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Travel / Re: Ebonyi Airport by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 11:07pm On Apr 27

Why should he!? You tell us why his not calling it Buhari airport rankles with you! Umahi is free to name the airport after Hitler if he likes,and everyone else is free to call it whatever sits well with them!
who still remembers that the 2nd Niger bridge was actually named after Buhari ? grin grin No one even knows that the bridge was named after that jihadist. After several years, that name would be forgotten grin


Politics / Re: When Did Igbos Claim Lagos? by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 10:22pm On Mar 23
I don't ..
go and ask Tinubu
Politics / Re: When Did Igbos Claim Lagos? by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 10:47am On Mar 22
elaborate if you have a point or forever remain silent
dont you have eyes? abi you no get data or tv for house?
Politics / Re: When Did Igbos Claim Lagos? by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 7:35am On Mar 20
Lagos is no man's land is a foolish deduction ... Let me buy into you perspective for a second and say becasue you go to a market in Kano to buy and sell means the market in Kano belongs to nobody?? ... Common you have a working brain I will assume ... You mean to say in aba, there are no hausas engaging in successful trade or Yorubas too ? But it will be stupid and arrogant for those Yorubas in aba to begin to open thier mouth and say aba is no man's land ...

There is no other tribe in Nigeria that is as accommodating as the Yoruba people but you people take it as a form of weakness to the point that you now deem it fit to be dragging Yoruba land with your host ... Aye yin fe baje ni?

What you won't dare as an anambara man in imo or any other part of Igbo land, you will be trying in Lagos ... And when you get the back hand, you will be crying to Hague and ICPC ... The Yorubas are the most united people in Africa and it's becasue we value our culture first!!!!! before religion or any other thing. That is why despite all the afonja and Yoruba Muslim chant that IGBOS have tried to use to compartmentalize us ... We band together at the drop of a hat ... Like we did in Lagos yesterday and like we did nationally .... I am a proud omoluabi!
Yoruba's accommodating? Hahahahaha you are only deceiving yourself grin

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Politics / Re: IPOB's Lawyer Reacts To The Group Being Ranked 10th Deadliest Terror Group by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 9:12am On Mar 17

And when asked to provide one proof of all these allegations, you will only have your mouth, same as others

Unfortunately, anyone with a mouth can make any allegation
grin grin grin grin dont mind those vultures. These are the same people who say igbos should go back to their village o.....but IPOB that wants to help them are terrorist i have never see a more confused set of people in my life grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Arisetv, The Nation Clash Over Michael Aondoakaa Interview by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 12:59pm On Mar 09
If you are reading the Nation newspaper,you do so at your own peril.
grin grin grin
Politics / Re: IPOB Infiltration Of Lagos: Let Peace Reign - Delta Igbos by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 12:58pm On Mar 09
i wonder the propaganda these vultures would cook up next . am sure they would say it was igbos that killed jesus grin

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Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Kill 8 Mourners At Burial Of Herdsmen Attack Victims In Benue by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 12:53pm On Mar 09

Is it the one that said where are the cows when his own people where slaughtered?

Tinubu tenure would embolden more atrocities but you guys hypocrite nature would show when you would be supporting his political correctness approach
snakes are never straight foward grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Obi Cubana Received Backlash, Forced To Delete His Post On Facebook - Pics by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 1:49pm On Feb 27
That one say Dear Youth Gbuo go there.


Calm down o. Election no bi do or die.
grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Sweat In Tinubu Strategy Room Over Northerners Betrayal by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 8:36am On Feb 25
*If you're a Yoruba supporter of Obi, ask your self if Igbos voted for Awolowo or MKO*.

*Why is it always your own elders that are bad, but theirs are saints??*

*Was MKO's (SDP) Party in government previously in 1993 just as is APC now for Tinubu?*! *The reality of your decision today is that your tribesmen may never be president again.*

*All your elders and leaders are subject of mockery but Igbos can bring an unknown entity, rebrand it, and sell to you as a saint*. *They tell you it's not about tribe but, historically they had never voted Yoruba candidates for presidency*.

*In 1979 elections, Chief Obafemi Awolowo recorded an abysmal 0.8% and 0.7% of total votes šŸ—³ cast in the then Imo and Enugu state*. *Was Awolowo not competent too or was he also too old for the job? Is Awolowo ticket a Muslim Muslim ticket?*šŸ¤”

*Google 1993 election results and see that they did not also vote for MKO Abiola*. *Abiola lost in Enugu, Abia, Imo, and River states*.

*For me, if you don't patronize me, I will not patronize you*. *I'm not a fool!!* *This is a federal election and not state election like Osun state where the candidates are Yoruba vs Yoruba*.

*For the fact that a candidate failed in a party does not AUTOMATICALLY mean that everyone in the party will underperform if given the opportunity*.

*The same Igbos misleading our people are part of the problem too with their Biafra agitation which they have cleverly suspended for.*

*They championed EndSars protest as directed by Nnamdi Kanu to destroy Lagos*. *They are always insulting and troubling this Buhari man and even things he did well, they will never give credit*.

*We should never forget in a hurry how they called Nigeria a Zoo and all of us living in it, baboons.*

*Must it be their own president for us to progress?*

*Is that how developed the South East is, or we Yorubas are already emotionally blackmailed to the point that we see nothing good about ourselves again?* šŸ¤”

*Yoruba e je ki a Ro'nu jinle oooo.* šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”

So we still have human beings with this type of demented reasoning? cool
Politics / Re: Kalu: Iā€™m Not Sure Nigerians Are Ready For President Of Igbo Extraction (Video) by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 1:29pm On Feb 22
Igbos are not aware kalu contested for President in 2007. Dude must be so damn irrelevant
grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Naira Scarcity: Rioters Invade Ogun LG Secretariat, Cart Away Mace (pic) by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 11:06pm On Feb 20
It seems the people suffering this APC government the most are the people that voted for APC

Next time, Una go get sense and vote wisely šŸ˜‚šŸ˜†šŸ˜‚
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenyan Senator, Nyamu Karen, Kicked Out Of The Chambers For Indecent Dressing by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 11:26pm On Feb 14
These Islamic terrorist have entered Kenya grin
Politics / Re: Old Note Ends 10th, CBN (my Advise) by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 10:52pm On Feb 14

E conern dem as the Naira scarcity no reach derr side Na Biafra Dollars dem dey spend....
low IQ Afonja grin
Politics / Re: Old Note Ends 10th, CBN (my Advise) by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 12:10pm On Feb 14

LoL which Saturday u dey dream the money can still be deposited at the CBN if u people like aw the masses are suffering bkuz u feel like it will deal with some people you're dreaming...

Everybody can't be thinking like Biafrans that feels like Killing dem sef jus to get freedom....

You can open ur eyes and see that depositing at CBN office no get closing date....

So at the end of the day na still the masses loose cos people will use that method to rip people any aw....
wetin come concern biafrans and old naira note? You have exposed your low self esteem. And I am very sure you one of the children of that fallen demon called Lucifer grin
Politics / Re: Traders In Calabar Reject Old Naira Notes by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 5:52pm On Feb 10
Hunger never fire una before abi grin
Politics / Re: Nobody Will Relegate The Igbos In Nigeria: Peter Obi by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 9:32am On Feb 09
Nobody is trying to relegate anybody. We are all Nigerians, even though it is not by choice (for some). But the igbos doing same thing over and over again is baffling.

Awolowo left a legacy, he carved the Yorubas path to success through his free Educational programme. The like of Saudana and Tafawa balewa gave the Northerners the political dynasty they are enjoying today. They worked for it. The northerners are still benefitting from it uptill today. What did the past Yiibo leaders left as a legacy? Nothing absolutely nothing. Except sub-stories of how they were been sidelined.

The past generational yiibo chose the path of war, hatred instead of nationalism. The same path the present generation of yiibo are embracing yet again. Instead of building bridges and alliances, they are re-enforcing the Nzogbu Nzogbu style of politics. The same style that has never produced any meaningful gain for then since independence. Respect is reciprocal, when you start giving out respect to others instead of insult, hatred and envy; just then you can demand it from others.

Till then, it will continue to end up at same outcome. The losers end.
The fulani slave has spoken. children of the fallen angel lucifer. grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: 6 Benue Villagers Killed, 3 Soldiers Injured In Fresh Attack by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:59pm On Feb 08

Allow the useless boy to keep forming nonsense.
I have hit him with do much epistle that he's out of words.
Very scared little dirty Yoruba coward
They don't know other tribes see them. No worry sha. E go soon clear for eyes
Politics / Re: Seun Kuti: I Was A Fool When I Campaigned For Tinubu In 1999 by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:57pm On Feb 08


The biggest supporters of Obi in the SW today are the Yorubas and if the Yorubas don't accept ƒbƭ, he might have to struggle for sectional votes like Atiku would struggle in the next election.

Not every Igbo is supporting Obi why then should you crucify Yorubas as being tribalistic because some Yorubas are against Obi?

Do you call Northerners tribalistic for supporting Atiku or weren't you just being tribalistic for supporting Jonathan in 2015 even though he messed up?

If it were for your type of lousy fans, some of us from the SW supporting Obi today wouldn't support him!

don't support Peter Obi na. See wahala oh.....dem dey buy fuel 750 for Edo State. Na who go suffer am?


Politics / Re: We Don't Do Ethnic Politics Among Northerners by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:53pm On Feb 08
How can one even contemplate supporting a man who can't even lift his dick to pee to become president? grin


Politics / Re: Bayo Onanuga: Emefiele Has Lost The Battle, He Should Be Fired by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:46pm On Feb 08
Why are these Afonjas scared of criticizing Buhari? Abi na when them see Igbo man dem dey get power? I forgot sha. Slave no fit challenge him master grin
Politics / Re: 6 Benue Villagers Killed, 3 Soldiers Injured In Fresh Attack by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:45pm On Feb 08

he's a senior bro to him, you're Igbo, you mummies have a way of decorating failure

keep your analysis to your dumb self, I don't read low IQ post
imagine dumb Afonja who is bringing a demented senile old man as president talking about IQ? This is why they killed Abiola. Una go dey form sense but nothing dey una head grin
Politics / Re: A Man Shot In Abeokuta, Others Injured As Customers Destroy Banks (Graphic Video by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 8:58pm On Feb 07

Yoruba Muslims training on how they will protest when tinubu finally loses

Politics / Re: 6 Benue Villagers Killed, 3 Soldiers Injured In Fresh Attack by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 7:50pm On Feb 07

Biden older than Tinubu is still assisting other countries insecurity

is Tinubu going to carry gun? if your papa reach his age, thank Chineke

obi rule Anambra in his late 40's yet you imbeciles were dying and dump in oyi river, you think leadership is all about age

is ikpeazu not younger than Tinubu? what did he do in your useless state?
first of all, my papa senior Tinubu. hope say you papa go reach him age. second of all, i am not from Abia grin grin Thirdly, people who were killed were MASSOB members and it was done by Akwuzu sars. i used to believe that Afonja were the most educated. but thank god for internet. i sure say them for say the drug dealer was the best governor since god created the world. useless cowards and snakes grin grin grin grin hope say your papa no go dai tomorrow grin grin grin
Politics / Re: 6 Benue Villagers Killed, 3 Soldiers Injured In Fresh Attack by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 5:19pm On Feb 07
Benue Gov is one of the most useless gov in the history of Nigeria, they're killing your people and he busy doing G-5 nonsense politicking

Benue men should find every means to defend their village, with Tinubu in the affairs of Nigeria govt, it won't be business as usual for these useless miscreants killing people like rats

ugm in East will be deal with it thoroughly
Bandits, Fulani herdsmen, BHT will be tamed
So Tinubu who is almost getting to his grave would do what a military general couldn't do? The Afonjas were hailing him as the messiah no see what's happening grin
Politics / Re: Between LP Spokesperson Ndi Kato And Tinubu Supporters On TVC by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:49pm On Feb 07
Ndi Kato who is a Labour Party Spokesperson for the Obi - DATTI Campaign Team had an interview on TVC to speak on Peter Obi .
The host opened the line for callers to call and BATist called in to disseminate propaganda as usual.
What happened between them , Ndi Kato and other callers is very interesting.

AFONJAS ARE DULL grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Between LP Spokesperson Ndi Kato And Tinubu Supporters On TVC by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:46pm On Feb 07
The Afonjas the son of the fallen demon have shown that they are the most TRIBAL AND VERY SENTIMENTAL ETHNIC GROUP i have ever seen in my life . worse than the Aboki grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Between LP Spokesperson Ndi Kato And Tinubu Supporters On TVC by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 2:45pm On Feb 07
The senseless urchin is saying Igbos migrated to Lagos while he also migrated to UK.
What a case of stupidity.
grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Falz Disgraced On Twitter For Saying He'll Never Vote Tinubu by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 3:57pm On Feb 05
All I see are Afonja Muslim and Afonja Christins fighting like deranged goats. cheesy
Politics / Re: 3 Police Officers Killed As Gunmen Attack Ebonyi/Enugu Border Checkpoint by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 7:28pm On Jan 30

FOR ALL THE INNOCENT IGBOS that COWNU AND EKPA caused to kill, they will never ever end well in life.
For all the families they caused to cry for their loved ones, their cries will never depart from their household .
Brutal end awaits Cownu, Ekpa and all their brainwashed cannibals, terrorists and online bastards.
All the people in support of deaths of innocent igbos and other Nigerians will never witness the end of this year.
As long as God lives.

MIRACLE NWOBODO and other innocent igbos killed by cownu , Ekpa and their cannibalistic murderers.
May all your souls Rest in Perfect Peace.
Your blood will surely cry for you in due time.

If you want to be unfortunate and die brutally soon,
Quote this post to type rubbish.

We Rise.

May Devil punish nnamdi cownu and Simon ekpa wherever the idiots are.
Nor forgetting the bastards and online brainwashed swines and cannibals supporting their brutal killings of innocent igbos.
Y'all will never progress in life for all the pains and anguish you brought upon the eastern part of the country.
Brutal and Terrible ends await Y'all, as long as God lives.
Animals everywhere.

Continue to Rest in Perfect Peace Miracle Nwobodo our relative killed by this animal and his brainwashed swines.

For all the innocent Nigerians they have caused to die, evil will never depart from their household,
Including anyone supporting those animals.

No be curse,

Brainwashed Animals supporting animals.
THEY WILL all die like dogs in the gutter.
No be Curse,
Na FACT, as long as God lives.
We Rise.

RIP to our relative , Miracle Nwobodo that these animals killed in her prime.

Her killer will never have peace of mind. Simon Ekpa days are numbered. Just like Shekau of Boko Haram.
Thank you.

Crime / Re: Man Shoots His Brother-In-Law Dead For Cheating On His Sister In Delta by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 11:27am On Jan 27

You were saying?

Polyandry is practiced in neighbouring Gabon, even in Nigeria too. Other countries include India, China, Nepal.
Your sisters from Imo state do it.
As well as your beloveth Bollywood and IG slay queens, baby mama is just another name for a woman married to many men.
Please no where in imo state is it practiced please.
Crime / Re: Man Shoots His Brother-In-Law Dead For Cheating On His Sister In Delta by NimrodEndOfDays(m): 4:52pm On Jan 25

Hmmm ,but if a man does that its scriptural even if he is a supposedly man of god . There is something flawed with your argument.
There is nothing flawed with my argument. There is no culture that I am aware of where the woman marries multiple men. If they exist then it won't be up to 0.001percent of the population. You should understand that a woman with many husband is not what any man who is sane should aspire to have. But if you feel it's not logical to you then have a woman marry multiple husbands while you include yourself in the mix.

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