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The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 3:45pm On Dec 08, 2014
Hello naiaralanders! This is an excerpt of the beginning of the fourth season of my series The Blue House which I have decided to share on his platform. Please read, leave your CONSRUCTIVE comments and share.

The Blue House S04 E01
Everyday on the way from school Ayodele was on the lookout for Peace; his mother hadn’t listened to him and his only hope was to appeal to Peace. He had even tried to talk to Brother Tunji but that hadn't gone well at all. The man had chased him away and warned him never to come back, how dare he accuse him of such a thing? He had grown lean and had become even more introverted. As usual he lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling pondering how to get out of the mess he was in.
As usual, Joke burst into his room again.
Ayodele shook his head, his sister could never change and he had grown used to her ways. Ironically, Joke had proven to be his only friend in this whole mess.
"What do you want?"
"Why are you lying here alone?" Joke flopped on to the bed beside him.
"I want to be alone."
"No you don't. Ayo you have to forget about that girl and move on with your life."
"That's easy for you to say, I’m going to be a father some months from now..."
"And that'll make me an aunt. Wow!" Joke said suddenly rising up in realization. She sighed and flopped back on the bed. "What do you want to call it... her, him?" Ayodele shot her an unbelieving look. "Do you want a boy or a girl?"
"Joke." Ayodele said simply, not sure of how to respond to his sister’s line of thought.
"You have to start thinking of a name. I have thought of two- Edward if it's a boy and Clarissa if it's a girl." Joke said with a huge smile on her face.
In spite of himself, Ayodele laughed hard- it was the first time in a long time. "Joke!" he said again and burst into another round of laughter.
"So you like it abi?"
"Joke that baby is not mine."
"So whose is it?"
"I don't know..." Ayodele said as non-chalantly as possible but Joke caught the look on his face.
"What is going on? Do you know who got Peace pregnant?"
"How can I know that?" Ayodele attempted feebly to defend himself.
"You're hiding something! Tell me what it is."
"Joke you really have to learn to mind your own business, if you have any questions you should ask Peace." Ayodele snapped at her half-heartedly.
"So you know who got her pregnant and you're covering for him. Are you stupid?!"

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 3:28pm On Dec 09, 2014
The Blue House S04 E02

Effiong burst into the room where Olayinka had been folding the laundry. She dropped the cloth startled.
“What happened? What is going on?” She hadn’t seen Effiong like this since the night he slapped her.
Effiong paced the room huffing and puffing, muttering under his breath and shaking his head.
“Would you please tell me what is going on? Effiong?”
“Where were you today?”
“Where was I?” Olayinka repeated the question unconsciously, why would Effiong ask her such a question? Had he been monitoring her movements again?
“Answer the question!” his hands were on his waist now and he stared at her daring her to lie to him.
“I went for a couple of meetings to… today…” Olayinka stood up and stuttered trying to recollect her the events of her day.
“Yes….?” Effiong prompted impatiently.
“Then I went to the mall to check out some stuff for the event next week… then I went to pick up the kids and we came straight home.”
Effiong shook his head. “Is that all?”
“Th… that’s all I can remember… nothing unusual happened… oh and I saw an old classmate of mine!”
“At the mall, he was doing some shopping too…”
“And then what happened?”
“Effiong… let’s not do this please… I had a drink with him and we caught up on old times. Nothing else happened.”
“Really? So why were you giggling and tapping his hands often?”
Olayinka was astonished. “Effiong did you have me followed or did you follow me?”
“I have my sources….”
“Well I’d like to know them! Did you have me followed?”
“No I didn’t.” Effiong finally replied somewhat awkwardly, realizing how silly he must have sounded. “Someone saw you.”
Olayinka sighed and sat down on the bed. “Effiong we can’t work things out between us if you can’t trust me.”
Effiong laughed. “That’s a scarce commodity in this marriage…”

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 1:42pm On Dec 10, 2014
The Blue House S04 E03

As Ronke walked into the house with the baby she could feel her children staring at her and she was prepared for all their reactions- theirs and their father’s. She set her bag down and looked up at Joke who was still staring at her in surprise.
“Get me some water to drink please.”
“Mummy you braided your hair!” Joke said still stunned.
“What will Daddy say?” Ayodele asked equally stunned.
“I like it! You look beautiful.” Posi said as innocently as a child who didn’t know the gravity of what his mother had done. The family’s church had an unspoken rule against the use of hair extensions and relaxers and Ronke until now had faithfully adhered to this rule ever since she had become a member.
“Thank you my dear.” Ronke said warmly to Posi.
“But what will Daddy say?” Ayodele asked again.
“Adejoke where is my water?” Ronke asked wiping her face with a handkerchief.
“I’m coming ma.” Joke ran off hastily to get the water, her mother had done something audacious.
Ayodele stared at his mother again, in spite of the fact that she looked nice he couldn’t imagine what his father’s reaction would be. Joke returned shortly with a cold glass of water balanced on a tray.
“Thank you.” Ronke took it and gulped it down gratefully, her head ached with all the prodding and pulling in different directions. Joke stood still, staring at her.
“I like it sha. Can I make it?” she finally asked.
Ronke laughed. “Ask your father!”
Joke folded her arms defiantly across her chest. “If you can do it then I can do it.”
“What will Daddy say?” Ayodele asked again.
His head told him that it was too soon, unwise and audacious but his heart couldn’t stop thinking about Ada, try as he did. She emitted a force that kept on pulling him towards her and the strange part was that she was totally unconscious of it. As far as Ada was concerned, she dearly loved Kunle’s little girl and that was all. Kunle could tell that he made her uncomfortable and he wondered how he could put an end to that, Ada was unlike any woman he had known. In all fairness, Banke was a good person who was fun to be with but there was something about Ada that had been lacking in Banke- she was mature and wise. He had first noticed it that first day when he had gone berserk grabbing Teniola from her.
He found it hard to concentrate on his work and he often found himself going to Helen’s house for the slightest reasons. Was it safe for Teniola to eat popcorn, could he buy another brand of diapers, he had heard her cry, was she alright? He bought snacks and chocolate, toys, movies, clothes, fruits, books, anything really just to have an excuse to knock on the door and see Ada.
Here he was again standing in front of the door with a pack of barbecued meat in his hands. He adjusted his shirt, smelt his breath and knocked on the door.

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 3:20pm On Dec 11, 2014
The Blue House S04 E04

Dapo drank the water hastily and set the glass down with a thump. “What is this?” he asked yet again.
“Braids.” Ronke maintained.
“What led you to do this?”
“Nothing, I wanted to change my hairstyle.”
“You wanted to change your hairstyle? And you decided to do something that is forbidden.”
“Forbidden by whom?”
“Ronke what has gotten into you?”
“Look Dapo I’m tired…”
“Since when did you start calling me by name?”
“Oh you expect me to call you “dear”? Well you’ve stopped being dear to me so from now it is Dapo”
“Since when did you start calling me by name?”
Dapo stood stunned staring at his wife who had even let the sacrilegious hair down.
“I’m going to bed.” Ronke dropped the bottle she had been holding in the kitchen and flipped her braids back as she walked past Dapo.
Dapo made for the door before he remembered that it was late at night. He grabbed his phone from the table and dialed his pastor’s number.
“Sir?” he began with a tremor in his voice. “My wife has braided her hair”

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 1:55pm On Dec 12, 2014
The Blue House S04 E05

Ada had stopped coming to his house and he almost never saw her whenever she was at her house, if he didn’t know better he would have said she was avoiding him but he hadn’t given her a reason to. Or had he? On the few occasion he did see her she always seemed to be in a hurry to get away.
Three weeks ago when he had been at her house he heard her talking in the sitting room as he was about to knock on the door, but when the door was opened she was nowhere to be found. Onyebuchi had said that she wasn’t around. That event answered his questions, Ada had realized that he liked her and didn’t share his feelings. She wanted to be left alone and he reluctantly accepted the message. His didn’t stop buying the Nwachukwus gifts but he stopped asking after Ada and even avoided seeing her. He had learnt from his past mistake not to hold on to a woman who didn’t want him.
He only thought of her this morning after his mother had called with a suggestion.
“Kunle you have to start thinking of your daughter.”
“I don’t understand.”
“You can’t take of that girl all on your own.”
“I’m not alone ma, I have people who help me.”
“Your neighbours? That’s not what I’m talking about. You need people who can look after that girl properly, she’s a girl you can’t afford to raise her wrongly.”
“My neighbours are doing a good job…”
“Do you know what happens when you’re not around? And that maid who is taking care of her, do you know what she does when you’re not home? The people who you say take care of her can’t take care of her like family.” Kunle held back his back his breath trying to keep his temper in check. “This is what I suggest, let her come and stay with me or stay with one of your older siblings who are more experienced than you are at parenting.”
Kunle rubbed his forehead, he understood that his mother was looking out for him but suggesting that his daughter live with someone else was unthinkable. Teniola had three females who loved her dearly, she was in good hands. Even if he didn’t have their help he couldn’t think of living without her.
“Mummy I understand your concern and I know you’re just looking out for us but I can’t take my daughter elsewhere to be raised. I may not have the experience but I’m willing to learn what it takes to be a good father to my daughter. She stays with me.”
“I knew that you might say this but I want you to consider your daughter’s welfare above yours. She needs a woman in her life and since you don’t have one bring her to me or take her to your sister’s.”
“Mummy I can’t take my daughter to live to elsewhere…”
“Are we strangers? You don’t trust us with your daughter?”
“I didn’t say that…”
“Kunle stop being selfish and bring her to me.”
“I can’t do that.”
“You’re being unreasonable. I’ll speak to those who can handle you.” And with that she hung up.
He had switched off his phone shortly after because he knew he wouldn’t be polite to the next person who called to make him feel incompetent in his role as a father. He would deal with them later. For now he was more concerned with his daughter and Banke was doing her best to frustrate him. In his view, the court was more sympathetic towards her just as he had been told they would be. He muttered another prayer under his breath for the sole custody of his daughter as he turned the corner to his street.

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 5:04pm On Dec 15, 2014
The Blue House S04 E06

“You’ve insisted on leaving this hair on abi?”
“Dapo please let’s move on to other matters, this is what I’ll be doing from now on. I intend to look good for myself.”
“Ronke who is influencing you? Who are the friends that are putting strange ideas in your head?”
“No one is doing anything, I made this decision myself.”
“I don’t believe you!”
“Dapo let’s talk about Ayodele and the baby that girl is carrying, what will happen when it is born?”
“What’s there to talk about? The pastor has said we should get a paternity test done when it is born.”
“It doesn’t matter what the test says, those people will insist that Ayodele got her pregnant. What are we going to tell people, especially our church members?”
“Oh so now you’re thinking about them? You didn’t consider that when you went to get this hair done…?” Dapo pointed at her hair.
“Dapo you’re…”
“Daddy? Daddy?” Joke called from the outside.
“Yes, what is it?” Dapo snapped.
“I think Peace’s parents are here.”
“What?” Dapo said dashing to the door and flinging it open. “Where are they?”
“In the sitting room.” Dapo pushed past her and headed towards the sitting room with Ronke just behind him.
“Good afternoon sir.” Peace’s father said rising when he saw Dapo walk in to the sitting room.
“Afternoon.” Dapo responded guardedly. He didn’t like the look on this man’s face. Iya Ibeji sat still folding her arms, she offered no greeting. “What can I do for you?” he asked sitting down with Ronke by his side.
“We wouldn’t have come to you if it wasn’t necessary but it is. Our daughter needs to start the antenatal care at the clinic close to our house and we need money to register her. Like I said we wouldn’t have come here but things are hard. The nurse in our compound says she needs to start seeing a doctor soon because she’s a teenager.
Dapo laughed. “You need money? How much is this money?”
“Twenty thousand naira.”
“We don’t have twenty thousand naira.”
“This is your grandchild…”
“That baby is not ours!” Ronke said angrily. “This is why I didn’t want us to accept that baby.” She said to Dapo. “Do you hear what they are saying now?”
“We don’t have the money.” Dapo said with finality.
“Alright.” Peace’s father said rising.
“You’re leaving just like that?” Iya Ibeji asked angrily, her husband was too gentle for her liking. These people definitely had the money, they just didn’t want to give it.
“What do you want me to do? Do you expect me to enter their house and take the money?”
“This is why I wanted Segun and Folarin to come with us. They would have shown these people.”
“Get out of my house!” Ronke shouted at them rising up. “You didn’t raise your daughter well and now you’re looking for someone who is gullible enough to pay for your mistakes…”
“How dare you…?”
“Out! Get out now!”
“Let’s go.” Baba Ibeji said to his wife, pulling her hand. “We’ve not come here to fight. You’re treating us shabbily because we have not taken this matter to the police right? We give you three days to come up with the money otherwise we are going to the police and the whole world will know what is going on in this house.” He half-dragged Iya Ibeji to the door.
Dapo and Ronke turned towards each other when the door was closed.
“They dare not.” Ronke said shaking her head unbelievingly.
Dapo leaned forward with his hands in his head. “It is better for us to pay the money and avoid any trouble with the police. I don’t want my name in the newspaper because of that girl.”

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 4:28pm On Dec 16, 2014
The Blue House S04 E07

“I’m so sorry.” Ada cried beside Kunle who stopped crying after a while. “What can be done? Can you appeal or something?”
“Yeah, I can. I plan to. The good thing is that she doesn’t have permanent custody. It’s temporary.”
“I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?”
Kunle laughed. “I don’t know, I doubt that there’s anything you can do to help.” He saw the look on Ada’s face. “I know you don’t like me romantically and that’s fine, I appreciate all you’ve done for me and Teni already.”
Ada looked away, she couldn’t exactly say that she didn’t like him romantically. “Okay, if you need me I’m a door away!” she said as cheerfully as she could.
“Thanks.” Kunle said wearily.
Ada walked out of the house and thought about what had just happened. In the twinkling of an eye she had lost Teni, not that she was ever truly hers, but now she realized how precious the girl had become to her. She had felt responsible for her in a way that she couldn’t explain and now that she had been taken away she felt an ache in her heart that was so heavy it made her cry. Would she ever see her again? Would she be alright with Banke? She thought about all this as she entered her house and saw Helen and Obiora sitting and talking.
“Sorry dear.” Helen said to her knowing how close she had been to the girl.
“Yeah, I miss her already. How will she cope in a strange place? She didn’t even want to go with her mother, why couldn’t the woman just leave her alone?”
Helen smiled. “She’s her mother, she believes the girl is better off with her than with anyone else.”
“What if she’s wrong and Teni is better here with us?
“Well we’ll have to find that out. How’s Kunle doing?”
“He’s shattered. I think he just wants to be left alone. I’m going in.” she stood up and left.
“Helen what’s going on between my sister and Kunle? Are they dating or something?”
“No they’re not. Why did you ask?”
“Why did Ada go into his house, and what’s with the closeness between her and Teni?”
“She must have gone to comfort him and I believe she just really loves the girl, no strings attached. Even if there are, Ada is not a little girl. She knows what she’d doing.”
“Kunle is Yoruba, separated, and with a kid. Is she prepared to handle that? Is that what a young girl like her really wants?”
“They can always work those issues out.”
“Really? So now you’re the matchmaker?”
“No…I’m not, I’m just saying if she likes him she’s mature enough to know what she wants and how to handle their differences.”
“Really? You would advise your own sister to have an inter-tribal marriage with a divorcee?”
“Obi you forget how close Ada and I are to each other. She’s more than an in-law to me, she’s my sister, my younger sister and I look out for her.”
Obiora was silent for a while. “Has Kunle said anything to her?”
“Not that I know of. Look Obi there’s nothing to be worried about. Ada is old enough to know what she’s doing.”
“I don’t like it.” Obiora said pensively.

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 3:41pm On Dec 17, 2014
The Blue House S04 E08

“Thank God you’re here! I can’t stop her from crying!” Banke said ushering her mother into the house where she found Teni sucking on her thumb and crying.
“Have you checked her diapers?”
“I’ve done everything! I even sang her favourite song from when she was a baby, she kept quiet for a while and then started crying again.”
Banke’s mother sat and carried Teniola. “Hello darling, why are you crying? Are you hungry?” The little girl continued to cry as much as both women tried to pacify her. “Have you asked Peace what they do to comfort her?”
Banke huffed. “How can I ask Peace? She’s the maid, how would that make me look?”
“Then I think we better call her father.”
“God forbid it, I’m not calling Kunle and giving him a chance to gloat.”
“Banke this pride of yours will put you in trouble if you don’t get it under control. How long will you watch her cry?”
Banke pondered her mother’s suggestion for a few minutes then grabbed her phone. “What do I tell him?”
“You tell him his daughter is crying and she won’t stop and that he should please tell you what you can do.”
“He should please tell me?”
“You took her away from him and then you’re calling to say she’s crying. Does it sound right for you to be rude about it?”
“The court gave me custody.”
Banke stared at her mother, shocked to discover that she had no sympathy for her in the situation. “You think she was better off with Kunle.”
“Honestly, yes. See how well she looks, you can’t deny that she was happy with him or that he has been doing a good job.”
“He’s her father, it’s expected of him.”
Her mother shook her head. “Just make the call.”
Banke jabbed at her phone as she dialed Kunle’s umber. He didn’t pick up on the first call. She tried again, this time he did.
“What do you want?”
“Hello Kunle… she’s crying…”
“I can hear that… what happened?”
“She’s been crying this way since yesterday.”
“Where’s Peace?”
“She’s somewhere in the house.”
“Let me talk to her.”
“I’m her mother….”
“You’re the last person I want to talk to… let me talk to Peace.”

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 2:44pm On Dec 18, 2014
The Blue House S04 E09

Joy was happy to be with Teni, her mother barely knew anything about her or had the time to find out. She was always busy with work and often came home late, apparently she had changed her job because her previous one didn’t take up as much of her time as it did now. Teni was gradually getting used to the change in environment because she was there with her, although there were times she’d call out desperately for her Dad, Helen and Ada. Everyday when she picked her up from the crèche, she secretly wished that Ada would come to take them home and everything would be back to the way it used to be. She wondered how Kunle was faring without them, were Helen and Ada missing them as much as she hoped they were? Most of all she wondered if they would go back and when.
Banke had changed her school and she didn’t like it. She found the place to be more disorganized than her previous one; the teachers were sketchy with their tutelage, preferring to sell them study items and the students were a rowdy lot. She was yet to make any friends or have a favourite teacher, she went to school, paid attention in class, did what she was told to do and went home as soon as the day was over. Banke’s home on the island was a block of apartments where everybody kept to themselves so there was little room to build any friendship with other maids. She was lonely except for Teni’s company and didn’t have extra cash to call Kunle, Ada, or Helen- Banke made sure of that. Apart from her transportation fare she had no money. With Kunle she had had more cash, he always left something for her to buy anything that was necessary while he was gone.
She shifted in her bed as she wondered yet again when Banke would come home. It was ten-thirty and she wasn’t back yet. Why did she bring them here when she knew she would barely be around? She was sure that she was out with her boyfriend again. She’d met him and she didn’t like him, what kind of man would allow a mother stay out that late knowing she had a child at home? Sometimes she wondered what had happened to her boss, she was different from the person she used to know. The front door opened and she heard Banke laugh.
“You’re still awake?” Banke said as soon as she saw her.
“Yes ma. Welcome ma, welcome sir.” She said to George who had come in behind her.
“Why are you still awake? Is Teni alright?”
“Yes she is ma. I was studying for a test.”
“Okay, what did Teni eat?”
“Noodles and egg.”
“Okay. And what about you?”
“Okay, go to bed.”
“Yes ma, goodnight ma, goodnight sir.”
Banke nodded and George raised a hand in acknowledgement. He was unbuttoning his shirt and had kicked off his shoes. Was he spending the night? She hoped not.

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 7:20pm On Dec 22, 2014
The Blue House S04 E11

For the first time in a long time, Dapo considered the possibility that he had made a mistake. Raising children with the right morals and good Christian values had been his greatest pride as a parent but in the past few months everything had been tested- his capabilities as a parent was tested. It was this, his seeming incompetence as a father that annoyed him the most about the whole pregnancy episode. His reputation had been tarnished, he and his family had been the image of the perfect family, church members rallied to him for advice and encouragement and he had relished the position of authority it gave him. To think that those same people would be praying for him, gossiping about him or pitying him was a devastating blow to his self-esteem. Ronke had said that he had to own up to his mistakes, to be a man. He had never thought he’d hear those words from her mouth, she had challenged his manhood.
In spite of how much he would have loved to exonerate himself he couldn’t ignore this- Ayodele had fallen prey to the corrupt guidance of his barber because he had failed to provide an alternative. He couldn’t remember a time when he had spoken to him about what manhood meant. He had never explained to his son that manhood was more than the capability to make love to a woman or procreate. Here, he had been wrong. Finally admitting this brought about a pain that was even more than that of a soiled reputation and for days he had wondered how he could ever turn the situation around.
Ronke came into the room with their baby girl on her back and here again he was reminded of another error- he hadn’t forgiven Ronke for being pregnant again and had carried that resentment out on the girl. He could only remember carrying her a few necessary times, no one even dared suggest that he carry her or talked about her to him. Ronke went about the room rearranging things and ignored his presence just like the children did. They avoided him and only spoke to him when necessary. What would become of him when he got older? By then the children would be more sympathetic towards their mother and it would be difficult for him to undo his actions as a father.
“Dear?” he called out to Ronke. “Dear?” Ronke looked at him startled as if it was the weirdest thing he had ever said to her. “Can we talk?”
Ronke stood baffled wondering what had possessed her husband to call her “dear” again after almost a year. It had been “Mummy Ayo” or “Ronke” for a while now. “O…okay…” she took a seat apart from him and loosened the wrapper that held the baby.
“Let me carry her.” Dapo held out his hands.
“Please let me carry her.”
Ronke handed the child to him speechless and watched as Dapo kissed and cuddled her. She opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words to express her shock so she left it open.
“I have been wrong.” Dapo said to her sullenly. “I want us to fix our family.”
Ronke could only nod.
“First let’s talk about Ayodele.”
“I honestly think we should leave things as they are. Even though she was raped, Ayodele still slept with that girl. The only guarantee we have is the test. I doubt that her parents even know the truth…”
“So you’re saying we should leave them alone? What about that barber? Are we going to leave him alone too?”
“I will speak with him, but we don’t have any proof so we can’t accuse him or report him to the police.” Ronke thought about what he said. “What’s done is done. Let’s move forward.”

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Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 2:33pm On Dec 23, 2014
The Blue House S04 E12

Ronke stared at Iya Ibeji as her customer left. She knew she was here for money again and she was determined not to give it. Her husband had said they should leave things as they were and wait for the baby to be born but he hadn’t said anything about giving Iya Ibeji money. Not that he needed to, she could see Iya Ibeji for what she was, a stubborn leech.
“What do you want?” she asked coolly.
“Peace needs money, she’s not eating well and we both know how important it is for a pregnant woman to eat well.”
“I don’t have any money to give you, you can come back and see my husband.”
Iya Ibeji laughed a cold laughter. “You just sold goods worth five hundred naira. I’ll take that.”
“The money belongs to my business, it’s not my personal money.”
“You and your business are one and the same. Don’t waste my time please, the day is almost over.”
“It is you who shouldn’t waste your time, I’ve already told you that I don’t have the money. Come back and see my husband.”
“You’re testing my patience, I may not be as rich as you are but I know my rights and I know what I can do to make your life miserable.”
Ronke’s eyes widened. “Are you threatening me? Iya Ibeji are you threatening me?”
“I gave you my daughter and you allowed your son to turn her into a plaything. Now she’s pregnant and you’re denying that the baby belongs to your son. Aren’t you the one who is threatening my peace and the peace of my family?”
“You’re the one who wants to give my son a child that isn’t his. Ask your daughter who else she’s been with!”
“I will be back soon and when I do I won’t come back alone. By the time I run down your business you will realize the stuff I’m made of.” Iya Ibeji flipped back her shawl and stomped off.
“If anything happens to my business the police will hear about it!” Ronke shouted after her. Rubbing her forehead, she cursed the day she accepted Peace into her home then she reached for her phone to call Dapo.
Iya Ibeji climbed the platform in front of her house calling Peace’s name. More infuriated that the girl hadn’t responded she went into the house and found her asleep on a mattress in the other room where she and her siblings slept. Raising her two hands she brought them down heavily on the girl’s back as she jumped up terrified.
“So you’re here sleeping while your father and I are busy slaving ourselves because of your promiscuity!”
Peace wailed. “I’m sorry ma. I just slept off after I finished washing the clothes.”
“So because you washed clothes that is enough reason for you to sleep for the rest of the day right? Where are the yam slices I asked you to sun dry?”
Iya Ibeji slapped her. ”Are you also deaf?”
“They’re outside…”
“Outside where?” Iya Ibeji asked afraid, the yam slices were to be sundried so that she could mill them to make amala. Her sister who came from their village had brought them. “Stand up and come and show them to me!”
Peace trembled as she stood. She was supposed to be watching the slices so that goats wouldn’t eat them. If her mother hadn’t seen them on her way in, the goats must have eaten them. She scratched her head nervously as she walked to the front of the house hastily. There were a few pieces of yam scattered all over the ground where she had put them.
“Where are they?” he mother asked.
Peace put her hands on her head and began to cry. “They were here ma. I put them here while I was washing and then…”
“You went inside to sleep and goats ate them right?”
“I’m sorry ma!”
“You’re sorry! The wicked people who allowed their son to use you have also refused to give us money to take care of you and that child you’re carrying and you allowed goats to eat up my yam? Where do I get the money to replace it, ehn? That boy’s mother insulted me all the way to my fourth generation and you’re here saying you’re sorry, by the time I’m through with you, you’ll be very sorry.” Before Peace could respond she slapped her and then again, she continued to beat her until the girl couldn’t take it anymore and she ran out into the street.
The biker saw the girl just in time to slam on the breaks but not quick enough not to hit her to the ground.

Read the rest here : www.omololaopatayo.
Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 4:40pm On Dec 24, 2014
The Blue House S04 E13

Joy kept running until she realized that George wasn’t chasing her. She stopped momentarily and observed herself; her skirt was torn in front and she was holding the pieces in one trembling hand. She touched her face with her other hand and felt the welt on her face where George had slapped her. Her skin was burned where the hot rice had poured on her and her fingers were inflamed from carrying the hot pot. She began to cry feeling ashamed, terrified and in pain. If only she hadn’t let him in knowing what he had done before. Where could she go? Her only thought was to call Kunle but she had no money.
A black SUV pulled up in front of her and a woman’s head peeked above the glass.
“Hello dear, what happened to you?”
Joy looked around wondering if she could trust this woman in a black tinted vehicle. “I need money to call my Uncle.”
“No problem. But please tell me, who did this to you?” the woman asked again, coming out of the car this time around. She was a middle-aged, elegantly dressed woman.
Joy looked into her eyes and saw that she could trust her, she looked genuinely worried about her. “Somebody tried to rape me.” She said embarrassed.
“Who was it?”
“My madam’s boyfriend.”
“Come into the car, people are staring at you.” Joy looked up and saw that people were really staring at her but how could she get into a stranger’s car after what she had just been through?
“It’s alright.” The woman said reading her mind. “My daughter is in the car too.” she opened the door and truly her daughter was there typing away on her tablet. “Please come in.”
Joy hesitantly got into the car.
“This is my daughter Tega, and I am Mrs. Williams” Jane finally looked up and stared at Joy, horrified at her disheveled appearance and wondering why her mother always took people like this in. Mrs. Williams asked Joy to explain what had happened and how it had happened. She tearfully described her ordeal and stressed her need to speak with Kunle because Teniola was alone with George in the house. At this Mrs. Williams asked the driver to turn around towards Banke’s house, in her experience people like George usually found someone else to carry out their evil devices on.
At the house they found Teniola crying at the top of her voice, George was nowhere to be found. He had evidently taken off to get himself treated and abscond from the trouble that Joy’s escape would bring. Teniola was unharmed but terrified from being alone in the house. Joy hastily turned off the gas that she had left on and opened the windows.
After establishing that Teniola was safe and Kunle could be trusted, Mrs. Williams decided to call him.
Kunle was happy again, all wasn’t as he wanted it to be but he’d found a new happiness in Ada’s company. His lawyer hadn’t inspired much hope about him regaining custody of Teniola so now they were working on his visitation rights. Ada had proved to be a great support for him during his moments of depression and although he had earlier established that she didn’t like him romantically he doubted that she felt the same way now.
He couldn’t deny his feelings for Ada anymore and in spite of all he had been through with Banke he was considering making things official with Ada. This morning he had called to ask her out on a date, if all went well he would tell her how he felt and hopefully get a positive answer from her. His countenance was considerably cheerful and he became more restless as the hours went by. Making sure that his table was clear at the end of the day he picked up his briefcase and headed for his car.
“Hey!” Nkechi called out to him.
Kunle didn’t want to be delayed. “Hi, I’m in a hurry.”
“Yeah I see that. Just wanted to wish you all the best.” Kunle raised an eyebrow wondering what she was talking about. “Okay I confess I overheard your conversation with her….” Kunle rolled his eyes. “So I’m wishing you all the best. You deserve to be happy.”
“Thanks!” Kunle replied gratefully quickening his steps towards the car park. He was about to pull out of his spot when his phone rang. He glanced at hit and saw it was a number he didn’t know. He ignored it, whatever it was could wait. His phone rang two more times before he finally decided to answer it.
“Hello!” He said impatiently
“Hello sir! Uncle Kunle!”
Kunle recognized Joy’s now hysterical voice and he promptly turned off the engine. “Joy! Are you okay? What happened, where’s Teni?”
“He wanted to rape me!” she cried.
“Uncle George.”
Banke’s new boyfriend? He knew that guy was up to no good. But if she was calling him where was Teni? “Where’s Teni?”
“She’s here with me.”
“Where are you?”
“I’m at home…”
“With George?!”
“No Sir, he ran away. I’m here with Mrs. Williams, she found me and brought me back to check on Teniola.”
Kunle was in a daze wondering where Banke was when all this was going on. “Let me talk to her.”
“Hello sir.” Mrs. William’s calmly spoke.
“Hello Madam, I’m Kunle Agunbiade I’m Teniola’s father. Thank you so much for taking care of her, please help me ensure that they’re safe. I’ll be there in a short while.”
“Alright sir, drive carefully, we’ll wait for you.” Mrs. Williams handed the phone back to Joy.
“Hello sir.” She said into the receiver.
“I’m coming there now okay, wait for me.” He cranked up the engine towards her destination, all thoughts of his date with Ada gone.

Read the full story here : www.omololaopatayo.
Re: The Blue House by OmololaOpatayo: 3:52pm On Dec 26, 2014
The Blue House S04 E14

Banke walked into George’s hospital room and saw him lying on his stomach, his head was facing the opposite direction. His skin was baldly scalded from the hot rice Joy had poured over him. She stood still not sure what to believe, Kunle had told his version of the story and so had George but why would either of them lie? Don’t be so quick to judge she told herself, he loves me. George had heard someone come in but whoever it was wasn’t saying anything.
“Banke?” he called out lying still because of the pain on his back. “Is that you baby?”
“Yes George it’s me.” Banke replied weakly turning to his side and facing him, she saw the agony of his suffering on his face. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m in a lot of pain. What took you so long?”
Banke pulled a chair closer and sat beside him. “I went home to check on Teni and I heard some stories, I want you to tell me the truth, what happened George?”
“It’s just like I told you, she attacked me.”
“But why would she do that, Joy is not a violent person?”
“I was surprised too. I thought I’d look after them for you because you had already told me that you’d be home late.” He winced, bobbing his head every now and then as he spoke was painful.
“Take your time.” Banke said gently.
“When I got there I was hungry, so I told Joy to cook me something and that’s when she started acting up.”
“Acting up?”
“Yeah, she got disrespectful, telling me that I had no right to ask her to do anything because I’m not her boss. I wanted to scold her but I let it go. An hour later she still hadn’t brought me anything to eat so I called her and asked what was up, but she was rude again…” he winced again. “Eventually I told her to watch how she was speaking to me… it’s all hazy but we started to argue then she went into the kitchen, came out and poured hot rice all over me.”
The story made no sense to Banke, Joy was far from being confrontational and she had always known her to be respectful. That she would pour a hot pot of rice all over George because they got into an argument was a hard thing to believe. George could sense her doubts.
“You don’t believe me right?”
Banke sighed. “It’s a hard story to believe George. I heard that her clothes were torn and she had bruises on her private part, how do you explain that?”
“Babe you have to believe me, I didn’t touch that girl. She’s younger than my youngest sibling for crying out loud! She must have torn her clothes herself…”
“And her private part? Did she do that to herself?”
“Is it going to be her word against mine? You know me!”
“I don’t know George…” Banke said looking away, she wanted to believe George was telling the truth. The problem was that she did believe George was lying.
Banke drove home thinking about the events of the past months with George, wondering if he had ever shown any attribute of a molester. He had been a good friend to her and lavished her with the attention and gifts that Kunle hadn’t. He never nudged her or made her doubt her own convictions, he had let her be herself. He was good looking, smart, rich and from a wealthy family. What more could a woman ask for? On the other hand, she thought of the fact that George hadn’t seemed the least remorseful after the first time they had sex despite the fact that she was still married. But that was a male thing right? She also thought of the morning he had a strange lip allergy and Joy had coincidentally gotten into a fight that got her lips bruised. Had that been a sign she ignored? She thought of all these as she got home and surveyed everywhere.
There was no single grain of rice on the sitting room floor but Joy had probably swept it clean to corroborate her rape story. It wasn’t until she go into the kitchen that she saw the rice on the floor. Hadn’t George said that Joy attacked him in the sitting room?
She dialed Kunle’s number.
“What is it?” Kunle asked agitated.
“Please let me talk to Joy.”
“What for?”
“Please Kunle, I need to talk to her.”
Kunle was silent for a while. “I don’t believe you, you actually think he’s innocent! Hold on for her.”
After a while Joy came to the phone. “Hello ma.” she spoke in a subdued voice.
“Joy… what happened? Tell me the truth.”
Joy told her everything and she finally believed that George had been lying to her. “Thank you.” she said in a choked voice, hung up and slumped to the floor. What kind of man had she been sleeping with? What kind of man had she left Kunle for?

Read the full story here : www.omololaopatayo.

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