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Politics / Re: Biafra: Show Evidence Of Your Project In Southeast – Omirhobo Challenges Gowon by tegrianonigltd(m): 2:29am
Stop deceiving yourself dude grin

Read history Mr man, I be uvwie boy, delta, so I no dey follow you argue tribe. But read the history, how the war started not online from political idiots
Politics / Re: Biafra: Show Evidence Of Your Project In Southeast – Omirhobo Challenges Gowon by tegrianonigltd(m): 2:04am
grin grin grin On another note, the reprisal from that proposed landing in Lagos by surprise would have led to a total wipe out of the dot land and you won't even be in existence to be typing all these here today. The friendly war tempered down by Gowon would have turned into a real war with no mercy. Let's just be grateful to God and move on.

Lagos was capital at that time. No be we Dey fight, Biafra were stronger with their mercenaries on ground, they battled for almost 3 years, they were tipped to win. They were fearless students, you need to read history. They assembled their toys themselves. They layed the greatest ambush in the history of africa and one of the greatest in the world. If not for food supply. Omo na Ireland story we go dey hear, as Ireland leave uk with bloodbath. Millions died also. White to white oh. I really don’t know why the hatred. We are humans but we act like animals. Idiots, zombies

Fighting over things that are not important.
Politics / Re: Vice President Shettima Commissions Geometric Power Plant In Aba by tegrianonigltd(m): 2:00am
That gbajue clown by now would have ran away as the Eagle have landed 🦅

Politics Dey make una abuse man wey don chairman 3 banks, do business in the uk with millions of pounds turnover, built successful businesses and companies, chairman sec, sat across boardrooms, the only governor to govern a state without a single loan, still saved and invested ,one of the few governors to lure Fortune 500 companies to Anambra. Second largest brewery in the world etc, Omo una dey do sha.

Don’t let politicians use you abuse people you can steal one or two from to do far in life.

It’s politics. It’s just politics, it’s not death sentence.
Politics / Re: Biafra: Show Evidence Of Your Project In Southeast – Omirhobo Challenges Gowon by tegrianonigltd(m): 7:51pm On Feb 26
Make dem free gowon na.... Ojukwu led his people to a war unprepared and ran away after he has been defeated.... Gowon made efforts to rebuild back the country,one of his initiatives was the 3Rs program, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, and Reconciliation....one of his structures is d NYSC which is still standing today....

Instead of blaming ojukwu that led men that had little or no training to a war against men that were trained by the whites, u guys are busy blaming gowon....

Biafra almost defeated Nigeria, Una dey read history at all?? The Biafra ambush is the greatest in africa till date, google it. Those students, those men created their own weapons, they almost defeated and landed in Lagos, if not for the Benin meeting of Ojukwu, Awolowo and co, after Awolowo knew the plan, went ahead to snitch, thinking the north will vote him in as President, Shagari won.

Go read the history properly. Awolowo snitched na why, he got the idea of cutting food supply.

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Politics / Re: HARDSHIP: Younger President Like Peter Obi, Sowore Would’ve Done Better – Freeze by tegrianonigltd(m): 8:13pm On Feb 25
Sowore would have done ok, but the yes daddy agulu fraud who tried to use religion and tribalism to win election would have been a terrible fit for for a diverse nation like Nigeria.

The yes daddy has chairman 3 banks, sec, built successful businesses and companies, sat across boardrooms home and abroad, part of the economic team, 2000s that wiped our national debt, he is the only governor to govern a state for 8 years without a single loan, still saved, and invested. He has experience from finance, economics, investment, politics, business. He has done a business in the uk that turn over over 5 m pounds yearly.

Even Tinubu don’t have that cv. You can hate Peter Obi but if you leave sentiments aside, put on your logical view, you would understand he is the most experienced among them. He knows how to fire people, he knows how to hire people there is no how you would
Be head of organizations and will employ nuisance to work with you.

Na politics make una just hate this man.
Politics / Re: Qatar Rejects Tinubu’s Proposed Business Meeting by tegrianonigltd(m): 7:33am On Feb 25
Ordinary Qatar don dey insult giant of Africa.
Tinubu is i swear for you ehn,e suppose work fast fast.

You've finished this country

Qatar that hosted the worldcup? Abi wey dey pay their league players hefty salaries or the fine infrastructures there be ordinary. You all overrate Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Economic Hardship: Ohanaeze Commends South East Residents For Shunning Protests by tegrianonigltd(m): 8:15am On Feb 19
we didnt expect miracle from tinubu so we made hay when the sun shined.

Same thing you guys said about buhari, 8 years pass.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Rigged His Way Into Power To Kill Nigerians – Aisha Yesufu by tegrianonigltd(m): 6:25am On Feb 18
Well, I still believe things will get better because I don't understand this asiwaju in aso rock, he's different from the asiwaju I used to know.

Something is definitely wrong somewhere.
The Asiwaju you know only widened tax in Lagos to generate IGR, Lagos was big, all companies HQs, largest africa port, businesses, startups were in Lagos, Lagos was africa largest commercial hub.

Widened tax and make 80 % of the money , he wasn’t really a genius as you all claim na.

Despite that, he still borrowed the state into debt. Ambode complained about that, one of the reasons he was kicked out.

He has loads of money during his reign as governor, if Tinubu was Paul Kagame, or Deng of China, Lee of Singapore etc, Lagos would be rubbing shoulders with Johannesburg, Cape Town, Paris, etc in beauty, roads, streets tarred, bins every 10 meters, a city with elegance.

Lagos shouldn’t be compared to any state in Nigeria.

It is a country on its own. Never should it compared, the igr dwarfs any others state,

Just like London in England, Johannesburg in South Africa, New York in America, Toronto in Canada, Shanghai in China, etc


Politics / Re: Stop Being Heartless, Fix The Economy, Leave Business Owners Alone – Obi To FG by tegrianonigltd(m): 6:15am On Feb 18
We dodged a bullet.. the business owners through association and deliberate sabotage can cripple any economy. Not even Russia or USA will give business owners free hand to wreck their economy.

Ob should look for something else to do and leave governance for those with higher IQ.

Abi, the higher IQ, we have not ooh, make Obi relax, higher IQ higher exchange rates, higher cost of living, higher flights, nothing than higher IQ ooh, high corruption rate. God bless the country and the higher IQ leaders
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits Tungan Madaki, Donates N2m For Healthcare - Aisha Yesufu by tegrianonigltd(m): 12:59am On Feb 16
He should stop wasting his money. He is never going to be president

Abi, Tinubu till 2078. We southsouth and also the south east stand by him.
Politics / Re: #RevolutionNow: FG Discontinues Treasonable Felony Trial Against Sowore, Bakare by tegrianonigltd(m): 1:43pm On Feb 15

The new FG.

Why is President always blamed for everything?

What's the function of Governors?

The current narratives make it look as if they don't matter, so we should just stop electing them!!

We practice a federalism system not true federalism.

That’s why there is need to restructure.

Either each state or each region make and use their own wealth, policing, etc.
Health / Re: 55-year-old Father Of Six Commits Suicide In Ibadan Over Economic Hardship by tegrianonigltd(m): 6:57am On Feb 15

You think sey na everybody the thing dey touch abi?

Inside this same Nigeria, people dey build house, buy car, do wedding etc.

So dye that talk abeg.

How many compared to the ones suffering, the ratio much. The gap between them the rich and poor too much, unlike where we Dey.
Politics / Re: Stolen Funds Recovered Under Buhari Are Currently Missing From CBN: SERAP by tegrianonigltd(m): 8:51pm On Feb 14
Emefiele work be that

Nigeria put the Cat in Charge of the pot of Egusi Soup

And he will do it without instructions? Lol, Una no dey ever logical, and think outside the box. He is just the remote control, they need to arrest buhari and co, all the cabals.
Health / Re: Nigerian Nurses In The UK Embroiled In Qualification Scandal by tegrianonigltd(m): 3:03pm On Feb 14

You are against anyone abusing Tinubu? Hahahaha. Please could you point to any of your past comments where you have come against those abusing him or you are just playing to the gallery?

Try to read I am against anyone abusing !!!

Try to read logically, and not emotionally.

Tinubu, Atiku, Obi, those men don try, to get to these heights is remarkable. Whether they did it good or bad, they tried.

I am a man trying to get to great heights, I learned one or two from them, Tinubu doggedness, Atiku relentless spirit, obi administrative and leadership prowess.

I learn, I don’t criticize. I am not bound by political beliefs.

Thank you

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Health / Re: Nigerian Nurses In The UK Embroiled In Qualification Scandal by tegrianonigltd(m): 1:11pm On Feb 14

Is it the same reason your Agulu failure deported from the UK? Hahahahahaa failure will always have execuse to profer

You just wan satisfy your conscience because you know say no be true, I am against anyone abusing anybody even Tinubu. He don try, but trying to bring lame excuses to talk down on Obi who did business in the uk that generated 5m pounds and more yearly for so many years is bad. Very bad.

We are all Nigerians and should not because of politics, behave abnormal. Respect everyone. Peter has tried in his lifetime. Chairman 3 banks, built successful businesses and companies, sat abroad boardrooms to chair high stakeholders, chairman SEC, only governor to lead a state for 8 years without borrowing a loan, still invested, and saved.

Common give him credit.


Politics / Re: Obi Offers Words Of Encouragement To Nigerians While Congratulating Ivory Coast by tegrianonigltd(m): 10:53am On Feb 12

Get a job
a business tycoon, investor, former chairman 3 banks, chair so many boardrooms, built successful businesses and companies home and abroad. Only governor to date to lead a state without borrowing a dime.
Part of the economic team that cleared our national debt in 2000s.

Tell me, who need job, you or obi?
Politics / Re: Win The Trophy To Ameliorate The Pains Of Those We Lost – Obi Urges Super Eagles by tegrianonigltd(m): 9:24pm On Feb 11

Where is the hate?

Where is the look down?

I think he is the one you shd ask why putting mouth in everything...

Is that how he copes with defeat?
Go make money and leave politics for Tinubu and co. Them no like you or me. Them dey therefor their own self. Thank you.
Politics / Re: Hunger In The Land: Top Economists Hand To-do-list To Tinubu by tegrianonigltd(m): 9:06pm On Feb 11
He no dey hard to see Socialists

Na them

Lol 😂😂😂

Fixing power alone would take $120 billion minimum we don't have that and we don't need it right now

Port to major cities by rail would cost $100 billion... We don't have such amounts we don't need that right now

Reduce tax? Where is the tax? Do Nigerians pay tax? Lmaooo

This APC know nothing about development...

Nothing he said here can be achieved in even if you make prof the president

1) We need to restructure the taxing system such that companies can avoid paying tax if they reinvest in their business, grow it and employ more people

2) second we need to Identify areas we have comparative advantage and provide access to credit for this industries ( not every industries)

3) every none essential infrastructure funding should be stopped right now we don't need it as at now

Every business pay tax, workers pay tax, if you are working, check your payslip, Nigeria tax is one of the highest. You just receive alert, ask for your payslip.
Politics / Re: Win The Trophy To Ameliorate The Pains Of Those We Lost – Obi Urges Super Eagles by tegrianonigltd(m): 9:01pm On Feb 11
How person go just dey advise who no ask for him advice


How you dey cope to look down on man wey don successful for business banking, corporate world, politics. How you Dey feel Because of Apc and Tinubu? Hating someone else ? Because of politics ? Wow

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Sports / Re: I Want My Friend, José Peseiro To Win The AFCON - Jose Mourinho by tegrianonigltd(m): 7:09pm On Feb 11
I'm not surprised.

Jose has already been Mourinho's boy from day one! Highly trained by the famous Jose Mourinho

They are friends, read it, even went to the same university same day, not boy, one bigger than one doesn’t mean the other is beneath, the Nigerian mentality.

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Sports / Re: AFCON Final: Ivory Coast Will Go Home With Cup In Error – Prophet Ebube Muonso by tegrianonigltd(m): 9:35pm On Feb 10

Naijeriyans dey vex 🤣

If una tire, all of una go unite fight the government wey dey make sure una divide during politics and in football you all unite. lol

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Politics / Re: Social Media Is Now A Menace, Must Be Regulated - Gbajabiamila by tegrianonigltd(m): 7:13am On Feb 09
Peter obi, all members and supporters of labour party won't like this news. They are 100% good at fake news and defamations grin grin

The news they did against Jonathan? Carried coffin in his name, insulted and abused a sitting president and his wife, talked all rubbish, used the same social media to rise to power. You sit and talk about OBIdients? Wind back 2014 please.

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Sports / Re: South Africa Mocks Nigeria As 'Generator Republic' In New Nationwide Ad (Video) by tegrianonigltd(m): 8:59pm On Feb 08
Nothing good can come out of South Africa...

lol 😂 una like dreams. Country wey get their multinationals for your Nigeria, country wey get infrastructures .

Argue with your shadow.
Sports / Re: AFCON Semi-Final: VP Shettima Celebrates With Super Eagles Squad (Video) by tegrianonigltd(m): 8:53am On Feb 08
Why is bad belle Peter Obi yet to congratulate the team? He was hoping that they would lose so that he can blast Tinubu Why is bad belle Peter Obi yet to congratulate the team? He was hoping that they would lose so that he can blast Tinubu ...

He did already na. Make una easy. Peter Ovo is a millionaire in dollars. He has achieved, why hating People you can learn from because of another politician? We re humans

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Namibia’s President Hage Geingob Dies Of Cancer At 82 by tegrianonigltd(m): 10:51am On Feb 04
Not wishing anyone dead.

But oh ye God that did it for Namibia, do it for mi fatherland, amen.

Namibia is a beautiful country, Windhoek city is abroad standard.
Politics / Re: Surulere Bye-election: INEC Declares Fuad Laguda (APC) As Winner by tegrianonigltd(m): 11:16pm On Feb 03

How many states were in Igboland in 1993, how many did Abiola win?
This one thinks he's talking to the illiterates in his village.

Igbos were not enemies but you insulted our traditional rulers, insulted our religious leaders, insulted our academia, insulted everyone.

Have you forgotten how your brothers here on Nairaland were rejoicing during the Ondo church attacks?

Abeg, get out.

I am urhobo ijaw, calm down, all non Yorubas are not Igbos. Stop making politician use Una. Google divide and rule politics.

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Politics / Re: Surulere Bye-election: INEC Declares Fuad Laguda (APC) As Winner by tegrianonigltd(m): 10:25pm On Feb 03
It was a non contest and a walkover. It will take some selfless disposition and detribalised politicking before APC can be displaced nationwide. In this wise, Atiku and Obi have to give way for fresh candidates.

Lol, they will find a way to say something about the new one. No be Tinubu and co??

Always something. Igbos voted obasanjo, voted Abiola and co even with their men on paper like Ojukwu, and co, e reach oBi turn, Igbos are bad, Igbos are this, Igbos are that. Pathetic really, no jokes. Abiola was Muslim, Obj was Christian , Igbos voted them in.

You can clearly see the hypocrisy and the divide and rule politics Tinubu used just to get to power.

Igbos were never enemies to Yorubas, they pushed a narrative just for their selfish agenda.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Vs Angola: Peter Obi With Nigeria Supporters Club (pics) by tegrianonigltd(m): 3:59am On Feb 03

As in!

Very desperate yes Daddy.

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Business / Re: Femi Otedola Emerges Chairman Of First Bank by tegrianonigltd(m): 12:32am On Feb 01

Congratulations to him.

If he someday becomes Governor of Lagos State, I hope he will not domicile the state funds in a bank he was previously the Chairman and has major interests.

We know a certain "Saint" who was fraudulent enough to do so.

Glad you don’t know what investing is, Nigerians are never taught financial literacy, that’s why they hire hoodlums to lead them. Obi spent a lot of his life in the uk, he has moved from banking, corporate, business, etc before joining politics.

You haven’t invested a dime at all. Just like Tinubu saying na statistics we go chop, Una say no.

When the world run on data.


You just sounded so dumb. Investing is never a crime, that’s why efcc no bold to even attend to the matter. It’s not even a matter or think oh,

He didn’t borrow a loan as a governor and the only governor till date to do that, he saved, invested, you criticize him? That’s so dumb.

Politics mad sha. Dey make person hate who he suppose learn from.
Health / Re: Man Commits Suicide In Kano Over Ex-wife’s Remarriage by tegrianonigltd(m): 12:30am On Jan 31
I like Men that can die for love and marriage.

If reversed was the case, you would abuse the man, if na woman die? Just a question
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits Nabeeha's family, Condoles With Folashade Ariyo (Photos) by tegrianonigltd(m): 6:02pm On Jan 30

40 people, mostly Ibos were massacred in Owo, he never went there, not even a condolence message.
I am not fooled by his recent shenanigans.

Don’t be miserable, because of hate. Don’t be please young man, Tinubu and his crooks don’t know you or me. Be careful, stop creating enemies because of politics, Igbo man might be your helper, Hausa man might be, vice versa. It’s a world of flowing river.

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Politics / Re: EFCC Set To Arraign Former Anambra Governor, Obiano On Money Laundering Charges by tegrianonigltd(m): 9:16am On Jan 24
Peter Obi should not be spared too; he is a thief also

You just wish he was. I understand, the only governor till date to lead a state for 8 years without a single loan, not even 10 naira loan. Still saved and did a lot.

No let apc and Tinubu fool you.

They don’t have his Cv.

Chairman 3 banks, chairman SEC, sat to chairman boards home and abroad, built successful businesses and companies, investor, economist, prudent spender.

You can hate Peter Obi which is fine, but acknowledge his accomplishments in his walk with life. I do acknowledge Tinubu and atiku also. E no easy. But you see Peter Obi, spanning from business, banking, corporate world, government agency, politics. That experience is what we needed not just a core politician with no administrative responsibilities over the years just politics morning afternoon night.

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