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Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 12:11pm On Oct 12, 2020

@my location. Period.
Do u even have electricity or water in ur location? cheesy

How many times my dear, plz prove the different figures flying up and down wrong.

How many times?


Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 12:08pm On Oct 12, 2020

@my location. Period.
Are u proud of how many times ROD don push-in and push-out from that tiny hole in between ur legs?

Answer, or forever remain quiet.


Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 12:00pm On Oct 12, 2020
Powerfly aka butterfly where u at? cheesy
Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 11:55am On Oct 12, 2020

Lolz.. My pussy ain't for men niqqa. keep battering women ooo. One day you'll pay for it. Foool.!! Rapist like you!
Are u proud of how many times ROD don push-in and push-out from that tiny hole in between ur legs?

Answer, or forever remain quiet.


Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 11:47am On Oct 12, 2020

i would love to engage you in a word fight. Buh hey! Nobody fights with a dirty wild mad pig to make a point. Useless and senseless mofo.
Lol. See butterfly calling itself powerfly. I want to tell u something u prostitute. The greatest gift I ever received in this life was God making me a man. I can batter ur pucci thousand times and be proud that I did.

Are u proud of ur pussi battered 5,144 times? Lol

Whorre coming on men's thread to learn about men.


Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 11:26am On Oct 12, 2020

ehya! I never knew that was your wife's personal experience. Hope you aren't body shaming her. He-goat
Lol this thread is actually for whorez like u little girl. I guess u've learnt one new word from me today amenorrhea cheesy

Sad and battered idiot coming to men's gist corner to indulge her whoring self.

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Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 11:10am On Oct 12, 2020

With your useless miscalculations...
You forgot that females experience menstruation. Some last for a week. For your mind, you get sense.
Hey Young Slut. Becareful the way u quote ur fathers. No doubt u fall into the categories of sad and battered women as stated above. That u've been banged 1,800 times was a modest estimate by me. Women like u that are suffering from amenorrhea were included in my estimate so am not ignorant of women without period u little slut.

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Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 8:38pm On Oct 11, 2020

Guys haba nah.

15yrs is about 5,500 days.

Less menses of 5days a month: 5,500days - ( 5days × 12months x 15yrs) = 5,500 days - 900 menses days = 4,600 days

Less atleast 3 weeks per quarter she may be at home or religious engagements: 4,600days - (21days x 4quarters x 15yrs) = 4,600 - 1,260 = 3,340days

Less exams period, nysc camp period, journeys for events etc, assumed 30days per annum: 3,340days - (30days x 15yrs) = 3,340 - 450 = 2,890days

Less months after break up before getting a new boyfriend, assumed 4 break ups with about 2 months to find a new guy: 2,890days - (4breakups x 2months x 30days) = 2,890 - 240days = 2,650days

Less time to revover from abortions/sicknesses, assumed 3 abortions with 21 days revover each, and 10 regular sicknesses like malaria et al for 3days each: 2,650days - (3 abortions x 21days recovery + 10sicknesses x 3days recovery) = 2,650 - 93days = 2,557days

Let us assume an average of 2 knacks per day (this assumes no knacks some days, 1 knack some days, 5 knacks some days etc): total number or knacks = 2,557 available days x 2 = 5,114 knacks

Note that this girl is above average on body counts.

Therefore, the OP and many guys here are exaggerating, most probably cos your assumptions are not realistic and heavily extreme!!!

My submission
So one cannot get a girl in Nigeria under 100 miles with 100 or less than 100 naks?


Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by SensualMan: 7:55pm On Oct 11, 2020
I cannot predict the actual age a Nigerian girl starts having sex but let's assume 10 years of active sex before settling down.
15 times of sex in 30 days multiplied by 12 calendar months ie 15 X 12 = 180 times battered pucci in a year.

180 multiplied by 10 years of active sex = 1,800 times a girls Pucci was battered.

The image below has a mileage of 1,000

For an average Nigerian girl that was battered 1,800 times before u married her, I wonder what hers would look like.

Guys please always run inspection on a girl's Pucci before u tie the knot.
Pucci don't lie.


Health / Re: My Skin Has Gone Bad. I Need Help! (Disturbing Photos) by SensualMan: 3:01am On Jul 14, 2020
Hi Nairaladers,

I've noticed these acen-like spots on my face since around 5 years ago. Then, I didn't pay much attention cause I was erroneously convinced into believing it was caused by eating too much oil. Well, I cut down my oil consumption totally and those spots remain there.

The shocking part is they exist only around my eyes. The remaining of my face is smooth except around my eyes.

I have used several ointments including Ytacan and Funbact- A, still no difference.

Recently, somebody prescribed an ointment called "RETIN-A" for me but before using it, I wish to seek advice from the good people of this forum.

Please, do I go ahead to buy the RETIN-A or there's a better option?
I need advice, please.
Go for this cream mupiderm I'm sure u should have it in a drug store in Nigeria. Very effective. Works like magic for any skin reaction.

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Romance / Re: My Sperm Retention Testimony: Amazing Results Of No Masturbation And Sex by SensualMan: 8:48am On Jul 13, 2020
Last month, I saw a post on the trending section of this forum by a user with the moniker thesecret99. It was about sperm retention and the poster purported to show some benefits that came with his quitting masturbation and sex. Things seemed to be moving in the right direction for him since he stopped. At first, I dismissed the post as one of the usual craps I see online. I swear what I read became the most valuable thing I have ever seen on Nairaland. I became curious to know if those supposed benefits were real. I started my sperm retention journey on that day, being June 11th. Though the last time I masturbated was on 9th June 2020. You can view the full thread using this link: https://www.nairaland.com/5918093/guys-stop-releasing-semen-watch

I will be sharing with you just few of the benefits that came since I embarked on this life-changing journey. Please note that this has nothing to do with religion.

1. Previously, I used to have memory issues. I may read something for an hour and still not comprehend it. This affected me in school last semester as I recorded a low GP. After about 3 weeks of no masturbation, I noticed that I easily assimilate things. It even baffles me that some of the things I have been struggling to understand were very simple. My memory became sharper. Before my journey, if I have a dream, I forget everything after waking up. I now recall any dream I have in great details.

2. I don't know why but since I started started this sperm retention journey, a lot of people seem to be telling me of how good-looking I'm becoming lately. Honestly I don't even use any beauty care product or give a hoot about my looks. I checked my previous photos and compared them with recent ones and I was like damn! it appears what those people have been saying is true. I don't want to reveal my identity on this forum, I'd have posted my pictures so that you will all see and understand what I'm saying. Ladies especially now keep getting attracted to me.

3. My zeal to do something productive increased tremendously. I used to spend most of my time on trivial things. Lately, an unknown force in me just keeps pushing me do the right things. I now devout hours learning new things and skills. I can even read for up to six hours and understand most of the things I read without any hitch.

If you doubt me, I'm not ready to argue with you, I no fit shout. Just try and stay away from masturbation and sex and see what happens after one month. If you feel like relapsing, let that curiousity to know what happens after a month and above, keep you pushing forward. These benefits are just few. The truth is your life will transform positively. You'll only get to see how after you try it out.

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Nairaland / General / Re: I Will Contn To Post This Till I Hear Something From You by SensualMan: 9:40am On Jun 17, 2018
Your posts ain't coordinated. I see u were unjustly laid off. I think u should calm down and pen ur thoughts down slowly or appoint someone with a good communication skills to put it down in writing for u.


Autos / Re: ***Kakakibuy + Joker5180 DELIVERED 2002 Mercedes Benz C240**Ohio To Naija*PICS** by SensualMan: 12:45pm On Jun 15, 2018
Hello sir, can I get a quote for Hyundai elantra 2007 Automatic transmission. Including clearance. Tnx
Autos / Re: ASK GAZZUZZ by SensualMan: 1:50pm On Jun 14, 2018
Chief Gazzuzz abeg help ur boy make this decision it's urgent.
Please help me choose between Hyundai elantra 2007 and Honda civic 2007. Car is to be sent down to Nigeria next week.
Major concern is fuel economy, parts, and cheap maintenance cost. Tnx


Autos / Re: American Cars For Sale, Import Car To Nigeria by SensualMan: 3:28pm On Mar 20, 2018
Used 2004 HONDA ACCORD LX Car For Sale At AuctionExport

Make: Honda
Model: Accord Lx
Year: 2004
Mileage: 153388.0 Actual
Exterior Color: GRAY
Interior Color:
Drivetrain: Front-wheel Drive
Engine: 2.4L 4-Cylinder Petrol

How much of everything will land this in Naija? Tnx
Car Talk / Re: Pls Is This Car Restorable And What Are Likely Cost? by SensualMan: 9:58am On Oct 23, 2017
The professionals in the field have advised u, but stubbornness won't let u heed to sound counsel. It's better to count ur losses and move on rather than get stuck in something dat will deplete the rest funds u have.
Like I said, count ur losses and move on. U can still gather some funds when u pieces to scrap. Sell it to mgbuka people starting with the windshield, front n back, Windows, tires, dashboard, seats, doors, exhaust etc I bet u can gather upto 200k from this.
Don't get burnt trying to salvage this engine, it can never, I repeat, it can never get back to factory spec, even if na GAZZUZZ work am.
A word is enough for the wise.


Crime / Re: Baby Dumped At A Refuse Site In Port-Harcourt Dies. Photos by SensualMan: 3:50pm On Sep 30, 2017

Ogun kill you
Lol. I guess ur BF disposed the one u had. Serial abortionist. Watch how u end up childless. wiitch
Crime / Re: Baby Dumped At A Refuse Site In Port-Harcourt Dies. Photos by SensualMan: 2:33pm On Sep 30, 2017
Have you ever thought of the child been a still birth.

Am not saying it OK to dispose them off anyhow but sometimes it's the husband that disposes off dead babies.

Am sure that many of the babies are still birth.
may AMADIOHA strike dat ur mouth.


Crime / Re: Baby Dumped At A Refuse Site In Port-Harcourt Dies. Photos by SensualMan: 2:24pm On Sep 30, 2017
It's so unfortunate this what the world has turned into. Wickedness at its peak especially Nigerians.
RIP little one, U r better off in heaven.
Imagine if this witch of a woman was to raise u?
I feel like crying.
I pray barrenness remain the portion of any woman who has ever aborted. If u like repent later, U shall never hear d cry of a baby in ur life.
I pity what innocent men will go tru in d hands of these witches they will eventually marry as tier rubber undecided

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Crime / Re: Benue Police Parade Deadly Kidnappers, Armed Robbers And Cultists (photos) by SensualMan: 11:42am On Sep 30, 2017
Is dat plank gun with
Rubber tied round?
Kinda shiit we used in acting war film wen we was kids

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Six Things Women In Saudi Arabia Cannot Do by SensualMan: 9:17pm On Sep 29, 2017
Food / Re: Man Using Python For Pepper Soup In Port Harcourt. Online Users React (Photos) by SensualMan: 8:43pm On Sep 29, 2017
How u people manage to eat this baffles me
Religion / Re: Oluwatobi Deborah Odukoya Graduates With PhD At 27 (Photos) by SensualMan: 3:54pm On Sep 29, 2017
Afonja. I can't be bothered
Family / Re: Help With PHCN Wahala by SensualMan: 12:19pm On Sep 29, 2017
Y'all still battle this nonsense in dat country?
Car Talk / Re: Man Drives His Benz G-wagon To 215 Countries Over 26 Years Covering 900,000KM by SensualMan: 7:19am On Sep 29, 2017
Interesting tho hyped

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