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I Earn My Living Legitimately By This Means, Am I A 'bad Belle' ? / Intelligent Nigerians Makes Money Online Legitimately / Home Business Ideas Any Nigerian Who Wants Extra Income Can Do Legitimately! (2) (3) (4)

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How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 8:27pm On Jan 12, 2008

The Internet has made it possible for us to leverage the opportunities it provides to make legitimate money doing business. We all are aware that it is possible to make money on the Internet in a fraudulent way, so it is possible to start an online business and make legitimate money, which is where my concern is.

It is also good that we start to create jobs and businesses for one self and not wait to be employed because to be sincere there are no jobs that can give you satisfaction and freedom like when you are doing ‘your own thing’. Here, am going to show you businesses you can start today on the internet and make money, even if you have a paid job you can still work part time and combine it with your job without stress. Let us first look at the advantages of doing business on the Internet.

Bill Gates ones said, “In some years to come, all businesses shall be on the net, you are either on the Internet or you are out of business”, this has started to happen in the developed parts of the world, even Nigeria as we can see now, the use of internet has improved tremendously over the last 5 years, your business has better advantage being on the net.

Some of the Advantages of doing business on the Internet.
1.It requires little or no start up capital: you can actually start an online business with little capital because this kind of business does not necessarily require an office or business premises, equipment, or things that make up your ordinary brick-and-mortar business (i.e. ordinary business), you just need internet access and about an hour or two, even from your bedroom, office, hotel room, cyber café etc.you can do business.

2.Anybody can do business on the Internet; I mean anybody can do it if you know what to do and how to do it, you must not be a computer guru, or a programmer, or web designer before you start doing business on the Internet. No special qualification is required, as long as you can read, type and move the mouse, you are already in the business.

3.It is a kind of business that gives you freedom, you can work anytime you want, at any place, and you can actually determine your income. You don’t need to work 9 to 5,you can work part time or full time, which means you can combine it with your normal job and make multiple streams of income that will make you financially free.

4.You can start this business with what you like to do, that is your passion. You don’t necessarily need a business plan. You can make money on the Internet with what you know, just anything can be business on the Internet you name it. Someone will always pay you for what you know. Simply put: do what you love and the money will follow.

5.The Internet gives you a wide reach to unlimited market. Your customers are unlimited and from different parts of the world. You can actually imagine the number of customers (targeted customers) you will have through the Internet. Think of how many people that is online now from different parts of the world, that is the limit of your reach.

6.This kind of business goes on automatically, that means you don’t have to be present all day to monitor the business. The business makes you money even when you are sleeping, yes! when you are sleeping or on vacation.

7.You have unlimited opportunities doing business on the Internet. You can also incorporate your offline business (normal business) that is if you have a business running now and establish a web presence for it and that gives you an edge.

8.There are little or no risks involved in this kind of business if you know what to do and how to do it. I must not fail to add here that like every business you need to be shrewd, focused and dedicated too.

There are other advantages, which can be derived from these main ones I have shown you here, of which many of us are aware.
Let us see the businesses you can start on the Internet now and make money.

Business as we know requires you to provide good services, ideas, products that the people are in need of. You can create your own product or leverage from the product of others. Some of the businesses you can do on the Internet here in Nigeria or anywhere with or without your own website using little or no start up capital are:

We all know what yahoo and google are, they are the biggest, most common and widely used search engines on the Internet today. We all use it to send mails, look for information, products and services on the internet, you can actually make money advertising your own product or help other people advertise there product on yahoo and google while you get paid for it. This exposes your product to unlimited number of people that use these search engines. This is one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. There are two ways you can do that using the Ad words and Ad sense. If you have ever searched for anything on the internet using yahoo or google you must have seen ad words and ad sense being used, they are those little adverts you see on the right hand side of the result of what you are searching, they are similar to what you are searching for, you can also see them in some personal sites, they are the ad word and ad sense am telling you about, you make money through them if you know what to do and how to do them. It is very simple to set up:

1.look for products, services, ideas you can sale online; it can be your own product or other people’s product. You can go to www.clickbank.com and click on earn commissions and see the array of products with commissions you can choose from. You can also use www.vstore.com and many other sites.
2.Sign up for free as a reseller.
3. Use yahoo and google to advertise the product you got from 1.above to the targeted and unlimited buyers that need the product.
4.Set up a medium from which you can collect your payment online, you can get paid by cheque, or through your normal bank account,  account or collect your money through merchants here in Nigeria. At the end of every month you will be amazed at how much you have been able to make by people just clicking on your advert or even buying your product. It is as simply as that.

Writing articles that website developers use can make you money on the Internet, you get paid when you write as a freelancer or a ghoshwriter, you will be needed to write about 300-600 words or more than as the case may be. Webmasters need articles because they don’t have time to write them so they look for people that will write articles that are highly optimized in search engines, and they will pay them. It is one way to make money on the net. You have freedom to choose the niche or topic of your choice you can write well in. you can even write a whole book for people and get paid for it, You can get writing jobs at www.freelancewriting.com, www.articlemarketer.com and other sites.

I told you earlier that you could make money from just ANYTHING you know and get paid for it; you can also leverage from what other people know and make money from it. You have unlimited opportunity to make money through your information products because everybody that comes to the internet is looking for some information so you can be the solution of what they are searching for, you know what I mean! These products can be in the form of e-books, newsletters, reports, how-to-do articles etc. Digital products as they are called, sell like hot cake on the Internet so this business puts money in your bank account at any point in time. You have no limit to the amount you can make on one information product because Information rules the world!

There are many other legitimate businesses you can do online and make money, you just need to start from somewhere and you will be amazed that you are now exposed to other online businesses, but basically this is a good way to start making money while you even browse and do your normal stuffs on the net at your pass time, and don’t just waste your time like that. You have nothing to lose!

How to start online business
Starting a successful online business has to do with your ability to discover what people want, their problems, and proffer solution to them. I want to use this space and time to enlighten you about some known facts which successful netpreneurs use which is hard to reveal, first of all you have to understand the reason why people come to the net, majority of people that browse the net are not looking for some stuffs to buy rather they are looking for a solution to their problem, they will pay anything to anyone that has the answer to their problem. like I have explained in my previous write ups here, you can make money online with what you know, or leverage from people that know,hey!let me quickly show you how best to start your online business.

Start with keyword research
Whatever type of online business you want to do, you need a thorough research about it, keyword is simply what people search for on the net, the words people type in search of in search engines like google and yahoo, these are words which are highly optimized by search engines, and they help you to discover the following
1. Helps you estimate and drive unlimited traffic to your website
2. Helps you know how many people are doing that kind of business on the net
3. How many sites have been developed on that particular keyword
4. How many people (customers or prospects) that are looking for your service, product.
5. How much you can pay to advertise your service to the world using the search engines and a lot more which you can determined through keyword research.
To sum it up keyword research shows you the POPULARITY, PRICE, AND COMPETITION (PPC) of the business you want to do on the net.

How to determine PPC
Several tools are available which can be used to determine this,the common ones are seen in yahoo and google sites.let us use the one of yahoo, go to www.searchmarketing.yahoo.com/rc/srch/
Click on keyword selector tool, type in any word you like e.g. gardening and click ok, you will be amazed at what you find out. What you have on your left is the number of times people searched for that keyword last month, and other words related to your keyword. this shows you the popularity of the keyword, more specialized analysis is required to determine the competition and how profitable that keyword is in the chosen niche, like the R/S ratio of the keyword where R is the result and S is the search, this is vital in knowing and choosing your online business.


The art of selling whether on the internet or offline is as old as man, it is a way of life, and there has always been a way of exchanging goods and services for monetary benefits. Selling on the internet is an art that should be mastered in order for one to excel in it; a lot of materials, CDs and e books are on the internet which teach on how to make sells, what am sharing with you here is a proven method that I use in making sells on the internet which most netpreneurs won’t teach you.

Selling is a stage in marketing in which your goods or services are being offered to customers in exchange of money, it should be a relationship rather than ordinary sales.

There are two different ways in which prospective customers can see your product, there is one in which you have to send messages, adverts and even look for your prospects on the net, this is called the out bound marketing, here you are trying to let people know what you are offering them, most times they are not really in need of your product.

The other method is the inbound marketing where your customers will have to beg you with there money to have your product, I know you are thinking now how can a customer beg for a product? yes!it happens with marketing gurus who have mastered the art, Actually the first time I heard that people can beg you for online products I felt the same way you are feeling now until I saw it been demonstrated by my mentor,

I also have had the opportunity of prospects calling me to have my product. Which of the two methods do you prefer? I know you will surely want a situation where people will call to have your product and not you looking out for them. The secret about it is simple, chose a profitable niche and presell your customers.

Finding a profitable niche
This involves selecting the area you intend to go into, you must find your prospects ever before creating your product or service. This is the most important thing to do, here you make use of the search engines like yahoo and google to know how profitable your area of interest is, I have dealt extensively on this topic in my previous article about online business,you can check that out.

Presell your customers
After you must have chosen a niche and packaged your product, please don’t ask your prospects to buy at this time rather you need to presell your product to them first, preselling involves giving your prospects FREE information about your product, you have to make them understand what they stand to get from using your product i.e. the benefits in your product.This should be clearly written and outlined in an article. Everything about your product should be fully explained, this is aimed at building up the confidence of your prospect, the article or e book should answer the following questions on the customers mind.

Read more here:

For more enquires contact:kenneth@netbizsolutionsng.com

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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by niyyie(m): 2:45pm On Jan 13, 2008
Its indeed possible to make a legitimate income online from Nigeria. I blogged about this sometime ago: http://www.davidajao.com/blog/2007/08/12/doing-business-online-from-nigeria/

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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by desertboom(m): 7:22pm On Jan 13, 2008
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 11:54am On Jan 14, 2008
online biz is about taking any idea you have online,like the forum you are in now,i mean this board we are in now is someones idea and online biz which makes him money,u understand?so when you hear of online biz just think of how you can put ur ideas,ur passion,ur hobby online and make money with it.
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by quikengr(m): 1:04pm On Jan 17, 2008
thanks guys

but, dont you think this online biz could be dangerous?

i once explore my desire for it, but the turnover has put my desire on a wheel chair

what i mean is that i dont know who i am dealing with even when they display who they claim to be.

my stocks, idea and money has been hijacked at diiferent online site/biz

so you guys av to be virtually real and serious about this

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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 11:32am On Jan 18, 2008
Like i have always said,it depends on what you know about online business,i havent lost any more online because i took time to know what works in Nigeria but the US,so guy,if you can explore the potentials around you and use the internet as a marketing tool for ur business,then you will smile like am doing

read these great article


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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by NTAman: 8:04am On Jan 22, 2008
No offence friends,but online biz is for real.Actually easy to flourish,cos you get to work at your own pace
And also get rewarded at your own pace!!
Think about that.Pick a niche and work on it for sure you will succeed.
This I know.
Best of luck in your quest for money on line!!
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 7:32pm On May 07, 2008
NTAman,tell us more about your online business.You can share your experiences here.
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by SOJ2: 7:20pm On May 19, 2008
Hello guys am nu to this site and i see you doing a whole lot in here.Pls i want to confirm if this site really pays people www.rolex-mails.com cos have been on it for a long time and i dont know if its real or a scam.Thanks
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by adekennis(m): 8:24am On May 21, 2008
thanks for the info
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by peot(m): 10:19am On May 26, 2008
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You will have to MANUALLY upgrade their account.
To do this, you simply log into your dating site Admin Area, click on Manage Users, click on the user who has paid and click
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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by neksummi(m): 1:36am On Jun 07, 2008
Get a free ground breaking ebook on starting your own online business.
Send a mail now to neksfreetips@gmail.com
and in less than 5 minutes, I will send you the link for the e-book.
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But remember to come back here and thank me if you like the ebook.
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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 3:46pm On Jun 12, 2008
The reason most businesses in Nigeria have not really established their online presence is because of their opinion and the way the internet is being seen.Like I have always said in my previous articles,every business should use the infrastructure of the internet in one way or the other if they want to survive this age.It gives your business a boost,integrity,wider reach,global recognition and patronage resulting in addditional profit.

The internet will be maximized for business purposes here in Nigeria, when it is viewed as a marketing medium which has the advantage of instant interactivity and response.It should also be seen as a marketing communication tool which can reach a large number of targeted prospects faster than the traditional methods of marketing and it is cost effective too.

Bearing this in mind,the basic marketing principles for businesses should also be applied here but this time it is done differently.

Here are basic e-marketing strategies which when mastered will impact greatly on the way businesses are being done today.They also serve as a guide to help (individuals,small businesses,entrepreneurs,organisations etc. )avoid the pitfalls while taking their businesses online.They are simply:
a.How to choose the right concept for your online business
b.How to build your customer base.

Choosing the Right Concept for your Business
When establishing your web presence,the concept of your business should be well planned.This is where it all starts,good planning will determine how successful your online business will be.
Choosing the right concept for your online business involves, finding a profitable niche and building your online shop or office( your website) to suit the niche you want to play in.

A niche market according to Wikipedia(an online dictionary)is a focused,targetable portion of a market.It is a narrowly defined group of potential customers.Your online business should be one that addresses a particular need.

A.P. Giannini,the founder of Bank of America(BoA),one of the most influential bankers of the twentieth century said “serving the needs of others is the only legitimate business today.
Your success online is guaranteed when you focus on a particular small group and satisfy them.You should specialise on a core service or product for you to become an expert.

A good and profitable niche can be one in which you are already an expert in,where there is good competition resulting in demand,one you have special interest in or passion for.

After choosing the right niche for your online business,another challenge you have, is to pick the right concept for your website.Your website is your online store or office.This is very important because If you pick the wrong concept for your website you will get the wrong result nomatter the market you are playing in.It also becomes more interesting when you know that there are billions of websites on the internet so you can’t afford to miss it here.Don’t just have a website,get the concept right.

The concept of your website must either be a sales website or a portal website.A sales website is one which is totally designed to sell your products or services online like amazon.com.While a portal website is one which is basically built with the mind of first providing good content,service and specific information for your prospects for free,thereby attracting more people(traffic) to it like Yahoo.

The portal website makes the bulk of its revenue from advertising and back-end products. Which ever one your business falls into,you should understand the techiques involved.Your website, must also be designed in a simple way so that your prospects find it easy to navigate through in a short while.

The next thing to consider is to choose the right domain name for your business.Your domain name is simply the name of your business on the internet,that is the name of your website.It is your web address which your customers will use to locate your business on the internet.It also has to be registered online ones you have selected a name.

Simple tips to follow when choosing a name for your website.
1.The name of your website must reflect the type of business you do.
2.Short and sharp names are usually very easy to remember and they also allow your prospects to spell it easily and correctly.
3.It must be unique, to reduce competition in that niche.
4.If you want to use your name,make sure you are such a popular person and that it is a personal site.

Building your Customer Base
After finding a profitable niche and building a website around your product or service,your next task is to start building a list of prospects who will become potential customers.This process is known as List building.To be successful in online business,you just have to build a database of your customers,it is always said in internet marketing that the money is in the list.

In building your customer base,the unique and specific benefits which differentiate your business from others should be emphasised and boldly spelt out.It is what will attract prospects to your website.
Like every successful business has what they are known for as their unique selling proposition(USP),here you can also regard it as the Ultimate advantage of doing business with you,Sensational offers you give your prospects and Powerful promise which you always deliver.Your USP must solve the customers immediate problem while you build a lasting relationship with them.

All am trying to establish here is that your marketing campaign or the focal point of your business should be on making the customer feel right,you should be customer-centric not product-centric or profit-centric,this is where most businesses in Nigeria miss It.

So in building your list,your first goal with any visitor to your website is to make them see what is in it for them within few seconds and get them on your email list.They should be made to subcribe to your email list by willingly ‘opting in’ thereby allowing you to contact them subsequently through their emails.This is known as e-mail marketing.

Web based applications such as the autoresponders and the list serves now automate your email campaign and give you all the data about your prospect and the follow up details.This simple and automated act of making your prospects willingly subscribe to your email marketing messages is very important because statistics have shown that over 70% of internet users check their emails and don’t have time to browse sites.
Ones you have succeeded in getting them on your list the first time, you can have the time to build up their confidence with benefit-driven salescopy and your USP that compels them to buy your product or service always.You can also seek expert advice where necessary.
Do these simple things well you would have mastered the skills of effective e-marketing 101!

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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 7:41pm On Jul 24, 2008
Many people believe that anything that promises money making online is a scam. However, I want to let you know that if you have this notion, you need to understand that in every economy, there's always a lapse, genuine businesses, fake businesses, goldmines and opportunities that one can tap into to make

The Internet is an economy on its own and so does all the features that come with an economy. In it you will find an inexhaustible information on different areas of human endeavor. Money making, romance, lifestyle, religion, politics, fraud, and an endless array of topics, issues, subjects, and niches.

So if you are still scared of loosing money, also remember that genuine methods and ways of making money legitimately also exists in the midst of the thorns and thistles that grow online.

Having doubts is healthy and allows for a good judgment of the options available to us. However, being afraid to take risk is worse because life will always be the same for you if you do not take up genuine opportunity that will improve or change your life.

If you want to CREATE UNLIMITED INTERNET WEALTH rush now to :


i wish you success
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 7:55pm On Jul 24, 2008
With the wealth of info here,any smart netpreneur can make huge money.
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by Gonorrhea(m): 4:33pm On Jul 28, 2008

have you made some money for yourself?!
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by lupet(m): 6:49pm On Jul 29, 2008
pls how can i drive trafficc to my site and how can i have i better knowedge of google adsens pls
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by obalonep: 8:19pm On Jul 29, 2008
How to be making a steady N150, 000.00 every month as an online freelance advertising foreign company’s products or services on Nigeria Newspaper

Who is a freelance Advertising Agent?

A freelance Advertising agent is a person that acts between a company and an advertising media. His job is to select an advertising media for a company that wants to advertise her product to her target audience or general audience. He will not only select this media, he is also to formulate or design how the advert will look like on selected Advertising media, be it on newspaper, electronic mediums (Television, radio) Internet etc.

How to make money as an advertising agent advertising foreign companies products or service on Nigeria.


With the advent of the Internet, the world have become a global village, companies all over the world are looking for ways to market and sell their products internationally you can be making at least N150,000 every month advertising foreign companies’ products and services on Nigerian advertising mediums like Newspapers, Radio programs, Television or a local website that so many Nigerians are visiting, but how?

There are millions of foreign companies with robust presence on the Internet that are looking for publicity. They are constantly seeking for ways to make their services exposed known to the whole wide world. Your job will be to meet as many foreign companies who you think Nigerians can patronize/buy their products and propose to them on advertising their product and or services on a Newspaper in Nigeria.

You are going to become an advertising agent between a foreign company that wants to advertise her product or services on Nigeria Newspaper and the Newspaper company that you want to place the advert on.
How to become an advertising agent for foreign companies
To become an advertising agent to any foreign company you to take steps.


Find out the advertising rates or fee of all National Newspaper in Nigeria -
You will have to research and know the current price of advertisement for all newspapers. You will have to know how much The Punch newspaper, Guardian and Financial Standard etc. are charging for a quarter, half and full page advert plus other small space adverts


You must create a website for your self where foreign companies will get to know you and services –
You only need N10,000 to create this kind of website.

On this website, you have to place your picture on it. The is the benefit of the service you are rending, that is the benefit of advertising on Nigeria Newspapers, your charges and company, the process they will go through before you can help them to advertise on a Nigerian newspaper.

Step 2

This is the most important step you must take towards becoming an advertising agent to a foreign company/companies because your website is the marketing tool through which you will make yourself and your services known to the whole would (to design your website call Ifeanyi on 08033038388)


You must open a domiciliary Account in the name of your company –
in other words you must have a registered business name before you can start this business, it will only cost you N5,000 to register your company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria at no 11 Billings way street oregun Lagos however.

For more details on how you can open a domiciliary account with any bank almost free call 08033038388 or 08057831600


Once you have your own website as described earlier, it is time to start marketing your small company and business as a freelance advertising agent to all foreign companies that you can think can advertise their products and or services on Nigerian Newspaper.
In case you don’t know what type of foreign company can advertise, let me open your mind by showing some type of foreign businesses that can be advertised on Nigeria Newspaper.

(1)Website that sells business information
(2) Website that sells phone and accessories
(3) Website that sells real Estate Website
(4) Website that sells books

Websites that sells software

In short any website that sells product, service or ideas that can be easily downloaded or imported to Nigeria. Books can be imported through DHL, the same thing with phones, softwares and eBooks can be downloaded.

You have to make a research through goggle to search for business or foreign companies that you think have products and or services that can be advertised on Nigeria Newspaper. There are thousands of foreign companies on that Internet that will want their products and or services advertised to Nigerians, the largest market in Africa


In any business that you find yourself or willing to do, your ability to market your services or products to your target audience is the key to business success.

“You must make your business known through aggressive and convincing marketing strategies”

To convince foreign companies to advertise their product on Nigeria Newspapers you must take the following steps


Search, identify and write down the email addresses and phone numbers of foreign companies that you think can have their products or services advertised on Nigeria Newspaper.


Write a proposal to them, telling them they can make a lot of money by helping them to advertise their products and or services on Nigeria Newspaper.
In this proposal you are going to mention the economic benefits they will get by advertising their business to Nigerians, Nigeria a country of 140 million people population in case you don’t know how to such proposal call lfeanyi on 08033038388 he will help you to write such business proposal.

On the business proposal, you will put your website address and all other contact details and ask your proposed foreign companies to visit your website so that they can know wore about you, that’s why you have to call Ifeanyi on 08033038388 so that he can help you design a good and convincing website you with just N10,000.

The more you market you business to your target audience, the more you will get foreign companies that will be interested in your offer and be willing to take the risk to try you out.

For you get 20 foreign companies that you will be advertising every month, you have to market to at least hundreds of companies in a month. If you are truly serious about this business you can search for 500 companies within 3days and also propose to all of them in 2 days making 5 working days. All you have you do is to check your e-mail everyday for response and charge your phone 24hrs a day for any call that might come in.

If you market and propose to at least 500 foreign companies based on my experience you will get response from at least 20 foreign companies who will be interested in your offer and eventually do business with you.

“You see, making money is about numbers, the higher the number of foreign companies you propose to, the more you will see foreign companies who will be interested in your proposal”


By standards and by law you are to collect 10% parent of the total cost of advertisement you placed for any company.

Let as assume you want to place an advert that cost N50,000 for a foreign company, then the bill you are going to charge them is N55,000. The N5,000 is your own gain. Therefore, for every business you do for any foreign company you are entitled by law and standard to 10% percent of that cost of advertisement as your service charge which is your profit.
That is why you have to find out more about current advertising rate of major national newspapers companies in Nigeria.


Let us assume that from your vigorous and non-stop marketing you are able to get 20 companies that wants to advertise on Nigerian newspaper at N55,000 which is about $400 (price at the prevailing exchange rate as the time of this business manual) which they can easily afford.

For getting 20 foreign companies that wants to advertise means you are going to make

N5,000 x 20
= N100,000 from all those company in a month.
Less N20,000 for browsing and international phone calls
That leaves a balance of N80,000 net profit,

Isn’t that a cool deal?

However, for you to get such to foreign companies every month you have to market, market and market your business. “Marketing is the key if you must succeed in this business”


“For you to be making 20 percent net profit on any rate of advertisement you place for any foreign company means you have to propose to at all major newspaper company in Nigeria that you wish to be bringing business for their of which you will be given 10% on any business you bring”

You are going to propose to the marketing manager of such newspaper companies or electronic media companies they will definitely accept and approve your proposal because they know you want to make money for them.

To write such proposal call Ifeanyi on 08033038388.

Using this approach means you will be making N5,000 from these foreign companies and you will also be making another N5,000 from the newspaper companies or electronic media companies totaling N10,000.00 and if you can find 20 companies every month that is N200,000.00 net profit for you isn’t this a deal worth working on?


All your negotiation with these foreign companies will almost all the time be via email of your website.
You are going to cost the entire advertising rate in your proposal which is why you have to call ifeanyi on 08033038388 or so that he can put you through


Making money from this kind of Internet/online business is real it’s just that the business is not yet common in Nigeria but very common in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
If foreign companies can be advertising on newspapers and on electronic media in South Africa and Zimbabwe that are not as populous as Nigeria, a country of 140 million people, then why cant you provide that service which I can tell you will be highly welcomed by these companies.

You have almost nothing to loose, why? you need just N10,000 – N15,000 to start this business. Why not take the initiative, break the inertia and start this business. It’s yours for taking.

You should be informed that we are living in an information age where crazy, off-the-board; out-of-this-world ideas work.

Moreover, the world is now a global village; business transaction can no longer be restricted to borders and by borders. Thank God for the Internet

The Internet remains the only tool an average person man can make use of to leverage himself to become a millionaire within a few month investing little or no capital.

There is money on the Internet. You can become a millionaire within 6 months as a freelance advertising agent that specializes in advertising foreign companies on Nigeria newspapers or electronic media.

Start this business now and start making cool money, you don’t have to get an Internet access, you can be operating from any cyber cafe.

Start Making money now !!    For more information  Visit  http://obalonyepaul.blogspot.com  and also     www.millionhere.com

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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 12:21pm On Jul 31, 2008
Gonorrhea,u asked if i make moey online,i make money everyday from my websites.

check www.netbizsolutionsng.com



or do you think these sites are for fancy?it shows that some people still do not believe that money could be made online legally,then all we have been saying here has not imparted many,we still have a long way to go in educating Nigerians about online business.

Lupet,u want to drive traffic to your site and know more about adsense.

well this new ebbok i wrote will be handy and useful for you.
go to www.netbizsolutionsng.com and learn more.

can call me on 08052207809
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by ztyle(m): 8:53pm On Jul 31, 2008
I guess blogginq! cool
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 9:19pm On Aug 02, 2008

The way business is done today is quite different from what it used to be several years ago.
Successful businesses that have stood the test of time are those that have always followed the trend.

With the technological advancements today, business is done at the speed of thought. Relevant information is now at the tips of any knowledge- driven entrepreneur or manager. It is quite easier now for one to build a successful business especially using the Internet as a tool.

One of the ways in which you can build a great business is by following the Web trend. The Internet has really changed the way business is done today; many still have not come to the realization of this fact.

This article is meant to show you what the trends are online, businesses that have benefited from the trend and what the future trends would be. As an effective manager, you will need to fashion your business towards these ideas.

What is a Web Trend?
A web trend is simply the various ways the internet is used as a business solution. It is the pattern of doing business on the web at any given period. Web trend can also be regarded as the current era of the web, what is in vogue online. This is determined by what the Internet users want and how they want it. Right now web users are yawning for high personalization online. They need particular and specialized services as the day goes on.

If you can determine what millions of people using the web want, and you give it to them the way they want it at a good price regularly, you will be successful online. This is the secret of online wealth creation.
With the web trends you can build a new business to serve the need or adapt your already existing business to suit the trend.

The Current Era of the Web and its Business Potentials

Presently, the Web is mostly accessed via a computer. The Internet has gradually changed from not only being an information center to being a business center.

The current era of the Web for business purposes is known as the Web 2.0 era. This is a term used to describe the trend in the use of the Internet these days which enhances creativity and information sharing for business and personal purposes.

According to Tim O’Reilly (an Internet technology expert):”Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform.”

Web 2.0 is not a technical update in internet technology rather it is the change that has occurred in the way businesses are fashioned on the Internet to suit the end-user and solve problems better.

Some of the characteristics of this era, include; rich user interface and experience, High level of user participation, dynamic contents, scalability (ability to grow within a short period), openness, freedom, collective intelligence.

The features of this trend are social networking for business and relationship, this brought about the success of social networking websites like myspace.com, facebook.com and others.

This is the era of search engine growth like the Google, Yahoo!, Live search and other search engines. It is an era of online media examples are the Youtube (a video website) Flickr –a picture sharing web community. This is also the time for great e-commerce breakthroughs like the Amazon.com, Ebay.We also have Wikis, Weblogs, Forums.

As the present trend is the determinate of what type of business thrives online, if you build your business around these features of web 2.0 you will make a fortune online.

Use Emerging Web trends to Build Your Business
Going by what the times are, in a short the computer will not be the only tool to access the Web. The Internet will mainly be accessed through mobile devices e.g. (the iphone) and even through television sets e.g. the Xbox live 360.

The internet will basically be incorporated into everything we do and we will live a weblifestyle.Build your online business are the following future trends.

Mobile Web
Rich internet applications will be incorporated into mobile devices. This is already a big business in parts of Asia, Europe and the US. The internet will be accesses via mobile devices providing personalities services like online shopping, social networking, and finding directions.

This is going to bring collaboration between mobile operators and Internet companies. This will bring great mobile devices more powerful than what we have already. Businesses like mobile advertisement and other mobile related businesses will thrive.

Online Video/Internet TV
This is a trend that has already exploded on the web in some developed nations. This will bring about the advent of Internet TV stations, terrestrial TV stations will have to adapt then.

International Web Market
The use of Internet in Africa, India, and China will improve tremendously in no distance time because statistics have shown that the web 2.0 websites are mainly used by people from these nations. As a result of this, Nigeria will become an international web market giving netpreneurs and businesses great opportunities.

Websites as Web Services
In the near future, websites will transform into offering web services beyond online. The computer and the Internet will have an artificial intelligence that will be used to solve human problems faster and better than we have now.

In conclusion, you should know that the future of web-based businesses in Nigeria is bright. Though we have several limitations especially the high cost of internet access to Nigerians.

If the Nigeria Communication Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) which is supposed to provide Nigerians with affordable Internet services is fully deployed and is working, the these trends will be achieved with reduced stress and expenses.

Think of ways you can follow the trend and build your own empire like the yahoos! of today.
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 9:21pm On Aug 02, 2008
Every business needs advertisement except your business is offering a product or service for just your household. Even personal brands are advertised these days. By personal brands I mean individuals. They advertise themselves in one way or the other to increase visibility.

No matter what your advertising budget is, you have to do effective advertisement for your business for it to grow while you make more money. Effective advertisement must not be expensive rather it has to be targeted. That means the right people will see the advert: people already looking for your product or service. It is about choosing the right medium to advertise, giving the right communication and achieving your result of increased sales.

This is what advertising your business on the Internet can offer you. Entrepreneurs, managers, organizations will maximize the use of the Internet to improve their businesses if they understand that the Internet is a marketing tool which will help reach their targeted customers. Not only that you will reach your market, it will afford you instant interactivity with them. Advertising your business online is quite cheaper than most offline adverts.

Online advertisement in developed countries has huge potentials both for the advertisers and the advertising firm. Recently, I was going through some information online, and found out that Barack Obama –one of the US presidential candidates, did more online advertisement than Hilary Clinton. He actually ranked very high with the search engine results and that translated into his winning. That is the extent online advertisement can contribute to ones success.

Here in Nigeria, online advertisement is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. The future is bright I must say if we can embrace such opportunity and take our businesses online for additional profits.

Effective Methods of Online advertisement.
These are different ways in which you can advertise your business on the web even if you have a shoe string budget.

Get a Website
Your online advert campaign cannot be effective if you don’t have a website. I have through previous articles educated you on the need to have a website for your business. Your website will show case your product or service. It is not as expense as you think to have a simple website. With your website, other online advertisement will be easier and will also achieve greater result.

Submit your website with the search engines
The battle about online visibility is won and lost with the search engines. Over 80 percent of web users use the search engines. Ones your website is up and running, submit it to the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Live search and others. The search engines will automatically index your business to their directories and other websites on their list.

Advertise with Popular Websites
Popular websites that have millions of users are good places to advertise. You will leverage on the traffic they have. Different types of adverts are accepted, you can have a banner of your business placed strategically on such websites like Yahoo, Google, Facebook. You could also put a link to your site for free on these websites: www.base.google.com, www.classifiedforfree.com.

In using this method, you have to choose the right website that has your target customers.

Use Online Article Databases
I submitted an advertisement in one of the article databases about two years now and up till today I get responses from that advert. That is how important and useful this method is, it demands that you write an article about your business putting your contact and submit to websites that accept articles from businesses. They will upload your article on their website and that will bring businesses to you as long as their website is still running on the web.

Use Email Marketing
Get an email database (opt-in list) of your targeted market and send them a marketing message about your business.

Send Online Press Release
Send out press release about your business, use the following websites: prleap.com, i-newswire.com, prfree.com, clickpress.com.

Advertise your business with online magazine (e-zines) and newsletters.
Advertise with e-zines that are for your business area, also use newsletters to let people know about your business.

Use targeted online discussion boards called forums to advertise. Such as www.gsmusersforum.com

Do Web SMS Adverts
Send your advertisement from the web to a database of targeted customers. With this, your advert goes straight from the web to your prospects phone.
Go to www.websmsng.com to use this method.

In Summary, as an effective manager or business owner you don’t have to do it yourself. Get an expert to advertise your business online as you do your offline campaigns.
Use these strategies to your business growth and always keep a date with this newspaper
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by lekkigold: 3:17pm On Aug 21, 2008
There are lot of things to do online.
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by shincite: 11:57am On Aug 27, 2008
i need to get in touch with student artists; exceptionally skilled in drawing/sketching. reach me on 0802 503 8346

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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 10:29am On Sep 01, 2008
Basic Principles that Guarantee the Success of Your Online Business
These basic principles of online business are the bedrock on which a successful online business is built. Your success in online business simply lies in your ability to understand and follow these simple principles.

Knowing and following the foundation and rudiment of the business helps you create internet wealth within a short period of time. Frankly speaking, the whole idea of making money legitimately online understands how the online business works and then you use it to model your own business. Simple!

The principles am going to share with you here are the same principles We have used to grow our own online business from the scratch within a short period of time, it gave us focus and direction, it also removed ‘guess work’ and the pitfalls of online business because we know exactly what we are doing.

You will be more confused if you get online to do business without being focused. This is important because there are billions of businesses competing with you, so you can’t afford to miss it. You really cannot go wrong with these concepts if you understand and do them.

In online business, you are faced with the challenges of
1. How to find and keep the right customers for your product or service
2. How to increase the number of your customers.
3. How to make your customers buy your product often to increase sales.
4. How frequent those customers come to do business with you.

The way you master and overcome these challenges differentiates your online business. This is where your success lies, if you can’t provide answers to them always, your business will suffer.

Find the Right Customers and Give Them the Right Product
When starting any online business, your very first task is not to develop a product or service to sell. It is not what you sell that matters, anything can sell on the internet with the right customers who are in need of that product or service.

So your very first assignment is to look for what people want and give it to them, wow! This sounds very simple, but that is it, as simple as that. You have to be sure of the area you want to play in. Then find answers to the following questions:

1. Who are my target customers?
2. What do they want?
3. How can I encourage and motivate them to buy my product or service now and always?

These questions can be answered properly with good marketing strategies. Effective marketing that gets result for you is simply your ability to motivate people who need your product or service to buy and always buy from you. Therefore internet marketing involves setting up automatic and repeatable system online which creates the environment where people want to buy your product or service instead of you having to sell them.

Be Committed and Consistent in Your Business
Use is the power of commitment and consistency in your internet marketing campaign. Always p

ersuade your prospects through your marketing messages to buy your product or service.

Sometimes before you could convince a prospect to buy your product you must have sent them not less than seven messages.

In your message, make them take steps gradually, when a prospect agrees to take a baby step with you, they will take further steps with you if you are consistent.

If you provide proofs that your product or service is in high demand by a large number of people, it will make your prospect say yes more easily. Provide testimonials to show acceptability and build credit for your business. People will always go for hot products.

Try as much as possible to prove to your prospects that you are an expert; people love to deal with an expert because it reduces their chances of failure.

Do this by writing articles about your product, making posts in forums about your product, do press review of your product, and conduct seminars and training. All these boost your image.

Use the Power of Scarcity and Urgency
Another important strategy that works like magic online is the power of scarcity and urgency. You will make more sales if you include in your marketing message that your product is just for a limited time. Put deadline to offers you are making, this will force your prospects to make decisions to buy.

Your marketing message must be valuable enough to induce people to read it, it has to be short and clear so that they can read it and not think of saving the message to read it later because if they save it, they wont read it again.

Create curiosity in the minds of your prospect, offer them surprises in your message. Let them always look forth to getting your message.

Curiosity is a powerful motivator so use it. Put something in your message for the prospect to do, make it interactive where you get feedback from them, you can ask them to suggest the price they want for the product, you can include special tips in your message for them, put a money-making idea, joke, quote etc to spice up your message and give it a human touch.

Use the Concept of Viral Marketing to Expand Your Online Business
The concept of viral marketing in online business is got from the biological way in which virus attaches itself to its host and spreads rapidly.

Your online business should grow rapidly like a wild fire by simply attaching your advert about your business on any message you are sending out. This enables your business to spread by word of mouse.

For effective viral marketing, you must give away freebies in form of e-books and articles to your prospects, it is in these free stuffs you are giving out that you will attach your advert which now becomes the viral element.

You will have a positive buzz if you ask your prospects to reprint your articles and ebooks, include your ad in all the freebies, ask them to also give it away to their friends and prospects alike.

This concept was used by Hotmail (a free email service) to become the world’s fastest growing company within a three year period.

Use these methods to improve your success online.

To your business Success!
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by ebiznaija(m): 2:15pm On Sep 04, 2008
The problem I have noticed really with the online business for people in naija is how to get the payment and how to get accepted into this various affiliate programs. A good solution might be to have a friend open the account for you who is in the US or set up a co affiliate with someone in which you use their affiliate id and you get paid for your part buy the use of a sub id, the problem here might be trust issues. Another good option is writing for blogs.
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by ztyle(m): 4:41pm On Sep 10, 2008
Well for those who are interested in making money online in a very legit way
send a blank e-mail "I'm Interested" to investvze@yahoo.com

Cheers! smiley
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by coolskeelz(m): 4:08pm On Sep 14, 2008
Read this article on online business in nigeria from Daily Independent newspaper

Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by hedgesfun(m): 6:01pm On Sep 14, 2008
Hello Fellow Nairaladers,

Take a close look at this attached documents to see how you can actually make some money online for yourself its a word document and I am sure you will love it.
take Care

Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by haves: 2:34pm On Sep 15, 2008
well internet business in nigeria is here to stay but the headache attached to it cannot be ruled out because nigerians are fraudulent you know what i mean tha yahoo yahoo boys caused used a lot we are banned from reaping good vines now we go through sleepless night to make a penny

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Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by utotomi(m): 3:41pm On Oct 10, 2008
Re: How To Make Money Online Legitimately Here In Nigeria by gbengaijot(m): 1:33am On Oct 11, 2008

Forget all these people and they're slow ways of making money (some of them are even fake). Even bidnigeria is fake! Here is the real deal!

Visit this link and register. Once you register you can start using they're affiliate program to advertise for them. They will pay you for each person you refer to the website. Here is the link http://www.payasyouget.com/?rid=utotomi

Wrong, Totally Wrong!!!. Most of what coolseek posted on this thread are genuine ways of making money. I think you should be careful how you say something is fake.

You gave a weblink that has your affiliate ID in it which leads to some site that talks about sending money via email. May i ask how that makes an idividual money "In the Long term?"

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