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Career / Re: Federal Job Or Private Job by ngwababe(f): 4:00pm On May 31

For a federal Government job as medical worker, no matter your other qualifications they will start with you from level 7 and the pay is 95k monthly. I understand your point anyway about japa but I'm just scared of job security in private sector ( I can just be sacked after 2 months for whatever flimsy excuse) knowing I have been at home for 2 years without job

If your japa isn't urgent, pick federal job. Apart from the salary, you go still get small small runs wey go dey give you money for the office, you still have time for yourself with side hustle and you go still japa still dey collect your salary if you play your card well.

Infact if you rugged, collect the two jobs.

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Fashion / Re: Photos Of Misters Of Nigeria Pageant Top 20 Finalists by ngwababe(f): 7:15pm On May 28
I can bet my fake oramio ear piece I bought on Lagos traffic that the price money of this event would be ridiculous when you try to compare it with what females receive in a pageant for females...

This is because Vagina worship in Nigeria is now a religion of its own, absorbing both Christians, moslims, traditionalists...etc, men from all works of life now pay homage to the vagina by bowing down to it and paying to get it's attention.

This show would have almost zero viewers why, because men have become useless in Nigeria...everyone now worships the vagina. So anything that projects the masculinity of men might be tagged as gay by the same men. undecided

Know this and have peace.

Gay pays more than vagina.
Family / Re: My Dad Insists That My Fiancée Must Take Fertility Test Before Marriage by ngwababe(f): 4:49pm On May 05
I am a 38 year old Nigerian American citizen dating a 26 year old Nigeria girl.
I grew up in Nigeria but travelled out to the USA when I was 25 years old, I am a citizen now and doing really well for myself.
I met a beautiful and godly Nigerian girl on facebook and we have been dating for some months now we are now thinking of marriage, she is in Nigeria while I am in the USA.

Some weeks ago my dad asked me to do some tests and send to him, (He is a medical doctor), I did them, turns out to be fertility tests and all was perfect.
I just told him about my fiance and my plans to get married in some months time and he said she has to do fertility test before he can agree to the marriage.

This was very shocking for me as he insisted that it is his position, I haven't told my fiance cos I dont know how to and my fiance is scheduled to pay my parents a visit for the first time in Port Harcourt in 2 weeks time.
My fiance is from Delta but lives in Portharcout as my parents while we are from Port harcourt.

My dad has said if I cannot tell her that he will, what do you guys think ?

Honest advise please and admin kindly push to front page for wider advise.


But this is normal na. Fertility test is even one thing everybody from 25years should do even before marriage. Please heed to your father's instructions, you can't tell what his eyes have seen in that medical field.
Crime / Re: ‘I Watched In Horror As They Slaughtered My Daughter Like An Animal’ (Picture) by ngwababe(f): 9:23am On Apr 23
In a normal civilized climes, the governor of Benue state ought to have voluntarily resigned for failing to live up to his responsibility as a chief security officer of the state. Same applies to the commander in chief under whose watch thousands of Nigerian are loosing their lives daily. God punish all of them, including the rubber stamp leadership of the national assembly. E go reach all of them. May all those who supported this wicked administration suffer the fate of this unfortunate families... hordspy, manabbqgrill,yarimo, ngeneugwuenu and co will never condemn these atrocities but will be quick to comment on anything concerning the ipob

I don't understand why that man can't fight for the lives of his people. Can't he sponsor local vigilantees if government no gree give am help?

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Are Large-Hearted People, They Will Forgive Buhari - Garba Shehu by ngwababe(f): 9:09am On Apr 23
Joke of a country.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Paul Mackenzie Nthenge Told Followers To Starve Themselves, At Least 21 Dead by ngwababe(f): 9:03am On Apr 23
grin grin grin


Family / Re: My Husband Has Gone To See His Side Chick's Mother by ngwababe(f): 4:26pm On Mar 15
Hmm, I don’t want to give the impression that I supports he’s sidechick lifestyle, but on a serious note there’s something you’re lacking that the so called side chick has. Check within yourself, married man no dy carry get side chick to the extent em dy buy provisions go see em side chick mama, cun even get pet names ontop.

If the second is always perfect, there won't be third.

Una must go defend una greedy and selfish behaviours. You think there's nothing she has seen in him that will make her look outside too?
Music/Radio / Re: Baba Bintin Of Fresh FM Dies While Trekking To Office In Ibadan by ngwababe(f): 6:07pm On Mar 11
A whole country, no cash and nobody is taking responsibility. Do we actually have a President? What sort of suffering bundle did we subscribe like this? 😭😭


Politics / Re: Cynthia Okeke: One Person Signs As PO And Six Party Agents In Abia Polling Unit by ngwababe(f): 6:12pm On Mar 04
Story. Fear don dey catch APC. So they springing up propaganda since Obi insisted he's going to court. Why are they not attacking Atiku? grin grin grin

They saw it and still counted it. Mad people trying to justify their rigging. Why are they not attacking Atiku indeed.
Politics / Re: Keyamo: Peter Obi And Labour Party Rigged In Enugu (Photos) by ngwababe(f): 1:33pm On Mar 03

LP mob ain't seen nothing yet o. They will be exposed as criminal fraudulent election riggers in the business of manufacturing doctored Agulu results all over Igboland

140 was reduced to 40
12 was reduced to 10

Una no get sense at all, make una keep disgracing unaselves.

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Romance / Re: Should I Tell My Bestfriend That Her Boyfriend/fiancee Sleeps With Dead Bodies? by ngwababe(f): 10:43pm On Mar 01
Your friend need already made man, she is currently enjoying are life, What's your problem? Why crying more than the bereave, you better mind your business, stupid girl, you think money fall from the sky

Family / Re: A Friend in Naija Just Lost Her US Based Husband Just 7 Months After Wedding by ngwababe(f): 11:24am On Jan 27
If her name dey those document, she should sell them and go her way. There's nothing to be done to please wicked family members.

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Family / Re: I Am Depressed by ngwababe(f): 12:33am On Jan 14

What’s his mistake ?
Why will his wife leave the house for several days until the point the husband will start begging her to come home ?
He got angry and asked her to sit in her fathers house and she gladly obliged.
E don tey wey the marriage tire her and her parents support her

@OP enjoy your life .
You not come this life for anybody but yourself.
The first few days and week are the toughest alone but you will get your mojo back 4 sure

Did you actually read to the end of OP's post? Haba na!

That lady is suffering in the husband's hands. Pray you don't live with a narcissist. They manipulate and feed on your emotions, knowing fully well you can't do without them. But once you leave them, they start playing victim's card.

See him now playing depressed, all because the wife has shifted her ground alittle. But when you endure their manipulation, they feel you're nobody.

Calm down and read all that was posted please.

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Family / Re: I Am Depressed by ngwababe(f): 10:41pm On Jan 13

If she stays too long in her father house,I will never accept her back .

Seriously, I have missed my family but I am not accepting her back if she spend the remaining days in January in his dad house and I will never send a dime to them

Na ego go kill una. In all your mistakes, you still have pride.
Why can't you work on your anger issue and talk things out with your wife? What makes you think the next woman will tolerate the level she's done with you? Why can't you just reassure your woman of your love to her?

Consider first that she's human, you don't put inside dustbin all because of "I AM THE MAN", this is totally unfair. You just admitted you were wrong, why do what you're supposed to do to bring her home?

Chineke mere anyị ebere.


Family / Re: My Ex Fiancee Is Pregnant For Me by ngwababe(f): 7:49pm On Jan 13
Don't abort your baby.

Sue her, let court help you decide. And ask court to grant you access to your baby because you feel she might kill her when she/he is born.
Politics / Re: Atiku's Campaign In Imo In Trouble by ngwababe(f): 7:37pm On Jan 13
I no sure say Atiku go dey PDP again after this year election, and I wonder if he'll contest for anything again.

He should go and rest.
Family / Re: Husband Catches His Pregnant Wife Having Sex With Another Man In Uganda Hospital by ngwababe(f): 7:35pm On Jan 13

With this stupid excuse, the police should arrest the bastarrd administrator and lock him up for a very long time.... Who knows how many pregnant women he might have slept with.

These kind of news dey discourage person to marry.

Na one day wey Adam leave Eve, naso we enter all these troubles.

Men, get time for your wives, get time for your wives. There is a DEVIL and there is TEMPTATION.
Crime / Re: "New Generational" Aye Cult Member Addresses His Colleagues In A Viral Video by ngwababe(f): 8:38pm On Jan 12
Best thing I've heard this year.

You spoke well.
Politics / Re: N300 Per Litre Price Of Petrol Is Not Bad – Petroleum Minister, Sylva by ngwababe(f): 7:30am On Jan 10
All the APC supporters no dey this thread, why? Abi dem dey buy at lesser price?
Family / Re: Issue Between My Mom And My Wife by ngwababe(f): 7:17pm On Dec 25, 2022
Listen to your mom.

Anything that will make a daughter to insult her mother in-law is a no no, and the mama follow insult? Run from the family.
Crime / Re: Professor And Family Beat And Strip 20-Year-Old Girl In Nasarawa by ngwababe(f): 1:29pm On Dec 12, 2022
are u married dear

Yes, I am.
Crime / Re: Professor And Family Beat And Strip 20-Year-Old Girl In Nasarawa by ngwababe(f): 5:15pm On Oct 22, 2022
Mumu man.

You get mind cut cut small girl cloth, to see what exactly? Sack the stupid man!

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Politics / Re: Video Of Electricity Workers On Strike Shutting Transmission Station In Nigeria by ngwababe(f): 8:59pm On Aug 17, 2022
Where's Fashola?


Politics / Re: Shettima's Cabinet As Governor Had Nigerians From All Parts Of Nigeria by ngwababe(f): 8:20am On Jul 13, 2022

Hahaha that's true, them put pastor for 8 good years but I think is under the supervision of an imam.

What about APC putting and imam for 8 years under the supervision of a pastor make christian check something, abi them too dey fear?

Asking for a friend in the picture down below

Nothing else than making us slaves. They want us to serve them but won't serve us. After all the appointments and all, what changed? We're still living like in trenches.
Politics / Re: Buhari Replaces Ex-Ministers, Sends Nominees List To Senate by ngwababe(f): 1:27pm On Jun 21, 2022
Good development.

6 Southerners and one Northerner!

Now, we no go hear peeem from children of hate, frustrations and perdition.
The bitter and frustrated animals in our nation.

We guess they are all disappointed by now,
But we are damn sure, they will still have something negative to pour out from their ever bitter souls.

Awon werey 100%

Eriri gị eri nna. So na Hausa go be minister for South East, abi him no suppose change North ministers too?

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Family / Re: My Father Is A Very Lazy Person by ngwababe(f): 1:17pm On Jun 21, 2022
How you people value sex over comfort dey mad me. See your level of suffering, you still carry woman join body? Hope say she dey work, and she dey help you?
Family / Re: My Family Is At The Verge Of Destruction by ngwababe(f): 11:10am On May 31, 2022
But did you do anything with your brother's wife? If no, that means you didn't stand as a man to rebuke your wife when she uttered those evil allegations, na wetin make your brother dey change.

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Romance / Re: My Neighbour And His Girlfriend Have Been Living Together Like Married Couples by ngwababe(f): 9:15am On May 23, 2022
My neighbour and his girlfriend have been living together like married couples since I moved in. I haven't seen her since last week so I ask after her this morning and he told me she is married now. She got married 2 Saturdays ago to an Igbo guy who is based abroad cause she is Igbo.

He is yoruba. Apparently she planned her wedding from his house and he didn't know cause she spoke in Igbo majority of the time she was on call. Told him she is attending a cousin's wedding in Imo 3wks ago he gave her Tfare. She called him when she arrived and that was the last time.

Went to her parents place on Last Sunday to find out if she was safe as he hasn't been able to reach her only for the mother to tell him that she got married.

Him don bring Smirnoff spirit and soda to mix. He said "dey with me"
Me: I dey with u Bros mix am.

Inside life!

Dey with me indeed grin
Crime / Re: Beer Barn's Statement On David Sunday Imoh's Murder By Okada Men by ngwababe(f): 11:45am On May 18, 2022
Don't mind those guys, they are just trying to save the image of their beer palour business. To avoid them loosing customers. The deceased wife said the truth.

This is just painful.
Crime / Re: Beer Barn's Statement On David Sunday Imoh's Murder By Okada Men by ngwababe(f): 6:59pm On May 17, 2022
How comes d first RRS cannot shot gun in the air or tear gas?

As in....

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Crime / Re: Beer Barn's Statement On David Sunday Imoh's Murder By Okada Men by ngwababe(f): 6:58pm On May 17, 2022

Now Iam confused

This was the wife's statement

It was when he tried to intervene that they were shouting and they are yahoo guys, ritualists. When they realised that the motorcycle operators were more than them they ran back to the bar, unfortunately, the manager of the bar pushed them out, because he doesn’t know the guys who board the bike. That was how they were lynched and my husband was burnt.”

Situations like this erbody will be trying to save face

Lagos is one overrated state

RIP to Mr David Sunday
May Allah shower the family with the patience, tranquility and peace needed at this time of difficulty

The wife could be saying the truth, like, how can they then shoot in the air after they must have killed the guy? Why didn't they do that shooting before he was killed?


Business / Re: Lady Blocks Her Helper After He Mistakenly Sent N30k To Her Instead Of N3k (pix) by ngwababe(f): 7:16pm On May 08, 2022
[quote author=Tulsaguy post=112618029]Boys de Nairaland de beg for urgent 2k....Una no fit help those ones, na all these evening newspapers una go de send raba give.....

Na so one slide into my dm on Twitter... saying stuffs like

'I like your political commentary" "I just decide to follow"

Me sharp guy... Thank you bae. Next thing

"Hope you were not affected by the covid-19 lock down.

I said not really much. Next thing...

" I lost my job and it has really been difficult to keep up since then. I can't even buy my pad bla bla..... "

As the alaye guy wey I be.... Oh... Sorry eh....
Next.... I don't mind anything.....

grin grin I just de laff d shameless dude or could even be a guy sef.

I just throw the bomb.... I can link you up some cool money links online.... Can you work online... Bae said yes....

I said OK.... Build your profile on upwork and when you done... Let me review it....

That was the last I heard of the oloshoguy.....


The above bolded, what does it mean please? I go need that cool money links biko.

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