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My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 12:51am On Feb 11, 2013
My name is Fred and im here to tell you the story of the first time with my aunt Debbie. It was August of 2007 and my birthday was coming up on the 9th. My aunt Debbie was taking me on a cruise for my present and i was excited. Now let me tell you a bit about my aunt, shes about 5'10 with huge tits prob 44F's and there all natural, shes a bit chunky but has a nice sweet ass. So on the 8th we go to the port to take our cruise and the drive down i find myself looking at her magnificent breasts pictureing what they would look like with no clothes. I start getting hard and she notices and says "I see you got a tent going there, looks like a good size" I just kinda tried to hide it and said "Thanks."

We get to the docks and park the car and I grab all the luggage. I'm walking behind Debbie when she suddenly stops and bends over, im still a bit hard and when i bump into her I feel my dick poke her right in the pussy. She looks back at me and I start apologizing repeatedly. Debbie just says "Its ok i should have warned you I was stopping." After she gets up we proceed to the boat to board and its about 2:00pm now. At about 3:00pm the boat takes off and were on our adventure.

After spending the day playing games on the boat and swimming in the pool we go back to our room. Once we get there Debbie says "Hey im going to take a shower before we head to dinner, you should too." So she disappears into the bathroom but doesnt close the door all the way, and me having a huge crush on her for several years and have used her as many of my jack off fantasy scenarios, I decide to sneak over and peek in. When I do im greeted with the glorious site of her tits out in all there glory and im instanly hard. She then turns around and bends over as she is taking her pants off and im amazed at how firm yet jiggly her ass is. So me being a day shy of 16 i pull out m hard dick and start to slowly rub my dick. As she gets into the shower and the water is flowing over her I begin to rub faster and a few minutes go by when I begin to cum. I let out a louder moan than I meant to and I see her look over. I move away quickly and assume she didnt see me.

When she gets out of the shower she doesnt mention anything but is looking at me suspiciously. After i take a quick cold shower to help myself calm down we head off to dinner. Dinner last a few hours and we return to the room, Debbie says "I think im going to get some sleep, big day tomorrow." So she changes in the bathroom while I change in the main room. When she comes out all she has on is a skimpy spaghetti strap nighty and I get hard right away. She crawls into her bed and falls alseep quickly, I on the other hand am having a very hard time. I finally fall asleep around 1:00am. At about 4:00am I wake up to an amazing feeling that ive felt only a few times before on my dick, so I reach down to see whats going on and feel hair. I turn on the light quickly and throw off the blankets being scared and Debbie pops her head off my dick. She looks at me but continues to stroke my dick and says "I saw you earlier Fred, and this is the real reason we are on this cruise. I Know you have thought about this for years and I want you to know I also have thought about it." I look down at her and say "Debbie you dont know how long I have waited for this moment."

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Re: My Aunt And I by skoloppy31(m): 8:03am On Feb 11, 2013
Johnwizzy I beg update on when ma sister caught me pls....and dis one too...keep da ball rollin....u too like inbreeding ur tales...and yanshing...Godiswatchinguwit3d
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 8:40am On Feb 11, 2013
skoloppy31: Johnwizzy I beg update on when ma sister caught me pls....and dis one too...keep da ball rollin....u too like inbreeding ur tales...and yanshing...Godiswatchinguwit3d
av updated it,go check it
Re: My Aunt And I by flow1759: 8:56am On Feb 11, 2013
Ehen, u don come again
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 11:30am On Feb 11, 2013
And with that she returns to giving me the best Mouth Gig I have ever gotten. I feel myself getting close and I grab the back of her head and tell her im about to cum. She just nods letting me know its ok while she moans on my dick, right as I explode I force her head all the way down on my dick and say " OH GOD YESS!!!!! THATS IT!!! SWALLOW ALL MY FUCKING CUM!!!!" Once I finish shooting rope after rope of jizz down her throat she pulls her head from my dick and says "Wow thats the best cum i've ever tasted, now are you ready for the rest of your present?" Making eye contact I say "You better fucking believe im ready." So Debbie climbs up on top of me and tease my slightly limp dick with her sweet pussy lips till im fully hard again. She slowly slides her pussy down my dick until she has all of me in her hot, wet, shaved, pussy and she slowly start bouncing her pussy up and down while i suck on her magnificent tits. After a while I flip us over so im on top and I start fucking her pussy hard and fast and shes moaning out. I continue abusing her pussy as hard as I can until Debbie looks up at me and asks me to Bleep her ass.

With no hesitation I say yes and flip her over. She pokes her ass up and I rub some of her pussy juices on her tiny rosebud asshole. I line up my dick pushing the head into her unbelieveably tight asshole. She lets out a loud moan at the same time as I do when I bottom out in her ass. I slowly start to Bleep her ass to let her get used to my length and thickness. After a couple minutes she looks back and says "Bleep my ass hard dont hold back." And with that I start to Bleep her ass as hard as I can. As im pounding her ass she is playing with her pussy and soon moans out. I feel her asshole tighening and loosening with each surge of her orgasm. I manage to last thru the amazing feeling of her asshole tightening on my dick as i continue to Bleep it nice and hard. When she finished cumming she looks back at me and says "Fred I want you to cum in my mouth again" As I feel the pressure in my balls building up again I pull my dick from her ass and she spins around. I stick my dick in her mouth and she starts sucking my dick like the pro i can tell she is. After a few minutes I moan out "OH YESS!!!! THATS IT!!! IM CUMMING FOR YOU!!" And with that she takes every inch of me down her throat as I shoot tope after rope of cum into her throat.

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Re: My Aunt And I by Splendblex(f): 6:07pm On Feb 11, 2013
Fairy tale or true life story
Re: My Aunt And I by EzePromoe: 7:43pm On Feb 11, 2013
Dirty tales. OP, you've spoilt my anointing sad
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 7:48pm On Feb 11, 2013
Eze Promoe: Dirty tales. OP, you've spoilt my anointing sad
abeg no vex o
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 7:48pm On Feb 11, 2013
Splendblex: Fairy tale or true life story
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 11:51pm On Feb 11, 2013
Our vacation ended and i find my self home. Debbie has traveled for business and home is as boring as it was before. Its been more than two weeks now and im as Hot as hell. It was just like a dream when mom told me Rachael will be visiting us. My rooster leap for joy on hearing the news. Now, Rachael is a daughter to moms friend nd a good slut for that matter. She is one kind someone dat will make u beg for her juicy pussy.

Welcum baby girl" dat was mom welcumin Rachael. Hi, i said. Sup Fred,hw u doin, she replied. Kul, u. Im ok,was her reply
Fred,am goin out i'll be back soon and make sure you take care of rachael..dat was mom talking to me. k ma'm...i replied.
Its so hot here,can i av a shower. Sure,i said. So she started undressing rite in my prescence. Seeing her naked breast got me hard. Lemme take u upstairs so u can shower, no probs..she replied.

I held Rachel’s hand as i lead her up the stairs, watching her bare-naked ass sway from side to side allowing momentary visibility to her slightly swollen cunt lips. With each step, and each sway, something drove a signal from my eyes to my rooster. It was unmitigated lust.By the time we got to the top of the stairs, my dick was harder than a rock.Rachel turned towards me, seeing my hard member and smiled, “Wow, is this really me doing this to you?”I just nodded and leaned forward placing my lips upon hers. We hungrily embraced, my one hand cupping one of her tits, her hand finding my rooster and enveloping it tugging softly up and down. Again lust was consuming the moment, but just as I was ready to move us to the floor, she pushed back. We started moving towards my room, then she stopped and said, “No, let’s use the guest room, it will be ours.”

My rooster now felt as if it was going to explode from its skin, but I wanted this moment to last. Rachel lay down on the bed and I seamlessly followed right on top of her. Our lips connected, her now hard again nipples pushing against mine, the head of my rooster beginning to part her vaginal lips releasing our combined juices from the portal of heaven.

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Re: My Aunt And I by flow1759: 8:59am On Feb 12, 2013
Johnwizey u try but dem modify ur post well well, try using any of these signs in bracket (' * `) in any word u feel would be modified, just like i do, it would drive home ur message well.
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 9:46am On Feb 12, 2013
[quote author=flow1759]Johnwizey u try but dem modify ur post well well, try using any of these signs in bracket (' * `) in any word u feel would be modified, just like i do, it would drive home ur message well.[/quote Tanx sir
Re: My Aunt And I by Splendblex(f): 12:40pm On Feb 12, 2013
johnwizey: both
U mean ur aunt did that? shocked
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 1:39pm On Feb 12, 2013
My body wanted to drive the vestibule of my manhood into the depths of the cavern of her womanhood, but my brain told me to take my time. I needed to explore the virtues of this goddess. Breaking our embrace, I moved my mouth down surveying each millimeter of Rachel’s skin around her neck, then each of her tits. Sucking in small mouthfuls of her soft breast skin, then her areola’s, then nipples. With the entire areola in my mouth, my tongue naturally flicked at the nipple. Her nipple responded by growing hard and extended. Rachel’s hands held the back of my head, her breathing becoming more labored,She gently pushed my head down breaking my contact with her breast.I gently kissed and probed her stomach, her belly button, and the rise above her pubic bone.Thank u God for dis opportunity i tought as i fiddle my tongue across the confluence of her vaginal lips.Rachel pushed on the back of my head, “Yes, yes, Oh my god, yes!” she blurted as I freed the knob, sucking her clit into my mouth,Rachel’s hips began to move, humping in synchronization with my mouth tugging on her extended clit using my teeth to gently clasp.

Her movements became more erratic, as she pushed my head harder into her crotch, popping her clit from my mouth.My tongue naturally explored the folds of each side of her cunt lips, then found its way in her opening.She bucked wildly at the same time she drove my tongue into her now drenched pussy. Dis girl go kill me o...i tought. The smell, the taste, was like a drug to me, I could not get enough even though Rachel was pushing out volumes of liquid, both new and from our previous love making.I sucked in what felt like a mouthful of our combined juices and went back to her clit.Rachel screamed, “Oh, oh, my god, I am cumming!” as she drove her hips upwards. U knw no say na me b master....i muttered.My hands were on her breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs,Her body went limp, the nipples in my fingers went flaccid, and Rachel made a purring sound and gently brought my head up.“That was the best orgasm I ever had.” she cooed as my head was brought up to her breast. Within minutes Rachel was asleep,my rooster was still rock hard, but it did not matter. Rachael slept in my room dat nite and we made passionate love dat nite,we slept blissfully in each other arms. The next morning I woke up groping for Rachel’s body on the bed, but she was gone,
As I cleared the sleep from my eyes, there was Doris our house maid standing at the bottom of the bed with her arms crossed starring at me.
Re: My Aunt And I by Walexz02(m): 11:58am On Feb 15, 2013
Wetin come happen to Doris, u fuск her too?
Re: My Aunt And I by johnwizey: 6:34pm On Feb 16, 2013
God it smells like stale sex in here.” She said with a condescending look,Realizing that I had woke up with hard-on, I grasped for the covers, but she was quicker and pulled them off the bed. She laughed, “Guess you did not get enough last night, huh?” Looking directly at my hard rooster “Damn, it looks like you have dried cum all over your face…is there something you should tell me? Do you go both ways?” she asked inquisitively.
I instinctively rubbed my face with my hand and felt the dried substance. I quickly rubbed it off “No, I do not and it is none of your business” I shot back. “So you are not only my mother’s fucker and from now on I will refer to you as MMF, you like eating cum out of a well used cunt…interesting”.

“What the Bleep is it to you?” I demanded.“You are kidding? Right? Not only can I use the fact that you are my mother’s fucker against you, I can use the fact that you are a RoosterDrinker by proxy too!” She stated, i rolled my eyes thinking, yea right. But then it dawned on me; the implications to Rachel would be astounding. Doris caught the look of resignation on my face and walked over to the side of the bed.
“Do not worry, I even feel a little sorry for you and since I do owe you for last night, I will let you eat my pussy” she said as her leg came over my head and pulling up her night gown at the same time.
It happened so fast; so many mixed feelings went through my head, Doris is a bitch…ha, ha…more pussy.
Only got a view of Dori’s cunt for a second as she lowered it on to my face. The outer mound appeared to have swollen pink tint, the inner lips were slightly extended out, and it was all covered in a kind of glaze.
Her cunt lips parted right over my nose, she smelled of combination of sweat, pussy juice, and something else.
She rocked back and forth, spreading her cunt from my chin to my forehead. “Com’n lick that cunt”, she demanded.
My tongue found its way out of my mouth the first swipe across her gash yielded a bitter salty taste that was immediately replaced by sweet oily texture. Apparently this started to arouse my lust as my curiosity drove my tongue deeper.

Doris forced her crotch harder onto my face, still rubbing it back and forth, while my tongue tried to reach the depths of her cunt.With each movement I could feel her cunt pulsate and with each pulsation a flavor of liquid going from a salty, bitter, clumpy consistency to one of a sweet syrup.Doris grabbed on to the headboard of the bed and now not only rocked back and forth but also humped at the same time. I had to catch my breath with the timing of her movements. “Yes, eat that cunt, cum face, eat it all”doris exclaimed as she rode my face harder and harder.
Unexpectedly, she rose up slightly, my tongue still extended as Lori slid her crotch forward. My tongue as now at the base of her cunt.“Yes, yes…keep your tongue out” she directed as my tongue slid from her cunt to her asshole.
I was too Hot to care and my tongue darted over the outside doris rosebud.Doris jumped slightly and I felt her rosebud expand and contract as my tongue explored the edges.Instead of being disgusted by the taste, it was more of the salty, bitter flavor that I was now used to. I licked with more enthusiasm, even probing the center of the rosebud, the tip of my tongue toying with the opening. Doris shifted her weight, dropping her entire mass. “Yes, yes, eat my asshole, shit head,” she demanded.

Her rosebud opened and my tongue entered her canal. She grabbed my head with one of her hands while she sat fully on my face. Her sphincter tightened around the base of my tongue as she rode up and down on it.
Again, my tongue was introduced to that same salty, bitter tasting substance that somehow I looked forward to.
Doris pulled her asshole off of my tongue, allowing just enough time to swallow the glob of salty substance before engulfing my face with her cunt again. This time I found her clit and sucked it in like I had Rachael last night.
The same as Rachael, she humped up and down with me sucking and clamping on the now extended clit.
“Oh yeah, here it comes, ye…sss!” Doris grunted as she pounded her body down on my face.
Then she went limp, almost suffocating me by having her weight close off my mouth and nostrils. I had to push her off.
She stood up, still on the bed, her feet on either side of me, I looked up at that swollen gash that still was pulsating and smiled at the thought of another female orgasm brought on by me.Lori looked down, “What’s with the shit eating grin, literally? You did not do this on your own and now I can officially call you a RoosterDrinker by proxy. You just ate the cum of three guys, two out of my cunt and one out of my ass.” She laughed again.
All kinds of shit ran through my brain and I subconsciously was scraping my tongue with my fingers while spitting off the side of the bed. That fucking bitch…

Doris laughed hysterically, her hands on her hips looking down at me. “God, this is so funny, I can’t hold it” as stream of pee came out of her crotch.The stream hit my stomach and as she laughed it started to climb towards my chest, I had just enough time to knock her leg out of the way and roll out of bed. That fucking bitch, I thought, as I ran to the bathroom. Doris was still laughing hysterically, “The look on your face was one for the ages, Bleep face.”
I took a long shower and brushed my teeth about ten times, gargling each time before realizing that my clothes were down stairs. Wrapping a towel around me I went down.

My clothes were not where I left them. Doris yelled from the kitchen, “your clothes are in the dryer, Mom washed them. Come here”.doris was sitting at the kitchen table; she had apparently taken a shower also as she was cleaned up and dressed. I looked around, “where’s your Mom

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Re: My Aunt And I by Tygood(m): 7:42pm On Feb 16, 2013
Naughty writer...
Re: My Aunt And I by Dopefiend(m): 3:38pm On Feb 17, 2013
Plagiarism angry
Re: My Aunt And I by Ejaisky: 12:02pm On Feb 18, 2013
Dopefiend: Plagiarism angry
Re: My Aunt And I by emitheo(m): 10:14am On Jan 27, 2015
nice piece though... really got me hard but just why d hell u didn't Bleep d hell outta dem
Re: My Aunt And I by bibijay123(f): 2:07pm On Jul 20, 2016
Good[sub][/sub] one bro! grin
Re: My Aunt And I by bibijay123(f): 2:08pm On Jul 20, 2016
Good one bro! grin

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