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Religion / New Testament Bible Books | Chapters + Link by Princiology(m): 11:34pm On Jun 24, 2019
The New Testament of the Holy Bible contains a total of 27 Books, starting with Matthew and ending with Revelation. Here is a list of the Books and the number of chapter(s) they have each.
Note: The Linked texts lead to PRINCIOLOGY.COM

1. Matthew (28 Chapters)
2. Mark (16 Chapters)
3. Luke (24 Chapters)
4. John (21 Chapters)
5. Acts of the Apostles (28 Chapters)
6. Romans (16 Chapters)
7. 1 Corinthians (16 Chapters)
8. 2 Corinthians (13 Chapters)
9. Galatians (6 Chapters)
10. Ephesians (6 Chapters)
11. Philippians (4 Chapters)
12. Colossians (4 Chapters)
13. 1 Thessalonians (5 Chapters)
14. 2 Thessalonians (3 Chapters)
15. 1 Timothy (6 Chapters)
16. 2 Timothy (4 Chapters)
17. Titus (3 Chapters)
18. Philemon (1 Chapter)
19. Hebrews (13 Chapters)
20. James (5 Chapters)
21. 1 Peter (5 Chapters)
22. 2 Peter (3 Chapters)
23. 1 John (5 Chapters)
24. 2 John (1 Chapter)
25. 3 John (1 Chapter)
26. Jude (1 Chapter)
27. Revelation (22 Chapters)
Nairaland / General / Just Testing Something Please by Princiology(m): 6:44pm On Jun 22, 2019

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Education / Re: Types Of Sentences According To Structure With Examples by Princiology(m): 6:38pm On Jun 22, 2019
This post on PRINCIOLOGY.COM talks about the Definition, types and examples of the Sentence. You may click the linked text to read.
Education / Re: Exam Preparation Tips For All Students by Princiology(m): 6:31pm On Jun 22, 2019
In an examination it is important that you answer your questions fast. I have a post on how to do this. You can click to read - https://www.princiology.com/jamb-waec-neco-how-to-answer-examination-questions-fast-increase-reading-speed/
Education / Re: 7 Tips For How To Read Faster (and Still Understand What You Read) by Princiology(m): 6:26pm On Jun 22, 2019
There is a way you can increase your reading speed by taking an exercise. You can click on the linked text to read my blog post on increasing your reading speed which helps in answering examination questions faster.
Celebrities / Re: How Juliana Olayode Aka Toyo Baby Lost Her Virginity! - Details by Princiology(m): 6:06pm On Jun 22, 2019
This is a post about the biography of Juliana Olayode on PRINCIOLOGY.COM, here is the link to it - https://www.princiology.com/juliana-olayode-toyosi-in-jenifas-diary-biography-childhood-profile-story/
Celebrities / Re: Olayode Juliana Biography And Age by Princiology(m): 6:02pm On Jun 22, 2019
Read about the biography of Juliana Olayode on PRINCIOLOGY.COM here - https://www.princiology.com/juliana-olayode-toyosi-in-jenifas-diary-biography-childhood-profile-story/
Education / Re: How To Pass Jamb Few Days To Your Exam by Princiology(m): 11:56am On Jun 21, 2019
I have a post on 11 sure ways to pass Jamb on my website. Click on the linked text to read.
Education / Re: Pass JAMB 2019 And Gain Admission With These 14 Secrets. by Princiology(m): 11:52am On Jun 21, 2019
I have a post on how to pass jamb on my website,
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Education / Re: 7 Secrets Of Scoring Very High In Jamb Utme Exam by Princiology(m): 11:34am On Jun 21, 2019
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Education / Re: 15 Things You Must Do To Pass JAMB by Princiology(m): 11:29am On Jun 21, 2019
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Educational Services / Re: Secrets Of Smashing JAMB With High Scores by Princiology(m): 11:21am On Jun 21, 2019
Read my post about how to pass jamb, right here - https://www.princiology.com/how-to-pass-jamb-11-sure-ways/
Education / Re: How To Pass Your Jamb 2019 With Ease - Secret Exposed Here by Princiology(m): 11:17am On Jun 21, 2019
I have a post on how to pass jamb on my website - PRINCIOLOGY.COM.

The post speaks of 11 ways to pass jamb. Most importantly, pay very close attention to number 1.

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Education / Re: Steps On How To Pass The 2019/2020 Jamb by Princiology(m): 11:08am On Jun 21, 2019
On how to pass jamb, read my post here: https://www.princiology.com/how-to-pass-jamb-11-sure-ways/

My homepage is at https://www.princiology.com/
Business / Re: List Of Top 100 Profitable Small-scale Business Ideas In Nigeria (updated) by Princiology(m): 9:51am On Jun 21, 2019
Nairaland / General / Gender Definition And More by Princiology(m): 9:44am On Jun 21, 2019
What is Gender?

Gender is basically regarded as somebody's sex. Gender can also be define as the sociocultural phenomenon of the division of people into various categories such as “male” and “female” with each having associated clothing, role, stereotype, etc.

Gender is all around us like water surrounding creatures, in the sea, we are often unaware of its ever-present nature. Gender is actually taught to us from the moment we are born. Gender expectations and messages bombard us constantly. Upbringing, culture, peers, schools, community, media and religion are some of the many influences that shape our understanding of its core aspect of self.

See also: Gender as a factor that may influence the Performance of Small Scale Businesses

How you learn and interact with gender as a young child directly influences how you view the world today. Gendered interaction between parent and child began as soon as the sex of the baby is known. In short, many aspect of gender are socially constructed, particularly with regard to gender expression.

Gender affects human Performance. See: https://www.princiology.com/impact-of-gender-on-human-performance/

A prominent explanation for such gender differences is that compared to male entrepreneurs female entrepreneurs lack critical human and financial resources to start and run a business successfully (e.g., Lerner, Brush, & Hisrich, 1997).

See also: https://www.princiology.com/gender-differences-in-human-capital/
Politics / Re: Gender Equality And The Misconceptions Of Nigerian Men by Princiology(m): 6:16am On Jun 21, 2019
Read about the Definition of Gender on my website by clicking on the linked text.
Health / Re: 9 Unbelievable Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender – A Must Read For All by Princiology(m): 6:10am On Jun 21, 2019
Gender is derived from the Middle English word “gendre”, from Middle French “genre”, and from Latin “genus”. The word means “kind”, “type”, or “sort”.

Read more on the meaning of Gender and definition of other related terms on my website - PRINCIOLOGY.COM.
Health / Re: How To Determine The Gender Of Your Unconcieved Baby! by Princiology(m): 6:04am On Jun 21, 2019
Do you want to read more on the meaning of Gender? Click the linked text (Gender) to see a post on my website.
Nairaland / General / Re: Gender Equality In Nigeria:friend Or Foe? by Princiology(m): 6:01am On Jun 21, 2019
For more explanation on Gender and definition of other related terms, see this post on my website: https://www.princiology.com/gender-meaning-and-definition-of-gender-related-terms/
Culture / Re: Between Gender Roles And Gender Pressure? by Princiology(m): 5:59am On Jun 21, 2019
To read on the definition and gender and explanation on other terms, see: https://www.princiology.com/gender-meaning-and-definition-of-gender-related-terms/
Family / Re: What Gender Would You Like Your First Born To Be, And Why? by Princiology(m): 5:57am On Jun 21, 2019
There is a post on the Meaning of Gender and other related terms on my website, click the linked text to read.
Culture / Re: Gender Equality by Princiology(m): 5:55am On Jun 21, 2019
To read about the meaning of Gender and that of more related terms, see: https://www.princiology.com/gender-meaning-and-definition-of-gender-related-terms/
Nairaland / General / Re: Gender Inequality ("Men Always Like To Be Domineering") by Princiology(m): 5:53am On Jun 21, 2019
Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity.
See: Definition of Gender
Culture / Re: 6 Reasons Gender Equality is beneficial To Nigerian MEN And Society At Large by Princiology(m): 5:50am On Jun 21, 2019
Culture / Re: Gender In Nigeria by Princiology(m): 5:47am On Jun 21, 2019
Nairaland / General / Re: Law: Theories of Law by Princiology(m): 5:37am On Jun 21, 2019
Historical Theory of Law

The rationale behind the formation of the Historical theory of Law is that Law should emanate from the history of the People. The leader of this school is Friedrich Karl von Savigny, a German jurist and aristocrat.

According to the dictates of this theory, there is something called Volkgeist – the spirit of the people.

The theory believes that this binds the people of a society together and differentiates them from any other people. For example, a German has a ‘National Spirit’.

To a Historical law theorist, for a law to be valid, it must be in alignment with the history and custom of the people – which is their spirit.

For More information on the Historical theory of law see this post on LAWHUB NG.
Nairaland / General / Re: Law: Theories of Law by Princiology(m): 5:28am On Jun 21, 2019
Pure Theory of Law

The pure theory of law assertains that law is based on a system of norms. The founding proponent of this school of thought is Hans Kelson.

Hence, a norm can be traced to a higher norm, and then to another higher norm, to another greater norm, until we reach a non-law created entity, called the grundnorm.

In many countries, the constitution is regarded as this grundnorm, which determines that validity of any other norm made by any agency or body in the country.

Nevertheless, as opposed to this celebrated but controversial believe, many other people have argued that the constitution is not, and should not be regarded as the grundnorm of any society.
Nairaland / General / Re: Law: Theories of Law by Princiology(m): 5:18am On Jun 21, 2019
Differences Between the Natural and Positive Theory of Law

The Natural Theory of Law is different from Legal Positivism. Their differences include:
1. Determination of Validity of Laws
2. Moral Principles
3. Good Reasoning
4. Multiple Conscience Problem

Determination of Validity of Laws
In the case of Holman V Johnson, the plaintiff sold tea to the defendant in Dunkirk_ France, with the full knowledge that the tea was to be smuggled into England.

According to the dictates of Legal Positivism, the contract in the scenario above is legal, because in the principles of International law, ‘no country ever takes notice of the revenue laws of another country.’
Nairaland / General / Re: Law: Theories of Law by Princiology(m): 5:08am On Jun 21, 2019
Positive Theory of Law

The word positive can be taken to be an offshoot of or closely related to the word ‘posit.’

And in simple parlance, posit means ‘to place’ or ‘to put’.

Hence, making a good use of the knowledge of relating ideas we can say:

"Positive Law is that which is put or placed on the people by an authoritative ruler, or a body of rulers.”

The main principle of positive law, and one of the reasons why it is different from the natural law theory, is that we place it on something or somebody, while the latter is innate and inherent.

Another name for The positive theory of Law is Legal Positivism.

To read more on the Positive theory of Law, Click here. This link leads to LAWHUB NG (another website).
Nairaland / General / Law: Theories of Law by Princiology(m): 4:59am On Jun 21, 2019
Here and in subsequent posts (replies) are some explanations on certain theories of law. Let's delve in.

Natural Theory of Law

Natural law is a school of thought affirming that certain rights are inherent by virtue of human nature. Endorsed by nature, traditionally by God or a transcendent source. And that we can explain this universally through human reason.

Simply, Natural Law theorists or proponents, unlike promulgators of positive theory of law, believe that we define human laws by morality, and not by an authority figure. Therefore, their human nature guide humans to figure out what their laws should be, and to act in conformity with those laws.

Professor Okuniga said in his own illustration. “If ten men from different countries are put in separate rooms, and each of them is asked in the language that he understands, whether it is good tom steal, majority will say no.”

Natural law refers to the principles inherent to man, which tells him what is fair, good, impartial, right and just.
Nairaland / General / Definition Of Law by Princiology(m): 11:15pm On Jun 20, 2019
According to The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary -9th edition.

“Law is the whole system of rules that everyone in a country or society must obey.”

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary.

“Law is a binding custom or practice of a community. A rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority. The whole body of such customs, practices, or rules, and the control brought about by the existence or enforcement of such law.”

Also, according to Abiola Sanni, in ‘Introduction to Nigerian Legal Method’.

Law is, “a rule or body of rules made by institutions, bodies, and persons vested with the power to make such rules which are binding and enforced among the members of a given state or society.”

Read more on the definition and meaning of law here: https://www.princiology.com/law-definition-meaning-legal-meaning-of-law/

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