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Romance / Re: Who Can Lend Me 5k Here? by Spandau: 10:30pm On Mar 19
For what and when do you intend paying back

The future is for what ? The future is paying back.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Joins Muslims For Iftar At Mosque In Nasarawa State. by Spandau: 2:28pm On Mar 19
Peter Obi is building bridges, exhibiting religious tolerance and demonstrating national cohesion.
With these visits to different parts of the country he's giving the people a sense of belonging and assuring them that nobody will be discriminated against on the basis of their tribe or religion in his administration come 2027. No wonder he is always given royal reception by the government, monarchy and the people wherever he visits

Ehn,ehn? Building bridges.🤪🤪🤪 Is it idumota or 3rd mainland bridge? 😜😜😜😜 You people must think we are fools. Ahah! Na so you think sey we be mumu? This is insulting.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Joins Muslims For Iftar At Mosque In Nasarawa State. by Spandau: 2:26pm On Mar 19
Obi to the world Agbado miscreants can cry blood , Obi will be victorious come 2027
Then your wailing will have part 2.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Joins Muslims For Iftar At Mosque In Nasarawa State. by Spandau: 2:21pm On Mar 19

It is so glaring how pained you are grin grin grin see painment all over your post, i hope you don't end up drinking snipper because of Peter Obi because he will continue to pepper you with many of these kind of visit untill 2027...brace up for more tears. grin grin grin

Is it a mental disorder or plain mookery? Why is it that Hoebeedients can't recognize the truth when it is spoken?

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Joins Muslims For Iftar At Mosque In Nasarawa State. by Spandau: 2:19pm On Mar 19


Peter Obi:

Wonders shall never end. Gringory in a mosque? Even a fetus knows that its not a sincere gesture but a political move. Who are this guy's handlers? This mumu moves is getting out of hand o.
Business / Re: My Experience At Ounje Eko Food Market In Bariga, Lagos by Spandau: 2:16pm On Mar 19
COMRADES, believe me, not all Lagosians will benefit from this APC's propaganda

It is an initiative. It is empirically verifiable and people have been benefiting from it. A propaganda is misinformation, disinformation and outright lies. Initiative is not the same as propaganda. It's simple English.
Culture / Re: Two ‘Next-In-Lines’ That Never Became Olubadan Of Ibadan In Recent Years by Spandau: 2:05pm On Mar 19

To become Balogun Olubadan or Otun Olubadan, you must climb about 22 titles in order of seniority. You can only move when there is vacancy above you. So, you get promoted as someone above you die. Except someone around 30-35 who is on the queue want to kill everyone above him, it’s impossible to see a 35yrs old become an Olubadan.

Ehn! Otunba Kadoso Mutairu aka seunmsg!
Politics / Re: Emmanuella Ita: FIRS Official Diverted Public Funds To Private School – Witness by Spandau: 2:03pm On Mar 19
Weaker system 🤦🏿‍♂️ under Tinubu's watch

So she started the school when Tinubu became president? Una de hear unaself? It is under Tinubu's watch that she has been caught, so what's your problem? Oh , Hoebee lost the election, abi?


Politics / Re: Defence HQs releases photos, names of soldiers murdered in Okuama, Delta State by Spandau: 9:19pm On Mar 18
RIP to the fallen soldiers.

Wonder how NA could have suffered such great casualty without also neutralising some of the attackers.
Poor intelligence gathering probably.

Nikini? Do you know what an ambush mean? You think say dis na American movie?
Business / Re: Billions Of Naira Lost As Fire Guts Sokoto Central Market by Spandau: 9:00pm On Mar 18
shocked Dan boro uba Dan iska shege 👀

Walahi akwe wuta falafala ne.

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Phones / Re: Voice, Data Services Affected By Undersea Cable Cuts Restored - NCC by Spandau: 8:47pm On Mar 18

The future is ,
Politics / Re: Northern Governors, Others Pressurize Tinubu To Remove Akpabio - SaharaReporters by Spandau: 8:45pm On Mar 18

NO,you are not getting the point!
Since the Constitution was put in place, Padding of Budgets has been recurring decima -since the OBJ era,the Yaradua,the GEJ and the Buhari regime,so none of the Legislatures -can claim Sainthood here,as they are all Padding!
Similarly,there have been Constituency Projects - which the Lagislatures claimed to be in the Constitution!
The questions for the National Assembly and States Assembly inclusive is:
1•- Is it legal and morally justified for the Legislatures to intensionally ALTERED the Executive Budgets - past or Present?
2.•-Is it Morally justified,to cleverly put any Amount,as you wish,by claiming it's for Constituency Projects ( CP) in your Areas - when Nigerians can't even see any Projects e g. one of the Legislatures said today' he got 1NBillion,as C. P- but many of our Legislatures have nothing to show as Projects in Many of our Legislatures Areas/ Regions.
You know some Senators and House of Representatives,have been on that seat- collecting these Homongous Multi-NBILLIONS - for themselves for so long, claiming to be representing their People,yet the People can't feel their impacts!
3.Ningi is a Senator and not a New one and have been in the House of Representatives too! He with others have deliberations on this Budgets 2024,Agreed- and he was amongst them that Signed it,so why is he making a volte- face now,so something is wrong,as a Northerner,a PDP legislator,for that matter or didn't he Understand the Budget and Budgeting,ni?
4.Since he now suddenly woke up to raise N3-Trillions- as Missing,which is not true ( if you watched and got the Sen.Olamilakan Yayi- deep explanation ( figure for figures- as an Accountant ( F CA),how those items are Stated in Other Tables of Expenditures, totaling N28- Trillions in Totality,then Ningi- a PDP crony, is just playing a Second -Fddle-as in the ' Day of Jackal' Film being destructive by a Person,does not mean the People are destructive!
i.Senator Ningi- should as a matter of Urgency - return ALL the Constituency Projects Money he has been collecting .ii- Since he was in House of Representatives+ When he was in the Senate- for NIGERIANS to see for themselves -' For he that comes to the Equity MUST come with a Clean Hand'.
e g .all the Senators -too should return their own as well, to the Federation Account,for Nigerian to decide on ,how much they need to be collecting for the so called Constituency Projects,apart from huge Salaries and Allowances - being Collected, every Month.
5•It can only happen in Nigeria,where the Workers,the Retirees,the Youths and the Masses -can not boast of a Balanced Diet,no Jobs,no Savings,yet some few Legislatures( both in the Federal and States ) as well,are forcing the Executives - to pay these Multi -Millions to themselves,which does not show they Care about the Masses,they claimed to represent!
How many Years have these Illegalities been going on?
We should know the amount the House of Representatives and the States -Houses of Assembly+have been Collecting too!
Very Disheartening to the Masses!
What a Nation?

All this brouhaha is because they want to get control of the senate from the South so they can stop Tinubu ultimately.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors, Others Pressurize Tinubu To Remove Akpabio - SaharaReporters by Spandau: 8:37pm On Mar 18
Health / Re: Man Dies After Sleeping In Freshly Painted Room (Photo) by Spandau: 4:23pm On Mar 18
There are some things I can’t perceive. undecided

If I slightly perceive the odour of fuel I throw up instantly and I will be sick for like 3 hours. embarassed

Biko, always wear nose mask, we inhale too much nonsense in this country that could cause damages in our body system undecided

So if you want to sleep, you still wear nose mask? The morale is not about wearing but avoiding inhaling chemicals or fumes. A nose mask cannot save you from carbon monoxide or fumes from heavy wall paints.
Politics / Re: Notorious Bandit Leader Who Got N130 Million As Ransom Killed In Katsina by Spandau: 4:18pm On Mar 18

Did I go to SW to see godogodo or to SE to see Ipôbs when captured and killed?

You can't see godogodo in the SW. Go to the middle belt for that. Kapische?
Business / Re: Disquiet In CBN As Cardoso Retires ‘Emefiele’s Directors’ by Spandau: 2:00pm On Mar 18


Kadoso Mutairu aka ........wait! It's Kadoso Michael. Ok. Anyways, Kadoso Mutairu aka seunmsg, see what Kadoso Michael is doing o. Do you think you need to wade in to advice him over the current situation?
Politics / Re: Okuama Killing: President Tinubu Issues A Public Statement (pic) by Spandau: 10:21pm On Mar 17

Are you saying this was the initial plan?

Maybe these news about killing soldiers may even be propaganda?

Propaganda means deliberate misinformation and misleading by mass media. In this case,there was evidence. There were dead bodies. Nobody from that community has come to say otherwise. Therefore, what happened is not Propaganda. Kapische?

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Politics / Re: Ibos Have No Right To Claim They Are The Japan Of Africa by Spandau: 5:27pm On Mar 17
[quote author=Iceberg3 post=128971132][/quote]

Crime / Re: DHQ Vows To Release Bandits Leaders’ Names, Photos by Spandau: 3:34pm On Mar 17
Useless army
Useless bandits
Politics / Re: Northern Governors, Others Pressurize Tinubu To Remove Akpabio - SaharaReporters by Spandau: 3:24pm On Mar 17
Arrant nonsense from Saharareporters. No one is pressuring the president or anybody to remove Akpabio. Akpabio is going nowhere. He will remain the Senate president till 2027 at the first instance.

Yes oooooooo! Kadoso Mutairu aka seunmsg!😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

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Politics / Re: Ibos Have No Right To Claim They Are The Japan Of Africa by Spandau: 3:22pm On Mar 17

You have forgotten that by the regional system we started with, each region was autonomous and that autonomy trickled down to the admission policies of the Universities back then and which were each owned by their respective regional governments hence merit solely determined admissions until Aguiyi Ironsi, an Igbo man, came and muddled everything up by introducing centralization by which the subsequent Northerners controlled centralized governments introduced quota system, federal character, catchment area, educationally disadvantaged states, etc policies. So which Britain are you accusing? Was Aguiyi Ironsi a British man?

I beg, make una ask them o. It was even one of their leaders that frustrated the secession clause introduced by another regional leader from another major tribe. Why they always pretend these things did not happen by the influence of their leaders always beat my imagination.

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Politics / Re: Ibos Have No Right To Claim They Are The Japan Of Africa by Spandau: 3:18pm On Mar 17

Those two people were your former heads of state...
That's what you ronus don't ever know....
If you are asked to mention former heads of state of your kwantiri,you will include them 😁😁😁

So why have you been crying of marginalization? You see, it's all in your heads.

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Politics / Re: Ibos Have No Right To Claim They Are The Japan Of Africa by Spandau: 3:17pm On Mar 17

No one is against the ibos,it's all in your head,all minority states (middlebelt n south south) supported Peter Obi,the igbos have occupied top positions in government during Obasanjo, Jonathan etc.ibos live freely everywere in the country,no one cares about the igbos,but you igbos like drawing attention to yourselves putting yourselves in harm's way

Succinctly put.

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Politics / Re: Ibos Have No Right To Claim They Are The Japan Of Africa by Spandau: 3:13pm On Mar 17

A tribe which truncated democracy the most acceptable system of government in the modern era and replaced it with a form of government in which might and force rule over reason. Jokers!

As in! There is no end to this inferiority complex that pushes them to want to compare.

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Politics / Re: Ibos Have No Right To Claim They Are The Japan Of Africa by Spandau: 1:51pm On Mar 17
I read about the former US Secretary of State, Henry Kessinger describing the Ibos as the Jews of Africa due to their higher intelligence than most black tribes. I also read about European countries telling Biafran delegations that they prefer supporting Nigeria during the Nigerian-Biafran war simply because "another Japan in Africa would not favour Europe." Despite the high intelligence and industry of the Ibos, I do not subscribe to the notion that Ibos are or would have become the Japan of Africa despite accomplishing technological feats that Nigeria cannot accomplish today during the short-lived Biafra. Here are my reasons:

1) Japan was never colonized by the European but Ibos were. The simple reason why no European country was bold enough to fight to conquer Japan is that the Japanese saw ahead of the Ibos. By late 16th Century, a Japanese Shogungate bought a few guns from the Portuguese. By 1700s, Japan had more guns than most European countries because they simply learned how to make guns and made more guns than the Europeans who initially sold guns to them.

2) By 1600s, less than 200 years after the Japanese met the Europeans, Ibos also had guns they probably bought from the Europeans, but 200 years later, unlike the Japanese, the Ibos had not made enough guns to deter European colonialists. In fact, around this period, the Japanese completely closed their country to the Europens and would only trade for guns. This was a time the Ibo country was being exploited even for manpower - slaves, by the Europeans. I remember reading about the Portuguese ambassador to Japan telling the king of Portugal (while describing Japan and their insistence on trading only for guns) that "This is not Africa." This points to the fact that Africans are significantly of lower intelligence than the Japanese, and Ibos are not excluded.

3) As probably the most intelligent tribe in Africa, I believe that the Ibos were best positioned to stop the colonialist (British, French and Germans) if they had foresight like the Japanese and insisted on trading for guns and using their local technology to mass produce it just as they did during the war with Nigeria, unfortunately they could not and had to fight the British for nearly 30 years as underdogs. Granted, they were probably the only tribe that had the pride to fight in present-day Nigeria, but fighting and losing isn't enough. They could have done more through deterrrence were they actually like the Japanese.

4) In essence, there is no taking from the Ibos their high intelligence par African level, but it is mere wishful thinking to claim that Ibos or Biafra would have become the Japan of Africa. Maybe they'd have become close to Singapore, but not exactly like Japan. If Ibos are like Japan, they shouldn't have been colonized and African blacks would have had respect among other races for producing one of the two nations that were never colonized in Africa.

Are Ibos like the Japanese? Maybe. Are they the Japan of Africa? No.

What technological feats are you bozos always croning about? They constructed giant muskets filled with gunpowder, nails, ball bearings and nuts. That was all.

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Politics / Re: Okuama Community In Delta State Set Ablaze Days After Soldiers Were Killed by Spandau: 1:45pm On Mar 17

Country will separate faster. I made a call to the universe for the country to divide. People thought I was joking. Yoruba will go with their Northern brothers to form one country.

North West, South West, kwara and parts of Kogi will form one country.

Yoruba doesn't need anyone. It's the North that needs the South. Stop your useless fantasy about Yoruba. When Yoruba needed Azikwe, he preferred to rill with the North. Whatever the Yoruba do to you politically, you started it and continued with it till date. So 2 can play the game.

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Crime / Re: Irate Ijaw Youths Kill Army Commander, Soldiers In Delta by Spandau: 1:05pm On Mar 17
Nigeria no get military. They met their match now and were massacred. Hahahahahah
When it comes to unarmed civilians.they tend to flex muscles,slaps,kicks...but now they met their match.and were gunned down.hahahahahaha

It's always easy to spot cultists on this forum.
Politics / Re: Why Are Some People Pushing For Genocide In Delta State? by Spandau: 12:56pm On Mar 17

I am not from a community of barbarians where youths would gather and decapitate soldiers on peacekeeping mission. If this kind of barbaric act ever happens in my community, I will take the same position as I’ve taken on this matter.

I’ve severally on this forum called on the military to deal with communities that harbor kidnappers and bandits. My position won’t change on this. Only a very strong military response will deter others from such audacious and callous act.

Kadoso Mutairu aka seunmsg!🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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Politics / Re: The Tweets That Made Tinubu Withdraw Ruby Onwudiwe Nomination For CBN Board by Spandau: 12:53pm On Mar 17
So u forgot another South Eastern openly rejected same appointment before?wait for internationally places appointment for Dr Ruby she is very accomplished banker with intimidating credentials

Igbos are use to global recognized financial powerhouses appointment not some faild Govt that lead over 60% of her citizens into poverty,

do u know 2rd postion in World Bank just behind World bank president Senieor VP Counsel general Chartered institute World Bank Dr Sandie Okoro is Igbo?

do u know Chuka Umunna verseeing world richest private bank JP Morgans i activities in all Europe Assian and Africa is Igbo ?

do u know Aruma Otte once appointed World Bank Treasurer overseeing over 200b$ is Igbo ?
Obinna Ukwuani who was hired to head Digitalization of Bank of Kigali the largest bank in Rwanda is Igbo?

Igbos are not underachiever or hungry like u
Dr Ruby is coming I will post her here wait
Ngozi Okonjo as WTO president should tell u Igbos are not in ur level at International level,

quote author=Spandau post=128942379]

This is going to be a bitter lesson for the SE and Hoebeedients in general, Kadoso. This is going to be a bitter lesson.

Inferiority complex everywhere. See the eagerness to measure prick.😜😜😜😜😜

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Politics / Re: Obi Urges Nigerians To Denounce & Reject Ag's Office Holding Workshop In London by Spandau: 5:02am On Mar 17

You're surprised at your own post?
Science/Technology / Re: 3 Nigerians Win Huawei Global ICT Innovation Competition In China by Spandau: 10:38pm On Mar 16

Up north
The future is up.

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