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TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 3:51pm On Sep 25
There is nothing Gay there.
It's just your mind playing trick because of the meat stuff.
What that statement meant was that he should stop beating around the Bush and go straight to the point as the human was speaking in parables.
The show is taken from a book, and there was nothing Gay written in the book, the day Amazon shows a gay couple is the day the show will die and they know it so they won't dare and mind you, the show is a family show and not an adult show like The house of the dragon.

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TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 8:50pm On Sep 24

Bruh, you know God tier content!! cheesy
That scene I'm patiently waiting to get replicated.

I just dey watch pu7pl3 saying the dragons in this show are tame. If that scene between Vhagar and Caraxes is properly relieved, Omo na god tier carnage. Also the fight between both warriors.

I just dey wait how ppl go drop their Jaws. cheesy cheesy grin

Lol, they have not showed it yet boss grin
You're hyped up by your imaginations and source material knowledge.
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 2:19pm On Sep 24
they keep complaining but are enduring because of a Daredevil cameo teaser grin

Marvel really baited fans into watching like 10+ hours of dumpster in hopes of seeing a 1 minute cameo grin

It's really insane...

not me sha, the twerking episode was the height for me
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 12:33pm On Sep 24
She-hulk fight scene is an insult to fans.
What is this ?Nickelodeon?

Just stop watching that shit, it's trash

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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 11:11am On Sep 24

Honorary Uce
I am but a simple man, folks. I find it necessary to point out how grateful I am that WWE actually bothered to give an explanation as to why Solo Sikoa came up to the main roster to join The Bloodline. They did so on Friday Night SmackDown this week, with Paul Heyman explaining that the elders of the Samoan Dynasty sent him to assist the family in the face of many conspiracies.
Reigns, in a show of dominance, established as much by demanding that Solo acknowledge him.
He did.
It was a moment.
Naturally, Sami Zayn interrupted the end of this to say a few words. He, too, wanted to publicly acknowledge The Tribal Chief. He did so but was met only with scorn. Reigns rebuked him in the strongest possible terms, demanding he take the Bloodline shirt off and when he wouldn’t, ordering Jey to rip it off his back.
“You ain’t ever going to wear that shirt again … because I got you a new one.”
Reigns threw him a shirt that read “HONORARY UCE” and everyone — except for Jey Uso — celebrated. Sami acknowledged him once more and finished with a hug, one Reigns laughed at but reciprocated with a tap to Sami’s back.
It might as well have been the world.
It isn’t quite the right time to do the breakup, and I found myself breathing a sigh of relief they didn’t do it like this. That they aren’t rushing this and taking the time to tell the story right is every reason fans are excited about Triple H being in charge of creative. It doesn’t mean the end result will be a hit but they’re earning a lot of points with how they’re going about this.
Ah, what the hell am I saying, Sami Zayn will make damn sure it’s a hit.
Later, Madcap Moss and Ricochet were having a go at Zayn, calling him out and belittling his position in The Bloodline, when Sikoa showed up from nowhere and laid in a brutal beatdown on both. It looked stiff as hell, exactly the kind of aggression you’d hope for from everyone but works especially well considering how he’s been introduced here as the muscle for the group. They did a hell of a job of getting him over here.
This whole story has been fantastic.
The show closed with The Usos retaining their tag team titles — Imperium kept their issue going with the Brawling Brutes to assist them — and Solo & Sami stood tall alongside Jimmy & Jey.
The Bloodline is all.

All the rest
Liv Morgan, the current SmackDown women’s champion, was given half a TV entrance on this show, for what that’s worth. Then she worked a somewhat sloppy match against Lacey Evans but one that told a story, notably how she can indeed get extreme to win a match. After, she laid into Evans with a kendo stick to further prove her point. The fans were behind her for this, and then they were REALLY behind her when she pulled out a table, and then they went bonkers for her for coming off the top rope to put Evans through that table. This was pretty damn good.

The Maximum Male Models lost to The New Day and Max Dupri got good and pissed off about it, close yelling at everyone and throwing his blazer all about. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hopped a jet straight to LA!

That Braun Strowman vs. Otis match was way better than it had any business being. I’ve long been a big Otis supporter but BigHuge McBiggerShoes was maybe even more impressive. They haven’t asked much of him just yet but for what they have asked, he’s delivered.

Drew McIntyre challenged Karrion Kross to a Strap match at Extreme Rules, good and fed up with getting attacked from behind. He was immediately attacked from behind by Karrion Kross. Scarlett used a fireball to help Kross get the advantage and we’re to understand there’s no reason to think she won’t do so anytime necessary moving forward. It’s worth noting they didn’t use the noir filter for Kross during all this.

Raquel Rodriguez defeated Dakota Kai thanks to Shotzi showing up to help fend off Damage CTRL. It certainly appears as though Aliyah has been phased out and Shotzi has been phased in. Feel how you will about that decision.Hit Row partied it up with The Street Profits backstage — among others — and they had some fun. It was ultimately a set up for Los Lotharios to attack Top Dolla and set up a future match. I kind of love the idea that the locker room is just one big get together for the roster and anyone who isn’t booked on the show but made the city gets to have a good time for doing so. Let me live in that belief, please.

Another good show from the blue brand.

Grade: B

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TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 11:08am On Sep 24
Lol! And we thought Purpl3 was wildling grin

E go shock una grin
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 12:50am On Sep 23
Am I the only one wondering about Mendy's display tonight, or is it that France is playing 3-5-2?

343 that's very fluid
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by pu7pl3(m): 4:55pm On Sep 22
I just finished episode 4

No way this dude turned up in a strange new world and first thing he did was to start risking his life to buy a sex slave grin

Episode 4

TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 4:54pm On Sep 22
Shall we begin.... cheesy

Looks like it's Animé szn
Which one is this?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 4:53pm On Sep 22
how do you combine being an arsenal fan and madrista at the same time?

TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 10:02pm On Sep 21
Those that watches cyberpunk- edgerunner. How una dey cope with am? Their conversations bores d hell out of me.. D graphics, d colouring, really disturbing... I cant deal..

TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 9:54pm On Sep 21
Guess he go don see the laugh wey we go laugh you after the cinema run cool

He saw laughs alright but You'll laugh with me not at me.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 9:48pm On Sep 21

Edu (arsenal technical director) asked for them to be left out of the squad. I don't know how true is the rumour.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 9:48pm On Sep 21
don't mind him.. Maybe he is trying to say the physical way they played by almost injuring Valverde for us

I done see say the guy na cheap troll grin
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 9:44pm On Sep 21

I don’t understand why Gabriel Jesus isn’t there ooo ,that guy has been regular at the Brazil squad event when pep was benching him ,let alone now that he is doing so well for arsenal

Cunha na fraud ,the Pedro guy is good ooo

Maybe the talk about Edu asking for permission to leave them out is true
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by pu7pl3(m): 9:28pm On Sep 21
Finally some consistent activity on this thread
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 11:23am On Sep 21
No be everything wey appear with light na angel. Even devil dey disguise sometimes. No be me talk am, na so im dey for Bible.
Lucifer fit dey whine you laidis

Lucifer sef dey see the future
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 11:19am On Sep 21
Gabriel Jesus and Martinelli should be there ahead of Cunha and Pedro

TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 10:59am On Sep 21
Na God send Noah message. Where this $1.5b message from dey come?

Na God send me message too


TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:12am On Sep 21

Ladders, Ladders Everywhere
NXT kicked off its semi-new era tonight in a puzzling way. Shawn Michaels, who I assume is firmly an on-screen authority figure now (welcome back, sheriff!) stripped Solo Sikoa of his North American title. Why you ask? Because Solo was an unsanctioned competitor in an unsanctioned match. The fans didn’t pick him therefore the match results are null and void.
That means Carmelo Hayes lost the title to Solo for basketball reasons. WWE wanted a cliffhanger moment and something to talk about, so they put the title on someone they never intended to keep said title. For those of you saying maybe they just figured that out today or within the past few days, NXT is pre-taped this week, which makes it more than likely taking the title off Solo was always the plan. Yes, it was a hell of a moment, but now it’s utterly meaningless. The only thing it did was create an opening for a ladder match in six weeks at Halloween Havoc.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m looking forward to a ladder match. Especially after the last time NXT held a ladder match for the North American championship. But Melo didn’t need to lose the title for that. Solo is not only officially gone from the black and gold brand, his title reign win officially never happened. There’s a better way to do this where they don’t make a title enhancing hands look like a stunt.
However...what I do like is the fact Melo looks off his game right now. He and Trick went to the ring to talk their talk and Chase U interrupted. A good tag match ensued between Trick & Melo and Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward. Peep this: Melo took the pin. Not Trick, but Melo. Andre Chase got a surprise victory over Carmelo Hayes, proving Melo is losing momentum going into this ladder match to get back a title he never truly lost. He’s so focused on the unfairness of Shawn taking the title from him as punishment for bending the rules—irony—that he found himself on the wrong end of a teachable moment.
Last week I said Melo is NXT’s main character. This week only underlines that fact for me.

Strong Returns
JD McDonagh and Tyler Bate started their match perfectly: Several pin fall attempts illustrating how well they know each other. After they felt each other out, the fun really started. This NXT championship number one contender’s match had everything I want in a wrestling match. Character-driven moves, back and forth action, 3rd act near falls, and the feeling that either competitor can win. Tyler didn’t come into the match overconfident or arrogant, but he did aim a little too high. In a fight where the opponent knows every move before it happens, then the logical thing is to surprise them with the unexpected.
JD didn’t expect Bate to go for a Tyler Driver ‘97 off the top rope but he was prepared. JD blocked the move by putting his own body on the line—perfectly in character—with a headbutt and went for an amazing Spanish Fly off the top rope. One Devil Inside later and JD walked away with the victory.
But he wasn’t happy about it. While JD and Bron Breakker squared off, Ilja Dragunov made his triumphant return to Florida! He was sorely missed and immediately inserted himself into the championship picture. While Bron welcomed the extra competition, JD seethed at the mere sound of Dragunov’s music.
This is a good thing because it gives Bron more to do, provides a very worth foil for the seemingly unfazed JD, and makes everyone involved a bit more interesting.
This was easily the match of the show and one of NXT’s best main events in quite some time.

Diamonds in the Rough
Toxic Attraction and Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley wrestled a solid match with a nice story. Toxic Attraction is on a mission for dominance while Ivy is doing her best to hold her focus with all the Diamond Mine drama happening. Different stakes for different folks, and I bought it.
Ivy just couldn’t focus long enough to be her normal self, and she took the pin for her team while letting her partner down in the process.

Damon’s Story
There’s a better way to do this, right? WWE is usually really on point when it comes to relaying story beats so all the particulars are clear. But Damon Kemp isn’t skilled enough yet to shoulder that load. Much like last week, his delivery is stilted and he doesn’t sound convincing. He’s a work in progress but maybe they put him in a position to win?

Night Night
Cora Jade and Wendy Choo have good chemistry together. They didn’t get a lot of time—most matches on the show didn’t—but they clearly work well together. Wendy is a babyface everyone loves and that makes her the perfect opponent for Cora. Cora got the win thanks to a DDT, and Lash Legend attacked Wendy after the match. Lash working with Wendy is a good look for her on multiple fronts. Hopefully it works out.

Still a Good Team
We rather see Tyler Bate as a cult leader than Joe Gacy. Bate looks the part while Gacy...well, yeah. Also, why was Malik Blade wrestling in an argyle sweater vest and trunks?! Steve Urkel had better fashion sense than that.
Whew, fix it, Jesus.
Those things aside, this was a pretty good tag match all about showcasing the Dyad. Edris Enofe & Malik started strong, hitting the ring like sneaker shoppers on Black Friday, but once the Dyad slowed the pace, they, ironically, couldn’t keep up. The Dyad, without the Joe Gacy shenanigans, are still a dope team capable of really good matches. This was another example as they simply outsmarted and outmaneuvered Enofe & Blade.
More of that crisp tag action and less hugs with Gacy.

I can’t even talk about this ladder match qualifier match between Grayson Waller and Oro Mensah. And I enjoyed the match! You know why I can’t? Because Apollo Crews showed up with one eye bleeding. Yes, blood dripping from his eye. Understandably, this stopped Waller in his tracks and Mensah took advantage. Mensah moves on to the ladder match at Halloween Havoc, while Apollo has yet another gimmick. As Valeelove pointed out, the man has a new gimmick every week.
No, I don’t like it.

I know what NXT is doing with Nathan Frazer and Axiom. I get it completely. Get them over through wrestling a few dope matches. But it’s not working for me. I barely know who these two are other than the fact they love comics and challenged each other. I just need a bit more juice to get emotionally involved.

The main event really boosted this show. And the surprise return at the end put the cherry on top of the sundae. While some of the action throughout the two hours left something to be desired, and there’s still too much Gacy, the show finished very strong.

Grade: B+

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 10:01am On Sep 21
I watched a repeat of the derby and Atletico completely outplayed real in that match. Its been a norm for los blancos and ancelotti. Play below par, get results. No matter what. The rojiblancos were just unlucky not to have gotten the result they want.

Outplayed us in what aspect actually? In making plays that led to nowhere or what exactly?
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 9:53am On Sep 21

Shey baby oil don turn crude oil? The weyrey can't guarantee billions.

TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 9:51am On Sep 21

It's The Rock factor that's making me up my prediction. If not, na $500-600mn I go give am.
And ppl been waiting for that character for years.


They laughed at Noah
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 7:45pm On Sep 20

Worldwide gross - $500m
The remaining $1billion na from your pocket
Wake up! Stop dreaming man.

You people are underestimating The Rock sha
Make I dey laugh grin grin...
It's still okay to dream regardless.
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by pu7pl3(m): 5:45pm On Sep 20
@ pu7pl3 and Kaycee7

What is your box office prediction??

TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 9:51am On Sep 20

I’m Not Looking at You Dudes, I’m Looking Past You
Seth Rollins didn’t expect his U.S. championship match against Bobby Lashley to go very long. The challenger came into the match with the crowd serenading him—as they always do—and high on his own supply. For a brief moment, Seth’s plan to attack fast and overwhelm the All Mighty with a bunch of offense might work. Seth put Bobby in the perfect position for a Curb Stomp only for Lashley to block it with his arms. And I don’t mean he used an arm to swat Seth aside. No, I mean his arms stopped his face from hitting the mat because he’s apparently strong enough to not go down when a grown man jumps onto the back of his head with the full force of his weight behind a foot.
That’s one of the illest things I’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring and a fantastic illustration of Lashley’s strength.
After that, we got a very fun, crisp match with a well-told story. Which is kinda the main reason we’re here, right? Seth really proved he was a step ahead of the “MMA guy” in Lashley. Seth countered a spear into a Pedigree. He turned the Hurt Lock into his own pinning combination. And when Lashley refused to break the hold, Seth low-blowed the champ while the ref wasn’t looking.
That’s when the story dovetailed into Seth’s beef with another MMA guy in Matthew Riddle. Riddle’s music played, he showed up on the ramp to talk his trash, distracted Seth, and Seth caught a spear from Lashley and an L as a result. The guy who claims he’s 10 steps ahead the MMA guys like Lashley and Riddle got proof he really isn’t, and furthered the story between Riddle and Seth. Great opening match.
And as a result of Riddle’s machinations, Seth finally gave him the rematch he clamored for and it’s happening at Extreme Rules. However, it’s on Riddle’s turf: a fight pit.
That’s another good way WWE illustrates Seth is off his game since he agreed to any match Riddle wanted. Now he finds himself in a match Riddle made famous on Riddle’s terms. Hardly the sign of a supreme strategist. But it is the sign of good storytelling.

Turn Me Back to the Old Me
Damage CNTRL talked a lot of ish this week. Rightfully so after Kai-N-SKY won the tag championships and Bayley effectively got into Bianca Belair’s head. But Bianca wasn’t Bayley’s target this week as she set her sights on Alexa Bliss. Bayley, like a lot of cagesiders reading this, doesn’t believe Alexa is anything closed to what she used to be. Bayley said Alexa used to torment her but now Lilly is the only one with bite.
For a lot of reasons, Alexa isn’t the same person she used to be many moons ago. Her match with Damage CNTRL’s leader signaled the start of her journey back to the way things used to be.
With a lot of help from her friends, Bayley finally got a W over her longtime enemy in a solid main event. What’s clear within the story is Alexa might need to go back to the old her to not only stand a chance on her own against Bayley, but for her, Bianca, and Asuka to deal with Damage CNTRL. Would the old Alexa fall victim to outside shenanigans from Dakota Kai? Of course not. This is a story worth watching.
While we didn’t get a definitive answer on Alexa, we finally know when Bayley gets her championship match. Damage CNTRL beat down Asuka and Bianca after the match, giving Bayley the opening to tell the fallen champ that she wants the Raw Women’s championship at Extreme Rules. The more interesting aspect is the shape the match takes since the fact they’re fighting in Philly isn’t a surprise.

Yo I can punch arse in his face...
Last week, Kevin Owens broke Austin Theory’s nose in one of Raw’s best segments. This week? Theory is out for revenge and his own pound of flesh. More importantly, Theory wanted, no, needed, to show KO he’s more than just a pretty face with a glide path to a championship. By design, Theory took a lot of punishment this week. Austin showed determination, grit, and any other synonym for “heart” when fighting a guy who just loves a fight. KO had nothing to prove here, because he’s already a made guy and he’s confident enough in who he is and what he stands for. Austin? Ladies and gents, this match was everything to him.
Which is why in the middle of a good match he went for his MITB briefcase. No matter how much he wants to prove he can hold his own, he is compelled to take shortcuts, thus, proving KO’s point. The problem with his plan was Johnny Gargano showed up out of nowhere to take said briefcase. A distracted Theory walked right into a Superkick, then a Pop Up Powerbomb, and the fat lady hit her high notes for the night.
Adding insult to injury, Gargano dropped the briefcase right on a fallen Theory’s stomach and pranced around the ring in celebration. I chuckled.

Imagine That No Gun, No Knife. It’s a One-on-One Now We Gots to Fight
“Calm his butch ass down” made me laugh out loud and I’m still laughing. Even if you’re reading this on Tuesday evening, just know I’m laughing. What made it funnier was he said it while two-thirds of the Brawlin’ Brutes welcomed Raw to Fight Night. Which, I understand, is far removed from Fright Night, a fine ‘80s horror flick with a 2010s remake that works a lot better for me as a film and concept.
But anyway, the Brutes came into the match with the Street Profits with one thing in mind: Send a message to Jimmy and Jey Uso.
And that they did.
Look, you know the two teams involved so you know it was a solid match. WWE wanted the Brutes to look strong going into their tag title match on SmackDown, so mission accomplished. They played their game rather than even try to do what the Profits do.

Grim Reaper Calling, Judgment Day
First off, the crowd loathes Dominik. If you missed Judgment Day’s segment before their match against Riddle and Rey Mysterio, go back and watch. Dom barely got a word in edge wise with the crowd throwing boos at him like they were in Philly and he was good taste. That’s a testament to everyone involved, along with the goodwill everyone has for Rey. I’m not the only one into this family story mixed with Rhea Ripley turning boys to men on bended knee ‘till the end of the road.
Riddle interjected himself into this story with Edge’s absence, meaning he too found himself in Papi’s clutches for a mean back suplex when the referee turned his head. Riddle is fine but this match was all about Rey getting a taste of revenge. Especially since it was only a matter of time before Seth made his way into the match for some payback on Matt.
The entire match built to the moment where Rey, after fending off Seth, was face to face with his son. Dom approached his father and dared Rey to hit him with the chair in Rey’s hand. Dom even knelt down to make it easy for his father. Rey, of course, declined. That was the end for Rey and Matt, as Rey took the finisher from Finn. The L didn’t matter much here because it’s all about Dom and Rey. Captivating stuff and Dom is playing it beautifully.
AJ Styles, after being on a milk carton for weeks, showed up and got into a verbal spat with Finn Balor. I like teasing tension between these two, along with wondering whether or not AJ will accept Finn’s Judgment Day membership offer.

So I Creep...
Miz TV. Miz rightfully indigent about Dexter Lumis being in his house. Miz calls him out. Dexter shows up underneath the ring and Ciampa hits him with a microphone to send him back to where he came. Meh.

This was a very solid episode of Raw. Once again, nothing life-altering or the most newsworthy show. Just solid wrestling, solid storytelling, and a fun night.

Grade: B

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TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 10:42pm On Sep 19
Then you remembered you'll eat cassava and agbado everyday grin grin

The queen would surely be better than Resident Jagaban abeg grin grin there would be balanced diet grin

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TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by pu7pl3(m): 9:12pm On Sep 19
Say what you want about rings of power but there is no denying the God-tier world building and dialogue. Especially that queen's speech at the end of ep4, I almost raised up my hand to volunteer tbh.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 6:42pm On Sep 19

Na the players wey them sign dey shack them, the have forgotten that they have already failed their first test this season, and most of their games have been against team in the bottom half of the table

They don't realise that even against those bottom half teams, any little thing that makes Lewandowski unavailable like Benzema is right now is a huge problem for them.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 10:08am On Sep 19

Season never go anywhere na grin
Remember we'll both have fixtures congestion before the WC that may make both of us drop points plus El-classico dey where him dey, But una dey very solid and robust sha except maybe your thin attack, Great competition

Whose attack are you calling thin? undecided
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 10:08pm On Sep 18
If Benzema was in this match e for reach 4 atleast angry

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: R35L Madrid - Most Successful & Greatest Champ14ns of Spain & Europe by pu7pl3(m): 9:59pm On Sep 18

E pain me oo

A goal from him would have been perfect

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