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Politics / Re: Petition To Ban P-square From Performing Across Yorubaland. by Waterysperm: 2:32pm On Feb 11
It is just now that I confirmed that anybody supporting Tinubu is senselessly stupid. So they think they can stop anybody from performing in the Southwest simply because the person didn't support their candidate. Tufiakwa!!!

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Politics / Re: Ogun State Street Poll Compilation by Waterysperm: 11:46pm On Feb 10

Exactly.a greater number will vote obi but pdp and apc have enough to get good votes also preventing a sweep.In the end,obi may win but narrowly
See your yeye mouth like narrowly. 25th is almost here. Una go cry fire.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Might Win Atiku Abubakar In Adamawa State (Pictures) by Waterysperm: 11:44pm On Feb 10

Atiku would win in Adamawa by a landslide.
Obi will get 25% there. Let's stake 50k if you doubt me.

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Politics / Re: Population Statistics Of Christians & Muslims In Northern Nigeria by Waterysperm: 6:29pm On Feb 10

In IGBO land, IGBO Muslims constitute over 60% of Igbo population. grin
You are right but we the minority Christians dey deal with them here. If they do anyhow, we don't fail giving it to them as e dey hot. Na why dem dey fear us Wella. If you think say I dey lie, enter East do anyhow. After sending you to your maker, we will also extend the "kind" gestures to your Kinsmen. Any aboki headslammer wey misbehave for here must turn to burnt offering. No time to waste time. Hope you gerrit.
Politics / Re: Population Statistics Of Christians & Muslims In Northern Nigeria by Waterysperm: 4:32pm On Feb 10

You guys really make me laugh.

It shows that many of you rely on assumptions.

Here in Ákwá ibom, those places you call Rural Area? It's even PDP and APC candidates that campaigns for Obi, as a matter of fact, they use obi picture to sell themselves.

They will ask you to vote for them in their party, and then vote obi for president, as to identify with the Obident movement bandwagon.

You see here in SS especially Akwa ibom, if you want to lose, just campaign for Tinubu.

It even got worse when Tinubu called Gov UDOM a small boy.

I was listening to a radio program, many people that called from Rural area were angry at Tinubu.
Rural areas in SS/SE is equivalent to Urban Areas in core North. They are very politically enlightened.
You don't have to say anything to those Urchins. There is no state in South-south that Obi won't win. All we are doing now is to make sure that none of Atiku or Tinubu gets 25% in any of them.


Politics / Re: Population Statistics Of Christians & Muslims In Northern Nigeria by Waterysperm: 4:30pm On Feb 10

Everyone does but not like xtians.we are always suspicious.if muslins go on conversion,we start attacking them meanwhile Christians evangelize more
Thunder fire you for claiming to be a Christian. Imagine a Jihadist claiming Christ-like. Woe betide you Mugu.


Politics / Re: Wike Making Moves To Join APC Through Backdoor – Official by Waterysperm: 4:21pm On Feb 10
Eiyaaaa....it is over for Wike. On Obi mandate I stand gidigbaa.

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Politics / Re: Wike Asked Us To Vote For Tinubu. But I Will Vote For Obi. Rivers PDP Man by Waterysperm: 3:20pm On Feb 10
I was given 30k and not 20k to vote for Tinubu. Many of us here got 30k. Maybe the price range differs from ward to ward or their ward chairman fit don play them pingpong. But to be frank, Tinubu is a bad market. Atiku will get more votes here than Tinubu. He is too old to lead us abeg.


Politics / Re: University Of Lagos Disowns Peter Obi's Event At The University by Waterysperm: 2:33pm On Feb 10
he should take his dirty event to his cursed tribe in anambra
Check your health Bro, you will soon die of Igbophobia.


Politics / Re: The North Will Never Go Cashless by Waterysperm: 2:26pm On Feb 10
Stop all these wailings my fellow Urchins. Let's tell ourselves the truth, it is finished for Tinubu.


Politics / Re: ANAP Poll Has Been Right Since 2011, Why Should We Not Take Them Seriously Now? by Waterysperm: 11:37am On Feb 10
Anap will release their last pool for this election between 15th to 18th of this month. So let's wait till then. But I see Obi winning this election sha.

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Politics / Re: Can Atiku Win South South And South East Or Get 25%? by Waterysperm: 10:54am On Feb 10

Atiku might win bayelsa but will win aks.obi can't win aks and bayelsa
Atiku won't get 25% in Bayelsa and Aks. 25th February is no longer far again. But bookmark this post for future reference.
Politics / Re: Ipob:: The SE Will Be Under Lock And Key From Feb 23-28. No Election. Video. by Waterysperm: 10:50am On Feb 10
Hahahaha....I just dey laugh. We are all voting come 25th of this month. Ekpa and his minions no reach. No need talking too much. We shall meet on 25th.

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Politics / Re: Installation Of Emir Of Aba Cancelled By State Government by Waterysperm: 1:09am On Feb 10

The important thing is that it
was stopped, but may be implemented
if the Muslim-muslim ticket succeeds.
It can only be implemented in the South Western parts of the Country and not in the Southeast. Know this and know peace.
Politics / Re: After Meeting In Bayelsa, Peter Obi Makes Brief Stop At Asaba Catholic Diocese by Waterysperm: 4:29pm On Feb 09
They are crying of Muslim/Muslim ticket and at the same time, they are totally engrossed in politics of religion. Probably they have forgotten that if religion is played in politics Obi can never win 20% even if all the Christians in Nigeria vote for him. These people are not wise at all.
You smoke expired weed when you made this statement abi? Your urchinism is irredeemable.


Politics / Re: I Am Obedient But Atiku Will Likely Win This Election by Waterysperm: 12:38pm On Feb 09
You are not obedient Oga. Obi is your next president
Politics / Re: Challenge Me If You Think Peter Obi Will Win The Election. by Waterysperm: 2:30am On Feb 09
You said that Obi can't win 12 states and I am ready to stake on that. Reply my message and let's get started immediately.
Politics / Re: Can OBI Win On First Ballot? by Waterysperm: 11:04pm On Feb 08

I am willing to take you up on the bet because I am certain PDP will get more votes than LP in Kwara.
Let's choose a middle man here. I don't know if Seun will agree to it. But if not, there are other persons of integrity we can transfer the money to. Remember my bet, Obi will get more votes than Atiku in Kwara state. I dey wait.
Politics / Re: Can OBI Win On First Ballot? by Waterysperm: 11:01pm On Feb 08

To get 25%, he must win at least 1 local government.
Tell us the Local Government Peter Obi will win in Ogun state.
Bro let's stake on it. I have 50k already. Mind you, this is just for fun not war. Let's see who wins at the end.
Politics / Re: See Love, See Joy, See Happiness As Peter Obi Is Live In Building Material Nyany by Waterysperm: 7:41pm On Feb 08
As an Agbado urchin, this news is not good for my health.

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Politics / Re: Obidients Plan To Shutdown Lagos To A Mega Campaign Rally For Peter Obi by Waterysperm: 7:34pm On Feb 08

It's not about staying in your comfort zone abroad and be typing nonsense. Make sure to come to Biafraland on the 25th to display your stupidity in the name of zoo election. Ask your family memebers to come out also on that day to vote anywhere in Biafra to represent you in displaying your family stupidity. Porous brain zombidiots.

Online keyboard warrior. If you fail to stop Igbos from voting on 25th of this month, then you and your Ekpa of a Criminal are bastards.
Politics / Re: Can OBI Win On First Ballot? by Waterysperm: 5:56pm On Feb 08
Ogun state? 🥺🥺🥺🥺
I can stake 70k for Ogun state, just stake 50k ok. Obi will get 25% in Ogun state.
Politics / Re: Can OBI Win On First Ballot? by Waterysperm: 5:52pm On Feb 08

Are you sure Obi can get 25% in kwara?
I am so sure Bro. I want any dissenting voice from the other side to bet with me on that. Now let me tell you this, due to this fuel scarcity and naira redesign, Obi's popularity is now growing like wildfire especially in the Northwestern part of the Country. What if I tell you that Obi may get 25% in Kano state and Katsina. Mind you, I used 'may' because I am not so sure. But I am ready to stake 50k with anybody ready to bet with me that there is a state in the Southwest that Obi won't get 25%. I don't make hearsay permutations Bro. So if Obi gets 25% in the Southern part of the country, is it ordinary 7 states in the north that he won't get 25%. I am in the field ok. Now let me burst your bubble and remember that I said so. Obi MAY win Kogi state. The state is between him and Tinubu. Any Atiku fan can stake with me on that, Obi will do better than Atiku in Kogi.


Politics / Re: Can OBI Win On First Ballot? by Waterysperm: 5:42pm On Feb 08
From my analysis, these are the states OBI is VERY SURE to hit 25% (and even more):
1. Anambra
2. Abia
3. Ebonyi
4. Enugu
5. Imo
6. Akwa-Ibom
7. Cross-Rivers
8. Rivers
9. Bayelsa
10. Delta
11. Edo
12. Lagos
13. Benue
14. Plateau

These are the additional states OBI is LIKELY to win 25%:
15. Nasarawa
16. Kaduna
17. Taraba
18. Ogun
19. Oyo
20. Ondo
21. Osun
22. Ekiti

In total, these are 22 states I think OBI is likely or sure of winning ≥25%.... The remaining 14 states are up for grabs and OBI still needs about 2 states in the bag. Which of these 14 states can additionally be added to the bag?

Kogi - Kwara - Niger - Adamawa - Bauchi - Borno - Gombe - Yobe - Jigawa - Kano - Katsina - Kebbi - Sokoto - Zamfara

Kogi, Kwara, Niger and Gombe will give him 25%. I will stake 50k with anyone that disagrees with my opinion.


Politics / Re: Can OBI Win On First Ballot? by Waterysperm: 5:38pm On Feb 08
Obi will get that with ease. He will win the South-south and East which is 11 states. He will get 25% in the 6 Western States. I repeat he will get 25% in all the Southwest states and that brings it up to 17 states. Now add the following states: Plateau, Benue, Nassarawa, Kogi, Niger and Kwara. You may be surprised I added Niger and Kwara. Tinubu will win Kwara but Obi will get 25%. Anybody can bet 50k on this with me. As for Niger state, the Christians there are solidly behind him. I am so sure of what I am saying. Most people don't know that there are about 35% to 40% Christians in Niger state. That is why the Christians there have vowed that any political party that failed to have a Christian deputy will lose the next governorship election. Now add the 17 states of the South and 6 states of the North Central and it will give you 23 states. Now add Taraba, Adamawa, Gombe and Kaduna. That is a total of 27 states.
Bookmark this post for future reference. Obi is the next president of Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Obidients Plan To Shutdown Lagos To A Mega Campaign Rally For Peter Obi by Waterysperm: 5:25pm On Feb 08
Zom'bidiots. Fools, you will shut down Lagos when MC Oluomo and his agbero gangs have won the INEC contract to distribute ballot boxes in Lagos. Useful idiot Igbos that will never learn.
May zoo election kee all of you there. Anyways, your useless election is restricted only to your zoo. Carry your stupidity and enter into Biafraland on the 25th of February and let the owners of the land remove your stupidity by force. Ndi ara everywhere.
You are not more Igbo than I am. We will come out and massively vote for Peter Obi. Do anyhow and meet your maker that day. Ewu!!
Politics / Re: Nigerians: What Role Can You Play To Ensure Peter Obi Is Not Rigged Out? by Waterysperm: 11:34am On Feb 08
to hell with tinubu and APC ... That is to let you know I an not support those demons, but I am not naive too. I know how the ball rolls and when it rolls, it will roll.... Let me ask you this, what do you think gives a man like tinubu the confidence to be so boastful and arrogant to the point of insulting the sitting government of his own party and still less than a week later, the president follows him around, it's becasue he knows things we don't. And that information dey give am ginger.

Write it down that I said it .... Tinubu will be installed. The wind already blows in that direction.
Na play you dey play. Can we bet on this? Tinubu will never rule this Country. I have 100k already waiting for someone to agree to this bet.

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