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Facts On Heart Disease! The Silent Killer. Read... by PaulSmart(m): 12:05pm On Sep 07, 2008
The Silent Killer

Hearth Disease Is The World’s No 1 Killer; It Kills People Even More Than Aids (Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The Rate At Which It Come Suddenly And Causing Sometimes Irrepairable Damage, Changing A Once Vibrant Person, Into A Vegetable Is Enough To Worry About.

Do You Know That…This Is Not True?

1. There Is Nothing You Can Do To Avoid Falling A Victim To Heart Disease?
2. Heart Disease Is Hereditary?
3. Once You Have It, There Is No Cure?
4. Heart Disease Is God Sent?
5. It Is An Affliction Sent You By Your Enemy?

There Are Different Stories Of People Who Have Died Prematurely Because Of Heart Disease.
There Was A Young Man Of 38 Years Of Age, Who When He Was Still An Applicant Looked Thin But Was Healthy. As A Graduate, He Couldn’t Find A Good Employment Until He Ended Up Joining A Police Force. Now As A Police Man, There Was Enough Money In His Pockets And He Started Gaining Weight. As Time Went On, He Became So Big, He Couldn’t Control It Any More. Not Long, We Heard That He Fell Down On His Face And Before Anybody Could Do Anything About It…He Was Dead.
The Autopsy Showed A Blockage In Some Part Of His Arteries. He Died Of Heart Attact. This Little Story Shows Us That Before You Have Heart Attack Or Heart Disease, You Must Have Developed A Blocked Arteries. This Brings Us To The Topic…How Blocked Are You Arteries?

This Article Is To Enlighten You So That You’ll Understand How Your Heart Works, And How Best To Avoid Developing A Heart Problem.
Remember: Prevention Is Cheaper Than Cure.

A Journey Through Your Heart

The Heart Is A Pump With Extra-Ordinary Powers Of Self-Servicing And Self-Repairing, It Has A Unique Muscle Fibre With A Built In Electrical Conducting System To Co-Ordinates It Action. The Heart Never Complaint About Weather And Never Ask For A Vacation.

It Works Best When Treated Well But Continues To Serve Even When Working Conditions Are Stressful.

How Much We Need The Heart!!!
If One Eye Is Blind, You Can Still See With The Other, If One Ear Is Deaf, You Can Still Hear With The Other, If You Loose A Leg, You Can Still Walk With A Crutch But We Only Have One Heart.

The Heart Is About The Size Of One’s Fist And Weighs Just A Little More Than Half A Pound. It Beats 70times A Min, 4200time An Hour, 100,800times A Day, And 63,792,000times A Years.
The Heart Of A 70 Year Old Has Beaten Over 2.5 Billion Times.
The Heart Generates Enough Energy In 50 Years To Lift A Battle Ship Out Of The Water. In The Average Lifetime, It Pumps Enough Blood To Fill 3.3 Supertankers According To One Encyclopedia, The Heart Pumps Blood Through About 100,000 Miles Of Blood Vessels In The Human Body, Although This Organ Which Keeps Our Blood Constantly Circulating Can Be Weaken By Disease And Abuse, It Generally Give Excellent Ceaseless Services For Many Year, Never Stopping As Long As Life Last, Only Resting In The Fraction Of A Second Between Beats. If It Should Stop For More A Few Seconds, We Would Loose Consciousness, And If It Was Not Started Within A Few Minutes, Irreversible Brain Damage Occur, And Soon After Death.

How The Heart Work

The Heart Is Actually Two Pumps, Joined Side By Side And Working Together In Complete Harmony, Pumping The Average Adult 5 Litres Of Blood Round The Circulation Every Five Minutes. The Pumps Each Consist Of Two Chambers Separated By Valves. The Upper Chamber Receives The Bloods The Lower Chamber Pumps It Out. The Right Atrium Or Upper Chamber Received Dark Red Blood That Is Low In Oxygen (De-Oxygenated Blood) And High In Carbon Dioxide As It Comes Back From The Rest Of The Body, And The Right Ventricle Pumps It To The Lungs. In The Lungs, The Blood Gives Up Its Load Of Carbon Dioxide And Takes On A New Supply Of Oxygen, Which Gives It A Bright Red Colour (Oxygenated Blood).

The Left Atrium Receives The Bright Red Oxygen-Rich Blood And The Left Ventricles Pumps It Around All The 100,000 Miles Of Blood Vessels.

Coronary Arteries
The Heart Has It’s Own Special Circulation To Its Muscles Tissue. These Are The Coronary Arteries. By Far, The Commonest Cardiovascular Problem Is The Coronary Artery Disease.
In This Disease, Over The Course Of Many Years, These Arteries Get Blocked By Fatty Materials Just As Pikes Fur Up With Calcium Deposit In Hard Water Areas. It Is A Gradual Process Often Started In Childhood And Appreciably Fatty Streaks Maybe Visible In The Arteries By Age 20.
By Forty Years (40), The Arteries Maybe 50% Blocked. Usually, There Are No Symptoms At All Until An Advance Stage Is Reached. For Example…70% Blockage At Age Sixty (60).
By Now Is Unable To Get Enough Oxygen For The Extra Work Involved In Physical Exertion Like Going Upstairs And Going Walking Uphill, Or With Emotional Stress. These Sort Of Blood Needs More Pressure To Get It Around The Circulation, So The Blood Pressure Tends To Rise. Fatty Deposits Get Left In The Walls Of The Arteries And Over The Years, They Become Narrower, And This Also Need A High Pressure To Keep The Blood Circulating. Sticky Blood At High Pressure Going Through Narrow Clogged Up Vessels Is A Recipe For Disaster.
In Addition, The Overfilled Fat Storage Tissues Need Extra Blood Vessels, Making Another Demand On The Heart And Blood Pressure.
Why Does The Fatty Material Stick To The Arteries Walls In The First Place?
Evolutionary Theory Might Tell Us That It Due To A Design Fault In Human Organism. But Not All. Actually, Most Disease Processes Can Be Shown To Be Attempt By The Body To Over-Come Abnormal Situations.

Arteriosclerosis: (Hardening Of The Arteries) Begins With A Healing Process.

Although Coronary Artery Disease Is The Most Common Well Known, The Process Can Affect A Large And Medium Sized Blood Vessels, Throughout The Body. A Tiny Break In The Lining Of An Artery Is Quickly Repaired With A Very Thin Layer Of Fatty Materials, Which Is Then Sealed In Place With A Very Thin Layer Of Fibre.

The Original Damage To The Artery Wall Could Be Due To Some Harmful Chemicals In The Circulating Blood. This Could Be Compounded By Lack Of Vitamin C. As One Of The Well Known Effects If Vitamins Deficiency Is Leaking In The Blood Vessel Walls, And It Could Be That The Cholesterol Fibrous Patches Is A Temporary Repaired Job To Maintain The Wall Until The Conditions Are Right For Removing It. If The Conditions Are Not Improved, The Process Continues Repeatedly Until The Arteries Is Almost Completely Blocked Up. If However, The Wrong Conditions Are Reverse, The Arterial Blockage Can Begin To Reverse Too.

The First Sign Of Trouble Maybe Angina I.E. Pain Or Tighing Of The Chest, In This Situation, Other People Are Less Fortunate, And Their First Symptoms Maybe A Heart Attack, Possibly A Fatal One.
A Blockage Can Be Due To A Sudden Spasm Of An Artery, Or Break Down In Fatty Lining Causing A Blood Clot To Form. If Only A Small Area Loses Its Blood Supply, Complete Recovery Is Possible, But A Larger Area Will Take A Long Time To Heal And The Heart Maybe Left Permanently Weakened, A Really Large Area Of Damage Will Prevent The Heart From Working At All And Death Will Result.

Causes Of Arterial Blockage
1 High Blood Cholesterol
2 High Blood Pressure
3 Obesity, These Are Three Related Factors That All Promote Cardiovascular Disease.

If Cholesterol Level Is High, Other Fats Are Likely To Be High As Well, And That Means That The Blood Is Relatively Thick, Sticky And Viscous.

Signs Of Coronary Arteries Blockage
High Blood Pressure, Pain In The Heart Region, Physcical Exhaustion After Climbing The Staircase Or Climbing Uphill, Heart Palpitations.

Possible Symptoms Of Arteriosclerosis
1 Cold Hands And Feet
2 Cramp In Ones Calf
3 Prickling Hands
4 Buzzing In The Ears
5 Memory Defect
6 Dizziness
7 Pains In The Chest
8 Arteriosclerosis
Warning Signal Of The Blood Vessels

Stop The World’s No 1 Killer Before It Stops You.

Cardiovascular Disease Is The World’s No1 Killer For Both Man And Woman. More Than A Million Times A Year; The First Symptoms Of Heart Attack Is The Last, Scientist All Over The World Have Discovered How You Can Help Promote Your Own Heart Health By Arming Yourself With Knowledge About The Right Or Wrong Foods.

Scientist Studies Have Shown That Three Foods In Particular Are Much Richer In Heart Protection Nutrients Than Others Can Offer Incredible Protections That Can Cut Your Risks Dramatically.

The Lack Of Essential Fatty Acids And Also Some Nutrients Is The Most Important Reason For The Actual Blockage Of Our Arteries.

Since The Beginning Of This Century, When Heart Attacks Were Almost Unknown, Some Important Changes Have Taken Place In The Nutrients For Tissue Protection And Recovery While The Supply Of These Substances On The Contrary, Has Diminished.
Industrial Air Pollution, Exhaust Fumes, Pesticides Used In Agriculture, Artificial Odors, Coloring Agents And Flavorings, Preservatives And Other Chemical Substances Added To The Food Has Drastically Increased Out Vitamins And Minerals Needs.

The Pollution Of Soil And Water With Noxious Metals, Emanations Of Synthetic Materials Applied In The House, Tobacco Smoke And Exogenous Medicines Have Also Contributed To Our Need For More Of These Nutrients.
Instead Of More, Our Food Contains Less Of These Nutrients. This Tendency Is Still Stress By An Increasing Large-Scale Application Of Food Refinery, A Term Which Literally Means Food Improvement, But Which Would Rather Be Called Food Deterioration.

An Example Is Wheat Refining, Meant To Produce “Luxury” White Flour Instead Of The Ordinary Nutritious Whole-Wheat; The Part Of The Grain Corn Containing The Most Vitamins And Minerals Being Eliminated.

Too Much Sugar
Apart From The Use Of Refined Grain Products, The Sugar Intake As Remarkable Increased In The 20th Century.
The Scientist Discovered That The Sugar Stimulates The Formation Of Artery Blockage Because Amongst Others, It Includes The Fatty Acids And Cholesterol Level In The Blood, Giving More Opportunity To The Fat To Stick To The Arterial Wall.
Sugar Does Not Contain Any Minerals And Vitamins But Instead, It Deprives Us Of The Vitamins And Minerals We Assimilate With Other Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals We Badly Need In This Era Of Environmental Pollution In Order To Protect Our Arteries Against Arteriosclerosis.

Other Factors
Apart From The Over Refined Foods We Eat, Other Factors Includes:
1 Smoking
2 Absence Of Exercise
3 Alcohol
4 Caffeine
5 Social, Psychological And Spiritual Factors.

What Form Does Medical Help Take For Those Few< Fortunate Ones?

Clearing Blocked Arteries

1. Angioplasty:- There Is More Than One Way To Do This Angioplasty Is A Method Where A Tube Is Actually Passed Into The Blocked Arteries, Under The Guildiance Of Ultra Sound Scanning. When The Tube Reaches The Blocked Areas, It Is Inflated, Clearing The Blockage By Squashing It Flat Against The Artery Wall. If This Doesn’t Work, A Stent (A Tiny Tube) Can Be Inserted To Keep The Formally Blocked Part Opened. Angioplasty Can Give Immediate Symptom Relief, But The Cause Of The Arteriosclerosis Hasn’t Been Removed, And Artries Almost Always Reblock Often Within A Year Or So.
2. Bypass Surgery:- Coronary Arteries Bypass Surgery Is A Very Major And Common Operation In The Western World. Veins Taken From The Legs Are Used To Bypass The Blocked Area Of The Coronary Arteries Between One And Five Grafts Can Be Done.
The Immediate Effects Are Very Good, And Many Will Feel Better Than They Have For Years. Certainly The Cardiac Symptoms Will Be Relieved, But This Surgery Can Have Serious Side Effects, Including Strokes And Other Forms Of Brain Damages, Fortunately Usually Minor Ones But Still Enough To Prevent The Person From Resuming All His Former Abilities. Even When The Immediate Results Are Excellent, Unless The Factors That Cause The Problems Are Changed, The Grafts Themselves Are Liable To Block Up Within A Few Years.

On The Other Hands, With An Optimum Health Programme. The Grafts Can Be Expected To Give Many Years Of Useful Life.

Lifestyle: A Much More Satisfactory Form Of Treatment Is To Remove The Factors That Caused The Problem. As The Disease May Take A Lifetime To Delelop, We Should Not Be Surprised That It Takes A Few Years To Reverse. The Encouraging Thing Is That The Benefits Of Disease Reversal Are Felt Long Before The Process Is Complete.

Infact, Symptoms Of Angina Normally Start To Improve Almost As Soon As Optimum Programme Is Started, And Certainly The Person Can Expect To Feel Noticeable Better After Ten Days.

Nutrirional Solution
Healthy Heart Programme
, The Essential Fat,
Not All Fats Are Bad For You!

Some Fats Are Essential For The Better Health Of Your Heart. Scientists Discovered This After Examining The Diet Of The Greenland Eskimos, Who Inspite Eating Large Of Fats Seldom Die From A Heart Attack. Eskimos Get Their Dietary Fats From Fish Rich In What We Now Know To Be The Essential Fatty Acids Called Omega 3 From Salmon Oil.

Scientists Discovered That Salmon Fish (Found In The Deep Sea) Swims Against The Waves. Research Shows That Salmon Fish Contains An Oil Called The Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Which Helps The Heart Of The Salmon To Be Strong Enough To Resist The Pressure Of The Ocean Waves And So It Can Swim Against The Waves Comfortably.

Omega 3 Fats
Your Key To Healthier Blood

Omega 3: Helps To Flush The Arteries Of Fatty Deposits, Making The Arteries Walls To Be Strengthened And Cleaner For Easier Passage Of Blood.
1 Lowering Blood Triglycerides, The Fatty Portion Of The Blood.
2 It Changes The Chemistry Of Blood
3 Stopping The Development Of Blood Clot By Decreasing The Stickiness Of Certain Blood Cells.
4 Lowering Blood Pressure.
5 Possibly Reducing The Risk Of Arrhythnia (Irregular Heart Beat) A Common Cause Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
6 Strengthens Heart Muscles.
7 Repairs Arterial Blockage.
8 Lowering The Risk Of Hypertension And Stroke.
9 Maintains Normal Heart Rhythem

Garlic Allium Complex: A Natural Antibiotic, Which Thins The Blood And Streghtens The Heart Muscles.
1 Lowers Levels Of Bad Cholesterols (Ldl) Low Density Lipoprotein.
2 Increasing Levels Of Good Cholesterols (Hdl) High Density Lipoprotein.
3 Protect Against Cardiovascular Diseases.
4 Stimulates Growth And Activities Of Cells
5 Supports The Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
6 Dissolve Blood Clots.

Vitamin E: (Tocopherols): An Antioxidant Which Neutralizes Highly Destructive Free Radicals From The System, Whereby Renewing The Total Metabolism Of The Body.
1 Protects Blood Fats From Oxidation That Leads To Plaque.
2 Makes The Heart Younger.
3 Increace Oxygen Content Of The Blood.
4 It Helps For Healthy Blood Circulation.
5 It Controls Blood Thickness, Prevents Blood Clot(A Cause Of Stroke) And Varicose Veins.
6 Prevent Body Pollution.
7 Promote Muscle Strength, Gives Power Stamina And Speed.
8 Essential For Fertility In Men And Women
9 slowpoke The Ageing Process.

Some Vitamin E Supplementation Isn’t Worth Considering. Look For:- A Combination Of The Various Members Of The Vitamin E Family For More Complete Protection Than Just One Member. Also Make Sure That The Lebels Indicates D-Alpha Tocopherol Rather Than Dl Alpha Tocopherol Or Tocopheryl (Chemical). This Will Ensure The Whole Power Of Vitamins E That Is Stored In Your Body Up To Twice As Long As Synthentic E For Longer Lasting Benefits.

Keep The Stalker At Bay

Seize Control Over The Health Of Your Heart With Three Highly Beneficial Foods. Omega 3’s, Vitamin E And Garlic Allium And Enjoy A Healthy Heart For A Life Time. Protection That Can Cut Your Risk Dramatically.

I Hope You Were Bless!

For Further Enquires You May Have Concerning Your Health And Wellbeing…

Please Feel Free To Call:

HealthWise Enquiry Lines On:
Tel: +234-702-670-2399, 0806-303-6357
Email: info2healthwise@yahoo.com

Best Regards,

HealthWise Team.
Re: Facts On Heart Disease! The Silent Killer. Read... by stnonymus(m): 11:58pm On Sep 23, 2008
One supplement that is very effective for Heart Problems is SWISSGARDE's NAFDAC approved DEFENDER capsules.Its a vitamin and mineral supplement that contains:





For more details or where to order visit www.healthandnature.yolasite.com/products.php

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