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Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Wife Wunmi Singing Mohbad's Song During Liam’s Birthday Party (Video) by sweetrace(f): 2:09pm On Apr 16

If I know your simp husband, I will give him the DNA advice on your first child.. maybe not truly his because the way you defended mohbad wife shows you're birds of the same feathers.

You don’t know Mohbad, his wife or their child. Yet, you know the wife is guilty of paternity fraud! I wish you know how the economy of Nigeria can improve and how to put an end to the kidnappings.

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Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Son, Liam Celebrates 1st Birthday by sweetrace(f): 3:09pm On Apr 13

See dunce, na your mama CV I played for you now. If not you won't be so boastful of a lady that is afraid of doing DNA over her husband controversial death. I maintained Olosho gang, and the bible even confirmed it THAT a daughter is not different from her mother. So you better request for a DNA with your father too, cos am pretty sure it is a trend in your lineage.

I did not read your comment! I don’t want my IQ to shrink to your….
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Son, Liam Celebrates 1st Birthday by sweetrace(f): 12:25pm On Apr 13

olosho gang, one child, three dad

Ha ha ha! You just open your mouth and nonsense drops. Take a look at the adults in your house; don’t confuse me with them.
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Son, Liam Celebrates 1st Birthday by sweetrace(f): 7:57pm On Apr 12

My mum never had DNA issue and mere seeing me I am a prototype of my father. Only a dog like you and your defendant who have a son for three father Mohbad, Sammy Larry and Elegushi belong to the gang (Olosho).Zero integrity, show me your friend and your personality is fully defined.

You really are a product of stupidity! You claim your mum had no DNA issues, but you mind the business of those who do not know of your existence by insisting they have DNA issues. It takes the offspring of a dog to recognise one. But you course already know this. Leave people’s business and focus on improving your empty life. Then you won’t be this bitter.
Travel / Re: Allen Onyema And Air Peace Should Learn Excellence From The Bull - Reno Omokri by sweetrace(f): 4:36pm On Apr 12
Bobrisky has been jailed.
Nobody screamed "we are being targeted".
It is not APC trying to take out people who worked for LP in last election.
I'm sure Bobrisky would have even worked for Tinubu.
No noise of victim mentality anywhere.
His own trybe's men president, EFCC chairman and court judge jailed him, all of them Yorubas.
The matter has no tribal insinuation.
But let the niggarr come from the yeast, all hell will be let loose. What a cursed tribe
Yoruba lagba........
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How is what you wrote relevant to the topic? And by the way, Bobrisky’s videos were everywhere. How is he supposed to deny anything? Imagine your thought process? Comparing a topic of someone with an airline to that of someone who is a disgrace to the country. SMH!!!!!
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Son, Liam Celebrates 1st Birthday by sweetrace(f): 3:55pm On Apr 12

Olosho gang , zero integrity

Your mother must be the president of the olosho gang that is why you think it right to call a woman that.
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Son, Liam Celebrates 1st Birthday by sweetrace(f): 11:27am On Apr 12
what is actually wrong with Nigerians? This boy has nothing connected with Mohbad, Even without DNA, it's very obvious, is there no Justice department in this country? Our journalist are useless, can't they just order DNA and put these things to rest at once?

Why should any Nigerian ask for the DNA of someone else’s child? The father said this is my son. You claim the son is not his. So, the mother is supposed to please people who have nothing to do do with her. When the child is spending his father’s money, go and stop him.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Removes His Wife's Four Teeth After DNA Test Shows Negative by sweetrace(f): 2:18pm On Apr 07
Are we sure the DNA tests are accurate? Who are the people interpreting the results of the test? I hope they are doing it right.
Politics / Re: Bobrisky: A Shameless, Disorderly And Idle Institution - Odinkalu Replies EFCC by sweetrace(f): 9:03am On Apr 07

these comments show the kind of svb-hvmans we share this country with.

They are so used to abuse that they see it as normal and are scared of agents of government. they will rather be subjugated than to speak truth to power. What a shame!

Since you are so bold, why do you make your comments on a faceless Nairaland?
Politics / Re: Nigerians Turn On Their AC, Freezers For Days Even While Not Using Them- Adelabu by sweetrace(f): 4:52pm On Apr 06

Go to school first. With ignorant comments, guys like him will trash and ignore you forever.
It's until you go to school, pay the price for real education, that you realise that you're not destined to be a nobody, at least, intellectually.

Smh. To be a Minister of Power, it's not compulsory to be an Engineer. The choice of an experienced and brilliant Accountant like him now makes sense if you understand that the biggest problem now with our public electricity system is accounting problems. Operators, regulators and consumers are battling cost reflective issues. The Engineers are on the team as well as lawyers etc
Go to school o. Trolling and criminal cyberbullying is not work abeg

Why on earth are you telling people to go to school? Do you think people are uneducated because they do not agree with you or with the policies of this government? Things are difficult for quite a number of people and the government that should make things easier is making life difficult and you think no one should complain!!!! You expect someone living in a particular area, who may have built their house years ago, to pay an exorbitant bill wether they can afford it or not!!! Imagine!!!! I hope the members of the government pay the exorbitant electricity bill.

If this minister is as intelligent as you say, then he should show it. Right now, he sounds completely unintelligent by saying people leave their freezers on!!! Are we supposed to put off our freezers? We do not want members of government who are intelligent without any shred of humanity.

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Travel / Re: Bolt Driver Adds Plantain Chips, Groundnut To His Hustle (Video) by sweetrace(f): 12:32pm On Apr 01
I would not appreciate a bolt driver marketing plantain chips and groundnut to me on a trip. I'd rather he concentrate and focus on his business. The business of business is business.

We celebrate rubbish in Nigeria and call it innovation.

I have been in Bolt cars and very thirsty. The drivers have bought water for me with their money. This is fantastic, and if I see one of them selling cold water, I’d buy happily. They will ask and if you don’t want it, say no.
Romance / Re: I'm I In Trouble? This Man Will Not Stop Giving Me Money by sweetrace(f): 6:48pm On Mar 19
Remember I never for once requested anything from him.

What do you think will end all these. But he doesn't pose any threats, is he just a nice person. His case is really disturbing me to be frank

There’s something completely wrong with you. You act as if you have morals; claiming you did not ask him and yet you accept the money. There will never be a time when you won’t need money. The richest people still need money so just No to his money. Try and do the right thing. Just try!!!!!!

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Politics / Re: Tochi, Wigwe's Daughter Slammed For Not Standing To Greet VP Shettima by sweetrace(f): 11:12am On Mar 10
so being bereaved shut down a part of d brain right?

She lost her parents and brother!!!

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Religion / Re: Can A Christian Still Be Under A Curse? by sweetrace(f): 10:15am On Mar 10
Can a Child of God who is born again still be under a curse?

A born again Christian who was cursed before may still be under a curse if he or she has not applied the blood of Jesus Christ in breaking such a curse.

Again, such person may still be under a curse if he or she has not restituted, apologized or confessed to the offended.

Example: if a born again Christian was formerly a thief in the neighbourhood, and had stolen from people to the point that they cried bitterly and issued curses on him or her, such curses may not break until the born again Christian does restitution to those he stole from before.

This is not true! You need to read your bible and not repeat what people say in churches. The bible is what you should quote!!!!!!
Religion / Re: Video Of Nigerians Praying For A Faulty Transformer: Dino Melaye Reacts by sweetrace(f): 8:02pm On Jan 25
Dino that is mocking the people praying, how did he improve Kogi state or Nigeria? Did he provide transformers? Did he achieve anything? All he did was show off his cars in a state where people died from hunger.
Travel / Re: Lagos Beats Dubai, Miami, Ranked 19th Out Of 50 Best Cities In 2024 (list) by sweetrace(f): 7:47pm On Jan 25
Negative minded would still condernm the ranking, if they rank it worst,they would condernm, now that it's ranked good, they would still wail.

We are wailing because the list is not real!!!! Lagos before Dubai? Who made the list? Have the been to Lagos?
Politics / Re: Ify Aniebo Apologises, Thanks Husband For Paying Debt After Social Media Uproar by sweetrace(f): 7:36pm On Jan 25
She shouldn't use our language 'oko mi' in her convo. Let her use the language she and her husband understand.

You no fit dey our land dey hate us con dey use style dey pander to us... we no be children. Na so Giannis tok say him mama dey vex when they tok for Yoruba as kids, when hin papa na full blood Omoluabi whose influence was important in growth of the boy...

See them attacking me lrc... you are all hypocrites... if you never accuse GVR who insulted us all Yoruba, Giannis mother who who shield her children away from her husband's tribe, or Paul of PSquare who collaborated with his people to deter Peter from Lola; each of tribalism, then you have no place to term me a tribalist. Chide your people first.

It's never wrong to look out for my people from hypocrites using the term 'oko mi', faking the love and going superficial. S/O to the good ones among you though, ones like Peter Okoye, my two Igbo people named Chuks, and very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very few others.

#factsmakenohypocrisy #factistruth
Fact is fact, let's all respect ourselves and differences and bury tribalism. No one likes it, mine's only a reaction to series of actions. I remain unapologetic Omoluabi and unapologetic Nigerian. Good luck to us all.

Because you say something is a fact doesn’t make it a fact! Why make everything unnecessarily tribalistic? Someone graciously apologised and you have blown it up!! Go to her and tell her not to use Oko mi in her convo or else you’ll arrest her. Grow up and stop escalating a non issue.

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Religion / Re: "Your Colleagues Will Come To You For Food" - Adeboye's Prophecy Sparks Outrage by sweetrace(f): 9:21am On Jan 21

Which technology dem get then to build wetin go reach heaven? E tall reach the current world's tallest building?

For our minds everybody know say the story no make sense but nobody wan ask questions... religious dogma

Because you do not understand how they were able to do it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Do you know how the ancient pyramids of Egypt were built?

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Religion / Re: How My Father, TB Joshua Abused Me – Ajoke, Daughter Had Outside Wedlock by sweetrace(f): 7:58pm On Jan 09
Na only u know say na marine power e dey use....
Even if he was using marine powers... At least he was giving which is an attribute he shared with Bible principles...
How many of our so called pastors... Your own daddy g.o included... Gave as much as tb Joshua.....
If a man with a marine spirit can be such a giver.... Shouldn't our real pastors and daddy go do even more
Apart from flying private jets, wearing expensive suits and living luxurious life styles... What else do they have to show they belong to the kingdom of. God??

Not all gifts are acceptable!!! Satan promised Jesus all kinds of great things during the temptation. Jesus did not accept any!!! The source of any gift is important.
Car Talk / Re: What Is The Law On Overtaking Police Convoy? Was I Wrong? by sweetrace(f): 3:33pm On Dec 13, 2023

They only thing you said that is wrong is because they can murder him and not because he was wrong.

He was not wrong. There is no rule saying one can’t overtake any body so far it is done safely.
Properties / Re: Lady Damages Her Apartment After Landlord Refused To Refund Her Caution Fee by sweetrace(f): 2:06pm On Nov 27, 2023
She deserves to be arrested, is the caution fee worth the amount of damages she caused? How many months did she live there rent free? Tenants believe if they're given six months quit notice, they're free to live in the apartment rentfree till the duration elapses. How much did she stay without paying rent before finally moving out? The landlord must make sure she pays for every single damage caused, pay for the extra months she stayed then give her the caution fee. Insufferable people like these is why some of us are weary about building apartments for rent.

Did she live there rent free?

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Family / Re: The Moment A Man Shed Tears Of Joy As His Wife Praised Him (Video) by sweetrace(f): 10:50am On Nov 15, 2023
I didn't bother watching the video.... Just the comments alone make me cringe.....
Is like your kid appreciating you for taking good care of them, there education, housing.... And you started crying......
He should go and join Nollywood... And take a scene of burial gathering.... Is talent will be needed there.

If your child should show the entire world that he knows and appreciates all you have been doing for the entire family, you may cry. It is not nollywood to have a heart.
Business / Re: Dangote, Honeywell, Others Enjoyed N390.26bn Tax Waivers In Two Years by sweetrace(f): 8:56am On Oct 19, 2023
Real Estate Companies should also be consider for tax holiday. No Real Estate Companies was mentioned in the report.
Na watin happen.

The real estate organisations need to know about taxation. By law, they can enjoy tax exemptions for three years.
Politics / Re: Atiku Returns To Nigeria Ahead Of International Press Conference Over CSU Saga by sweetrace(f): 6:58pm On Oct 05, 2023
Atiku is a book that should not be read, a stillborn, an aborted dream, and a born failure whose destiny is bound to fail.

All of his political journey pointed to too many avoidable mistakes.

He chose to fight the wrong people.

Chooses the wrong time and has always made the wrong decision.

It is rumored he slept with the wrong gender and traveled at the wrong time to the wrong places.

He fights his best friends and keeps his staunch enemy.

Make Atiku a general, and he would destroy his battalion with stray bullets, an Atiku as a pilot, and expect a crashed plane.

Atiku's too many poor decisions are a red flag for a sane mind. He alone should pursue his lost battle

Do you know him personally? You are a horrible creature for calling a living being a stillborn and all those terrible names you called someone because of politics.
Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili: Senator Ahmed Tinubu Could Have Saved Us This Embarrassment by sweetrace(f): 11:48pm On Oct 03, 2023
Oby is stupid. She is a bigot.

You are completely stupid. A woman that can give birth to you? I’m neither Igbo nor Yoruba before you think I am part of your tribal war. Imagine!!! People you can’t stand in their presence, you come to Nairaland to insult!!!!

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Career / Re: My Boss Calls Me All The Time. by sweetrace(f): 2:44pm On Oct 02, 2023

I think that's what I should do. Each time he calls, my Blood pressure will just rise even before I pick the call. I've lost my peace already. As far as teaching is concerned, I have lots of experience. And can easily get another teaching offer if I quit this.

If he had no respect for you he won’t be calling you. You won the best teacher of the year and so must have something to offer. What you need to do is stop taking calls after a particular time when you get home. Initially, he may not understand. But be polite and let him know that you need to rest so you can give your best in school.

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Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley: I’m Not Responsible For DJ Splash’s Mental Illness by sweetrace(f): 4:10pm On Sep 30, 2023
See what you've done to yourself, it will be very hard for people to trust you again, believe you me. Almost every one that has come to meet you for help is facing one challenge or the other. You better change for the better.

Happy Saturday people. 🤗 Do well to check my signature if you need my assistance.

They went to meet him for help!!! Is it not because they had challenges that they went there in the first place? They act like taking drugs is the evidence of their making it in life. They are adults who make their own decisions. Everyone should stop blaming others for their decisions.
Celebrities / Re: Keke And Bus Drivers Force To Remove Naira Marley’s Stickers On Their Vehicles by sweetrace(f): 2:06pm On Sep 24, 2023
When Nigerians wan get your time ehn?The videos we saw online are enough evidence nothing to prove guilty again. He may not have killed that boy directly but naira marley contributed to the death of my love Mohbad. He killed him mentally and emotionally.

Then your love is a very weak person. Nigerians go through so much and they don’t kill themselves. You don’t know Mohbad or Nairamarley personally, and yet we should boycott Nairamarley!!! Are we not supposed to simply enjoy their music without being part of a fight we know nothing about?
Religion / Re: The Problems Of Lack Of Sexual Purity Before Marriage. by sweetrace(f): 11:43am On Sep 17, 2023
It will be hard, very hard for African Christian move on with life o... They are so focused on this issue of Sex matter as if it's the only content of 10 commandments...
Bible say avoid adultery... it's Sin.. okay..
But Christian close eyes to the remaining 9 "warning" contained in the 10 commandments.. lolz ..
It's shows the level of hypocrisy...
And besides, aside religion, Sex is a natural activity.. we can engage in it anytime and anyhow we want... just a few cautions...
But Christian want us to live a boring life on earth... lol .
No sex before marriage... now after wedding, Christian say "Only Missionary style"… lol grin
I thought bible says "blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"...
So now if I want to carry my own wife leg hang for window, my heart is no more "pure"... grin grin
No wonder there are lots of versions of the Christian Bible..
Everybody wan write their own version grin grin

There is NO where in the bible that says missionary only.
Family / Re: Why Do Some Women Hate And Maltreat Their Househelps? by sweetrace(f): 9:26am On Sep 16, 2023

If you know you weren't going to get the girl anything, then you should have left her at home.

It's really that simple.

What on earth are you talking about?
Family / Re: Why Do Some Women Hate And Maltreat Their Househelps? by sweetrace(f): 3:17am On Sep 16, 2023

The so-called salary you pay her, is it enough for her to afford that turkey and cake you are chopping with your child in her front, without offering her any, because you are selfish?

One thing you women need to realise is that all humans are equal before God.

Equally loved by and precious to GOD. Your maker.

You all go to church and shout ''in Jesus' name'' over everything, but I don't know what you go to that church to do, because you are still selfish and lack empathy.

The day you leave this world, you will return to the Afterlife and realise that that house help you felt so superior to, and so selfish towards, is actually a powerful immortal spirit being beloved of God.

In any organization the security guard works hard, maybe more hours than the MD, but the salaries are not the same. The MD’s skills are more relevant to that organization. You’re talking about being equally loved by God. This is completely true. However, if you remember the parable where a servant was given five talents, another two talents and the third one talent, they were rewarded based on their achievements. Also, the Bible says “ “A servant pampered from youth will turn out to be insolent.” My house help stated the amount I am paying her. I did not negotiate with her. I treat her well, but I know she is not my child.
Family / Re: Why Do Some Women Hate And Maltreat Their Househelps? by sweetrace(f): 7:31pm On Sep 15, 2023
The problem is employing a minor. One should only employ an adult. As for buying the same thing for my house help as my kids, that is laughable. When I buy a piece of turkey or cake for my child, I do not have to buy it for my house help. I pay her a salary. I don’t pay my kids. If the house help does her job well and I am happy with her, I may give her a treat.

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