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Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by nkan(m): 4:27pm On Apr 06, 2009
Dear members in the house i have been jobless for the past three years after the company i worked with has closed down. I want to go into something since i am tired of jobhunt.
I just developed interest in fish farming and would want to know what it takes to go into it .
Please if there is any member here that knows about it should give me the details in terms of logistics, materials, and the financial requirements for the establishment of a medium fish farming and probably what it should look like in the next one year.
i shall be grateful for every useful information posted.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by opes: 5:23pm On Apr 06, 2009
am having a research on integrated farming system, poultry cum fish farming,i can share with u and send u some reading materials,just mail me at opesh3@yahoo.com
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Ekome: 10:41pm On Apr 20, 2009
Going into fish farming is one of the greatest decision to make. Record has also shown that Nigeria, particularly Lagos are looking for information on fish farming and the way things are going, i see the fisheries industries create more opportunities for people.
I am not doing any research work on Integrated fish farming, am already practicing. I breed catfish, raise them and sell at fingerlings or post fingerlings. For me, i have come to realize that fish farming is a very lucrative business that can provide for you, your family and others just like it does to me. You do not need hundreds of thousands to start your fish farming business. As an experienced farmer, I will advice you to go for a practical training and not just the theory.
You can call me on this number 08028358691 for a one on one practical training. You will learn the following:
How To start your fish business at your backyard just like I did.
How to Breed and raise 8000 to 10000 fries and raise to fingerlings in 6 weeks.
How to start with N30,000 just like I did.
Management of your farm.


Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by opes: 2:39am On Apr 21, 2009
@ Ekome, please how much do u sell your fingerlings? African catfish fingerlings
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Ekome: 6:34am On Apr 21, 2009
I sell fingerlings for N8 and Post Fingerlings For N10. But it is negotiable if u are buying in bulk.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by bayfam(m): 12:15pm On Apr 22, 2009
Hey Guys, it's good for one to know what to do in time, am also having interest in both fish and poultry,and i will like to make use of earth pound,or what do u think Ekome, where do u base ekome? have called u if u can call me with MTN so will can talk more.am bayo, 07031263050,
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Ekome: 7:16pm On Apr 22, 2009
Bayo, you are really thinking like a fisherman. earthen ponds are very profitable provided you meet up with the necessary management requirements.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by nkan(m): 5:45pm On May 17, 2009
Ekome, thanks for your information on the fish farming, I would have loved to train with you practically just that i am quite far from your location. I am presently at uyo in akwa ibom state and cant come to lagos which i guess you are. But i would love to get the fingerlings from you.
Let me know how much each cost and the method of delivery to the location mentioned above.
You can reach me on 08023380186 or 08068285979.
Vincent Nkan
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by arramyjay: 3:30am On May 18, 2009
Ok this is somewhat detailed.

Things u need.
U need a pond.{ depending on what kind of pond u want there are 2 main common 1s,recirculatory or earthend}
if it is earthend u need to get a free lot,get some1 to dig the pond to ur specification.
*lime it


any questions pls ask.
I hope this helps.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by stanonyx: 7:24pm On May 24, 2009
Plz I want 2 go into poultry farming & egg production am starting wit 600 hens and I need comprehensive information on housing, breed of chicks and if possible the overall cost 2 run it in Nigeria I already hav a plot I want 2 start with thanks.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by stanonyx: 6:14am On May 26, 2009
Plz I need u 2 assist me with information on poultry business, especialy egg production. How much wil it cost me if am 2 start with 800 birds? How much is a battery cage in Nigeria? Thanks
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by nkan(m): 8:53pm On May 27, 2009
Hi Landers,
[b]I appreciate your responses, they help a lot. But just want to know from those who are into it already, since i cannot afford to build concrete tanks to start the biz of fish farming, what kind of rubber tank can i use and how do i change the water and the feed.
If i want to start with about a thousand fingerlings, how many of such plastic containers do i want?
I will appreciate all possitive responses as i am willing to start soon no matter how small and grow big.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by SenatorBensu(f): 11:25pm On May 27, 2009
Can i start fish farming with 10,000? There is a plot of land (swamping area) if i dig it, water will come out apart frm dt we have a borehole too. Can i risk 10,000 naira?
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by ifyalways(f): 9:06pm On May 28, 2009

Can i start fish farming with 10,000? There is a plot of land (swamping area) if i dig it, water will come out apart frm dt we have a borehole too. Can i risk 10,000 naira?
all these send me emails front and back,na wao.Na only arramyjay try do justice to this thread.
The poster asked for logistics,materials and financial requirements NOT email addresses and phone number angry

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Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Ekome: 9:09pm On Jun 01, 2009
Nkan, if you intend to raise those thousand fingerlings to table size, you can buy a PVC tank (GP tank) in place of concrete tanks. But the sincere truth

is that if you really want your fish to grow fast, you need a concrete tank or an earthen pond because space is one of the major factor that speed up

the the growth rate of fish. And if you just cant afford to construct a concrete tank, then while stocking, ensure you do not overstock.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Ekome: 9:16pm On Jun 01, 2009
SenatorBensu, dont risk N10,000 not even with an earthen pond. Note that you will buy the fish feed, buy the fish, pay those who will help you out with the construction or preparation of the pond. Just relax and try to gather some money, may be N100,000.

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Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Rodhiyah: 6:17pm On Jul 13, 2009
Dear members,

I just joined the forum some few minutes ago,I am a banker and I want to resign my appointment at the end of the year to start a poultry farm,how much do I need to start the business. I reside in the Northern part of the country getting a land for farming is no problem here.Please I need all the advice I can get.Thank you I hope to hear from you all soon.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by suxes2005(m): 3:26pm On Jul 14, 2009
hello, I currently run a fish farm with a friend. We have 2 reservoirs (ponds) which we use for the farming. The thing is, it is very lucrative but highly risky. You can loose all your money and investment if you dont know anything about it. You need to know what it takes you to feed them. Like ours, started with 780 fingerlings, some died and we are now left with somtin around 735 fingerlings. (the 80 was free from the place we bought it so we still have the 700 we paid for)

There must be good water supply wherever your farm is. For feeding the above 735 very well, we feed them 4ce in a day because we are targeting to sell them when they are four months old with us. (Dey were 1.5 months old when we bought them).

We spent roughly 120,000 in feeding them and we are going to sell 1 each at the rate of 350 = 245,000 (if we sell 700)

245, 000 - 120, 000 = 125, 000.

I guess its somehow ok afterall we started with only 700. If we had bought 1000 fingerlings in the beginning, the cost of production will not be more than 145,000 which might have earned us around 20,000 +.

If not for purchase of diesel, the money would have been less, so if u have water supply then the cost of production will be reduced.

They eat 2mm when they are still in fingerlings for about 1.5 months. After that, 3mm - 4mm - 6mm and u start giving them local feeds which will give them weight before you sell them.

Contact me for more infos if u still have any ques. suxesboy@yahoo.com or 08026569391

God bless you
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by meetmuyiwa(m): 3:46pm On Jul 22, 2009
im also intrested in fish and poultry farming. i dont have any knowledge of it AT ALL. where do i start from? where can i also get a cheap land in lagos, ikorodu or sango ota ( maybe half a plot or a plot to tart with) and how much should i be looking at
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by knice(m): 3:59pm On Jul 22, 2009
I have a manual that covered all those important areas you needed, but it is a comprehensive one i would not wish to give out free. Tell me you will pay something.thanks.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by yemiyemi: 1:33pm On Jul 24, 2009
Hello Islanders, I really appreciate all informations posted on this thread regarding business ideas solutions. I am a Civil Servant and want to go into Poultry business, please any information of what it takes in terms of Cost and Managent, though am intending starting with 500 birds.
I am staying in Ikorodu so land is not a barrier at all. If you are interested in getting a land for Lease or outright purchase for such business (Poultry or Fish Farming) pls contact me on 07035088651.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by stanonyx: 8:18pm On Jul 27, 2009
Plz what kind of caging system maximizes space & minimize overcrowding of birds. I will realy appreciate ur comments. Thank u.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Dclique(m): 8:32pm On Jul 27, 2009
My Nairalanders, Pls, Vote for Dclique as assistant moderator in Education section, thanx
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by niapay(m): 9:58am On Jul 29, 2009
Complete Turnkey Poultry farm with capacity of 200,000 chicken(annual 1.4 million chicken capacity) with two prefabricated 100 meter x 24 meter light steel chicken farm building, 100,000 egg capacity incubator system:
A ) The cage system ‘s detaills :

1. Cages for laying chicken

2. 3 rows on each side( total 2 sides) of the frame

3. 4 cages or boxes on each row

4. 4 chicks per cage

5. 96 chicks per set X 1000 set

6. feeding and Auto drinking system , the electric automatic machine - manure removal system

7. Mesh wire type – electro galvanzied wire mesh

8. The cage size : 56CM*37CM*32CM ( there are four chicken per cage )

9. the size per set : the length : 1.88m ( four cages )

The width : 1.95m as the hollow for manure

The high : 1.50m ( three floors )

Grain Feedstuff Mill
this machine can produce Pellet 2000-3000T every year.Crushed, collect the material and mix, adjust the quality, make one, small and roundish thing to cool dry, Sift the process of grading to form. The technological process are rational in succession , every unit performance is good, the aircrew structure is compact ,The area of occupation of land little, the energy consumption bottom, it is convenient to operate it and maintain.
production capacity : 1 - 1.5( ton /hour )
Powder material : 2 - 2.5( ton /hour)
Small and roundish thing specification : &-Oslash; (mm)
Power: 57.2KM
The size of appearance: 5.5m×3m×7m

Chicken slaughtering equipment line,plucker line, 80 metric tone cold room, two 110KW LPG Generator with 30,000 gallon LPG tank solution, (option: 2 acra land in Ikorodu) complete ventilation and cooling system

complete Automatic Chicken farm that can be operated by 1-2 workers daily
contact at sales@primatronics.eu for quotation and full detail list of equipments.

Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by tboss2(m): 10:25am On Jul 29, 2009
Nkan & any other NL member,

I'm a fish farmer and i'm willing to share my knowledge of fish farming with as many as possible FREE of charge. It is my little way of encouraging our teaming school leavers to venture out on there own.
The basic things you need are:
(1) The major things u need is a space (land) (size not an issue)
(2) Water

I will teach you how to hatch your fingerlings for grow-out or sale, make your own feed for use or sale, water treatment and management and alot more.

My contacts: dosana8@yahoo.co.uk or 08033911084 (Pls don't flash)
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Ekome: 9:06pm On Sep 15, 2009
Fingerlings, ready for supply. call 08028358691
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by pauloch(m): 6:09pm On Sep 16, 2009
Hi, I really appreciate what EKOME has done here concerning the practical aspect, but left out his location (whether Lagos, Abuja. . .). I'm equally interested. I presently run a poultry farm myself. You could also try out a Legal Part-time business that could also provide some substantial income for you. You can visit: www.cashrain4us.blogspot.com to access the free information on how to go about it.

Best of Luck.

Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Ekome: 9:29am On Oct 02, 2009
Sorry I left out my location, am in Lagos, precisely Ipaja. I can always be reached on 08028358691 if you want to be trained on HOW TO HATCH YOURSELF.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by jadefour20: 12:22pm On Nov 26, 2010
Hello All,

We are a commercial aquaculture farm which started operation in 2007 located at Agura, Ikorodu, Lagos.
We specialise in qualitative mass production of Clarias frys, fingerlings, juveniles and table size fish up to 2kg and above.

We employ proven hatchery techniques (from extensive training) gathered from Royal Fish Benin
Current brood stocks for production all originates from Royal fish Benin.

We currently have for sale now several thousand fingerlings (about 20,000), and in 7 weeks several thousands juveniles.
There are a further several thousand fries that would be maturing to fingerlings and juveniles in 8 weeks and 12 weeks respectively.
We do batch production to have a continual supply of fingerlings and juveniles.

Prices are competitive dependent on quantity required.

Please contact farm manager for orders
Akin Odukogbe
+234 802 709 1499
+234 706 663 4798



You can see some of our pictures on Face Book link below:


Chicago Farms
Tipper bus stop, Agura, Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria.
Re: Fish Or Poultry Farming, Who Knows by Allomaa(m): 2:17pm On Nov 26, 2010

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