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Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 7:52pm On Jan 23, 2011
Check out this link. . . . .Newly uploaded freestyles and shitt

Re: Flow For Rank by mailmalc(m): 1:26am On Jan 24, 2011
TheColonel cry cry
Re: Flow For Rank by Nobody: 10:53am On Jan 25, 2011

The Colonel may ya gentle soul rest in peace,

Ibime battling me is sure going to lose like steppin to d sky
All ya lines are lies with ya cheap multies I sigh
Am the reason you went to rap.com 2 punchline
The rap is in demand cos of me dropping dope lines
Next time u c um put ya d*ck in ya mouth
Words i spit can cause an earthquake in the south
U lack vision like a blind cop at the scene of a robbery
Only thing u good at is wanking on blackberry
Re: Flow For Rank by Mbamaluike(m): 5:02pm On Jan 25, 2011
Yo The Dragon is Here

Call ma a cab, coupe or taxi, cos I've been running the streets
I call u sewers cos U can be found underneath
Damn, So hot like yhe fukkin summer heat
Feeling like Twist in his fukkn drummer beat

Veteran like Ross, Been in many boots than the military
Your flow aint sick, its lying in the cemetry
Whorrres still scratchin my balls like M.J in billie jean
Cos I will never choke but the swag is killing me

Smart like scofield, Alex is acting prison break
Make Y'all lunatic, get off ma dikkk u freaking gayyy
Relax ur sex dome, play d boy maron
D man so hot, he was nicknamed the dragon

So all y'all should bow down to d highness
I'm jus the definition of flyness
I aint got ur time. thinkin about d bape I ma buy next
Till then, stay off, touch d cub U see my Lioness. Rooooooaaaaarrrrrrrrr
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 6:09pm On Jan 26, 2011
Alex who?/ Ill beat you black and blue/
I no sabi you/ from Adam, but don't make me embarass you/
I'm a General and you a Private/
Son, I aint the one that you gonna earn stripes with/
First battle a Corporal, and raise ya game/
After you beat a Captain and Luitenant, then you say can my name/
Re: Flow For Rank by Nobody: 12:29pm On Jan 27, 2011
U swinging ya balls like a monkey that's a reason 4 shame
Your loss is predicted cos u google d internet 2 spell ma name
Putt ya pants on this not a Gay affair
Someone tell this fool he is the black version of rick flair.
I strip ya mind and unplugged ya thoughts like MTV.
You looking clueless try studying my CV
Ibime 4 get dates coz u 2week*(too weak) like an offshore.
F*** it ya flows stinks nigga apply a sure
Re: Flow For Rank by HYBRIDX(m): 4:26pm On Jan 27, 2011
whats up peeeps . . . . .see u mailmalc. . . .seee u alex p , . . . i see u crude . . . whats good fella . . .c u dudes still gracing the spot with ya flows . . .keep it coming . . .

Re: Flow For Rank by Mbamaluike(m): 11:24pm On Jan 27, 2011
alex. wrong place for u to mess up
ur flow is whack. u nid a fukkin check up
i am so hot. call me heat like lebron
ibi wiv d short dikk. kip the jelq on
i show rappers the way like yeshuah d messiah
devil is a liar. i prefer him a naira.
root of all evil. like joe in d saphire.
in it for the money. black jerry maguire
alex/ kip playin/ i ma make u d bitcch like mariah
yeah. wayne said life is a bitcch. i am chillin in lekki
i got mo moves dan keanu in the matrix
elevated man/ they callin me the greatest
ma flow i d latest. ma money lay like layers
i am d ref. u fukkn player.
dis lines are for alex n issues.
ma bloody flow. have u ever used tissues
ma punches r to destroy ya senses
thinkin i may quit. dat may b ur death wish. mo fukka
Re: Flow For Rank by mailmalc(m): 8:32am On Feb 02, 2011
Sup Hybrid, Alex i see ya . . . Ibime, keep illing bro. Ok leggo!

Thumbs up to the index, life didn't have
cos if Life's got a reference we all we be living that
nw e'rybody actin reverends, like we all believe in Gawd!
so addicted to the fast life when we all be living back
mirror sharp . . reflect! the future is our past present
so get dat last Sentence. . history, facts intense! . .
Death is life itself but with a bad interest
happening boys, hack internets . .
cracks in girls smokin at the back of they houses . .yet!
no more Divas, babes nowadays are more like Jigga . .
. . . . nd less Beyonc
gettin too Manlier so they turn lesbi-ans
lets be honest!. . as i reach for a pen just to bless the audience
mail-malc prob'ly tryna address in content
this complex, get the message. . call dis conscience
and if u aint seeing this then u probly not seeing things
see we tryna get busy still . .
but it's like sleep is the only way we cld live the dreams
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 2:39pm On Feb 02, 2011
Wow. .been an effin long time. .im as rusty as a moorefuca! i see u all. .

Been a while. .lemme jump in. . i got this one/
if i dont like any rapper. . i'ma diss one/
make their eyes get the shine when i put ma blings on/
and if i get Pissed off. . y'all will get pissed on/

most y'all Spineless. . cant Back up wat y'all claim/
cant raise the roof . .got hands like john Mc cain's/
i do it lyrically. . i dont need to flog wit my cane/
even when i name no names  targets still feel the pain/

u dirty non hiphop heads shud get your a$.s to d saloon/
get your hair shampooed. . i get Cheer u get Boo
and if i get boos. . it's haterz baby boos/
so pay attention. .matta fact gimme salute/

To see u haters i'ma need some zoom lenses/
cos all i see tru ma shades are cool benzes/
now u acting defensive. . wit ma pen im pensive/
no offences. .ma flow is the future urs past tenses/

must be outta your senses. . if u haven't sensed this/
dudes wanna test lyrically put 'em on death sentences/

Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 4:53pm On Feb 02, 2011
My glock chrome/ disable vital organs and pop bones/
I been a knucklehead ever since I was a snot nose/
Every year, my gwap grows/ Real Estate, I got those/
I could house the whole of Sweden. . . . the way that I stock homes!/   (Stockholm)

When its beef, you quick to shout. . . call ya boys/
But without all ya toys/ You lack the clout. . . or the poise/
Y’all rappers run ya mouth . . . talking noise/
But ya rhymes are like the earth. . . it's without. . . form. . . and void!!!/

Going to war with this stranger/ puts you in horrible danger/
Y’all know my calibre. . . forty four in the chamber!/
Pardon my awkward behaviour/ but Im naughty by nature/
I ain’t ya God or ya saviour. . . but I was born in a manger!/
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 8:34pm On Feb 02, 2011
Hot n cold poles. . u in d middle  .  . a goalkeeper/
im a soul sweeper. .win your gurl over but aint gon' keep her/
Im Headlite to this dudes. .they plastic back fenders/
1st class kinda dude. . .tho labelled a back bencher/

All their hates ricochet. . back to the sender/
We dey Attack. . . now na dem be Defender/
Male and female. .  both feel wat i enGender/

i Matter. .Occupy space. .of salient agenda/
Real skill.  . no Projector. . not silent pretende[/i]r/
Remember. . .i [i]fashion bars
. .iron bender/

your chic is in splendor. . .cant resist how i bend her/
banged her. .get her juiced up like a blender/
your verse Weak ,  like u Serve  drink. . u' BarTender/
Im a big spender. .each verse a legal Tender!

Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 3:00pm On Feb 08, 2011
see wannabee rappers all over the place, alexpissu and co wackobiokosis grin
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 5:10pm On Feb 09, 2011
Yo, . . Malc, Hybrid, DBR, 04kaa. . . . .And all ya'll. . . , Have i wish y'all Happy New Year? I dont think so. . . .So HAPPY NEW YEAR niccaz

No heat on this just a simple freething. . . .i got seduced and i succumbed to that plea now this guy's been all psyched out. . . . .I dont care tho. . . .

@The nicca next door

I hope u see this
U can reply me if u feel dissed
Can i use ur restroom plssssss. . . . . . . .
I got a retch

Now i'm throwing up bars like i ate up Kirikiri
Cover u in d puke, got u Terry G up (((Free me)))
I'm so hieroglyphics yo 'bleeping dullards cant read me
Shining so bright u need more than sunglasses to see me
I'll still remain RUDE if y'all dont C me
Like a slug thru the skin ur girl do feel me
She's so hard to get cos u been keeping that rusty
All tighter than a drum, so when i hit it she love it
Ma name is ringing in her head u can dial those digits
Shoot ur mouth at moi again i'mma shatter u to pieces
Lil dikk Mo'focca
Re: Flow For Rank by Fred87(m): 10:05am On Feb 11, 2011
They burn in hell/they want help/from my goblet/they seekin droplets/tis edted,find it in pamphlets//d leftwing i make restless/do right then b my guest yes/tis well televised watch please/they got nuttin on me nitwit/all (a)rise wen me tweet/they thirsty wait til me piss/i tink they so hungry 4me shit/.hyah,i chew em lyk popcorn/e!ff wit me nd i rooster gun/d gals stripe in front lyk me watch po!rn/sire is a star spittin amarula lyrics in bar/leavin t!tt!es wit scar/am too bold 4 d faces/less yards buh more spaces/lyk sacrifice,i f!ucx deities/a day can build spaceships/gals feel tis lyrics/nd put me on em d!cklist/4 1,2,3 on em boyfriends wishlist/humility put me on ur playlist/lyk play am JAJ's top 7(seven)/no1 emcee in heaven/tis aint no bluffin/lyk menses i kip flowin/ur best area is in metres/LL SIRE f!ucx hectares/. eeeezz.
Re: Flow For Rank by MP007(m): 10:40pm On Feb 16, 2011
Yall"s rap game is so cold
You need to home and reheat it believe me
Re: Flow For Rank by Mbamaluike(m): 10:15am On Feb 19, 2011
ok. Im back.
all hail mail-malc
balln like dinho. steppin on em big toes
lookin for em he goats. advancin. . . tick talks
sittin in ma coupe. no window. shit replaced wiv a remote
i am all they wish to be. from here to d billboard.
neva cümin out. still in these biiitccches like a dïldo
me n ma benz/ count of monte cristo
invincibble. hell i turned into tempah
dad agreed to call me dragon wen he saw d swagger.
world best. kaka.
playin wiv words like im still spitn chacha
u r wat u eat. but i will neva be u rappers
actually. actually. its ovvaaa
Re: Flow For Rank by Mbamaluike(m): 10:24am On Feb 19, 2011
CRUDE. U don de mad abiii. @kirikiri. @RUDE C
Re: Flow For Rank by ninobash(m): 1:30pm On Feb 21, 2011
eff 2 u all nigaz. Cos u knw notin abt rap. Com 2 ma class 4 d session has jst began.
Re: Flow For Rank by D1KeleVra(m): 1:34pm On Feb 21, 2011
nino bash:

eff 2 u all nigaz. Cos u knw notin abt rap. Com 2 ma class 4 d session has jst began.

Kindly rephrase
Re: Flow For Rank by ninobash(m): 1:47pm On Feb 21, 2011
u wouldn't want a piec of m. *Dude*
Re: Flow For Rank by D1KeleVra(m): 2:53pm On Feb 21, 2011
smiley shoot. . . please smiley
Re: Flow For Rank by Wordsmith(m): 2:21pm On Feb 26, 2011
I smith verbs at a Word's worth/
gbade counting stacks similar to data structures/
been back, y'all wacks should quit the chit chat/
witness my lyrical fitness, haters get a six pack/
have a go at this jokes, you can tell how i rib-crack this riff-raffs. . .

been a while i've done this. . .lol
Re: Flow For Rank by Inkblood: 2:30pm On Feb 28, 2011
Whats good NL, Its been a really long while i did this, this is just a quick spit(written in less than 30mins) to shake off the dust, am really really rusty! Here goes nothing. . .

These rhymes are state of the art/ and i spit straight from the heart/ so i can shake off the wacks/ break off the gays/and make something start/ just trynna wake up the cats/ so i dont fade from the art/ yall bitches better hide your faces like your make up is bad/ yo! Rehab says/ this kid is sick as aids/ the ink has game/ and he's here to take your space/ so best sway a race/ and say your grace/ cos control S on your passport wont save ya face/ i'm known to scribble a verse/ nibble on wacks/ dribbling plaques/ while i'll be spitting the facts/ ink is quicker than fast/ u gays should listen infact/ my reasoning's vast/ speak up with sparks/ they call me the verbal plague cos am sicker than sars!/
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 4:55pm On Feb 28, 2011
Nice lyrics Inkblood!!!


they call me the verbal plague cos am sicker than sars!/

Im sicker than sars/ with lyrics that kick a nigga to mars/
only time you hold straps. . . is when unhitching ya bras!/
Why should I trade words with this ignorant fart?/
My only question is. . . how many dicks can fit in ya arse?/
How many niggas can solve a Bernoulli equation/
to fusion the radium/ of cubic uranium?/
The same nigga that send goons to ya station/
to put a tool to ya cranium/. . . and introduce you to Satan!/
I invade like Hannibal with a troop of Arabians/
on elephant-back, marching through the Carpathians/
I aint human or sapien/ Im Lucifer's Damien!/
At night, I spit in cyphers with Jupiter's aliens!/
Y'all niggas always get booed in the stadium/
but I could spit to Achulean Arcadians/ and Solutrean cavemen/
and still get a response of. . . "this dude is amazing!"/
Re: Flow For Rank by slimshay(m): 9:27pm On Feb 28, 2011
Ibime eh, oya take. . .

Is he amazing? Fact/ I'm amazed infact/
Aint no corny lines, I said I'm mason, fact/ hehe
Psyche. . .yep I done be where d dayz be black/
I'd be dead before u can eva blaze me back/
I run laps around this niggas, racing tracks/
They CHECK OUT PANT-in, fucking lazy DYKES/
You aint PUFFin rite, you BETA bring MASON back/
Imma send u to meet the Lord, say ur GRACES right/
U JONZing, I WHIZ past, u driving miss daisy rite?/
I'm so far ahead, my yesterday is now
Neva say it in whispers, Slim is crazy, blaow!!

Shoit, e don tey o. . . .haha
Re: Flow For Rank by Inkblood: 2:35am On Mar 01, 2011

Nice lyrics Inkblood!!!
Thanks mahn!
"this dude is amazing!"/
They say This dude is amazing/
but the truth is am blazing/
i be who the fans praising/
my students are deities /
nigga you must be foolish and crazy/
to ruly appraise me/
or think you can phase me/
cos i could spit an inferno of rhymes and let the sputum ablaze thee/
ya spewings are basic/
you gat doodley against me/
see i'm sick and am healthy/
oh jupiter hails thee?/
/beetch, il hav u know that even buddha's afraida me/
i rhyme golden/
each of my fine flows will/
leave u with nine holes in/
tha head, from a 9, cos my verses is mind blowing/
il blindfold him/
he cant see i, this kid is a waste/
i could kill him in ways/
but am known to grant pardon for arrant juvenile deeds!/
Re: Flow For Rank by Inkblood: 2:16pm On Mar 01, 2011
Just some other random shit i quickly scribbled. .

I bask with a force/
of fifty vast catapults/
so when am blasting at vaults/
niggas get ya baskets across!/
my task is a curse/
i tax niggas first/
who say my tactics is false/
put a slap to thier jaws/
they show remorse/
and thats when i skin thier corpse/
no humble beginnings/
I flip and tumble the winnings/
then crumble the weenies/
so how tha hell can u Bleep with the menace?/
when you soft as a penis/
of impotent gay niggas/
suckd by gay females/
while thier balls are stuck in bikinis/
these rhymes are carefully chosen/
to split ya skeleton open/
you fervently hoping/
that the ink will leave everything okay/
i slay dumb pests/
and spray gun sets/
at lagosians/
with fake conscience/
cos i could rip a sister's brain out. . But I wont take nun-sense!/
Re: Flow For Rank by medjai(m): 1:49pm On Mar 06, 2011
It's been so long since I last did this. . . Anyways

skills at a whole new level cos I raised the bar//
niggas still below par/ punches leave no scar//
I quit the game now I'm back/. . . It's a fight  night/ and the price's right/ Imma show these lames that their peak is below a knight's twilight//
I got in the game/ took ma mind off fame/ niggas in it for awards/ their eyes set on the reward/ now they lost/. . . they blame it on the surprise(saw prize) element//
reign's over/. . . they gutted by my flame// no insurance, they gat no cover/. . . they make false claims// now they lying in wards/ for lying in words/ this niggas is flawed/. . . no sentiments//
all I see is weakness Everyday People. . . put y'all behind these bars for Arrested Development//
my rhymes make loonies out there go in sane//
even in Manama they don't make such bar rain(Bahrain)//
Re: Flow For Rank by jamez3d(m): 10:55pm On Mar 06, 2011

I aint human or sapien/ Im Lucifer's Damien!/
At night, I spit in cyphers with Jupiter's aliens!/
Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 9:14am On Mar 07, 2011

Ibime eh, oya take. . .

lol at ibime eh. thats very funny grin


Nice lyrics Inkblood!!!

I aint human or sapien/ Im Lucifer's Damien!/
At night, I spit in cyphers with Jupiter's aliens!/

thats class ibime cool tongue
Re: Flow For Rank by SleekMc: 10:57am On Mar 07, 2011
yo da man is back
nyce flows inkblood

word nuff respecta to all

yall cant think gat no brain just CEREBELLUM
misguided tots and words swinging back and forth like a PENDULUM
ma force strong break ur gravity make u loose ur sense of EQUILIBRUM
dis is ma show ma stage and ma EMPIRE
ink blood spit lyrics but sleek man spits FIRE
so keep hip hopping up and down like a basket ball umpire
peace sleek nuff said

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