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Webmasters / Re: Please Is This Script Free From Sql Injection And Xss Attacks by Xedmark: 10:35pm On Aug 14
Coming online to show off someone else work is just funny and if it's yours well, clap for yourself. Now the SQL connection in your code can be manipulate and part or some parts of your program can be hijacked. Therefore show us what u've got in your config.php that the only way to determine if it can be injected.
Family / Re: Please help me out by Xedmark: 2:58pm On Aug 14
Good evening everyone, am using this moment to plead on you all on behalf of God Almighty. Am going through a lots right now because my business collapse
Am a graduate of polytechnic with my NYSC certificate. Image of my certificate and my business shown below :-
I gather some money during my NYSC program and established myself by doing business of made in Nigeria rice, I bought it for Niger state Bida back to my place, i distone it, and re- bag it before selling it per 50kg bag..
As am talking to you right now have ran into a lot of debt because I purchase un dry rice which I didn't discover early before i see a buyer the rice has been getting spoil, now 3quater of my capital has gone..
Please come to my rescue I need more capital to stand again at my feet.. Please �if I may offend The Moderator please pardon me because I have no any option that's why I opted out here..
To everyone who's reading this poverty, starvation and Untimely death shall never be your portion.. Amen�
If you wish to assist me with a Capital or give me job with my certificate through your connections i am in kwara state, and here s my acct details wit the image of my certificate including the image of business..
Name: A Biliamin
Bank:Gt bank
Phone No: 07042762146

Hmmmmm............ I don't think what u need now is Capital trust me, I'm also a business minded person plus nobody will invest in your business for now knowing you have some debt. Sincerely u should be wise enough to give a realistic details of how you're going to get back on your feet. You just discussed your problem and left your account details, it doesn't work that way. There's no free money anywhere people want to be sure you will get something back in return be business minded. Plus I will advice you to have guys who are very matured in business as close pals.
Webmasters / Re: Hello Help Here by Xedmark: 9:16am On Aug 14
Abeg guys person send me trust wallet Scampage.zip and I wan host am for 000webhost but I no Sabi how....say make I upload am for file Manager but I don do am still I no understand

I can assist help you do it for free
Webmasters / Re: Web Development Expert Needed. by Xedmark: 8:25pm On Aug 13
Chat me up only if you can pay like $450 damasmikee@gmail.com
Investment / Re: Aircraft For Sale by Xedmark: 9:16am On Aug 13
Lols.....Omo this scammer is a serious scammer ooo!!! Eeeh you too want to sell plane? Can't just stop laughing!!


Programming / Investors Or Delete? by Xedmark: 10:27am On Aug 12
*Modified For Some personal Reasons*

The idea came after a university of Ibadan student was killed cos he doesn't want to let go of his laptop during an attack by some hoodlums at a very early hour of this sad day. The boy was coming back after a night class. So I thought he could have just release his laptop and probably track it later through other means.

Note: I Know there are software and apps that tracks laptops and phones but what I've done is clearly different. U don't need to install any rat application or GPS detector on your device. Plus it shows a GPS location (Precisely location of your device once connected to the internet)

I need investors that knows the Knitty gritty of the Law on this. I'm just worried this guys can come back for me cos I don't know what the ghosting could lead to.
Crime / Re: Farooq Kperogi: "This Is Video Of Herdsmen Who Killed Catholic Priests In Benue" by Xedmark: 5:50am On Aug 12
Isn't this a choir rope i'm seeing here? Tripple hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Were they doing praise and worship after this barbaric act??
Webmasters / Re: I Need Microsoft Office Key by Xedmark: 3:16pm On Aug 10
Somebody said "I need Microsoft office key" you're still asking which one.... Nairalanders and some funny questions. Let me teach you how to h**k it. The chances that anyone will get it for you is slim remember this is not VMware or Softlin that they can Google out for you.
Programming / Re: I Am Bored, I Just Tried This Code by Xedmark: 8:25pm On Aug 08
teach me sir, it is not that I am arrogant but I really have passion for software development if there is anyway you can assist me pls assist me without minding my first statement, I acted based on my ignorance.
You can chat me up if your location is not too far laptop and coding won't be a problem.
Programming / Re: I Am Bored, I Just Tried This Code by Xedmark: 7:41pm On Aug 08
Uncle why are u ranting? Did I score u down that there are bugs in your code? The code is not well written that's the point. And the logic for your result doesn't make sense why use such condition that doesn't even have anything to do with your output to determine the result?

Compiling is not the problem, the code doesn't make sense and I'm sorry if that pulls u down that's not my intention and it should further want to make u learn more but I can see you're not ready to learn but your arrogancy won't lead u anywhere but destruction. You're arguing about the fact that you use one logic structure for multiple instructions. So where is your one logic structure in the program? Or u want to tell me the variable u declared is your logic? So if that is not your logic where is the one logic structure. U are fooling yourself. I even wanted to volunteer if you're close by, I can train you without collecting a dime but what can u learn from a liar. I wish u well.

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Programming / Re: I Am Bored, I Just Tried This Code by Xedmark: 7:05pm On Aug 08
The logic in this program is total crab... Sincerely I don't mean to discourage anyone here but let's look at something, if statement then else if and else if. Meaning there are so many unnecessary things in this program. Cos it's like saying if the food is not on the table (if statement)and it is not on the dining table (else if)and it's not on the stool (else if)then Mumm didn't cook anything (result). So what's the point?you could have just use the AND operator to tie the three conditions plus the condition in the logic just doesn't make sense at all.
An Int is assigned a value
Int i =8
If (i > 3)
And other else if statement are met then a string value should print

Like are u for real? pls be genius.!!
Crime / Re: New Kidnap Strategy In Lagos!!! by Xedmark: 3:43pm On Aug 08
The Lord will not forgive this girl for lying. Are you just catching fun lying about being kidnapped cos I don't get the meaning of this twisting tongue every minute.....
Programming / Re: I Need Assistance. by Xedmark: 7:03pm On Aug 07
If u can pay get my number from my previous posts and chat me u
Programming / Re: HELP Javascript Devs! How Do I Re-write This If---else--if Statements To Run? by Xedmark: 10:04am On Aug 07
Uncle there's alot of error in your code than the problem you have.
Firstly the pattern of your code is not clean and well written at all ....here's
2. There is an int that you declared as string value. Check something like "11" in your code
3. the "number" there is not suppose to be in bracket it's a string value so declare it with quotation mark.
4. Sincerely you don't need this long code to achieve this logic. U are only writing a program that checks if the input from the user is empty, a number or longer than 11 character. U are actually confused by the else if, why not use switch.

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Programming / Re: What Programming Language Is This Pls ?? by Xedmark: 12:53am On Aug 03

Haha sudo is a Linux command bobo yi. Don't be to hasty to say things you have no idea about. Peace out.


Now I see you have been tutored up there, no hard feeling bro

Lols..... Tutored up there
Omo....Nairalanders have killed me oo but how do we school this generation!! Isn't there a difference between something is particular to a programming language and something being a syntax of programming language. To the "tutored up up" gang!! Exactly why I need to go back to teaching jamb and A' level classes that will be my own quota to help this generation.
Programming / Re: What Programming Language Is This Pls ?? by Xedmark: 12:39am On Aug 03
Programming / Re: Who Sells Python Crypter Here? by Xedmark: 5:17pm On Aug 02
all of them na olodo esp that Xedmark of a scammer

Wait Wait a minute. Do u know what prosperity is ?? do u want it to be far away from you?
Like i'm sure you've heard of untimely death? Is it your turn?

Ogbenni shey u dey craze ni, who is a scammer? you contacted me and asked me for a prove and i said if you don't believe i have, forget it then.. Knowing you've failed you started calling me names and blocked me which i blocked you immediately. so , how have I scammed you? Cos I don't get how do you prove to people that you have a crypter ? like are you expecting me to do a free job for you. If you want to meet in person no p but aside that, what prove do u expect?? So where is the anger here.

Crime / Re: 'I Am Not For Evil' — Slay Queen Caught With Charms Cries (Pictures) by Xedmark: 1:06pm On Aug 02
Obviously the poor girl was protecting herself. The wages of sin is death, why not show the face of the GUY as well?? Rubbish!!
Webmasters / Re: Online Remote Job Opening (web Developer) by Xedmark: 12:30pm On Aug 02
The way I see some crab on Nairaland is just funny!!! Organization recruiting web developers for web development job but have no website of their own except google form. To kiddos desperately looking for job, this is an opening.
Programming / Re: What Programming Language Is This Pls ?? by Xedmark: 6:03pm On Aug 01

Listen bro. Chill. No one is in a competition over who knows what more. Your last direct comment at me saying

"Even if surgeries were performed on that rotten brain of yours, you won't still be able to comprehend my point."

is very indicative of your demeanor and exposure. My first experience with Linux was in 2003, so I dare say I have considerable experience with the OS.

Your assertion that "when running commands for any script on Linux or other terminals, sudo has been used to execute certain task" heavily exposes your lack of proper knowledge of sudo. Windows Server or Desktop has a terminal and falls under "other terminals". And NO way is sudo used in Windows terminal. It can be used in WSL terminals but NOT in Windows terminal. But hey, what would a "rotten brain" know? For you it's all about "combat", "bragging" and "aggression". Chill and admit that while you know a lot, there are sti things you don't know. And there's absolutely NO SHAME in saying that. I don't know Python. I don't know CSS or even Javascript even though I have considerable IT/Tech experience. So I would never make sweeping statements about those. Just to re-emphasize, sudo is a Linux command that gives superuser rights. It is NOT a Python command.

PS: Don't be afraid to quote me when you want to take on my points. Only cowards do that. Peace out
Give me one reason why I shoud be afraid of you? The point is you're not worthy. As usual the google man showed himself but when will you learn? Even animals turned pets are tamed and trained and they learn. So are they better than you're? Go back to google and search, if msfconsole can be installed on windows and if they can, which terminal is used and what are the commands? I wish you well. Trashing things with you is like throwing ones pearl to the swine!!
Programming / Re: What Programming Language Is This Pls ?? by Xedmark: 3:04pm On Aug 01
Dead end!!! When you say command line, it's really complex cos at the end whatever you type as a command is still a syntax. Now, when running commands for any script on Linux or other terminals, sudo has been used to execute certain task...Now, having personally used the syntax "command" to run python script myself, I have based the guess on my experience. It is impossible for anyone to tell the proggramm written or the language used from what the OP posted. The sudo is literally used to run script. I have run python script many times using this command. Anyone who's always pained by my knowledge should not know lagoon is still in Lagos.
Programming / Re: What Programming Language Is This Pls ?? by Xedmark: 1:43pm On Aug 01
Normally when running python script the use of "sudo" syntax is particular to python.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Blockchain Advisor Needed by Xedmark: 3:44pm On Jul 31
I am not only versed in crypto albritage knowledge. I have the technical skills set for crypto trading and how every crypto main and test network works.

Programming / Re: Please I Need Career Advice! by Xedmark: 1:18pm On Jul 31
Eeeyah... I never knew he's your family member. Why not spend more time on your mum's unequal lenghty breast problem before taking paracetamol for someone's dead career issue! U can come for me I no send you ooo..Lol ...What has he achieved DOG?? Your case will be worse than Lazarus and the rich man when u come begging. You're even talking about solid tech programming, a dead skull like yours. What do you know about programming? Write a programm that finds the even number from 1- 10000. If I'm the one who gave birth to you I will literally forget I have a child, femine gay!! Pls tell me your usefulness in life?? Wasted sperm!! Those using your pot hole as their sperm depot are not God fearing, tell them I said that.


Can we just be civilized for once?

You don't just come here and start insulting people for no justifiable reason. The person whose grammar he jokingly corrected even took it as a joke.

You're making fun of his career, but know this and know this well, it would take you 10 years of hard work to achieve what he has achieved in tech. What's your career projection in tech being like?

I saw the useless advice you're giving the guy, let him include JavaScript, Php, MySQL... what kind of tech professional will ask someone who haven't program to put these solid programming languages in his CV? Or do you think creating a tech CV and portfolio is just like your regular #15K salary CV?

You even went ahead to tell the guy not to use YouTube tutorials or buy courses! Instead let him come so that you'll put him through. This is the funniest and dumbest advice of the century.
And you claim yo be a computer science graduate. Mehn! that's sad.

Back to you @op... what exactly do you want from this UK man that you haven't gotten. If this story of yours is genuine, that you saw yourself through in school with your WordPress skills, what then will this man be able to give you that you haven't gotten?

If you will have to send your CV to him, come out plain with just the skills, show your work portfolio. It's as simple as that. If he has a job for you, fine. If he doesn't, fine. Spend the next 1 year of your life learning to code. Once you've learned to code, reach out to him. It won't be hard since you already have his contact, and have spoken with him in the past.

As simple as that.

Programming / Re: Please I Need Career Advice! by Xedmark: 5:27am On Jul 31
Lols.....the way people are looking for a way to feed is just so scary from "tut selling programmer" to "blog"
Programming / Re: Please I Need Career Advice! by Xedmark: 9:13pm On Jul 30
I'm presently in Ibadan and I don't think it's possible because I know most people here on this forum don't live here. I'll send you an email, if there's anyway you can help. Thanks for your help so far.
Lols... funny enough I'm also in Ibadan.
Programming / Re: Please I Need Career Advice! by Xedmark: 8:01pm On Jul 30

I’m trying to get my head around your points here. You are discouraging someone from using a YouTube tut but encouraging someone to patronize your training (that hasn’t been proven)? Why?
Even if surgeries were performed on that rotten brain of yours, you won't still be able to comprehend my point. The same YouTube tutorials that placed a limitation on your career, what kind of Tech guy goes about looking for someone else's grammatical error, I'm sure the boy doesn't even know you exist. Why will you ever be busy coding or mentoring someone? Bros answer now? Your google search business finally failed you. 365days fasting will still be a waste and I hope the OP can use your case as a lesson.... 25ways To Be A Failure in Programming!! Check his signature.
Programming / Re: Discord Bot Developer Needed by Xedmark: 7:03pm On Jul 30
Drop your contact and I’ll message you asap

Programming / Re: Please I Need Career Advice! by Xedmark: 5:43pm On Jul 30
Where do you stay? I can put you through but not free. However, if you already have an ICT Centre in mind, there's no point. I won't advice buying online courses or relying on YouTube YouTube tutorials you will only become half baked with that.

You can send me a mail damasmikee@gmail.com

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Programming / Re: Please I Need Career Advice! by Xedmark: 4:45pm On Jul 30
Before wasting time, is there any guarantee that the uncle in question is willing to move you to UK if your CV can convince him that you can code?? Send me your CV is one thing, I need a web developer from anywhere and i can invite him over to the UK is another thing. So don't get too excited. Of course this is an opportunity for you, I also I agree.

If at all you're including any web skills
Make sure you include, Php, MySQL, JavaScript, Html, Css make sure you convince him of how you can script any document properly.

Now, what did you study? This will go along way in your speed to learning programing. If you can handle some Logic. I think you're good to go every programming language obey the same method of flow chart. From variables declarations and types, assigning their values appropriately to writing their logics and exceptions. You will only need to be worried about syntax and synmatics.

Nobody taught me coding although, I studied computer science like 10years ago. However, it will be a miracle for this to Man take you seriously if discovered your web skill is just CMS.

Including the skill sets in your CV is your personal decision, if you're willing to give it all it takes.. Goodluck from here.


Crime / Re: 52-year-old Man Dies During Sex With 24-year-old Woman by Xedmark: 3:24pm On Jul 30
If the man used odogwu bitters...he will still be alive cos he won't even last 2minutes.

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