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Politics / Re: Another Yoruba Man Comes Out As Tinubu's Classmate At CSU by ubest1(m): 5:58pm On Sep 25
We don't say rubbish I have nothing personal agaainst BAT but u his supporters are so-so stupid not to think as human to reason why his hiding result/certificate if it genuine


How can he graduate from a university and you say his certificate is fake at the same time?

How can his transcript belong to a female? Most of you don’t even know the rubbish you say.

There is no Chicago state university record that shows Tinubu is female. If you have it, respond to me with it here.

Even on the inquiry you send to CSU for fact finding, they will always use “He” in their response for Bola Tinubu.

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Politics / Re: Another Yoruba Man Comes Out As Tinubu's Classmate At CSU by ubest1(m): 5:39pm On Sep 25
Nobody doubting PBAT schooling in CSU, but they are suspicious (1) The certificate he is parading is fake, (2) The transcript belong to a female, he enrolled false-fully reason he never graduated that lead to the forgery. Now all Nigerian want his not PBAT classmate rather prove to Nigerian by presenting ur certificate certified by CSU and case close


Politics / Re: Gov. Alia Directs Security Agencies To Rescue Abducted Commissioner, LG Chairman by ubest1(m): 12:58pm On Sep 25
State Govt lying machinery captured, hope for his quick return
NYSC / Re: Taraba To Pay Corps Members ₦85,000 Stipend by ubest1(m): 12:56pm On Sep 25
To increase is one thing to pay is another

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Politics / Re: Where Is The Student Loans??? Agbadorian Caught Begging For School Fees Online by ubest1(m): 9:30am On Sep 25
I blame the guy that wasted his 30k on the useless bigot allow everybody to suffer well-well, those that will dropout should be drop, we most learn in a hard ways to grow

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Members Ambush Motorists, Kill Soldier, Three Civilians In Borno by ubest1(m): 8:55am On Sep 25
Nothing for military to burn down in North, North is just like a desert, military men that always burning SE/SS community are just envy of those beautiful structures


Politics / Re: You Hid In Barracks On Mondays During Sit-at-home, Ipob Teases Soldiers by ubest1(m): 10:30am On Sep 23
To be realistic 75% of all salary workers enjoyed the Monday sit at home including force men/women, only travellers & employer of labour fully against it.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Hidding Chicago Varsity Records Embarrassing To Nigerians – Timi Frank by ubest1(m): 4:49pm On Sep 22
Take him to court just like Atiku took BAT to court

Publish Peter Obi's UNN Transcripts

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Politics / Re: Have U Lost Faith In This Country by ubest1(m): 5:20pm On Sep 21
Our judiciary system make me write off the country, this is a country judges can interpret pure white as pink & tell you no evidence proof it a white


Politics / Re: Police Statement On The Killing Of Policemen And Soldiers In Imo State. by ubest1(m): 4:31pm On Sep 20
Officers please step up ur intelligent in fighting, u can't be going for distress calls & be misguided

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Kano Tribunal Sacks Gov Yusuf, Declares APC's Gawuna Winner by ubest1(m): 4:04pm On Sep 20
Abuja magic
Politics / Re: US Illiois Court Placed Our Supreme Court Under Internation Trial by ubest1(m): 3:38pm On Sep 20
You guys are just too poor thinkers, court work base on evidence, if the US court through the main school BAT graduated says TINUBU certificate is forged it now put our supreme court on high jump to agree and say yes otherwise mean our judges are criminal


If you are not mentally unstable, then you will not want Nigeria's Supreme Court to take orders from a district Court in USA of drug addicts and homosexuals.

For your information, Nigeria's Supreme Court does not care what all the Courts in the world thinks about the judgement going on here.

Go and concentrate on your life, so that you would not beg for food like those before you.

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Politics / US Illiois Court Placed Our Supreme Court Under Internation Trial by ubest1(m): 12:44pm On Sep 20
These documents below are being ordered by judge in Illinois court to Chicago State University to release Tinubu academic records to Atiku, what this imply our judges and highest court in the land is being placed under international trial. If the supreme court go against the judgement especially against Tinubu through any means of technicality those judges will be sanction globally and our supreme court will lack global trust in any future cases.

Request No. 1. A true and correct copy of any diploma for a Bachelor of Science degree issued by CSU in1979.
Request No. 2: A true and correct copy of any diploma issued by CSU in 1979 to Mr. Tinubu.
Request No. 3. True and correct copies of any diplomas issued by CSU (other than to Mr. Tinubu) that contain the same font, seal, signatures, and wording (other than the name of the recipient and the specific degree awarded) as contained in Exhibit C to the First Liu Declaration, which purports to be a CSU diploma issued to Mr. Tinubu on or about June 22, 1979.
Request No. 4. True and correct copies of any CSU documents relating to Mr. Tinubu that were certified by Jamar C. Orr, Esq., including, without limitation.

The court will either be truthful or think deeper to avoid being ridicule globally

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Politics / Re: Gunmen Kill Eight Soldiers, Policemen In Imo by ubest1(m): 1:57pm On Sep 19
Look like fake news as usual
Politics / Re: Dangote Refinery To Purchase Our Crude In Dallars To Keep The Price High by ubest1(m): 11:44am On Sep 19
I don't see the possibility it would have work if local production was in Naira

Will this development make us buy at 400
Politics / Dangote Refinery To Purchase Our Crude In Dallars To Keep The Price High by ubest1(m): 10:45am On Sep 19
He said:

"Right now, I’m ready to receive crude,” said Edwin, who previously ran Dangote Cement. “We are just waiting for the first vessel. And so as soon as it comes in, we can start.”

More Insights

While addressing the timeline change, Edwin told S&P that the NNPCL had said they had committed their crude on a forward basis to someone else, so they didn’t have the crude immediately.

He noted that this is a temporary issue, and the refinery should run on exclusively Nigerian crude by November 2023.

He noted further that the Nigerian oil will be purchased in US dollars, and not naira because it is in a free zone on the outskirts of Lagos.

However, NNPCL will supply some crude at knockdown prices due to its equity stake.

Edwin also said that the Dangote refinery can process most African crudes, apart from heavy Angolan grades as well as Middle Eastern Arab Light and even US light tight oil.

Politics / Re: Appointments: You Are Favouring Yorubas, Christians, MURIC Knocks Tinubu by ubest1(m): 5:56pm On Sep 18
This topic should be allow to Yoruba's alone to counter themselves, it will clear for everybody eyes

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to ensure that all regions, faiths and sections benefit from political appointments made by his government while no ethnic group or faith is seen to be favoured above others.

Executive Director of MURIC, Prof Isiaq Akintola, made the plea in a statement on Monday.

According to him, the appointments made so far by President Tinubu are lopsided because they favour mainly Yorubas and Christians.

He advised the president to ensure balance in coming appointments.

“We are shocked to our marrows that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been appointing Christians and Yorubas mainly to key positions since the inception of this administration at the expense of Muslims. For instance, five out of eight security chiefs appointed earlier are Christians. Ministerial posts have not been different.

“All five key appointments made by President Tinubu to revive the economy were given to Christians and Yorubas mainly. These new appointees include the Minister of Finance, Wale Edun, the newly nominated CBN Governor, Dr. Michael Cardoso, Hon. Zacch Adedeji, Acting Chairman, FIRS, the Chairman, Tax Reforms Committee, Mr. Taiwo Oyedele and Mr. Tope Fasua, Special Adviser on Economic Affairs.

“Many competent Muslims who campaigned and voted Muslim-Muslim ticket during the presidential election were ignored. It is interesting to note that some of those Muslims are eminently qualified to hold key political offices since there are professors, engineers, medical doctors and holders of doctorate degrees among them,” he said.

Apparently referring to former Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, Akintola said that to add salt to injury, one of the best Muslim ministerial nominees, the man who championed the Muslim-Muslim ticket and mobilised the whole North behind Asiwaju has been jettisoned.

He said, “Also, Prof Ali Isa Pantami who took the communication and digital economy to enviable heights during the last administration was ignored. Where, then, is our Muslim president, taking Nigerian Muslims?

“MURIC rejects this trending narrative that makes competence the raison d’etre for concentrating appointments in any particular tribe, religion or group. Government’s tentacles should be spread nationwide in the search for competence. Neither should the need for skills be used as a cover for the marginalisation of some sections of Nigeria.”

The MURIC boss said competence is not the monopoly of any tribe, faith or group as talented Nigerians are to be found everywhere if sincere searches are conducted.

“Besides, government should take the lion share of the blame if competent hands cannot be found in any section, creed or group for certain assignments. It means the government has not, ab initio, allowed educational and training facilities to be fairly and evenly distributed, or that government has failed to consciously integrate all segments of the Nigerian society.

“This regime must be wary of allegation of nepotism which the previous regime was accused of. Nigeria is a vast country with talented men and women in all nooks and crannies. Government must not just pick the low hanging skills or those on the water surface. It must send its underwater swimmers to dive below the surface in order to bring the gems to dry land.
“Our message to President Tinubu is this (and we want the president’s handlers to take this to him) the cacophony of voices of dissatisfied Muslims has reached an unbearable crescendo such that MURIC is now constrained to speak up. People are complaining, particularly Muslims from the North and South West and they can only be ignored at the risk of foregoing 2027.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is our Muslim brother but that should not stop us from criticising him if he does the wrong thing. The Prophet (SAW) said, “Help your brother when he is wronged and even when he is wrong…”

“Traceable as well as well known authors on social media are exchanging lopsided lists either tilted in favour of Christians who did not vote for the Muslim-Muslim ticket or in favour of Yorubas only. Such lists raise questions of nepotism and that of marginalisation of the same Muslims who stood behind Asiwaju and voted massively for him.

“We remind President Bola Ahmed Tinubu that all regions, faiths and sections deserve political appointments. The Tinubu administration must not be the exclusive preserve of the Yorubas at the expense of other tribes, nor the monopoly of Rome at the expense of Madinah. No region must be sentenced to hunger, starvation and political isolation.

“Tinubu’s next appointments must see a shift in body language. All regions, faiths and sections must benefit from political appointments made by this government while no ethnic group or faith is seen to be favoured above others.
“Meanwhile we in MURIC accept full responsibility for the dilemma facing Nigerian Muslims as their Muslim-Muslim ticket has turned into a ‘Christian majority government’. We admit being in the forefront of the campaign for a Yoruba Muslim presidency which has become a bone in the throat of Yoruba Muslims in particular and Nigerian Muslims in general.

“With heavy hearts, we tender unreserved apology, first, to the former governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai for what we led him to even though he showed no interest at the beginning, and to other Nigerian Muslims particularly those who have been accusing us of misleading them,” Akintola said.


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Politics / Re: Non-Indigene Resident Form And Tax In Oba, Anambra Cause Stir Online by ubest1(m): 5:26pm On Sep 18
You guys started all these rubbished, even the major tribes in SS want to establish their languages compulsory in their state


Don't worry
You will be required to get Yoruba tribal marks and pick up Yoruba names before being allowed to sell in any part of Yorubaland.

Shebi you Igbos think you have monopoly of madness, you will see

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Politics / Re: Why Peter Obi The Most Hated Easterner Ever by ubest1(m): 5:13pm On Sep 18
Most hated by political class especially the corrupt ones

Since peter obi is the most hated so how did he win election where he was the most hated?

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Politics / Why Peter Obi The Most Hated Easterner Ever by ubest1(m): 3:57pm On Sep 18
By statistic Peter Obi remain the most hated easterner far ahead of Nnamdi Kanu and Ojukwu of blessed memory. Peter is being hate not because he looked young neither because his corrupt but breaking Nigeria political structure.

Since after the civil war no Igbo man/woman has ever gain 500k votes in any Nigeria election which the other five regions politicians believe no Igbo man can ever win Nigeria presidency through election, the mindset make the two major political parties big players feels Igbo are completely out of game to risk giving out their ticket

Any time general election approaches the North/SW will thrown in the civil war hate and Biafra breakout stories just to dim the Igbo chances, it keep going until Peter Obi decided to break the existing political protocol.

At first nobody took Obi serious believing he won't even have up to 200k votes talkless of winning states, but after the election all their calculation was rubbished, the winning of Lagos, Abuja and some Northern states make everyone know eastern president is just a stone throw.

Every Nigeria politician knows last election Obi may have not gotten the 24 states spread but he comfortably had the highest number of votes nationwide. Those politician who feel Easterner cannot produce a president is now wishing & doing everything dad so LP and PDP won't merge and handover the ticker to Obi why PDP produce VP.

If anyone observed during the election Obi was never hated by Nigerians especially the youth in all regions but the political class make it look so, 2027 election may likely be Southern affairs let watch-out, God bless Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Tribalism: Why Buhari Is Smarter Than Tinubu by ubest1(m): 2:42pm On Sep 18
Is then they will remember SS as their best ally, we won't complain we waiting for them

Tinubu is entrenching a dangerous dimension to our politics in Nigeria. He has elevated tribalism to brazen heights. When I see Yorubas defending him passionately I just shake my head. Let's even agree that Buhari was equally nepotistic, but since when did two wrongs start making right?

These people complained under Goodluck Jonathan time and accused him wrongly of being against them. The fact remains that Jonathan had as much Yorubas as Igbos in his government, but these people were never satisfied. They kept blackmailing Jonathan. Today, they're so excited that Tinubu is fixing only Yorubas in strategic positions in Nigeria. Is that not the height of hypocrisy and selfishness?

Even Buhari was not this stupid in his nepotism. Dude carried Northerners along in his nepotism. He didn't make use of only Fulanis but involved most other Northerners. But look at Tinubu, he is busy favoring only Yorubas. He has turned his government into Oduduwa affair. If this man is smart, he would have carried other Southerners along just like Buhari carried other Northerners. This is why Northerners are always smarter in politics than Southerners. When they finally come for this bigot in power, he will have only yorubas to fight for him. We will see if they will be enough to defend him or they will suddenly remember other Southerners? Unfortunately for them, we Southerners will either remain indifferent or even team up with Northerners.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!


Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Chief Of Staff Is Not A Thief by ubest1(m): 2:36pm On Sep 18
Arm robbers will always support thieves because both operate same trademark
Politics / Re: US Panel Terminates Gbajabiamila's Law License For Stealing Money - Gazette by ubest1(m): 2:21pm On Sep 18
Govt of thieves for thieves and international thieves why the poor upcoming thieves jubilate


Politics / Re: Arewa In the North Crying Seriously About Bola Tinubu Appointment by ubest1(m): 7:46pm On Sep 17
Hope the Yoruba's in the house observing SS not benefitting anything from the SW govt even after Wike, Asari etc noise not election time u will want us to stand against our SE cousin brothers


Politics / Re: FFK Blames Peter Obi & Obidients For Obasanjo's Disrespecting Of Yoruba Monarchs by ubest1(m): 8:08pm On Sep 16
Obi now making educated S/Westerners sound stupid


Politics / Tinubu Vs Buhari Nepotism by ubest1(m): 1:54pm On Sep 16
Just go through record to compare Buhari vs Tinubu nepotistic ways of appointments I realized Tinubu is getting worst by the day.
1. Buhari; By record Buhari nepotism appointment was spread around the three northern region especially North East/West.

2. Tinubu; his appointments so far is just within South West cutting off SS which his supporters see as SW friend ignoring SE completely.

As it stand Buhari nepotism was far manageable compare to this, President, CBN,CJN, FiRS, Custom, Police, Army, Finance, etc all Yoruba's be it Ibibio, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani Igala, Idoma etc president Nigeria can never move forward.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi To File Appeal At Supreme Court On Tuesday by ubest1(m): 1:20pm On Sep 16
Thieves will always afraid hearing the sound of police siren

The most foolish Igbo man alivegrin


Politics / Re: ALERT: Tinubu's Admission Letter Is Older Than Known Commercial Word Processors by ubest1(m): 1:09pm On Sep 16
Advise Tinubu supporter's to remain mute trying to defend criminality will expose PBAT & ridicule him the more

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Politics / Re: Northerners Engage Their Opponents With Sense by ubest1(m): 1:18pm On Sep 15
All Nigeria politicians wishes easterners, South-Southerners should be coward like core-north & Yoruba muslim where everybody answering yes sir to their failed leaders, even if leprosy patient or Anini is presenting to you, I can't be loyal or be respectful to criminal u Bleep up we light u.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Tinubu Appoints Zacch Adedeji FIRS’ Acting Chairman by ubest1(m): 4:41pm On Sep 14
God help us with this one sided unity govt

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Tinubu Appoints Zacch Adedeji FIRS’ Acting Chairman by ubest1(m): 4:38pm On Sep 14
This complete Yoruba govt

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Politics / Re: One Hundred Days After Buhari - By Garba Shehu. by ubest1(m): 3:20pm On Sep 14
Tinubu would have do far better than PMB but his atrocities are unbearable, so shameful to access his work, PMB was just borrowing money and share to friends without tangible national achievement

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