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Politics / Re: Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Denied Being A Member Of IPOB by smileyoo: 5:34pm
Person like me, will not believe this except this statement comes from the very lips of Nnamdi kanu, because lawyers can say anything to save the skin of their clients.
but a man that can deny his a avowed conviction is not worth of being a man, not to talk of being a leader.
Politics / Re: Why Nigerian Army Killed Defenseless Anambra Vigilante At Provision Shop by smileyoo: 5:01pm
so does it mean that the only arrest for ipob and ESN is instant death, without due process ? but that of boko -harram and bandits, could be amnesty even after false assumption of repentance.
one nation indeed !

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Politics / Re: Why Nigerian Army Killed Defenseless Anambra Vigilante At Provision Shop by smileyoo: 4:54pm
so sad. lots of injustices and evil going on in this nation, yet nigerians want a prosperous and peaceful nation, things doesn't work out that way, just like the scripture says; righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to any nation.
Under this current dispensation, Nigeria is still under a heavy reproach, because of the daily shedding of the blood of the innocent citizens.


Properties / Re: Senate Proposes Bill To Bar Landlords From Collecting Annual Rent by smileyoo: 4:39pm
Okay. it's good to think about the well being of the under privileged citizens, but capitalism is never an emotional or moral dealing, as demand will always determine the value, just like any other social product.
its better they suggest the govt to build an affordable housing for the masses.
or empower the masses to be their own landlords.
nevertheless, it one the most friendly bills from this 9th senate.
Family / Re: My Wife Slaps & Beats Me Whenever We Quarrel, Denies Me Sex. I'm Fed Up! by smileyoo: 10:43pm On Jan 13
Good morning Nairalanders

I want to use this medium to seek for your advice..

Me and my wife has been together since 2014, although we have not done marriage as we only did introduction, but we planned having our marriage this year, we had two kids, but I think right now I'm not comfortable living with my wife.

I am not enjoying this relationship anymore, she keeps beating me whenever there is quarrel between us, she is fond of slapping me and giving me punches, at times she makes use of wire and and broom to scatter my head.

The one that happened on Monday is really giving me much concern, she checked my phone and saw a friend I was chatting with and instead of her to ask me about the lady, the next thing she did was to slap me and she started beating me to the extent of having right hand dislocation.. It's not as if she can beat me if I decided to fight back, I don't want to raise my hand on a woman, it's a curse and I don't want to do that, this is getting out of hand and I am not living comfortable at home again, we sleep on different bed, she doesn't allow me touch her again.

She is even planning to get a room by ending of this month when she gets her salary..
I told my sister about her behavior, the advice she gave me is that I should beat the hell out of her whenever she raises her hand to beat me.

I have pleaded with my wife to let us continue the way we have been doing before but she wouldn't listen to me.

I am really confused and I don't know what to do right now..

I need your advice my great people of Nairaland.
what if the lady mistakenly kill you while beating the hell out of you, what will you tell that your God ? it's either you defend yourself by returning fire for fire, that can reset her brain, to stop her chosen madness, or you break away from the abusive relationship.
Family / Re: Church Members Beat Up Pastor After He Asked Them To Pay ₦16,000 To Unlock 2022 by smileyoo: 3:16pm On Jan 06
lol. I hope such could be replicated in Nigeria against some of these wolves in sheep's clothing,
recently one of them was reported to have shamelessly castigating the Ibos for not always giving much to the work of God.
but the Ibos give much, only when you're able to convince them that you are a real man of God, not the one that Will be using the supposedly God's money to flex and stretch his stiff waist on top of illegal stuffs.
Nairaland / General / Re: Soldiers Allegedly Invade Ogun Community, Kill Two And Label Victims Boko Haram by smileyoo: 3:00pm On Jan 06
So sad. pls its too early in the year for this type of macabre dance of deaths from this insensitive govt.
is there no way of settling issues without killing and maiming your supposedly fellow unarmed citizens ? just asking !
Politics / Re: Buhari Insists On Cattle Grazing Routes To Resolve Herders/Farmers Clashes by smileyoo: 2:49pm On Jan 06
I hope this idea resolves the clashes.
sadly enough, it's only going to heighten the clashes.
Oga bubu seemed not to be sincere because it's like bubu and his cronies have determined to keep on harassing and intimidating indigenous nigerians until they achieve their evil agenda.
why is Oga bubu rejecting the simple solution of ranching, obtainable worldwide, but instead choose the archaic method of land grabbing, in the name of grazing routes ?

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Politics / Re: Appeal Court Reinstates Colonel Danladi Ribah Hassan by smileyoo: 5:45pm On Jan 01
Na waaooo. this one shock me.
anyway Oga bubu have 17 months to go.
Nigeria and nigerians must survive.
Happy and prosperous new year to all nairalanders, I pray for divine protection over us.
Phones / Re: FG Extends NIN-SIM Verification Deadline Till March 31, 2022 by smileyoo: 2:34pm On Dec 31, 2021
but the main essence of this nin registration and sim linkage have been defeated already, because I thought this government was serious and wanted to use it to fight insecurities ravaging the nation, so as to stop these senseless killings of innocent nigerians. but it turns out that the govt is not even looking towards that direction.
sadly the killings and impoverishment of nigerians by bandits and terrorists have not been tackled.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Airstrike Sets Port of Latakia Ablaze (Pics, Video) by smileyoo: 12:13am On Dec 31, 2021
The kind courage and backing Israel has is too much for anyone to dare them
Anyways it’s not like Syria is holy in any way as well
lol. it's not just all about courage, Israel is like a nation fighting for survival in the midst of wolves as neighbors.
even the presence of Russia will not allow Israel to take the risk of allowing Syria to be a dumping ground for weapons from Iran-the arch-enemy of Israel who have sworn to see the destruction of Israel as a nation.
even the Russians know their lane, and they can never attack Israel for defending themselves.


Fashion / Re: I Have Never Felt So Much Pain In My Life, Lady With Artificial Nails Cries by smileyoo: 7:30pm On Dec 28, 2021
lol. her chi is only cautioning her to be natural, because it pays to be natural.
sorry baby girl.


Politics / Re: You Lied, Jonathan Flushed Out Boko Haram From 14 Borno Councils Not Buhari by smileyoo: 7:20pm On Dec 28, 2021
it's funny how nigerians are still taking the lies of lie Mohammed serious, to the point that lie's lies can still elicit a response from well respected elder-statesman like Edwin Clark.
let apc goons keep on churning out lies while their mandate is fast ending.

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Politics / Re: Christmas: I Have No Regrets Forgiving Tony Kabaka Adun – Gov Obaseki by smileyoo: 7:05pm On Dec 28, 2021
Edo Men Ugly shaaaa
lol. I think say na only me notice such ugly trends.
despite all the millions at their disposal, you can hidely find any of them with a smooth face.
Religion / Re: Those Killed By Boko Haram Are Greater Than Angels In Heaven - Preacher Claims ( by smileyoo: 2:55pm On Dec 23, 2021
this is wrong. she's only brainwashing her members to accept the evil truncation of the fulfilment of their destiny, by terrorist elements.
it's this type of woman that made the bible to caution, us not to allow the female folks to preach in the church.
Politics / Re: Buhari At 79: A Man Given So Much, Who Gives So Little Back - Vanguard by smileyoo: 2:42pm On Dec 23, 2021
Happy birthday to Oga bubu.
vanguard newspaper, pls let Oga bubu be, but blame your fellow nigerians , that has been supporting him over these years.
because if bubu decide to run for 3rd term in 2023, the same wailing nigerians will still vote for him.
lol. Oga bubu is just a lucky guy man.

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Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill 38 In Giwa LGA Of Kaduna State by smileyoo: 12:28am On Dec 20, 2021

Beloved nation?

You don't even understand what a nation means.
In a true nation, the senseless killings going on in the south and north of Nigeria can never happen.
Adoption of Islamic sharia criminal justice system by the 12 Northern Nigeria Sharia states has brought blood flowing and tears to Nigeria's north, and now to the south, especially in the southeast.

By the way, where is Nairaland's Nonpartisan1?
He may link this senseless killings in Kaduna to Biafra separstist groups, the same way he links violence in the east with IPOB.
when I say my beloved nation, I truly mean it because Nigeria is natural blessed with human and natural resources, that other nations wishes they have suchlike, but we unfortunately don't have honest and visionary leadership to chanel these nature given resources for the rapid development of the nation.
Politics / Re: Bandit, Bello Turji Writes Letter To Zamfara, Nigerian Governments by smileyoo: 9:14pm On Dec 19, 2021
pls can this bandits leader explain to nigerians, how the govt is taking care of other nigerians ?
he and his men should better stop this senseless killings of innocent nigerians, for whatever grievances, you claimed to have against the govt.
Nigeria govts, takes care of no one, but themselves, the Nigeria masses struggle to take care of themselves, so better look for a legitimate means of taking care of yourselves, instead of banditry.


Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill 38 In Giwa LGA Of Kaduna State by smileyoo: 6:12pm On Dec 19, 2021
so sad, but for how long will these senseless killings continue in our beloved nation ?
for sometime now, I 've decided to stop online criticism of this govt, because it changes nothing, especially as the govt don't seem to listen to our cries, after all, nigerians voted for them.
am now directing this my humble question to my fellow nigerians : how can we collectively stop these senseless killings in our nation ?
or are we prepared to surrender our country to these; terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, criminals ?

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Politics / Re: Life Has Lost Its Value Under Buhari’s Nigeria - Daily Trust Editorial by smileyoo: 7:32pm On Dec 12, 2021
if only bubu's govt can concentrate on securing the precious lives of our citizens, from these senseless murderers, I guess nigerians Will be satisfied with that.
pls Oga bubu, we no longer need those your fabulous promises or utopian developmental stride, since you can no longer do that, we just need peace to live our normal lives, as Nigerian citizens.
truly we warned gullible nigerians, but they called us wailers, but now everyone can be rightly tagged wailing wailers.

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Politics / Re: Zainab Ahmad Abandons Northern Youths Protest After Meeting With DSS by smileyoo: 2:35pm On Dec 11, 2021
eyaa, sorry lovely woman, you have been intimidated, sadly enough, even your chickening out will not stop the current absurdities obtainable in the north.
just hope the authorities will up their game against these senseless and vicious murderers.
but I don't really understand this APC govt, how do they expect people to be dying silently, without complaining ?
if they don't want protest, then they should do the right thing by stopping these killings, the govt should go after the sponsors of terrorists in the country, expose them and destroy their financial capabilities.
it's not a rocket science, that's the main function of DSS, not chasing after helpless and already traumatized citizens, who are only complaining about the killings of their loved ones.
Politics / Re: Northern Youths Cry Out To Buhari, State Governors Over Killings (video) by smileyoo: 4:23pm On Dec 10, 2021
how time flies and with it a new dispensation
I guess, a few years ago, some of these youths were amongst those shouting sai baba, to the high heaven, but sadly years later, the slogan have changed to : baba we are dying.
our present crop of leaders, really need to wake up to their responsibility, enough of these needless deaths, it's really embarrassing and shameful to Nigeria, as a giant of Africa.
#nigerianlivesmatters !
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Insecurity: Muslim Group, JNI Indicts Security Chiefs by smileyoo: 5:53pm On Dec 09, 2021
May God help Nigerians.
#nigerianlivesmatters !
Religion / Re: Which Bible Character Would You Pick For A Hangout And Why? by smileyoo: 12:37pm On Dec 05, 2021
I will like to have a hangout with chief David.
I will like to know how he was able to alternate in character of a brutal killer and warrior, to that of a harmless gospel minister who worship God, to the point that he was even labeled, a man after God's heart, despite his atrocities as a warrior.
David's character is one of those characters in the bible that's confuses honest christians.

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Politics / Re: Petrol May Sell Above ₦340/Litre, Marketers Plan Imports Amidst Forex Crisis by smileyoo: 2:57pm On Dec 01, 2021
so this APC govt, can't even build one single refinery or make the moribund ones functional, despite all their shameless propaganda over this fuel brouhaha in 2015 elections.
they promised us that we can purchase pms at #40 per a litre.

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Politics / Re: This Buhari Government Is Very Wicked by smileyoo: 9:51pm On Nov 30, 2021
lol. who is even giving you any 5k, it's all just a propaganda for the fuel price-hike.
it's like nigerians are yet to get the scope of this present intelligent APC govt.

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Crime / Re: “I Will Use My Mother For Ritual To Buy Benz For My Father” (video) by smileyoo: 9:42pm On Nov 30, 2021
the boy is mad or plain foolish.
the mother should arrest him for threat to life and let him sign undertaking that nothing should happen to her, before this stupid ex-son carry out his devilish fantasy against her.
the mother has lost him as a son, he is now a danger to her life.


Politics / Re: Travellers Abducted In Fresh Kaduna Attack by smileyoo: 10:12pm On Nov 21, 2021
Not fair on the kidnapped friends
don't mind him, some nigerians can be irritatingly selfish, always behaving like fish in the river; - a fisherman will be ashore, picking them one after the other, while the free ones inside the sea will be swimming as if nothing happens, until it becomes their own turn for the same fisherman to pick them.
not my portion crew, can be irritating, instead of striving to build a better society where everyone could be safe, they will be busy with a selfish prayer that helps no one.
nobody deserves evil portion.

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Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Have Disappeared From Anambra After Election, Just Like Play by smileyoo: 9:33pm On Nov 21, 2021
we already know that ipob was never responsible for most of the atrocities going on, in the east, but the devilish govt just want to tarnish the image of ipob and also using ipob's tactless utterances to create confusion in order to rig Anambra election, in favor of their APC party.
Politics / Re: JUST IN!!! #endsars : I Did Not Say Nobody Died At Lekki Tollgate - Lai Mohammed by smileyoo: 10:17pm On Nov 16, 2021
lol. it's just amazing how this APC govt was able to assemble the best of the country's misfits and place them into sensitive positions of authority.
their current style of governance is the greatest threat to the cooperate existence of Nigeria as a progressive nation, even more than the threats of boko-harram and the so-called ipob, combined together.
Lai Mohammed is a lost case, because he believes that telling lies is part of his current job designation.
Politics / Re: IPOB: This Weird 2010 Rockefeller's Report Predicts The End Of Nigeria by smileyoo: 5:08pm On Nov 12, 2021

That's a sad approach because that can never be achieved and this will disintegrate Nigeria faster than any other thing.
who says it can never be achieved ?
there's nothing that's impossible to a determined people with unity of purpose.
they have already succeeded in putting a skewed system in Nigeria that made it easy for them to continue to exploit the resources of the nation without any serious challenge from the bemused Indigenous citizens, that's why they refused any serious call for a sincere restructuring of the nation, though the present system is not not working but they prefer it that way, because they benefits immensely from the wrong system.
why are nigerians not asking these basic questions ; why is it so difficult for the government to expose and go after the sponsors of terrorism in the country but very swift in crushing peaceful agitators ?
why is it so difficult for this government to apprehend and prosecute even one single fulani terrorists, masquerading as herdsmen, even when the same govt have claimed that these fulani murderers are not nigerians but foreign fulanis, so why is the government elevating them to the status of privileged murderers, that are above the law ? nigerians better wake-up and smell the coffee.

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