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Health / How Long Before I Become Flexible? Merits/Exercise Types by wiki15(m): 8:34am On Jan 22
There comes a day or two in a human's life when they would look into the mirror and a stiff pole would stare back at them. Ouch. A whole lot of people end at this ouch level. Some hit Google and it dies there. Some, still, go on to do something about it. At the end of this post, we would separate between people who go on to do something about it and people who actually do something in order to become flexible.

How long before I become flexible?

Flexibility: Asking the right question

First of all, stiffness is in your head. Nobody is totally stiff; nay, nobody is devoid of some form of flexibility. It takes some flexibility to lift a glass of water to your mouth and to stand (ouch) and sit down (ouch).

So the question may be, how long before I become more flexible? Or, how long before I become less stiff? How long before I don't have to wince when I bend to pick something up or reach for my bra. If moving gives you pains in your joints and you are not yet 75, you need to talk to your doctor.

We are looking at stiffness that is not flexible enough (for you).

As you may well know, flexibility is a form f fitness. So, generally speaking, how flexible are you can be a question of how fit are you. Either way, let's do this.

Are there benefits to being flexible?

Yes, there are a couple of benefits for being flexible beyond starring at the mirror and judging you and hating you.

1. Flexibility helps you become more mobile. You move quicker with springs in your legs. You can't be old at 32.

2. You avoid light brushes and injuries when you are flexible.

3. You will sit comfortably over a long period i.e on a flight.

4. You do better on the dance floor when you are flexible.

Continue reading... https://nowfitter.com/how-long-become-flexible/

Sports / The Untold Story Of How Nigerian-rooted Ani Okeke Ewo Was Abused In America by wiki15(m): 12:33pm On Jan 18
Being abducted and abused has to be one of the worst things one could encounter in life, something you can't even wish for a foe. This is the story Ani Okeke, a victim of abduction and abuse.

Who is Ani Okeke Ewo?

Ani Ewo is a student at The University of Rochester who is believed to be in his early twenties and played as a cornerback for The University of Rochester football team and hometown Romeoville, Illinois.

During his playing time with the Rochester football team, Ani made 31 appearances across 4 years with some impressive tackles to his name. 

What happened to Ani Okeke?

Ani Okeke Ewo was abducted along with Nicholas Kollias back in 2015 and tortured in a drug-related revenge attack. On December 4, 2015, Ani and Kollias were hanging out with their friends from the football team, when they were approached by a lady Samantha Hughes, who tried to friend the two players on Facebook earlier in the week. She was with her friend and 20-year-old Leah Gigliotti to pick up Kollias and Ani Okeke Ewo.

The pair of ladies were high and drunk, with Hughes having taken weed and Gigliotti snorting cocaine, although they passed some booze back to Ewo and Kollias to get them high before setting off. They drove into a rougher area of town and the guys got a little worried, but they still followed the two women into a house.

On arriving at the location they went inside a house with the ladies but Inside of it was a mess, the two men sat down on the couch and then were shocked when a group of ten men in masks burst into the room wielding bats, knives, and guns reached at them, immediately the lights went off and his friend Kollias decided to make a run for the door, but he was shot in the leg and his femur shattered.

Forty long hours...

The two men were then taken into the bathroom and had their hands and feet taped together and were tortured with hedge clippers and other improvised weapons before being sexually assaulted for the next 40 hours.

The next morning the two football students were reported missing and campus officials started an investigation, being in luck, one of their teammates remembered the girl who tried to friend him on Facebook and let the investigators know.

After pulling Isaac Smith (Ewo's teammate who also deals with drugs) and the two ladies for interrogation, the ladies were cracked and they gave up the real address where the two players were being held. However, on Sunday evening there was a huge explosion and flash as the SWAT team burst into the house and rescued the two men.

When the kidnapping turn out to be a mistake of identity and resulted in complex deceit where drug dealer Smith had arranged an earlier fake robbery earlier. This drug heist made it look like Smith and some associates were robbed of a large quantity of weed at Ewo’s apartment while he was away.

It turned out that Smith was in on it and the blame then shifted onto Ewo, who the other dealers just assumed was involved. This then led to gang members plotting revenge and organizing the kidnapping.

"I'm not going to give up without a fight," he recalled thinking. "I'm not going to close my eyes. I was thinking about my family, parents, and God. I didn't want to die and give in to these people."

Continue reading https://sportstarstoday.com/ani-okeke-ewo/

TV/Movies / Chief Daddy 2 Review: How Do You Carry A Man With A Broken Waist? by wiki15(m): 12:54pm On Jan 15
You remember how you start solving an equation in the exam hall out of faith. You don't know the detail of the formula, you can't remember the working, but you go on, all the same, believing you might be correct in shades and there is no how you will score zero after all these efforts (the teacher can't be that wicked).

Then the maths teacher comes to the hall and says Question 2 is wrong, move to the next question if you are on it. We will give you more time for the others. But you refuse to cancel what you have done so far and end up submitting your paper with the erroneous answer to a rejected question.

Or you are traveling to attend an important service at the cathedral in Ihiala but you lost your way and when you realized, you have gone too far and you do not think you have the energy, the fuel, and the time to reverse, so you decide to settle for the nearby Okija Shrine since all powers belong to God.

Or you are trying to build a bungalow and while at lintel level, you won Betnaija and hit big money and decide to go on and build a three-storey on a bungalow foundation. At the third floor lintel, your money finishes so you decide to wire light into the ground floor and pack in, and that you do.

Or you go to bring your nephew home from school and on your way, Emeka tells you it is over. Distraught, you come home with the wrong boy and when your sister-in-law tells you this is the wrong boy, you say, just manage him, he has a big head too.

That is what happened with "Chief Daddy 2". They decided to make a movie and in the middle of the beginning, they have a mess in their hand and they just push on doing it, they sneak in the fine actor Uzor Arukwe so we can't notice the foulness in the pot and they did a lot of Dubai but a mess is a mess and with one hand on their nose, they submitted this to Netflix. Netflix on face mask just dumped the broken mortar of rotten palm fruits on us and dashed off.

In fact, I think it is generous to liken "Chief Daddy 2" to a girl who takes the wrong boy home to her brother and sister-in-law. The girl starts with a plan and is hit in the spine by bad news and she loses it. The people who made "Chief Daddy 2" had no plan. They were building off "Chief Daddy 1" which was a monumental failure.

Chief Daddy 2: How do you carry a man with a broken waist?

How do you weigh into this review, how do you weigh into a refuse dump with just a fork in your head?

You can't call this movie a missed opportunity or call it what doesn't kill you... or Zee Worldly without it being a praise. Because a  missed opportunity might have a great concept, what doesn't kill you may teach you something, and Zee World has storylines.

"Chief Daddy 2" directed by Niyi Akinmolayan has no concept, no storyline, and can actually kill you.

So how do you review a movie without a concept or storyline? How can someone stand without a spine? How do you carry a man with a broken waist?

Mo Abudu who owns Ebony Life films acknowledged yesterday or so, on IG, that there are "mixed reviews" of "Chief Daddy 2" and that she understands fans of Chief Daddy who feel "some disappointment". We can start reviewing this movie from here.

Some publications referred to this as an apology. It isn't. If it were, it was an apology two movies too late. If it were, it would be the third apology. Chief Daddy 1 is an apology; Chief Daddy 2 is an apology. It is hard to say which is worse between the two, nay between the three apologies. You may have to toss a coin.

What went wrong with the Chief Daddy 2?

It is torture to expect one to recount what didn't work with "Chief Daddy 2". When you have smelly palm fruits in a basin then you can't go counting what fruits went bad. It is a bunch of rottenness. Let's use the character of Mawuli Gavor as a body contact to all the things that went wrong.

Continue reading https://heavyng.com/blog/chief-daddy-2/

Health / What Does Breast Milk Taste Like? by wiki15(m): 7:37pm On Jan 13
When you see babies suckling happily at breast milk, you may just assume that it is food made in a land of milk and honey. It is of course milk, but the honey aspect is not exactly so, at least not in the lips of an adult; maybe for a child, they feel the honey and all on their tongues. But when you ask the question, what does breast milk taste like, you are asking as an adult, on an adult's taste buds.

If you are more concerned for a child, the question will be, is breast milk healthy for a child? Healthy and nutritious are the only pair. But if you insist that the question is about the child, about seeing it, or rather tasting it, with the tongue of a child, then it is a different question altogether and the answer is simple, we will never know.

What does breast milk taste like to an adult?

All kinds of breast milk do not taste the same. There are many things that can influence the taste of breast milk. First, it depends on how old the milk is. Breast milk is said to be mature after the first four days of breastfeeding the child. In the first two to three days, the milk taste is basically colostrum and is yellowish and similar to the discharges a woman might have experienced from her breasts during pregnancy.

It is thin, watery and very sugary. It contains protein and antibodies and its main job is to build the immunity and the digestive system of the newborn baby. This early stage of breast milk tastes sweet.

When in four days the milk matures, it no longer tastes very sugary. This time it contains more than just protein and antibodies. It now has in its content, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and minerals. It serves as both water and food for the baby and takes care of its thirst and hunger.

Because breast milk also contains hundreds of species of beneficial bacterias which help in the defense of the child, this mature breast milk tastes rather sour, more than sweet-sour, so very much like raw cow milk.

It also depends on the mother's diabetic condition. If a woman is diabetic her breast milk has insulin and glucose and reduced fatty acids and this is likely to show in the taste. There is also a small risk of the baby struggling with language in its infancy but this is rather unserious or unbacked with deep research to warrant any ban on breast milk of diabetic mothers.

Other factors that can affect the flavor and taste of human milk

Smoking - a mother who smokes will have some flavor and taste of smoke, no matter how minute, in her breast milk. Continuing to smoke while breastfeeding is not advised. But if your life depends on cigarettes, just try not to smoke within two hours of breastfeeding.

Alcohol - breast milk of an alcoholic will have alcohol in it and will taste different. This may be too strong for some babies and they will refuse it. Occasional drinkers do not have to worry about this but just make sure you do not take beer or the likes within two hours before breastfeeding.

Continue reading... https://nowfitter.com/what-does-breast-milk-taste-like/

Health / Weak Points Of The Body To Target In Self-defence by wiki15(m): 7:14am On Jan 12
This is self-defense 101. We live in a violent world and there is no telling when a robber or a total nut will jump you. You will have to defend yourself.  You will have to learn to do that. You need to learn the weak points in the body to target. Because you need to stop your opponent before they finish you.

Learning the weak points to target in the body will make every punch you throw count (as you may not get the opportunity to throw a lot of them). The problem is that it is easier in the movie; in the real thing, once your opponent grabs you, all your lessons jump out of the window.

To remember your self-defense lessons, you have to fight a lot (and get decked a lot). Kind of a catch-22. There is nothing to lose in learning the weak points of the body.

Here are the weak points to target in the body

So here are the weak points in the body ranked from head to toes

The temple - smash it

The temple is the area of your head just above your ears. It is the area where your skull is the thinnest. A good punch will impact arteries carrying blood and oxygen to the brain. This will disorient your opponent or force them into unconsciousness.

A delay in medical care might lead to permanent damage. Be sure the self-defense is not a matter of life and death before you go this nuclear.

The eyes - poke it

Your opponent needs his sight to beat you, so you push to make him blind by reaching for his eyes. It is the easiest to target in a fight standing and it is a joker in your pack when you are held down, choking.

A poke works best but a punch is a good second choice.

The ear - punch it

A good punch in the ear will cause a partial loss of hearing or disorienting sounds such as ringing, swooshing, or hissing, or even total loss of hearing. Any of these will give from a slight advantage to a big lead in the fight.

The nose - break it

The nose is a weak point in the face, exposed, nay asking to be hit. A severe blow will shift the nose out of its normal position, cause nose bleeding, and deviate the septum which will impact the airflow. Your opponent won't last long without air.

Continue reading... https://nowfitter.com/weak-points-of-the-body/

Sports / Meet Nigerian-rooted Kelenna Azubuike Who Made Waves In NBA by wiki15(m): 5:06pm On Jan 11
Kelenna Azubuike is a former professional basketball player of Nigerian-American descent. He was born in London, England to Kenneth and Chy Azubuike in the early '80s as Kelenna David Azubuike. Here is everything we know about him.

Kelenna Azubuike, Age, High School, College and NBA

Kelenna was born on December 16, 1983. He attended Victory Christian School in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he was raised. He was recruited by Coach Tubby Smith, the then University of Kentucky coach. He is 38 years old.

He went ahead to complete his high school career cum laude as the second all-time leading scorer in Oklahoma prep basketball history after amassing 3,530 career points.

Also, he was the only player to earn Oklahoma "Super 5" recognition three times, an honor rewarded only to the state's top five players, regardless of classification.

During his college career, Kelenna was opportune to play for the Kentucky Wildcats for three years, averaging 15 points in each game during his Junior season.

Continue reading https://sportstarstoday.com/kelenna-azubuike-bio/

Health / How Long Should I Spend In The Gym? by wiki15(m): 8:44pm On Jan 09
People who are really interested in the gym do not spend a second on Google about how much time they should spend in the gym. Serious people just go to the gym and remain there until they are dragged with strong hands by their legs to their wedding or until they build enough muscle to become strong enough to beat up everyone and became the owner of the gym. Or, better still, they are carried by the undertakers on the last day.

Since you have time for this research, let's start with the disappointing answer first. There is no one answer for everyone looking to work out in the gym. But this is not to say you could breeze in and breeze out of the time. It won't work which is why we have to start from the barest.

The minimum time to spend in the gym

You shouldn't spend less than 30 minutes a day in the gym. If you want to lose weight, be fit, or build muscles, 30 minutes a day won't work. But it is a good place to begin. There are two reasons for you to begin with 30-minutes baby steps.

One, if you are new to exercising or out after a long period of time, it can be laborious to go non-stop on the treadmill or rowing machines or chair climbers or barbells and plates. You could be broken with soreness so much you can't go tomorrow and ultimately give up.

Two, you need to ensure that you are punching your weight. You can't just decide 60 minutes or 90 minutes or 120 minutes per day is it for you. So you start with 30 minutes and build up. Increase it to 45 minutes to 60 minutes to 75 minutes, etc. as you get into the character of your working out. Or you could choose 10-minute increments and go from 40 minutes to 50 minutes to 60 minutes, etc. (And no, there is no one-minute increment that would see you go 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, etc. Be serious.)

Continue reading https://nowfitter.com/the-gym-time/

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Health / Stretch Marks On Stomach - Causes, Prevention And How To Get Rid by wiki15(m): 10:45am On Jan 08
Stretch marks show up everywhere they like - your boobs, arms, butt, thighs, hips, shoulders, belly, etc. These long, thin, rippled marks are medically referred to as stria can be a source of irritation for many people and they would do whatever is obtainable to get rid of them.

At first sighting, stretch marks can be red, purple, pink, reddish-brown, or dark brown, depending on your skin color. With time, this color tends to take its narrowest hue While it doesn't hurt you, early stretch marks may feel slightly itchy.

Generally, stretch marks happen when your body grows too quickly for your skin to handle. If your skin can’t stretch enough to keep up with the growth, stretch marks tell you that.

Why do I have stretch marks on my stomach?

You have stretch marks because your body grows too quickly in your abdomen region. There are a few situations that usually make this happen to your belly of all places.


Rapid weight gain

Rapid muscle growth

Reacting to chemicals such as the use of anti-inflammatory drugs i.e corticosteroid

Symptoms of an ailment eg Crushing disease

Genetics - it may just be something that runs in your family


The old saying that prevention is better than cure hold here. To prevent stretch marks, there seems to be one word that you need to memorize - it is collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes your skin more elastic. If your skin doesn’t have enough, the marks may show up as it stretches.

How to boost collagen in your system

Healthline gives us a list of food that can boost your body's ability to produce collagen. So, if you fear you may have stretch marks or beginning to, here are food items you should ensure you have in your system.

Chicken because it contains a large dose of collagen must especially the neck and cartilage and because chicken is everyone's favorite white meat.

Fish because they have bones and ligaments made of collagen and because collagen from this source is believed to be the one easily absorbed.

Beans is a high-protein food that often contains the amino acids (and some beans variants copper) necessary for collagen synthesis.

Bone broth is believed to be a source of collagen and you make this by simmering animal bones in water. Advisable to make this yourself from bones obtained from a trusted butcher....

Continue reading here https://nowfitter.com/stretch-marks-stomach/

Business / 20 Most Valuable Igbo-owned Business Brands Ranked by wiki15(m): 4:13pm On Sep 28, 2021
The Igbos are known for their industry. They dominate marketplaces in and outside of their homeland. But there are tendencies to confused Igbos as traders who are capable of owning shops, chains of shops, giant warehouses, the Ugwu and Sons Limited format, nothing more. They would have you believe that business, real business, building conglomerates are the duopoly of the west and north.

If you look at the list of the richest people in Nigeria by Forbes and Bloomberg Index, you would be tempted to believe the narrative that at the very top, Igbos are ill-represented. It would seem to you that Igbos dominate the small and medium leagues while the major leagues are exclusive of the Hausa-Yoruba tag team.

So we decided to dig. And dug we did. Our goal, to unearth as many Igbo businesses and brands as possible. It turns out, as these things are wont to happen, we didn't have to dig too deep; Igbo groups and power companies are all over the place.

We see them in the bank alert we get, in the cars we drive, in the fuel we use, in the drugs we use, in the cables that power our homes, in our computers gadgets, and the beverages we take, etc. If you fail to dominate the top ten and take a chunk of positions 11 to 100, you are no loser whatever the index, whatever the mythical press would like to force down your truth.

In doing this, we firmly refused to play politics. We didn't discriminate against Igbos living in Anioma and Igbos in Ikwerreland. You can call them Rivers and Delta Igbos and we would point you to Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Abia, and Ebonyi Igbos.

Note that we used the US dollars and the naira to give our worth. We used 510 naira to exchange for one dollar.

20. Cutix Plc

Cutix Plc was founded by Dr. Gilbert Obiajilu Uzodike in 1984 as a cable manufacturer. Uzodike is a graduate of the University of Lagos and the world-famous Harvard Business School. He returned to Nigeria in 1977 and established Cutix in 1982.

To found Cutix, he pooled resources from up to 18 investors and raised 400 thousand naira a big deal in those days. Today the company is worth billions of naira and the number one maker of cables in the country.

Today, near the end of September 2021, Cutix shares closed at 4.70 naira. According to Nairametrics, there are 90,172, 226 units which makes the total share value at 423.8 million naira. The aforementioned source claims the shares represent just 10.24% of the company.

Cutix, therefore, is worth about five billion naira or just under 10 million dollars.

19. ABC Transport

ABC Transport Plc is a road travel company founded in 1993 by Frank Nneji, who is also the managing director and CEO. Route and directories cover the South East, Lagos, and Abuja.

ABC Transport is reportedly worth an estimated 6 billion naira (11.76 million dollars). 

18. United Nigeria Airlines

United Nigeria Airlines is the trade name of Private Airlines Services Limited founded in the year 2020. Obiorah Okonkwo is the Executive Chairman of the company. United Nigeria Airlines operates between Abuja, Asaba, Enugu, Owerri, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

United Nigeria Airlines is worth 15 million dollars or 7.6 billion naira.

17. ThisDay Media Group

This Day was founded in 1995 by Nduka Obaigbena. The media group houses THISDAY Newspaper and its television arm, Arise Television Network. This Day operates in all 36 of Nigeria and other parts of the world. T

The company has an estimate of 4 million dollars which puts their holdings of more than 20 billion in the local currency.

16. Chicason Group

Founded by Alexander Chika Okafor, Chicason Group subsidiaries cover oil and gas, health, transportation, manufacturing, owning the distinction of being the makers of AZ lubricant oil.

Chicason has had high-profile losses such as the gas explosion at his factory, and frauds including losing 150 million naira to Aisha Buhari's impersonator. There are also whispers of bad investments costing billions of naira.

Ultimately, it is hard to tell the worth of this company. We project it is worth at least 25 billion naira (49 million dollars).

15. Master Energy Group

Masters Energy Group Nigeria was founded in 2015 by Uche Ogah, an Uturu, Abia State-born businessman. Master's interests cover oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, aviation, shipping, marine, truck transportation, etc. Wikipedia (not the most reliable source) mentioned 15 subsidiaries under the company.

Nigerianinfopedia puts Ogah's net worth at 85 million dollars. We don't know how they come about this figure but until we have refutable evidence, we would go with it. Or over 43 billion naira.

Continue reading... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/09/24/valuable-igbo-businesses/

Science/Technology / Do You Know There Is An Alternative Earth With A Carbon-copy Version Of You? by wiki15(m): 3:46pm On Sep 28, 2021
Somewhere in the unfathomable span of space, there exists a replica of this planet, a replica of the continents, a replica of the countries and cities, and a replica of you, an alternative you.

Christians' heaven and earth, Catholics' purgatory, Muslims' jahannam and jannah, the Hindus' Svarga loka, etc. all point to the ancient awareness that this world that we live in, that we are aware of, that we study is not all there is to it.

Space is seen as the collection of all galaxies, thousands of them in one body of space. But there is evidence from quantum mechanics that our space is not the only space out there.

There can be hundreds, nay thousands of other spaces, replicas of this one.

It is also possible there are countless replicas of the Milky Way and uncountable replicas of earth.

To put it lightly, there many replicas of you.


Don't hurl something yet.

Yes, yes, it is ridiculous but not a BS, not entirely a BS. Because of one word, but. It is all ridiculous but is it possible? That is the question. Science and technology have made nonsense of the word impossible. Nothing is impossible.

It is about when it can be achieved or how to prove it.

In the case of a replica you, a replica earth, a replica space, etc., we turn to the science of quantum mechanics.

...But scientific

In quantum mechanics which is a branch of physics, every elementary particle, electron or photon, has multiple states by the law of superposition. In layman's terms, your phone has multiple states of existence that make it possible for your phone to exist in its phone, but you can only see your phone, nothing else.

To use an elementary mathematical example, 77 + 23 will give you 100. But 77 and 23 are not the only combination that will give us 100. 77 + 23 happens to be the equation we can see. But there are hundreds of other equations that can give us 100...

Continue reading... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/09/28/alternative-earth/

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Business / Five Reasons You Should Base Your Startup In Nnewi? by wiki15(m): 12:02pm On Jul 16, 2021
If you are looking for where to set up your startup in the South East, you should consider Nnewi. You may never have thought of a specific town to set up your online business. If you did, Nnewi may not be your first choice. Enugu City, Owerri, Onitsha, Aba, and Umuahia would come first, naturally. On paper.

But what comes naturally to you is not always correct and what is on paper does not always translate greatly in the field. For many who are not aware of the strengths and clouts of Nnewi, this is not a popular opinion. But we are doing this because we have intel that you do not. Join us in this journey and we may make a disciple of Nnewi-as-a-base-for-a-startup out of you.

1. Inexpensive Office And Sheltering Space

If you have ever tried to get an office space in Enugu or Owerri or Awka, you would understand that agony is a close cousin with landlords. But why should you spend so much when you are just starting out. In fact, you do not need an office in the beginning. Which still doesn’t make Enugu and the rest better alternatives.

Nnewi builds spacious flats which are quite affordable. A good one-room self-contained in Owerri or Enugu would cost you at least 200 thousand naira. With half this price you can land a similar space in Nnewi.

Nnewi has all the pecks of a big city without the cutthroat expenses and the maddening traffic that come with big cities.

2. Nnewi is centrally placed in the Southeast

They call Enugu the capital of the East and Onitsha the gateway to the East but the irony is in the injustice of not mentioning Nnewi which is more centrally placed. Mention all the big towns in the South East and their proximity to Nnewi would tell you all you need to know.

Umuahia, Awka, Onitsha, Aba, Enugu, Owerri, Asaba are some of the biggest names in the region. Nnewi is 103 KM  from Umuahia, 40 KM from Awka, 20KM from Onitsha, 123 KM from Enugu, 158 KM from Aba, 70 KM from Owerri, and if you must come by air, it is 40 KM from Asaba and 46 KM from Anambra State International Airport.

If you leave after breakfast you would reach Nnewi for a noon meeting from any part of the region...

Continued reading... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/07/16/nnewi-startup/

Culture / How Did Igbo People Come To Be Called Igbos? by wiki15(m): 7:52pm On Jun 22, 2021
Igbo is the name of the ethnic group found majorly in the Eastern part of Nigeria with a significant number West of the Niger. If you are reading this, the odds are high that you are Igbo (or a friend of Igbos) so the need for a definition becomes what it is, an attempt at an elementary intro. And glaringly so.

But have you ever wondered how the people came to be called Igbos?

We have thought of this and we have researched this. Our conclusion is that no one can say for certain when and how the Igbos came to be called Igbos and who gave them the name. But like everything to do with Igbos, there are interesting stories surrounding the origin of the name. Stories and theories. Or theories and stories.

Theories of the origin of the name Igbos

Theory 1: Olaudah Equiano named Igbos

Olaudah Equiano was a slave boy sold from ancient Igboland to the Caribbean, got freed, moved to London, got educated, and wrote a book. He claimed to have come from "Essaka" which scholars have defined to be Isseke in Ihiala Local Government Area in present-day Anambra State. He referred to his people as Eboe.

This Eboe could have been misspelled Ibo by the British colonizers.

But there is a problem with this theory. Equiano referred to his village as being part of the Benin Kingdom. There is no written, oral, or archaeological record to show that Isseke which is near the border of Anambra and Imo States was ever a Benin vassal. Onitsha and other towns close to the Niger were part of the Benin Empire at the latter peak, but never as far as the edges of Orlu.

But even if Essaka/Isseka was never a Benin vassal town (and Equiano used it for descriptive convenience) it doesn't falsify the fact that "Eboe" that Equiano called Ndigbo could be what gave birth is a name they bear today.

What we could do is to ask why Equiano called Igbos Eboe people. The book he wrote, "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African" (1789) mentioned the fact that some group of people called Oye-Eboe traded with his people on guns, gunpowder, fish, etc.

Whoever these people are or wherever they come from, they might have been the ones for whom the Igbo group is named.

Continue reading https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/06/15/igbo-origin/

Politics / While Nigerians Fight Over Cattle, The West Is Building Flying Cars by wiki15(m): 1:29pm On Jun 14, 2021
A news report I saw this morning incensed me. It was the news about Fulani herders threatening to attack cities in Delta State if the governor does not rescind his ban on open grazing. At the same time, ironically, I was reading a New York Times story about the nerds in Silicon Valley are working to put cars in the air.

The states of the progress of two countries have never been this clearly stated. Or it has always been this glaring but we as a people have attained a level of incompetence that is shamelessness. We are no longer ashamed of the rubbish littered on the floor of our commonwealth.

It takes a secured man, a well-fed man, and an empowered person to be ashamed. So, if we are no longer ashamed and knowing the danger of un-ashemedness, there is a need for selected times when we can pretend to be ashamed.

When I saw the threat of attacking human beings and properties over the mode of what cows would eat, my anger was a frustrated one in the predictable sense that I am helpless. Fulani herdsmen can attack Delta State and I can do nothing about it, and nothing would happen.

The president, a Fulani himself, has come out to defend open grazing and said that farmers who lay claim of these 1960s "routes" should be summoned to defend their claims. Imagine an Isikwato man appearing in a council to defend the claims of his ancestral land with a northerner who needs the land to feed animals.

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Politics / The Five Types Of Unknown Gunmen Ravaging The Southeast by wiki15(m): 5:39pm On Jun 03, 2021
Over the past couple of months, the Southeast has faced insecurity breaches never seen in the recent history of the region. Police stations, INEC facilities, and human lives are attacked, burned, and taken with nefarious precision. The people of the region, the government in the region and the centre, security operatives, socio-cultural groups, rights groups, political parties, and the media are caught in the web of the shock, allegations, counter-allegations, cant, and juxtapositions.

Amidst these rhetorics are children who have become fatherless, women who are now widows, mothers who are now sonless, and countless nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, and friends, associates, partners, neighbours, etc, who have lost someone dear to them, someone they would never see again.

Wading through the turgid waters of unknown gunmen attacks and casting aside the fluffy flesh of its politics, here is reaching to the bones and naming all the possible groups that parade themselves as unknown gunmen.

Of the five types of unknown gunmen we analyzed, we might get one or two wrong but not outright wrong; it would be a matter of technicality mostly caused by honest omissions or whelming analysis - where overwhelming or underwhelming reach could have served.

Here are the types of unknown gunmen attacking people and facilities in the Zik Region.

1. Political unknown Gunmen

Political unknown gunmen are a type of unknown gunmen who are out to score political points or hamper the political ascendancy of opponents. In March 2021, unknown gunmen attacked a campaign rally of Charles Soludo, the leading All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, a contender for the party's gubernatorial ticket. These criminals killed two or three policemen.

On Sunday, the 30th of May 2021, a former top aide of President Jonathan and APC chieftain, Ahmed Gulak, was assassinated in Owerri, Imo State.

PDP youth leader of Imo State was murdered on the 1st of June.

The fallout from these attacks and killings point to political motifs.

Someone is hiding behind unknown gunmen to settle political scores.

In fact, other killings not against the political class or a politician may even fall under the graph bar of political unknown gunmen. Ebonyi and Imo State governors, avowed opponents of IPOB, have in one time and the other said some of the attacks by unknown gunmen are not carried out by IPOB/ESN. This leaves politics as the only aspect of this violence.

It can also be anti-Igbo...

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Politics / The Untold Stories Of Port Harcourt Sector Of The Civil War by wiki15(m): 10:09am On May 14, 2021
The Port Harcourt Sector of the Civil War is one of the heaviest battlefields in Biafraland during the war. Port Harcourt holds the distinction as the only city in the present South-South Region to see extended confrontation. Even among hinterland Igboland, Port Harcourt ranks high in the conflict. In fact, the fighting in Enugu the capital of Biafra fell short of the clash in Port Harcourt. Perhaps only the Owerri and Onitsha sectors of the war saw more battles and stories than the Port Harcourt Sector of the war.

First, as a background, we would highlight what made Port Harcourt tick.

What Made Port Harcourt Important During the War?

There are a few reasons why Port Harcourt was important during the war and it ranges from geography to size to strategy.

Port Harcourt gave Biafra access to the sea: Technically.  By the time war broke out between Biafra and Nigeria, the entire naval forces of the old Republic were in the hands of Nigerians headquartered in Lagos. With these ships and other naval weapons plus reinforcement from the UK and the Arab League, Nigeria was able to completely blockade Biafra by sea. Suffocation is the best word actually.

Port Harcourt thus was the only hope Biafra had for the outside world via the sea. Biafra had make-believe navies in its lakes and the River Niger but their hope for a true naval force was Port Harcourt. It is nearly impossible to draw up a plan of naval thrust from Port Harcourt but it was there all the same.

With towns and villages in what is now Cross River/Akwa Ibom getting captured with heartbreaking rapidity, the importance of Port Harcourt grew for both sides of the war.

Port Harcourt was Biafra's only source of electricity: As the war raged, Biafra's access to power was the power plant at Afam, near Port Harcourt. Of course, electricity wasn't a rural thing in those days and raids by Nigerian Air Force had hurt a lot of power lines in Biafra, yet there were places with power. It wouldn't also be cool for Biafra's morale to be in darkness not because power lines were bombed by "cowardly" Nigerian forces but because of conquest which was what losing Port Harcourt/Afam would mean.

Biafra just had to keep Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt's big-city status: Every big city was important for Biafra to keep and besides the obvious eating into Biafran territory that ant area lost meant, big cities hold special importance for two reasons:

i) For morale

ii) To avoid the huge refugees that capturing a big city would mean for the crazily densely populated rest of Biafra.

On their part, Nigeria needed any Biafra space they can capture but big cities are special for the following reasons:

i) For their large spaces which can serve as convenient bases for their forces

ii) As evidence that Biafra should give up their resistance. "Port Harcourt, Owerri, Enugu, and Onitsha are in Nigerian hands, so what are you still resisting?"

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Events / Nnewi Chamber Of Commerce Set To Hold 20th Awards Presentation/investiture by wiki15(m): 10:46am On May 11, 2021
All is set for the 20th Annual General Meeting, awards presentation/investiture of the 10th president RTN, Prince Jude Osumuoh, fcai, JP, the National President of Nnewi Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture, NCCIMA. He would be honoured by Hajiya Saratu Iya Aliyu, the president of the National Association of the Chambers Of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture, NACCIMA.

The event with the theme "Global Economic Crises And Domestic Impact of Covid-19" will be held on Saturday, 15th May 2021 at the Conv-AJ Event Center, Nnewi by 12:00 pm

Read Also: NACCIMA President Commissions New Innoson(IVM) Automated Bus Manufacturing Plant

The executive governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano will be a Special guest of honour. His Royal Highness, Igwe Dr, K.O.N Orizu III, JP, CON (Igwe Nnewi) will be the Royal father of the day.

Other executives and captains of industries expected at the star-studded event include ...

Continue reading... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/05/11/nnewi-chambers-of-cmmerce-awards/
Politics / What Would American Forces Coming To Solve Nigerian Security Problems Look Like? by wiki15(m): 5:09pm On May 06, 2021
Late last month, Major General Muhammed Buhari (Retd) through a statement from his media aide Femi Adesina called on the United States of America to move their African Command, AFRICOM to Africa from its base in Germany. "In this connection, and considering the growing security challenges in West and Central Africa, Gulf of Guinea, Lake Chad region and the Sahel, weighing heavily on Africa, it underscores the need for the  United States to consider re-locating Africom Headquarters from Stuttgart, Germany to Africa, near the Theatre of Operation."

When I read this statement, I felt weak in my joints. I didn't understand how Adesina who used to be an editor of a major Nigerian newspaper failed to understand something this basic: America never solves security problems. America's strongest strengths are in serving as a deterrent (for which they are successful in Europe, South Korea, and Taiwan) or using their clout to freeze financial support to enemy combatants (with which they defeated Al Qaeda and decimated ISIS).

But when you ask America to put foot on your soil or fly drones in your sky, you have signed an accord with the devil and the damage would be enormous and the problem would never go away. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lybia, none of these countries are at peace and none of them is better of than before America came.

In 2009, there were whispers that America is considering moving Africom to Nigeria. There was an outrage against this and President Yar'adua went on air to say that AFRICOM won't come to Nigeria or any part of Africa.

In 2014, at the heat of the #BringBackOurGirls Campaign, Goodluck Jonathan implored the help of American forces in bringing them back. There was an outrage against this, mostly from the north who claimed that Jonathan was bringing fellow Christian soldiers from America to kill Muslims in the north.

In 2021, we are inviting America in. History is lost on us, history would be the death of us. First, let's look at what is America's motives for committing their forces to a place (and whether Nigeria even factors in these).

America motifs for committing forces anywhere and whether Nigeria fits

In the period after World War 2 up until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, America's interventionist policy was run by their desire to counter the Soviets and communism. In the new century from 2000, Islamic terrorism became the number one reason for America's global policing.

Continue reading https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/05/05/america-nigeria-security/

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Politics / Here's The Untold Story Of The Nsukka Sector Of The War by wiki15(m): 9:16am On Apr 22, 2021
With insecurity situations echoing across the geopolitical regions of Nigeria, with the Eastern Security Network in the centre of the Southeastern dilemma, plus the coming of Ebube Agu, with the herdsmen as daring as ever, we decided to begin a series in which we would tell the story of the Nigerian Civil War sector by sector, incidence by incidence, bit by bit.

What do we intend to accomplish by this series? Firstly, we are primary storytellers and we never pass an opportunity to tell stories. Secondly, history is a very much neglected aspect of our national discourse; so we are telling a story that should be told. Thirdly, we are telling a story that is mostly willfully misinterpreted. And fourthly, we need it is about you - do with this story what you may.

Why was Nsukka important during the war?

If you ever visited Nsukka, you would see that it is not much of a city. In fact, calling it a city is a statement of upliftment; Nsukka is a town on the cusp of urbanity and ruralness. If Nsukka can barely be called a big town in 2021, it should even be less so in 1967 when the war broke out.

So why are we talking about the Nsukka Sector of the war? Because Nsukka was an important town.

1. It hosted the [then] University of Biafra

Began as the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, a name it would revert to at the end of the war, the university was the only university in the whole of Biafra. It was thus the intellectual capital of Biafra. During the pogroms and the tension that followed the massacres, a lot of Igbo academics in Ibadan, Lagos, Ile-Ife, and Zaria, Nsukka was the point of stay for quite a number of them.

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Culture / Here Are The Ten Influential Radio Stations In The Southeast by wiki15(m): 8:48am On Apr 20, 2021
The powerful rise of social media and the multiplication of cable television is, in a bunch, like an invading army at the gate of radio stations, knocking attention and felling attention and snatching listeners from radio stations in the south of Nigeria. Seeing how the craze for cable TV skyrocketed between 2015 and 2018 in the Southeast, one would be forgiven to believe that this was the beginning of the end of southeast radio, of radio being an important medium of information and entertainment in Igboland for the youths, and that by 2021 no one would care about FM stations.

This didn't happen. From workshops to offices to cars, and in solitary positions far from the Africa Magic-watching family in the sitting room, people have continued to listen to the radio. Radio stations have contributed to this by becoming irresistible with the voice that melts bones and programmes that entertain, enlighten, and demands that you take a position.

Today, in a state like Anambra, nearly one in every three random towns you can mention has a radio station. Duplications are one rung higher than bastardization, thus these plentiful stations can give the impression of a fall of standard. But this is not true, there are still gems among the lot and this is what we would be doing here, pointing at the gems in the Southeast radiosphere.

It is impossible to have a list that is representative of the whole states in the Southeast, equally. We didn't care about geographical balancing, so a majority of the stations come from Enugu and Onitsha metropolis. In fact, of the ten stations we settled for, there are just three outside of Anambra and Enugu States and this is normal, the two states have the resources and the concentration of talents to own Southeast radio.

Owerri could only sneak one station into this list which is a shame for a state that prides itself on its swag. Even the station may be living off its past glories (but we don't want to fight). Awka and Umuahia should be on this list, they are not. Awka has become the home for government-owned stations and government stations are not the first point of call for refreshing radio entertainment. Aba... sigh.

Too much pre-information kills the flow. Go through the list, eat them up, disagree with it, spit out the ones you may, cuss if you feel like cussing, but don't lose sight of our goal: We did this for the culture.

Here are the top ten radio stations in the Southeast in ascending order of their influence. Or the way we understand it to be.

Note: You can listen to every southeast radio station here live, online, via streaming sites, and via their respective websites.

10. Urban FM, Enugu (94.5)

Urban FM came to Enugu in 2016. With a bang. At this time, Dream FM had a super hold on the audience of the young in and around Enugu. One of the assets they unleashed on the Southeast was Honey Ojukwu, the award-winning presenter who began hitting the airwaves as a teenager. Honey co-anchored UrbanFuse and made fans in the thousands.

While Honey has moved on, to Port Harcourt, Urban fans have remained. Their Urban Breakfast Show and Wayback Wednesday have kept fans coming back. And they do not have pushover presenters. One of them, 

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Culture / Homosexuality And Same-sex Unions In Igboland - The Traditional Stance by wiki15(m): 6:02pm On Apr 15, 2021
Whenever the issue of homosexuality or same-sex unions is mentioned in Nigeria, the top two points to counter it is that it is not our culture and it is against our religious beliefs. But because Christianity and Islam are imported, their use as reasons to push back is, sometimes, tuned down and the cultural reason highlighted. It is not our culture, full stop. But are we sure?

For one, Nigeria is a multi-ethnic nation with over 300 distinct cultures. So to talk about Same-sex marriages and affairs in the Nigerian traditional system is to look at it in individual cultures. Igbo, Yoruba, Idoma, Efik, Tiv, Hausa, Beni, etc, all have different ways they look at same-sex relationships

There is no one cultural view on homosexuality among Nigerians traditionally. Sometimes, too, Nigerians take tenets from their religions and pass them on as the traditional culture. For instance, you would hear people say it is against our culture for girls to dress "indecently" and that wearing revealing dresses is imported culture from the west. This is not true.

In Ancient Igboland, unmarried girls do not cover their breasts to show that they are chase and their bosoms still stand firm. The women's breasts, belly, and laps are not seen as private parts in traditional Igboland. Then the white man and the missionaries came with their gowns and redefined the Igbo man's view on nudity.

What does the ancient Igbo have to say about same-sex unions? Is the present Igboman's view on same-sex affairs what they believe in the very beginning, independent of foreign influences? This is what this post is about, probing the mind of the ancient Igbos on their thoughts on homosexuality?

Can the same sex marry each other in Igboland?

The answer is yes.

In Igboland, there are female husbands. A woman can marry a woman under special circumstances. There are two ways this can happen.

Continue reading https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/04/15/same-sex-unions/


Education / Five Influential Private Universities In The Southeast by wiki15(m): 8:49am On Apr 14, 2021
Whenever Universities are mentioned in Nigeria, the big boys stand up. Most of the time, these big boys are federally-owned. They have amassed decades of experience and faculties, departments, divisions, affiliates with their attendant structures, staff, and an army of alumni. When you make the call about the time for graduation, the so-called big boys move away and private universities take the front bench.

This is one huge advantage private universities have over public ones. For all the talks about private universities being run like secondary schools with night curfews, limited use of phones, and a parental-like grip on dressing and general conduct, private universities are free of all kinds of disruptions and they are beginning to catch up infrastructural, and to attract top academics, and building up their brigade of alumni.

Private universities are worth considering in today’s world where it isn’t really about what you studied in the four corners of the classroom, where it is about the connection and the freedom to explore your creativity. Here are influential private universities in the Southeast. In the order in which they were founded.

Madonna University, Okija

To be continued... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/04/13/private-universities-s-east/

Politics / IPPIS Explained As Though You Are In Primary 5 And Why ASUU Hates It by wiki15(m): 3:22pm On Mar 31, 2021
The Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System, known as just IPPIS is one of the most popular terms to come out of everything that has to do with policy-making, Buhari’s anti-corruption drive, the civil service, and ASUU Strike. Perhaps, it is the latter’s involvement that elevated it to the top of the national discourse.

But what is IPPIS and why does it matter?

And why does ASUU hate it?

Continue to read here https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/03/28/ippis-explained/

Politics / 7 Things You Need To Know About Eastern Security Network From An Objective View by wiki15(m): 9:27am On Mar 31, 2021
When Nnamdi Kanu founded Eastern Security Network, it was received with heavy news coverage. Underneath this, two voices emerged: The first was that of the common Igbo man who sought a response from a form of authority on the issue of insecurity mostly perpetrated by herdsmen in Igboland. The second was the voice of the cautious Igboman - could the Nigerian security forces that have shown dire animosity for anything IPOB and used extra force in dealing with security coughs in the region use ESN as an excuse to militarize the Southeast and create a Boko Haram situation?

With the passage of time, the permutations and worries have remained in varying degrees of passion and intellect. Today, here, we take a more journalistic look at the issue of Eastern Security Network and here are seven things you need to know...

To be continued... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/03/28/eastern-security-network-facts/

Celebrities / Odumeje - Entertainer And Pastor - An In-depth Analysis Of His Style by wiki15(m): 7:59pm On Mar 28, 2021
Looking at Odumeje closely, even with a judgemental Christian eye, none of these is technically a sin. Now, close your eyes and imagine Bishop Oyedepo in a club singing the praises of Jide Kosoko who spreads naira notes about. It is unimaginable with any normal man of God. Inappropriate might be the word. I began to pay more attention to the name Odumeje and as these things happen, a couple of other clips where he did things continually hit my desk - things that would shock anyone used to normal men of God.

The conclusion for anyone getting to know the prophet is immediate, Odumeje in a class of his own. Many would, and boldly so, call him a fake man of God. This is lazy... To be continued

Culture / Here Are The Nine Writers Who Exported Igbo Culture Via Their Art by wiki15(m): 1:55pm On Mar 26, 2021
Literature doesn't exist in a vacuum, a great writer once remarked, continuing that it is given impetus by things happening around it. One such thing is the culture of a people. When in the late 1950s and all through the 1960s, African nations began to gain independence, a problem arose: They need to prove their worth to the rest of the world.

Looking back, it feels degrading that African nations and peoples needed to prove they were civilized before the white man set his foot on the continent. They didn't have to, but in those days, racism and ignorance of the European (the kind of ignorance that see a white man claim to have discovered a river that the locals have fished, swam, and drank from for generations before he was thought of).

One good thing about trying to prove something was that Africans ended up driving genuine interest in their culture. The Igbos were not left by the fireside; they were involved and richly so. Here, we chronicled nine Igbo writers who wrote about their people. We began by putting this list in the order to which they were relevant but we gave up in the middle but somehow the list still looks like it was built in a descending form.

9. Chukwuemeka Ike

Chukwuemeka is most known for writing "The Potter's Wheel", a novel that was set in colonial Eastern Nigeria, at a time when Christianity and education were fully accepted but with a degree of cynicism that set the ground for a powerful story. Written with a witty story-telling style, Ike brought his characters alive, making the audience relive what it was to be a trader, a student, a teacher, and an Ogbanje in 1940s Igboland.

Chukwuemeka Ike also published "Bottled Leopard" a novel that underscores the dualism of mankind. A man can be a normal person in the day and a leopard at night and he is no witch. He becomes a leopard when he is invoked to carry out the duties of his people. You don't understand? Well, you may have to read the book, and even then, you may still have questions. It is okay, it is Igbo culture, it is Igbo science.

8. Elechi Amadi

To be continued... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/03/26/igbo-writers/

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Politics / Lekki Toll Gate - A Shrine That Would Continue To Haunt by wiki15(m): 6:03pm On Mar 20, 2021
The first time Ayomide plied the Lekki toll gate route was exactly 44 days since the night of 20-10-20. He felt the tremors run down his spine, cold sweat broke down his face. The urge to dock and run was instinctive. “I could still hear the gunshots and cries,'' he said.  

This is not particular to Ayomide as his story is similar to those of hundreds of other young Nigerians who sat at the Lekki tollgate that night waving the flag and singing the anthem. A peaceful protest scene by day turned into a scene of blood bath by night, Lekki Tollgate became the scene of the EndSARS massacre. A shrine of patriotism, of resistance, and of sacrifice.  

Continued reading https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/03/20/lekki-toll-gate-shrine/

Celebrities / Where Do You See Laycon In Ten Years' Time? by wiki15(m): 4:35pm On Mar 18, 2021
Laycon won with a record 60% of the votes in an election that saw some people settling for 1% of the votes.

But after the pomp and pop of winning a reality show comes reality itself. How would Laycon fair in the real world? We have seen a few months of him and he isn't doing badly but will his relevance outlive the next Big Brother show? For how long? Would we be talking about Laycon in ten years because he is a force in his chosen industry or would he be a stuff of nostalgia? 

We asked our contributors to air their views.

Martin Edung, Contributor, AnaedoOnline:

Where do I see Laycon in 2031? I am surprised I'm asked this question because I am yet to ascertain where I would be at that time. So if I cannot say with any degree of certitude what would become of me in ten years' time, why should I bother with Laycon? Why would my words hold any special meaning? Nigeria is full of prophets who hear from God on daily basis, on 5G network, these people should be the ones making this call on Laycon.

But they probably don't have the time, Laycon is a nobody in the "grand scheme of things", he is not an American president, so they won't talk about him. And it is not like their prophecies are cast on stone. In 2016, I predicted that Trump would be president and a certain prophet saw Hilary Clinton. Perhaps we all have little prophets in us. This could be the time to invoke mine and see about Laycon

Continue reading... https://www.anaedoonline.ng/2021/03/18/laycon-in-ten-years-time/

TV/Movies / Review Of Namaste Wahala: A Nollywood - Bollywood Movie (Photos, Video) by wiki15(m): 7:49pm On Feb 18, 2021
Namaste Wahala Review: It Was Able To Fly Despite Its Zee-Worldly Storyline And Other Jerks

Ini Dima-Okojie stars in Namaste Wahala
I expected “Namaste Wahala” to be a disaster even before I watched it.


I have three reasons for this: One, it’s on Netflix and I have never watched anything romantic and good on Netflix; two, it’s an Indian production which meant it would be a Zeeworld movie; three, the hype on Twitter resembled what I saw about “Wedding Party 2” (a disaster) and “Chief Daddy” (an unwatchable piece of junk). So I began watching “Namaste Wahala” with a suspicious eye, overly critical, ready to pounce at an error or weakness.

I was disappointed. The movie didn’t bomb. To rub it in, the movie actually flew. Well, not the scintillating flying we saw with the “Living in Bondage” sequel, nor the giddy flying we saw with “Merry Men 2”. This Hamisha Daryani Ahuja-directed movie was a hop, another hop, a high jump, flapping of wings, then moments in the sky, swimming in air, clobbered by winds and the elements but going all the same with everyone who cares about the movie having their heart in their mouth, fearing for the fall that never was.

Namaste Wahala: The Cliches and other jerks
“Namaste Wahala” is a story of love at first sight between a Nigerian lady who is also a lawyer Chidinma (Didi) played by Ini Dima-Okojie and an Indian man Raj who is also an investment bank played by Ruslaan Mumtaz. Everything about the story is cliched. The girl’s father doesn’t approve and the boy’s mother will rather lose an arm before she allows her son to marry a woman who can’t cook “Chole Bhature”, “Aalloo Paratha”, etc.

Of course, both characters are the only child of their parents. Also, of course, both of their parents have candidates for their children to marry. And, of course, they ended up together.

This is not the worst issue with this movie because nothing is completely new on the screen – every great movie derives its power from its execution (and we have seen worn-out stories told with powerful execution). One easy way to sell a story is by having strong supporting characters. “Namaste Wahala” failed in this regard. At least 50% of the time.

The character of Angie played by Anee Icha is a piece of overdramatic personae that could have benefitted with a deeper thought in the hands of the writer and director. She loves men too much (or let’s say the truth: she loves prick too much), she flaunts this attribute but expects to find true love and settle down today-today and live happily hereafter. She is too loud, too forward, insensitive, and full of energy that didn’t advance the cause of the story nor its aesthetics.

The Best Movies of 2019
The character of Angie was a distraction and a bad one. A character who is in our face all the time but doesn’t make us laugh, think, or empathize is a waste of characterization.

The character of Raj’s friend played by Koye “K10” Kekere-Ekun was okayish but the portrayal was terrible. A better actor would have done big things with the character.

Then comes Preemo played by Osas Ighodaro who is unduly rude, tactless, and annoying.

Sigh, there is the cameo of M.I Abaga. Fun, zero. Importance to the story, zero. Just misplaced vibes from a co-producer who wants the credit for his ego.

There are a couple of scenes without substance like the above and Anee Icha is in most (if not all) of them.

And there are a handful of promising scenes that ended up being lines of missed opportunities. One that stood out for me is the encounter between Didi’s mother played by Joke Silva and that of Raj’s mother played by Sujata Sehgal with their children in the background. I expected a brimstone of statements full of philosophical insights on culture, family, relationship, love, loyalty, and parenting. Or two or three of these. But the women merely parried insults and just scratched the surface.

The strengths of Namaste Wahala

The biggest strength of the movie is the pace. One moment Didi and Raj are seeing for the first time, the next scene they are in a relationship, then there is trouble. Water-tight, no time to beat around the bush or to overflog any aspect of the story’s development. Just moving. If Ahuja plays chess, she is an attack-minded player. Moving the pieces, weaving an attack towards the opponent’s king.

The second strength is the storyline of Jane. This one is popular on the Nigerian stage. A big man’s son batters a woman and she can’t get justice because she has no one to fight for her. Didi and her friend Leila played by the director of the movie take up this case and the batterer played by Frodd backed by his father’s affluence and a corporate system that shields high-profile crooks, is getting away with murder until Didi pulls a shocker.

Jane gets justice and Frodd losses money plus a slap in the face from RMD. I believe he got away rather too easily but the point is that there is another substory to the plot and we can revel in the catharsis of seeing on-screen justice that eludes us so much in reality.

Another subplot is between Didi and her father, Ernest, played by RMD. They are at loggerheads over the way law should be practiced, money should be made, his legacy, and, in extension, the person she chooses as her man – he should be a lawyer and a Nigerian or just Somto played by Linda Ejiofor‘s husband Ibrahim Suleiman.

And these struggles and tension between father and daughter are basically what saved the movie and lend it a backbone. You can fault many things in the movie, even the love affair between Raj and Didi on the grounds of its over-romanced and too-familiar ideas but you cannot fault this father-daughter struggle. You may say it wasn’t elaborated and it is rather resolved easily but in defense of this, there is something bigger at play: the tight-knit and pacy nature of the film.

Damijo is a big actor who carried his roles with class towards legendary finishes, and Dima-Okojie is a spirited actor who makes light work of roles that many of her peers would struggle to portray. If Ini Dima-Okojie and RMD weren’t in this movie, if their roles were not played by good actors, if there was no conflict between the two that preceded Raj’s love and carries more force, the movie may end up terrible.

But it didn’t bomb; in lieu of this, it flew, not to the high-heavens but far above the stuff we see on Iroko TV, on cinemas on Valentine’s day, on Zee World, on Telemundo, and the likes.

How Would you rate the film?

Over ten, I would give the film a 6. It was a good watch and it faired better than most of its Rom-Com peers but this says a lot about the quality of romantic comedies we are served, these days, rather than the excellence of “Namaste Wahala”. Would I watch this movie again? Would this movie be mentioned when great Nollywood movies of 2020/2021 are mentioned? No, no.


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Celebrities / All About The Life And Career Progression Of Tina Mba, The Underrated Superstar by wiki15(m): 2:36pm On Sep 22, 2020
The first time I saw Tina Mba, it was in the sitcom “Extended Family” created by then-rookie Bovi Ugboma. I have now rewatched a couple of episodes on Youtube and still love them. I have always thought Bovi and Lilian Esoro whom I loved from “Clinic Matters” were the reason why I loved the show. It has become clearer, today.
The matriarch of the show, Tina Mba, was the final puzzle that made the show the powerful art it was. I think “Extended Family” exemplified the kind of career the actress has had. She comes to the set, kills her character with a finesse that would do any A-list actor proud but somehow, someone else takes the glory.
Not tonight. Today is for Tina Mba the grossly underrated superstar.
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