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Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 1:03pm On Nov 11, 2010
@ibime. .I nor understand o, abeg break am down. The lastime I did,I typed it on ma other phone and sent as sms to ma BB,copied and pasted on NL. .stil e nor align well,and errors dey.Plus I nor get that kind time abeg. Is there an easier way?

Plus ibis, we shud start chargin for this freeshow. .pay per view. .lol.
Good lookin'

Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 2:14pm On Nov 11, 2010

Plus ibis, we shud start chargin for this freeshow. .pay per view. .lol.
Good lookin'

which free show,the only way i will pay u is if u spit on audio dbr grin per seconds billing
Re: Flow For Rank by mykali(m): 3:27pm On Nov 11, 2010
Bia. . .DBR, una think say na only you guys fit do free show? Me too sabi do freeshow too ooo. if dem go pay una, dem go pay me join. . .lol grin


You never still reply me oh. . . UP CHELSEA cheesy cheesy cheesy

See this scouser still get mouth to yarn.
It seems you like your spot on the table. . .you shall remain there for a very long time.
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 4:38pm On Nov 11, 2010
Mykali . .lol. .see money don dey motivate guyz o. . lmao.
No worry 2% will be paid u grin

Back on ma regular BS, 1/2 toneflow . .no punch . . no wordplay. .as plain as it can get
vibe with me. . .

[center]Ma flow is so relevant /
wordplay denote excellence/
even in cold elements/
make the old irrelevant/
rip hearts. . im'd sole veteran/
hell verses. . no heaven sent/
im leavin bold evidence/
my strike unfold heavy dent!/

i bring untold consequence/
leave haters so comfortless/
lines smarter than yo commonsense/
written in gold consciousness/

wit ma pen. . i pyro ant/
they say im all arrogant/
ma dik outshines power plant/
it fukk ho's n disflower aunt/

got biro skill that fold abdomens/
make room for  dope regiment/
that's closin old testatment/
cos your weak barz goes decadent/

it's so pertinent//
command wit no sentiment/
shut down your drone tenement/
make this fools bow permanent//

no doubt. . i give no benefit/
so pray like pope benedict/
'fore u hit a low deficit/
fukk grains. .i sow explicit/

lines slit throat effortless/
ma rhymes promote violence//
hated like pro zionist//
so quote this untold perfectionist///

Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 5:01pm On Nov 11, 2010
^^Nice nice nice
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 5:35pm On Nov 11, 2010
I splurge opulent/
My verse deserve prominence/
on the greatest of earths monuments/
. . so please insert compliments!/

My beef served with condiments/
Herbs, verbs and consonants/
and my swagger is sure. . . cos victory preserves confidence/
My swerve dominant/
cos my work is prominent/
I pyss on rappers so much, I should learn to nurse incontinence/
Yall nerds incompetent/
Don't disturb my conglomerate/
Your Word can't Excel. . .even if you merge documents!/
Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 6:10pm On Nov 11, 2010
king of multis and the king of wordplays
both of u are coming weaker today. go harder guys grin grin or else ebora will come to freeslap both of u again cheesy
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 6:26pm On Nov 11, 2010
Ofokality. .u too like beef . .lol. We are servin y'all fish from now on grin
Btw. .i luvv that isssh u dropped. .i thik thats d dopest i'v red from u. .nice!

@ibime. .good lookin as always.

[center]This linez were personalized b4 o. .but after readin ofoka's thirst for blood
i decided to dissappoint him more  grin by changin the is and mes to we and us. .
y'all kno who we are. .

Vibe wit me. .

We both deserve prominence/
we lock it down. . permanent/
the rest appeal to parliament/
but we d flow presidents/

neva question ma readiness/
hide phoney niggaz. .Blackburyness/
Shave off Heads. .[i]Barber[/i]ianz/
y'all go read up. .liberians!/

pls respect for our pertinence/
we dont involve in pettiness/
y'all dont fit our league's specimen/
the rest's magnetic flux lost permeance/
hot linez we keeps droppin em/
so we reign even post permian!/

Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 7:37pm On Nov 11, 2010
beef is the only food that keep this threads alive as u can see the flow for rank thread is the only living thing in here, wish we could go back to the future

the king of multis and the king of wordplays have kept this thread up for weeks, the rest are non existent!

kudos guys, the cypha is uncut.!! go harder guyz. where the multis and the wordplays at? grin grin
Re: Flow For Rank by jamez3d(m): 8:37am On Nov 14, 2010
lord haf mercy!
Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 10:30am On Nov 15, 2010
streetwise wey u?
Re: Flow For Rank by dawhizkid1(m): 10:15pm On Nov 15, 2010
DBIME no go fit kill me sha
Re: Flow For Rank by tianshie(m): 3:44pm On Nov 16, 2010
Sup 'Smith? Been busy fleshin' dreams.
I only got one advice for vacuum-heads like hj, ofoka and crude. . .only fools dance to the shake of a rattle snake, grow a brain.
Re: Flow For Rank by Nobody: 8:30pm On Nov 16, 2010
Sup all ma rap heads. . been a while, shouts to Mailmalc, Wordsmith, Ibime (see u still holdin ish doown) DBR, HJ, Eldee, Streetwize, Chamotex and of course oh-4k-her

lemme drop a lil somn

call me psycho, am versatile with da knife like Norman Bates
or point macs through ya windows and send u to hell's gates
They gon find ur body parts in the arid lands of timbouktu
With a postcard to ya mama sayin fvck u too
A b'itch with a di'ckk i suggest u nip n tuck it
Leave ya head spinning like revolving doors with no exit
Not a tailor but i could surely stitch u
no thread - just a hyperthemic needle
I Burst 16s, u bust a move ~doin da pasodouble
if u had mo spikes than hedgehogs u still cudnt bust ma bubble
UnCloth this b'itch to expose the naked truth
That u half cooked while I show raw skills  in da vocal booth
da quality of ya product wudnt double
If u stood on a '2 times' table
got an L on ya forehead every time ya wake up
cuz losin is a fundamental part of ya make up
if it is trouble he brew
r put a cap to his skull like an orthodox Jew
Treat ya ho like gambling machines n stick pennies in the slot
Its population control and Malthuss back on da spot
bury the hatchet in ya back if its peace u come to seek
close casket~ you can RIP~ six feet deep
got ya damsel in distress waiting for ya rescue
when ma horse pipe cuts hr breath n stab on hr tonsils
to me this is sport~ u only game when it comes to stickin stuff up ya butt
He always hungry for rooster~ even gets bitchez with big belly buttons~to stick it up his bum
my temper~short black gestapo like a Hitler 'tashe
best b peaceful like Ghandhi n bow wit ya bald head ~b4 u smell gas

Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 8:42pm On Nov 16, 2010
^ Dope ish! Your level done go through the roof.

Long time bros. . .
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 8:45pm On Nov 16, 2010
Hey Malthuss! Long time comin. . That was crack u dropped. .shud we say welcome back??

Re: Flow For Rank by Mobinga: 10:03pm On Nov 16, 2010
I heard some South African rappers bite lines from this thread.
Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 10:13am On Nov 18, 2010

I heard some South African rappers bite lines from this thread.
na only mobinga dey hear rumor, where is your proof

henhen mobinga i wanted to ask u this sharply, whats ur internet connection now/?is it still mtn fast link, plus whats the highest download speed u get when downloading, i need to change mine, oya tell me
Re: Flow For Rank by menike(m): 4:26am On Nov 19, 2010
[center]To whom it may concern [/center]

[center]He's slow on this forum im tempted to snipe his health,
f*u*c*k i know suicide victims that hate this naughty SHE-MAN, more than life itself
Knowone respects this pile of trash, you a straight up loser,
Everyone seen you as a bender,  without note of your user
I don't need a second look at you, to turn ya into a corpse,

Im the type to misjudge. . . untill you've finished your statement reports,
Gathered your fake from previous battles, poor talker i cut of your oxygen,
Now it's beyond a joke. . so it just proved how poor u are when u lost to him.
You just talk poor, u have no wit, creativity = 0 , lets face it you have no brains,
So if silence is golden, i hope he gets pimped out with rings bangles and chains
Re: Flow For Rank by menike(m): 4:39am On Nov 19, 2010
Word Upp to my real Niggas , Word, Mailmalc, Eldee (an all yall new kids on the block)
I just went thru Malthuss bars and really thot I outclass his shit . . . . (1luv MALTHUSS)

Just a quick FYI ---- If yall knw my nigga thecolonel . . . . well that dude died some few weeks ago (Multiple Gun shot wounds)
The nigga got me hooked on this NL shit in 2005 , Thot me shit bout Nigeria

Took my black ass to Nigeria . . . . . So it only rite wheneva I stop by on NAIRALAND

Its stra8 fire . . . . VENGEANCE and I'll make sure all of yall cud feel it
Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 7:20am On Nov 19, 2010
u still dey sleep?now ur behaving like a monkey dont let me go gaga on ur fainting ass
Re: Flow For Rank by Wordsmith(m): 2:16pm On Nov 19, 2010
@ menike,

yo, menike, thecolonel's gone? I'm sorry about that man, my condolences.
Re: Flow For Rank by tianshie(m): 5:28pm On Nov 20, 2010
I stay on point like a pentagram possessin’ tha game
It’s like a séance the way I connect the muse to u lames
I screw crews not a footloose p*ssy
So the fools mentionin’ my name, I’ll slay your fam, then I wipe this Gucci
My lines go over your heads like goliath skippin
U cats are brain dead, mentally- your not breathin’
U beatin me be like baphomet wavin’ a cross
Seekin a boss? I’m it, menike is simply a dunce
I’m what the game needs like a croupier sharp wit the dealin
I’m liftin the ceiling, blowin tha spot  I’m swift wit the illin’
I’ma prove myself again as soon as Ali fight Tyson
He must have been smokin’ (a wand?) when he suggested that notion
Earned my stripes when u tiger cubs was mewing in pampers
Even might have screwed your moms, your poppa prolly an imposter
I’m already a star- I piss and take a poop in a rocket
U damn lowlifes take the heat when I blast off the docket!!
Re: Flow For Rank by 04kaa: 1:50pm On Nov 21, 2010
lol@tianshit, u old niggas are so wack, wordsmith, menike, tianshit,.all yall are so wack grin grin
Re: Flow For Rank by jamez3d(m): 11:04pm On Nov 21, 2010
am equiped with skill/ when i grip the steel/ i'll bruise his heel that wanna test if the 3D's ill!/ i keeps it real. . With multis designed/ to Bleep WITH THE MIND / and make those that step to me CUM TO THIER SENSES and scurry behind/ iv studied the rhyme/ with profound dedication/so when i SCHOOL cats on the MIC. . I give em a SOUND EDUCATION/ i get shocked and surprised/ when emcees call me out and hope 4 a shot at tha prize/ u can call out as u please but here's a word of advice/ b4 u SUIT URSELF. . . first CUT UR COAT TO YA SIZE!/ battles are for warriors, true, but victory be mine/ and if they ever said sumone beat me. . They meant he was stealing me lines/ deep in his mind/ he's really feeling this rhyme /cos iv attaind a DESIRABLE POSITION in rap, and i promise to make good of it/ so when i say they all LIKE MY STATUS. . . its not a FACEBOOK UPDATE!/
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 11:31pm On Nov 21, 2010
" if they ever said sumone beat me. . They meant he was stealing me lines"
I like that!!

Re: Flow For Rank by dawhizkid1(m): 10:51am On Nov 22, 2010
3D. . WAYRAY!!!
"When I school Cats on the Mic. . . I give 'em Sound Education". . I gbadun dis one!
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 12:51pm On Nov 22, 2010
Whoa. . . .I never knew 3D waz so ill. . .
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 2:18pm On Nov 22, 2010
I just dont know wat to say bro. . . .all i know is u damn well still on point of the game like decimal

@Ibime n DBR
Wats wrong wiv y'all these dayz. . . . .i mean i'm aboutta allege ya'll ni99az for commiting arson in here. . . .u're setting this thread ablaze mahn!. . .i had wanted to do somthn different but those explosions from u guys up there is making me go like. . . Yoh!

It's ur bud[/i]dy coming [i]verdant/
Swinging blade like Conan/
Always on pad n pen
I'm as wasteful as Hen/
Cos lyrically i'm buoyant/
Littluns be vigillant/
Cos me talons n fangs/. . . .
got ur back like i owe u one Mehn!/
a phuckn condolence/
In black jacket n black pants
that's how i make ma payments
Catch me in vestment/
of bullet proof preaching pestilence/
Distant such from devilment/
It's simply the element/
U'll discern no detriment/
If u'd be more sentient/
Address me a serpent/
My lineament is line management/ lol
We're getting paid off this page/
Better hide ur face behind curtails/
n keep that pace behind me space/
I hold tha 4 ace in this race/
So Mr. James i hardly[i][Hadley] Chase[/i]/
I ready got ma wage/
Ni99a pay me tha Homage/
'Fo this stutterer holla Hey[A]/
I'd get him all BC[Bizzy] n D[/b]e faced/
Leave him in d middle of now[b]H[/b]ere like [b]H
Stomp a bone outta ur waist/
Encage a flying grenade in ur ribcage/
Giving the seamstress helluva day/

Whew. . . . aint easier as i thot. . . .Ibime, DBR. . . .i wonder how many sweat roll out when u do this. . . .ROFLMAO. . . .Oh my! my
Re: Flow For Rank by jamez3d(m): 3:55pm On Nov 23, 2010
Wow, am humbled by d love. . DBR, whizkid and ibime. . Thanx 4 d big ups, just learning 4rm y'all d masters
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 8:36pm On Nov 23, 2010
Hey 3D i just read ur lines n dat popped a questn on ma lips. . . .were u a hidden lethal weapon or u was a diamond in d dirt dat just got found?

b4 u SUIT URSELF. . . first CUT your COAT TO YA SIZE!/ battles are

and if they ever said sumone beat me. . They meant he was stealing me lines

Luv em

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