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The Outcome Of Falling In Love With A Problem Instead Of The Solution / Scared Of Falling In Love / 19 Ways To Fix Your Wife - When She Is Falling Apart (2) (3) (4)

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FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 12:28pm On Dec 23, 2015
Hey guys...Hope you enjoy this...Constructive opinions and ideas are allowed...Have Fun...
Mind you, I am writing this on the go. And not some already written down story. Though mistakes aren't meant to happen in Literature, one or two might just creep In. That been said, Dig in!


Falling in love has always been sarah's dream.The thought of having the perfect man she could cuddle with every night just sends shills down her spine.
For a girl who grew up a mile away from civilization, is not a surprise she has found life difficult in making new friends.Back at her hometown where laws where meant to be broken and teenage girls being raped was branded a norm, Sarah barely escaped the brutality and was forced to flee to the city at the age of nineteen.
Alice her only friend which some might say her best friend because they were always found together was brutally raped by her uncle who then slit her throat in order to keep the truth of his shameful act from coming into limelight.A terrible ordeal which Sarah has not fully recovered from.
Having nightmares and seizures at late hours of the night, she decided to get as far away from everyone she once knew.
Fast forward a few years into the future, Sarah has grown into womanhood. At the age of twenty four she started her very own company which deals in international travelling arrangements and customs.
For the first three years of her great escape from home, she had found life to be unbearable and unforgiving. Having to sleep at the train station and working as a clerk for Mr Steven's, she barely could make rent for a decent apartment not to mention paying her tuition fees for bussiness school.
Now she has gotten her life together and has made an empire out of nothing.
It has been two long years she had ever truly loved a man.Mark from bussiness school had looked like the one.A young black man from Nigeria. Trim beards,deep voice and a body deeped in chocolate, Mark was every woman's dream.
It was at a particular school function she first ever took real notice of him.Dressed in all white and looking as classy as ever with a winning smile that could charm any damsel off her feet, he made a pass at her.
May I buy you a drink miss Sarah?
Shocked at the mere fact he even knew her name made her drop the half empty martini cup she was holding.I didn't mean to scare you he replied but I just had a little hunch you might drop that so I took it upon myself to refill the lady's drink.
As she looked totally in awe and completely lost for words, she could only mumble out one line of words.
How do you know my name she asked, waiting for him to make up a quick lie.He spoke almost immediately.
Am Mark.We both attend bussiness classes together and from what I have observed you are one smart lady.
Now tell me miss Sarah, who in his right mind won't want to get to know this beautiful lady and possibly get her something to drink afterall, we are here to have fun and shove the thoughts of books and thesis down that little hole in our mind where all things unpleasurable do resides.
And that was it. A little giggle and a little more to drink than expected, Mark had charmed the socks off her feets.
How come I have never noticed you in any of the classes you supposedly claim we both attend?
With a cheap smile that looked more of sincerity than just being polite, he took quite some time in answering.
I believe is because you not like most girls in the class who cares about looks and popularity.Not to mention you always into your books and term papers. You barely had time to notice anything else.
I guess that's true she said. Am I that really involved in my work?
Not at all miss.Let's just say you make everyone of us to stop partying and get us carrying a book pack everytime.
I have been meaning to ask you something miss Sarah but am quite shy.
Go ahead.I promise not to bite. At least not when am this drunk.They both laughed.
I was hoping I could buy you a real drink someday and not just some liquid in a plastic cup. Would totally make this night one to remember if you say yes.
Yea sure.You certainly have done alot by keeping me company she replied.Between the two of us, I barely know anyone here. Thought it was best to take time off work and professor Newton promised me an extra credit if I showed my face.
An extra credit?.Jeez Sarah, I should meet you up for tutoring and maybe, just maybe I would get the chance to steal your secret on how you stay this focused and committed to your work.
Wow.I finally figured out why you so popular.You have a way with words especially when it comes to women.
Not entirely true if I should be honest. It only happens if the lady is beautiful, intelligent and caring. So far, I have never been able to cross paths with such a person until you rose your pen for the first time to give that adorable speech you gave on "financial discipline and how it affects the Economy at large.
From that moment, I knew I had to get to know this woman.She could be the link I have been missing for a long time now.
Blushing profusely from both ends of her cheeks, she unwillingly took her eyes off him.You have had alot to drink Mark. We should start leaving now. Afterall, the party is getting lame already.
You most definitely right miss Sarah.What am i saying,You always right. But am in no position to get behind the wheels.
I may be all charming and thick but a real man should always know when to tell the truth and know his limits. Funny i could only remember to do one today.
They both burst into laughter as she helped him into the back of a taxi. Thanks for the night Mark. It has been the best I have had in years.
Glad I could be of service to my lady.This definitely means you owe me one. He laughed heavily and immediately dozed off.

To Be Continued!.


The next morning was not like any other she had woken up to. A tingly sensation of pain had filled her head and her hands were both numb.
Is this really what people go through when they are hungover? She mumbled to herself.Remind me not to have more than a glass of wine again.
But the thought of Mark never slipped her mind for once.Even in her state, she could hear his deep smooth voice at the back of her head.His strong touch and all the body heat she once craved for.
Get over yourself Sarah.She smacked herself into reality. It was only a one night thing and he was very drunk. Won't be a surprise if he didn't remember who I was next time.
The morning went slowly than expected.Bussiness at mister Steven's wasn't booming as usual. She glanced at her watch. Oh my God. Am so late to class. Mr Futch won't take this lightly on me.
There was something scary about Mr Futch that made her jump out of her skin whenever his name was mentioned. He reminded her so often of her old life and all that was wrong with it.
Those ageless men having their way with young girls without any show of remorse or consequences. Wish they all could drop down and die.better yet, I get the opportunity to set them ablaze. A wishful thinking she knew only existed in the forewalls of her mind.
Finally someone took time to grace us with her presence.He shouted from the top of the stairs.
Stopped dead in her tracks,she thought of the quickest lie she could lay mind to. Don't go to your sit just yet miss Sarah.Could you make your way to the front of the class.
I know most of the lecturers have taken a shine unto you but you don't fool me for a minute. Would you care to explain why you coming an hour late into my class? And don't you give me the excuse of traffic because we both know you don't have a car to begin with.
Feeling more disgraced than she had ever been, she forgot exactly what she had in mind of saying.
I took a wrong bus sir.I wasn't aware the driver had plans to take a longer route. It would never happen again sir.
Can you all hear what she just said class?" The most brilliant girl as supposedly being said had no idea what bus she was in.
They all burst into laughter.
Take a cue from this class, not just because you are able to answer some few questions or turn early your assignments that makes you entirely smart.
I believe miss Sarah has learnt a great deal of lesson from this.The next time you arrive late to my class won't just inquire you to state your claim but would earn you an F grade.
For the rest of the lecture, Sarah could barely concentrate. Her mind drifted off to the humiliation she just faced. Not aware of the fact that Mark had been standing next to her for the last thirty minutes.
Miss Sarah; Sarah.Hello, Hope someone is in this beautiful body standing next to me.
Oh my. so sorry.I literally had no idea when I drifted off she replied. Obviously startled.
Hello Mark, nice to see you once again. I certainly hope you sober because I have no interest in shoving you down the back seat of a taxi today. They both gave out a loud laugh that made all heads turn.
I should apologize miss, is really unlike me to get entirely wasted on a night out with a beautiful lady. I usually let her do the drinking and I be the one paying for a taxi to take her home. Something about you made me feel free for the first time in my life.That I felt totally safe letting you see me in such a bad manner. It is only ideal I apologize for my behaviour.
He is such well mannered; the little voice played at the back of her mind. Is not everyday we get to meet a guy with such noble character and respect for the female world.
There is nothing to worry about. We both had lots to drink last night and I was pretty drunk myself. Am just glad we both got to our various destination safely.
Thanks miss. Now let me buy you a real drink I promised. At least it would take your mind of professor Futch. And before you entertain that sneaky little thought of saying no, remember you owe me one.
Jeez. You are killing me Mark. How on earth can one be so persuasive?" I thought only Hitler had that power.
Alright. Just one bottle. I have to get back to work.Not everyone is as wealthy as you are.
Hold on, am not wealthy, at least not me. My parents are but that isn't me.I love to work for what I want and strongly belive in.
Ok am sorry. Could we go now before Mr Futch comes out and put a dent in my very good mood.
Absolutely. Lead the way miss.
The bar at 4th Avenue was the closest. Mark had planned a very expensive date but having been branded wealthy by the girl he was totally finding interesting, it was ideal not to push one's luck.
Hope you like it. Is not much but I figured it would do for one bottle. I should state it right here that this doesn't count as a favour been paid.
Blushing real hard now, she could barely say a word.
You really should not pay Mr Futch any attention. Heard stories about how he treats young ladies who won't bend to his demands. Is quite amazing they let him still lecture even after knowing his track record.
Am not worried about him. You might find it hard to believe but I have crossed paths with such men. Would have loved to tell you all about it but that is a chapter in my life I don't want to relive anymore.
Not to worry miss, I have been known not to be that curious when it comes to touchy feelings. Let's just relax, have a sip of our finest grape wine; whatever that is and I get to drop you off at work. We don't even have to say a word.
They both smiled at one another. Giving passage for the moment to take it's course.

To Be Continued....

Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 11:51pm On Jan 23, 2016

The next few days were made in heaven. It was not like any she had experienced. Mark lying next to her with arms wrapped perfectly round her curvy hips, time should stop right here and now. She jokingly entertained the thought.

With lips pressed together, he couldn't stop staring at her.
Is anything wrong Mark?

You tell me miss Sarah. How did I end up this lucky?" Am in bed with the most beautiful creature I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Skin so soft, lips dipped in honey. Body carved to perfection, i should paint you naked right here and now, That way, I get to stare at you all day while longing for your touch.

Stop it Mark. She quickly looked sideways trying to hide that little Joy bursting from every pore on her face.

We both know you have had your fair share of models and beauty Queens. I highly doubt it that I could upstage any one of them you have been with.

I hate to play the role of being innocent but right this moment, you worth more than all the lots put together.
Wow, How consoling. You totally unbelievable. I should let you know, is ok to lie once in a while. Least you hurt one's feelings.
Am so sorry love, it was never my intention to do that.

Never mind. I should get back to work. I have taken quite a number of days off. Don't get me wrong, this has been exciting but all good things always comes to an end.

Stay a little longer please. The bed gets cold when you leave.
Really funny but you not talking me out of this. I can't afford to loose working at Steven's. We don't all have trust funds you know.

I intend taking that as a compliment. Okay, get dress. Am taking you to work.
How sweet. But that won't be necessary. Am a big girl and I can take care of myself.

Alright then, do have fun.

Seriously?" Mark, you really do have alot to learn about the female world and not just a flattering tongue. A piece of advice. In the future, when a girl says no please do insist.

I can never get a grip on how women think.You all are a handful to handle.But I can never moan about how gifted you lots are either.

Great.That settles it then. You should thank your stars am here. I get to teach you some few tricks.

They both burst into laughter while giving in to a deep and passionate kiss.
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 11:27pm On Jan 27, 2016

Back at Steven's, Sarah tried her best to conceal the excitement yearning for expression from all the hidden spots in a human body. Who would have guessed, just a while ago, running away from home was the best option she could afford. The zeal to get out of that lawless town where everything went wrong and all humans were insane only gave her strength to move on.

The thought of Alice could only bring tears to her eyes.
Clinching tight to the locket giving to her by a one time best friend, she thought of only the best memories they both shared.

Now wiping the tears from her eyes, she could only imagine. Time seems to fly when you having fun.

Sarah, would you mind coming into my office?" Mr Steven called out from the telephone on her desk.
Having not the slightest clue of what the urgent call might be,she brought herself back to reality and hurried into his office.

You wanted to have a word with me sir?
Of course. Please sit down and make yourself comfortable.
Mr Steven was never a frightening figure to behold. Though a bit off weight and a height of 5'4, he wasn't really the handsome type either.

Thank you sir but am alright standing.

No I insist. Do sit. We might be in here for a while.
The sudden tone of authority in his voice made her nervous for a moment.

But he has always been kind to her. More like a father figure, she had looked up to him for advice. When things weren't going as planned and when the thought of taking her life was just inches from grasp, he would pull her back from the brink.
Standing sluggishly, he walked straight to the door and turned the knob.

Now slumping into the chair closest to her, he paused for a minute to catch a glimpse of the figure sitting next to him.

The reason I called you in today is to let you know that you have grown into a fine woman. You no longer that little girl I picked up from the street all those years back.

Giving her a thorough look, he continued. I have taken you under my wings and have given you the chance to learn from the best with no request whatsoever.

Thank you sir, I would want you to know that I am extremely grateful for all the love and support you have shown me.
Not yet miss Sarah. Let me finish.

Inching more closer than ever, he was barely a hair's breath from her.

Just recently, I was thinking of the perfect candidate I could leave this bussiness to. And since you have shown more determination and hardwork than any other employee, it is only right you get to have it.

Looking dumbfounded like the keys to the world had just being handed to her, she could barely contain the joy oozing out from the very core of her soul.Thank you very much Sir. This is huge.

Still not done miss Sarah.

Am so sorry sir. Please forgive my manners.
Hands now placed on her thighs, he continued speaking. Not to worry. No offence taken.

You see miss Sarah, was going through my records and I noticed you took quite an extensive number of days off with a less convincing reason to back it up. That can't be good for an employee being considered to take over. Nevertheless, that simple error can be discarded if you truly want this Job.

Absolutely sir. Am ready to prove my worth to you and everyone involved.

That's really good to hear but offers this great, one has to show full commitment and be ready to do whatever that is necessary to keep this company moving forward.

Not stopping to take a look at her, he continued moving his hands down her thighs.
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 11:50pm On Jan 27, 2016
Space booked.. NYC story though

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Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 12:15am On Jan 29, 2016


You are now a beautiful lady with a lovely body. You definitely must turn heads when walking on the streets. I have had my eyes on you for a long time now but you were fragile and so emotional. I would not risk letting you know my intention.

Looking more scared than she had ever been for a long time, she pushed her chair backward with the little force she could muster.

I do not understand Sir. You have been there for me when I needed advice. I would take you more as a father figure and not one interested in having an affair with me.

That's the beauty of it Sarah. Getting to nurture you and see you grow to be this beautiful has been part of my reward.

Feeling disgusted, she got up to take her leave but with the speed of light, he grabbed both hands and forced a kiss down her throat.

Stop it sir. I would scream right now if you don't let me go.
Go ahead. No one would come to your aid. This is my company and I would do exactly what I want.

With no warning at all, he grabbed her top and tore the buttons off. Why on earth would you hide such a gorgeous body under those thick clothes?" Nevermind. This should be fun.

The thought of having an older man force his way on her just made her sick. Rather than been scared and filled with tears, she was boiling hot with anger.

Here is a man she had trusted with her past. Being fully aware of the reasons she left home has decided to be just like those heartless men.

Not even thinking of her next action,she grabbed the frame picture sitting on the desk and slammed it on the head of Mr Steven.

Rolling on the floor now, she took one quick run to the door and unlocked it.

You fired! You hear me?" I never want to see your face in this company ever again. He screamed in pain.

I would never bother coming back because you are a monster. She slammed the door behind her.

Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 2:08pm On Jan 29, 2016
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 9:15pm On Jan 29, 2016
that *Hmmmm* sounds frightening....
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 9:50am On Jan 30, 2016

that *Hmmmm* sounds frightening....
it shouldn't frighten u o.. d piece is interesting, am hmmm for Sarah's boss
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 4:31pm On Jan 30, 2016

it shouldn't frighten u o.. d piece is interesting, am hmmm for Sarah's boss

Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 5:02pm On Jan 30, 2016
[quote author=uyisteven post=42467480]
******* haha...tankx.[/quote
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 5:03pm On Jan 30, 2016
[quote author=uyisteven post=42467480]
******* haha...tankx.[/quote
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 9:09pm On Jan 30, 2016


It has been four solid months since Sarah quit her job. Life took a giant fall with no cushion to support the crash.
One more week and she would be evicted from the small apartment she called home.

For a girl who believes unicorns exists and there is a big guy upstairs staring down at his creatures try to make something out of life, this was turning into a nightmare really fast.

Mark had always been a reliable figure: at least during this trying period of her life.

You know, getting you a job isn't really difficult if you would just let me.It just so happens that my dad's company is looking for a person with such skill sets you possess.I would have claimed the job to myself but my girlfriend needs it more.
Mark, you know how I depise a handout.It makes me look weak and dependable. And I hate feeling dependable.

I know you stubborn and I love you for that but right now, you barely have options.

Okay Mark. You are a life saver.

Deep down she could squeeze the life out of Mark with excitement and gratitude but that would only let him see how much care and help she had badly prayed for.

The new job was twice as demanding as her previous one but the benefits outweighed the pain. She thought to herself.
A bumper salary, an apartment and a health care plan fully covered. Not to mention the official car.

Thank you Mr Steven for been a pervert. Apparently, you are a life saver.

Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 10:34pm On Jan 30, 2016
Wow..no b only thank u Mr Steven, na God bless u for bn a pervert
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 9:09pm On Jan 31, 2016
Wow..no b only thank u Mr Steven, na God bless u for bn a pervert

haha...it's a shame he bears ma name...
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 10:55pm On Jan 31, 2016
Oops just noticed he bears d same name as u...hope u no b **** like him o..
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 9:04am On Feb 01, 2016
Oops just noticed he bears d same name as u...hope u no b **** like him o..


I assure you its not transferrable tru names sharing..
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 11:26am On Feb 01, 2016


Working on weekends was a myth. Those fairy tale stories told round a camp fire made only to scare the little folks.

But this wasn't a made up tale. The number of times she had slept in the new apartment could be counted on both hands.

Am in hell. She mumbled under her breath. A good one though. At least I get to see heaven once in a while.

Oh no; Fu*k sh*t. The dinner with Mark. Am so dead. When last did I see him?" Can't even remember. This must certainly be the wedge that drives relationships apart.

Two hours and counting, Mark had patiently been staring into space at the new dinner plaza at Bullivard Rd.

May I get you another bottle of wine Sir?,The Waiter called out. Apparently, it looks you having quite a day.

You have no idea. Make that two bottles please.

Am sorry dear sir but if your date doesn't show up in the next thirty minutes, you might be forced to relinquish your table.

That won't be necessary. Sarah cried from a distance. Am so sorry. I got caught up at work and your dad wasn't taking it easy on me that am your girlfriend.

I believe he hates the idea and by so, punishing me with a whole lot of files to sort out.

Do you know how long I have been waiting here for you?" Mark screamed just loud enough to get the nearby dinners to turn heads.

Calm down Mark, you creating a scene.

Now am creating a scene?" Two hours Sarah, two hours of my time. It's been four months since I saw you last and still you think I have no right to be upset?

This wasn't even my idea in the first place. You insisted we meet. And still didn't show up early.

I shouldn't have gotten you the job in the first place, This has been one big mistake.

Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 5:49pm On Feb 03, 2016


Really Mark?" Coming from you, that's a low blow. I am eternally greatful for the good deed you did for me but you don't own me.

I love you so much but am working. I can't afford to loose everything I have worked for all because you catching some feelings.

Am catching feelings?' Jesus Sarah.Who the hell are you?. Few months back and you won't have had the boldness to utter those words to me.

You know what, am out of here. Have fun with your work.

Mark, am sorry..Please come back. We could figure this out.

There is nothing to figure out. When the real Sarah shows up, give me a call.

Boiling hot with anger beyond measure, he got up to take his leave thereby leaving behind a trail of broken glasses and wine bottles in his path.

Excuse me Ma, someone has to pay for those items damaged, the Waiter cried out.

Not to worry. This should cover the bill. She brought out some hundred dollar bills. Keep the change. She smiled while walking out the door.

Re: FALLING!!! by Missmossy(f): 8:21pm On Feb 04, 2016
Aww really interesting. Kudos.


Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 10:00pm On Feb 04, 2016
Aww really interesting. Kudos.
Tankx miss...doz words wer nice and encouraging...
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 8:36am On Feb 09, 2016
I c u stopped updating, Y?
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 7:49pm On Feb 09, 2016
I c u stopped updating, Y?
****** A lil bit of a tight schedule...promise 2 update before the week runs out.... Do 4give the delay
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 7:56pm On Feb 09, 2016

****** A lil bit of a tight schedule...promise 2 update before the week runs out.... Do 4give the delay
No p
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 9:55pm On Feb 09, 2016

No p

Is onli fair I give you one now to satisfy your appetite...Njoy miss!
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 10:03pm On Feb 09, 2016

No p




Mark has never been the angry type. Ok. Maybe a little. The occasional siblings rivalry and the sight of people being cheated upon.Those are the only two things that could get him to flare up like a caged lion. Those two things could get any sane man to flare up.

Lying in the back seat of the cab, a million thoughts flooded his mind with so much speed he felt he might pass out.
Mark,What have you done?. "I shouldn't have gotten you the job in the first place?" why on earth would I have said those words to her..

She surely hates me now. And I bet she would never want to speak to me again. I should have just stayed in the office. Probably would have avoided this whole drama....Jesus...
Why can't anyone see the future.

Sir, where exactly are you heading? Asked the confused cab man.
We have circled this entire neighbourhood five times and am beginning to feel you have no idea where you going. By the way, your bill is eighty dollars. Gas isn't free this days.

Mind pulling over here, not to worry but would prefer to walk the rest home. Here is your money and please do keep the change. You have done well tonight.Thank you.

The walk back home felt more like a journey. Flashing images of Sarah cut across his mind. Those tender lips, that warmth touch of her skin.The way she parted her legs and let him have all the control whenever they made love. Am all your's Mark, she would softly scream in his ear. Do whatever you want with me.

Jeez Sarah, you just had to be seductive. I need to apologise to her.Hopefully she would forgive me. I know she still loves me.
Yes. First thing in the morning I will.

Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 7:37pm On Apr 04, 2016


Back at Sarah's place, the evening couldn't have gotten any worse than It did. It is all my fault. I shouldn't have let this work consume me entirely. Now I have a whole lot of "making up" to do,
One can never blame him for acting out. Did he truly wait for two hours?. The idea of loosing Mark created an empty pit filled with regret underneath her stomach.

The next morning seemed different. Right from the sound of her alarm singing the continuous screeching tone that could bleed one's ears out to the walk in the subway station, something very tempting and special was about happening, She muttered underneath her breath. I can feel it in my bones.

It was past ten in the morning and she was busy filing the last batch of documents on her desk when the intercom rang on her desk.

That must be the chairman calling. She quickly dashed to the table and grabbed the handle.

"Hello Sir. Sarah speaking; Ha Miss Sarah, could you make your way to my office?' There is a client I want you to meet.
Alright sir. Am on my way.

While replacing the handle to the original postion, she couldn't help but think this was the strange feeling she has been having all morning. Hope this is a real client and not just another silly plot by this old man to show his true character.
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 6:38pm On May 15, 2016

Sorry folks....update coming real soon....Fuel increase no allow person type again...
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 7:21pm On May 15, 2016
okeeey o..
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 9:00pm On May 15, 2016

Chapter Five---PART 111

Knock knock, she gently struck the chairman's door with her knuckles; It's Sarah sir. May I come in?

Absolutely! Please sit down Sarah.

Right this minute, she noticed a tall gentleman standing at the opposite end of the room.

Thank goodness. She murmured underneath her breath. This only means he is not planning of trying anything funny.

Sarah, like I earlier told you on the phone, please meet Mister Tayo Abiodun. Son of chief Abiodun, the biggest shareholder in this company and owner of CartCare World.

Mr Tayo has personally told me he has some amazing ideas he wants to explore. Am placing you in charge to walk him through the necessary risks involved and pick out the best of ideas in order to get started on financially backing them up.

Right away sir. She responded swiftly.

If you would excuse me Tayo, I have some very important meetings I need to attend immediately. You folks could use my office to get acquainted. And Sarah, do lock up when you done.

Absolutely Sir.

For the next twenty minutes, Tayo never said a word. All he did was stare at the only human standing next to him.

Hello?' Mr Tayo?, Sarah responded quite shocked. Did you even hear anything I said In the last twenty minutes?.

My apologies Miss. May I call you miss?' You would have to forgive me but I see no ring on your finger.

Just so you know, I wasn't paying any attention to what you were saying. Though am hundred percent sure it made a whole lot of sense but my reason for this little meeting happening, isn't to discover the necessary risks that could gulp some part of my fortune but to get a chance to know the Sarah the whole firm is talking about.

Excuse me?,

My dad has literally not allowed me to rest since you came on board. Don't get me wrong miss, I do have some great ideas but those are secondary thoughts compared to the one that initially got me here.

Mr Tayo. Is it?' Sorry but am quite not following what you saying.

Alright Sarah, how about i explain it better over lunch. Sorry, make that dinner.

Mr man, no offence but am here to discuss bussiness like you earlier stated and not some eating competition.

Wow. You really are a rare gem. It's about time this firm had someone this feisty.

Am sorry to come up like a jerk, but you should know that it's really not everytime one could come up with a clever scheme to trick the chairman of a fortune 500 company in order to have some alone time with a staff this beautiful and smart...Did i forget to mention smart?

I appreciate the compliments but I hate to burst your bubble. Am in a relationship.

Oh yes. With Mark I believe. Don't look so surprise, I did my homework.

Looking stunned, she gasped for air. If you know this things, why on earth are you now saying such words?

Now that's a question I have to go think about. But in the mean time, I couldn't get myself to stop thinking about you from the moment I laid eyes on you. And that's about three weeks ago.

Haha. I do admire your confidence and thanks for the admiration but I love my fiance very much and I have no intention whatsoever to play around.

Finally, she broke a smile and she admires my confidence. Truth be told, I only heard admire and confidence plus that adorable laugh. No offence but the rest of your words flew out that open window.

Mr Tayo, could we just get down to bussiness and trash out whatever you have in mind concerning your ideas?

Would love to do that but am afraid I don't really do bussiness without a meal in front of me. What can I say, it's my weakness.

Please, please Mr Tayo. I have alot of work to do on my desk. If this meeting isn't going hold, do let me know now.

Alright Sarah, have it your way. You could leave now.

But I should warn you. I tend to blab alot when I really don't get what I want.
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 9:09pm On May 15, 2016



For example, I have no idea what would happen if I let it slip to the chairman that you literally made this company loose five hundred million dollars(that's the amount am willing to spend by the way) all because we couldn't agree on some very small differences.

Did you just say five hundred million dollars?' and you would do that to me?'

Basically seven hundred and fifty million dollars but who's counting. And Hey! I never said i was going be proud of it.

What do you want from me Tayo?

Just a candle light dinner miss. If it's any consolation, I promise to make it boring so you could run home very early.

You dont have to say it. I know, am that kind.

Just one dinner and your head would be back in bussiness?. You promise?.

Pinky swell miss...I always keep to my word.

Alright!. Jeez, Pick me up by 8.

Uhm, I never said anything about today miss, would let you know what date. And you definitely are breathtaking in that dress. If I haven't mentioned that before.

Smiling cheaply, he held her hands and planted a kiss on them both. I believe this is the start of a great friendship.

Would see you real soon miss Sarah. Now, don't you go anywhere.
Re: FALLING!!! by uyisteven(m): 5:32pm On May 17, 2016
okeeey o..
***** Curious miss...what do you think about the last two write ups..
Re: FALLING!!! by joanee20(f): 10:06pm On May 17, 2016

Curious miss...what do think about the last two write ups..

They are cool, as far as I know am enjoying it... You spelt fone instead of "phone".. and the "with mark I propose" isn't supposed to be "with mark I suppose" or with mark I guess..anyhow sha correct your mistakes, thumbs up

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