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Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 1:18pm On Oct 23, 2020
School Bullying is a horror story about a boy who was tormented and bullied by three classmates before he died in the school bathroom.
There was a 15-year old boy who attended a school in a small town in Ohio. Most of the other teenagers in his class regarded him with disdain and referred to him as “The Geek”. The boy was painfully thin, wore large thick glasses, spoke with a pronounced lisp and had a bad case of acne. He wasn’t particularly unpopular, he was just ignored by most of his classmates.
Because the geek didn’t have any friends, he spent most of his free time sitting alone in the classroom, listening to music or playing games on his smart phone. Being shy, quiet and lacking in social skills made him a frequent target for bullying.
There were three bullies in the school who constantly picked on the boy. They made the geek’s life a living hell and showed him no mercy whatsoever. Every day, the bullies would find some new way to torture or humiliate the unfortunate wretch. It was as if they took great pleasure in seeing him suffer.
One day, the geek went into the boy’s bathroom alone. While he was washing his hands, the three bullies walked in. Bored and seeking entertainment, the trio decided that it was the perfect time to play a little game with the geek. They grabbed hold of him and dragged him into one of the cubicles.
Two of the bullies picked the boy up by the legs and shoved his head into the toilet bowl. The other bully began flushing the toilet. The poor geek was twisting and turning and flailing his hands, but the bullies just forced his head deeper into the toilet. The sounds of him spluttering and struggling to breathe made them laugh uncontrollably.
After they had their fun, the bullies let go of the boy’s legs. They were shocked when his limp body collapsed on the tiled floor. His mouth was slack and his eyes were glazed over. He wasn’t breathing. The horrible realization began to dawn on them and the three boys began to panic. They had accidentally killed the geek.
The bullies never planned for this to happen and frantically tried to figure out what to do. They didn’t want to get caught, so they broke into the janitor’s closet and stole a hacksaw. There, huddled in the grimy toilet cubicle, they sawed the geek’s corpse into three pieces. Then, they removed one of the bathroom’s ceiling tiles and stuffed his dismembered body parts into the dark recess.
After that, the bullies fetched a mop and cleaned up all the blood on the floor. They replaced the ceiling tile and ran out of the bathroom, hoping the dead boy’s remains would never be discovered. The bullies made a pact with eachother, swearing that they would never tell anyone what had happened that day.
For a while, all went well for the three remorseless bullies. The geek’s parents came to the school looking for him and he was eventually reported to the police as a missing person. Everyone assumed he had been kidnapped on the way home. Nobody suspected that he had been murdered by his own classmates.
One morning, the three bullies arrived for class and sat down at their desks. When the boys lifted the lids of their desks, they suddenly started screaming and ran out the door. Within seconds, the rest of the students were freaking out and fleeing th classroom as well.
In one bully’s desk, there was pair of dismembered legs. Sitting in the second bully’s desk was a decapitated torso. The third bully’s desk held the geek’s severed head.
This gruesome discovery struck fear into every teacher and student in the school. The police were called in to investigate and evidence led them directly to the three bullies. The boys were promptly arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison. Today, they sit alone in their cells and endure constant bullying from the bigger, tougher, older prison inmates.
The school is still open, but the bathroom where the boy died is now kept under lock and key. Nobody is allowed to go in there anymore because too many students had terrifying experiences when they went into the toilet alone.
Some of them reported seeing bloodstains on the floor and the uneasy feeling that someone was watching them. Others have heard a boy screaming in the bathroom, even though it was completely empty. They say that if you look under the stall doors, you can see feet there, despite the fact that the cubicle is unoccupied.
According to the legend, if you go in the boys’ bathroom, stand at the sink, look into the mirror and say, “I know who killed you”, you will catch a glimpse of the geek standing behind you.
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 1:17pm On Oct 23, 2020
Guy which kain story be this....threw the girl in the river
its really hilarious bro!
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:48pm On Oct 23, 2020

Don’t Let Me In is a scary story about a boyfriend who sends text messages to his girlfriend in the middle of the night, warning her not to open the door for him.

Gabriel: Nancy
Gabriel: Nancy, are you there?
Gabriel: Nancy answer me!
Nancy: Hey
Nancy: Wow, it’s so late!
Nancy: What’s the matter? You can’t sleep?
Gabriel: Nancy, I need you to listen to me carefully.
Gabriel: If I come to your house tonight and knock on the door
Nancy: What
Nancy: You’re coming over now?
Gabriel: Nancy, focus on what I’m trying to tell you
Gabriel: If the doorbell rings and you see me standing outside
Gabriel: Whatever you do, DON’T LET ME IN!!
Nancy: Have you gone completely crazy?
Gabriel: Something very bad will happen to you if you open the door
Nancy: What’s wrong with you?
Nancy: Why are you saying these horrible things?
Nancy: You’re scaring me!!
Gabriel: Sorry, but it’s for your own good
Gabriel: Are you alone in the house?
Nancy: Yes, actually… My parents went to a party
Gabriel: Ok well, then lock all doors and windows
Gabriel: If you see me outside, call the police
Gabriel: Immediately
Nancy: Gabriel, if this is a joke, I swear I’m going to block you
Gabriel: It’s not a joke!
Nancy: Where are you?
Gabriel: I’m not sure.
Gabriel: I’m in an abandoned house
Gabriel: But I can’t get out.
Gabriel: All the windows have bars on them.
Gabriel: And all the doors are locked
Nancy: How did you get there??
Gabriel: I can’t remember
Gabriel: My memory is all confused
Gabriel: I think it happened yesterday night
Nancy: What happened?
Nancy: Have you been kidnapped or something??!!
Gabriel: I don’t know.
Gabriel: I think so
Gabriel: But, please, Nancy. Remember what I told you
Gabriel: If you see me outside, don’t open the door for me!
Nancy: Wait a sec
Nancy: Ah, I see what’s going on now
Nancy: You really are an idiot!!
Gabriel: What??
Nancy: This is just another one of your pranks.
Nancy: And to think I was about to call the police!
Nancy: Thank God I realized just in time!
Gabriel: What are you talking about?
Nancy: I can see you!
Nancy: slowpoke!
Nancy: I’m looking at you through the window
Nancy: You’re out there in the garden
Nancy: Sending messages on your phone
Gabriel: What??
Nancy: Don’t try to deny it. I can see you
Gabriel: No!! It’s not me!!!
Nancy: Knock it off. The joke’s over
Nancy: It was a lame prank anyway
Nancy: I’m coming down
Gabriel: No! Don’t open the door!!
Gabriel: I told you! Don’t let me in!
Nancy: Hahaha… You’re crazy
Nancy: Why do you keep saying that?
Nancy: What the hell is going on??
Gabriel: I’m trying to protect you
Gabriel: Please believe me!
Nancy: I hope you’re happy. You’ve got me so scared
Nancy: I really don’t know what the hell to do
Nancy: You’re knocking on the door now
Nancy: I hate you!
Nancy: This is the most horrible joke in the world
Gabriel: It’s not a joke!!
Gabriel: Don’t open it!!
Nancy: What am I supposed to do?
Nancy: Why are you knocking on the door if you don’t want me to open it?
Nancy: Why did you even come to my house in the first place?
Gabriel: It’s not me
Nancy: What do you mean it’s not you?
Nancy: I can see you through the window, Gabe
Nancy: I’m not blind!
Gabriel: I’m telling you, it’s not me!
Gabriel: It’s something else
Nancy: What??
Gabriel: I dont know!
Nancy: Where are you now?
Gabriel: I already told you, I’m locked in a house!!
Gabriel: I don’t know where I am exactly
Nancy: You’ve gone away
Gabriel: What??
Nancy: I mean… that thing outside…
Nancy: He moved away from the door
Gabriel: What is he doing??
Nancy: He’s just standing in the garden
Nancy: Looking at his cell phone
Nancy: He looks exactly like you
Nancy: It has to be you!
Nancy: How can it not be you??
Nancy: You’re driving me crazy!
Gabriel: Nancy, listen to me
Gabriel: I don’t know who that thing is
Gabriel: But I know he’s not me
Gabriel: Despite what he looks like
Nancy: Oh God
Nancy: He’s looking right at me now
Gabriel: Get away from the window
Gabriel: Are the doors and windows locked?
Nancy: Yes
Nancy: I think so
Nancy: You’re right, love, it’s not you
Nancy: He’s almost identical to you but
Nancy: I know it’s something else!
Nancy: His eyes!
Nancy: His eyes are red!
Nancy: They glow in the dark!!
Gabriel: Get away from the window!
Nancy: I’m on the other side of the room
Nancy: Now he’s crouching down
Nancy: I can’t see him anymore
Gabriel: What’s he doing?
Nancy: He’s got a stone in his hand
Nancy: He’s walking to the window
Nancy: He’s going to break the glass!
Gabriel: Run!!
Gabriel: Lock yourself in the bathroom and call the police!
Gabriel: Love!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: Nancy?
Nancy: I’m upstairs
Nancy: I locked myself in my bedroom
Nancy: The lock on the door is stronger
Gabriel: Did you call the police?
Nancy: I’m calling them now
Gabriel: Tell them to hurry!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: What did they say?
Gabriel: Are you still there?
Nancy: I called them
Nancy: They said they’re coming right away
Gabriel: OK. Good
Nancy: I hope they come soon
Nancy: That thing broke the window
Nancy: He’s inside the house!!
Gabriel: Are you sure?
Nancy: I can hear his footsteps!
Nancy: Now he’s coming up the stairs!
Gabriel: I wish I was there!
Gabriel: I wish I could help you!!
Nancy: What is that thing??
Nancy: Why is all this happening?
Gabriel: I don’t know, love!!
Gabriel: All I know is what I told you before
Gabriel: It started yesterday night
Gabriel: I was in my bedroom, studying
Gabriel: The window was open and I heard a noise outside
Gabriel: I looked out the window and that’s when I saw it
Gabriel: There was something out there
Nancy: What?
Gabriel: Something that wasn’t human
Gabriel: It had a pale, white face
Gabriel: And it’s eyes were glowing red!!
Gabriel: He grabbed me by the neck
Gabriel: I didn’t have time to react
Gabriel: Then as I watched his face began to change
Gabriel: This is the most incredible part
Gabriel: Before I knew it, I was looking at myself
Gabriel: The thing had stolen my face
Gabriel: He looked exactly like me
Gabriel: And he was smiling at me!
Nancy: OMG!
Gabriel: I don’t remember anything after that
Gabriel: When I woke up locked in this house
Gabriel: That’s all I know
Nancy: Gabe, that’s the craziest story I’ve ever heard
Nancy: But I believe you
Nancy: And I know this thing is evil
Nancy: He wants to kill me, I know it!
Nancy: He’s banging on the door now
Nancy: The door is shaking
Nancy: He’s using a lot of strength
Nancy: I don’t think it’s going to hold much longer!
Nancy: Please help!
Gabriel: Don’t let him in!
Gabriel: Push the bed up against the door
Gabriel: Do whatever it takes to survive!
Gabriel: Until the police get there!
Gabriel: Nancy!
Gabriel: Nancy??
Gabriel: Please answer me!!
Gabriel: Answer me Nancy!!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: Are you OK?
Gabriel: What’s happening there?
Gabriel: Please answer me!
Gabriel: Oh God
Gabriel: I love you Nancy
When the police finally arrived at the house, they were too late to save Nancy. She was nowhere to be found. The door of her bedroom had been smashed and the pieces lay strewn about the floor.
After checking the security cameras, the police determined that she had been abducted by her 27-year old boyfriend, Gabriel Rosales.
Meanwhile, in the abandoned house, the real Gabriel was distraught beyond belief. He managed to find a loose floorboard and got out through the crawlspace. He discovered that the house was located in the middle of the woods. He tried to phone the police, but he couldn’t get a signal. When he checked Google maps, it couldn’t find his location.
Gabriel began walking through the woods. He hiked for several kilometers until he found a house with the lights on. He went up to the front door and knocked. After a few minutes, a woman’s face peered out the window.
As Gabriel desperately tried to explain the situation, the woman’s eyes grew wide with fright. She let out a piercing scream.
“Please!” Gabriel whined, “You’ve got to help me!”
Just then, the front door opened and a man appeared from the darkness, holding a rifle in his hand. Gabriel turned and ran as fast as he could. As he dashed for the cover of the trees, he heard the sound of gunfire behind him and felt the bullets whizzing past his head.
Gabriel ran until he was out of breath. He tripped over a fallen log and his feet got tangled up in the branches. He fell and hit his head one a stone. Blood began to flow from the open wound and it soaked his whole face. He grabbed the cell phone and activated the camera in selfie mode, so he could see the extent of his injuries.
What he saw made him shake with fear and the cell phone fell from his hands.
Finally, he understood why the woman in the house had screamed with such horror.
The strange creature had taken his appearance, and in return it had left him with its own.
Today, Gabriel travels by night, hiding in the shadows, his face and body transformed forever into that of an abominable being, still wondering what it was that attacked him and stole away his girlfriend, and hoping one day to get revenge…
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:23pm On Oct 23, 2020
more sad touching stories coming right up!
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:20pm On Oct 23, 2020
A girl was pretty and she knew it. She could get any guy she wanted. The boy knew he didn’t stand a chance with her, but he never gave up.
Every night, the girl would meet a new guy. Sometimes, they would call her back. Sometimes they wouldn’t bother.
Every night, the girl would cry herself to sleep. She hated her life. She hated being used by guys. She wanted to meet a genuine guy, a guy with a true heart who would really love her.
The boy knew exactly what she was going through. He could see through all her fake smiles, but he never had the courage to speak up and tell her how he felt.
As time went by, the girl became more and more depressed. Even the fake smile on her face began to fade. All of her friends deserted her. They began to spread vile rumors about her. Her heart was broken and her past was beginning to catch up with her.
One day, the boy finally managed to work up the courage to tell her how he really felt about her. He wanted to take her away from the life she was living and show her what true love was like. He wanted to treat her the way a girl should be treated, with kindness and respect.
The boy made his way to her house. With every step, he rehearsed what he was going to say to her. He was so nervous. He was dreading what would happen if she turned him down. He hated rejection. He couldn’t stand the embarrassment.
He waited at the bottom of her driveway, unsure of what to do. Then, he saw a middle-aged man come out the front door. As the man walked past, he asked the boy if he was next.
The boy didn’t understand and slowly approached the front door. It was open, so he went inside. He saw arrows on the wall, pointing towards the lounge.
He saw a letter lying on the couch. It read:
Dear Mom,
I have finally made enough money to help you pay off all our debts. I hope this will make you happy. Mom, I’ve been thinking about something for a while now. I have ruined my life and I just can’t take it anymore. My whole life, all I’ve given you is sorrow. It would be better if I was gone from this world. You are better off without me. I know you will probably be too wasted on drugs and alcohol to understand what I am saying, Mom, but despite everything that has happened, I want you to know that I always loved you. What I am about to do is nobody’s fault but mine. My whole life, all I wanted was true love, Mom, but I guess it wasn’t for me. I guess it was never meant to be. Bye Mom, I love you.
The boy dropped the letter and began desperately looking for the girl. He was worried he might be too late to stop her. Just then, he heard the garage door close. He ran to the garage and found the girl sitting there on a chair. She was holding a knife.
He walked up to her and knelt down beside her. She looked at him and started to cry. Tears of shame flowed down her cheeks.
“All I ever wanted was true love,” she wailed.
The boy didn’t say anything. He just put his arms around her. He hugged her and held her close. He stayed with her all night and kept her company. He told her he would never let her go. For the first time in her life, she felt loved.
Then, suddenly, the boy couldn’t breathe. He began gasping for air. The girl asked what was wrong and realized that he had forgotten his inhaler. He was suffocating right before her eyes.
The girl didn’t know what to do. She wanted to run and get help, but she didn’t want to leave him alone, not even for a second. The boy didn’t want her to leave his side either. He had finally found true love and now he couldn’t bear to let it go.
Finally, the girl got up and tried to go for help, but the boy refused to allow her to leave. He told her he wanted her to hold him. He said he just wanted to stay in her arms. She sat next to him and held him tight. She kissed him on the cheek.
“You showed me what true love is,” she said. “You can’t leave without me.”
The boy looked up at her with tears flowing down his face. Then, his eyelids fluttered and his eyes closed. They didn’t open again.
The girl got up and searched the garage, opening cupboards and looking under tables. Then, all of a sudden, something caught her eye. It was her mom’s shotgun.
She lay down beside the boy and covered them both with a warm blanket. Looking up at the ceiling, she put the barrel of the shotgun in her mouth and started counting backwards.
10… 9… 8… 7… 6…
All the girl had ever wanted was to feel true love. Now that she had found it, she didn’t want to let it go.
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
She pulled the trigger. There was a deafening boom and her brains splattered all over the garage.
Two young people died that night. They were killed by love.
Don’t let this happen to you. Tell that special someone how you feel about them before it’s too late.
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:15pm On Oct 23, 2020
One evening, a girl named Rachel invited a cute guy she knew over to her house. Her parents were away for the weekend, so they had the place to themselves. The guy’s name was Benny and she thought he was the most handsome boy in school.
They were sitting on the couch and after a while, they began making out. Things were getting pretty hot and heavy and benny took off his shirt. All of a sudden, the Rachel’s cell phone began ringing.
“Hey babe, I need to take this call,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”
“Yeah, OK… Sure,” replied Benny.
Rachel got up, grabbed her phone and walked into the next room, shutting the door behind her.
Rachel: Hey! What’s up?
John: Nothing much. Hey Honey, do you think we could go do something later? My boss let me out of work early tonight. What are the chances, huh?
Rachel: Uh… Yeah, that sounds great!
John: OK, cool. I’m almost at your house. I’ll come pick you up and we’ll talk about where to go.
Rachel: Oh, um… That’s not such a good idea…
John: Why not?
Rachel: I’m just busy right now… Sorry.
John: Busy with what? I’m your boyfriend! You don’t have time to meet me? You didn’t make any other plans did you…?
Rachel: Er… No… No… I was just… um… having dinner with my parents.
John: I thought you said your parents were away this weekend…
Just then, her boyfriend walked through the front door. He turned the corner into the hallway and saw his best friend, Benny, sitting on the couch with his shirt off. Rachel came rushing into the room.
John: What the hell is going on?!
Rachel: I can explain! Please, listen to me!
John: Benny? BENNY! What is he doing here?
Rachel: He was just helping me with my homework.
John: OMG! How could you, Rachel? How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me! And yet, here you are, cheating on me with MY BEST FRIEND! I don’t believe this!
Rachel: John… It’s not what it looks like!
As the young couple argued, Benny sheepishly put his shirt back on and climbed out the window. Feeling guilty and ashamed, he started his car and drove off down the street.
John felt sick to his very stomach. With tears in his eyes, he rushed out of the living room and slammed the door. Rachel ran after her boyfriend, begging him to listen to her.
Rachel: NO! Please! Come back, John!! Pleeeeeasssse?!!
She grabbed him by the arm, but he roughly brushed her off. Turning around, John looked straight into his girlfriend’s eyes. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.
John: Why, Rachel? Why? I loved you! Oh my God, how could i have been so stupid. I fell in love with a tramp. That’s what they call girls like you, isn’t it? How many other guys have there been, Rachel? Here, take this!
He took something out of his pocket and threw it in her face. It fell on the floor and when Rachel looked down, she saw it was a ring. Her jaw dropped and she fell to her knees. It was a diamond engagement ring. She grabbed it with shaking hands and held it up.
Rachel: You… You were going to propose to me?
John: Yeah… How dumb was I? Maybe you better keep it… Something to remember me by…
With that, he stormed out and jumped into his car. As Rachel stood at her front door, crying uncontrollably, she watched his headlights fade into the distance.
Later that night, she was awoken by the sound of her doorbell ringing. When she answered it, there were two policemen standing on her doorstep.
“I’m sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you,” said one police officer. “A few hours ago, we found your boyfriend dead. He committed suicide.”
Rachel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She burst into tears and fell to the ground, curling up in a ball.
As she sobbed and wailed, the policemen told her what had happened. Apparently, her boyfriend had tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other end around a tree. Then, he got into his car and drove off. When the rope pulled tight, it ripped off his head. He had decapitated himself.
“When we found him, he had a picture of you clutched in his hand,” said the other police officer. “On the back, he had scribbled two words… CHEATING SUCKS.”
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:11pm On Oct 23, 2020
Op but i did not cry
you will surely cry if you read all this stories over again
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:05pm On Oct 23, 2020
Late one evening, a husband and wife were enjoying a romantic drive along a lonely mountain road. They were just rounding a sharp bend when a little girl came tearing out of the bushes by the side of the road. She stood right in the path of their car, holding out her hands and crying loudly.
The husband was so shocked by her sudden appearance that he almost ran over her. Luckily, he managed to swerve at the last moment and avoid her. Glancing in his rear view mirror, he saw her running off into the darkness. She couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7.
When they had calmed down, the couple began to dicuss what they had just seen.
“What is a little girl doing out here all alone after dark?” the husband wondered.
“I don’t know,” replied his wife. “It gives me the creeps. Do you think she was a ghost?”
“I don’t think so,” said the husband. “She seemed so upset. Maybe she was lost and in trouble…”
Just then, they noticed a man on the road ahead. When the man noticed their car, he put out his hand and flagged them down. The husband pulled over to the side of the road.
The man was out of breath. “Have you seen my daughter?” he asked.
He said that he had taken his daughter for a walk along the mountain trail and they had lost track of time. In the darkness they had become separated and now he was desperately looking for her.
The couple told him they had seen a little girl running across the road only a few minutes before. The husband felt so guilty about not stopping for the child that he offered her father a lift back to where they had seen her.
“No thanks,” replied the man. “You don’t have to that. Thank you very much though.”
When they described where they had seen his daughter, the man thanked them again for their help and took off running down the road.
A week later, the husband and wife were watching TV together. On the news, a reporter was saying that the dead body of a little girl had been found on a lonely mountain road and the police had arrested the man who murdered her.
Looking at the picture that was displayed on the screen, the couple were horrified.
It was the same man they had spoken to.
He wasn’t the little girl’s father at all.
The little girl had been struggling to escape the clutches of her kidnapper and, without knowing it, they had helped him catch her.
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:03pm On Oct 23, 2020
One day, a woman named Kate Wasserman was just about to start cooking dinner when her son arrived home from school.
“How was your day, dear?” she asked.
“Ugh awful,” the boy groaned. “I’ve got a splitting headache. We were playing soccer and one of the other boys kicked me in the head.”
“That’s terrible, dear,” his mother said. “Do you want to put some ice on it?”
“No, that’s OK,” the boy replied. “I’m really tired. I think I’ll just go upstairs and take a nap.”
“OK, Dinner will be ready in an hour,” she said. “Don’t forget.”
A few minutes later, the phone started ringing. Checking the caller ID, she realized the call was coming from a private number.
“Hello? Wasserman residence,” she said. “Kate speaking.”
She could hear crying on the other end of the line. It sounded like it was a female voice.
“Hello? Who is this?” asked Kate.
“Please… Please take…” said the female voice on the other end.
Then, all of a sudden, the line went dead.
The voice sounded very familiar. She was convinced it was someone she knew very well. It sounded like someone in her family. She just couldn’t put her finger on who it was.
She immediately called her mother.
“Mom, did you just call me, crying?” she asked.
“No, of course not, dear,” her mother said.
Then, she called her sister.
“Mary, did you just call me a minute ago?”
“No, it wasn’t me,” her sister replied.
Kate spent the rest of the night trying to figure out who it was that had called her. She was so perplexed by the anonymous call that she completely forgt about cooking dinner. She was convinced that she recognized the voice. She called every one of her family members and every one of her friends, but they all denied calling her earlier that day.
When she went to bed that night, she was still thinking about it.
“Maybe it was just a wrong number,” said her husband.
“No, that’s just the problem,” Kate replied. “If it was a wrong number, I could just forget about it. But it was the right number. I’m sure of it.”
The next morning she found her son dead in his bed. He had died from a brain hemmhorrage. The kick he received during soccer practice caused internal bleeding on his brain and during the night, he had lapsed into a coma and passed away.
The woman and her husband were devastated. Neither of them could get over the loss of their beloved son. As time went on, they grew apart and eventually, they divorced. They packed up their belongings, sold their house and went their separate ways.
Five years later, Kate was sitting alone in her new house, watching TV when she started thinking about her son. It was the anniversary of his death. She couldn’t believe he had been gone 5 whole years.
All of a sudden, something struck her. She leaped out of her chair, rushed into the hallway and grabbed the phone.
She dialled the number of her old house and listened to it ring and ring.
Then, someone answered and she heard a familiar voice on the other end say:
“Hello? Wasserman residence. Kate speaking.”
She stood there dumbfounded, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was so shocked, she could barely speak.
“Hello? Who is this?” said the voice on the other end.
Kate took a deep breath. “Please… Please take…” she said.
Just then, the line went dead.
“Please take him to the hospital!” she screamed.
She tried the number again and again, but all she got was a recorded message saying the line was no longer in service.
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 11:59am On Oct 23, 2020
Have you ever Been in love with your best friend? If the answer is yes, then maybe this is something you will understand. There was a boy and girl who had been friends for years. After a while, they began spending more time together and their friendship grew more close and intimate. Eventually, they confessed their feelings for each other and fell truly, deeply, madly in love.
They would often talk for hours on the phone and texted each other all day long. Whenever they were together, everything seemed right with the world and not a single sad thought could cross their minds.
She would wake up in the morning and go to school just to see his smiling face. He would stay up late, waiting for her call and fall asleep listening to the sound of her voice. She would steal his notebook in class, just so he had to put his arms around her to get it back. Every time he heard a love song on the radio, he would think of her with every single line.
Then, one day, the girl didn’t show up for class. He tried to contact her to see what was wrong, but she never answered his text messages. He tried to call her, but she didn’t answer the phone. The boy became very worried that something was wrong.
That night, he lay down in bed and tried to sleep, but it was no use. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Just then, his phone started ringing. It was her.
Boy: Hey, honey!
Girl: Hey.
Boy: I missed you at school today. Why weren’t you there?
Girl: I had to go to the doctor.
Boy: Oh really? Why?
Girl: Nothing. Just some flu shots, that’s all.
Boy: Well, you didn’t miss anything much.
Suddenly, the girl burst into tears.
Boy: What’s wrong? Why are you crying?
Girl: It doesn’t matter…
Boy: It does matter. I want to know why my baby is crying…
Girl: Can I ask you a question?
Boy: Of course…
Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: You know I do!
Girl: How much do you love me?
Boy: I love you more than anything in this world.
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: Yes, Babe. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.
Girl: Would you die for me?
Boy: Yes. Is something wrong?
The girl started crying even harder.
Girl: Really?
Boy: Yes, really!
Girl: Let me hear you say it.
Boy: I would die for you. Now, please tell me what’s wrong.
For a moment, there was an awkward silence on the end of the line.
Girl: Nothing… I have to go.
Boy: Wait!
Girl: I can’t… I’ve really got to go…
Boy: Don’t leave me hanging like this.
Girl: Sorry…
Boy: So, I’ll see you tomorrow at school?
Girl: Maybe…
Boy: Alright, bye.
Girl: Goodbye.
The next day, when the boy turned up at school, the girl was nowhere to be found.
Boy: Hey, have you seen my girlfriend today?
Friend: No.
Boy: She wasn’t here yesterday, either. She was acting all weird on the phone last night.
Friend: Well, dude, you know how girls are sometimes…
Boy: Yeah, but not her.
Friend: I don’t know what else to say, man.
Boy: Okay, well I gotta get to English. I’ll see ya after school.
Friend: Yeah I gotta get to Science. Later.
That night, the boy got another call from his girlfriend.
Boy: Hello? Why weren’t you at school today?
Girl: I had another appointment with the doctor.
Boy: Are you sick?
Girl: Um, I have to go. My mom’s calling on the other line.
Boy: I’ll wait.
Girl: It may take a while. I’ll call you later.
Boy: No! I want you to tell me what is wrong.
Girl: I don’t think we should see each other anymore.
Boy: What? What do you mean? You want to break up?
Girl: It’s the best thing for us right now.
Boy: Please don’t do this to me, Babe… I love you so much… I don’t want our relationship to be over.
Girl: Neither do I…
Boy: What have I done wrong?
Girl: It’s not you… It’s me…
Boy: I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.
Girl: I love you. Bye…
For the next three weeks, the girl was absent from school. Whenever the boy tried to call her, she never answered her phone. One day, the boy was sitting alone in the cafeteria when his friend approached him.
Friend: Hey dude.
Boy: Hey. What’s up?
Friend: Um… Have you talked to your ex-girlfriend lately?
Boy: No.
Friend: So you didn’t hear?
Boy: Hear what?
Friend: I don’t know if I should be the one to tell you…
Boy: Dude, just tell me!
Friend: She’s in the hospital.
Boy: What? Why?
Friend: Just go to see her.
Boy: Okay, thanks!
After school, the boy rushed to the hospital. At the front desk, he asked the receptionist if his girlfriend was a patient there.
Receptionist: Yes, she’s one of our patients.
Boy: What’s wrong with her?
Receptionist: I’m sorry, Sir. We can’t give out confidential information about our patients.
Boy: Where is she?
Receptionist: She’s in the isolation ward.
Boy: Can I see her?
Receptionist: I’m sorry, Sir. That’s not possible. The isolation ward is off limits to visitors.
Boy: I have to see her! Get out of my way!
Receptionist: Wait! No! You can’t go in there!
The boy pushed past the receptionist and ran off down the hallway. Eventually, he came to the isolation ward. Behind a glass wall, he saw his girlfriend lying in bed. It was a pitiful sight.
She had tubes coming out of her nose and mouth. Surgeons were gathered around the bed, working on her. They were wearing protective clothing and their faces were covered by masks.
The boy banged on the glass and shouted her name. The girl turned her head and was shocked to see him standing there. He waved to her, but she didn’t wave back. He was disappointed. Then, he looked closer and realized, to his horror, that she didn’t have any arms or legs.
Boy: Oh my God, are you OK?
Girl: I didn’t want you to see me like this.
Boy: What have they done to you?
Girl: Don’t look at me, please.
Boy: Babe! What happened? Talk to me!
Girl: I…
Boy: You what?
Girl: I have flesh-eating disease.
Boy: What’s that?
Girl: The doctors call it Necrotizing Fasciitis. I’m on life support. The disease is eating me alive.
The boy burst into tears.
Boy: This can’t be happening.
Girl: The doctors said I must have caught it when I fell into that sewage tank. They had to remove my arms and legs, but that didn’t stop it from spreading. There’s nothing more they can do for me. They’re taking me off life support in one hour.
Boy: Why didn’t you tell me?
Girl: I wanted to… Really, I did…
Boy: Why didn’t you?
Girl: I couldn’t. I didn’t want to hurt you.
Boy: Why did you break up with me?
Girl: The disease is contagious. I didn’t want you to catch it.
Boy: I don’t care!
Girl: I couldn’t take that risk. I love you more than anything.
Boy: I can’t go on living without you!
Girl: Don’t be sad for me. Just remember this: I love you and I’ll always be there with you in your heart.
The boy fell to his knees, doubled over in pain. Hospital security grabbed him and carried him away. Later that night, the girl was taken off life support and she died.
The next day, the boy didn’t show up for school. His friends wondered where he was. Instead, he made his way to the local zoo. He bought a ticket and walked towards the wild animal enclosures.
He took out a bottle of ketchup and poured it all over himself. Then, he started rubbing it into his skin. After wiping a single tear from his cheek, he went over to the tigers’ cage and jumped in.
The wild beasts were hungry and within seconds, they pounced on him and began tearing him apart. His dying screams echoed around the zoo. With their razor-sharp teeth and their pointed claws, the tigers ripped into his flesh and started eating him alive.
By the time the zookeepers managed to get into the cage and subdue the ravenous tigers, the feeding-frenzy was over. There wasn’t much left but a pile of clothes and some gnawed, bloody bones. In the pocket of his jeans, they found a crumpled note.
It read: “I told her I would die for her…”
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The little girl who owned the pink diary was only eight years old. Despite her young age, she knew more about the world than most kids her age.
If you were to glance at the front of her pink diary, you probably wouldn’t pay much attention to it. Many kids her age keep a diary in which they write down all their random thoughts and silly little secrets. But if you were to open her pink diary and look inside, you might be shocked by what you would find. Every page was filled with childish writing, the ink blurred by tears and stained with blood.
Her aunt and uncle beat her every day. They hated the fact that they were forced to look after her. They hated the fact that they were forced to spend their hard-earned money on her. They took out all their pent-up frustrations on her, punching and kicking her until she screamed with pain.
Although it was a long time ago, she could still remember her mother’s loving smile, the warmth of her hug, her father’s kind words, the feel of his kiss on her cheek, her brother’s cheerful smile and the sound of his laughter. But it was all a sad and distant memory.
Her mother and father were dead. They had been executed, but they were innocent of the crime for which they had been convicted. They had been framed. The man who framed them was very rich and very cruel. Her parents were poor and naive. They didn’t stand a chance.
The man had committed a brutal murder. To save his own skin, he decided to blame it on someone else. He chose the little girl’s parents. He concocted a false case against them, planted evidence, then bribed the police and the judge. Her parents were convicted of the murder and they were hanged by the neck until they were dead.
The little girl and her brother were left alone in this harsh, unforgiving world. They found themselves homeless, sleeping on the cold streets and digging through trash cans to find food. It was winter and the little girl caught the flu. She became terribly ill. They didn’t have any money to pay for a doctor, so her brother was forced to steal.
He stole some money. He got a doctor for his sister. With what little money there was left over, he bought her a little pink diary. When he gave it to her he told her she could use it to pour out all the secrets of her battered soul.
As time went on, the little girl got better, but her brother was not so fortunate. The police arrested him for theft. The man he stole the money from was very rich and very cruel. He bribed the judge and the police and had the boy hanged for his crime.
Once again, the little girl’s life was torn apart and all her dreams were shattered into a million pieces. She was back on the streets, alone this time and barely existing. One day, a kindly old man stumbled across the little girl. She was lying in the street and she was nearly dead from starvation. He took pity on her and gathered her up in his arms.
He carried her to the nearest police station and asked them to take care of her. The police managed to track down her relatives. Her aunt and uncle. They refused to look after the little girl, but the police forced them to take her in.
Her aunt and uncle were mean and cruel. She was beaten every day. As horrible as her life was, she never thought of ending it all. She couldn’t do that. She knew she had to be strong. She knew she had to go on. She knew she had to suffer through whatever the world threw at her.
In her diary, she wrote down her most private thoughts. She wrote about her hopes and dreams. She had one ambition in life. As impossible as it may sound, she wanted to go to school. She wanted to study hard. She wanted to go to college. She wanted to become a judge. That way, she thought, she could help others like herself. She would be honest and just. She would never allow herself to be corrupted. She would never accept a bribe. She would bring villains to justice.
As time passed, the beatings got worse. Her aunt and uncle showed no mercy. Her body was bruised and battered, but her soul was still alive and she was determined to make her dreams come true.
One sad day, she was playing in the hallway when she accidentally knocked over her uncle’s favorite vase. She watched it hit the ground and shatter, like her dreams, into a million little pieces. She knew the end had come. She knew her uncle had a tremendous temper.
She ran to her school and left her pink diary on her teacher’s desk. She didn’t want her brother’s precious gift to be thrown away after she was gone. When she got back to her house, she was hoping she still has time, To see another minute, Of the world. But it was too late
Her uncle was already waiting for her at the door. He held a huge club in his hand and there was an evil grin on his face. He grabbed the little girl by her hair and pulled her inside.
There, behind closed doors, he beat the poor girl until she was black and blue. Then, he beat her some more. He beat her until almost every bone in her frail little body was broken and she was at death’s door. Her face was covered in blood and she could hardly breathe. The little girl knew that her time had come. As her vision dimmed and her soul was leaving her body, her uncle never stopped beating her with his club.
The next day, she was found dead, lying sprawled on the cold floor, covered with dried blood. The teacher found her little pink diary on her desk. When she opened it and read what was inside, she immediately passed it on to the police.
Her uncle was arrested for murder and the pink diary was presented as evidence at his trial. A jury of twelve honest men and women found him guilty. The judge sentenced him to be executed. He was hanged by the neck until he was dead. The little girl’s body was buried in a grave, next to her parents and her brother.
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am crying right now.
this true life stories have made me see life in two's.

its bitter to be in tears!
anyways this is life
we need to be sorry some times for all the wrongs we have did to others.

its time we make amends!
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My mother only had one eye. All my life, I hated her because she was such an embarrassment to me.
My mom ran a small shop at a flea market. She collected little weeds and such to sell. Anything for the money we needed. She cooked for students and teachers to support the family, she was such an embarrassment.
There was one day, during elementary school, when my mom came to say hello to me. I was so embarrassed. How could she do this to me?! I ignored her, threw her a hateful look and ran out.
The next day at school one of my classmates said, “EEEEWW, your mom only has one eye!”
I wanted to bury myself. I also wanted my mom to just disappear.
So I confronted her that day and said, ” If you’re only gonna make me a laughing stock, why don’t you just die?”
My mother remained silent. I didn’t even stop to think for a second about what I had said, because I was so full of anger. I was oblivious to her feelings. I wanted out of her house.
I guess I felt a little bad, but at the same time, it felt good to think that I had said what I’d wanted to say all this time. Maybe it was because my mom hadn’t punished me, but I didn’t think that I had hurt her feelings very badly.
That night, I woke up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. My mom was sitting there at the kitchen table, crying quietly, as if she was afraid that she might wake me.
I took a look at her, and then turned away. Because of the thing I had said to her earlier, there was something pinching at me in the corner of my heart. Even so, I hated my mother who was crying out of her one eye. So I told myself that I would grow up and become successful, because I hated my one-eyed mom and our desperate poverty.
Then, I studied really hard. I left my mother and went to Seoul and studied, and got accepted in the Seoul University with all the confidence I had. Then, I got married. I bought a house of my own. Then I had kids, too. Now I’m living happily as a successful man. I like it here because it’s a place that doesn’t remind me of my mom.
This happiness was getting bigger and bigger, when someone unexpectedly came to see me.
“What?! Who’s this?” I said, as i opened the front door.
It was my mother. Still with her one eye. It felt as if the whole sky was falling down on me. My little daughter took one look at my mother and ran away crying. She was scared of my mom’s eye.
I turned to my mom and asked her, “Who are you? I don’t know you!!!”
I really wished that was true.
“How dare you come to my house and scare my daughter?” I screamed at her, “Get out of here now!”
My mother quietly answered, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I must have the wrong address.”
She turned and walked away. i watched as she slowly made her way down the street and disappeared around the corner.
Thank goodness, I said to myself. She didn’t recognize me. I was quite relieved. I told myself that I wasn’t going to care or think about this for the rest of my life.
One day, many years later, I received a letter in the mail. It was informing me that my class was having a school reunion. I wanted to see all my old friends from school so I decided to attend. After the reunion finished, I decided to pay a visit to the house where I had grown up, just out of curiosity.
When I got there, the house was empty and falling to ruin. The neighbors said that my mother had died a few years before. I did not shed a single tear.
Then, they handed me a sealed envelope. They said that my mother had wanted me to have it. I opened it and read the note inside.
“My son, I think my life has been long enough now. I won’t try to visit you in Seoul anymore, but would it be too much to ask if I wanted you to come visit me once in a while? I was so glad to see your face once again. I miss you so much. You mean the world to me. I have always been so proud of you, my son.
I am sorry that I only have one eye, and that I was such an embarrassment to you all your life. You see, when you were very little, you got into an accident and lost your eye. As a mother, I couldn’t stand to watch you grow up with only one eye, so I gave you mine. I never regretted my decision. How could I? When you love someone, their happiness is far more important than your own…”
There was more in the letter, but I couldn’t continue reading. The slip of paper fell from my shaking hands and I collapsed to my knees, sobbing like a little boy.
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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bruno. He really loved this girl named Natasha. At school, he followed her to all of her classes and always tried to sit beside her. Whenever the other kids in school made fun of her or talked behind her back, Bruno would defend her.
One day, Bruno was standing next to his locker when he saw Natasha walking down the corridor. He just looked at her, that’s all he did.
She turned and saw him looking at her and said, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU UGLY TURD?”
Heartbroken, Bruno ran out of the school and didn’t come back. The next morning, he didn’t turn up for classes. Natasha didn’t care that he was gone. She barely even noticed his absence and acted like everything was just normal.
About 6 weeks later, Bruno turned up at school, but he wasn’t the same. His friends noticed a big change in him. He was unusually quiet and always had a funny look in his eyes. Also, he always sat alone.
Natasha saw him sitting by himself in the cafeteria and said, “LOOK EVERYONE! THE TURD’S BACK!”
Bruno just sat there as everyone laughed and laughed at him. His eyes started to water, so he covered his face.
All Bruno could hear was Natasha saying, “AAAW! IS THE LITTLE TURD GONNA CRY? HAHAHAHAHA…”
The next day, the whole school gathered to go assembly. Bruno stayed back in his classroom to have some private time. About 5 minutes later, Natasha walked into the classroom. She was crying.
Bruno decided to ask what was wrong
She just glared at hime and said, “F*** OFF! I DON’T TALK TO UGLIES!”
Bruno sat back down.
Suddenly, a crazed man with a gun ran through the door. He saw Natasha and pointed the gun at her.
“I just escaped from the prison for the criminally insane!” he shouted. “I need money to buy a bus ticket to Mexico! Empty your pockets!”
Shaking like a leaf, Natasha, emptied everything out of her pockets but she had no money. The man grew angry and was about to pull the trigger, when Bruno suddenly tackled him and wrestled him to the ground. They started to fight for the gun.
Suddenly, a shot rang out.
The man struggled to his feet and escaped through the open door. Natasha looked down and saw Bruno lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
“Why did you do it?” she asked, tears streaming down her face. “Why did you save me after everything I said to you?”
As the life ebbed from his body, Bruno looked up at her and replied, “Why do you care why I did it? I’m just a turd.”
With that, Bruno closed his eyes and died.
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with all these stories Op
I'm not still sad unlike some sadists and bitter fool...what's even that his name

the truth is that,
if you read all this stories over and over again you will definitely feel sad and probably cry.
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I think about her almost every day. How can I ever forget her? Mila was my childhood best friend.
I spent every Summer in my grandmother’s village. Mila lived in the same neighborhood and our relatives had known each other ever since they could remember. Almost from the moment I first went to the village, Mila became my best friend.
She was a mischievous girl with a happy, cheerful smile, long blond hair and big blue eyes. She looked like an angel, but seep down, she was a tomboy at heart. I was more timid and shy, with brown hair and green eyes. We were almost complete opposites, but together we were inseparable.
All Summer long, from morning till night, for 10 years we were always together. It was a seaside village and we often went swimming in the warm, salty sea or lay on the cliffs, basking under the warm rays of the sun. Every moment I spent in the dusty, boring city, I would be looking forward to the Summer and seeing my best friend again.
Then, something happened. When we were 14, we had a serious quarrel. It was over something really stupid. The reason was a boy called Vince. He was very handsome and drove all the girls crazy. He was three years older than us, but Mila and I were head over heels in love with him.
Of course, he chose Mila.
I was so disappointed. We had a big argument and I stopped talking to her. Long before the Summer ended, I gathered my things and went back to the city. I didn’t see Mila again that year.
Every day, I thought about her and how we could make it up. I knew how silly I had been and I waited for the months, weeks and days to pass before I could see her again and say sorry.
The next Summer, I returned to the village. Even though it was already late in the evening when I arrived, I went straight to our place by the sea. Somehow, I knew she would be there.
I saw her sitting on the cliffs. She had her back to me. The sea was surging and waves were crashing against the rocks. For a moment, I was afraid she would still be angry with me, but when I shouted, “Mila!” she turned to look at me and her face broke into a smile. I ran over to her.
“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said.
I tried to hug her, but for some reason she moved away. Then, I noticed how nervous she seemed.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“You have to get out of here,” she replied.
“Please, I beg you,” she said nervously. “Just go. I’ll see you soon. Not now, but soon…”
She wouldn’t explain why, but she insisted that I go and just waited until I left.
When I got back to the house, my grandmother was waiting for me. She was a little angry and asked me where I had been. I told her that I met Mila. Grandma paused for a long time and looked at me dumbfounded. Then she felt my forehead.
“What did I say wrong?” I asked, puzzled.
My grandmother sat me down and said, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but… Mila died… It happened a month ago… She drowned.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had just seen her with my own eyes. I had just talked to her​​… She was dead?
It turned out that, a month earlier, Mila had been walking along the cliffs when a big wave came along and swept her into the sea. Three days later, her body was found washed up on the shore.
Then I realized that the place where we loved hanging out was the exact place where Mila had been swept off the cliffs and drowned. That night, the waves were crashing against the cliffs. I would have been swept into the sea just like Mila. That’s why she was telling me to leave. She came back to save my life.
Although it’s been almost a year since that time, I’m still afraid of the last thing Mila said to me: “I’ll see you soon. Not now, but soon…”
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Years ago, there was a little girl whose father would drive her to school and pick her up every day. One day, it was just past 5PM and all her classmates had gone home. She was waiting for her father but he still hadn’t arrived.
“Where’s your dad,” the nun asked. “Is he going to pick you up?”
“Don’t worry sister,” the little girl replied. “I know my daddy is going to pick me up eventually. Maybe he just got busy with work.”
Back then, there were no cell phones, just pagers and beepers. The little girl walked over to the phone booth and dialed the 5-digit number for her father’s pager. She sent him a message:
“Daddy, please pick me up. It’s late and I’m scared and all alone.”
After an hour, her father finally arrived. The little girl burst into tears.
“Daddy, why didn’t you come to pick me up?” she whined.
“Sorry baby,” her dad replied. “I had to work out of town and I couldn’t find a phone to call home and get someone else to pick you up. This will never happen again.”
The next day, it was just past 5PM and the girl was alone in school. There were only a few lights on and it was dark and as she sat by the school gate waiting for her dad, she paged him a message:
“Daddy, please pick me up. It’s late and I’m scared and all alone.”
She decided to walk to her dad’s office. The office wa a mile away but she kept walking and walking. When she reached the office, she went inside and found her dad asleep at his desk. She burst into tears and screamed, “Daddy, I hate you!”
Her dad woke up and hugged her.
“Sorry baby, I took a nap and accidentally overslept. I was really tired and I was out of town all morning on business. It won’t happen again.”
When her dad dropped her off at school the next day, he asked, “Do you still love your daddy?”
The little girl said, “No! I still hate you! You better be there to pick me up this evening.”
“I can’t,” said her dad. “I’ll be out of town. The driver is going to pick you up this afternoon.”
The little girl just sighed and turned her back on him. She didn’t even wave at him as he drove away.
That night, the little girl stayed up late waiting for her dad. At 2AM, she finally heard his car pulling into the driveway and she rushed downstairs to greet him.
All of a sudden, she heard the sound of gunshots.
Her mother was screaming. The little girl was in a panic. She didn’t know what was going on. Her mother grabbed her and brought her upstairs to the bedroom. She held the little girl tightly as she called the police.
Later, the little girl learned that her dad had been shot dead on their doorstep.
Years passed and the little girl grew up. She met a few boys, fell in and out of love, had a few relationships, but none of them ever worked out. Her friends all got married and moved away. Eventually, everyone deserted her.
She lived alone and every night, she would call the 5-digit pager number. The number no longer existed. Pagers no longer existed. All she would hear on the other end was a busy tone.
But still, she would dial the number and say, “Daddy, please pick me up. It’s late and I’m scared and all alone…”
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this stories are really touching to the hearts and soul.

you can cry if you want to but please remember that there will surely be a better tomorrow.

please I need help from whoever the lord has blessed!

I really want to be a professional footballer.
am in tears right now
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you can follow me right now so to never miss any true life story I will be posting here all the time,

am a changed man now!
its high time we make amends and make things right.

please do not predict my end and please do not make me cry.

I still need a change of story in the billions,
please do not predict my end.

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Hello, I’m Mischa and I’m 7 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I lived in a large apartment with my Mom and Dad. I had a lot of toys. I even had my own room. It was big and bright and on the walls, I put my drawings.
I loved to draw. I drew pictures of mom and dad and me. I drew us standing in front of a big house with the sun smiling down on us. My mom is the kindest mother in the world, and my dad is the strongest father. I love them very much.
On weekends, we would all go out for a walk together. I would be riding my bike and mom and dad would be holding hands. They were smiling and laughing and I cycled alongside them.
My mother would always ask, “Misha, aren’t you tired yet?”
“No mom,” I would always reply, “I’m only getting started!”
Mom and Dad would look at me and laugh. I laughed too.
In the evenings, when we were sitting at home, I played with my mother. We loved to play board games. Sometimes we would paint pictures together. Dad was always reading his newspaper. Then he would go to the kitchen to put the kettle on and we would all sit and drink tea with cake. I loved to eat cake, even though my mom told me it was bad for my teeth.
One night, dad came home from work very late. I had already gone to bed. Dad rang the doorbell and banged loudly on the door. It was so loud, it woke me up. but I didn’t get out of bed. Mom went to open the door, and I heard my father’s heavy footsteps along the corridor. I heard them talking.
“Why are you so late?” my mother asked. “I was beginning to worry.”
“What’s the matter?” my dad asked. “Can’t a man stay late at work?”
My father’s voice didn’t sound like it normally did. He spoke loudly and slurred his words.
“Kohl, hush!” my mother said. “You’ll wake Mischa.”
“Don’t hush me!” my father bellowed. “If I want to speak in my own house, I will speak!”
“You’re drunk,” my mom said. “Where have you been tonight?”
“I’m drunk?” my dad growled. “I’m not drunk! Pour me some tea!”
“I still have to wash the dishes,” replied my mom. “Pour it yourself, okay?”
“What?” my father said angrily. “It’s so difficult to pour tea for your husband?”
“Kohl, don’t shout!” said my mother. “You’ll wake your daughter. She has school tomorrow.”
“Pour me some tea!” my father demanded.
“Kohl, look at your eyes,” my mother said. “What’s wrong with your pupils? They’re so wide. Are you on drugs?”
“Can’t a man have a little fun anymore?” my father shouted.
“Please Kohl, just go to bed and sleep it off,” my mother begged.
Just then, the phone rang and my mother went to answer it. She talked for a while and then went back to the kitchen.
“Who called you?” asked Dad.
I could hear the anger in his voice and I started to feel a little scared.
“It was my friend Lida on the phone,” Mom sighed.
“Lida?” said my dad. “Who or what is a Lida? I don’t know any Lida! And where did you get that ring?”
“Calm down Kohl. Don’t you remember? I bought it last week.”
“And where were you yesterday when I came home after work?” Dad yelled.
“Kohl, hush! I went to the store. There was a queue,” my mother said quietly.
“Queue? There was no queue! And you did not buy that ring yourself! You’ve got someone on the side! Confess! You’re cheating on me!”
“What do you mean? Why would you say that? Go to sleep Kohl!”
“I asked you a question! Answer me! You’ve got a boyfriend, haven’t you?”
“No I don’t have anyone,” said my mother and she burst into tears. I heard her sniffling and blowing her nose.
“Don’t start crying! Tears won’t help you now!”
“I don’t have anyone! I just love you, Kohl. Only you!”
“You’re lying!” Dad cried.
I heard a loud crash and my mother screamed. I was very scared but I ran downstairs. My mother was lying on the kitchen floor. Her face was all red. Dad was standing over her.
“Mom, Mom, what’s wrong?” I cried as I ran up to her.
“Nothing Mischa,” she said, getting to her feet. “I’m alright. Go back to your room.”
I wanted to say something more, but my father interrupted me. He grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and lifted me off my feet.
“What’s the matter, you don’t hear so good?” he shouted. “Or maybe you don’t speak the language? Get out of here!”
“Mischa, do as your father says. Go back upstairs. Everything will be fine.”
I burst into tears and ran back to my room. I buried my face in the pillow and wept. I was really scared. I could still hear my father yelling at my mother. I heard thumps and the sound of my mother crying . I cried too, along with her. Dad called my mother bad names. I heard these words before. I knew they were words you are not supposed to say.
Dad yelled, “Admit it!” and mom just said, “No! No one!”
There was a scuffle and sounds of a struggle. Then it was silent. The silence scared me. I couldn’t hear my mother anymore. I even held my breath so I could hear better, but I couldn’t hear anything. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, dreading what I might see.
In the kitchen, my mother lay on the floor. Her eyes were closed and she was deathly still. My dad just stood there. He looked like he was in a daze. I ran over and knelt down next to my mother. I was kneeling in her blood.
“Mom, are you OK?” I cried. “Mom, wake up! Mom!”
My father was holding a knife in his hand. It was covered in blood.
“Dad… Dad, what’s wrong with mom?” I cried.
“She’s sleeping,” he replied softly. “She fell asleep… sleep… sleep…”
“Mom… wake up…” I buried my face in her neck and cried even more.
Dad looked down at the knife, then at my mother and me. Then suddenly he cried out, “What have I done? Oh my God! What have I done?”
He dropped the knife and it landed on the floor with a clatter.
“I love you, Mischa… I’m sorry…” he moaned. “I love your mother… I’m sorry… I love you both… Forgive me if you can…”
With that, my father opened the window and jumped out. Our apartment was on the 11th floor.
There was a long silence, then a thud followed by the screech of car brakes and the squeal of tires. Then it was deathly quiet. I held onto my mom’s body and cried.
Later they told me that if the fall didn’t kill my father, then the cars that ran him over certainly did. They said when they found me, I was still clutching my mother and I was covered in her blood. They had to pull me off her. I didn’t want to let go.
I’m Misha, I’m 7 years old and I’m an orphan…
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more true life very touching sad stories coming up!
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I’m still afraid during full moons. I’m afraid of what could happen on those nights when the moon is full.
Zach and I were friends. Our families were close. He had a great sense of humor and always made me laugh. In highschool, it seemed like we had every class together and he always had some smart remark to make whenever I walked into the classroom. I started to look forward to those comments, wondering “What’s he going to say about me today?”
Then, one day, when I was 18, he asked me out on a date. One part of me thought, “Why would I go on a date with you? You’re my friend!” and another part of me thought, “Absolutely!”
When Zach came to pick me up, I had butterflies in my stomach. He looked handsome. Zach always looked handsome. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Then, we took a scenic drive up the canyon. I felt that little twinge of excitement when you realize you have a crush on someone and they have a crush on you. While we were driving, I remember thinking, “Maybe I’ll get a kiss tonight.”
It was a stunningly beautiful night. We pulled into over to the side of the road and Zach said, “I’ve got a surprise for you.” Then he pulled out his photography equipment and told me he was going to teach me to use it. We were going to take pictures of the full moon.
We started walking down a path and I think it was about that time when a white truck pulled up. The man in the truck started walking towards us. He asked me, “Do you where this path goes?”
“I’m not sure,” I answered.
I turned my back and that’s when the man pulled out a gun and opened fire. He aimed at us and emptied every single bullet out of his gun.
I screamed… a loud, piercing shriek… and my ears started ringing. I don’t know where the first bullet hit me, but my body just fell down.
Then, it was silent. I remember thinking, “This is over now,” but then I realized the man was just reloading. There were three more shots and I could feel them rushing by my head.
Then he finally stopped. I didn’t dare move. All I could think was “Play dead play dead play dead.” I held my breath, kept my eyes open and stayed as still as I could.
I heard footsteps walking around us and the man leaned over me. I let my body go limp. He rolled me over. As far as he knew, I was just a corpse. He started going through my pockets, looking for money. His face was inches from mine and I could feel him breathing on me. I was terrified that I might blink.
Then, suddenly, he ran back up the mountain and I heard a car start up and drive away.
When I was sure he was gone, I yelled Zac’s name. It was so quiet. I yelled again. “Zac!” It was the worst silence I’ve ever heard in my whole life.
I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even stand, but I knew I had to get up to the road and find help. I started dragging myself up the mountainside. It felt like it was almost vertical. I could hear cars driving by. It felt like there was sweat pouring down my face, but when I touched it, I realized it was blood.
I don’t know how I did it, but eventually, I got to the top. I waved my hands at the first car that came along, but it just passed me by. Eventually, another car came along and the headlights illuminated me. I looked like something out of a horror movie. I flagged them down and they stopped for me. There was a young couple inside.
I was going in and out of consciousness. Eventually, the police arrived and a helicopter took me to the nearest hospital. As we took off, it was the first time I could relax and feel safe. I hoped and prayed that Zach was going to make it.
I was shot four times… in the back, in the side, in the thigh… and several bullets had grazed my head.
When they told me Zach had died of his injuries, I felt horrible. At that moment, I would have given anything to switch places with him.
I still think of Zach every day and I miss him dearly.
This happened in 1996. The girl’s name is Yvette Rodier and the boy’s name was Zach Snarr. The murderer’s name is Jorge Bienvenuto and he will spend the rest of his life in prison for his horrible crime.
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There was a guy in my high school who was very handsome. His name was Eric and all of the girls in school had a crush on him. There were two girls in particular who were head over heels in love with him. Their names were Katherine and Carol.
Katherine was very good-looking. She was one of the popular girls. She was a cheerleader, always wore makeup and dressed in sexy clothes.
Carol wasn’t very good-looking. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t ugly. She was just one of those plain, average-looking girls that nobody pays attention to.
Katherine and Carol were both competing for Eric’s attention, but really there was no contest. Katherine didn’t have to do much to attract Eric. Just one look at her blonde hair, her pretty face and her cute body and he was hooked.
Carol on the other hand, showered Eric with love and care, but she wasn’t a cheerleader. She wasn’t beautiful and she didn’t have a great body. She was plain and overweight. All she had was her personality and that wasn’t enough.
So, as everyone expected, Eric chose Katherine.
However, Carol never gave up. She wanted to prove something. Maybe she wanted to prove it to Eric or maybe she just wanted to prove it to herself. She wanted to prove that looks aren’t everything.
She studied hard, really hard. She became the top girl in the class. She started losing weight. All the guys who had once ignored her, started taking notice of her, but she never forgot Eric.
Every day, she put a red rose in Eric’s locker, always with the same words: “I care for you and I always will.”
As time went on, Eric began to realize what a stupid mistake he had made. He heard rumors that his beloved girlfriend Katherine had been cheating on him behind his back. He couldn’t believe how dumb he had been. He regretted choosing the wrong girl
Soon, Katherine found a guy with more money and broke it off with Eric. He felt so cheated, so stupid, so dumb, so used. He went to Carol’s house and knocked on her door. When she opened it, he got down on his knees.
“Carol, please forgive me,” he said. “I was stupid and shallow. Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
Much to everyone’s surprise, Carol rejected him.
“I don’t want to be your girlfriend,” she said. “I just want to be your friend. You’ve already suffered a great loss and, so I don’t want you to face another one…”
Eric was disappointed. He didn’t understand what she meant.
In spite of that, they became good friends. Carol and Eric started hanging out all the time. They did everything together.
Eric began to change into someone better because Carol showered him with the kind of love he had never experienced before. His ex-girlfriends had never treated him that way. They just wanted him for his looks, but Carol accepted him for himself. She changed him.
Carol continued putting a red rose into his locker every day, always with the same words: “I care for you and I always will.”
One day, Carol didn’t show up for school. She didn’t come in for a week. Eric thought that she was on vacation with her family. But one day, he received a call from the local hospital saying that Carol was about to die. He was shocked and horrified.
It turned out she had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. That was the reason for her dramatic weight-loss. Carol had known she was sick for a long time, but she hadn’t told Eric because she didn’t want him to worry about her.
But now that she was at death’s door, teetering on the edge of forever, all she wanted was to see Eric one last time.
Eric rushed to the hospital and when he saw how frail and weak Carol looked, he couldn’t hold his feelings in. Tears began flowing down his cheeks.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” he whispered. “Why did you hide this from me for so long?”
She opened her eyes and looked up at him. Then she smiled weakly and said, “I told you I didn’t want you to suffer another loss. I wanted our last days together to be cheerful and happy.”
Eric was overcome by emotion.
“You can’t leave me!” he cried. “What will I be without you?”
“You’ll be exactly who you are now,” she replied. “I will always be there by your side. Cherish the time we spent together. Live life happily. And one more thing…”
“Yes?” he said.
With her last breath, she whispered, “Never forget that I loved you.”
And with that, she closed her eyes and died.
Eric fell to his knees and screamed. He couldn’t accept Carol’s death. They had only spent a month together, but in one month, Carol had changed him. She had changed his life in a way that no one could ever explain.
He had so many regrets. All he could think of was how much time he had wasted. How much time he could have spent with her.
The next day, when Eric opened his locker, he found a red rose lying there with the words: “I care for you and I always will.”
Sometimes we don’t appreciate the people who truly care for us until we lose them. Then, after they’re gone, all we are left with is our regrets.
In the end, outer beauty doesn’t really matter. It’s inner beauty that counts. Life is short and it’s better to spend your precious time with the right person, rather than waste it on someone who just looks like the right person.
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Her name was Betty and she was 17 years old. Her parents were very strict and religious. Her father wouldn’t let her go to the movies or go out on dates with boys.
At school, she was out of control. It seemed like she was always looking for attention. She dressed in black from head to toe and always tried to act weird of crazy. Everyone thought she was an oddball and nobody wanted to hang around with her. She had lots of boyfriends and started to get a bad reputation.
One of her boyfriends was named Mack. He was on the football team. He was tall and good-looking and very popular in school. Everyone liked him.
When Mack dumped her, Betty was crushed. She said that, without him, life wasn’t worth living. She told her friends that he had torn her heart to pieces and if she couldn’t be with Mack, she would rather be dead.
One evening, she forced Mack to drive her home from school. She told him she was miserable and she wanted to die. He thought it was a joke at first, but then he realized she was serious. She must have been out of her mind.
She told him that if he loved her, he would do it. He tried to ignore her, but she wouldn’t leave him alone. Every day, she worked on him, pressuring and begging and nagging until, finally, he gave in and agreed to do it.
Betty gave him a shotgun and Mack bought some shotgun shells at a store. That night, they drove out to a pond. On the way, she was cheerful and chatted about how happy she was going to be when she was dead.
They parked on the side of the road and walked down to the pond. Then, they just stood there in the darkness.
“Give me a kiss to remember you by,” Mack whispered.
Betty kissed him on the lips.
“Thank you, Mack,” she said. “I will always remember you.”
Then, she knelt down on the ground at his feet. He put the shotgun to her head. She grasped the barrel.
“Now!” said Betty.
Mack pulled the trigger and blew her head off.
He weighed her body down and pushed it into the lake. Then he drove home and went to bed.
The next morning, Betty’s parents reported her missing and the police began a search for her. They questioned all of the kids in school. When they brought Mack in and interrogated him, he tried to tell them a bunch of lies, but they were too smart for him. They knew he had something to do with it. Finally, he broke down and told the police everything. He even led them down to the lake and showed them where Betty’s body was.
Nobody in town could believe that Mack could have committed such a horrible crime. At school, none of us knew what to think. Of course, there was a trial and then another trial. Mack’s parents hired a fancy lawyer and he produced a letter that Betty had written. It said that she had begged Mack to kill her and he shouldn’t be held responsible.
To everyone’s shock and disbelief, Mack was acquitted of murder and the police had to let him go. It completely divided the town. Some people supported Mack and others thought he was a cold-blooded murderer.
Today, they say the ghost of Betty haunts the high school auditorium. Some people claim to have seen her pacing the balcony or heard her footsteps close behind them, only to turn around and find no one there.
Teenagers park across the street from the High School and wait to see the ghost they called Betty. According to legend, if you flash your headlights three times and honk your horn and call out Betty’s name at exactly midnight, she will appear at the windows of the school auditorium.
The scariest thing about this story is that it’s true. It happened in Odessa, Texas in 1960. The girl’s name was Betty Williams. The boy’s name was Mack Herring.
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Late one evening, a married couple were driving down a dark country road, which served as a shortcut across a mountain. The narrow road curved dangerously and the thick fog that covered the valley made the journey a bit treacherous.
Suddenly, they saw a woman stumble out into the middle of the road. The husband slammed on the brakes and came to a stop right in front of her. The woman’s clothes were bloody and she was waving frantically. The couple got out of the car to see what was wrong with her.
The bleeding woman explained that she had been in an accident. Her car had skidded off the road and rolled down the cliff. She told them that her child was still stuck inside the wreck and begged them to help.
Despite the heavy fog, the husband scaled the steep cliff and made his way to the bottom, guided by the cries of the child. There was an adult slumped over the steering wheel, but the man could see the person was beyond help. Using all his strength, he forced the boot open, then reached in and rescued the baby. Holding the child against his shoulder, he climbed back up the hill with great difficulty.
He reached the top, eager to reunite the mother and child, but he realized that the woman was nowhere to be seen. When he asked where the woman had gone, his wife told him that she had followed him down to the scene of the crash.
Leaving the crying child with his wife, the man made his way back down the steep incline. He checked the front seat and found the dead person still slumped over the steering wheel. When he moved the dead body to look at the face, he was shocked to discover that it was the woman who had flagged them down.
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I woke up early in the morning about 3 a.m. Something just didn’t seem right in the house. I lay there awake for a while and then decided to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
It had been raining the night before and I could see outside through our sliding glass door that looks out onto the back lawn that it was a little misty or even foggy out. I filled a glass of water from the tap and then sat down at the kitchen table. I was looking outside at the lawn through the sliding glass doors. I could see our big sycamore trees next to the fence and just beyond them, the landscape was barely visible through the fog. That’s when I saw it. That’s when I saw the ghost.
The sycamore trees seemed to be moving. Their branches were twisting and they seemed to be forming an image. I wasn’t sure, but it looked like a human face. It was so white that it seemed to glow. It was kind of billowing, too, like seeing a person who was swimming underwater. You can see them, but you can’t really make out the edges. The eyes seemed to be staring straight at me and I could feel the anger in them.
It floated there for a moment or two and then I guess it must have sensed that I was looking at it because it turned a little toward me and then… and then… it just dissolved. The sycamore trees began moving again and branches went back totheir original positions.
I stood there for what seemed like an hour, just waiting for it to come back. I didn’t even realize that I had been standing.
The next morning I was telling my mother about it and she got a strange look on her face. I could tell that the story had got her scared. She said “I never told you this before, because I didn’t want to worry you, but years ago, before you were born, before your father and I got married… I had a sister.”
“My sister and I were both in love with the same man. Your father. We argued all the time and fought over him. It was terrible. And finally, when your father proposed to me, my sister couldn’t take it. She went insane.”
“We found her the next day. Out by the sycamore trees. She had taken her own life. She had taken an axe and chopped off her own legs. She bled to death out there in the garden. Under the sycamore trees.”
“A few days later, we received a letter in the mail. It was addressed to your father…”
My mother broke off. Her voice was hoarse and there were tears in her eyes. I was almost speechless as well. She opened one of the kitchen drawers and took out a small envelope.
“It was from my sister”, she whispered.
My mother handed me the envelope and when I opened it, a small piece of paper fluttered out. It contained a poem, in a handwriting that was disturbed and scrawled. It read:
“I remember when
You took me for a walk
under the sycamore trees
The dark trees that blow
In the breeze
And I’ll always see you
And you’ll always see me
In the branches that blow
In the breeze
I’ll see you in the trees.
I’ll watch you from the trees.”
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There was an 18 year old boy named Mike who was at the end of his rope. He had had enough of life. The boy had suffered from depression and anxiety for years. As time went by, his hopelessness only grew worse until, one day, he decided that he wanted to end it all. He had been thinking about it for a while and came up with a plan.
He arranged to go on a camping trip with his girlfriend, Sarah. They would go to the campground where they had first met. He invited his younger brother, Max along on the trip as well.
“There,” he thought. “That’s where I’ll do it.”
After driving up to the woods with his girlfriend and his brother, they pitched a tent and built a campfire. It was growing dark and Mike decided that it was time to go through with it.
“I’m really tired, guys,” he said casually. “I think I’ll go to sleep early.”
“Are you sure?” asked Max. “You don’t look so good. Is there something wrong, bro?”
“You’re not getting sick, are you?” asked Sarah.
“No, I’m fine,” said Mike. “Don’t worry about me. I’m just tired from the drive up.”
With that, he said goodnight and went into the tent, zipping up the flap behind him. Away from his girlfriend and his brother, the boy let his true emotions show. He sat down, held his head in his hands and began to weep. He took out the razor blades he had brought with him out of his pocket and held them to his wrist.
“I guess this is it,” he mumbled to himself. “Goodbye cruel world. Goodbye Sarah. Goodbye Max.”
In one swift motion, he slit his wrists open and the blood began to flow. Then, just to make sure, he slit his throat and lay back, waiting to die. He could feel the life ebbing out of him as he slowly lost consciousness.
All of a sudden, he woke up and looked around. There was no sign of any blood. He looked down at his wrists, but there were no wounds. He felt his throat, but it was untouched. There wasn’t a mark on him. Confused and angry, Mike couldn’t understand what was going on.
He got to his feet and stumbled out of the tent, calling out to his girlfriend and his brother. There was no answer. The campfire was smouldering nearby. As he got closer to the fire, he noticed two figures stretched out on the ground. To his horror, he realized that it was Max and Sarah. They were both lying dead in a pool of blood. Max had a deep slit across his throat and Sarah had horrific gashes in her wrists.
Mike looked down at the ground and noticed a message carved in the dirt. It read: “When you hurt yourself, you always hurt the ones you love.”
Mike fell to his knees and screamed and screamed and screamed…
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A girl named Britney was head over heels in love with a boy named Mark. She loved him with all her heart and he loved her back. However, because they had met over the internet, they had never actually seen each other in person.
The problem was, Britney was only 15 and Mark was 21. There was a 6-year age gap and Britney’s parents thought he was too old for her.
Mark had the freedom to go and see her whenever he wanted, but Britney’s parents were very strict and they would not allow it. Even if it was only for a few seconds.
They kept trying to find ways to see each other but it seemed like everything kept getting in the way.
Eventually, on New Year’s Eve, Mark dropped by Britney’s house to get his lucky New Year’s kiss. Britney didn’t want to turn this down. She couldn’t take this anymore. She had to see him… and it had to be that night.
That night, she snuck out into her yard. A tall, slender figure was waiting at her gate. She smiled at him, but it was so dark that she couldn’t tell whether or not he was smiling back. She walked up to him and he stepped into the light and took her by the hand.
They both smiled and before they knew it, they were sharing the most romantic New Year’s kiss. Even people who were walking by had to stop and stare at the lovebirds.
A month passed and during that month, Britney and Mark saw quite a bit of each other.
Every morning, Mark would send her a text: “Good morning, Beautiful.”
and every night, before she went to bed, he would send her another text: “Goodnight, Baby.”
Sometimes, when she woke up in the morning, she would look out her window and Mark would be standing there, waving at her.
But one morning, she didn’t receive a text. By lunchtime, when she still hadn’t heard from him, she started to get worried.
She sent him a text: “Hey!” but there was no answer.
Two hours later, she sent him another text: “Hey, how are things?” but there was still no answer.
The next day, Britney went for a walk with her best friend. She needed to clear her head and there were some things she wanted to get off her chest. She couldn’t understand why Mark wouldn’t answer her texts.
Just down the street from her house, she saw Mark riding on his skateboard.
She ran up to him and asked, “Is everything alright? Why haven’t you been texting me?”
Mark just looked at her and laughed. Then he skated away.
Britney’s face turned red with embarrassment. She tried to hold back the tears, but it was no use. She couldn’t help it. They were already streaming down her cheeks. Trying to hide her shame, Britney turned and ran home. As she passed her best friend, she yelled, “I’m sorry. I’ll see you tomorrow!”
That night, she sat in her room listening to songs that reminded her of Mark. She tried to keep her cool, but every once in a while, she would just burst into tears.
“it’s probably not that big of a deal,” she tried to tell herself.
The next morning, when Britney woke up, she looked out her window. Instead of seeing Mark’s warm, loving smile, she saw something that she never wanted or expected to see.
Mark… Yes, her Mark… was making out with her best friend.
When Britney saw them, she didn’t scream. She didn’t shout. She didn’t make a sound. She just turned and went downstairs to the kitchen.
As she opened one of the kitchen drawers, her mother asked, “What do you need, Honey? I’ll get it for you.”
Britney didn’t answer.
A few seconds later, she collapsed on the floor with a knife sticking out of her chest. She had plunged it straight through her heart.
As a pool of blood spread out around her, Britney’s mother called 911. The paramedics came and took her away while her mother sat in the corner, cradling her head in her hands and weeping uncontrollably.
The police searched Britney’s room and found a note. It read:
“To whoever finds this, I know it looked like I had everything… a loving family, a nice house to live in, a good education… but my reason for living simply stepped out of my life. You see, my love was my heart and my boyfriend was the knife. Mark stabbed me in the heart. He destroyed my love and left me just an empty shell. My best friend stabbed me in the back. That’s just the way it ends. When you have my funeral, I hope she shows up. I hope he reads this note. I want him to know what he did to me. I ask nothing more than that. I will miss you all. Love, Britney.”
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My grandfather was a chronic gambler. He never did an honest day’s work in his life. Instead, he traveled all across the country, roving from one gambling den to another. Sometimes he won, sometimes he just broke even, but most of the time he lost.
Of course the family was very poor and never had enough to eat. My grandmother worked in the fields and barely earned enough to keep her children alive.
My grandfather was a violent and brutal man and he had bad reputation. Those who knew him called him “The Snake” because he couldn’t be trusted. Perhaps it was due to his nickname that he decided to get a tattoo of a large serpent on his back.
Gambling was my grandfather’s entire life and he had little time for his family. The only time his children ever saw him was when he came home now and then between gambling sessions. Whenever my father and his sister saw him coming down the road that led to their house, they would rush out to greet him.
If he had been on a big winning streak, he would come back dressed in fine clothes and carrying a huge bag on his back. It would be stuffed with presents for his family. There was food, new clothes and sometimes even toys for the kids. After they had opened their presents, he would show them the wads of cash neatly stacked in the bottom of the bag.
However, more often than not, he would return having lost all his money. On those occasions, he staggered down the road in ragged clothing, looking like a pitiful zombie and smelling like a homeless person.
Whenever he returned after a losing streak, he would be incredibly depressed and angry. He always got drunk and would often beat my grandmother in front of her children. The family lived in fear of him.
In a drunken stupor, he would hurl abuse at his wife and kids. Many times, he told my father and his sister that he wished they had never been born. As time went on, his behavior grew worse and they began to hate him more and more.
One dark Winter’s night, as the snow was falling outside, my grandfather got into a dispute with some other gamblers. They accused him of cheating and a fight broke out. My grandfather pulled out a knife and the other men drew their swords.
It was three against one and even though my grandfather was a strong and hardy man, he didn’t stand a chance. he managed to wound two of them, but the third took him by surprise and slashed him right across the middle with his sword, slicing my grandfather in two.
As my grandfather lay there in the snow, his life slowly ebbing away, they say he started laughing. The other gamblers couldn’t believe it.
“Even though we cut him to shreds, the man is still laughing,” they exclaimed.
They stood there watching as he breathed his last, his crimson blood seeping out into the crisp white snow.
The following Spring, my grandmother died of an illness she had contracted and my father and his sister were orphaned. They were sent to work in different places.
My father was sent to work for a rich family who lived in a mansion. Their son was insane. He had been driven mad from too much studying and they kept him locked up in the attic. It was my father’s job to feed him.
The crazy son was afraid of his parents. If he left any food on his plate, his mother and father would come upstairs to yell at him. So, he always forced my father to eat his leftovers.
The crazy son drooled all over his food and my father had to eat leftovers that were covered in spit and snot. It was disgusting, but if my father ever refused, the crazy son would threaten him with a hammer.
One day, the crazy son got sick and threw up everything he had eaten. There was a steaming puddle of vomit on the attic floor. He was terrified that his parents would come up and yell at him, so he ordered my father to eat the vomit. Of course, my father refused
The crazy son suddenly flew into a rage, leaped on top of him and began beating him with his fists. My father tried to escape, but the madman was holding him down and he couldn’t break free. Just then, my father spotted the hammer lying on the ground. He saw his opportunity and took it.
Minutes later, he had beaten the crazy son to death with the hammer.
Afterwards, when the mother and father came upstairs and found their son dead, they didn’t question him at all. The incident was hushed up and my father was asked to leave. He figured that their insane son was such an embarrassment that they were probably glad to be rid of him.
So, he went to visit his sister who worked at a factory, but by the time he got there, it was too late. They made her work so hard that she had contracted pneumonia and died. She had always been sickly and the stress on her body had been too much for her.
After losing his only sister, my father became a vagabond and a thief. He gambled away every penny he stole. On his back, he got a tattoo of a large vampire bat.
Before long, he realized he was following in the footsteps of my grandfather. He knew that if he continued on the same path, he would wind up dead, just like his father before him.
So, he moved to a new country to seek his fortune and make something of himself. There, he found work on a pig farm. It wasn’t well-paid, but it was an honest job. He met a young girl and eventually they got married and had a baby.
When war broke out, he was forced to join the military and fight for a country that was not his own. He killed so many people in that nightmarish war, he couldn’t keep count. After a while, he started to think that the more enemy soldiers he killed, the sooner the war would be over and he could return to his wife and child.
When the war finally did come to an end, he returned home to find that his baby had been killed in a bombing raid and his wife had gone out of her mind. He was forced to leave her to her fate and flee the country.
Whenever my father talked about this period of his life, he always said the same thing… “This world is hell”.
Eventually, his travels brought him back to the town where he was born. There, he met my mother and they got married. Before long, they had two children, my elder brother and I.
When I was a child, I remember how my father would sit at the kitchen table, drinking himself into a stupor every night. He always had a vicious scowl on his face. He had had a very hard life.
My father hated my guts. Every time he drank, he got violent. He often beat me until I was black and blue all over. Sometimes I feared he would kill me.
One day, my mother told me to go to the slaughterhouse and bring my father his lunch. When I got there, I found him killing pigs in the yard, under the blazing sun. He was naked from the waist up and was beating the pigs to death with a baseball bat. It was a horrific scene.
The pigs squealed and grunted as they were killed. In horror, I watched my father at his work and I saw his vampire bat tattoo. Its eyes glowed red as it danced back and forth on his sweaty back. His face and torso were smeared red with blood and he looked like something from the depths of hell.
One dark Winter’s night, as the snow was falling outside, my father had not returned from work. My mother sent me out to search for him. I found him floating face-down in the river. His bloated body lay in the icy waters among the garbage and the corpses of dead animals. He looked just like one of the fat pigs he had killed in the slaugherhouse.
My older brother was another alcoholic. He used to sit at the kitchen table, drinking himself into a stupor, just as my father had before him. He grew into a violent and sadistic brute. Whenever he drank, he would pick fights with whoever was unfortunate enough to cross his path.
He got a tattoo on his back also. It was an enormous dragon.
He showed nobody any mercy and would always beat people until they were unconscious. Everybody in town was afraid of him and he made himself a lot of enemies. Night after night, the violence within him grew and he fought like a madman.
On one occasion, I was with him at a local bar when a fight broke out. When I saw my brother beating one man senseless with his bare fists, he reminded me of my father. It disgusted me.
One dark, Winter’s night, as the snow was falling outside, he was found beside the river, lying in the snow. One of his enemies had finally caught up with him and had almost beaten him to death.
His skull was cracked open and he was lying in a pool of blood, just like our grandfather all those years before. He was lingering between life and death, his crimson blood seeping out into the crisp white snow.
An ambulance rushed him to hospital where a team of doctors operated and managed to save his life. They had to saw open his skull and perform emergency surgery on his brain.
When I went to see him in hospital, he was almost unrecognizable. His head was bandaged, his face was grotesquely swollen and distorted and there were tubes going up his nose. He was a complete mess.
The doctors said he was paralyzed from the neck down and had serious brain damage. He would never be able to live a normal life and would require constant care. He would spend the rest of his days in a hospital or a state mental asylum.
As I sat at his bedside, staring at his sleeping form, I started to remember how he had been when we were children. When our father had beaten me, my brother would always come and try to save me. He tried to protect me and our father often wound up beating him instead of me. I was too weak. All I could do was watch him being beaten.
My brother was so kind to me as a child. Even when the neighborhood bullies attacked me, he would jump in and try to save me. He always seemed to get beaten up instead of me. I wondered why he had changed so much. I asked myself what had happened to turn him into the monster he had become? What changed a kind and caring child into a violent and abusive brute?
Just then, my brother stirred and woke from his coma. His eyes fluttered open and he turned to me. His eyes were vacant. I could tell he didn’t recognize me.
“Where am I?” he asked weakly. “Is this hell?”
Tears streamed down my face. I reached out and patted his hand softly.
“Yes,” I replied. “This is hell…”
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 10:50am On Oct 23, 2020
In Mexico, there is a legend that, years ago, in the early 1800s, there lived a beautiful young woman named Tita Gomez. She fell in love with a handsome young man and, after they got married, they settled down together in a small house near the Sierra Madre mountains.
For a few years, they lived a happy and carefree life. Soon, Tita became pregnant. Not long after that, the Mexican War of Independence broke out and Tita’s husband was called up to fight against the Spanish. As he was leaving, he kissed his wife goodbye and promised he would return when the war was over.
Soon afterwards, Tita Gomez gave birth to a baby boy. She eagerly awaited the arrival of her husband, but the war seemed to drag on and on. Years passed and, by the time the war ended, Tita’s son was almost eleven years old. Everyone said he bore a striking resemblance to his father. Tita raised her son as best she could, but they were often short of money.
Her beloved husband had still not returned and Tita Gomez spent many evenings crying uncontrollably. As time went on, she fell into despair. They had virtually no money and their situation was becoming critical. She was often forced to starve herself so that her son would have food to eat.
Gradually, under the stress of poverty and lonliness, Tita began to lose her mind. She was still waiting for her husband to return and would not accept that he was probably dead. Her imagination began to run rampant and she became paranoid. The poor woman was sure that her husband had abandoned her and gone off with other women. It was the only way she could explain his absence.
Tita started to imagine that she saw her husband walking down the street or looking in their window at night. As she slowly descended into madness, her hatred for her husband grew more and more bitter.
One day, her son came home from school and called out, “Hi, I’ve returned at last!”
Tita came running out of her bedroom, her eyes full of bitterness and hatred.
Her son looked at her, confused. “Why are you staring at me like that?” he asked.
Tita didn’t answer. All she did was stare at him with tears in her eyes.
Eventually, she screamed, “Why have you done this to me? I have remained here every day of every year, desperately awaiting your return! Now that your women have left, you have decided to come back to me? I won’t take your unfaithfulness anymore! Die! Die! Die!”
Tita was overcome by madness. Before her son had a chance to react, she pulled out a large kitchen knife and thrust it right through his belly. She screamed with anger and stabbed him again and again. The walls of the small house were streaked with blood by the time her fury abated.
With the last of his strength, the boy screamed, “You’re czazy Mom! Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you? I love you!”
When she came to her senses, Tita saw the lifeless body of her son on the ground and dropped to her knees.
“Madre de Dios!” she cried in despair. “You’re not my husband! You are my son!”
Wracked with guilt, Tita Gomez decided to hide her horrible crime and bury her son behind the house. However, a neighbor saw her leaving with her hands and face covered in blood and a large bundle clasped tightly in her arms. In her madness, Tita laid her son’s bloody body on the ground and began digging a grave in full view of her neighbor.
Raising the alarm, the neighbor ran through the village shouting, “Tita Gomez is a killer! She murdered her own son to save herself some money!”
A crowd gathered and began shouting at the crazed mother.
“I am innocent!” Tita screamed. “He deserved it! He cheated on me!”
The crowd began to chant “Murderer! Murderer!” Then, they picked up rocks and began throwing them at Tita, stoning her. Tita cried out in pain and collapsed to the ground.
“I am innocent!” she screamed. “I am innocent!”
Soon, her dying screams ceased and she lay dead, in a pool of blood. An eerie silence that came over the crowd and some of the men took Tita’s broken body up to the top of the mountain. There, they dug a deep pit, threw her in and covered the grave with a huge rock. Her beloved son was given a lavish funeral and his body was laid to rest in a nice tomb in the village cemetery.
They say that, since that day, the ghost of Tita Gomez has been unable to rest in peace. Even today, many years after that horrible event, it is said that she wanders down from the mountains and walks through the cemetery crying and screaming and lamenting her dead son.
Her grave is at the top of the Sierra Madre mountains, next to a small ravine. They say that if you go there, you must take a stone and
throw it into the grave, because if you don’t, when you pass by the grave, her ghost will emerge and stone you to death.

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Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 10:42am On Oct 23, 2020
a sad-faced woman shows up at a shop several nights in a row to buy a small piece of candy. The shopkeeper eventually follows her to a cemetery, where she vanishes over a recent grave. He digs it up and finds the mother dead, but the child is still alive and surrounded by candy wrappers; either the woman died while she was pregnant and gave birth in the coffin, or they were both ill and when the mother died the baby was thought to be dead too and was buried with her.
Romance / Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 10:41am On Oct 23, 2020
One evening, the shopkeeper was about to close up for the night when he realized there was still one customer left in his store. It was a pale and thin young woman in a filthy dress. She was standing silently in the corner, and seemed to be waiting for him to notice her.
The shopkeeper asked the young woman what he could do for her. She would not look him in the eye and, without a word, stepped forward to the counter. She extended her arm and pointed at the refrigerator behind the counter where the storekeeper kept his milk bottles.
The storekeeper picked up a bottle of milk and set it upon the counter. The girl pointed again to the refrigerator, so he removed a second bottle of milk and set it on the counter as well.
Suddenly, the shopkeeper heard something fall off a shelf behind him. When he turned back around, he was shocked to see the young woman had disappeared, along with the two bottles of milk. He checked the door of his shop and found it was still locked. Then he searched around the store, but there was no sign of the mysterious woman.
The next day, just at closing time, the young woman in the filthy dress appeared again, almost out of nowhere. One moment the store was empty and the next moment she was standing at the counter pointing at the refrigerator. This time two empty milk bottles sat on the counter.
The storekeeper looked into her hollow eyes and saw streaks and stains from many tears making paths in the dirt on her face. He was a compassionate and generous man and he knew that this young woman was in need of help. So he took two new bottles of milk and set them on the counter for her. Then he turned his back to allow the poor young woman an opportunity to leave without having to pay. He never heard the door open or close, but when he turned around again, she was gone.
On the third day the storekeeper was determined to find out who this woman was and what her circumstances might be. It was possible he could give her husband a small job sweeping out the store or stocking the shelves. H
Again, just before closing time, the young woman appeared out of nowhere and stood pointing at the refrigerator. The storekeeper put two more bottles of milk on the counter and tried to ask the woman some questions. Just as he was about to speak, the cash register drawer flew open and fell to the floor. When the storekeeper looked up again, the woman had gone.
This time he was determined to find out more about her, so he locked up the store and took off down the road leading out of town. He caught a glimpse of her up ahead as she turned off the road and walked down an old overgrown path. He followed her, creeping through the woods until the path led him to the town cemetery. The cemetery gate stood open and he heard a strange sound coming from inside. He followed the sound deeper and deeper into the cemetery until he reached the newest graves.
Now he could hear the sound clearly. It was the distinct sound of a baby crying. What terrified him was that it was coming from beneath him. Standing over a fresh grave with no headstone to mark it, he could plainly hear the cries of a baby growing louder and louder.
Grabbing a nearby shovel he began to excavate the shallow grave and soon reached a wooden coffin. Falling to his knees and scraping the dirt aside, he tore open the coffin’s lid.
There before him lay the dead body of a young woman. The same young woman in the torn and filthy dress who had visited his store three times. Her skin was grey and her eyes were just hollow sockets, and in her arms was a cold and hungry baby, still alive and crying. And in the coffin, beside the baby, stood two empty milk bottles.

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