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2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher - Rap Battles - Nairaland

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Nairaland Audio Rap Cypher 2015 / WHO IS THE FIRST HIP HOP RAPPER IN NIGERIA? / Rap Cypher Challenge (2) (3) (4)

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2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:12pm On Dec 21, 2014

As the year 2014 is finally rounding up, the Nairaland rap section has decided to end it on a high note with a Mind blowing Rap Cypher comprising of the most consistent, dopest, talented and creative Emcees(Rappers) on Nairaland in 2014.
*This is the first Rap Cypher to be held on Nairaland and hopefully it would be something done Annually to promote the Hip-Hop movement in Nigeria, for Entertainment ,show case of skill e.t.c.
* For those that don't know what a Rap cypher is--
*it is when a group of Emcees spit verses in turns.
In this case its gonna be text and online..
*And a cypher verse is in a freestyle pattern--that means its not on a Particular topic and Emcees have the freedom and can rap whatever they want and however they want it.

*So expect to see a festival of bars...
metaphors,similes, Braggadocio, Analogies, Dissing of imaginary opponents( i like to call this-shadow boxing),Humour,Punchlines,Wordplay,Puns,Multisyllabic Rhymes,Story telling,Hyperboles, Paradoxes..etcetera.
*The verses are below... 
*And after reading all the verses-- Please comment and state your favourite three verses...
* Please, there should be no derailing, trolling or maniacal acts...
*No unnecessary comments also....

Aight...Enough talk.....let's roll...

The verses are below---and please don't forget to "Like and Share"...

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:12pm On Dec 21, 2014
DarkRebel a.k.a Shawarma

Am donning a trench coat....
A fine dry-cleaned Pant/ a dark Satin and/ a black Viking Hat/
My Fashion is proof....am extremely Carnage/
An Angered Godzilla....a beast on rampage/ that ll' quote a Native...Nigerian Adage/ and win crowds with my Pidgin...or the Zyrian Language/
I ll' give Baraka your coccyx....to have your Spine Removed/
While I play 'Eric Harris'...and Columbine your Schools/
With some jagged asss tools/...a heckler koch...and two Carbine Rifles/
Then i ll' ship you to Jews...and contempted Gentiles/
Satanic and evil...are terms in my credentials/
And my Bio's encrypted.....on Page Ten of the X-Files/
So open and scan....and read it in the Sun-Set/
You ll' find me shocking...like Maheeda in a Convent/
and i ll' be consciously spewing....these words of wisdom/
Cos i was born in a manger...and there was lot of boredom/ till the three wise men....brought glocks from London/ and presented me gold....a jar of myrrh...and a Box of Condoms/
So Obviously...am a Sinner,Yes/
i toured "Adeboye's Church" .....to "Redeem" myself/
But am still demonic....and a didactic leader/ that's never nervous....am not frantic either/ and i ll' brang the ether/ till your vocal cord...is hacked and withered/
Fore' i spill your guts...in my frigging "Closet" ....like "Harpic" Nigga!!/
Am Allosaurus too....and you ll' be ruffled with blades/
Including your Christians...cos am dropping grenades/ in their godly crusades/
Am in fact "Jim Jones"....and the gospel i preach....is of 'Purple Kool Aid'/
And when i  sight a spinster....that's singing a sad tune/
I ll' 'propose to her'...with the 'Rings' of Saturn/
And during ccopulation....she ll' be ffucked amidst cries/ till I cum on her thighs/
Then she ll' blow my 'conch' ....like ''Skinny Little Ralph''....in 'Lord of the Flies' /
And your Chick's Uterus?....is yesterday's news/
Cos I smoked her hole....and got so
"high" ....like Denrele's Shoes /
I ll' impair your genetics....by treating your Helix/ like it's guitar strings....Am Jimi Hendrix/
And my wild witty written...is reason you breathing/
Plus i don't need a "Vowel" ....to give you the "RHYTHM" /
And A single Metaphor ...will have you shrieking and panting/..trembling and gasping...and screaming like Banshees/
Call me 'Percy Jackson'...for my skills are frightening/
If i grab Zeus scabbard....'its to steal his lightening'/
And it on your navels....that my rockets will land on/
While am deciphering codes...like Robert Langdon/
That ll' leave you puppets...and wimps dumbfounded/ and have your thoughts racing....like 'Midtown Madness'/
So brand me "Steve Jobs" ....know my lines are ample/ and if you dare Covet...you ll' be damned and tackled/
When i glue my ''Phone'' .....to your ''Cousin's lungs''....that's an Adam's "Apple" /
And for boasting of ''watts''...i ll' select "insulators"/ and have you crawling....or trekking to bus-stops/
Fore' I "hang you on Danfo" ....that's an "Electric Conductor" /
And stop claiming you street....you a stagnant leper/ you ain't tough or thug...you redundant fella/
And you ain't a ''Dawg" .... "you only watch sheeps in Berlin" ..... "A German Shepherd" !/
And if you 'animation'....you ll' be clubbed, flogged and bruised/
Cos like "Hentai PPorn"....you a "FFucked up Cartoon"/
And am Tarzan with Hoes...cos am swinging on Broads/
ve' Mastered ''Pointillism''...am King of the 'Dot' /
And my team's prolific...nobody can best us/
If you sleek....we are sleeker.... You better don't vex us/
And if you sick....we are ''Sicker" .... "No Mother Confessor" !/
And for tryna ball like Pele/ I ll' put your "Asss" in your "Stomach" ....like 'OMAWUNMI' .....that's a "BOTTOM BELLE" /
And you can call me  'Monkey'....or a hopeless Bozo/
But know my "Brain's Huge"....''Am Mojo JoJo"/
And deeply rooted in me...are great unused Powers/
If I was "Mary Slessor" ....i ll' save the "Twin Towers" /
Or instead of that...i ll' hire goons/ to batter you/
Am the type to cure Cancer....with Baba Blue/
And in your windpipe...i ll' thrust rusty stilettos/
i got fresh "Peppers''...but like 'Movie reviews'.....you eat "Rotten Tomatoes''/
Don't bother to query....of course am banging/ i ran tracks with a Wolf...and came out smashing/
I even ran "tracks" with a "Savage" ....like "PatoRanking" /
And i ll' munch these ovaries...with nice eggs and bread/
And when Adversaries lead...i ll' use my strength and stealth/ to cop "Grand Pa's bulb"....now am ''Light" years Ahead"/
With a jersey on my back....your death will be hollow/
Cos am a deadly 'Super Striker'....like "Shegs Okoro"/
Am Emperor Nero...and you a ugly  Buffalo/
I even banged a princess...and bust the Queen's AAnal/
But if you bragging....that you straffing the "Queen" ....you must be ffucking "Green Arrow" /
Am an Alpha predator...you a cub in the game/ and am called Michael...by my lovers and dames/
Ask "Mariah Carey" ...she ll' tell you
Shawarma...is my ffucking "Nick-Name" /
You ll' be crushed and rough handled/ cuffed and in shackles/
And like "Christ at 12"...the bullet I ll" shoot...will be "Lost in your Temple"/
I despise Mankind..i want it destroyed and blown off/ I hate YOU,YOU,YOU..i want your guts in my doughnut/
I hate every "tom, dick and Harry"/...especially "Harry" /....so call me "Voldemort" !!/

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:14pm On Dec 21, 2014

Three years representing.... I've been in practise/ at this point; I'm
supposed to be married to The Game like Tiffney Cambridge!!/
Battle-wise, never was I the first to pull triggers/ buh I ended few
bullets always going round these animals...... like Restless zoo keepers!!/
I had the world in my palm/.... from the dawgs to the kats/
JigSaw and I on FFR, we shook the walls to the ground/
Back to Back disses, 'swot we do, raising up wars from the sands/
Constantly flipping these schemes.......... with the Laws of karma!!/
alotta thugs on my back.....
and my hommies too/
Now I've got more eyes on me......... than the Frozen Foods!!!/ I culd
brag to rap in line/ buh I'm glad I'm rap inclined/
Hip hop without me..... is like a man without his spine!!/
I get dewormed on every joint....yall long to see my sh*t!/
Lyrically droppin' sick beds...... Nobody wants to sleep on it!!/
I'm a staff in the buisness/
you fellas' raps are for children/
I'm `above ground level`...... Like a house in its Lintel!!/ I'm like
this man must be lifted/ so I packed the hot girls/
those at the top dey use "Jazz"? Oya pass the "drumset"/ Buh really, I
had enough said/ the truth we have is not heard/ Cos if actually....
It was the survival of the 'fittest'..... Giyaz would have been Long
'No shots', to be sincere; you cnt even see me on boxers!/
schooling these dawgs, my book o' rhymes is kept under their Lockers!!/
my lyricism is witnessed in hell/ monetary wise? the biggest to spend/
I'm raising money, yu raising dust..... Nigga fuckit' the difference is clear!!/
Rappers be slumbering recently..... they burst and fans becomes dizzy/
these emcees are 'Nothing good'; on every bout, they 'come easy'!!/
Buh I've got the shitt mastered/ a Lord to these rascals/
Call me the roof of an Orphanage; I'm on top of these bastards!!/
technically the cause of these hazzards/ as my brain spawning arrows/
I'm a god in this game...... and I aint talking Kratos!/
this nigger a doppe fella/
Getting enuff o' those cheddahs/
I dey make my doe'.... Una dey 'Carry Lime for head' like Agbo
Sellers!!/ Buh nigga Wait, Dnt Quiver/ I'm just about to go realer/
Phoenix was the wolf pack.... and Lime'Rick be the show killer/ back
then, my 'wolfpack' harboured the best...... we were doppe and
flawless/ we took the road for drugheads/ buh when it sloped we
and they culd all confess they f*cked up... If these blokes are honest/
So I 'quickly left the pack'..... Like I stole a wallet!!/ fuckit I'm
so dishonest/ the truth only stood in my bullet/ and when I shoot, its
delibrate/ the original King of the South..... who tha f*ck are these
dudes to have claimed it/
I'm talkin' 6ix and Slimbuck..... I terrorized the east and the
north..... with perfect 'deliveries, all thrice as good' as a
'triplet'!!!/ Ok Lets assume they were gifted/ they still best
regarding me/ cuz I've kicked more bars than obsessed detergents
freaks/ I'm a dad to these fakers/ anyone bragging they greater/ would
be neatly kept in a bag...... thats their bodies packaged by mayers!!/
I'm a beast and a demon/ from the pit of the Legion/ Battling me is
like a friend request from an Ifa priest to Olympus/
Cuz you'd drop dead when I scatter yo' body.... and leave it in bits
like its pixels/ but then, I'ma kill your spirit before you drop......
Check out Limerick vs Jigsaw!!/
Na les face facts...
yall accounts be frozen/ and as the year be closing/ my money coming
in pounds and in yens/
we cant be compared.....so ffuck rituals..... I'm steady gettin' 'an
arm and a leg'!!/
Buh I culd be a clown at the end/ wait... ffuck clown, am a hot
starboy/ My album..... I'm 'paid to release' and its not Ransome!/ on
some armaggedon sshit..... Rappers tryna square up?...... I get
aggitated and `come after them(damn)`....like `I saw that punch!!`/

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:14pm On Dec 21, 2014

Decypher the cypher
It's the end of the calendar and me and my guys still keeping it stirling/ y'all sit back and relate with d magic like your sitting with Merlin/ cos we ride till the wheels fall from Egypt to Berlin/
and if we ever tire. .its cos we had a damn good year roll by. . . b*tch is Michelin!/
Im known to slay holmes that cross me/ while all ye poosy neegaz stay home on top dīck/ jeez.. hello! Just stop it/
In fact if i had my way, I was gonna make a gay joke. . . .Butt fucck it!!/
come January I'll be driving a hummer, an enlightened enforcer/ bringin the heat to ur grill brighter than burners/ lift a trowel & disembowel! dump yall corpses like shyte in the gutter/
hw maggots & flies invade ur guts, pretty soon u'll get butterflies in ur stomachs like frightened performers/
Its an exciting performance/ after I hit d club seeking for romance/ but dz strippers givin me no chance/ so I'm off to d bathrum, gripping an old balm, mixed with some soap, man/
one thing leads to another & next thing u kno, I've gotten a hold of my fate. .that's literally. . . 'taking issues into ma own hands!'/ *lol* na lie oo
But let's not start missing the whole plan/ your greatest does'nt even 'equal the statistics' like Bayerian math/
so hw nairalanders clamour agnst the barbarian act of this Bavarian man/
dey could all fly to Ontario. . .they'd still hav dia brain "tore unto pavements" like Canadian paths/
Its not that Am-saying-ya-wack but yl ur cheerleading in mini skirt, top and pom poms/ I'm home on top your mum's c*nt/ plus she's menopaused so its ok to burst the condom/ but hey kids, alwys use gold circle to protect urself from this slut's mom/
cos diaz a reason everyone calls her . ."Ho" . .and nope! . .she doesn't come from Hong Kong/
I'm rapping to be great/ these cats just rapping to relate/ an attempt to scrěw with me, is tantamount to asking to be raped/
cos I'm the primate. . so quit monkeying around. . kneel down and hands up to Ceasar like Koba in planet of the apes!/
You f*cking slowpoke! I hope u get flogged in your asș/ your pops cudnt send u abroad so ur ma hid u in a container filled wit cotton and grass/ see, I'd call u a son of a b*tch but I'd be dissin both ur mommy and dad/
I know its played out but I.M.O, u're a son of two b*tches like a case Solomon solved in the past/
I show up wit a glock in your class plus two bouncers blocking the path/ and wen the baretta cocks. . . shaakuurh!!. . . it sounds like I'm calling 2pac!/
how I'm gunning the gat. . .shīt's 'kpakpangolo' . .  cos I turn and I clap/ then "have the body count soaring". . .like Dracula when he turns into bats!/
My 'jet fire' changing the area from a school to a 'case study' of 8 bodies. . .a crime ambit/
then drive past it in my 'black and yellow camaro' and leave the police wondering if to pick I or Megatron. . . as the Prime target!!/
Its just a keystyle, f*ggits/ but if u read between the lines, you'll agree my script's divine/
and after u mustav had ur mind blown, we'll term ur demise as "SUI-C-IDE". . .cos death is what you'll 'see between the eyes'!/
Olympus has fallen and this be the clash of the titans/ 'try dent' my flow and you'll see lightening flash when we fighting/
as Persephone give me the Mexican wave. . while you're gettin washed up like a blast from Poseidon!/
What's a rat to a python. . .or a cat to a bison/ what's ur weak punches to a jab from a Tyson/
I dunno, let's park to the side then while we re-enact the battle of Obama vs Joe Bidden/
. . . and have your Pastor deciding!!/
Im a master in writing/ bast*rd in rhyming/ way past your d*ckriding/  bla..bla..bla.. Blimey.....

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:14pm On Dec 21, 2014

Enters the best man in the show/

 Krone! . . . a vandal with flow/ once I rattle the chrome/
I’m dismantling the foes/ and 'extinguishing the wacks,' like putting off candles with blow!/
. . . You can’t handle me, bro/ I’m too stiff to be simple/ though,my written is really cute/
 my words will sound dirty, if you wish to be ridiculed/ so if I ever trash talk . . . it's only meaning you stinking, fool!/
. . . Rebel and I are two Barca freaks/ but I’m the ‘darker’ breed/ the badass beast!/
you just can’t be part of me/ even if we exchange arteries!/
coz I got a Doc Seagull invention/ but with a raw evil intention/
I'd slap ur arms till I find ur vein . . . for lethal injection!/
. . . Some so-called “old soldiers” can’t be at war front/ fu-ckem! I’m the true rap apostle, rated with Matthew and Thomas!/
but these faggs are mushrooms, they bars won’t appall us !/ coz dem don tay but dem no gree grow. .. .Aki and Pawpaw!!/

. . . I'm despising your ways/ I'm a 'dog lying in my lane'/ you dare step on my 'tail', I fight you 'tooth and nail'!/
though, I'm sober all the time/ so you don't know my ugly side/ coz I'm like "Giyazz" . . . I refuse to "smile" with you always!/. . . it’s so damn amazing/ niggas claim they fly, and they bars are raising/
but what they see in the sky, is the Star of David!/

see what rapping made me/ and I know these faggits hating/ coz each time I stand to face em/
they keep losing they grounds, like Japan and Haitians!/
see, I’m bad and crazy/ I snatched the belt from Bis, . . . that’s why he sagging lately!/
. . . soaring above clouds, I keep springing up/
only time I look down, is when I mean to spit at y’all/ my motto, no gist with the thugs/
but if they need a voice, I let the 'Breda' talk/ then watch em drop dead gorgeous like the Niagara Falls!
. . .These hommies crazy/ always prone to rate me/ they say I lack punches, that the Krone is lazy/
but that joke is baseless/ coz after battles, my opponents getting swollen faces!/
. . . I can go to places/ visit ghosts in hades/
but I don’t fancy gatherings/ of young lads and faggits/ I’m straight . . . no hanky-panky/ that’s why I hardly party/
unless I see sistas flaunting they bras and panties/
I’d rather stay home, boozing cognac and brandy/
or log in to NL and flirt with Kachisbarbie/ 

. . . My dough stacking, got em hos staring, no stressing/
I don’t rap for nothing/ your ‘suicidal’, broke, wretched/
your pa holds steering, you a ‘danfo conductor,’  you can ‘hang for money’!/

. . . If all things be normal/ I shouldn’t be found in talks with these paupers/
I’d mind my business, coz every coin is important/  I’m making ‘dirty money’, soon I’m launching a Hummer/ you only making dirty money when u working with LAWMA!/ . . .
But I'll keep thrilling the fans/.
by beating these faggs/ any step closer, I'm bridging the gap/ till these minions adapt/ that even though we in the same game, we come in different sizes . . . like Biggie and Pac!

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:18pm On Dec 21, 2014

IF you feeling hyper/you haven't met this beastly tiger/spitting tighter/
exercise ya brains cos u'll be needing mental stamina to 'figure out' wat i'm bout spitting in 'this cypher'/!!
My rhymes are feared/geared with sick bars tha fly ya heads/....ts no surprise all over,ma lines are heard/
cos d way i 'distance' masef..late Munroe could testify yall dnt see my breaklight.. i'm 'Myles' ahead/!!
Blow heads like boko and banger/My album get plenty naira,kobo and buyers/....future so bright,even devil follow shout haba/
enemies tryna block ma sunshine but Lord knows i 'too ray' for dem...like kolo and yaya/!!
Eff street vocab,the funky laced bars/
bone grammar,ah flow in simple ffucking ways brah/
nd ah never 'keep for arsernal before'.. but effortlessly,  i break down rap to certain levels for the 'lay man'/!!
Dangerously,i harzardly flow/
killing with every stanza i gallantly wrote/.. besting ma writtens is fallacy,folks!/
My pen could write you off..without wasting ink...call me samsung galaxy note/!!
I'm d type to contort many jaws in/...so Nigs wont spit dirty wordings/
with these crystal clear bars,i dispose vets in plenty dustbins/
truth is..d delivery of they dirty punchlines need a harder push to 'deliver purity' ..mercy johnson/!!
I bed black & white.. interracial p0.rn/
player..if i'm game,ur bae shall fall/.... ride her to cloud9 on spacial floors/
but when i shoot ma 'seed all over her face'?..she'l no longer be needing facial scrubs/!!
Flows so completely vicious/they liken Lib as dat god spitting frees within us/
buried 'LOCAL' rappers, using 'NATIVE' punchlines without even spitting serious/
with IQ so high, an x-ray machine got high tryna scan all the d0peness 'IN THE GENIUS'/!!
Ts da cypher! U's chilling with nigs who once dey logging in/change raps logarithm/
aided by mathematical flows & sick recording skill/
plus we shine sotey,Nepa 'coded-ly' reduce our voltage via 'programming' but lai lai,we lights no 'all gree dim'/!!
My attacks make afro musicians bald like cancer craves/ been flooding domes with ma aqua waves/
but when I let ma archers spray/
people and sharp arrows 'bump' into eachother like old friends reacting from an 'aftershave'/!!
SLibs da ultimate sage nd beast/... who very brave and swift/
I swear... every spirit nd ghost i gave hard beats/
'relocated to neighbouring cemeteries'... after i worked just one 'grave yard shift'/!!
Ive been giving killer injections/so sick,mirrors reflect my sicker reflection/
You best give sLib a winners reception/
cuz ah baked bars so flourish...
it left rappers dead.. thier corpse all 'covered in yeast'... like victims of candida infection/!!

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:21pm On Dec 21, 2014

2months ago, I was supposed to die on the tenth/but here I am,alive with the vets/doing cypher on net/
Cos 5months ago . . i took a journey into the future . . and extended the time of my death/
So while you niggas fight for your health/..I ain't worried about life,but my wealth/
I was raised in the darkest part of the world. . . where the effects of light wasn't felt/
I took a giant stride for the belt/ . . and produced a tough bout with Bis/
My intestine was feeling the heat . . cos 'I slogged my guts out for this'/
These broads pout they lips/ cos a quick se.x...will score a triplet ..when I bone her/
The prince 'fire blank' ?...pfft!  . .since when did I become the PSG owner?
They sing and hail ma rhymes/ in church of satan . . they gave it hella likes/
And you can purchase it from the nearest 'devil's workshop' . . 'idle minded' niggas can tell the price/
I aint telling lies/..all red,no white candles/ ..bare footed,nothing like sandals/
This lyrics paints a vivid picture of the horror activities within a trench in Bamuda triangle/
This world will face the right battle/ from brothers who fight relentless/kings slaughtered and wives be headless/
Cos the deal is . . the number of days they last on earth depends on the number of lives they wasted/
over here,we breed starlets/ sosiq,icekidd..my teams hardest/but its all vets in this week's bar fest/
So 'shallow brained' nuccas will 'plunge in at the deep end' . . for thinking we cheap targets/
Stopping us seems farfetched/ my goons will start stalking and slaughter such hater/
Bullets will lift your @ss and have you blown over mars...but I ain't talking the former dutch player/
I'm walking with thugs and top slayers/ check the names;rebel,coog,krone,Ibi,mik/
You'll think I hate etisalat so much . . cos I hardly roll with an 'easy clique'/

  ...months back,we hardly lived in peace......

They were beefing mik/....Airmark banned a lot niggas till he got burnt with stigma/
Dam.n!! . . we experienced a 'ban galore'. . .that the rap section almost turned to India/
FB nuccas should STF about they brawls in insigna/..y'all just too soft to face the stress here/
Plus if you couldn't make it in Nairaland . . then you couldn't make it else where!!!

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:22pm On Dec 21, 2014

Ok first I'm a little pissed off no thanks to
Augusta/Feeling hostile/ try to put the dues as the answer/ outta
The-Blues asking for cash,felt like a mobster../ her ranting
Non-Stop/not knowing I'm a monster/ that if I show her 'The
her soul it'll 'Cost Her' /....
but fvck that/ I'm in this abode/ where we penning the d0pes/ and
earning the dough/ our lyrical prowess are measured in ghosts/others
wanna belong but aint being betroved/ they "put their hands in the
but we staring them,froze/ I mean, we leave them
hanging now they Learning the ropes /..
as the Jedi saying goes/ they can't be stopping this force/ we
almighty's we bring the changing of laws/ ......
......but we'll change Most-high's too ,see as we be condemning gods/...
...hold on,
No Blasphemy ,so spare the rods/
I said we'll change most eyes to see as we become demi-gods/..
but I'm the boss/. My era been prolonged/..fire on heads,makes the
dumb speak in tongues /leave fams meditating as sitting monks/ my
punches are Propellers ,as the blades run-amongst/ it don't
fly over heads,it 'takes' your head along/.
Guy_khena's a Pro /so try follow this jock/ ....
.this horror gene passes on to this pro-kids/ so better 'ride
soon as you sight this 'Pro -seeds'/ but know this/
with a 9 as I hold it/ when they see this 'Pro-Pose',niggas
'on knees' /
.Not Appeased/this pro shuns all the hype/ and turn haters to
finished-goods with the keyboard,once they make this
'Pro-To-Type' /
When the rage is ripe/...
he speaks 'action words' this 'Pro -Verb'/ you never
hear this 'Pro -ducked with an agric moment//..nigs 'rioting'
my script are hard,they can't take this 'Pro -Test/ wanna be
FLY like this Pro ? Check the poll first/ or get ya
practical-money into this 'Pro -Jet//..
This pro the greatest,that's what I thought/ went to time magazine,
said they didn't got a slot/ think aint got tha guts?/ or seen tha
corpses I've fought?/so like a bad vendor I had to send a
bullet-in so I could get a 'shot' /..
A bad modafucker./

I take ya girl to the beach while you drowning in the ocean/ I'll be
chowing the love potion/ steal your girl's heart ,you can't raise any
form of notion/cus my President told me.............
"Stealing's Not Corruption" /..
But she aint safe with me/ to my greatness she grovels//its her
'dawn of justice',dug deep with shovels/while my
'stan-lean' besides her,with tha 'dark-side' of Novels/
an unstoppable force I'll 'jug-her-nuts' ,leave you
baffled/aint comics ,fvck what 'they see' nigga I'll
make you Marvel /...
.My mac fell/
In this art,I did all kinds. Got more stars than astronomy/
but I got recognised for the punchlines? Now they hold my philosophy/
khena bright as the sunshine. Contradict? I dare you say that in front of me/
and I'll 'cut your balls on-line' ,Bypass 'Goal line
But it aint funny,when my '9 fall' like that town,I'm losing my
patience/go to the town,'hands up' I get an standing ovation / as I
let my 'Nine-Point-Nifor' ruin the occasion/ Naah,I'll just
aire tha bazooka cus that's a 'Radio-Station' /...
Pay attention/. 9 lives untouch, Now fvck YOLO/..
we NL Emcees,we pen the sketch others follow/but if na our matter
haters wan pledge to dey borrow
......I'll let my punches leave them "Die'Die'Die" ,like they
stuck in MFM or Tom in "Edge Of Tomorrow" /....

16 Likes 3 Shares

Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:23pm On Dec 21, 2014

I bring y'all my bars-n-Verse with-the- flavour/ of this festive seas'n/ this vet's delivery/ marks-the-birth-of-a-major/ i came in the 'rapworld', acted-first-with-a-favour/ to resque hip/ so best believe/ niggas call me their lord and-they-personal-saviour/
ah dey feel like Bros J/ but i no need 'fore runner'! My marque-made speeds on broadway/ i no dey die for 'sin', ah take leads in tough 'plays'/
actor! Ah slay gees with blunt blades/ ah draw swords/ ta draw blood/ ...... 'hudsons' had paid me for portraits/
i'm on a nuking spree, with bombs i fire freaks/ i screw these gees with stunts n power kicks/
i could blind a whole family tree n make a 'new tree see'... It's not a Powder drink/
cos i'm good n evil/ with motives that are huge n little/
i'm the bad devil/ who hacked heaven/ n spanked seven/ arch angels/
nd God had that viewed as legal/
i jail gods when i create d0pe writtens within a sec/ poisedon lives in ma pen/ So it's easy to flow when i'm scripting ma text/
Now, hos want my kid, hoping to be in ma bed/ but you asexual, you hope to birth your own/ i get your chick laid with my scopes n flirts at home/ while you 'self servicing' like a pope in church alone/
you hating cos i broke n scourged your bone/ yeah i've handled many men/ mostly haters, n gathered several
friend/ but when they betray, stab me nd pretend/ i'm nice, max is caring, mhen/ i drown them in a bore hole.... So it shall be WELL with them/
i've battled ill blokes/ strangled sick folks/ yet y'all argue to know who's cracking with coke?/
you know who's bars bring the smoke/ cos when i'm done writing, you like, damn! 'Man you script' d0pe//


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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:24pm On Dec 21, 2014

•••in rap culture africans divine..../.... some wack vultures think they're magical with rhyme.../...but in this cipher it's damn obvious they'll lack behind.....
....once I start spitting rich bars which cost an arm & a leg so blame me not if their verse looks handicapped to mine!...

••••••the echo of my 'bar bass' can make Santa shave his beard this love session.../...y'all must be a clown for boning that funny thing.../.....among the glads I'm different & that's something big........./......a Nigerian simultaneously repping england surely I know you all see T

••••••ffuck illness...bars for bars is NL general language../....call me eminem with this bars I'm not afraid,../...for whatsoever course they might damage........./......due to the dopeness in them which will leave 'ill at ease' like Soldiers on match parade....

•••••in I come to close da show….../.…..the way I come in
between this shiiiit is called an interpose..../...tongue forge
by cocaine nigga's my spit gat dopes..../....freestyling drug
bars off the top in a studio...instantaneously the mic

••••••balling in versatile like ronaldo.../... next time yo' 'see
that's my new tecno phone.../... I'm the best you never
know../...lyrical frees serial killer with fist that's the hint
why all my punch felt so cold

••••••shout out to that dude called mikuz…/..bro...! your act on NL shows you love to kill fun..../.... you just a sadist all you want for us is to feel bored..../...& stop thinking ya indomitable cause ya being deceived when you gat called a big boy!...

•••••• if that bar gat you mad I dare you to step into the ring without a ref.../... Then watch me turn psycho as I rip off kim right so y'all can see what's left.../...cause the shiiit mikuz 'does in' here makes me even wanna rip him apart to twelve...!

••••••mikuz I'm an 'over seer' of all ya moves like a superintendent.../... it will be better for you to pretend dead.../...once you see me coming with the.. bomb I invented..
/....cause a blow from my fist will be M-K.O with no politics intended....!

••••••cray punchlines I spit more often......./...... It's more like I'm giving this glad some uppers......./. .....& when I switch brutal I make a murder scene come to occurrence......./........but soon as 3 jab hit Kim's jaw I thought I was I nou camp.. the way he start screaming mercy mercy like a ffucking barcelona supporters!.....

••••••blazing in with more tech..../.....spitting deadly metz that'll leave all dead..../.... Kim's just a bbitch born les..../...which khimwhyte actually drove nut .....but he never came close to save those chibok girls....!

•••••• dropping this scripted bars..../....with cool descent rhyme..../....y'all know I'm a gifted lass.../....so don't get yo' leg peeled by trying to walk in my shoe cause we put on different size.....!

••••••if I've any ffucking nigga beef I dare yo' to write back your own diss verse..../...I've worked hard to accomplished this scheme & I never mind the distance..../....Lord knows if geo-express was meant to be in this cipher then I would've went extra miles on this track

one Love teddybiyasi killing it

17 Likes 5 Shares

Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:27pm On Dec 21, 2014
The moment I read the first few lines of Krone's verse I knew it would be hard to beat. DarkRebel used a lot of names I couldn't connect well with.

My Top textcees


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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:29pm On Dec 21, 2014
Wow! This is awesome. I wish I could do what one of these people just did. Creativity ai its peak. Poetic devices being utilised outside of the conventional poetry. This is awesome. cheesy




Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:33pm On Dec 21, 2014
that's all folks.... please state your three favourite verses ..
Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Guykhena(m): 7:52pm On Dec 21, 2014
Finally cool
Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 7:58pm On Dec 21, 2014
my online crush with sexy dimple. .you are invited grin

Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by AndreRose(f): 8:19pm On Dec 21, 2014
Wow! This is awesome. I wish I could do what one of these people just did. Creativity ai its peak. Poetic devices being utilised outside of the conventional poetry. This is awesome. cheesy


You can stil do it/you dnt expect for it to hpn witout a fist/ jux try alil ders notin wrong in resit/ I can still help you wit ur list/but first let me hv smtin to eat...


Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by fuckyouhard: 9:13pm On Dec 21, 2014
best enjoyed......


Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by AMINDA: 9:20pm On Dec 21, 2014
Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 9:41pm On Dec 21, 2014
what's stopping ya'll from commenting?

and it was clear from the beginning that we are to state our --THREE favourite verses
I see someone even mentioning 6...please let's follow instructions.... and no derailing.. thanks..

my three favourite verses in no particular order--


*guykhena was very creative with the Pro thing


Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Rapmaestro(m): 9:44pm On Dec 21, 2014
Shout out to Ema, I knw him from way back, dat niqqa good... but are y'all d only dopes? Pity NL has turned to this, peeps no longer wanna rep NL.. They learn the art here and start claimin vet somewhere else

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by goshikid: 9:47pm On Dec 21, 2014
best enjoyed



Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 9:48pm On Dec 21, 2014
emaprince openner na bomb i swear

sneeze...to limerick and krone respect


Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Rapmaestro(m): 9:49pm On Dec 21, 2014
Lest I forget, I sight u ThePrekky.. Niqqas from the era I was involved
Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 9:50pm On Dec 21, 2014
Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by SDC2(m): 9:54pm On Dec 21, 2014
Hòly Çhrist
I go wit Emaprince, Theprekky and darkrebel.
Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by kr0ne(m): 9:55pm On Dec 21, 2014
Erm...my daughter too wink Teddybiyasi. Not easy for a gal to come this high amid niggas
Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by ZachHugo(m): 9:57pm On Dec 21, 2014
Krone &

Prekky, Khena, DarKRabel, Teddy, Max Nd KssLib Was Good Too!

CooL Stuffs Tho!


Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by ThaBraidez(f): 10:00pm On Dec 21, 2014
* Emaprince
* Limerick
* Ksslib

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 10:04pm On Dec 21, 2014
dark wicked oh do you want us to start googling name's just to understand ya verse.... emaprine,krone and lime ...


Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by obainojazz(m): 10:05pm On Dec 21, 2014
in no particular order..my first three.
dark rebel
...den limerick prekky ..khena...


Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 10:24pm On Dec 21, 2014

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Re: 2014 Nairaland Hip-hop Rap Cypher by Nobody: 10:58pm On Dec 21, 2014

Erm...my daughter too wink Teddybiyasi. Not easy for a gal to come this high amid niggas
shut up your mouth

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