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Phones / Re: Is Mark Zuckerberg Promoting Secret Affairs With This New Features On Whatsapp by Primusinterpares(m): 12:48pm On Dec 01
Nairaland / General / Re: TVC’s Morayo Afolabi-brown Appointed Managing Director Of TVC Entertainment by Primusinterpares(m): 9:17pm On Nov 30
Well deserved
Phones / Re: Samsung Official Thread by Primusinterpares(m): 7:38pm On Nov 29
Samsung note 10 plus snapdragon with single sim 256g available forsale
How much
Romance / Re: Love Making In Swimming Pools Is Getting Out Of Hand!!! by Primusinterpares(m): 11:01am On Nov 27
Immorality at it's peak
Politics / Re: Soyinka Calls Buhari ‘idiot’ For Banning Social Media In Nigeria In 2021 by Primusinterpares(m): 3:55pm On Nov 14
This man is thinks he is always correct.
However, the fact that someone cannot speak or write correctly in English doesn't make him or her not intelligence.
Intelligence is not the ability to speak or write in English language.
Intelligence is simply the ability to acquire and apply knowledge.
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery Secures Permit To Process Over 300,000 Barrels Of Crude by Primusinterpares(m): 9:45pm On Nov 11
Just start refining ...

Stop giving us updates...
After all the refinery is commissioned already.

I don even forget say na one man business...

Anyways just start producing locally so that the burden on FX will drop.

The success of this refinery will be a good one for our country

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria And Cameroon Rank 4th And 5th In The World For Employee Well-being by Primusinterpares(m): 8:56pm On Nov 08
This statistician of the federation nai go finally kill this country completely.

Baba just dey dish unrealistic statistics upandan
Business / Re: Naira Continues Recovery, Strengthens To ₦‎950 by Primusinterpares(m): 11:37am On Nov 04
Truth be told. This is not a real crash.

The can only crash if and only if Nigeria becomes productive. Increase in exports of process products and reduced imports.

Every other ways na just for a very little while
Food / Re: The Best Food - American Man Tastes Nigerian Jollof Rice, Egusi & Fufu by Primusinterpares(m): 9:09am On Nov 03
9jabto the world

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Politics / Re: Adebayo Shittu: Some Of Tinubu’s Female Ministers Dress Like Beauty Contestants by Primusinterpares(m): 5:33pm On Nov 02
They all seams like consolation prices


Politics / Re: “We Will Partner Nidcom To Promote Nigeria – Minister Of Interior Tunji-Ojo by Primusinterpares(m): 9:28am On Nov 01
We just want positive results...

Just get the country moving forward this is what we need.
Politics / Re: Communique Issued At The End Of The Meeting Of Pdp Governors Forum Held In Abuja by Primusinterpares(m): 9:26am On Nov 01
If una nor stop all these una chop chop government one day bush meat go catch the hunter
Celebrities / Re: Lilian Afegbai Narrates How Her House Help Attempted To Scam Her In Lagos by Primusinterpares(m): 9:25am On Nov 01
All shades of wrong.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Kills Sheihk Baba Goni Muktar Malumti, Kidnaps Hunters In Borno by Primusinterpares(m): 11:00am On Oct 31
IDF to the rescue ASAP
Health / Re: Depreciating Naira Value Pushes Medical Care Beyond Nigerians by Primusinterpares(m): 10:57am On Oct 31
While the lawmakers are busy buying expensive SUVs so they can drive on the bad roads they have failed to fix to their constituents that cannot afford basic medical care.

What an irony of life


Family / Re: Making This Post Based On Demand: Why I'm Still Single At 42 by Primusinterpares(m): 3:34pm On Oct 30
You people lie a lot and you somehow think it is Ok to name Jesus Christ in your lies. Yes, Miracles happen but God and hence Jesus Christ does not go back on His Word. He washed His hands off your marriages and even proclaimed that your marriages are not of the Kingdom of God so you lot would not go around blaming Him for your failures. Yet you go around roping Him in on exactly that, why? undecided
I have experienced miracles many times in my life. And am grateful to God through Jesus Christ.
Family / Re: Making This Post Based On Demand: Why I'm Still Single At 42 by Primusinterpares(m): 10:33am On Oct 30
Which Jesus? The same God who said He created some Eunuchs from birth, made some Eunuchs in this life, and gave special permission to live as Eunuchs using His Name? undecided
Miracle still dey happen in a steady. And Jesus still dey do miracle on a steady.

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Politics / Re: Minister, CAS In Turkey To Facilitate Delivery Of Helicopters by Primusinterpares(m): 6:34pm On Oct 29
What is stopping Nigeria from assembling these things for a start?
Foreign Affairs / Re: 1 dead, about 20 injured in Kerala,India convention center bomb blast. by Primusinterpares(m): 9:37am On Oct 29
It's time people teach these stupid terrorist that they don't have a monopoly of violence.

I like the way Israel is teaching these terrorist a big lesson. I am only concerned about the GAZA resident that are used as shield by the stupid hamaz guys


Religion / Re: She Lured Him Into Sex, And This Finally Happened To Him by Primusinterpares(m): 9:33am On Oct 29
by Sunday Akanni

Kindly reflect upon the story of a guy named Fred:

"Fred was a very intelligent and talented guy in his mid-twenties. His parents were strong faithful Christians, and their faith influenced Fred greatly. His parents' faith and influence molded him into a responsible guy who ignored the pleasures of the world (fornication, wild parties, clubbing, alcoholism, etc.) but focused squarely on his future. And so, Fred was obviously on a path to greatness in life.

As at when he was in his final year at the University, he was still on a first-class and was still enjoying various sponsorships from various organizations. In fact, one of these organizations - a multinational company - already promised him a lucrative job immediately after he graduated from the University. The job was attached with lucrative packages, including an official house and an official car. Fred was the envy of everyone in his school, everyone recognized the fact that he had a very bright and glorious future ahead of him.

The problem started when Fred crossed paths with a lady called Vivian. Actually, Vivian was Fred's ex-secondary school classmate. When they were still in secondary school, Fred and Vivian were always contending for the first position each term. They were obviously the brightest students in their class, though they weren't close friends.

And so, Fred was surprised when he received a call from a strange number who later identified herself as Vivian - his former classmate back then in secondary school. She told him she was within the environs of his University and asked for his address.

Afterward, she started visiting him frequently, obviously trying hard to establish a relationship between them, even bringing him cooked food just to make him comfortable with her.

Then, on an unfortunate day, she visited his room on a cold rainy evening, putting on a revealing provocative dress that threw Fred off balance. She lured Fred into having sex with her, and that day, Fred had his first sex right there on his bed.

However, immediately after that encounter, Vivian stopped contacting or visiting him. In fact, she ignores his calls intentionally whenever he tries reaching her. Weeks later, Fred was experiencing changes in his body system. He was frequently getting sick and was losing a lot of weight, getting leaner and dry. His frequent sicknesses made him miss numerous tests and even his final exams. It was when the multinational company that had offered him automatic employment decided to treat him in their private clinic that they discovered the main problem. Fred has contracted a dread sexually transmitted virus! The news quickly spread around the school. Before Fred died a humiliating death, he was subjected to stigmatization and constant ridicule - especially from those who have always been jealous of him.

And that was how Fred, the youngster with a very bright future, thwarted his life just because of a few minutes of pleasure. Indeed, the graveyard is the richest place on earth, as it contains numerous unused potentials and talents.

What Fred never knew was that Vivian, a promiscuous lady, contracted the virus from one of her numerous sex partners. As soon as she became aware of this, she swore not to die alone but to share the virus with various other people, especially those with a promising future.

She drafted a list of those she knew were endowed with talents, intelligence, and a bright future ahead. Then she began getting closer to them one by one, luring them into sex and sharing the virus with the unsuspecting folks........

This is the unfortunate story of Fred, and I'm sure you will have drawn a lot of lessons from it. I want you to understand something. You have a bright future ahead, and you are meant to achieve and do great things in life. I'm confident of this because your Creator - God - created you gloriously.

However, the devil, who is your adversary, hates you bitterly and is bent on destroying you and your destiny. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed safety and immunity when you live your life only within the confines of God's Will by His Word.

Don't ever forget that the devil has numerous agents meant to lure you into sin and get your life ruined. That beautiful lady around you might actually have an ulterior motive towards you, while you think they are innocent. Life is not as shallow as it seems, but very deep. Let the Holy Spirit keep leading you to victory.
I get the message. It's best to uphold Sexual purity.... However this your story nor follow and e nor add up at all.
Let's stop tieing religion to everything.
Wether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Sexual purity is supposed to be encouraged in the society as it help society to groom individual of good moral standard.
Family / Re: Making This Post Based On Demand: Why I'm Still Single At 42 by Primusinterpares(m): 2:46pm On Oct 28

Well said. I modified one of my posts and wanted to make sure you saw the modification:

It is not a bad thing for a woman not to be inclined to be a mother... The problem we have in Nigeria is we try to force motherhood on every woman... Some women are meant to be career women who have no or little interest in men, some are meant to be nuns in the convent, some are meant to be mistresses and concubines, some female players, etc... its not a bad thing....
Nobody is saying it's not a bad thing...
However, don't be deceived, if the creator's idea of creating a woman was for them not to give birth the no womb will be given to them.
Family / Re: Making This Post Based On Demand: Why I'm Still Single At 42 by Primusinterpares(m): 2:43pm On Oct 28
Don't also waste miracles. Miracles are supernatural intervention, so if it can be resolved naturally why use supernatural powers. If your scissors can cut a rope,why use a cutlass?
A woman giving birth after menopause is it not super natural enough?
Family / Re: Making This Post Based On Demand: Why I'm Still Single At 42 by Primusinterpares(m): 2:42pm On Oct 28

And what is the worst that could happen if they stopped coming? Loneliness for life? Shame for life? What exactly will happen? Death?

The more you look at these things, the more you realize it's all in your head. Instead of running away from things like this just face them head-on. I can relate to the OP perfectly because I used to be referred to as "the picky one" during my dating days, and I was also prepared for the possibility of being alone for life had a desirable partner not showed up.
What were your preparation for being alone?
Are you desirable yourself? Before getting into marriage or dating relationship, always ask yourself if you can marry you. Answer in all sincerity.
See life is not designed to live it in isolation. Fulfilling life's purpose it's supposed to be done together, happily. Giving and nurturing life in raising children is supposed to be done with joy and seeing them grow up and succeed is one of life fulfilments.
Do you know why God himself said it's not good for the man to be alone? It's because life purpose needs synergy which is why marriage was instituted.
Although these days the marriage institution is built on faulty foundation that's why we hear about husband beating wife, wife killing husband etc ...
Many a time many people don't know themselves yet and they just want to get married for one selfish reason or the other.
Politics / Re: EFCC Grills Emefiele Over Alleged $15b Foreign Debts, New Currency by Primusinterpares(m): 2:20pm On Oct 28

Fear lawyers!!! if them reason your case even in this nigeria we keep saying there;s no justice, you go blow whistle with your bum bum ... lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
T-shirt a function of how far the prosecution want to go with regards to evidence, manslaughter charge may be included in the count charges if the prosecuting office have evidence with reasonable doubt , not hear say. considering people passed away during the crazy naira change policy this should not be difficult to find.
You have a point sha... That's why they hire SAN. To help defend them in court
Car Talk / Re: Nord Unveils Its New Vehicle, Norda5 by Primusinterpares(m): 10:45am On Oct 28
It's cool but nothing exciting about it, we already have designs laidis nah
Do you have a design like this??

Do you really have a design like this?
Family / Re: Making This Post Based On Demand: Why I'm Still Single At 42 by Primusinterpares(m): 10:16am On Oct 28
If you are someone that wants to have a family. I advise you to calm down and allow love find you... Menopause is also close by... But then miracle nor dey tire Jesus.

If you are someone that really don't care about family and companionship then I advise you to continue making your money and enjoy yourself.

Those suitors will stop coming very soon as your biological clock is ticking... You won't look young forever.

In all, do what ever makes you happy.

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Business / Re: LASG Reopens Alaba And Trade Fair Markets. by Primusinterpares(m): 10:16am On Oct 28
Economy is dying ... Let's not use our hands to create more problems...

Nice one LASG...

To the traders... Make una follow the rules and don't mess up the place and don't do business along the road.


Politics / Re: EFCC Grills Emefiele Over Alleged $15b Foreign Debts, New Currency by Primusinterpares(m): 10:09am On Oct 28
Grilling with our prosecution

Private jet will be sent to pick him and he will be given a house arrest in a good estate with 24hrs power supply with domestic staff.

Let's tell ourselves the truth... We are not really ready for real progress... We still dey play.

Imagine that this kind of crime is a punishable offense of a public firing squad.

The other government officers will learn to manage public funds properly because they know that if they miss manage, they know their fate and that of their families is sealed in public death
North Korea comes to mind.

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Crime / Re: I Don't Pity Justina The Uniport Student Killed By Her Boyfriend- Verydarkman by Primusinterpares(m): 7:09pm On Oct 27
You're so on point here. From there on, that so called most beautiful girl on campus would be hustling for BBN auditions, trying to roll with the big boys in the society bcoz of her beauty and fame. That now becomes her labour market hustle. Our society has really missed it's way in terms of what really matters, mehn!
Very true...

Yet we come to social media to cry crocodile tears condemning the monster we have created

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Crime / Re: I Don't Pity Justina The Uniport Student Killed By Her Boyfriend- Verydarkman by Primusinterpares(m): 7:07pm On Oct 27

True , but they won't be graduate assistant forever. The more they publish, the more they get promoted
It will take him or her at least 1 year to make 1m in his saving account... That's if he's very prudent with spending.

But you see the miss this or miss that, celebrity this, bbn star... Na big brands go dey lobby them to be ambassadors.

So how do you explain to a child that hard work pay? Everyone will want to meet up mostly through the short cuts route. We end up creating a society that places value just "blow" / get money you will be celebrated and respected.
Now for the males they start going into fraud, rituals, stealing and all social vices because if them "blow" the society won't ask any questions. They can even buy the law enforcement officers sef
Now for the females : because they want the soft life, the venture into things like prostitution, runs , hook-up etc.
Crime / Re: I Don't Pity Justina The Uniport Student Killed By Her Boyfriend- Verydarkman by Primusinterpares(m): 4:00pm On Oct 27

Best graduating student might also get a job with the university if he or she wants. (that's how many of your lecturers got their jobs).
As a graduate assistant earning like 150k.
Where as most beautiful girl on campus has gotten more money and things that first class nor get.

See we just need to change our value system. Let those that work hard be paid and respected in society then everyone will strive to put in the work... That way we can achieve sustainable development in society.

But today our society celebrates those that have money regardless of how you make it


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kindly Share Your Scam Interview Experience And How You Found Out They Were Scam by Primusinterpares(m): 2:36pm On Oct 27
When I heard just bring 2 persons

Then you can become a director with good downline the. Dubia trip fully sponsored .


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