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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Tbillz(m): 12:48pm On Feb 02
Please my xiaomi 5plus keeps rebooting and showing this below.....what should I do? Thanks

Forum Games / Re: Football Manager App by Tbillz(m): 12:31am On Oct 17, 2019
Bro please message me on WhatsApp 08062622225
U mean this one
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Tbillz(m): 4:41pm On Jun 30, 2019
You need to unlock your bootloader, flash a custom recovery and cam2api.zip.https://androidfilebox.com/tips/enable-camera2-api-redmi-5-plus/.........0i71j35i304i39j0i13j33i21j0i13i10j0..8%3A1j9%3A1.om5558q-LdU
Page not found bro
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Tbillz(m): 2:57pm On Jun 30, 2019
Have you enabled cam2Api?
Not at all bro, how can I do that?
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Tbillz(m): 10:32am On Jun 30, 2019
Please which Gcam will work for my Redmi 5plus
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Tbillz(m): 1:58pm On May 25, 2019
Please how do you change font on xiaomi?
Phones / Candid Review Between Gionee And Xiaomi by Tbillz(m): 1:00pm On Nov 15, 2018
Gionee Pros: Gionee phones has a rugged body structure to withstand rough usage, the battery life deserve some accolades, fast charge with a good charger cannot be sidelined.
Gionee Cons: On 3G usage sometimes heated Up, the ppi resolution needs improvement, the screen has rarely good replacement, extremely heavy.

Xiaomi Pros: battery life is above par, the body built is a great one, weighs lighter, gets Updated regularly, Snapdragon software and the price tag is considerably good, ppi resolution is great as well.

Xiaomi Cons: Slightly slow charge, requires regular Updates (if needed).

Those with infinix and Tecno phones can added or subtract, guess this information can help those who wants to change or buy a new phone.

NB: ignore my errors mbok �

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Romance / Re: Man Staring At A Massively Curvy Lady’s Backside (Photo) by Tbillz(m): 12:24am On Nov 06, 2018
she looks compressed.
zip file?
Sports / Belgium Latest FIFA World Rankings by Tbillz(m): 10:35am On Oct 25, 2018
� Latest FIFA world rankings:

1⃣ Belgium
2⃣ France
3⃣ Brazil
4⃣ Croatia
5⃣ England

Check out @SkyBet’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SkyBet/status/1055391081376956416?s=01

Sports / Re: Need Someone To Make Skrill Payment For Me. Thanks by Tbillz(m): 2:40pm On Oct 08, 2018

I will hit you up soon.
thanks bruh
Sports / Re: Need Someone To Make Skrill Payment For Me. Thanks by Tbillz(m): 12:46pm On Oct 08, 2018

Okay send me a pm.
08062622225 WhatsApp please
Sports / Re: Need Someone To Make Skrill Payment For Me. Thanks by Tbillz(m): 12:38pm On Oct 08, 2018

You did not specify currency.
its naira bro. €10
Sports / Re: Need Someone To Make Skrill Payment For Me. Thanks by Tbillz(m): 12:20pm On Oct 08, 2018

Not a problem. How much are we talking?

Sports / Re: Need Someone To Make Skrill Payment For Me. Thanks by Tbillz(m): 12:13pm On Oct 08, 2018

Like Skrill to Skrill?
if you have skrill then you pay to a skrill account. My skrill isn't functioning
Sports / Re: Need Someone To Make Skrill Payment For Me. Thanks by Tbillz(m): 12:06pm On Oct 08, 2018

What exactly do you need?
make payment to skrill account?
Sports / Need Someone To Make Skrill Payment For Me. Thanks by Tbillz(m): 12:01pm On Oct 08, 2018
Sincere person to make skrill payment for me. Thanks in advance.
Politics / We Are Not Aware Of The Primaries Going On In Lagos -APC National Headquarters. by Tbillz(m): 3:12pm On Oct 02, 2018
BREAKING: We are not aware of the Primaries going on in Lagos -APC National Headquarters.

The NWC panel in charge of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship primary election in Lagos state has dissociated itself from the ongoing exercise, saying it didn’t sanction it.

Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Acknowledges Teebillz’s Contribution To Her Success by Tbillz(m): 8:19pm On Jul 11, 2018
Its a pity she didn't acknowledged him in her initial post �, so that write � it off for me


Sports / Can Anyone Help Me With Mastercard Deposit In My Bet Account? by Tbillz(m): 12:50pm On Jun 30, 2018
I need someone with mastercard to help me deposit in my bet account. Thanks
Phones / Re: Xiaomi MI Pad 4 Officially Launched With 6,000mah Battery - Full Specification by Tbillz(m): 12:01pm On Jun 27, 2018
This guys might lay sammysong to rest!!!
Celebrities / Re: Chidinma Ekile Gorgeous In Native Wear by Tbillz(m): 11:59am On Jun 27, 2018
Mrs Portable

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Celebrities / Re: Beverly Osu Stuns In Super Eagle Jersey by Tbillz(m): 11:57am On Jun 27, 2018
Ajèku 2shotz!!! We will keep appreciating her beauty but at 45 of age we might stop if she wont get married
Sports / Re: Over 18,000 Angry Nigerians Storm IG Page Of 'nigeria Vs Argentina' Referee by Tbillz(m): 11:54am On Jun 27, 2018
Refs shouldnt be allowed on social media, but for this jigga ref he hasn't seen anything yet cuz even the realms are coming after him

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Sports / Re: Atiku Abubakar Reacts Following Nigeria Defeat To Argentina by Tbillz(m): 11:52am On Jun 27, 2018
We appreciate, but whatever he says now will be regarded as strategy, btw he has been among the ruling class for now, so i don't see him coming to change anything rather to misfire like Ighalo.


Sports / Re: Bukola Saraki Reacts After Argentina Beat Nigeria 2 - 1 by Tbillz(m): 11:51am On Jun 27, 2018
Time to face our local challenges , they might as well be affecting our performances. The cry in Jos demands urgent attention

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Sports / Re: Top 10 Takeaways From Nigeria’s Loss To Argentina & Elimination From Russia 2018 by Tbillz(m): 11:47am On Jun 27, 2018
Keep Rhor!!!
World cup is not for blacks!!!
Break the york of not having a good top 9!!!
Rebuild our team around players with future like Ebuehe!!!
Create our own style or tactic of football!!!
Wait for next tournament!!!


Sports / Re: If You Were From Iceland What Would've Been Your Name? by Tbillz(m): 10:43pm On Jun 22, 2018
Sports / How To Make Side Money From The World Cup by Tbillz(m): 6:56am On Jun 22, 2018
The 21st edition of the biggest sports festival in the world, the FIFA World Cup kicked off on Thursday June 14, 2018, in Moscow, Russia. While the festival is a highly intriguing and fascinating one, let’s take a moment to forget about golden balls, golden boots and focus on the golden opportunity this event presents for your business to make more money or begin your sojourn to raking in all the profits.

Here is a quick list of things you can engage in during this period of the World cup that will sure get you some cash:

Place a bet:
Sport betting is a multi-million industry and can literally turn you into an overnight millionaire. You can stake on the possible outcomes of a match and in about 90 minutes you could earn some cool cash. Albeit, sport betting is not the most ideal method of earning money so you should always stake only the amount of money you can afford to lose.

Graphic designs
During the period of the world cup, a lot of businesses will want to revamp their social media pages, websites, banners to fit into world cup theme. If you are skilled in graphic design, you can market your skills in this respect.

Customised football jerseys
The demand for customised football jerseys and general sportswear are sure to skyrocket during the world cup. Fans will always appreciate and request for different country jerseys that has their names behind it. To start this business you will need to have good graphics design skills and a business network that can help you access quality jerseys at affordable price.

Sports bar business/Viewing centres
A lot of people believe that it is more enjoyable to watch a football match in the midst of people than to watch it alone at home. You can start a sports bar where people can come and watch the game with other people and thus feel the real excitement of the game. You can either charge a fee for this or require that they get a bottle of drink before they are allowed in.

Start a Sports Magazine or Newspaper
If you are a trained journalist, one of the businesses that you can decide to start is a sports magazine or sports newspaper. If you can’t manage the cost implications of this, then you can render daily/weekly opinion under magazine/newspaper and charge for it. The percentage of people who read sports news and buy sports-related news are more and they are enough to help your business breakeven no matter the parts of the world that you are located in.

Become a Sports Blogger
Setting up a blog as your sports business requires basically zero capital. You can open a free WordPress account and blog about the matches of the day and things to look out for. In-depth and consistency will position your blog in a good place.

Start a Sports Betting Website
Sports betting websites are on the increase and this is a perfect opportunity if you have interest in the area. Although requires quite a huge capital base, you’ll favourably compete if the odds your platform offers are well attractive.

Develop Sports Apps
Building mobile sports apps is another big business for you this season. Remember that the most popular apps are easy to use. Make it easy to use, and design an interface that is attractive with a seamless user experience and you will soon be raking in all the profits from ads and other channels.

Themed gears, footballs, hats, t-shirts, kit, soccer jerseys, glasses, national flags among other such items can be really profitable during the world cup.

In conclusion, you should try as much as possible to aggressively promote all the initiatives you may have for the world cup so as to expose your business to the maximum amount of audience. However, in your marketing campaign, you should do well to abide by the FIFA World cup marketing guide for 2018. The official marks, logo, mascot are protected by copyright and trademarked in Russia and territories around the world. The official font is protected by copyright and design (These should not be used together with or in close proximity to a company logo or commercial reference.

Remember that your business is not too small to be affected by litigation issues, neither are you too far in this digital age of doing business. Please seek legal advice before embarking on any promotional strategy regarding the event.

This aticle was written for Nairametrics by Raheem Roqeeb.

Romance / Turning A Breakup Into A Positive Experience by Tbillz(m): 8:18am On Jun 19, 2018
As you reflect on your newfound singledom, here are a few things to keep in mind.

When I used to get dumped, I had a habit of clinging to my ex-boyfriends’ oversized sweaters, hoping they’d materialize into the people I once loved.

As my eyes sagged like sad hammocks from under the sweatshirt’s hood, my well-meaning circle of friends buzzed with advice.

“Get bangs, but don’t do them yourself.”

“Open an Etsy shop.”

“Change your identity and move to a foreign country

While my bone structure is in no way conducive to bangs, and I have no remarkable crocheting skills to profit from, I found comfort in being productive. Whether I was doing something radical or small, just doing something seemed more appealing than spiraling. Rather than sulking, I learned to turn my post-breakup slumps into easy excuses to better myself and do the things I never had time for. I could finally learn to enjoy my own company, either by getting to know myself better or growing into a version of myself I preferred.
Pop culture has trained us to think of breakups as excuses to binge on ice cream in the dark for a month. But that doesn’t help anyone. So as you reflect on your newfound singledom, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Validate your suffering
Immediately booking a flight to Cancun isn’t necessarily a suitable plan for everyone. Grieving takes time. It’s not a sign of weakness, but rather an essential step toward accepting change.

“What I’ve found sticks with people seeking to be less preoccupied with something that was once very important to them is intentional grieving,” said Amanda Luterman, a clinical psychotherapist specializing in sexuality.

“Consciously choose to remember why it hurts to no longer be in the relationship, and validate the suffering,” she said, adding that it’s helpful to think of your former relationship as a part of what makes you who you are.

Intentional grieving is a skill you can learn, just like any other.

To start, think of five memories in which you genuinely felt happy with the person. Don’t discredit them. Honor your having chosen the person, force a smile and leave happy memories as positive.

“Those memories have not disappeared with your relationship status,” Ms. Luterman said. “You deserve to continue to value them. You look attractive in that photo, you did go zip-lining, your costumes actually were amazing, your bravery that day was due to each other, your meals really were delicious, your laughing was real.”

Playing the role of a partner or a spouse is a significant chunk of a person’s identity and that’s O.K. — but it means much of our suffering is tied to our inability to operate outside of that frame. A breakup presents an opportunity to finally learn to accept yourself on your own.

“What’s common is for people to believe that if they were ‘more’ — a better person, more attractive, more successful, sexier, funnier or simply a more lovable human being — their partner would have loved them enough and it would have been a good relationship,” said Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, a licensed marriage and family therapist and author of “Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love.

Channel negative energy
Taking care of oneself looks different for everyone, so listen to your needs. Think of picking up a hobby without having any immediate expectations, or tackling a project you’ve been putting off for years without putting the pressure of completion on yourself.

“Being happy as a person on your own sets the groundwork for being the best you in other relationships, including romantic and platonic relationships,” said Dr. Michele Kerulis, counseling professor at the Family Institute at Northwestern University.

“When people decide what happens in advance, it can be upsetting and anxiety provoking when it doesn’t pan out,” Dr. Bobby said.

Center your recovery on yourself. Bad-mouthing your ex might feel cathartic, but it’s not going to help you heal in the long run. Instead, Dr. Bobby suggests alternate outlets like exercising or writing. Finding a physiological release through experiential activities helps make sense of confusing emotions like anger, grief and guilt.

If that sounds a little too abstract, it’s not: Our limbic brain system that feels emotions is unable to distinguish between things we’re thinking about and experiencing in reality, according to Dr. Bobby.

And then there’s the “post-breakup bod,” touted among celebrities as the ultimate revenge. But there’s truth to exercise’s healing properties.

“When stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are dumped into our bloodstream our hearts pound, our muscles tense, we’re sweaty and hyper-focused on the threatening thoughts we’re indulging,” Dr. Bobby said, adding that our feelings of anger or pain can translate to physiological pain and push us into a state of elevation akin to a “fight or flight response.”

Devise a plan
Rein in your impulses to re-enact Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video — now it’s time to restructure your life as a single person.

At the beginning of your breakup, document your emotions during your most vulnerable moments. Six months later, evaluate your growth, Dr. Bobby suggests. Take comfort in your control of your emotions. You have the power to steer yourself in the right direction.

“Time alone does not heal,” Dr. Bobby said. “It is an active, intentional process.”

Depending on your level of anxiety, you might need more near-term guidance. Ms. Luterman suggests thinking in blocks of seven days at a time so as not to do something you’ll likely regret later.

“Anticipate and discuss challenging moments like running into your ex or explaining the end of the relationship to prepare and cope with difficult feelings as they arise,” she said.

When confronted with the dreaded “What happened?” question at events, Dr. Kerulis suggests preparing a statement to deflect the topic. Try: “It just wasn’t working out and we have gone our separate ways,” or, “Yeah, we’re not together anymore and I’m bummed about it. But tonight I want to focus on fun and positive things.” Then transition into talking about all the fun things you’ve been up to in your new single lifestyle.

Still, don’t fall into the trap of deluding yourself into believing that nothing tragic happened to you — it did, and it will be unpleasant. So acknowledge the psychological distress and suffering that the end of a relationship can spark.

“Someone out there is walking around unsupervised with all this information about you at your recent worst,” Ms. Luterman said. That’s “terrifying. Your symptomatic history of being bullied, talked about behind your back, mocked and excluded is back in full swing,” she said.

Time to start again?
If you’re no longer sobbing at the sound of your shared songs and feel the urge to go out, you might be ready to reactivate your dating app account. “Do a gut check with yourself,” said Vikki S. Ziegler, family law lawyer and star of two seasons of Bravo TV’s “Untying the Knot.” But if those shared songs inspire you to send a 2 a.m. “u up?” text, have a trusted friend vet it first.

Should getting back together be something you’re considering, Dr. Bobby recommends asking yourself these crucial questions: Are they open to making changes? Are there things you can change? Are they open to couples therapy?

She added that, particularly for couples with a long history and children, “if you’re both actively working on it and if over the period of three months it feels different and gives you hope, that’s a great indication it’s worth another shot.”

Link: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/06/19/smarter-living/turning-a-breakup-into-a-positive-experience.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur

Romance / Re: Bride Carries Groom On Her Laps, Bridesmaids Hold His Legs For Her To Kiss Him by Tbillz(m): 8:37am On Jun 14, 2018
Chubby ladies are always beautiful even when they are being stupid just like in this picture. undecided
spotting the ugly and useless ones is harder than further maths
Computers / Re: Hp Probook 4530s Laptop For 40k by Tbillz(m): 2:22am On Jun 11, 2018
Has Bluetooth And Wi-Fi connection?

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