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Religion / Re: Your Favourite Bible Verse by Princiology(m): 7:35pm On May 26, 2019
This could just be my favourite Bible verse. I like the part in bold.
1 Samuel 14:6_"And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armour, Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the LORD will work for us: for there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few."

Note: The word 'Bible' supra links to PRINCIOLOGY.COM.
Religion / Re: Most Powerful Bible Verses To Build Divine Strength. by Princiology(m): 7:28pm On May 26, 2019
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Religion / Re: Bible Verses And Quotes To Encourage You In Trying Times by Princiology(m): 7:24pm On May 26, 2019
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Religion / Re: 23 Encouraging Bible Verses For Believers by Princiology(m): 7:20pm On May 26, 2019
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Religion / Re: Five Bible Verses That Will Motivate You And Give You An Extra Push In Life by Princiology(m): 7:14pm On May 26, 2019
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Religion / Re: Top 10 Encouraging Bible Verses About Hope by Princiology(m): 7:02pm On May 26, 2019
Religion / Bible Verses About The Righteousness Of God by Princiology(m): 2:09am On May 23, 2019
A good way to know what the Bible says about something is to check the Bible verses about it. The following Bible verses are about the righteousness of God.

------- King James Version --------

Romans 1:17
For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

Romans 3:5
But if our unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God, what shall we say? Is God unrighteous who taketh vengeance? (I speak as a man)

Romans 3:21
But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets;

Romans 3:22
Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:

Romans 10:3
For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

2 Corinthians 5:21
For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

James 1:20
For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

See (on BibleHat): Bible verses about Love

2 Peter 1:1
Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:

Credit: Ilumina Gold
Webmasters / Re: Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 8:30pm On Mar 21, 2019

If you already know and the rules say it is not allowed then why ask?

It seems a jigsaw sometimes.
Nairaland / General / IRAC: How To Answer Law Problem Questions by Princiology(m): 10:39pm On Mar 01, 2019

There are basically two types of law questions. We have the Law Problem questions, and the Law Essay Questions. In answering Law Problem Questions, is it essential that one makes Good use of IRAC.

Problem Questions are those questions in law that involve a case scenario. Today, I wish to teach you how to answer Law questions using IRAC, with a very good paradigm.

IRAC is an abbreviation that stands for Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion. Merely looking at the words above, one should be able to easily denote the plain meaning of IRAC and how to use it.

Click here to read about the definitions of Law

IRAC is used specifically in answering legal questions that involves a case. It is a very simple approach to understanding the lawyer’s way of solving a problem or case, and then bringing it before a Judge in a court of law. Let us consider the use of IRAC in regards to a particular case as a paradigm for better understanding.


(The case below is extracted from ‘Introduction to Nigerian Legal Method’ edited by Abiola Sanni)

Chief Ologbenla was married to three wives before his death. At his death, Kudiowo, his youngest wife was 20 years old. Being a ravishing beauty, Paso, the younger brother of chief ologbenla, took interest in her and pronounced her his wife as inheritance.

Kudiowo who as just graduated as a medical doctor from the university of lagoon has refused to be bound by such rule quoting sections of the newly promulgated prohibition of Forced Marriage Act, which render void any religious or customary rule, that encourages marriages without the other party’s consent.

Paso has argued that the ‘law of God’ is superior to the ‘law of man’ and that Kudiowo should be compelled to marry him as instituted by God.

Question: Take up this case as Kudiowo’s lawyer.


* Whether or not Paso’s claim satisfies the condition of being referred to as a customary law?

* Whether or not Paso’s pronouncement of Kudiowo as his wife is really based on ‘Divine Law’?

* Whether or not Paso’s stand may be justified on the bases of being a Religious Law?

* Whether the ‘Law Of God’- Divine Law, is in any way superior to the ‘Laws Of Man’-Positive Law?

* Whether or not a marital institution can be formed without the consent of either of the two parties involved in the marriage contract?

* Whether or not a person like Kudiowo, having just graduated as a medical student from the university, can have sufficient knowledge of the newly promulgated prohibition of Forced Marriage Act.


In Nigeria, the validation of a custom and its enforcement by the courts as a customary law is based on the satisfaction of three main tests. These include:

* The repugnancy test, which means that the custom must not be repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience.

In Eskugbaye Eleko v. Government of Nigeria [1931], lord Athin said:
‘The court cannot itself transform a barbarous custom into a milder one. If it stands in it barbarous character, it must be rejected as repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience’.

Also the provisions of section 16 of the Evidence Act Cap 214 laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2011 state clearly that:

‘provided that in case of any custom relied upon in any judicial proceeding, it shall not be enforced as law if it is contrary to public policy and it is not in accordance with natural justice, equity, and good conscience’.

Click here to read on the Natural theory of Law, its merits and demerits

* The incompatibility test.

As professor Akintunde Obilade rightly submitted:

‘Customary law is so inconsistent with English Law that prescribing an incompatibility test by reference to English Law would result in virtual abolition of customary law’

* The public policy test

Uwaus, J.S.C in Okonko v. Okagbu and ORS [1984] has argued that
‘…equality in it broad sense, as used in the repugnancy doctrine is equivalent to the meaning of ‘Natural Justice and embrace almost all, if not all, the concept of good conscience…’

There are four distinct legal systems in Nigeria, which are the English Law, Common Law, Customary Law, and Sharia [Islamic] Law.
Section 1 [3] of the Nigeria constitution states:

‘If any law is inconsistent with the provision of this constitution, this constitution shall prevail and that other law shall to the extent of inconsistency be void’.

It is provided by article 16 [2] of the Universal Declaration of Human Right [UDHR], 1948, that marriage should be mutually contracted by both parties. This is further enforced by the prohibition of Forced Marriage Act.

Section 22 and 39 of the 1999 constitution guarantee freedom of expression and statutory roles for the press.

Click here to widen your scope on thePositive theory of Law and arguments against it


Before diving into whether, or not, it is legitimate to set aside human [positive] law for God’s [divine] law, it is essential that we give a careful analysis to the stand of Paso and Kudiowo. Paso has pronounced Kudiowo, his late brother’s wife, as his new wife, because of the facts he believes to be the Divine Law, and Customary Law.

Nevertheless, for a custom to be able to become a Customary Law, it has to pass tests of Natural Justice, equity, good conscience, public policy, among others. Unfortunately, the Customary Law that allows a man to marry his brother’s wife, with or without the woman’s consent has totally and woefully failed to pass most of these tests. It is not just, neither is it fair nor of good conscience, to keep such a primitive custom.

Also, the custom is incompatible, directly and by implication, with the prohibition of the Forced Marriage Act. All these makes the custom unqualified to be regard as a Customary Law, and therefore has no stand with the law, neither should it be used to prove a point.

Moreover, the Quotation from the Holy Books should not be regarded as Divine Law, since they are not part of the 10 commandments, and could have been made by anybody. Perhaps, the prophets and ancient rulers like Moses, inter alia.

Even at the exception of this, the greatest validity of any law is the conformity with the supremacy of the constitution. So, whether or not the quotations are of Religious Law, it is subject to the dictates of the prohibition of Forced Marriage Act, as enshrined in the constitution.

Click here to read on the similarities and differences between the Natural and Positive theory of Law

Therefore, the two basis of Paso’s claim, Divine and Customary Law, is baseless, invalid and should be declared null and void without further ado.


Kudiowo has shown to be of vast knowledge, by knowing, understanding and applying the prohibition of Forced Marriage Act, which she could have read anywhere, perhaps through the press.

It is therefore submitted to this honourable court that Kudiowo be protected by law from being forced to be married by Paso. The prohibition of Forced Marriage Act has rightly been established, and it must be enforced.

From the analyzed case above, it is crystal clear that the use of IRAC as a model of solving issues the legal way is not so much a cumbersome approach. If rules and authorities are adequately mastered, the use of IRAC is a perfect approach to adequately disentangling problems anytime, any day.

I have a post on the Pure theory of Law , click to read it.

** I hope by now you have the full gist on using IRAC to tackle any Law Problem question. The above case is just a paradigm, you should write something better than that.

Note that when you are answering Law questions proper, you do not need to write the subheadings like I have written here. Just compose into readable and appropriate paragraphs. And move your reader with the flow.

Most times, you may be asked to advice the parties. So, make sure you shoot the arrow as the target lies.

Good Luck. See you later. God Bless You wink


Introduction to Nigerian Legal Method. Edified by Abiola Sanni.
LEGAL METHOD [The Nigerian Legal Method] by Eze Malemi.


Webmasters / Re: Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 9:58pm On Mar 01, 2019

It isn’t.

You know you said it's an advert, and now you're saying it's not against the rules. Whereas, the rule here says, "Please do no post adverts in this section, to avoid being banned."

What do you say?
Webmasters / Re: Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 9:26pm On Mar 01, 2019

I doubt it is against the rules.
What is though is spamming.
A lot of writers spam this place with their links hence they catch bans.
Mostly, if you create a single thread and post a link other users will find it annoying, that’s all.

Hmm... Whether or not it is against the rules is what I really want to know.
Webmasters / Re: Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 9:03pm On Mar 01, 2019
Nairaland / General / Re: Seun - Seun Osewa, Nairaland Forum Website Administrator by Princiology(m): 2:24pm On Mar 01, 2019
I need your answer sir.

Does posting a link that leads to a blog post on my website within my post on Nairaland amount to a crime? Even on sections where adverts are prohibited?

If it is, why are many people (including myself) doing it, and they have not been banned? I just need you to clearify this for me sir, I wish to keep all Nairaland rules.
Webmasters / Re: Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 2:15pm On Mar 01, 2019
Thanks Okwabayi, for your answers.

But I do not think posting one's article here word for word is a good idea, considering SEO.

But all the same, I just want to know if it's against Nairaland rules. For if it is, why are many bloggers (including myself) doing it, and we aren't getting banned?
Nairaland / General / 15 Influntial Lawyers by Princiology(m): 12:56pm On Mar 01, 2019
All over the world, lawyers are expressly respected for their immense contribution to the growth and development of our societies, through their monumental range of disciplinary knowledgeability.

This soundly explains why lawyers are called 'learned'. Lawyers have made their marks all through history in society-growing and nation-building activities. In this bid, here is a list of 15 notable and influential lawyers of all time.

1. HUGO GROIUS (10TH APRIL 1582 - 28TH AUGUST 1645)

Hugo Grotius, also known as Hugo de Groot, was a Dutch Jurist. Along with the earlier works of Francisco de Victoria and Alberico Gentili, Grotius laid foundations for international law. His main interest was the philosophy of war, international law, and political philosophy. It is thought that he is the first to formulate the international society doctrine.

2. THURGOOD MARSHALL (JULY 2, 1908 - JANUARY 24, 1993)

He was an American lawyer. He served as associate in justice in the supreme court of the United States of America from October 1967 until October 1991. He established the NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund.

Click here to read about the definitions and meaning of Law


Alan is an American lawyer and academic. He is a scholar of United States constitutional law and criminal law. He is also notable for civil liberation. As a professor of law, the criminal appellate lawyer won 13 of 15 murder and attempted murder cases he has handled.


Beccaria was and Halian criminologist, jurist, philosopher and politician. He is widely considered as the most talented jurist. He is notable for his treaties on crimes, and punishments (1764). He is also considered as the father of modern criminal law, and the father of criminal justice.

See also: Travis Greene Biography


Ted is an American lawyer, who works in the field of criminal law. He has been selected by the National Law Journal as one of America's best White-collar defence attorney on numerous occasions.

6. GANI FAWEHINMI (APRIL 22, 1938 - SEPTEMBER 5, 2009)
Chief Abdul-Ganiyu "Gani" Oyewesola Fawehinmi, GCON, SAN, was a renowned and well respected Nigerian author, publisher, philanthropist, social critic, seasoned human and civil rights lawyer, politician and Senior Advocate of Nigeria. Among other several achievements, he was awarded the biennial Bruno Kreisky Prize, on the 11th of June, 1993. He also received the International Bar Association's Bernard Simmons Award', in recognition of his human-rights and pro-democracy work. In September 2001, he got the highest legal title in Nigeria, by becoming a SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria).

You could click to read about the biography of Juliana Olayode -Toyobaby

This American lawyer fought to change the law that denied women the right to become lawyers. She was the first women to run for governor.

8. ABRAHAM LINCOLN (FEBRUARY 12, 1809 - APRIL 15, 1865)

He was an American statesman and lawyer. He served as the 16th President of the United States. He led United States through its civil war - its bloodiest war.


She is a Gambian lawyer and international criminal law prosecutor. She is the current international criminal court (ICC) chief prosecutor.

Click to read about the meaning of motion, prayer, and summon in law


Barack Obama's law career was short because he was a shooting star from the beginning. He was never going to push the paper he was going to govern its direction. He later became the 44th U.S. president.

11. CLARENCE DARROW (APRIL 18, 1857 - MARCH 13, 1938)

He is an America lawyer, a leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and a prominent advocate for Georgist Economic Reform.


He is a semi-retired American trial lawyer. He is a member of American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame. He has never lost a criminal case, either as a prosecutor or defence attorney.

Femi Falana is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, a lawyer by heart, and human rights activist. He contested but lost the governorship election of Ekiti State, Nigeria, in 2007, on the platform of the National Conscience Party. He served as the National chairman of this party in 2011.

You could also read about the comparison and contrast of the positive and natural theory of Law


Hillary Clinton is an American politician who was a lawyer, the 67th secretary of state under President Barack Obama, and a U.S. senator from New York. She was once the first lady of the United States, and the Democratic Party's nominee for President in the 2016 election.

He was a political leader who was a lawyer, and served as the 32nd president of the United States from 1933, until his death in 1945.

These are just few of the influential lawyers we have behind and with us. There are many others, whose deeds have helped changed the tone of human existence.

Webmasters / Re: Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 6:07am On Feb 26, 2019
Yes, it is an advert.
When my friend first joined this forum he took it upon himself to report all threads which only had links posted.
He slowed down later when he noticed some threads were done so intentionally.
Any thread which says ‘rate my blog’ and presents only a link is not an advert.
It is a cry for help.
However those idiots who create topics like ‘see Maheeda’s new explicit pics’ and then post only a stupid link...
You know what my next course of action is.

What if it's something like this...

I employ all students planning to write Jamb to maintain undiluted concentration in their preparations, irrespective of the news and situation of the country.
If you're still bordered on how to pass jamb, do well to read my post here- https://www.abc.abc

Is this still an advert?
Webmasters / Re: Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 10:30pm On Feb 25, 2019
Need some answers here...
Webmasters / Do You Think Sharing A Link To Another Website On Nairaland Is An Advert? by Princiology(m): 3:11pm On Feb 25, 2019
It is no news that adverts are banned on some sections on Nairaland, like this one we're on.

So, here is my question. Do you or do you not think putting a link pointing to another website on a Nairaland post is an advert?
In other words, is it an advert to place a link to one's website on her post or comment on Nairaland?

Given the fact that it is related to the subject matter. Is it banned or against the law of Nairaland to do so in any way?
Education / Re: JAMB 2019: Ten Tips To Pass Outstandingly by Princiology(m): 9:22pm On Feb 19, 2019
Point Eleven

Understand Jamb Questions

When you see a Jamb question, I urge you to calm down. The option that appeals to you on first sight may necessarily not be the answer.

My website is at https://www.princiology.com

Some other Jamb questions are written in such a way that their options look alike, speaks of no difference on the surface, and appeal to you like they are all right. This could easily get you confused, don't be. Remember your time limit.

Calmness is essentially necessary when you seat behind your computer, believe me.

I have a post on how to pass jamb , you could click to read through.

Education / Re: How To Pass Jamb 2019/2020 And Score Above 300 by Princiology(m): 9:06pm On Feb 19, 2019
Jamb is not insurmountable in any form, please do not let fear strangle you.

I can remember the first time I did jamb, seeing my result was a traumatic experience for me. But the second time I sat for it, I could only give praise. grin

My homepage is at https://www.princiology.com/

So whether you are a first timer or a second, third, forth... Or what number, you can still make it if you face the principles of success correctly. Knowledge is power.

I have a full blog post on how to pass jamb successfully . You could check it out.
Education / Re: JAMB 2018: How To Successfully Score Very High In Jamb(300+) CBT Exam by Princiology(m): 8:54pm On Feb 19, 2019
Balance Things Dear

As so much as you would want to trust past questions, I also advice you to take adequate caution.

Remember the reason for education is to gain knowledge. As opposed to how it may seem, passing an exam is not the ultimate goal. The goal is that you be saddled with the adequate knowledge you need to solve problems of life.

That apart, the knowledge you gain while you prepare for Jamb would not all fly away after it. I tell you, when you gain admission into an higher institution, you will give thanks that you have read some things while you were prepaying for Jamb.

What I'm I saying? READ... READ FOR JAMB.

Like I do say, we have more lecturers and teachers than are needed to set thousands of Jamb questions. Be wise my dear.

Past questions are good like the writer stated supra, but it is better that you use them while you get a comprehensive knowledge of the topics in the syllabus.

I have a blog post on how to pass Jamb successfully , right there. You could click to read through.

Thank you wink
Education / Re: Guide : How To Pass Jamb With Ease (score 200+ Made Easy) by Princiology(m): 8:00pm On Feb 19, 2019
Understand Jamb Questions

I believe by now you should know how Jamb thinks. If you don't, please check it out in the post supra.

Well, it is another thing to understand Jamb questions. It is not falsehood to mention that Jamb questions are not difficult, they are only asked in technical ways.

This technicality has made it possible for any subject in Jamb to look difficult and of the same rate. Believe it or not, C.R.S questions in Jamb now are as hard as Mathematics and English ones.

In this regard, do not look down on any subject as too simple. Also, do not count any as insurmountable.

When you see a Jamb question, say English, the first answer that comes to your mind has a very high probability of not being the right answer, yes! Unless you are more than sure.

Those who set Jamb questions are not poor to leave correct answers on the surface. Apparently, too many students would pass if they did so.

So, they try to twist things up, so that many students would pick the wrong answer, thinking they have picked the right one. Such students get out of the exam with confidence, and are later disappointed by their results.

Take this question for example:
I did it to _________________ your appetite.
a. Wheat
b. Wet
C. Whet
D. Weth

In answering this question, so many students would pick option b. If you have, you have just lost the mark for the question.

The correct answer is C.

So, when you seat behind your computer, be very wise. Remember, not all that glitters is gold. Not everything that looks like the answer is really the answer.

I have a post on how to pass Jamb , you could click to read it. My website is at https://www.princiology.com

Education / Re: Hi by Princiology(m): 9:48am On Feb 19, 2019
Education / Hi by Princiology(m): 8:50pm On Feb 18, 2019
Literature / Re: Friendship (a Poem) by Princiology(m): 4:47pm On Feb 05, 2019
Thank you Olusholasimon... I'm glad you do grin
Education / Re: Guide : How To Pass Jamb With Ease (score 200+ Made Easy) by Princiology(m): 4:43pm On Feb 05, 2019
Literature / Re: Sweet Sixteen JAMB 2018 by Princiology(m): 11:38pm On Jan 26, 2019
Is there not a way the soft copy of the book can be gotten in all at a time?
Literature / Friendship (a Poem) by Princiology(m): 11:25pm On Jan 26, 2019
(c) Inioluwa Olaposi - Founder of PRINCIOLOGY.COM

I needed a friend
For it my heart did cry
One to whom my pain can send
Someone on whom my heart can lie

I searched in all places
I found none to be so worthy
My very eyes beheld many faces
Everyone was just a foodie

Then I found you
It dawned on me at sight
Your virtuous status at glance
Shinning as great as light

And so this far we've came
With this feeling just the same
When I cogitate on our companionship
I see a reflection of true friendship

You are a perfect example of a true friend
I so wish today that our affection never end
Nairaland / General / Re: How To Add Links To Nairaland Posts by Princiology(m): 11:17pm On Jan 26, 2019
On your reply page, there's an icon that say a insert hyperlink (looks like the globe), when you click on it it looks something like this [url][/url].
To insert a link, the simple format is [url=link ]word(s)[ /url].

You can quote this post to see how I did it below.

Got it?

I see
Literature / Re: Wanting To Meet Her (1) - A Touch Of Romance by Princiology(m): 11:49pm On Jan 10, 2019
Thanks to those that are following already grin
Literature / Wanting To Meet Her (1) - A Touch Of Romance by Princiology(m): 8:13am On Jan 10, 2019
(C) Inioluwa Olaposi - Founder of PRINCIOLOGY.COM

First Bank Lecture Theatre was just where Simon loved to spend his evenings. Many times he had tried to find palpable reasons for the sensation he felt anytime he sat on one the wooden seats in this building, all to no avail. Today was like every other day, or so he thought.

There he sat again on his favourite seat, somewhere that could pass well to be regarded as the centre of the hall, having both his legs spread out on the long bench before him like two friends that have fought and sworn never to be reconciled.

Simon was twenty-two years old, at least, so he always said. For a moment, he raised his neck and let out a big yawn with his mouth as wide as an African pot of soup – a neglected one.

Simon was tired. If he was told to make a written depiction of himself as he sat on that seat, he would never have gotten a right word to describe this fatigue that overwhelmed his flesh.

He was very happy there would be no more lectures in this hall for the rest of the day, so he could seat and relax for as long as he wanted. But of course he would have to say a prayer that a bunch of students don’t come around soon to disturb him in the name of group discussion, extracurricular undertaking, coaching, or a combination of these.

Simon sneezed at the thought of it, and then shook his head subsequently.

What more can a man do when he is tired than to think about how he had spent his day? This was the same lecture theatre in which Simon had had his first lecture that day. And for a second, he imagined how students had filled up the whole place that morning.

If the vice chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University had accidentally walked by that morning, he would possibly have considered approving the commencement of teeming labour in order to erect a bigger lecture theatre in that part of the university. Of course, undergraduates didn’t just turn up en masse for any lecture, even if it’s the last to exams, let alone attend one held in the morning so crowdedly.

But everyone could testify that Prof.Kikikono’s classes were profusely different from any they’ve seen, together with his technique of organizing impromptu tests as often as possible. Older students could swear he was different few years before, but ever since he returned from Sierra Leone, things were never to be the same again.

Simon rose to his feet slowly, stepping on the floor with his right foot before the other, after he had pleasingly swung both legs from their former position. His legs ached somehow, and he really didn’t understood why, neither did he care so much about it.

He merely guessed the manner he had sat could have blocked some flow of blood in the veins in his legs. Resting on the fact that he would soon be relieved of the pain, he wondered why he should know its specific cause. Why should he worry so much about scientific doctrines, when he was almost a graduate of the Faculty of Law – a promising one at that?

He began to pick his way towards one of the exits of the hall, still feeling the quake at his legs. He stopped for a second and turned to look at his bag, which was on the immediate chair to the right of the one he had risen. He wondered if he should take his phone along on his short trip to the toilet.

“No, it’s not necessary. I would hurry and come back as soon as I can,” he mumbled to himself.

Before he left the hall, he glanced through again from one end to the other to make sure he wasn’t oblivious of anyone’s presence. Not at all, he was still alone.

Simon did hurry, even though a peep at his mind would prove otherwise. He thought of the heavy rainfall that left him disorganized. He thought of the little boy he had met before Odudua Hall, and his appearance that loudly spoke more of poverty than the begging hands.

He thought of how bad he had willed to give, if only he had had some money with him. He thought of the stationery merchant he owed some hundreds of naira, and the okada man that shouted at him for crossing the road while the green light shone on the traffic-light board.

He wondered why his day had been so much of a jigsaw. Why couldn’t he get to do many things he wanted? Why did his dreams and expectations seem far beyond him? And now, the day was running to an end.

He would just sit in his favourite hall still he felt like going to his hostel. Then, he would have to stand before his roommates and explain why he had left the windows opened. What a mess!

Simon walked back to the hall, slower than he had left, perhaps dew to the heavy weight of the thoughts he was engaged in. The tremor at his feet was gone completely now, just as he had guessed.

Simon sighed. For once, something was working right in his day. But then, his prolonged outbreath disappeared suddenly and completely when he got back to the exit from which he had left the hall a few seconds before.

He stood agape at the opened door as he looked into the hall. By now, there were three groups of students sitting at different locations in the hall. And the serene environment he had left behind was now a factory of silent noise. Simon was dumbfounded.

How on earth could he sit peacefully here now? To worsen matters, members of one of the groups were sitting very close to where he had placed his bag. He closed his eyes for a moment and almost let out a curse.
When Simon opened his eyes, a lady he hadn’t really seen before he closed his sight was walking towards the door at which he stood.

He couldn’t just keep standing there, or else someone would start to ask him questions. So, he summoned his consciousness and was ready to move. But then, the walking lady, who was now very close to him, hit her left foot against a raised part of the concrete floor before the door, lost her balance and was at the risk of a severe fall. Simon did it as if he had planned for it.

He spread out his hands instantaneously and grabbed her right before she could have stumbled. Verily, it was a great safe.

The whole hall was perfectly silent for a minute, all eyes staring at the guys at the door. The lady didn’t recover from the shock very quickly, she had her head hung over Simon’s shoulder the whole time.

Simon made sure she was balance before he again suddenly withdrew his hands. He wondered if he should be ashamed or proud for his act...
Technology Market / Get The Very Best From The Use Of SUPERCONNECT! by Princiology(m): 8:58pm On Nov 14, 2018

Are you planning on knowing a lot within short time?
Perhaps, you often get tired of surfing around different sites before getting the information you want.
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