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Family / Re: Why Are Young Men In Nigeria So Desperate About Marriage by OldBeer: 8:08am On Nov 13, 2021
I don't know if it's just me or the circle I am around but a lot of young Nigerian men are very desperate about being in a relationship or getting married. These are guys in the 24 to 29 age range. Most unemployed or earning very low salaries 30 to 50k.

They believe that marriage will chang their fate and make them really wealthy. It's quite understandable if women are crazy about marriage as they have a biological clock but a man can literally father kids at 90 if he wants to so what's the rush?
Your posts on nairaland explains a whole lot.
I really love reading your posts when I come across them as it gives me an opportunity to see the stages of desperation in a man's life.

A casual observer can see that you are gradually unraveling and crying out for help.
I'm sure there are times you wake up suddenly at night, with a clenched stomach, knowing that life is passing you by.
There are also times you stay up all night, thinking, browsing, researching, wishing, praying, and thinking some more.
You are at the stage where you feel the need to be farther than but unfortunately, you are stuck.

Worse thing, no help in sight.
All those who have promised to help have disappointed you. Deep down, you wish, maybe, just maybe someone will see your numerous threads on nairaland and help you. You've camped permanently on the travel section for some years and still, nothing.

You are desperate because you know time is running out. Your birthday angers you because you know what it signifies. In your current desperation, you are willing to give anything. But are you willing to do anything? That remains to be seen as every human has a price.

It's really interesting to see the way Nigeria can break people down, most especially those that hate her. And you know what?

It's a beautiful thing to see. Hopefully, you get your chance but I highly doubt it as any observant person can smell the desperation from a mile away.
In the meantime, thank you for the schadenfreude and cheers to many more posts by you.

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Politics / Re: Antony J. Blinken To Visit Nigeria This Month by OldBeer: 4:16pm On Nov 12, 2021
Evil bastard must be kidnapped and assassinated for enforcing global capitalism with brutal evil US. military. May all US. bases around the world be engulf with fire from ICBM. Evil American empire must be destroyed
I read that your legendary thread in 2017 but I never believed you. Not until I discovered the antiwork subreddit. I saw Americans living from hand to mouth and even calling their country a shithole. Some were even asking for Europe to colonize them. These guys are graduates but still working till 80years just to afford basic necessities. Most of them have three to four jobs. And these are white people o! Which means black people's case is worse.
Mehn thank you for all you do. I know your work is unappreciated here but my eyes are now opened.

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Events / Re: Nairaland Get Together Party 2021 (Opinions Needed) by OldBeer: 10:27am On Oct 30, 2021
After una don drive all the female members on nairaland away?

Which normal girl would want to attend a party with this present crop of male members that call them demeaning names

Anyway, you guys can party and continue discussing how much you hate women. So enjoy your sausage fest grin
Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by OldBeer: 9:03pm On Oct 29, 2021
Tiwa savage had sex with a young man, released the recorded version ,claiming otherwise.
She was given 2 options, but opted for the sex tape. Don't be deceived by social media , what you see isn't real. There are so much lies on social media, but God can't be mocked.

If you've not watched it , please don't do, cos it's a weapon of the devil to implant lust in the hearts of men and bring back the spirit spouses that left you, if you previously had one.

I heard this in my spirit long ago when the media began to buzz with news of the sex tape, but felt it wasn't necessary to bring here , cos I felt it was just a message for me. However someone from nairaland sent me a message today that made me quickly log in to say this.

Don't allow your curiosity lead you to watch things that would damage your thought life and bring back spirits that left your life previously.

God bless
I knew that sextape was a humiliation ritual for her to ascend to the next level. Thank God I did not watch it.


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by OldBeer: 9:06pm On Oct 28, 2021
Kai I don laugh tire for this thread.

I never knew pinkygul was rain of that year. I still remember how she and gbegiri tag-teamed Tatiana.

Now lookat grin grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie's Tough Childhood Experience With His Father, Pete by OldBeer: 6:51pm On Oct 27, 2021
See Pete Edochie full hairline at his age.
While his sons are all bald.
Their papa no remain anything for them grin


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by OldBeer: 6:18pm On Oct 27, 2021

The only living thing following you are flies due to the stench emanating from ya decomposing kpekus.. grin cheesy
grin grin grin grin Gbegirisoup please na! grin

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by OldBeer: 4:21pm On Aug 18, 2021
Facebook and Google are in Nigeria. There are 51 other countries in Africa, let them spread wide.

How many were Patricia employing before they moved? What did they do in the country apart from sponsoring Big Brother? Where are their structures unlike an MTN that will leave today and everyone will feel it?

Since it's now easy to make apps, everyone sits in their bedroom, construct one, and start collecting money. No due process, nothing. When the bubble bursts, it is still this same people that will curse government. See the case of "agritech".
Nigeria needs people willing to enter the field and build something with foundation, just like Ultron12345 has been shouting. When you finish doing that, come back and build as many apps as you like.
Nowadays what we have are apps with almost nothing backing it.
Most people don't even know the address or pedigree of the people behind the apps. As long as they can cross leg and collect money, everything is okay.

CBN does not oversee security in Nigeria. The relevant body are trying their best or we would have turned into Afghanistan. They oversee the financial sector and have done what they feel is best.

Ultron's post has never applied more than in this clime.


1000 cows is even small.

There's a dairy company called Almarai in Saudi Arabia. They milk over 22 litres per day each cow, and they have 94,000 cows. They produce 1 billion litres of milk annually. They process this milk into different products. They have 38,000 staff, do $3.9B in revenue annually, with market cap of $13.1B (that is packaged Fulani herdsmen company = dangote cement x 2, or dangote cement + MTN Nigeria)

They do their dairy farming in the Saudi desert. They imported management from Ireland. Imported all their cows (modified breeds). They even had to put AC (air conditioning) in all the farm sheds for all the cattle to protect them from the harsh desert heat which can sometimes reach as high as 45C. Since they can't grow grass to feed the cattle, they bought land in Argentina and the US, grow the grass there then import them to Saudi Arabia to feed the cattle.

All this struggle and stress yet they are able to produce products that in terms of price are competitive in the international market, hence they also export to other countries. If it's Nigerians, they'll come up with 1000 reasons why it can never work and blame the government. Nigerians will be waiting for Dangote or indians/lebanese/chinese. If Dangote does it finally, they'll say it's monopoly. If it's Lebanese or Indian, theyll say it's money laundering.

Fonterra, a dairy cooperative owned by 10,500 farmers in New Zealand makes $12B in revenues exporting milk and other dairy products. That's 30% of the world's dairy exports, from tiny New Zealand.

Chiquita is doing $3B in revenue growing ordinary bananas in South America and selling in US. Dole does $4.5B doing same along with ordinary water melon and pineapple.

Ecuador, Philippines, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala make $3.3B, $1.9, $1.6B, $1B and $1B annually from exporting ordinary banana. Ivory Coast and Cameroon get $340M and $250M from the same banana. Nigerians will be blaming government. Thank God banana is not an electricity intensive business. I wonder what excuse will be given for this. It's labour intensive and we have cheap labour, cheap land, conducive tropical climate and a weak currency, yet we can't do anything.

All these are the kind of things we need in this country, this is what will grow our economy, not coding another ride-hailing app or biscuit ordering app.

Even if we want to do tech, we should go for IT outsourcing like India, not to be coding apps that our people are too poor to use. Where we can use our massive university educated and cheap labour resources to provide labour intensive IT services to companies in the developed world. Instead of them playing Americans $60,000 per annum, they'll outsource to Nigerian companies at quarter that price. This is what TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro and many others do in India. These 4 companies employ 450000 (yes, not 4,500, not 45,000 but 450,000. Four hundred and fifty thousand employees), 242000, 125000, and 175000 people respectively and made $23B, $13B, $5B and $9B in revenues respectively. Over 95% of this revenue is "exports", meaning the money came in foreign currency. And they have over 20 of such companies in India, employing in hundreds of thousands. Imagine we had just one in Nigeria. But no, it's only hotel and filling station we can build. Ordinary call center, we could not do. We had to wait for an Indian company disguised as an "African Company" to come and get BPO contracts from our Telecom companies. That Indian company is employing thousands of Nigerians across several locations today. Only in Ibadan, they have over 2000 staff at their call center. All this while Nigerians blamed the government.

As we talk about making policies for ease of business, we should also ask, making these policies for who? Because it seems Nigerians are not ready to do anything apart from blaming the government.

So sorry to digress oo, back to your post.

I don't like the idea of CBN or government owning enterprises. They should just create policies and try to make things easier. In my opinion, the CBN is really trying, one can get low interest loans through the bank of agriculture and bank of industry. CBN is now the one doing the work of ministry of agriculture.

Even if they must own farms, they should have minority stake of 40% maximum, so that the private shareholders make the decisions. Before some stupid Nigerians enter government and kill the farm by using the management positions to reward their incompetent friends and relatives.


Business / Re: App Called Eversend Is A Scam!!! Be Warned by OldBeer: 12:22am On Jul 23, 2021
Na wa o.. Nigerians are getting more and more desperate by the day
It's a Ugandan app! undecided
Not everything scam is Nigerian abeg angry


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by OldBeer: 10:21pm On Feb 26, 2021
Ask all these people that are always so concerned about the poor what they have done for them. Whosai!

If you're are lucky, dey will tell you about the 5k or cup of rice they gave to Mama Wasiu last month. That act puts them in good stead to judge others...

The annoying thing is they always bring up this poor people argument when other people are discussing their own money plans...
Oya na oga, sell off everything you have and give to this poor people that you love so much. After all love no be for mouth. For where?

So after I don finish studying a system that has been in place even before my great-grandfather, one person will now wake up to make me feel guilty for benefiting from dat system.

#Dem no born you well.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by OldBeer: 6:04pm On Dec 01, 2020
Lol... Some people are really comparing Nigerians to Indians.

In terms of business prowess (I usually say that Nigeria is just India on a scale reduced by 6, but with a less effective private sector. In Nigeria, the people blame the government for everything, while in India, the people take the bull by the horn, and you wonder why they are so successful in Nigeria) and achievements as a people, they are far far better off than Nigeria.

759,000 Indians are millionaires, while just 30,000 Nigerians are millionaires. This shows how business/investment saavy the people are.

Over 110 Indians have become billionaires while just 4 Nigerians have achieved that feat.

Even if you correct all these figures to cover up the population difference, Indians still gap Nigerians by far. Correct for population, for Nigeria to match India in the above indices, we should have 126,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires.

Go and look at their companies. You think Dangote is big, wait till you compare it with Tata Group or Reliance Industries and many others.

On Forbes 2000 companies, Indians have put 75 of their companies there, while only 4 Nigerian companies made the list.

Even in diaspora, you can't compare what Indians have achieved to Nigerians. Many have already mentioned the number of fortune 500 companies that Indians run, how many do Nigerians run?

The richest family in the UK is an Indian family.

In the UK, Indians families have the highest household incomes. Blacks have the least (even less than the UK average)

In the US, Indians have the highest household income at $135,000. Nigerians are at number 65 on the list ($61,000), which is even less than the national average of $63,000. Even Ghanaians rank higher than Nigerians on that list. Na only noise Nigerians sabi make, and then to blame everything on their government.
The stock exchange Nigerians have been able to build is worth about $50B. Indians have built 2 stock exchanges, the NSE worth $2.2T and the BSE worth $2.1T. This should show you how vibrant each country is in terms of business.

You may call them poor, but they are still able to go into space. What have Nigerians and their NSRDA achieved concerning space?

Let's not even start talking about technological development.

Someone was saying its their large population, yet (I still dispute this statistic, it doesn't make any sense, but since most of those praising Nigerians now usually sing with it everytime, let me put it here) there are more Nigerians living in poverty (80M out of 200M), than there are in India's 1.3B (yes oo, na so dey talk, meaning less than 80M out of India's 1.3B are living in poverty, meaning India has a poverty rate of less than 6%.... Anyone who has been to India or even just studied general economic data of developing countries will know this is bullshit)

For honesty, I can only speak about my own experience with them and what I have heard from others who have had first hand experience with them. From my experience oo, Indians are a million times more honest than Nigerians. It was on this thread sometime ago that I shared my experience with Nigerian managers in my company, how everyone is working to steal from you, how I one changed management 3 times in a year, how Nigerian managers almost gave me hypertension. Until someone suggested I hire Indian managers. I was reluctant at first, considering how expensive it will be to be paying visa and flight tickets and all that for expatriate managers, but since I was already about to close down the factory due to Nigerian's wahala, I took the advice and from then on, it was like magic, for the first time ever, I had peace of mind on that factory. The surprising part was that they eventually turned out to be cheaper than the Nigerian management when you consider the increases in productivity and the leakages that Nigerians were using to steal money that they blocked.

Till today, when anyone complains about Nigerian staff and how their corruption/dishonesty is about to destroy their business, I tell them to hire Indians. In the past 2 years, 4 people have taken the advice and done it, and it has always ended in peace of mind, progress and happiness. Not a single one has regretted the decision. After the hell I have experienced in the hands of Nigerians, I have personally sworn never to put a Nigerian incharge of any of my businesses. If I can't be there to manage it myself, then it must be an Indian.

There is a popular company in Nigeria to which we supply products. When the Nigerians are incharge, you will spend over an hour, they will waste your time, talk to you anyhow and be using to style to demand bribe and "anything for the boys". But anytime the Indians are there, it's always very quick and straight-forward.

You think it's coincidence that many Nigerian companies are run by Indians, from Dangote to Globacom. You think its coincidence that Indian (and their Lebanese counterparts) businesses seem to do so well in Nigeria and are transferred generation to generation. You think its coincidence that they run all those fortune 500 companies.

But last last sha, Nigerians will do what they know how to do best, blame the government.

Thank you for this. You are definitely a ruthless capitalist.

I still don't understand where Nigerians get all this their empty pride from.
Majority of them are useless abroad and useless at home.

The ones abroad have to be the biggest empty barrels. Just because they are benefitting from the white man's hard work, they think they have arrived.

Still, they can't make any headway in spite of the numerous opportunities abroad especially when compared to Indians. But these same abroadians will sit on the internet and claim to know the solution to all Nigeria's problems. Solutions they could not implement before they ran away. It is people that listen to them I pity.

The ones in Nigeria - another extremely sorry case. All they know is religion, stealing from their workplace as per unmerited favor, knacks, and of course abusing Buhari.

Mediocrity home and away.


Computers / Re: USA USED/ NEW LAPTOPS [THREAD UPDATED] by OldBeer: 7:30pm On Nov 27, 2020
PROCESSOR - Intel core i3-5100U (5th gen) RAM - 4GB STORAGE - 1TB HDD GRAPHICS - INTEL HD 620 KEYBOARD - NON BACKLIT DISPLAY - LED 15.6" FHD Touchscreen (1366 X 768) OPERATING SYSTEM - Windows 10
Price - 85,000
Still available?
Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by OldBeer: 10:37pm On Nov 25, 2020
Good evening house.
Please I need your help.
Can anyone vouch for chidïogo123?
Business / Re: Stripe Acquires Paystack For $200M+ by OldBeer: 4:01pm On Oct 15, 2020
Buhari why

Turn to your neighbor and ask, "Have you blamed Buhari today?"
Family / Re: Things I Saw In A Coded Bar/motel, Bothering Me About Marriage! by OldBeer: 2:08pm On Feb 17, 2020

Yeah like your mum was stupid to raise a bloody you!!!
Now look at her efforts wasted by raising a bloody brain female!!!
Another frustrated person.

E pain am grin


Family / Re: Things I Saw In A Coded Bar/motel, Bothering Me About Marriage! by OldBeer: 2:05pm On Feb 17, 2020
and 10 years later this dumbo I'm quoting will be running around Spiritual houses looking for miracle husband when menopause comes knocking.
you're absolutely dumb and this post is way beyond your intellect cos you got a low IQ hence you shouldn't be commenting cos you're exposing your stupidity.

See frustration grin grin

E pain am well well


Family / Re: Things I Saw In A Coded Bar/motel, Bothering Me About Marriage! by OldBeer: 2:01pm On Feb 17, 2020

You and your 170 likers and 24 sharers don't deserve a single child, and when you do, you will not reap true happiness through them.

Shame on you and on the woman who raised you.
E pain am.

See frustration grin grin


Family / Re: Things I Saw In A Coded Bar/motel, Bothering Me About Marriage! by OldBeer: 1:47pm On Feb 17, 2020
@ Elekra 225 robotic likes and 26shares..
Don't let this fool you okay.. It ain't shit
E pain am.

I am one of the likers. Ntoor gi


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