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Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 12:36pm On Dec 16, 2013
Road to fame is a fictional story with fictional characters originally written by noble.I implored first person narrative technique to make it real.

This is a story of a young man whom against all odds fulfilled his heart desire......

(Passion is a great motivator)

Your criticisms, apraisals and comments is welcomed. Hope you enjoy it.

Plagiarist beware!!!!
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 12:55pm On Dec 16, 2013
"Krrrrrrr"(alarm rings). I wokeup and look straight to my golden tortoise shaped table watch." Its 8am already wow". I said with white flakes in my tiny looking eyes.I jumped down from my portable water bed and move hurriedly to the bathroom.after my bathe, I put on my newly cartooned silver shirt with a black dirty jeans and move downstaires for breakfast.My parent and my little sister were already on the dinning."Good morning mum and dad "I greated with a broad smile on my innocent face." Why are you late to the dinning?" Mr Wilson which is my dad asked.I brief him the cause of my lateness and he ordered me not to repeat the same again.Mrs rose Wilson which is my mum served us all.
While eating,we heard a strong knock on our iron door."gbaaaa gbaaa gbaa"I quickly rushed to open the door in the process thinking of who it was."oooooh"I groaned.Its my father business associate, Mr chukwu, he was in a shinning black suit,ash and red fashioned tie and a black trouser."you are welcome sir" I said calmly." Thank you" he responded with a brief smile on his fatty face.he walks in and sat on the Choco brown cushion waiting for my dad.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 1:19pm On Dec 16, 2013
After my meal,I hanged out with my friends.I love music so much and also my friends."Let's form a musical group since we have passion for it"I said dramatically.They accepted my ideology and we created a group named "five stars".from then,we started composing musics and reherse together.I love Paul,olumide,Mubarak,and Jude.they are wonderful, though they came from a poor home but I never care.
Next morning, I visited my dad office.but I was stopped by his secretary." Your father is in a meeting, and he does not want to be disturbed" she said calmly.I I sat on a mini aluminium stool hoping he will round up his meeting.Not too long that I began to over hear their conversation." I will signed you this contract just because I trust you,don't let me down".my dad utters. "I'm assuring you that I will not disappoint sir" his business associate says.Alright congratulations" "thank you sir"he responded.As I saw the door opening, I quickly adjust myself." james what are you doing here? Anything you want,we'll talk about it at home okay?"my dad utters." Okay sir" I responded with looks of anxiety as I walked out.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 8:45pm On Dec 16, 2013
your comments here will be my great motivator
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by D9ty7(m): 8:10am On Dec 17, 2013
I guess, am the first to comment.
You have a nice story, but try and pay attention to details. We ar all learning anyways.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by goldentj: 9:34am On Dec 17, 2013
Nice story...following, I know it's nt easy bt keep d updates coming and nt starving ur followers.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by philtrum(m): 9:34am On Dec 17, 2013
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 11:05am On Dec 17, 2013
At night,everyone was already at the dinning eating.I paused for a while communicating with my mind."should I tell my dad about my musical group or........hmmmm,let me tell him,after all he's not God".I said within."Dad,do you love music?I asked." Oooh yes son,I love music and I certainty know that your mum loves music too"he replied with a broad smile on his face."hmmm and why did you ask such question" my dad proceeded."because I love music so much"I replied.With an hooked strange smile on my dad face,I knew I had bitten the hand of a lion."don't tell me you aspire to become a musician"my mum utters.this time I felt uncomfortable as I saw my dad on a weird,awful laughter that wreck my emotion."He cannot mean that,I know my son, he's a good boy" my dad utters.at this time,it was as if I had been thrown into an ocean.I couldn't control my emotion any longer that I rushed straight up to my room.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 11:07am On Dec 17, 2013
Tanks for following my noble readers. You can as well read my finished novella (secret of love) cheers....
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 1:26pm On Dec 17, 2013
" you better talk to your son because I will never allow that to happen."My dad exclaimed.My mum and my little sister came up to my room.I was speechless.My emotion had been battered.
Next day,it was a sunny day, my friends and i were already gathered for our usual rehearsal.I reveal to them all that happened with drop of tears rolling down from my innocent eyes."what are we going to do now?"Mubarak utters.We all paused thinking of what to do.my friends are such a strong fighter.they persevere to succeed which they impact in me.we continue with our rehearsal and move our rehearsals to Paul's place as agreed by the group.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by LogoDWhiz(m): 3:05pm On Dec 17, 2013
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 4:58pm On Dec 17, 2013
My precious mum,whom after the incident had been thinking about me.she was so deep in thought that when my friends and i zoomed to the sitting room,her mind didn't inform her.I stayed behind while my friends walk straight up to my room.I was so scared. I taped her right shoulder and she responded with shock that fear my heart." Mum are you okay"I am okay son" she responded..I was anxious because her response speak it all."my friends says hi to you but you were in a deep thought"i proceeded."Ooooh I'm sorry,I'm sure they are in your room."yes mum" I replied. I still felt strongly that their is something wrong with my mum because I had never seen are that way all my life."mum i think I'm famished".....My mum served us pounded yam with egusi soup which is my favourite and we all had fun till sunset.
" Gbaa gbaaaa gban" I quickly rushed for the door.it was my dad.my friends and I greeted him,but he didnt respond, this ain't the usual look of my dad,he look so tired and weak."gush you had an hectic day" I said calmly."get me a glass of water"my dad ordered.
I waved bye to my friends hoping to see them the next day.at the actual time I brought the glass of water,my mum and my little sister were already in the sitting room watching a Mexican soap opera which i never liked."James won't you join us?" My mum asked." You know I never liked Mexican movies" I replied.I I moved straight up to my room expecting a musical program at 11pm.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 5:21pm On Dec 18, 2013
At exactly 11pm,I rushed down never to miss a bit.they've all gone to bed.it's "star hunt"as it was written boldly on our big LCD TV screen.I adjust myself in comfort and began to watch.Not too long that I saw a shadow.their was someone right behind me"who could this be" I said to myself.I was scared, thinking it might be my father.I pretend as if I saw nothing. you can imagine how relieved I was when my mum spoke out." son you are watching a program at this time of the night?" she whispered." this is my favourite TV program. please permit me.she smiled at me and went back to bed.

I saw different participants with over whelming talent. I thought of my ability,creativity, my friends and my dreams. I was so confused because I knew my father will hinder,as for my mum,she is understanding.As tears revealed its identity through my tiny pretty eyes,I thought of those quotes uttered by my late grandpa "victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting, don't limit your challenges; challenge your limits". my granpa was a great man full of wisdom.I just really want to be like him.

As confidence blows on to my heart,I wiped away the tears from my soaked eyes." I'm going to make it.me,my friends,no matter the pains,we will get there" I said emotionally.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by Dizzella(f): 7:25pm On Dec 18, 2013
Bros abeg i don grab my sit continue......tank u sir
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 12:33pm On Dec 19, 2013
I was still in thought when my mum walks in to the sitting room.The TV was still on ond I wasn't concentrating.She moved towards me waving her hands towards my face to get my attention,but I didn't respond until she taped me on my shoulder, it was as if I lean my shoulder on an electric iron."oh my God! What have you been thinking son?.Now it was as if an angel woke me up from my grave,throwing questions one after the other."What is wrong with you? I've been here 5 minutes ago right in front of you,you didn't even notice."She proceeded. I was out of words,confused at the same time."ooh mum,I was only preparing myself for school,remember dad told me to bring the list of my needs for school".I said boldly.My mum paused,looking at me with a brief smile on her face that asked so many question. I was worried, it was as if she had known that I'm lying,but as a sharp guy I quickly turned the head of the bottle."Mum,I know I will pass my jamb,trust me,that's why I need to get all that I needed early".I never believed that I packaged such lie.my mum said I should have waited till morning before I start my calculation.She also said I should stop disturbing my brain,instead I should make use of the calculator.she walked me to my room and gave me a sleeping tablet which she referred to me as a pain reliever.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 12:43pm On Dec 19, 2013
Its 9am,I was still sleeping.My mum was so nervous because she knew what she did.she came up to my room and woke me up." Son,its 9am already and you are still sleeping,wakeup".she yelled. I was so tired,I never believed I slept till 9am. She told Me to join her at the dinning immediately. "Mum! I dreamt" I uttered.She turned back and sat beside me.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 9:56am On Dec 20, 2013
" can you recall the dream?" she asked."yes....I dreamt that I was all alone,everywhere was so white.suddenly, I saw stars,they all surround me and began to spark..sparking and lifting me up.then I woke up mum". I narrated." wow" my mum pondered. she paused for a while and told me to join her at the dinning.

I had my bath,and zoomed straight down to the dinning.I greeted everyone and sat.it was amazing that my dad didn't even asked the reason I came down late.anyways,I began to eat.after the meal, my mum briefed dad the dream."ooooh,the image is of good one" he said." you see son,let me interprete the dream to you.you are a lawyer on a case in a big court,the stars signifies equity,knowledge and integrity, and you been lifted up signifies victory,you will be a famous lawyer in the future son". he said as he laugh thoroughly. my dad was sometimes irritating, he didn't even emulate a bit from my grandpa.my dad told my mum to go along with me to see the pastor for prayers and possibly interpretation at sunset.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by philtrum(m): 12:37pm On Dec 20, 2013
still here *sighs* ......endeavour to be consistent with your update..... #nicestory
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 9:34pm On Dec 20, 2013
alryt I will try to be consistent..... I need readers not to only view but comment as well...it will motivate me.....thank you.

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Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 11:32am On Dec 21, 2013
At noon,my friends came to visit me.it was as if they knew I needed them around. we gisted and watch a TV program till 6pm,but I didn't disclose a bit of my dream to them.

At exactly 6.30pm,my mum and I left home to see the pastor.the pastor welcomed us in and we prayed before anything. after exchange of pleasantries,I revealed to the pastor,the dream I had.while the pastor was deep in prayer,I was thinking about dad interpretation of my dream."glory be to God"the pastor praised. the dream you had is your future, you are going to be famous,well loved,respected and wealthy. but.........you need to be prayerful,because in my prayer,i saw a perilous particle laid down on your way.continue with what you love doing,and never giveup.God bless you" the pastor says. we showed our humbled gratefulness and leave for home.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by trixandra(f): 11:40am On Dec 21, 2013
Nice story. Following. But please try to space your work well. I do get discouraged when the writing is pack together without enough spacing. Keep it up.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by trixandra(f): 11:42am On Dec 21, 2013
Nice story. Following. But please try to space your work well. I do get discouraged when the writing is cropped together. Try and proof-read before you post. Keep it up.

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Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by philtrum(m): 12:26pm On Dec 21, 2013
noble4d: alryt I will try to be consistent..... I need readers not to only view but comment as well...it will motivate me.....thank you.

#No$hit# To get more readers just post ur link on other threads, you will surely get readers, plus comment will come when they like the story, so you need to be organised, create a good impression and gain their attention.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 12:56pm On Dec 21, 2013
alryt tanks
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 1:08pm On Dec 21, 2013
I believed in myself that I can overcome any challenges that comes my way.I trust in God because I know he's the cleanser of the heart.

it was a different tone when we get home. After my mum had revealed everything to my father, he did not support. instead, he said his dream for me is to become a lawyer and that I will be. it was as if he's not my father. how I wished my grandpa was alive.

my heart had been battered, tears shows its real identity through my innocent eyes. I was emotionally weak. mum.oooh, I hate to see her in tears.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 1:23pm On Dec 21, 2013
also checkout my novella..... www.nairaland.com/1541002/secret-love
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 1:41pm On Dec 21, 2013
"krrrr krrrrr". my phone rang. I woke up,stretch up my two hands and looked straight to the screen of my iPhone 4s. I picked the call,its my friend Paul " whazup friend,we need to meet in 2 hours Time.there is a vital information I want to pass to the group" he said and cut the line.

I rushed to the bathroom. bathe,put on something nice and zoomed down for breakfast. " good morning Mum.dad.little sis." I greated with all smiles. my mum and my little sister were so happy to see me in such mood. as for my dad,"AW" he didn't even look at me twice.

After the meal, I told my parent I will be hanging out with my friends,but the look on my dad face speaks it all." son.you are going out with me to see a friend". " what for dad" I questioned " don't ask me questions". he clamored. I felt so depressed. it was amazing that my mum didn't even utter any word.it was like she knew solely about it.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by Oyinprince(m): 8:19pm On Dec 21, 2013
im nt thru wit all u've posted, but lemme drop my comment b4 i continue. Nice story uve got, i faced dis kinda challenge wen i started music too. Btw,take note of ur tenses and space ur work well. Gud job grin
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 9:15pm On Dec 21, 2013
....glad it happens real..... as for the tenses,I will go thru the story and make corrections....tanks
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by noble4d(m): 12:06pm On Dec 23, 2013
That was how I was taking to S.A.N Al-amin chamber.He had stopped me from hanging out with my friends and began law training before admission to the university.I resumed 9am and closed 5pm from Monday to Saturday. Later that day,Mubarak called me on phone and asked me reasons why I didn't show up.he also revealed to me that there will be a musical competition that will take place next upper month. The registration fee was#50,000 and the winner will go home with #5 million,a van and a musical contract worth #20,million.That was the best news I ever heard all my life.

At home, joy overwhelmed me.my mum and my little sister were so happy with me." Its like you had nice time at work today". My little sister utters. "What's the secret behind your happiness son" my mum asked with a soft voice.All I could say is "Na God ooooh". It was as if my friends and I had already won the competition. My late grandpa always say" the road to success is a lonely rough way you have to pass alone,no one cares what you encounter on your way to the top,people will only celebrate you when you make it in life.aahhhh aaahh" when you are struggling.They will despise you.but when you make it in life,they will run after you.this path is indeed our road to fame" I said confidently.

I planned to visit my friends the nextday,as I had already told them about the S.A.N,chamber,training stuffs. I didn't even waited for my dad to return home. I had my dinner and went to bed earlier.

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Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by LaJuMe: 5:27pm On Dec 23, 2013
@op...this is a really nice story..but,i think u need to space ur work and ur descriptions are getting too much.
Re: Road To Fame (A Fictional Story) by philtrum(m): 8:15pm On Dec 23, 2013

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