peruzzi’s tweets suggesting that he was hard done by had me confused, like WTF!

To be sure, I respect Peruzzi’s sublime music talent a great deal, and to deny that or to say that he hasn’t made a mark in the industry since signing on to DMW would be nearly as bad as denying Teni the Best New Artist 2018 award. In fact, signing Peruzzi to the DMW platform was another Davido masterstroke that injected new life into the label and Davido’s career. However, Teni was the most worthy of the two acts in my book in Teni’18 and here’s why:

Hit Singles By Teniola VS Peruzzi

Teni released quite a few songs in 2018 and all of them were very well received with “Askamaya” and “Case” being outright hits. This is not counting “Uyo meyo” which was the Crossover Night/New year jam for many people and is almost certain to be a classic tune real quick. Meanwhile, Peruzzi had no personal hit song last year; his biggest offerings were all features.

So, I think he should come and have this debate when he makes his first hit song this year, which is very much within the realm of possibility. In fact, he may already have made that hit song on his Heartwork EP, but if he doesn’t give us, how can we take??

Social Media Clout Of Teniola And Peruzzi

I think Peruzzi, and many other artists, to be fair, can learn a thing or two from Teni’s social media sorcery. Teni has painstakingly built her clout on social media (Instagram in particular), over many months, into a formidable promotion machine for her art.

This incredible organic growth was achieved by consistently coming through with amazing content, always being her authentic self, and engaging with her fans like a pro. Although, Peruzzi’s social media numbers are not shabby at all, his SM is not nearly as powerful as Teni’s.
So, when Peruzzi said he worked harder than the other nominees I wasn’t buying it. I’m sure Peruzzi worked hard last year but was he strategic? Was he as effective in promoting his art as Teni? No.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Peruzzi, in his twitter rant, mentioned that he had earned more money in the last year than the other artists nominated for the award in question, an assertion that may or may not be factual.

Of course, he enjoyed an uptick in bookings after the release of Tubaba’s “Amaka”, still, there’s no way of knowing whether his annual earnings eclipsed Teni’s.

One thing I can tell you for a fact, make that two, is that Teni currently commands a higher performance fee than Peruzzi and she definitely was in higher demand last December, and I believe those two indices are better indicators of their current relative value.

No Cosign!

In case Peruzzi forgot, he is signed to the best record label in Nigeria today, ably led by one of the biggest acts on the continent and one who is never afraid of putting his artists on! DMW is no small matter and Peruzzi would do well to acknowledge the impact of that relationship on his soaring career.

Teni, on the other hand was not put on by any known artist of any import, not even by Niniola, a successful artist in her own rights, whom many still do not know to be Teni’s sister.

Teni has gotten to where she is because of her immense talent and by dint of hard work. So, if Peruzzi, standing on the back of a real African giant still couldn’t match Teni’s accomplishment, then the young woman definitely deserves all the accolade.

In conclusion, I’ll advise that Peruzzi focuses on promoting his recently released Heartwork EP, which I think is a very strong offering with some fire tracks like “Did you”, “Craze”, “Majesty”, “Dina” and that motherfucking “Intro”. Get a solid team and go to work until every Nigerian has heard the amazing music you make, and 2019 just might be the year of Ruzzi. But as far as the year Teni’18 is concerned, Teni owned it.

Obinna Agwu (@d_angrymob)
Entertainment & Artist Manager
Lagos, Nigeria.

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/teni18-why-teniola-was-better-than-peruzzi-in-2018

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Health / Persistent NHIS Crises Analysed By Health Minister Isaac Adewole by nex(m): 8:02am On Jan 07
The poor structure of the Act establishing Nigeria’s Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is the major cause of various crises that have trailed the scheme over the years, the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, has said.

The minister also linked the inability of the scheme to cover majority of Nigerians, more than a decade after its establishment, to loopholes in Act.

He insisted the Act should have made health insurance compulsory for all Nigerians.

“The Act made insurance voluntary and that is why we are supporting National Assembly to repeal the Act and put in place a comprehensive package. Let it be comprehensive because it cannot be voluntary. There is need for review of the Act and it is ongoing.

I can tell you today that no Executive Secretary of NHIS has completed a full term in office without being sacked or suspended, apart from Mohammed Dogo, the pioneer ES, so it’s not just about this administration,” Adewole said.

He noted that social media has made information readily accessible and available. It made things look as if it is only now that these things are happening, it used to happen before. We are asking the presidential panel to take a more holistic look at the NHIS, to review the Act of the scheme.

The Act seems to have given so much power to the governing board,” Adewole noted.

“The governing council, by that Act, was given the power to do whatever is necessary to keep the scheme running. If the council now thinks it is important to do anything to keep the scheme running, nobody can say no,” Adewole said.

That is why we say the Act needs to be revised and be more specific. If you look closely, it is as if the council does almost everything there.

The Act is one of the major issues with the scheme. Why NHIS has not covered majority of Nigerians, is because it is voluntary.

When it is voluntary, it makes people not take it seriously. Our disposition- as Nigerians, (is that) we don’t take our health critical. We don’t even treat our body the way we treat our car.

When we wake up in the morning, you have a car you clean it up, you test the engine oil, you test the water level etc. Many people don’t treat their body as well as they treat their cars.

When it comes to health, nobody wants to pay for health. We all want it free and that is why, for us to make it free, somebody has to pay for it. In the UK, the health insurance is there but it’s being funded, essentially, by taxation. What we need to look at in NHIS is – how do we put more money in health, put more resources together, to take care of every body and ensure maximum coverage?” he said.

While millions of Nigerians remain uncovered, the few enrolled under the scheme are complaining of inadequate service delivery.

Since its establishment 13 years ago, a majority of Nigerians are yet to be covered under the scheme.

The agency said last year that over 90 per cent of Nigerians are not captured under the NHIS.

Many have traced the relative poor coverage to the structure of the scheme, which has been tainted with financial irregularities gone unchecked.

The governing board of NHIS, last October, raised an alarm that the agency is near a “tipping point” and may collapse within the next three years, unless urgent measures are taken.

With a new Act, practitioners in the health sector believe a more efficient way the scheme should function, will be clearly stated.

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/nhis-crisis-analysed-by-health-minister-isaac-adewole
Politics / Buhari Mourns Late Aisha Lemu by nex(m): 9:41am On Jan 06
President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed deep shock over the death of Aisha Ahmed Lemu, describing her as “a repository of knowledge whose depth of scholarship was overwhelming and enviable.”

According to President Buhari, “she admirably dedicated her life to scholarship and moral uplifting of her society, producing massive literature on religious education during her remarkable life on earth.”

The President explained that, “as a Western woman who converted to Islam, Mrs. Lemu had demonstrated that knowledge was not about inheritance, but about curiosity, enthusiasm and dedication to expand our intellectual horizons.”

He recalled that she wrote many books on Islamic education which had impacted positively and greatly on her community and the larger society.

Buhari Mourns Aisha Lemu And Extols Her Conversion To Islam
President Buhari added that her immeasurable contributions to learning would not be forgotten for years to come because those contributions would live after her.

While praying to Allah to bless her soul and reward her good deeds abundantly with paradise, President Buhari extended his condolences to Sheikh Ahmed Lemu and his family well as the Niger State government over this great loss.

He prayed to Allah to grant the family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss of a great woman scholar.

SOURCE: https://www.barbaric.com.ng/buhari-mourns-aisha-lemu-and-extols-her-conversion-to-islam


Music/Radio / Re: Before You Sign A New Artiste In 2019 by nex(m): 5:21am On Jan 04
Never sign an artist without knowing exactly how you will add value to their career and scale what they already have going.

Great thread.....

This is very true. All the points are very true.
Music/Radio / Before You Sign A New Artiste In 2019 by nex(m): 6:25pm On Jan 03
When you’re the Angrymob, you get to meet and advise a lot of budding and established artistes and start-up labels hoping to gain a foothold in the world famous (in Keke’s voice) Nigerian music industry.

From my experience, at least 90% of the new entrants into the industry will ultimately be unable to make any significant impact or reasonable revenue to sustain them beyond the first 5 years. Likely cause of death? Utter lack of understanding of the Business of Music!

Here’s a typical scenario, I’m flown out of town – consultation fee in hand, checked into a nice hotel and excited to meet with a new record label boss who wants my opinion of his business. Soon, we’re off to the studio to listen to some music and meet with the talents.

The talents are usually ensconced in a well-furnished “label house” complete with a nice studio. After listening to a few mediocre records from the signed talents and learning of all the costs that have already been incurred including cars, monthly allowances and a couple of Clarence Peters videos, the only sound that lingers in my mind is the rushing sound of money down the drain.

I feel sorry for the investor and sad too; because asking the right questions early on would have saved them a ton of money and time.

If you get into the entertainment business without first learning the business, you’ll become the entertainment.

The general lack of knowledge and understanding of the industry among new investors in the music industry is appalling. Listen, if you get into the entertainment business without first learning the business, you’ll become the entertainment.

The amazing thing is, some of these investors have thriving businesses in other sectors yet they assume that the music business does not require the same amount of due diligence they would normally carry out before venturing into other businesses and this is dead wrong. Music business is business.

Since the success of your label depends greatly on the quality of talent you sign, and I want to see more label wins this year, here are a few tips you should consider before signing an artiste to your new label in 2019:

1. Do not sign an artiste who doesn’t already have a cache of recordings.

2. Never sign an artist who has not invested a relatively significant amount of their own money in their career.

3. Don’t sign an artist who does not have a growing and zealous fan base.

4. Never sign an artist without knowing exactly how you will add value to their career and scale what they already have going.

5. Never sign more than one artist at first.
There’s an igbo proverb that says that one who asks questions (early) never misses their way. If you wish to start a label in 2019 or have recently started one, I beg you to do your research and due diligence and also speak to a knowledgeable industry professional/player to improve your chances of success. Finally, watch this space.

Cheers to a profitable 2019!

Obinna Agwu (@D_AngryMob)
Entertainment & Artist Manager
Lagos, Nigeria.

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/before-you-sign-a-new-artiste-in-2019

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Entertainment / Re: Kizz Daniel And Adekunle Gold – A Tale Of Two Faves by nex(m): 10:41am On Jan 02
This one really get time, when there are more pressing issues in the world.

He's an artist and entertainment manager. These are the pressing issues in his area of business.

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Entertainment / Re: Kizz Daniel And Adekunle Gold – A Tale Of Two Faves by nex(m): 10:39am On Jan 02
OP that's your own opinion

All I know is Reekado banks is better than both of them. His vocal sound is super duper.

Of course, the writer makes it clear he's discussing 2 of his favourite artistes from 2018.

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Entertainment / Kizz Daniel And Adekunle Gold – A Tale Of Two Faves by nex(m): 6:53am On Jan 02
2018 has been a super eventful year for the Nigerian music industry and particularly so for two talented artists who are both favourites of mine. Adekunle Gold and Kizz Daniel.

In a year where Kizz Daniel had quite an impressive run of hit songs including features, his brand equity only made marginal gains. Whereas, with scarcely any major hit song (besides IRE) to his name in the year under review, Adekunle Gold was able to parlay his new album to create tremendous wins and leaps for his brand.

The fact is, although Kizz Daniel’s pen game and general music sense is universes away from his peers, his brand has not kept pace with his insane talent over the years, leaving great room for improvement. On the other hand, Adekunle Gold’s brand has been the most innovative Nigerian music brand in the last 12 months, in my books, and I think KD will do well to borrow a leaf or two from the ‘Gold Standard’ for a high impact 2019.

Some Areas Of Focus Kizz Daniel Can Learn From Adekunle Gold Would Include:

Communication & Fan engagement:

The KD brand can definitely learn something from AG’s communication style to improve his current aloof and impersonal communication on social media. Getting out reasoned responses to genuine enquiries or promptly addressing little PR hiccups appear to be a chore for the KD camp, and is not a good look.

AG’s communication, however, is generally cordial, heartfelt, personal, reasoned and confident, and so his message is always well received by his audience. KD will do well to retool his team to communicate better in 2019.

Brand Identity:

Adekunle Gold has gone to great lengths in the course of this year to refine and elaborate on his brand persona.

So, who is Adekunle Gold?

He is a Nigerian urban-highlife musician and performer who makes music with meaning marrying the English language and Yoruba in a unique way to pass his message. He has an amazing band called the 79th element and together they have consistently owned many stages with their exhilarating performances and quality entertainment his fans have come to expect as standard.

His personal style is cool and unassuming, but on stage, he is a rock star through and through with his contemporary take on traditional outfits and fabrics.

Who is Kizz Daniel?

He is an inordinately gifted Afropop hit maker also known as Vado who gave us hits like 4dayz, One ticket, and Baba in the last 12 months and…. Unlike AG, KD’s personal style is at best confusing and could do with a little style intervention.

Strategy: Where AG has been intentional and strategic with his moves this year, KD has been anything but. Nothing highlights this difference in approach like the roll out of both artists’ albums. “About 30” had a well planned, perfectly executed roll out where AG treated fans and industry heads to an album listening exhibition that lasted a couple of days and plenty of promotion on diverse platforms and mediums.

While KD’s “No bad songs” 20 track album was basically just dumped on us. To the same point, it is instructive that in a year where everyone and their grandmas put up their own end of year shows, KD and his team were unable to put together a show for their teeming fans in Lagos this December. Of course, AG successfully held a 3-day residency at Terra Kulture this December, a first among his contemporaries.

Performance: AG has made significant and consistent improvements in the nature and quality of his performances. This is no mere coincidence but a testament to a deep respect and appreciation for his fans and a commitment to reciprocate the love by delivering quality entertainment .

AG unveiled his 79th element band in May 2017 and has since had a fine run of incredible performances with them. I’m not saying that KD should have a band, but he has not shown any real commitment to improving his performance craft in like forever, making him one of the most underwhelming performers in the industry. I see a real opportunity for growth and world domination here.

I see absolutely no reason why KD cannot win 2019 if he applies himself and carefully retools his management team with top talent not industry jobbers and vultures who are probably circling already.

Anything short of a top 3 finish atop the Afropop scene in 2019 would be unacceptable. I’m tired of seeing him so talented and yet so underrated, even overlooked sometimes.

So, cheers to a supernova 2019 for two of my faves!!!

PS: AG is my talent manager and brand strategist of the year.

Obinna Agwu
Entertainment & Artist Manager
Lagos, Nigeria.

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/a-tale-of-two-faves-adekunle-gold-and-kizz-daniel

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Politics / President Muhammadu Buhari 2019 New Year Message by nex(m): 3:21am On Jan 01
Dear compatriots, it is my utmost pleasure to rejoice with all Nigerians as we enter the year 2019, which will be a very significant one for our country. At the turn of every year, we often use the opportunity to look back at the past and forward to the future. To review the outgoing year, its high and low points, successes and failures, and be fully thankful to God.

We, Nigerians, are a religious people, and we believe that God reigns and rules in the affairs of men. A time like this offers precious opportunity for thanksgiving, stock taking and reflection on goals and targets set for the receding year, and how much was accomplished. The ones not done can then be rolled over into a new year.

The dawn of a New Year is also a time to look forward. To consider new prospects, unfold our plans, and prepare for landmark dates and events. 2019 will be an election year for us. In about two months, the polls are due, and we will elect leaders into various offices, at national and state levels.

As I welcome you into 2019, I also reiterate my many promises and declarations that the general elections will be free, fair and credible.
Elections need not be do or die affair, and we should not approach that eventuality in a democracy with trepidation and mortal fear. Happily, a large number of presidential candidates have committed to peace, and peace we shall have.

Those who continue to trumpet falsehood and negativity are on their own, fighting a losing battle. The greater number of Nigerians are trusting and believing that we shall deliver on our promises for a level playing field at the polls, and that is what we shall do.

Nigerians desire peace, security, prosperity, inclusiveness and infrastructural development, a nation they can be proud of, a country that can hold its own among the nations.

That is the journey we have embarked on since we came onboard in 2015, and we are not distracted as we move on. We are resolved to build a country in which the resources are utilized for the benefit of the largest number, and not appropriated by a privileged few in their never ending quest to satisfy their greed. We are on this mission together, and I assure you of a firm commitment to the ideals of a safe, secure, fair, just and prosperous country.

We have had our challenges: security, economic, political, social. But we are resolved to combat and overcome them all. I appreciate your support and collaboration in previous years, and look forward to same in 2019, and beyond, as I hope you will renew the mandate you overwhelmingly gave us in 2015, for another term.

We are motivated by nothing other than service to motherland, and service without selfishness or personal interest. I can assure you all that we are making steady and sustainable progress in all areas of national life. Those who are unbiased can see and appreciate the progress the country has made since 2015.

A New Year provides opportunity for renewal of commitment, and I invite you to rededicate yourselves to the vision of a Nigeria that works for all. We are moving from potentials to actualization, and it’s a task to be accomplished by us all; man, woman, young, old, military, civilian, all Nigerians.

Please come along, as we journey to the land of our dreams. Happy 2019. Thank you and God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/president-muhammadu-buhari-2019-new-year-message

Fashion / Re: Upload Pics Of Yourself In Your Christmas Outfit by nex(m): 4:10am On Dec 26, 2018
Who's been naughty, who's been nice? Banter Clause is going to town.

Merry Christmas!

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Events / Re: City Fm Lagos Hosts Praise In The City 2018 by nex(m): 6:04pm On Dec 25, 2018
This people hv started sidelining yoruba in gospel songs again. Just one artist in our city

I hope you know the MD of City FM who put this event together is from this city, so I don't know what you mean by "this people".

It's not everything you must tribalize. City FM reached out to several artists, and made announcements inviting performers to partner on a gospel event which would be free. Those who responded are the ones line up for performance tomorrow.

Nobody is being sidelined. Hope to see you at the event so you don't also post that we sidelined people from your city from attending the event.

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Events / City Fm Lagos Hosts Praise In The City 2018 by nex(m): 7:27pm On Dec 24, 2018
Praise In The City 2018 is this year’s edition of the annual end of year concert hosted by City FM 105.1 Lagos, featuring upcoming and popular artistes on same stage, with the spirit of Christmas in focus.

Being a time associated with giving, City FM uses this event to give back to its listeners and the society at large by organizing an outstanding event for all ages and creeds of people from all walks of life.

The maiden edition of Praise In The City created the platform to reflect spirituality and give a sense of heavenly glory in an amazing manner that will usher in thanksgiving from the mouths of all present and will certainly be an avenue for miracles, blessings and testimonies.
It will definitely be an atmosphere of love and fun at the event as lots of games and rides will be available for the children in a carnival-like atmosphere to ensure everyone has the best Boxing Day ever.

Praise In The City 2018 is happening on Boxing Day, 10am, at the Police College Grounds, Ikeja GRA, Lagos. Featuring several performers including Chioma Jesus, Nathaniel Bassey, Sammie Okposo, Tope Alabi, Tim Godfrey, Eben, and many more.

Akpororo will be at the event with his comedy performance, and as a celebrity co-host to add more spice to the already well laid out menu just for your pleasure.

Previous editions of Praise In The City have seen over 20,000 people gather to enjoy gospel music and join in praise. This year’s event is planned to the biggest ever, and the number one lifestyle station in Lagos City has made arrangements for 30,000 guests.

It is an avenue for bringing all family members and friends together, to socialize and thank God after all the hustle and bustle of the year. Praise In The City 2018 is sponsored by Aiteo Group, MTN, Cadbury, Malta Guinness, Kellogg’s, Indomie, Minimie, Ikeja City Mall, and the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Praise In The City 2018 Event Info:
Time: 10 am
Venue: Police College Grounds, GRA Ikeja, Lagos
Host: Freke Umoh, Benny Ark & BellaRose Okojie

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/city-fm-lagos-hosts-praise-in-the-city-2018

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Events / Bolanle Austen-peters Production Presents Queen Moremi Musical At Terra Kulture by nex(m): 2:04pm On Dec 19, 2018
Queen Moremi ‘The Musical’ crew has big plans in the works and is starting their Musical; the most anticipated live theater show on December 21st 2018 in Terra Kulture, Lagos. One of the many superlatives that is bound to arrive in discussions of Queen Moremi is the costume work of Bolanle Austen-Peters’ creative team, the cast are adorned in Ife’s “native” glam from the 12th Century. The artistry in this costumes were on display in an array of new character posters that show off the beautiful culture of the YORUBAS in general.

Queen Moremi’s costume is famously made from the 19th century attires for the royal house of Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

AMVCA Award Winner Omotola Jalade Ekehinde explained, ”Throughout my journey rehearsing for Queen Moremi the Musical, I experienced a glimpse of the torment she encountered when torn between neglecting her vow or sacrificing her only child”.

Lala Akindoju to play the character Esimirin, the river goddess, who chose Ela Olurogbo, Queen Moremi’s only son as thanksgiving sacrifice for their successful defeat against the Rafia enemies.

Head of content for the House of Oduduwa Rotimi Adelegan, plays the character Oranmiyan, great prince of Ife, king of the Yorubas and prime heir to Oduduwa.

Bamike Olawunmi, a fast rising actress in the African movie scene recognized for her stellar performance in Child of the World, a documentary that lends its voice against societal abuse of the girl child, makes her debut in theatre.

Theatre producer & director, Bolanle Austen-Peters teases, “Selecting the cast to feature in Queen Moremi the Musical was quite delicate, fitting each character thoroughly was an ordeal as this isn’t fiction but the life story of a Queen Warrior.

Ambassador to the Queen Moremi Ajasoro initiative and Executive director of the Queen Moremi Musical Princess Ronke Ademiluyi…., also said, “Queen Moremi is a global representation of the present day Queen Warrior, being a queen was never only to be behind the scenes, but also getting in the forefront of solving mystery battles which is pretty remarkable and we are not going to shy away from that”

Featured in the cast reveal posters are Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Rotimi Adelegan, Bimbo Manuel, Femi Branch, Adeyemi Okanlawon, Bamike Olawunmi, Tosin Adeyemi, Segun Dada, Rotimi Adelegan , Paolo Sisiano, Moshood Fattah, Kunle Afolayan, Kehinde Oretimehin, Justin Ezirim, Franklyn Ossai, Deyemi Okanlanwo, Celestine, Ayo Ayoola.

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/house-of-oduduwa-and-rejuvenee-collaborate-with-bolanle-austen-peters-production-for-queen-moremi-the-musical

Science/Technology / Maxokada Among Top 5 Of Next Generation Digital Change Makers by nex(m): 3:38pm On Dec 17, 2018
MAXOkada among the 5 international WSA YOUNG INNOVATORS 2018, showcasing the world’s best practices in digital innovation from youth under 30.

World Summit Awards presents the global top 5 of young digital innovators with change making projects tackling the UN SDG’s. Ranging from 3D printing in India to Fintech in the USA– no matter what the content, it’s the creative use of digital innovation that makes these top 5 exceptional.

MAX Okada is a mobility startup that uses technology to make moto-taxis safe, affordable and accessible to underserved communities in Africa, using mobile apps, inclusive asset-finance and safety hardware.

From over 400 applications, this year’s WSA Young Innovators Online Jury had a hard time to select the 5 WSA Young Innovators.
In a 2 phase online Jury process, 5 digital solutions of young innovators under the age of 30 were selected as the best practice examples for 2018. Together with the 40 winners of the World Summit Award, the 5 WSA Young Innovators 2018 will present their solution and get awarded at the WSA Global Congress in Cascais, Portugal in 2019 (March 11-13).

The agenda of the WSA Congress will be a compilation of interaction and inspiration, assembling workshops, business blind-dates and inspiring keynotes, bringing together the global and multi-stakeholder network of WSA.

WSA promotes and recognizes the uniqueness of digital innovation with impact on society.
The 5 WSA Young Innovators 2018 were selected by a Jury of international ICT experts in two democratic rounds. Each person under 30 years of age UN Member State is eligible to take part.

MAXOkada will be honoured with the WSA Young Innovators Award. In front of UN representatives, ICT ministries and the private sector MAXOkada will receive their award at the WSA Global Congress in Cascais.

“Today we are living in a completely different environment – through the mobile revolution, through the emergence of the algorithmic age – data has become a capital as much as labor, land money and machinery. Unicorns and better, faster, bigger technology foster the digital divide, instead of mending it. Hence it is more important than ever to evaluate what is excellent content that really offers solutions and impact. Qualitative, local content has become the key and permanent issue. WSA presents innovation, that uses ICT for social connectivity. To connect for impact.“ WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

The agenda of the WSA Global Congress will be a compilation of interaction and inspiration, assembling workshops, business blind-dates and infamous keynotes, bringing together UN and governmental representatives, privates sector and innovators.

About the WSA
The World Summit Award is a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). WSA is the only ICT event worldwide, that reaches the digital community in over 180 countries.

WSA Young Innovators is a special recognition for young social entrepreneurs under 30 years of age, using ICTs to take action on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Together with the WSA winners of each year, they are honored as outstanding digital innovation with social impact.

Category ProductTitle Product URL Country
WSA Young Innovators Feminism in India https://feminisminindia.com/ India
WSA Young Innovators Leaf Global Fintech http://www.leafglobalfintech.com/ United States
WSA Young Innovators BioP India http://biopindia.in/ India
WSA Young Innovators MAXOkada https://max.ng/ Nigeria
WSA Young Innovators Sign and Sound https://www.facebook.com/signandsound/ Georgia.

SOURCE: http://www.barbaric.com.ng/maxokada-among-top-5-of-next-generation-digital-change-makers

Politics / Re: Soldiers Massacre: Army Threatens Legal Action On Fake Video Sharing by nex(m): 1:12pm On Nov 26, 2018

That video is scary and shocking bro.

Moving from one dead soldier to another and giving them another shot in the head just to make sure they're all dead.

The video in which Boko Haram was going around shooting soldiers in the head is not from Metele. Although it's an equally sad video, it happened in Zari on August 30 this year. The massacre at Metele is worse than what you saw on that video. Boko Haram has not yet released any video for the Metele attack.

The only real video from Metele was the one in which soldiers were lamenting poor equipment, and crying out about how they're being left to be killed. That's the only recent video from Metele, and it is not fake.
Politics / Re: ‘buhari Fixing Road To The House Of The Letter Writer’ — Fashola Hits Obasanjo by nex(m): 1:06pm On Nov 26, 2018
Babatunde Fashola, minister of power, works, and housing, says the Muhammadu Buhari-led government is repairing the road to former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s house.

Fashola disclosed this in a recent interview with Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji, stating that he is firmly behind the candidacy of President Muhammadu Buhari.

It's quite unfortunate that the APC has finally turned Fashola into a complete slowpoke. This is someone we once promoted for possible Presidency, he's now talking like a total slowpoke.

10 years after after Obasanjo left office as President, who should be fixing the road to his house? Is it Obasanjo, or Yar'Adua, or Jonathan? What kind of cattle mentality have they infected this man with?


Politics / Why Buhari's WAEC Attestation Has No Original Certificate Number by nex(m): 2:25pm On Nov 04, 2018
Buhari's WAEC attestation has no "Original Certificate Number" because Buhari has no "Original Certificate".

It's a big shame the current WAEC Iyi Uwadiae does not know that WAEC puts some checks in place, in case someday, the Registrar decides to forge a certificate.

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Health / Re: NHIS Executive Secretary Usman Yusuf And The 25 Billion Naira Question by nex(m): 9:55am On Oct 22, 2018
Policemen have just fired teargas at NHIS workers protesting against the resumption of Professor Yusuf Usman, and some of the policemen forcefully escorted the suspended Executive Secretary into his office at the NHIS headquarters.


Health / Re: NHIS Executive Secretary Usman Yusuf And The 25 Billion Naira Question by nex(m): 11:08pm On Oct 21, 2018
Sad state of the country. Hopefully our president will be proactive on this case

The President is on his side. Who reinstated Usman Yusuf when Minister Of Health suspended him last year for disappearance of hundreds of millions? Now he's graduated to billions.


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