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Politics / Re: Naira Plunges 17.9% To N951.22/ $1 At Official Market - Businesspost by Snitch24(m): 6:20pm On Dec 07

When you understand what Unifying CBN and Black Market Exchange Rate means, you'd take your pillow and sleep soundly even if they say it's now ₦1200 per $1.
Make us understand please
Autos / Re: Super Clean 2013 Bmw 5 Series For Sale by Snitch24(m): 1:23pm On Dec 05
How much
Romance / Re: Bathathon Is Here, Nigeria Pls Support Me by Snitch24(m): 10:26am On Dec 03
You got to be kidding bruh
Lmao grin grin grin

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Religion / Re: When A Guy Promised You Marriage Just Because Of Sex by Snitch24(m): 10:25am On Dec 03

By Sunday Akanni

I've been writing about certain tricks players use in getting women to bed. Today, let's examine The Marriage Trick

These players are aware that many ladies are desperate to get married and that they would do anything for it to come to pass. So, they positioned themselves to make the lady believe they have a long-term purpose and plan for their relationship, and that it will end with marriage. Some of them don't even mind introducing her to their family and friends (and vice versa) just to make her rest assured that they are serious. Then, they employ all manner of tactics to make the lady sleep with them, and he breaks her heart by breaking the relationship afterward.

My Counsel: In this part of the world, society has configured the minds of ladies to feel worried and inadequate if they are not in a serious relationship that will lead to marriage after they pass a certain stage.

But I want you to know that it is a sin to idolize marriage. When, in your quest for marriage, you go against God's Will, it means you are practicing idolatry, which God hates vehemently. Always remember that marriage was made for humans; not humans for marriage. In other words, you aren't meant to be inadequate simply because you are not married.

Now, I know it is not enough to just say these things without speaking along the lines of positioning yourself to attract and marry God-fearing men who will wed you without defiling the bed. Thankfully, there are still lots of God-fearing men out there who themselves are honoring God with their bodies. These are men who are submitted to the LORD and are serving God in spirit and in truth. These are the type of men you should associate with. Unlike the "bad boys" out there, a born-again Christian won't regard you as a mere tool for bodily pleasure, but will even contribute to your growth in important areas. Like I've said earlier, a sure way to enjoy your marriage is by marrying a genuine born-again Christian, where the foundation of your home is built on Christ. Such a man, who himself is Christ's bride, will know how to please God by treating you as the queen you are meant to be.

It is not enough to say 'I want a God-fearing man'. You must be a God-fearing woman yourself. A born-again Christian will want to marry a child of God like himself, and won't go for a lady that lives carelessly anyhow and do things contrary to God's Will. Hence, to attract a God-fearing born-again Christian man, you must be a genuine child of God too. It is true that God won't give any of His true sons to just any kind of lady that will ruin his sonship. Hence, after committing your life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you must also be committed to living a life devoid of sin and iniquity, focusing on serving God in spirit and in truth. I can assure you that, God knows how He will connect you with a responsible God-fearing man who will ensure you have a joyful marriage

You reading this right now may be worried that you are getting older and still single (and seeing many of your mates are already married). But, never compromise your purity stance. God is about to do something great in your life if you will continue holding to His Word. Perhaps you keep coming across guys who dumped you because you won't allow them to mess with your body, and you are almost fed up. Well, actually, you are facing those things because the devil already sensed your greatness, and he is doing all he can to hinder you from being the great woman God has destined you to be.

Finally, to get a God-fearing guy easily, then you should constantly be around where they can easily notice you. Imagine a lady saying she wants a God-fearing man, but is always clubbing and partying. Get closer to God, be busy with God's works, attend church services, dress responsibly, etc.


This is old fashioned most girls will willingly want to sleep with you if you're ready to spend
You have no idea how bad things has become and how cheap sex is nowadays


Family / Re: Story Of The Boy That Was Abandoned By Parent Because They Called Him A Witch by Snitch24(m): 1:17am On Nov 27
This is another point to proof religion is a scam
Politics / Re: Wike Did Not Demolish Plaza On Lobito Crescent, Abuja by Snitch24(m): 9:17pm On Nov 26
I knew when I saw the video on TikTok. The demolition happened because the ground floor meant to serve as parking space was partitioned and rented out as shops and offices.
If this was the excuse then those barricades should have been removed
Politics / Re: Obanikoro Got N19m For Delivering N1.2bn Cash To Fayose — Efcc’s Witness by Snitch24(m): 9:16pm On Nov 26
1.2b in cash
Travel / Re: Japa: Some Strange Things You Will Find Out When You Japa by Snitch24(m): 9:49pm On Nov 21
Are you living in Nigeria at all?
All these things no fit bother me
We're all insatiable
Even if some people ho to heaven they will still complain
Nigerians are particularly living in hell fire
Autos / Re: Foreign Used 05 Corrolla by Snitch24(m): 9:29pm On Nov 21
Autos / Re: Honda CR-V 2008 Model For Sale by Snitch24(m): 6:21pm On Nov 21
Engine pics
And location
Health / Re: Who Do Nigerians Call During Heart Attack by Snitch24(m): 2:45pm On Nov 21
The blood of Jesus
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Walks On Rope Across Bridge, Train Tracks At CMS Bus Stop In Lagos (Video) by Snitch24(m): 3:25pm On Nov 16
That man should be arrested for...
Attempted suicide,
Breach of public peace,
Destruction of public property,
Unauthorized display of action,. And he should be sued in contrary to all available sections of the law.
Lol ontop watin
Investment / Re: A Million Free Cash Out Giveaway That Will Change Your Life Before These Year Ru by Snitch24(m): 11:39am On Nov 15
Kindly read ir self and make corrections
Investment / Re: How To Get USDT From Perfectchanger Easily by Snitch24(m): 11:36am On Nov 15

Like i said, you must not Talk, Buy from where you are buying, always comment what you are sure of, i cannot beg you to stop evil because i know one day you will own a Business and people will also end at nothing but to destroy your Image for no reason, the worst part is that you have not transaction there and got a bad experience to share with people, you just feel like talking what you don't know. This post has more than 100 views and people who don't have anything to say walked away except you

No Pune intended
Investment / Re: How To Get USDT From Perfectchanger Easily by Snitch24(m): 3:27pm On Nov 13

Must you talk?? Did PerfectChanger Start existing today? go and confirm the domain, Others viewed and walked away you that knows nothing want to talk.

This post does not mean is a new site, is just to clear those that are a bit confuse
I will come back to in few years
Investment / Re: How To Get USDT From Perfectchanger Easily by Snitch24(m): 1:30am On Nov 13
Wsh kine format be this
Health / Re: 20 Best Glowing Creams For Dark Skin Under ₦5000 (photos) by Snitch24(m): 1:27am On Nov 13
Ever since we started this very year have not been rubbing cream
My guyest guy grin
Romance / Re: Mistakes You Should Never Make When You Love Someone by Snitch24(m): 7:35pm On Nov 12
1. Taking Your Partner for Granted

In the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking your partner for granted. Failing to express appreciation and neglecting small gestures of love can lead to feelings of neglect. It’s crucial to consistently show gratitude and acknowledge the efforts your partner puts into the relationship.

2. Lack of Communication

Communication is the bedrock of a healthy relationship. One common mistake is assuming that your partner knows what you’re thinking or feeling. Avoiding open and honest communication can create misunderstandings and distance. Regularly check in with your partner and express your thoughts and feelings.

See also Reasons Why Most South African Ladies Prefer Nigerian Men
3. Neglecting Self-Care

While it’s important to prioritize your relationship, neglecting self-care can be a detrimental mistake. A healthy relationship requires two individuals who are emotionally and physically well. Ensure that you maintain a balance between nurturing the relationship and taking care of your own well-being.

4. Not Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are essential for maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship. Failing to establish and respect boundaries can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and emotional distress. Clearly communicate your boundaries and be receptive to your partner’s needs as well.

5. Holding onto Resentment

Resentment is a silent poison that can erode the foundation of love. Holding onto past grievances without addressing them can create a toxic atmosphere in the relationship. It’s crucial to address conflicts promptly, forgive, and work together to find resolutions.

See also Vitamins Women Should Take In Order To Get Flawless Skin
6. Comparing Your Relationship

Comparing your relationship to others, especially through the lens of social media, is a mistake that can breed insecurity and dissatisfaction. Every relationship is unique, and external appearances may not reflect the reality of the dynamics. Focus on nurturing your connection rather than comparing it to others.

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Religion / Re: How Prophet Daniel Aboderin Was Torn Apart By Lions At Ibadan Zoo by Snitch24(m): 6:48pm On Nov 12

It won't.

People suffer 50 first date syndrome.
Alot of other pastors would have route for him and probably join his ministry

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Religion / Re: How Prophet Daniel Aboderin Was Torn Apart By Lions At Ibadan Zoo by Snitch24(m): 10:36pm On Nov 11
I remember mum narrated this story to me that it happened when I was still being backed as a baby. She said an evening radio station broadcasted and we keep on hearing the story as we grow up.

If we were in more prevailing technology time as at the moment, we would have had the video circulated to see.

The said prophet obviously outdid himself. His church would av been second to non in the world by now.
I swr bro
Would have been the biggest religious revolution


Autos / Re: Sold. Apapa Deal. 2013 Toyota Corolla Sport by Snitch24(m): 12:23am On Nov 09
With all ur unreasonable long notes
U still no put price

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Business / Re: We Can Save You The Stress And Bank Protocols With Our Bespoke Service by Snitch24(m): 12:20am On Nov 09
This is madness
Autos / Re: USED Es330 (photo) by Snitch24(m): 12:14am On Nov 09
Crime / Re: South African Transport Minister Attacked And Robbed By Highway Robbers by Snitch24(m): 11:39pm On Nov 08

Stupidity at its peak
If he had done a good job well enough securing the road you wouldn't have been this daft to tag my comment stupidity at his peak
Crime / Re: South African Transport Minister Attacked And Robbed By Highway Robbers by Snitch24(m): 1:04am On Nov 08
Good one

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Politics / Re: Where Are The Savings From Subsidy Removal? - Obinna Chima by Snitch24(m): 6:23pm On Nov 07
Chill they're using it to cushion thr dollar
Investment / Re: Forex Trading Is A Scam? by Snitch24(m): 11:36am On Nov 07
It's just business as usual
Study the pattern
But remember ur profits are someone else's loss
Business / Re: Who Knows How To Trade On Binance? by Snitch24(m): 11:32am On Nov 07
Make I advice you
If u never sabi trade no put anything no matter how small it may be
No even think am

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Business / Re: Https://thestreetjournal.org/naira-slips-again-exchanges-at-1030-to-a-dollar-at- by Snitch24(m): 11:24am On Nov 07
So fast ? 7b$ don finish?
Business / Re: 6 Manufacturing Firms Post N166.3bn Losses In 9 Months by Snitch24(m): 10:48am On Nov 07
I once made a thread that the Lagos economy bubble is about to burst . The burst will be so much that manufacturing will cease and the companies will resort to importation.

I really pity blue collar people who are not planning to relocate.

Lagos is gone , know this and know peace.

Please make me understand

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Music/Radio / Re: Keyboard Leather Bag For Sell by Snitch24(m): 8:34pm On Nov 06
Oga post what u want to sell

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