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Politics / Re: Blasphemy: Arrest Pastor Akintaro Joshua Ojo Now – MURIC by nurudeen181: 9:09pm On May 22
i posted this thing since yesterday but they no gree allow am.. another person post am today see traffic.. how this thing dey take work self
Politics / Re: Fresh Blasphemy In Osun: Arrest Akintaro Now by nurudeen181: 7:54pm On May 21
E be things
Politics / Fresh Blasphemy In Osun: Arrest Akintaro Now by nurudeen181: 7:53pm On May 21
PRESS RELEASE: FRESH BLASPHEMY IN OSUN: ARREST AKINTARO NOW – MURIC The Osun State Chapter of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has called the attention of security agencies and well-meaning Nigerians to the misdemeanors of Pastor Akintaro Joshua Ojo over his recent utterances which are capable of plummeting Osun and the entire South West Nigeria into chaos and religious war. Just few days into mourning Deborah whose brutal killing MURIC condemned along with her senseless and audacious act of blasphemy, and as if that was not enough, a pastor by name Akintaro Joshua released an audio tape raining insults on Allah (The Supreme Creator), Islam, the Qur'an, and The Noble prophet of Islam Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him (SAW), an effrontery far more dangerous than one could imagine and which no sane Muslim can stomach. Some of his provocative utterances as heard in the audio-visual clip are: ‘We are not as stupid as your Muhammad’; ‘Your Muhammad is a sinner’; ‘There is nothing called Allah or Jibril. Muhammad is the one bearing those names’; ‘Go and tell your leader, Muhammad’s brain is dark and he is daft’; ‘Why call Muhammad ‘holy’, He is not Holy Prophet’. Akintaro did not only release his rancorous and venomous audio, he also went ahead to include his two mobile numbers which are: 08034201859 and 08188898410 for whoever wants to attack him but nay, we won't take laws into our hands and we urge all Muslims in Osun State to allow the security agencies to handle this man’s case. The South West Nigeria is a more delicate area because of its fair share of both Muslims and Christians and any religious war in the zone could possibly wipe out millions of lives. MURIC has continued to wonder what actually Akintaro wants to achieve in the South West by uttering such slanderous, heinous, malicious,derogatory, and egregious statements about our Lord, Allah, our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), our religion, Islam, and our book, the Glorious Qur'an. Is it to incite Muslims against Christians? Is it to catalyse another jungle justice? Is it to frustrate the coming elections in Osun? Is it to mar the economic activities in the region? Or is it to destroy the infrastructures in place by inciting a religious war? All these questions and more keep begging for answers. The Osun State chapter of MURIC calls for calm among several Muslim communities in the state. Please do not take the law into your hand but remain law abiding. We call on the Osun State Police Command and other law enforcement agencies to quickly wade in lest we witness another mayhem and loss of lives in the South West. The Osun State chapter of MURIC and the entire Muslim community in the state will not allow Akintaro to mismatch our gentility for cowardice nor heat the polity of Osun especially, when the State election is around the corner. Therefore, instead of organising mob attack, we will allow the law to take its due course. In line with MURIC's avowed motto which is 'Dialogue, No Violence', MURIC headquarters in Lagos has directed that we should sue Akintaro. He will meet us in court. This is apart from whatever action the security agencies will take against him. We hereby, call on the Government of the State of Osun, the DSS, all security agencies and most especially, the Commissioner of Police to immediately arrest the said culprit and charge him to court for his blasphemous positions on Allah (The Creator), our Prophet Muhammad, The Qur'an, and Islam. Akintaro must be arrested for attempting to plunge the state into chaos. Action against Akintaro by the security agencies must be swift and transparent in order to placate angry Muslims. It is the failure of security agents to take action against such blasphemers and trouble- makers in the past which made Muslims in the country to lose confidence in them. It eventually led to self help, jungle justice and mob action which MURIC will never encourage because we are a peace-loving and law-abiding organization. It is our hope that the security agencies will do the needful. Above all, the man needs to be in protective custody because his highly explosive audio-visual messages have gone viral on social media. Security agents will be helping him if he is quickly arrested because Muslims in the state are already provoked, and rightly so. They are most likely to get more angry if they see him walking freely on the streets. This is to enable justice be served on Akintaro Joshua and to possibly tame others in his shoes before another religious war erupts. Dr. AbdulAzeez Ademokoya, Chairman, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Osun Chapter.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Dwight Schar: Inside £48million Superyacht Owned By US Billionaire (Pictures) by nurudeen181: 3:23pm On May 20
no matter how reach i be, this wont be my kind of investment. if its unsinkable then it belongs to the sea bed.
death trap
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Owns A N591,100 Drinking Cup (pics) by nurudeen181: 12:24pm On May 20
After the leaked sex tape.. if i hear tiwa, the seen is the first thing that comes to mind
Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael Steals A Peek At Nancy Isime's Hips In Her Sexy Outfit by nurudeen181: 12:18pm On May 20
I see Nancy getting pregnant for Zubby Micheal, I see her becoming a baby mama for him cos he's (Zubby) isn't ready for marriage.

This I have seen.
Boss. you dey. i bin tink say you don move
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Has Turned Donbas Into ‘hell’, Zelenskyy Says by nurudeen181: 10:29am On May 20
The occupiers are trying to exert even more pressure. It is hell there – and that is not an exaggeration,” Zelenskyy said in a late address on Thursday. (Al Jazeera) he is used to exageration... he knows
Foreign Affairs / Russia Has Turned Donbas Into ‘hell’, Zelenskyy Says by nurudeen181: 10:26am On May 20
Russia’s renewed offensive in Ukraine’s Donbas has destroyed the eastern region and turned it into “hell”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, accusing Moscow of carrying out senseless bombardments. After failing to take Ukraine’s capital since launching a full-scale invasion in February, Russia is using massed artillery and armour to try to capture more territory in the Donbas, comprised of the Donetsk and Luhansk areas, which Moscow claims on behalf of pro-Russian separatists. “The occupiers are trying to exert even more pressure. It is hell there – and that is not an exaggeration,” Zelenskyy said in a late address on Thursday. (Al Jazeera) He said 12 people had been killed in the “brutal and absolutely senseless bombardment” of the city of Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region on Thursday. “[There are] constant strikes on the Odesa region, on the cities of central Ukraine. The Donbas is completely destroyed,” he said. “This is a deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible, to destroy as many houses, social facilities and enterprises as possible.” The defence ministry in Kyiv said on Thursday that Russian forces were preventing civilians in Donbas from fleeing to Ukrainian-controlled territory. Severodonetsk and its sister city Lysychansk make up the last pocket of Ukrainian resistance in the smaller of the two regions comprising the Donbas war zone. Russian forces have surrounded the two – split by a river marking a central front of the war – and are bombarding them to try and wear down resistance and starve residents of supplies. The residents still in the now ghostly city are afraid to take more than a few steps outside their front door. Nella Kashkina sat in her basement next to an oil lamp and prayed. “I do not know how long we can last,” the 65- year-old told the AFP news agency. “We have no medicine left and a lot of sick people – sick women – need medicine. There is simply no medicine left at all.” Russia is likely to reinforce its operations in the industrial Donbas region once they secure the city of Mariupol, British military intelligence said early on Friday. Al Jazeera’s Assed Baig, reporting from Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, said emergency services are struggling to deal with the scale of the casualties and the damage in the city. “Nowhere in Bakmut is safe and people have become desensitised to the constant sound of artillery and shelling,” he said. The mayor has told residents to evacuate the city as the Russian offensive continues to intensify. “Those that remain have a choice: evacuate from the town or hope to survive the Russian military onslaught,” Baig said.
Foreign Affairs / George Bush’s Iraq Slip When Slamming Putin Is Perfect Irony by nurudeen181: 6:23am On May 20
Former US President George W. Bush made an embarrassing gaffe , perhaps a Freudian slip, when speaking on the importance of democracy and threats to democracy from abroad, and taking aim specifically at Russia. “Russian elections are rigged,” he said. “Political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.” Then Bush brushed the mistake aside and said, “Iraq, too,” insinuating that Russia was somehow involved in Iraq – which is obviously not true. In any case, simple mistake or not, it is the most perfect example of the outright hypocrisy of US politicians who call out Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. Bush himself launched an illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 that resulted in the estimated deaths of over 1 million Iraqis in the first several years alone.
All told, the war ended up being a bloody nine-year operation under the false pretense of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ supposedly held by then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. US forces openly committed war crimes, including the use of illegal chemical weapons, the killing of tens of thousands of civilians by US forces, as well as the widespread use of torture. All of these transgressions were either confirmed by the US or admitted in internal documents leaked by WikiLeaks. The fact that the man who presided over this horrible war – the war that drew the largest protests in human history – has the nerve to call out Russia’s actions in Ukraine is a display of narcissism. It’s so clearly ridiculous that even he himself let it slip that, yes, what happened in Iraq was a travesty. What makes this travesty even more apparent is exactly what he was saying about Russia, that “one man ” can launch a military operation without checks and balances. That is exactly what happened during the Iraq War. There are international laws and institutions designed to prevent these types of crimes from happening – all of which were ignored. This proved that international law is not the law as such, but merely a political tool to manifest the desires of one hegemon, i.e., the United States of America. It is precisely this situation, this breakdown of international law and the resulting sense that international law does not actually protect anyone, that created the conditions for the situation in Ukraine. Prior to Russia’s intervention in the conflict, which had actually been ongoing since 2014, Moscow sent its legitimate security concerns – including about the militarization of Ukraine and the potential for Ukrainian NATO membership – to the West, but they were all ignored.
Ironically, it’s again Bush who began the approach of patently disregarding Russia’s interests. After the fall of the Soviet Union, there was hope that Russia could become a partner with the West, not an enemy. When Russian President Vladimir Putin began his first term, that was a hope that he himself shared. In fact, as Russia was dealing with terrorism in Chechnya, President Putin wanted to partner with the US in counter-terrorism operations. He pledged support for the US in its own efforts against terrorism, including in Afghanistan, offering the use of Russian airspace and other resources. He met for the first time with Bush at the latter’s Texas home in 2001 just after the 9/11 terror attacks. At a local Texas high school, Bush described Putin as “a new style of leader, a reformer…, a man who’s going to make a huge difference in making the world more peaceful, by working closely with the United States.” Then just weeks later, Bush withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in order to, the administration said , protect NATO allies from a potential Iranian missile attack. Putin said publicly that this move would undermine arms control efforts and weaken European security. Such duplicitousness has essentially remained the norm in Washington ever since. The Americans assure world leaders that they want to cooperate, build ties and reduce tensions, but then immediately enact policies that contradict their own words. Over the course of Putin’s leadership, which has overlapped with several US presidents, Russia has endured successive waves of NATO expansion that has encroached right up to Russia’s doorstep and militarized Russia’s neighborhood – despite verbal promises that this would not happen from, ironically, President George H.W. Bush, the father of George W. Bush. George W. Bush thus clearly has no ground to stand on when it comes to illegal invasions and a lack of checks and balances on foreign policy. Bush's having even ventured a censorious opinion of Russia's actions in Ukraine is irony enough -- the Freudian slip is merely that irony in all of its distilled clarity.

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Properties / Re: This Is Why Ive Been Avoiding A Shared Apartment. How Can I Handle This? by nurudeen181: 12:42pm On May 19
Bleep her now.. if she no like am... she go adjust...
Travel / Re: Enugu First Flyover Was Badly Planned & Implemented (Video) by nurudeen181: 9:33am On May 18
The heading said the flyover is badly planned.... which kind thing be that..which purpose is the flyover built and not serving..
by the way, how can people say a state project is badly planned. no work of an engineer can be bad so long as he is allowed to do the work. works that fail cannot be criticised if testings are not carried out. why do people think engineering is a joke and couldnt go there. How can you say the work of an engineer is bad.. our people are really educated illiterates.. if you dont like the work say you dont kike it but as an engineer.. this work is a master piece.
if its not serving the purpose then its the fualt of those who initiated the job, not the job. i didnt watch the video but i believe the critics will only be from someone who has no joy.
Foreign Affairs / Re: One In Four Britons Skipping Meals To Save Pennies by nurudeen181: 5:55am On May 18
ordinary britains paying for their leaders woes... Africa will not compromise like this
Foreign Affairs / One In Four Britons Skipping Meals To Save Pennies by nurudeen181: 5:53am On May 18
Full English in Past? One in four Britons Skipping Meals to Save Pennies

According to a Sky News survey, 65% of respondents turn off their heating to cut energy bills, try to eat less (27%), work from home (31%), and shop at cheaper supermarkets (44%) to make ends meet.

The poll also found that far fewer in the UK are using their personal vehicles due to record petrol prices.

The report claims inflation could hit 10% by the end of the year, largely impacted by residents making changes to their habits and attempting to cut back on energy.
RT /rtnews
Romance / Re: 62-Year-Old Woman Wedded 9-Year-Old Boy In South Africa (Throwback Photos) by nurudeen181: 5:23pm On May 17
Can this world just end!
are you prepared for the pains that comes with rapture...
Education / Re: My Jamb Result Is Out; Pls Advise Me On Choice Of Career. by nurudeen181: 10:34am On May 16
Whose life is it : is it yours, or your parents ? If it is yours, then you need no counsel . But if it is your parents ,then you must do as they say while being miserable at the same time.undecided
hear talk... na him go sponsor himself? abi na you go sponsor am. if him parents no fit direct am, then they should disown him/her.
Health / Re: Beautiful Kenyan Lady, Monny Muthoni Commits Suicide (photos) by nurudeen181: 5:21pm On May 15
if you are a beautiful woman and you feel bore or want to just kill yourself please dont.. just come to nigeria if abroad or contact me on nurudeen.korede@yahoo.com
Politics / Re: Governor Tambuwal Declares 24-Hour Curfew In Sokoto by nurudeen181: 3:28pm On May 14
Better On a more serious note this may turn into a civil war if not handled well They are asking for the release of murderers How sensible is dat??
just as ipobs are asking for the release of nnamdi kanu
Politics / Re: Governor Tambuwal Declares 24-Hour Curfew In Sokoto by nurudeen181: 3:28pm On May 14
Better On a more serious note this may turn into a civil war if not handled well They are asking for the release of murderers How sensible is dat??
just as ipobs are asking for the release of nnamdi kanu
Romance / Re: Being In A Relationship, How Would You Respond To; It's Over Btw Us? (game Over) by nurudeen181: 8:54pm On May 12
ok.. if you say so.
Politics / Re: Trump, Buhari, And The Bitter Truth by nurudeen181: 8:05pm On May 09
The babe get mouth gon. though i dont understand what the person above me meant by shes inteligent.. can one person be 10000000 better than another laye yi.. oti poju. i for no read am gon sugbon when i see the clinton no win because she get virgina, i was like wantunde o, what does she have to say.. what did she now say.. summaty please
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Have You Been Searching For A Job Now? by nurudeen181: 11:07am On May 08
since before nysc

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ever Gotten A Job Through Your House Of Reps Member Or Senator? by nurudeen181: 1:57pm On May 06
how do i know who my house of reps member is/are..
Celebrities / Re: Judy Austin Speaks To Her Followers, Thanks The Public (Video) by nurudeen181: 8:35pm On May 02
that means she achieved something.. she will add this in her cv like '' married to yul edochie'' 2022.
this gender... maybe she once said she cant be a second wife or cant let marriage hold her down.. awon oponu
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin To Undergo Cancer Operation & Hand Over Power To Nikolai Patrushe (Photos) by nurudeen181: 6:29pm On Apr 30
UK news... fake news.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Set ‘to Declare All-out War On Ukraine In Days' by nurudeen181: 4:26pm On Apr 30
American media make and break the news.. they call it an all out war and said russia is not what people think it is. now they say an all out war is just behind the corner after ukrained much resistance to russia.. they were the ones taljing about nuclear bomb usage, mass graves and etc. why are they so foolish eating what they vomit. dont they have conscience at all. an all out war from Russia on ukraine will see Ukraine at the global bottom for the next 5-10 decades to come..


Celebrities / Re: Portable's 2 Pregnant Baby Mamas Compete For His Love (Photos) by nurudeen181: 11:22am On Apr 29
monkey no fine but him mama like am..
Jobs/Vacancies / Job Placement. by nurudeen181: 6:31pm On Apr 28
Hi guys. i am a civil engineering graduate unemployed.
A friend adviced me to speak to someone who owns two hospital and two clinics around kaduna state. i need advice, waiting engineer fit do for chemist or hospital? like how i go take scope the baba say i fit help am for him business.thanks in advance.
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie: Polygamy Is Dangerous – Cubana Chief Priest by nurudeen181: 6:20pm On Apr 28
for senseless men like him
Celebrities / Re: Princess Shyngle Defends Yul: 99% Of All Married Men In Nigeria Have Side Chicks by nurudeen181: 6:18pm On Apr 28
99%.. see how she pack am.. it mean say she get uncountable exes and present bashes... well its very possible... how will other girls live if they dont have men to help their ministry

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