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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brentford Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 13th August 2022 by Omoawoke: 9:44pm On Aug 13
Ronaldo should leave this club now that his ovulation ovation is still loud
Politics / Re: Olusegun Obasanjo Flaunts His Dancing Abilities At A Recent Event (Video) by Omoawoke: 9:40pm On Aug 13
not with the way you run after women, especially married women in town

The way some people will just attack someone on this forum like u have met before is shocking. When did we ever meet for you to assume I run after women or married women.
Are you hallucinating or what?
Politics / Re: Olusegun Obasanjo Flaunts His Dancing Abilities At A Recent Event (Video) by Omoawoke: 10:34pm On Jul 26
I admire this man's energy....I desire it at my old age

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Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Insists On Being Presidential Candidate Of NNPP/LP Merger by Omoawoke: 8:45am On Jul 03
Let's join hands and make this nation work abeg.
Let's secure the future of our children,
And u born grand children please

Peter obi people are very funny.
So voting peter obi means our children's future is secured?

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Politics / Re: Atiku ‘simple Man’ Campaign Goes Wrong On Twitter by Omoawoke: 7:51pm On Jun 15
His atiku no fine without his cap, his head na the real Igbo
Politics / Re: Atiku Is Already Acting As President (photos) by Omoawoke: 6:20pm On Jun 15
It doesn't fit him
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by Omoawoke: 9:49am On Jun 15
This visa date issue is becoming really frustrating.
No dates for Abuja, even EA request is not helping.
Is this how it will continue?
Fashion / Re: What I Wear To Work This Morning. (pics) by Omoawoke: 6:56pm On May 21
Chai, people dey
Education / Re: Unilag Transcript Help by Omoawoke: 7:44am On Feb 13
The portal doesn't work on weekends, just weekdays
Car Talk / Re: Honda Accord 2013 Steering Turning Rapidly To The Left On Its Own by Omoawoke: 6:52am On Feb 13
I'm currently experiencing this same problem but mine turns rapidly to the right, OP did you find a solution?

Sorry for the late reply.

I didnt see this.

But for the sale of people who may encounter same problem.
The whole problem is from the electric power steering. The mechanic that tried to repair mine eventually damaged my electric power steering.

I changed it for about 100k and I'm fine

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by Omoawoke: 6:50am On Feb 13

From my experience, they disable it during weekends.
Try it from 10 am on Monday.

Yes thank you, I tried it and it worked.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by Omoawoke: 8:11pm On Jan 22
Hi dear,is this your first time of applying for transcript, I have the direct number to an official in senate building that will do all the transscript stuff for you .

No it is not.

I have applied before
Sports / Re: Nigeria vs Ghana: CAF World Cup Qualifiers by Omoawoke: 5:46pm On Jan 22
We need the best of our best 11.
Ghana must not go to world cup ahead of us
Education / Re: Unilag Transcript Help by Omoawoke: 11:18am On Jan 22

Apply online but note that it can't be sent to individual emails oooo.

Yes, I'm trying to but clicking the portal is not functioning.

Thank you for the response
Education / Re: Unilag Transcript Help by Omoawoke: 10:49am On Jan 22
Is it full time or DLI?

Full time.

Bsc transcript.
Education / Re: Unilag Transcript Help by Omoawoke: 10:42am On Jan 22
Akokites where hath thou

Pls help

How did you get your transcripts recently
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by Omoawoke: 10:27am On Jan 22
Pls who has been able to apply for transcript from unilag recently.
Clicking the new application on the website is not working

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Education / Re: Unilag Transcript Help by Omoawoke: 10:06am On Jan 22

please i need help In obtaining my unilag transcript.
I have gone to the records page but when I click on new application it is a blank page.

has anyone been able to get transcript?


How were you able to resolve this
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Warn Supporters Not To Insult Tinubu by Omoawoke: 10:05am On Jan 22
I have problem with the north preferring Osinbajo.
Obviously, why not want someone you can control
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Omoawoke: 8:28am On Sep 27, 2021
They say when a bird poo on your head, it is a sign of goodluck,

There's a tiny node that some people have at the end of their litter fingers, yoruba call it "Aje" meaning the person will be very successful in trade

If you are going to pick snails, they say, pick the first snail with your left hand, meaning you will see lots of good snails to pick that day.

These are African superstitions that have been encoded into our DNA and have been passed down to religion such as, pay tithe to your pastor, first fruits and all...so the month u did not pay tithe, u begin to subconsciously think your sales drought is as a result of the tithe u did not pay sometimes ago.
Also, you have to appreciate God for the sales you have so that you will get more reward because if you dont, God will see you as an ingrate and refuse to bless you further.

Therefore, after doing your proper research, registering like 5 names or more and do massive outbound and you reach the right enduser and the sales come, the first thing you will say is "Grace did it" because God is carefully watching and expecting you to allocate all glory to him...(you won't want to offend God so the blessings can keep coming in)...all in your mindset.

But my concern is this, irrespective of your religious beliefs, superstitions, whether you are a Christian, atheist, antagonist, Muslim, Pentecostal, catholic, jehovah witness, Buddhist, either you pay tithe or claim grace... you will have your sales and the sales drought too .
If your religious belief is the one giving you the sales, then you should sell all the names in your portfolio back to back without any expiring .

Happy new week, and me wishing you more sales or cursing you with sales drought is inconsequential to your success in this business...nevertheless, I'll wish you all a fruitful week


Religion / Re: Bishop David Oyedepo Celebrates His 67th Birthday Today by Omoawoke: 8:01am On Sep 27, 2021

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Politics / Re: Iniobong Umoren: Ekaette-Unoma Akpabio Denies Being The Owner Of Davok Suites by Omoawoke: 7:32pm On May 12, 2021
The hotel should release the cctv coverage of those that walked in during the period in mention


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Omoawoke: 1:14pm On May 12, 2021
It's been 6 years since i wrote this post and i still can't believe how this post has transformed into an amazing community of people working collaboratively to pass this exam. That said, i believe the materials and guidelines listed in the original post are currently inadequate. While it's been years since i wrote the GRE, there are two key information that are timeless.

1. The only resource you need is the Official GRE prep book. It's an excellent resource written by the creators of the exam. Who best to learn from than those who created the exam? Ignore every other book and just get the Official GRE guide.

2. The official GRE practice tests are extremely valuable. Powerprep online and Powerprep plus online are all you need. They are the closest substitute to the real exam. Before taking the test, i beg you, please do at least one Powerprep Practice test. I would strongly suggest you do the Powerprep plus online test. Yes, its a paid service but trust me, it's worth every penny. Please note, I failed to do this and it was evident in my scores.

Once you get these resources (the book and the practice test), the rest is up to you. Create a study plan and then study as much as you can. As you study, please try as much as you can to do the exercises in the books. Your learning is complete when you can answer questions related to that concept flawlessly. If you can’t solve problems, brotherly…sisterly…your learning is incomplete. Kindly go back and relearn the material.

Finally, after studying, do the Powerprep online or Powerprep plus tests. It might take you weeks or months to study and write the exams. It doesn't matter. Do what works for you with an eye on the college admission cycle. At this point, you are most likely prepared for the main exam. Go forth and slay your test with grace.

I know the process may not be as linear as stated above. You would have days where you have no desire to study. Sometimes, you might even feel lonely. This is entirely normal. To keep going, surround yourself with like minded achievers - they are many amazing people on this forum who you can connect with. Additionally, pay attention to your health, sleep and diet. The brain works superbly when you are well fed, sleep well and have a stable emotional life.

Before i leave, i just want you all to know that life is a beautiful journey. Stay focused and keep working on your dreams. One day you would wake up and discover you are living your dreams. It has been that way for me. I started with the believe that i would study and live in the US. Today, i am living that dream.

Stay blessed.

Thank you for the update,
Pls how can one get the official gre prep
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Omoawoke: 10:51am On May 01, 2021
. Since oga duru has spoken, let me follow my oga footsteps.

Made 5 sales last month

Total revenue 1,200

It keeps getting better month by month since January and I hope to reach my oga level one day smiley

Among the sales

Utah//mater//nity//photo//grapher//com 300
Holly//hack//com 300

Motivation from duru, slimjosh, Cyriletifit, plus brymo and everyone in this thread. more sales to you guys

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by Omoawoke: 12:08am On May 01, 2021
We are getting into new month few hours time, let me book appoint with my doctor in order to check my BP. As from tomorrow on, the shocking party will start, be prepare for long betting slip sales reports grin grin grin

I really admire your resilience, trust me.

Well, I started this journey early last year. No sales no anything, abandoned it.....but I wasn't going to give up anymore and started again this year. That first sale is always very important and I got my first sale finally...
And since january till now, I've sold 12 names....I know I'll get better and get to the class of those over 10 names per month or making over 2k every month, you can do it with determination that u must succeed in this game

All u need is that first sale to keep u going, and again, u may need to review what u are doing wrong, maybe ur emails are landing in spam, even some of the most stupid of names at the end get sold. Just keep pushing and re- strategizing till u get it.....

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Travel / Re: Travelling Out With A Psychology/social Science Degree In Nigeria by Omoawoke: 1:11pm On Apr 18, 2021

PM me I'll send you materials

Pls can u assist with the materials u use, I'll really appreciate...I sent u a pm
Politics / Re: Senator Elisha Abbo Slaps A Man In His Hometown In Mubi Adamawa (Video) by Omoawoke: 8:44pm On Dec 03, 2020
This man seems to love dishing out slaps! Both to boys and girls....he’s not fussy about gender!

One good thing to appreciate about him is that he is not gender bias

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by Omoawoke: 10:13pm On Dec 02, 2020
Good evening house,

I studied mechanical engineering, bsc.. finished with 2.1 but I've been working at the bank for 4 years now without any engineering work experience.
I want to start a new life in Canada.

Thinking of how to blend my first degree with work experience. I will be 30 next year....
I want to go for an IT related course for msc or diploma, just looking for the easiest route to canada through study and start a new life.
Pls house, I am afraid I I'll make it, is my dream feasible....can I start a new career and build myself in field like business analyst, machine learning or related career....
Any tip no matter how small will be appreciated, am I too late...?

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Car Talk / Re: Honda Accord 2013 Steering Turning Rapidly To The Left On Its Own by Omoawoke: 7:20pm On Oct 16, 2020
shocked shocked

Vehicle has officially joined left-wing Politics sad

It may be a minor alignment issue sha..

I can imagine you doing 170km/hr and the car's steering swings you into the lane of an oncoming truck cry

Damn Nigga....i would rather not imagine that sort of grossness sad

The swing is not that kind of alignment problem, the wheel works with electronic power steering and this case, it rotates with full force rapidly till it gets to its rotary end.
Car Talk / Honda Accord 2013 Steering Turning Rapidly To The Left On Its Own by Omoawoke: 6:47pm On Oct 16, 2020
Somebody please help.

I changed break pads today and all of a sudden, the steering wheel just developed a mind of its own as it turns rapidly to the left while driving.

And when I park, I had to hold on to the steering before turning off the ignition to prevent it from swinging to the left again.
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips For Honda Cars by Omoawoke: 6:37pm On Oct 16, 2020
Somebody please help me.

My honda accord 2013...

The steering wheel turns rapidly to the left on its own even while parked.

Who has experienced this before

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