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Celebrities / Re: Omah Lay Wins “the Next Rated” Award At #14thheadies Award Show by zeusdgrt(m): 8:39am On Feb 22

You no need reply if the matter no concern you undecided

You no need reply if the matter no concern you
Aproko na ur reply?
Celebrities / Re: Omah Lay Wins “the Next Rated” Award At #14thheadies Award Show by zeusdgrt(m): 1:13am On Feb 22
And so?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Manchester City ( 0 - 1) On 21st February 2021 by zeusdgrt(m): 4:14pm On Feb 21
Arsenal all d way
Politics / Re: Imo Assembly Approves Renaming Okorocha’s Eastern Palm Uni After Mbadiwe by zeusdgrt(m): 5:36pm On Feb 17
Na dem sabi
Sports / Re: Kylian Mbappe Wins Match Ball For Hat-trick Against Barcelona by zeusdgrt(m): 7:34am On Feb 17
Ronaldo and Messi have a replacement in Mbappe. May he be healthy and injury free, and may he be committed to the sport as these GOAT football idols so that he too can stake a grand place in football's hall of fame in years to come.
Don't add ronaldo to messi failure grin


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Barcelona Vs PSG : UCL (1 - 4) On 16th February 2021 by zeusdgrt(m): 6:36am On Feb 17

Then you do not know football.

Your Ronaldo has played in matches, big and small, where his club and country have been well beaten. He has faced Messi himself in crucial matches where his team was completely smashed.

Football is not played by one man. It is team effort. Do not expect Messi to be the goal keeper, defender, midfielder and attacker at the same time.

Barcelona has been terrible in terms of football and administration in the last few years since Guadiola left. Administratively they have been terrible. Ronald Koeman as a coach in that team is a failure. Barcelona should have allowed the young man leave last year. Looking at him, he is no longer passionate with Barca.

No footballer lasts for ever, otherwise Ronaldinho, Okocha, Zidane would still be playing. The days of Messi and Ronaldo are numbered too. Whether you like it or not Messi has always been a delight to watch as a footballer. Arsene Wenger once said that aside from scoring goals, football should be delightful to watch and very pleasurable to all fans. That’s why you heard the words tiki taka.

Your Ronaldo be like Monday Odiaka. Stay for front, score goal, fans laugh go drink beer.

Stop typing rubbish and disgracing urself by deceiving urself trying to avoid facts on ground,see game see messi see scoreline grin


Politics / Re: Lekki Concession Company Speaks On Bank Debts, Ownership, Fate Of Over 500 Staff by zeusdgrt(m): 9:23pm On Feb 15

The same company that removed camera before the shooting also failed to produce complete footage of the shooting according to you. So, why are you confusing yourself? Choose one and stick to it.

Anyway, the camera that was removed was a led camera used to capture plate numbers and not CCTV.

So if you’re the governor of Lagos state, you will close down a toll gate with the ability to pay off its loan and take over billions of debt simply because of a shooting incident? Do you even know the amount of debt the state government is currently servicing? With this your kind of business and administrative sense, I pray you never become the governor of any state in Nigeria.
U dull

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Religion / Re: Matthew Ashimolowo: Take COVID-19 Vaccine, Don’t Join Conspiracy Theorists by zeusdgrt(m): 8:56pm On Feb 14
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: Politicians Should Not See Elections As Coup by zeusdgrt(m): 7:26pm On Feb 14

First and foremost it wasn't him that established NDDC as you would have us believe. Rather, NDDC was set up as far back as 2000 by the Obasanjo administration and that was a time when Jonathan was still a very obscure deputy governor of Bayelsa State.
Below is the inexhaustive list of the ways he tried to please the North at the expense of the South. I wish you read through and explain how such actions, inactions and choices of his amounted to attempts to bring development to every region:

1. At a time it was reasonably being suspected that the Northern elite was behind the insurgency ravaging the country and spreading down South, Jonathan sacked Andrew Owoye (His own fellow Southerner and Bayelsa kinsman for that matter as National Security Adviser) and replaced him with Dasuki a core member of the Northern Oligarchy. Could you kindly explain how that passed for an attempt to bring development to all regions? If anything, that decision alone became the catalyst that rose insecurity to the cancerous level we battle with today.

2. After reluctantly conceding to midwife the 2014 confab, he openly declared that to him personally, Nigeria's problem has nothing to do with the structure but with corruption which once killed, every other thing would miraculously begin to fall into place. Where in the world has corruption been successfully killed and buried if one may even ask? Please tell us which, between the North and South is notorious for that line of argument if you think he wasn't trying to please the North at the expense of genuine national interest.

3. On being appointed as National Population Commission Chairman in 2014 or so, Festus Odimegwu publicly spoke a very bitter but very much needed truth by declaring that all censuses ever conducted in Nigeria were fraudulent and the figures inflated in both North and South with the objective of making a big catch in federal allocation, and then promised to end that trend in his time by introduction of digital documentation of bio data. Immediately, Governor Kwankwaso of Kano State, reeling from guilty conscience despite Odimegwu accused both the North and South of the menace of inflation of census figures, made a public speech in which he accused Odimegwu of being under the influence of alcohol having only worked in Breweries all his life. Then Kwankwaso proceeded to Ask Rock to mount pressure on Jonathan to sack Odimegwu and replace him with a pliable Northerner which Jonathan didn't waste a second doing thinking that such was an opportunity to connect himself to the sympathy of Kano State's phantom huge voter population ahead of 2015. Could you kindly explain how that amounted to an attempt to bring development to every region?

4. On the opening day of the 2014 confab, Jonathan went to the venue and in his opening speech advised the delegates to use 75% as basis for consensus on any issue. Now, every educated person knows that even the universal 66.7% (i.e. ⅔ majority) is very difficult to secure in most democratic bargains, so what reason would a PhD holder president have for proposing 75% if not to demonstrate to the Northerners some assurance that he had an initio deliberately programmed the confab to fundamentally fail so as to get their sympathy ahead of 2015 election?
Can you explain how his 75% proposal wasn't meant to rather kill the ultimate objective of the confab which was all about putting in place the right kind of structure that would have genuinely brought development to every region? Please recall that when the likes of Idris Kutigi later tried to suggest in one of the sittings of the delegates that the normal democratic ⅔ majority be stuck to as basis for consensus, the core Northern delegates fumed and staged a walkout insisting that the president who midwifed the confab had himself dictated the consensus percentage and must be stuck to. Pray tell me if they would have insisted on sticking to Jonathan's proposal had he suggested say 30% as basis for consensus. And with all these you still believed that Jonathan wasn't trying to please the core North ahead of 2015 but trying to bring development to every region?

5. When the confab had reached an advanced stage, Jonathan again came out to the public and declared that at the completion of the confab he would forward the report to the National Assembly statutorily dominated by Northern representatives for further action. Didn't common sense rather dictate that he sent the report to the masses who asked for the confab in the first instance on account of the fact that it had become obvious that the National Assembly wasn't really interested in anything other than approving offensive allowances for themselves to buy latest model cars and other anti-people concerns? So in exactly which region's developmental interest was Jonathan going to send that report to the National Assembly if not to just a way of proving to the resistant North that he didn't really mean to have the recommendations implemented.

6. Then I guess his building of Almajiri schools in the North when the natives of the riverine areas of his own SS were living in coastal shanties and shades of trees had become their classrooms was an attempt to bring development to every region also?

7. During his campaign in Portharcourt Stadium in the build up to the 2015 election, Jonathan with his own mouth confessed that he purposely denied the SS region of projects because he didn't want to be perceived as a regional bigot. But then by so doing he was actually bigoted against his own people hence still a bigot all the same.

I can go on and on citing countless examples of how Jonathan failed to learn from history that the North is not pleased by any developmental projects or gesture from a Southerner in power.

In summary, Jonathan was massively voted out of power by those he thought he wanted to please, and that served him right.
The basic assertion that jonathan neglected his own to appease the north is far from the truth,when Yar adua was in power the same assertion was pushed by the northerners after militants were given packages to surrender their arms for peace and development.Now jonathan stepping into the shoes of same assertion wanted a place for all where developmental strides and grow simultaneously hence he reformed the NDDC under him to carry massive project as well he also developed the north,the main reason he was voted out was for tribalism by the north and greediness by the west and few south but they had to find a bases to discredit his tenure hence the media,boko haram etc was effected even protest that the lifeless one is against today was undertaken by him.Jonathan never neglected his people the sabotaged his efforts to make it seem so.Even confab was for the same reason of simultaneous growth in all regions.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: Politicians Should Not See Elections As Coup by zeusdgrt(m): 12:18pm On Feb 14
He tried hard to please only Northerners and that was why he divided the South which all stood with him in 2011. He sacrificed even the interest of his own SS Region to please the North because he has his eyes on their phantom huge voting population against 2015
The south had measures and mechanism put in place by him for growth hence NDDC and the rest,he was simply trying to bring every region to development not trying to please.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: Politicians Should Not See Elections As Coup by zeusdgrt(m): 10:26am On Feb 14

Nobody made me believe he was d problem bcus he is part of the problem. When d road to Otuoke his home land is still not motorable, then what can he do. If not for his cluelessness, Buhari won't have been d president. Ur enemies will always use ur weakness to their advantage.
Oga jonathan was not myopic like u or buhari he never worked based on tribalism or regional sentiment,he was busy trying so hard to please all regions, stretching his arms to all that's why they betrayed him.so stop thinking myopic cz of the road network to his village

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Politics / Re: Lekki Toll Gate: Seyi Tinubu, Sunday Dare Exposed By Bank Documents - Peoples Ga by zeusdgrt(m): 10:23am On Feb 14

There's a very important part of the scrutiny you all are cleverly avoiding:

Who created all those fake news creatives of dead bodies loaded in hilux vans and being shared as victims of Lekki incident? Are they above the law to be prosecuted for the incitement and acting in cahoot with the arsonists?

Who pronounced Eniola Badmus and others dead and hyped it online to go viral?

Why are those places previously listed in the audio by IPOB leader burnt now?

Why are some of the protesters from outside Lagos(South East) when same protest was going on in the South East ?

Why is there so much about destroying Lagos and Tinubu when the President is the one in charge of Police and Army?

Why were IPOB members giving real update on places burnt to their leader?

The protest was the guise under which they burnt down Lagos.

Today, we defended our city and nothing else matters.
Being stupid is a gift and you have it.congrats

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: Politicians Should Not See Elections As Coup by zeusdgrt(m): 8:10am On Feb 14

What is your APC leaders like Tinubu? Do you think I give a hoot about PDP or APC. I'm a Nigerian and like I said Jonathan is part of Nigeria problems just like Tinubu, Buhari and others
Nop they made u think he was the problem.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: Politicians Should Not See Elections As Coup by zeusdgrt(m): 7:36am On Feb 14

Is he not a leader? He has been a deputy governor, a governor, a vice president and president of this great country. So if he is not a leader then who is?
Ur apc leaders like tinubu and the rest
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: Politicians Should Not See Elections As Coup by zeusdgrt(m): 7:13am On Feb 14
In as much as I respect your stance on being peaceful, your inability to deliver good governance to the people led to the atrocity called Buhari that was later foist on us. From 1999 till 2015 you people had the chance to change Nigeria for the better but you didn't do it and now APC has taken it even further down. When the foundation is broken what can the righteous do then imagine now was the unrighteous will do will a broken foundation. I weep for my country.
Not his issue,na ur greedy leaders deceive u
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: Politicians Should Not See Elections As Coup by zeusdgrt(m): 7:07am On Feb 14
My man,u have spoken well and always on point.Yet we have one yeye one wen some stewpid people vote sit down doing nothing other than getting shocked and his vice dey do what we are trying to do, what we are looking at,we are planning to,our intent,we are strategizing.... infact we don tire!


Politics / Re: 2023: Ladoja’s ZLP, APC Consider Merger by zeusdgrt(m): 8:37pm On Feb 12
Yeye greedy people
Politics / Re: 2023: Anambra Youths Ask Orji Kalu To Contest For President (Photos) by zeusdgrt(m): 8:20pm On Feb 12
Joke of the week grin , make e answer e fraud case finish e nor go get time dey run court and FEC meeting grin

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Career / Re: Joel Ele-Ojo Adams Receives Queen Of England Honour. Breaks 102-Year-Old Record by zeusdgrt(m): 7:51pm On Feb 12
Congratulations for making us proud.

Handsome dude.
How e nor go handsome for ur eye....see her mouth
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Poses In Bed Ahead Of Valentine (Photo) by zeusdgrt(m): 6:44pm On Feb 12

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Sports / Re: Wike Presents Buses To Rivers United & Rivers Angels, ₦20Million To Beat Enyimba by zeusdgrt(m): 5:21pm On Feb 12
Politics / Re: 36 Governors Agree To End Nomadic Cattle Rearing by zeusdgrt(m): 6:30am On Feb 12
Hmmmmmm we dey look
Politics / Re: Kehinde Ajibade: IPPIS Is A Scam, FG Deceived Us by zeusdgrt(m): 6:30am On Feb 12
Na FG way
Politics / Re: Herdsmen: Ondo Approves Procurement Of 20 Operational Vehicle For Amotekun by zeusdgrt(m): 6:29am On Feb 12
I see
Politics / Re: We’re Ready To Resume Petrol Importation - Marketers by zeusdgrt(m): 6:29am On Feb 12
And so?back and forth govt
Education / Re: Stampede: EBSU Apologises To Students, Says The Incident Won't Happen Again by zeusdgrt(m): 6:28am On Feb 12
We hear
Politics / Re: Why Nigeria Is Changing To Cleaner Energy - Osinbajo by zeusdgrt(m): 6:28am On Feb 12
This yeye man

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Politics / Re: Fayemi: Celebrating A Soldier Of Peace At 56 - Yinka Oyebode by zeusdgrt(m): 7:53am On Feb 09
We hear
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power: 30,000 Volunteers Get New Federal Jobs by zeusdgrt(m): 7:50am On Feb 09

How you wish the evil and corrupt party y'all supported for 16 wasted years could pay you for atleast one good thing they did for all their years of failure.

A looting party that couldn't even built their National Headquarters for 16 years! shocked

Shamelessness at its peak.
30k apc salary earner
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power: 30,000 Volunteers Get New Federal Jobs by zeusdgrt(m): 7:49am On Feb 09
Seriously this adminitration is making life easier for the masses, I'm so happy to be one of the beneficiaries , Glory be to God
Apc e rat when nor fit spell administration grin

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Politics / Re: Envoys-Designate Fear Mission Reshuffle With Ex-Service Chiefs Nomination by zeusdgrt(m): 7:48am On Feb 09
And so?
Politics / Re: Why I Met With APC Leaders —fani-kayode by zeusdgrt(m): 7:42am On Feb 09
Yeye man

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