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Family / A Friend In Power by yahamisu: 11:40pm On Sep 02, 2019
......by Dr Philip Ugbodaga (CFRN)
Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

”A Friend in Power is a Friend Lost” ...Henry Adams

Henry Adams who lived from 1834 to 1918 is reported to have made the remark above.
In the evolution of the human race, a friend who acquires a new status especially a political position suddenly acquires a new circle of friends commensurate with his new status and position. Consequently, he discountenances your age-long friendship, disavow all the positive things you have shared and the allure of power becomes too great for him to ignore. Some now feel pity for you and at times resentment and even revulsion. Your calls now irritate them as not only will they not pick up your call but will not return it at anytime later. When they ever pick your call, they are in a hurry to “discharge” you.
Some people in power usually pretend to be very busy and if you attempt to visit them at home, they give you plethora and avalanche of reasons why you are unlikely to meet them at home and when you eventually do, you will be lucky to have up to a few minutes in audience with them. For them, every call or visit is an attempt to seek a favour.
They now look upon you as belonging to a lower social circle they once belonged to. They are the same people who once claimed to be “talakawas” and defenders of the rights of the poor and disenfranchised in society but when they get the power to enfranchise you, they dither.

They are now obligated to maintain a professional, social and financial distance. For them, relationships are best between persons of equal status.

It is far worse if the friend has been promoted at work to a position where he now calls you a subordinate and you have to call him boss. He is now your “leader”, the “chair” and an “oga”. You must accord him all the courtesy of the new overlord in town otherwise you are deemed “disloyal”. Disloyalty in Nigerian politics can lead to loss of patronage and you can be sentenced to political oblivion.

Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely for those who posses it and use it without recourse to good conscience.

Those who jubilate and organize parties for their friends who get political power are sometimes deceived by the illusion that power in the hands of friends is an advantage to them. It can be an invariable disaster to have some friends in power as power could really be a poison. For such friends, it is advisable to wait until they return to their original personae so you can pick up your “friendship” from where it got paused.

On the other side are true friends who get into new positions of responsibilities and keep the bond of friendship even stronger. They look out for you. They have your best interest at heart. They take out some time to check on you through calls, text messages and other means even when the call of duty is daunting. They may not give you money. They do not have to. It’s usually not about money but about love and conviviality towards someone you have shared remarkable moments with in the past. These categories of friends are worth celebrating and immortalizing.
May God bless us with TRUE FRIENDS.


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Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 1:48pm On Sep 01, 2019

I dont know how old you are but to be honest with you, as close back as the 80s, Nigerians where more UNITED than the NIGERIA of today.

They have successfully weaponized poverty and the people are swayed to vote for the wrong reasons.

I can go on and on but theres nothing I can add to supercede the current narrative on all grounds (Nigerians know this from all ethnic, religious and statute background) This we all know.


The madness has to stop!!!

I dont have to be in my Country and power goes off even at big hotels. You voice out and they tell you "welcome to Nigeria sir".... you freaking kidding me?
Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 11:57am On Sep 01, 2019
Anyway, the police in America searched us thoroughly, couldn't find anything but towed the car to punish us. we took a cab to greyhound. So i hopped on a bus to Raleigh NC, finished my trip with Uber. bought the car, drove back to Richmond, got my friend's car out and we drove back to Baltimore.

Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 2:04am On Sep 01, 2019
Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 2:01am On Sep 01, 2019

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Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 2:05am On Aug 31, 2019

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Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 2:03am On Aug 31, 2019
Remember to follow me on Instagram cos it's about to go down....am about to share the truth with tha world
Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 2:00am On Aug 31, 2019
Thanks y'all
Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 12:41am On Aug 31, 2019
Walking in the streets of Addis Abba felt calm and relaxing cos you only see the police men/women around but they bother nobody (that reminded me of the Night SSS boys tried to oppress me at Pekas Opebi.

I drive around the streets of Johannesburg and not worry about anything cos i know they are 10111 away but in those times i remember being forcefully tasked by Police officers in the streets of kano, Uyo, Lagos, Abuja....e.t.c (Dont get me wrong, i have had negative experiences in all this countries but the laws and processes, Protected me to the later). I wonder how one has to be afraid of talking to a Senator (Senator Abbo comes to mind)...


I've spent time with Kenyan Military men and in comparism with my time with Nigerian Military/Police men, the story is totally different.

Ive hung out with russians and europeans in various degrees, Chinese business men , Africans of different types and kinds, ofcourse Americans, only the NIGERIAN story is different.

But check this out guys.....

how can a police man be well cared for when some people hand 2kg of rice to the masses while having bullion vans pull up in thier house just before election(TINUBU)?

how can the military man be well equipped to defend the territories of Nigeria my beloved country when a governor pays salaries when he likes (deducts at will), he's seen on video collecting bribe and still wins an election (GANDUJE)

how can people have good roads in the Entire Eatern states with people like Rochas and Obiano as the governor?

How can people walk the streets safely as we used to sometime ago in Rumou Ola with WIKE as governor?

how can school kids have free transportation when Flamboyant senator's garage competes with US superstars? (Dino Melaye).


Anyway, the police in America searched us thoroughly, couldn't find anything but towed the car to punish us. we took a cab to greyhound. So i hopped on a bus to Raleigh NC, finished my trip with Uber. bought the car, drove back to Richmond, got my friend's car out and we drove back to Baltimore.

As for the Nigerian Police. they detained me behind the counter and waited till about 2:00 am. with no phone to call anyone and no one even knowing my whereabouts, they thought they could oppress me.

Police officer : What do you have with you?
me: Wallet, passport, tickets, and some cash

Police : oya count it and bring it here
me : I obliged

police : what are you wearing?
Me : Nike sneakers, Nike shirt/shorts, Nike hat and Cartier wrist watch.

Police officer : oya pull your shirt, shoes, watch and bring ya cap.
me : (i blew up cos this guy is about to take full advantage of me) HELL NO!!!. YOU BETTER GO BRING OUT YOUR RIFFLE AND SHOOT ME COS THAT AINT NEVER HAPPENING ON EARTH

Police officer : e be like say this one done craze ooo.... na me you dey rake for?

We went back and forth until he starting murmuring to him self. (oho dai...na you sabi). it was amazing the speed at which they rushed me to court early in the morning cos i was already falling sick. Vomiting due to the stench i could not control (Mind you this is a police station right next to MM1)..............................COMMMMOOOONNNN!!!!

I was charged with all sorts of crime. from punching and beating up a security officer to hospitalizing him... Eish, it took the efforts of fellow Nigerians From Jos (Yilji E.S.Q and Camji) to my Kaduna sister (Hajara) To my Ondo/Ekiti Brother (KUTI) to my Imo brother (Frank). It took a collective effort of Nigerians to save me from that mess cos UNITED we STAND.

Thank you all.

lets talk to ourselves.




Esheun.....Da'Alu.....Nagode muku..... thank you all



Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 8:38pm On Aug 30, 2019
I've been welcomed by all my people from kano, housed by a man from kaduna (Yaro), helpd by a man from Jos (Camji) and even defended by a ranking officer from Jos. entertained by a man from Benue(Chief Oche) second to a man from Kogi (Hassan). Helped by a man from Anambra(Uche Nnzewata). Housed By a man from Kwara (Olayiwola), positively adviced by a man from Enugu (Joel). Fed By a man from Ibadan (Rasta of Life). Even had particular fasting periods wher I get fed By the Aworis (Bilkis Aya Ekun) or you want me to start talking about my adventurous relationships starting from the richest neighborhoods to the poorests. from Lagos to Ogun to Ibadan, Ondo, Ekiti, Benin, Delta, Portharcourt, Ebonyi, Abia, Imo, Enugu,Akwa Ibom, Calabar HHMMM...Flown with some, driven crosscountry with some. I dont want to start talking about my friendships from Sokoto all the way to Borno, or Kebbi all the way to Adamawa and Taraba(You all know your selves).So why the HELL cant we all UNITE at HEART as ONE and fix our beloved COUNTRY?

I'ved even had Nigerians Transit Into Nigeria Just to boost a project of mine e.g (Kuti. Ire ooo).
I could Listen to Dan Quiro, just as i could enjoy king Sunny Ade. I could Enjoy Bright Chimeze or Osadebe Just as i could enjoy Eberi Papa 1 (Timaya). So, Why is individual success all we worry about? if we fix ELECTRICITY, we all know what that can do to Nigeria. i trust the marchants and investors from kano, Anambra, Ogun and of course Nationawide. Why are we just sitting and waiting on more lies after lies? WHY!!!

The more passionately we stick to the construct of FIXING our country, the more likely it is to flush all the lazy evil minded rulers who are hell bent on keeping us in darkness" Am talking to everybody here cos we are all guilty......

Anyway, he looked to the officer by his side and said " Mi o ni gba fun Mola yi kowole). We all know the Yorubas Tease the Hausas. same as all other tribes inter-tease OURSELVES. but at that moment i got soooo fummed, i snatched my passport, tickets and walked off in-between them (reigning curses as i walked away). I found my way to the Airline ticket office and just before the lady at the counter could search for a date to shift my flight, they came in a group. Oga wants to see you. I got there and refused to apologise to him, Then i got Detained till 12 midnight (didnt know they had a jail down stairs MM2 sef) time to release me, i couldnt find my phone so i "rake gaaan"....

We ended up going to the police station at Bisam MM1. you guys wont believe i went there to report my phone stolen and i ended up being the one detained Overnight. WHAT THE HELL!!?

To be continued........

Concluding part = mixture of both worlds..

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Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 6:55pm On Aug 30, 2019
Sorry guys been really busy, will boost up to write more soon..
Jobs/Vacancies / Travel Agencies. by yahamisu: 6:03pm On Aug 29, 2019
If you are an accredited travel agency operator.
Reply to this ad with your full profile and website.
Nairaland / General / Re: Enough Is Enough by yahamisu: 5:04pm On Aug 29, 2019
Follow me on instagram @yahamisu
Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 8:56pm On Aug 28, 2019

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Politics / Re: Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 4:01pm On Aug 28, 2019
Well, between me and my partner, we couldnt get set to leave for our trip untill about 6:00pm. Mind you, our destination was about 5hrs 34mins drive and the only reason the seller was willing to accept that price was because she had a loan she had to urgently repay the following day(at least thats what she said to me). and she was willing to complete the deal even if we got there at 12Midnight. the only clause is that she accepted other buyers to come from other destinations so it was a matter of "first come, first serve".

As the song by Wizkid finished playing, the next song blasting was "Rara by Tekno". Great song by a great artist. (Alhaji Tekno, you are better than that stunt you pulled at Lekki toll gate. i got kids mehn and am not ready to have them growing around mobile strip joints. Abeg, make we fix naija, not destroy it)

Suddenly, Ajibade got off the highway and while he was trying to get his GPS straightned, i checked mine and asked him what we where doing in the streets, we still had about 2hrs : 30mins to go and i knew we where not there yet (cos its familiar territory for me). then my phone rang and it was Lebogang.

Just having our usual talks on watsapp video when all of a sudden, the blue and white light came on behind us. My wife already knew this was definitely trouble. Richmond Virginia Police where no nonsense type of cops. especially to blacks. (Well, we be Naija, we no dey fear nothing!!!).

Immediately the police light came on, the siren sound followed, so we pulled over. My wife and I agreed to have her stay quiet on the background and just listen(Mind you this is a white neighborhood and we are BLACK).

Put your hands where i can see em'......

Those where the first set of commands we got from the officer walking towards the car from the left. I was about to look to the left when the second officer yelled the same to me from the passengers side.

We both immediately obeyed at the same time.

Why do you have your full beam light on? (first question coming from the right)....
You have weed in this car? (second question coming from the left).....

In the heat of the mild commotion, before we could utter audible words they could hear, "STEP OUT THE CAR SIR"....

We both have families and where'nt about to mess around with 2 white cops around 11pm (we encountered a lot of traffic on the I495 highway, hence the delay in our trip)....

Obeying thier command wasn't an issue as we all know NIGERIANS obey the law if enforced. Moreover, I grew up with a no-nonsense family on both sides with neighbors who would cook for all the kids, depending on whose crib we wher hanging out (trust me guys, it was the same in every part of the country). Every parent spoke in the local dialect and only spoke english to me cos i was hausa/fulani. But guess what?.... I learnt different languages to slide into conversations.....lol... (whose gossiping now...?....lol). Every parent was a baby sitter for the other and no child ever worried about being stuck with "south park" on their Ipad. if they sent 1 child to study, we all had to go or else.....you guys know the rest nah......and of-course, when they allowed us play soccer, number 6 oladejo was the venue for all the neighborhood kids.
That kinda brings me to wonder why these days, i see NIGERIANS both home and abroad raising kids who dont even know what greeting an elder means. Come on Nigerians, is that what our parents raised us to be?....WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT!!!....

How can you give up pronouncing "Nnwayoma"............................................ "Nnjideka"
How can you give up pronouncing "omo to rewa"......................................... " Folajuwon"
How can you give up pronouncing "yarinya mai walkiya.....wayoooo"................... "Bilkisu"

I got carried away for a minute.

So you give up all the above for "am gona gona"...?.una dey fall ma hand.


They slammed cuffs on both of us .....
Please be adviced that you are not under arrest at the moment, we are only detaining you. Step to the side sir.( those where thier commands)

Whats all this at the hour of the night now?

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Politics / Police Brutality Around The World by yahamisu: 6:36am On Aug 28, 2019
I skipped the the queue and started yelling at the lady with Black american accent, na so them dial police number and all of a sudden, 3 officers came to me at the Murtala Mohammed IntL. Airport Lagos.

They where very polite and cordial. i almost thought i was dreaming at that moment. the shock got me to a point that i was just mute. so, one of them said to me, "Dan uwa, yane?" ......the second one said "omo iya, shewa pa" .....the third one said "Nnwa Nnem, Ke ije".......the shiver of joy got me so bad that i was only able to utter the words lafiya mowa pa odinnma..... Meeeeeehhnnnn the excitment got me so bad that even though i kick totally against corruption of any form, the soft brotherly feel i felt which resonated from them made me want to empty my whole wallet and luguage for them.........(i know first hand how soldiers and police are dying on a regular basis. having their families abandoned while thier bosses and living the luxurious life style in conjuction with the political looters).... jist for another day niyen

I am feeling good tonight, this thing got me thanking GOD for life, I cant explain........

Thats the song i woke up to while my friend tore through the bushes and burnt rubber through the i95 south on our way to North Carolina for a deal we just had to catch before anybody beats us to it. (theres alot of hard working Nigerians out here ya'll).

Anyway, we should have left Baltimore at about 3:00pm but my co-pilot....(lol) Mr Ajibade kept delaying and by the time he got to me, it was time for me to go yell at our apartment manager for not sending the maintanance team to come fix our A/C. I've waited for a whole week and got nothing but excuses while the weather was freaking hot and fans raise electric bill like crazy.

Got there, waited for the oga and it was a white lady who thinks she's boss. walked like a boss and spoke like a boss. check this out guys.......

white lady : whats going on here? (with her head up high).
me : am here to see the person in charge. (looking straight into her eyes).

white lady : am in charge, whats the problem (am sure she felt whos this black fool disturbing my tea and cheese sandwich break {to the whites reading this, i know what you eat....lol}).
me : why isnt my A/C fixed (the GREEN WHITE GREEN EAGLE in me was about to burst farts on her {damn!!! i just farted}).

I was already seated but then she told my friend to sit down (as if she was about to change our diapers and spank us)

white lady : i think you've been given a schedule and the person in charge of that.... HEY! HEY!! HEY!!! STOP THAT BULLSHIT RIGHT THERE. I burst out on her then it went on.
me : (this time really pissed off) why tha hell do we have to keep waiting? will you accept such? what tha hell? am hot and that A/C has to be fixed today or else....

I kept goin on and on. for everytime she tried saying anything, i blocked her with my naija accent filled english. till i walked out of the office and slammed the door.

Well, Just like Julius Malema said, when a Nigerian is speaking to you, you think he's shouting at you or fighting with you(my people in ojota come to mind...lol). but "hey, wenna"......"Askis"....... he's just making conversation and in most cases we even try extra hard to make YOU understand what we saying cos we understand you fine abuti.

You know why?

Thats simply cos the diversity we have in its own is strength and i think if its ever true that we came through animals, then Nigerians are a mixture of the apex animals in the food chain, from the biggest elephants to the fastest cheeters. from the strongest Sharks in the sea to the highest flying EAGLE breeds in the world.

I got a call about 20 minutes after i left the house and voila....they wher requesting permission over the phone to get into my room to fix me a temporal unit.....(you know say na we dey run obodo eh eh eh.....{awon temi for shita. oshey yemi alade i see you}) less than a week later, they brought a brand new unit and the service team keeps coming once in a while to check up on the efficiency of the new unit. so you kinda see how efficient a society with true leaders who make laws to protect even common me. Those people know i could sue them and it will cost them alot.

Lesson 1 : Dont Bleep with me kawai
Lesson 2: Why tha hell are Nigerians mute about our evil politicians?

Anyway......where was I?........

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 1:25am On Aug 25, 2019
I found my way back to the car to try getting warm cos i figured since the car is parked, the heater should work but it felt like it was blowing below zero. i looked around in the car and found a pack of socks i bought earlier in Reno, so i wore additional socks and slid two on each of my hands, i figured staying in the car wont help so i stepped out of the car, took some steps behind the second car and started waving at cars driving on the other direction but am not sure anyone could see me. shortly after that a state trooper(state police) drove by but he just looked away, i almost thought i was dead and invisible already.

Suddenly another heavy truck came close to a halt on the next lane by my side but to my surprise, the bastard took out his phone to video me and he was laughing about it, my soul dropped off my body, then several trucks and cars started passing, I was waving and staring into their eyes as they passed and no body stopped... about 10 minutes felt like 10 hours, so i gradually skid thru to the car and tried to get a bit of heat again before stepping back out to keep waving till someone stops.

Suddenly, something told me to just shift the gear to drive and even see if it will drive...............

At this point my entire life flashed right before my eyes as the car just moved a bit and before you know it, i was moving. it almost felt like the car got its engine replaced with a V8. it started driving like i wasn't even pulling anything behind me as i drove past the ELK mountains in Laramie, drove through the heavy snow at the peak of the summit where only the red Indians reside, drove through the huge ranches of Nebraska, the quite towns of Iowa, through the cities around Chicago. then one of the 3 friends ( All with Anthony as first names..co-incidental? )who kept checking up on me called me. he is based in Kokomo Indiana and i felt it wont be a bad idea branching through to eat his wife's delicious igbo styled vegetable soup with correct poundo. I just had that serious urge to come face to face with someone i know cos ive had alot of stops at gas stations, i have met the good, the bad, the ugly and the very ugly in this single journey.

Then i got wondering cos through out the trip i was playing my naija music from pandora so at the times the network disappears, am left with my thoughts about similarities of my past experiences in NIGERIA MY COUNTRY. God placed whites in the cold cos he knows they will come together and find a solution around it, thats why they can live in the coldest parts of the planet and it just feels normal to them. However, California is no different from Northern Nigeria, they have farms and ranches in all the open lands with ranches to keep their cows away from people, Nebraska to me was no different from Borno cos i have been there. the land scape in New york isnt different from what we have in Lagos. The creeks in southern Nigeria arent differnt from Connecticut. Hyanis which is about 2 hours after Boston is no different from what we have in Portharcourt, the country sides of Indiana are no different from my beloved Kano state.

This is the sorta trips i normally take in Nigeria where i would drive to Jos to hangout with my friends, or go to Benin for a memorial service, or go to Eket for my friends Grandmas burial. abi na when i go warri go look for babe?....e.t.c

I eat one Kilishi in daura and i wanted them to adopt me. i drank fura in Zaria and it almost felt like i needed a diaper change. or is it the amala and gbegiri i had in Ibadan when i went for a friends wedding and we ended up spending extra days just to enjoy the feel of iwo road, molete...e.t.c

In that same speedy flash with no network, i remember my days growing up in kano when my aunties best friend was yoruba by the name of Kubura, She was always a nice aunty to have around as she thought us Ijoyoyo, I remembered the days of Chibuzor my guy, Mutiu, Charles, we jumped through molues buses to get to TBS Lagos just to watch or play Cricket, sometimes we save our break monies just so we can have enough for practice period.

I remembered the days me and my family would go on road trips where everybody we met on the road accepted us like family cos deep in our hearts, NIGERIANS LOVE each other(and i am talking to the lenght and breathe of NIGERIA), I remembered the time me and my Custom officer friend Frank Echeta drove from Lagos to Jos, the alternator blew in a village near Gidan waya in Kaduna, when the only guy who could bring the part to fix it was an Igbo guy from Anambra and on the same hour, we droped what we wanted with his sister who came to meet us there and we instantly drove back to lagos through 2 different routes, I saw first hand the level of decay in my country as at 2017....

Tripple damn!!!

I've been to the four courners of Nigeria and i feel like crying right now cos as smart and courageous as we are, we have falling into a very deep slumber and we allow our RULERS have thier way with us. mind You this has nothing to do with your tribe, ethinicity, religion or even back ground, i dont care about any of that, we need to be honest with ourselves, treat your neighbor with the kinda respect you want in return.

If you dont agree with me, it doesnt mean we cant deal with the truth and reach the sucess of one another. how do you feel coming from Mosque/church after praying then you start to gossip about your friend whom you just left at the church/mosque?

how do you feel waking up in the morning, praying to God and then going out with the intention of hurting your fellow man?

I have seen it all, the good, the bad, the ugly and the very ugly. It is simple to fix Nigeria, we all have to stand by and for each other. United we stand....period.

I have done this same trips in Southern Africa not just by road but flew solo with a single prop C172 aircraft to a point where i got lost in a Military airspace and had a helicopter pull up on me in the air before i got the proper radios settings from Grand central tower Midrand to make it back. My friends Roxy, Ibrahim, Angel, Tobi laughed at me so hard that they almost needed an ambulance (they all working in Caverton/Bristol helicopters now but complain about the situation In my beloved country too). I enjoyed the roads and hospitality in South Africa so much that i married a South African Lebogang (when naija babes just dey form anyhow that year...lol). I could hear the fear in her voice through out the times i spoke to her but i kept down playing the situation just to calm her down.

Even Mr Silas and Mr Monday where kinda confused on what was going on(we live together).

Oh well, i drove through some crazy snow to get to my friend in Kokomo, ate the delicious meal and some minutes after i left them with happiness in my mind that am about 10 hours away from Baltimore, i started feeling sleepy and even drifted a bit for a minute, so i pulled over by a truck parking area, got the best sleep of my life, Thanks Chinekwu Anthony Gidado.(when you chop correct food com get better sleep, any body you hit will know say HE that is in you is greater than HE that is in the world...lol).

While enjoying my sleep, my phone rang and funny enough, i was actually happy waking up at that time. it was Tony my Warri friend who brought alot of business my way. AREA!!!. We spoke over the phone for a while just as we have done in the previous times as he was on the phone with me from the begining. he just kept wondering like what is wrong with this guy?.

Abit later, i got a call from Anthony Aburumaku, my Ondo friend who showed me a lot. i guess he was the most scared ( we all know say na yoruba dey fear pass...lol)...Then i spoke to Chibuike, Danladi, Aminu, Josh Dariya. This all makes me realize that interaction with different types of human beings isnt hurtful, it only makes you see life from different points cos throughout my trip, i met with those who care, and those who dont give a shit but at the end of the day, have i been fair to the next man?. ask yourselves...

As treacherous as West Virginia is, with all the hills, and 9% slopes with compulsory tire break checks and most hilly places i have ever seen , nothing felt hard anymore cos a collective effort of NIgerians Made me!!!.

I made it home safely, eat the additional take away package Chinekwu gave me and had the most wonderful sleep part 2. the car owner really liked the cars, the engine was changed and no single issues have been reported since March when they got the cars in Nigeria. infact, he gave me a $1000 bonus cos the cars got truly liked by the end users.

I ve been on other trip and if you want me to share, follow me, I will be on a jolly trip next week, i dont mind carrying you all along, lets talk to ourselves.




Esheun.....Da'Alu.....Nagode muku..... thank you all


(I am new to the whole intagram thingy though)

My apology to the guy i used a harsh word on earlier. i appreciate your audience and am sorry if i came out as mean.
i close my laptop..........walks out.......

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 3:01pm On Aug 24, 2019
From the moment i stopped, I knew this was it and all i could think of was how to communicate my last words to my wife, my kids, my mother and my siblings (I DON ENTER).

It was a struggle walking around the car to see if its an easy pile of snow which i could clear with my hands to free up all 8 tires but apparently, the snow fell all night and even though there are snow plows working all night, very heavy winds continually blow the snow around and now, the road is icy. Mind you, the wind in that section of the highway, passes through a vacuum-like corridor and blows out with high pressure, having enough strength to blow away 18 wheeler trailers like like toys.

Watch this on youtube to see what am saying, .(watch how the truck is skidding to the side at most points, you either see vehicles/trailers tipped over from the wind or they park by the side for hours unending, waiting for it to get better.)


Suddenly, i heard a loud horn, with tires screeching towards me. the trailer missed me by a few inches cos the visibility was almost non. even though i heard and saw a gimps of the oncoming heavy duty barely seconds before the driver halted, i couldnt move an inch. (you cant walk/run on ice)...

I was able to find my way towards the trailer and climb to his window, first i saw him breathing hard from fear of almost clearing me off the road, then this conversation occurred ...

Truck driver : Nigga you done lost your mind or something (in a very angry tone).
Me : thank you soo much for stopping(ignoring the obvious fact that i scared the living daylight out of him by appearing out of no where)

Truck driver : maaaaaan i aint stop for your black ass, i danm near killed you man
Me : Thank goodness you didnt. pleeeeeease help pull me out of the snow, ma engine is still running

Truck driver : sorry man, i aint got no chains
Me: its my lucky day, i got 4 chains in ma trunk

Truck driver : uuuuhhhmmm....sorry i cant
Me: come on man, i can die in less than an hour in this cold please help me. its freezing out here

Truck driver : naaaaaah sorry i cant .(shaking his head in the negatory)
Me: total silence

So, i stepped down from the window side and he drove off. my mouth started shaking from the cold as my tooth was clinging. my knees shaking, my ears numb with no feel. my beard started freezing up and everything just got blank for some seconds.

to be continued...
(pic below...better roads ahead)

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 1:49pm On Aug 24, 2019
@tyup : there is no such thing as highway robbery in every part of the world i have personally been to so far, except Nigeria. to your second question.: as for speeding, its all a personal thing cos even with the use of navigation apps like WAZE, sometimes you dont see the police or camera ahead since its a user fed app. just drive with caution or get pulled over and given a ticket.

@revolva : thank you for seeking to purchase a car from me but am sorry i cant receive money from a person i dont know in person, will have to know you through a reference. sorry about that bro.... I've had too much negative experiences. hope you find what you looking for.

@raysleek .... @ onegig .....@gidiwoodsman .....and similar comments : Well, if dealers start buying normal american standard cars with legal inspection then, no one will be able to afford a car in naija except for our criminal minded politicians. every car you see shipped to naija, is either high millage or accident and trust me, we go through a lot to get those deals even though the profit margin is low, spend alot on logistics and Nigerians always trouble us with payments.

Finally, as for those who say am desperate and stupid, well, you might be right to an extent but if you come to America with no one to stand for you on anything, you will toughen up, be a man and make things happen but as i said in the begining, something kept pushing me and after all the troubles, i even lost money on the transaction but the experience is worth more than a million dollars and you will see my reason in my conclusion.

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 5:06am On Aug 24, 2019
My apologies for keeping you all waiting. Just got back from a short trip which took me all day due to the rain nd traffic.

I'll respond to your questions and comments once I wake up..... however, got a 4000miles trip coming up next week and I look forward to sharing that with you on a live feed basis.

If anything goes wrong, I have you all to gist with.

Follow me on Instagram @yahamisu

Though you gotta forgive me for not having anything posted. Still new to all this .

Good night y'all
This picture killed me....lol


Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 7:31pm On Aug 22, 2019
The 3rd picture was the nicer side of where I got stuck....couldn't take pictures while stuck nd I'll explain further in my concluding part


Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 6:45pm On Aug 22, 2019
Yo...if you can me such a question then it means you never even read the story
Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 5:09pm On Aug 22, 2019
If you followed from the beginning, I stated it clear that I never knew what I was getting into.
Before heading on that trip, I've done alot of travel across the country nd i know how i make my pay.

No 2 trips are same and God truly wanted to show me something powerful.


Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 4:13pm On Aug 22, 2019
Done with both cars getting connected mechanically, electrically , oil & filter changed, gas tank filled my stomach was well cared for. (didnt know what i was up against but at least, i knew having a strong stomach would always come in handy).

Just when i was about to drive off, while adding finishing touches cos i really dont want anything making me stop on the highway and having the cops tow any of the suvs. A white county cop pulled right by my side and said he saw me connecting both cars but 1 of the suvs was resting on a side walk. before i could even get out the car to reason with him, he stretched his hand to hand me a ticket for violating a side walk.... (which kind rubbish be this? additional unplanned $43 just like that?).

Oh well, the journey commenced. I have never seen, heard or read about snow in California and to my surprise, about 2 hours into my trip (Approaching the hills after Sacramento), i started seeing the snow up in the mountains...my journey immediately switched from open flat roads to non-stop hilly climbs. I ignored the road condition and kept trying to push up the hills at 45mph. (the speed limit there was 80mph max and most hilly places had 40mph minimum) so if you are higher on the speed, you get a ticket, driving slower than 40, you also get a ticket....Eish!!

I couldnt stress the vehicle cos it was pulling its exact same weight up high elevations. Remember the second car cant help cos of the bad engine so my only hope was with the current car and it had the check engine, VSC and numerous other warning lights turned on already.

NEVADA : From the afternoon time i got into the car, I drove throughout the day and night with only stops at gas stations. I lost tack of time and my only sense of direction was to remain on the interstate #i80. from the moment i started seeing Casinos, in every corner and slot machines even in gas stations i knew i was going through the state of Nevada(gambling state capital of the world)...

OREGUN, IDAHO AND UTAH: Drove through mountains, valleys, tunnels, skinny bridges but the biggest problem is that i kept going deeper into the snow covered territories while using the inertia of downhills to build up some speed then managing through the climbs. I saw villages completely covered in snow. the good side however, that region of the country had the biggest snow plow trucks i've ever seen, and they where busy clearing the snow and spraying snow salt on a 24/7 basis. In fact, i was the only small sized vehicle i could see around. the road only had huge 18 wheeler trailers, petrol product tankers and ups/fedex road trains.....

Wyoming : A white truck driver walked up to me while i was gassing up in the first gas station in Wyoming without knowing a thing about the state. he looked round and said to me.

Truck driver: What direction you going?
me: am headed to Baltimore

Truck driver : Baltimore Ohio?
Me: No, Baltimore Maryland

Truck driver : Maaaaaan, you lost your mind?
me: No, why?

Truck driver : you know your about to face the highway to heaven, climb through the summit mountains known as the 3 sisters and wind is currently at + 65mph with a forecast for a complete blizzard tonight?
Me : WHAT??

Truck driver : if i wher you, id check into that motel indefinitely untill the weather is all clear (he said that while pointing to a motel by the side of the gas station in the middle of no where).
Me : I will surely do that. thank you very much.

He spent a considerable amount of time with me chatting and questioning how i even made it this far cos even truck drivers are scared of the route..After some time, a few more people just kept coming close to see my setup and ask what was wrong with me to have driven through the night on those roads.

In the middle of the night, a somewhat hurricane -like wind started blowing, the whole building was shaking and the sound of the wind was loud (almost bursting my Eustachian tube).

If you know anything about the weather, you would know that no matter how hard a weather gets over the day or night, the mornings are always calm. for that reason, i woke up early when the wind was calm and faced the road.

About 50miles into my trip on that day, i got close to the ELK mountains, Laramie county in Wyoming, the climb became intense and the engine was struggling to keep up. felt like the second car being towed was pulling me back. thats more like 200 % drag at the moment.

SUDDENLY !!! the tires started screeching and sliding to the side. After a few tries to keep the wheels moving straight, Vehicle came to a full stop. the tires only kept rotating but no movement. stepping out of the car, i could hardly walk upright cos the ice on the road was maaaaaaaad (if you know what i mean).

The cold was too much, the roads is empty and am in the middle of no where, stuck with 2 cars and to top my cake with icen, my 2 phones had no network so calling 911 or anybody for help was out of the question.

The question now is.... What brought me to this point?

see few pictures i took before getting stuck to have an idea of all i drove through.

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 6:06am On Aug 22, 2019
Am sleepy now....will continue in the morning...

By the way, if your interested In reading on, go to youtube.com just search for "I80 Wyoming in winter"

That's one of the most dangerous highways in the world... nd here I am with 2 SUVs connected to each other on the same weight nd about to face it the road.

Good night y'all

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 5:42am On Aug 22, 2019
I added gas costs in those areas...
Those of you living in the east coast, if you think gas is expensive in NYC, well think again...see the crazy price I kept paying for gas


Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 5:38am On Aug 22, 2019
1st pic is one of a crazy guys in the road....read his placard.....lol.... would you give a guy like that money?

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 5:01am On Aug 22, 2019
Earlier that day, On my train ride from Fresno to Stockton, I was busy searching for the second SUV and car tow dolly which i intended attaching to drag the second car for the long trip ahead. (man proposed again but.....you know the rest).

Now am about 2780 miles away from home and the first car i bought has a knocked engine which cant even drive for 1 good hour.

WHAT DO I DO ...................... gotta keep moving>>>>>>>Ahead Ahead kawai!!!>>>>>>

In the thick midst of my fear and confusion of what to do with a knocked engine, i went back on my app to proceed with the second ride and the only one i could get was located back in Los Angeles. My plan to drive there and head straight to the east coast Via AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, and all the southern states got scrapped. so the new plan now is to get to Los Angeles, buy the second Vehicle, go buy the tow dolly then drive back to Stockton and drive through the northern states i.e NV, OR, UT, WY, NE, IA, IL, IN, OH, WV All the way to Baltimore MD.. DAMN!!..i Actually under estimated the trip.

Just so you have an idea of the journey ahead of me...

Flight Distance from Lagos Nigeria to Baltimore MD is 5,406 miles / 8701 km approx.
Flight Time 11 hours, 19 minutes

Now my Current Destination to my bed is as follows.....

Flight Distance from Stockton CA to Baltimore MD is 2,780 miles / 4448 km approx.
Flight Time 6 hours, 00 minutes.
Drive time 1 day 17 hrs...(thats a non-stop drive at an average of +/- 70mph practically impossible)

Anyway, I wasn't about to let anything get on my way, i called the owner of the second vehicle, got an appointment for the next day. so i booked a Direct Greyhound bus to Los mamacita....andele ariba!!

unknown to me the bus station in Stockton gets closed after 10pm so all intending travelers have to wait outside for the bus. mind you, this was in January and even though California doesn't get that cold, winter nights, especially in the northern parts, the cold strikes with extreme vexation...(little did i know that this cold was just a look-warm feel compared to what was coming ahead).

The bus delayed. kept us longer in the cold but thank Goodness we had an armed security guard to watch the passengers (I no sabi fight, i no get gun and with this kind cold, where you wan run go if gbege set?)

Day 3 .... Bright and shinning morning. i woke up just before getting to the final stop. did all my run around down town, went to the bank, got cash and headed to the second seller. only for me to get there and realize its a dealership. damn, so i have to pay dealership charges and some stupid expenses. couldnt back out of the deal at this point so i paid all the addition costs which chowed into my profit....

Well, I got the Vehicle, paperwork complete, filled up ma tank and got on the highway for a 6 hour trip of almost 400 miles back to stockton. got there late in the evening due to some traffic, accidents enroute, funny crazy people on the way and i was tooooo damn tired. sleeping in planes, trains, buses, i checked maself into a Hotel and passed out without even bathing.

Day 4..... Well rested and just ready to push on. i woke up at about 9am and with the back up services of my uber app, i took both cars to the mechanic. had to remove the tow package on Vehicle 1 (the one with a knocked engine) and attach to the second car i just bought. this was a job of about 2 hours. i went from one mechanic shop to another and as usual, they kept insisting i booked an appointment to do anything (the norm with white people).

"Them say person way dey ask question, no dey loss". after spending the whole day going from one mechanic to the other, I finally bumped into the Mexican Locals and was directed to a mechanic park. they had all types of repair guys in a big complex with rewires, paint, body job e.t.c I explained everything i needed but have to wait till the next day cos it was getting late.(just imagine, they open all business at 10am nd close at 5pm....totally different from our lagos-like life style in the east coast). getting late, booked into another hotel.

Day 5..... before going to bed the previous night, something prompted me to do a quick weight and balance check which i am very glad i did.(got aviation credentials and each trip involves a flight plan which carries all weights, balances e.t.c). Got to the shop earlier than 10am and waited on the mechanic. due to the excess weight the tow dolly was gonna add, i ditched that and just bought a tow bar (triangular shaped iron rods used to tow cars).

At exactly 1pm, both the wiring and mechanical work was complete and i was about to hit the road....

i gotta share some pictures with you guys to you have a slight idea of all thats past so far before proceeding to the main trip....

to be continued.

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 3:21am On Aug 22, 2019
am here to continue my gist but the page looks too long nd might vanish in comments so....i go open new chapter....same section and same tittle part 2.

meet me on the next page.

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 1:05am On Aug 22, 2019
@mautonmentos....strictly clean tittle from original owners..... I grew out of the auctions....I've worked there before nd I know the nonsense dealers send to you in nigeria cos we sell thru auctions....lol
Nd am not restricted to NYC only....I buy every tittle color all the way to the pick slip....if u do cars, u will know which is nick named the pink slip....

A. Not here to entertain you....i am here to share a true story of my ordeals (more like a testimony)....if you read my write up then you wouldn't ask me such dumb questions.....anyway...its getting late now nd I wanna catch up on today's naija news....will update you all before bedtime....

Thanks y'all

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Travel / Re: Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 8:24pm On Aug 21, 2019
please like and share......the message in my story is one i can give my life for.

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Travel / Escaping Death: My Journey Through America by yahamisu: 8:06pm On Aug 21, 2019

Woke up at about twelve noon. feeling lazy and wanting to stay

in bed all day. my phone suddenly rang. a call from Nigeria

requesting the inventory i had ( i purchase and ship cars to

people) and with my efficiency and tract record of prompt

delivery, my customer base grew to a level i had to eventually

run from.
The caller requested that i purchase and ship 2 lexus rx 330

to Nigeria urgently. so i opened my app to playfully search.

the plan was to find a good deal (as always done) for the best

price and propmt completion of the job.
behold, in less than 10 minutes i found 1 which was just

posted, i gave my innitial asking price and we wher set to


3:30pm (my local time) i asked for his phone number and

address but to my shock, he is located in Stockton California

(northern california).

Damn!!!....this deal is about to give me usd $2000 in 2-3 days

what do i do?

I called the vehicle owner and made a deal that if he keeps

it for me, i'll be there the following day in the afternoon

(obviously he saw my mobile number was from Baltimore MD and

to him, this was some sorta joke).

The clock was ticking and i needed to get moving. checked

all available airports within a 100 mile radius but the only

available flight booking i could get was JETBLUE from JFK NYC

to LAX CA.

well, i booked it and ran to the shower shortly after

returning my Nigerian Client's call to conclude on the

delivery price.

5;00pm... i stepped into my car and drove to the greyhound bus

park. my intention was to leave my car there, take the bus to

NYC (3hours 30mins trip to jkf). everything seemed normal.

5:30pm...I got to greyhound and the next available bus was

scheduled for 8pm. i have to be at the airport before 10pm cos

my flight was for 10:40pm.

I have paid about $270 for the cheap non refundable flight and

am not about to loose such amounts on a Sunday evening so i

got on the road and was on my way to JFK.

Plan B... This was to simply drive to the airport, park ma car

there and i'll come get it once i return(man proposes....)

about 20 minutes into my drive, just before the first paid

toll, i came to a total stand still. a horrible accident

involving loss of lives happened and the entire North bound

interstate highway #95 was blocked.

I was determined that nothing could stop me so, i took the

only available exit which makes me drive trough some towns in


on getting to a gas station i filled up and while just looking

around, i saw a white guy getting into his pickup truck. so i

approached him.

Plan C....Asked if he was headed my direction and he replied

in the afirmative. so, i nicely asked if he could drop me off

at JFK. he said he can drop me off In new york then ill find

my way.

Without any form of hesitation, i hopped in and we where set

to go. he took longer routes to avoid traffic but with my

calculations, the only way i could make the flight was if he

dropped me off at the airport gate. since i knew i might miss

the flight, i tried changing the schedule on my phone but it

will cost me $800 just to shift my schedule to the next day.

Double Damn!!!.

I was able to convince the white guy to drop me off at the

airport gate in exchange for me paying all the tolls and gas

(great gentleman indeed).

10;25pm.... I got to the departure gate. then it was a race

against time. got to the counter and they said boarding is

closed. then this black guy came to me and asked that we race

to the aircraft. Mind you, the airport is like a mini city on

its own.... I ran with him like a mad man and luckily i made

it just when the flight attendant was about to shut the door.

WHEW!!!..... for the next 30 minutes, I was gasping for air

(guess i have to quit smoking ciggaretts....lol)

Had a smooth 6 hour flight and landed in LAX at dawn. got an

airport shuttle which took me into the annoying city of Los

Angeles. dirt and filt all over, with the highest number of

homless crack junkies i have ever seen. mind you, the

California economy alone, rivals some european countries. so

when you complain about something, open your heart and channel

your pains in the right direction (our wicked politicians in

Nigeria come to mind).

After nibling on some real mexican Tacos, washed down well

with some very hot coffee. i was set for the next step. took a

7 hour Greyhound bus ride to Fresno then got on the Amtrak

train ride to Stockton).

3:00pm I landed in Stockton, called the seller and we

concluded our deal. had some problems withrawing the total

amount via the ATM(couldnt use the bank cos it was Martin

Luther King day which is a public holiday). it took us till

around 7pm before we concluded the deal(found other means of

paying up). signed all the papers, said good bye and i left

with the first car.

he kept telling me am crazy and even though i had shown him

all my travel itirinary, he still couldnt believe what was

happening. this is simply because the distance is not

something you just get on the road and think you can make it

in 1 piece.

Anyway, i had this spiritual strenght pushing me cos honestly,

i wasnt thinking. (I SIMPLY KEPT GOING WITH THE FLOW).

Around 8pm, i was done resting so i got in the vehicle and the

intention was to drive back to Los Angeles, buy a second of

the same SUV, connect them together using a tow dolly and get

on the road for an almost 3000 miles trip.

Once again, man proposes....(you know the rest) just about 10

mins into getting on the interstate highway #5, i started

hearing a knocking sound and the vehicle wont just move well.

I looked up into the sky. called on God and felt like God has

totally abandoned me to an up coming misery. if the problem is

what i think it is, then am about to loose about usd $5000

just in 1 deal....DAMN.

the prospect of making $2000 turned into the posibility of

loosing $5000....plus all my efforts.

On getting off the highway, i went into a gas station, did all

the checks familiar to me and couldnt point my finger at any

problem....the knocking sound just kept getting stronger.

A mexican guy walked up to me, said he heard the engine and i

needed to shut down the engine asap.

he called a mechanic (who happens to be his father) and my

greatest fear was confirmed. the engine is f.u.c.ked up. what

do i do


to be continued..........

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