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How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 8:15am On Jan 29, 2016
Good evening
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by banjicom(m): 8:31am On Jan 29, 2016
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 10:17am On Jan 29, 2016

Love is a very beautiful thing and falling in love is one of the sweetest aspect of life but it is also a two edged sword because it can either make a man or break him,change a man positively or negatively,bring a man pleasure or pains.

My life have experience all this definitions. because it have gone through many love challenging difficulties .when I told my now number one lady(VIVIAN) on earth after mum(may her soul R. I. P) she advise me to put it in writing,so it can serve as an adviser for others so took me to her uncle MR SUNDAY FRANCIS the owner of PACIFIC PUBLISHER LTD

So The story you are about to read is 90% real and 10% fictional.
Is just a promo copy of my forthcoming autobiographic novel "TUNNEL OF PAINS".

The small fictional part is to make the story here(on this site) a little different from my real life story in my novel.

Mind you it not complete. As this is just the first phrase of the story of my love complication on planet earth

Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 6:39pm On Jan 29, 2016
A knock woke me up,I open the door and there stood VIVIAN my girl

VIVIAN: I. Thought about ur proposal all through the night and am sorry I can't and will......

ME: shhhhh!!( Placing my finger on her lips let her in and she sat on my bed) pls b4 u reject my proposal think more and the harm it might do to me cos I love u now am. not in a hurry for answers

VIViAN: (smiling while facing down) pls let me finish. I can't and will no longer be ur girlfriend(silence) but I have accepted to be the eraser that wipe all the pain you have suffered

ME: (staring at her confused)

VIVIAN: yes I would marry you and be the mother of ur kid

Most of you might wonder what the hell am talking about well this is how it all started.
__________________ _____________ _____________ ________
Most of you might wonder why I bear the name LOVE DOCTOR is because of what I have passed through.
My names real name is MICHEAL fidelis. 300 level student of FUTO imo state,the 3rd son of my parents .
Am not too handsome but I dey ok even ur sister go confess(joking)

I lived with My parents who at that time were not well to do we live in a low earner house,so I grow up in the ghettos(low income earner area) and anyone who grow up 4 that area know as e dey be. Is like a different world altogether where many social vice(rape,drugs smoking beeping fighting gambling etc) take place

As a little boy growing there I was spoilt at a very tender by friends. B4 the age of 7yrs I was wiser than my age.
Most times when I go to watch film for our neighbour house, him go send go chemist make I tell de woman make him give me medicine dem dey call "GOLD CIRCLE" me no know watin ebi den when I buy I go give him and him girlfriend go enter room start to knack AKPAKO while I go dey him parlour dey watch film him put 4 me somethings I go leave de film dey peep dem

Soon I started sneaking around and sneak one day into my elder brother room where I saw and stole his porn magazine "BEST LOVERS" I read and found it so interesting so I made it a habit(sneaking around and stealing porn magazine anywhere I see it)yet no one suspect me.

From there I started learning dirty tins and it didn't take long b4 I started practising dirty things with female Kid and fellow pupils at school
There was a particular dirty play I love den "DO AS I DO" where I go wear like 3short b4 my school short. break time I go carry one of my classmate enter bush we go do DO AS I DO,if I pull 1,I would dare her to do the same.
we go continue until like that she go naked it I will only go as far as that.

Before I graduate from primary I became spoilt far more dan my age yet I neva 4 once had real full blown sex with any girl but all dat is about to change after I gain admission into this secondary school

Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 6:46pm On Jan 29, 2016

Before I finish primary God showed us love my dad got a nice job as a marketing personnel for a company assisted by mum who work as a cashier for 1 hospital,so tins got beta for my family as we move into two bedroom flat still in that neighbourhood and I got admitted into a good secondary school.
Yet I behave rough and do directly opposite to all the school rules. I was always a regular and notorious figure in the staff room so much it became my second home cause I was always geting into trouble for harassing student and other social vices.
still I no even been dey send anybody but all that changed because That month of October became a turning point 4 life.

That morning our integrated sciences teacher ask a question from the previous lesson we had

Teacher: when a plant is about to die the leaf turn yellow what cause de leaf to turn yellow

The class was mute for good five mins no answers others who were attempting were all talking jagoons. So out annoyance,our vigorous teacher pick a can to flog us all when I answered out of sub consciousness

ME: lack of chorophyll as a result of nutrient deficiency.

All eye was turn toward me,the teacher was intrigued and she praised me, clap that sounded like thunder was heard from my class by the whole school and it was for me. Yes I hv just saved all of dem from been punished by this vigorous teacher. during break time some girls bought egg roll and zobo for me. Dat day i felt like the king of the class that day. Motivation can make one want to do better so I determine dat day to do more and better.
Although I didn't change from my bad way .it became less as i became one of the most brilliant student teacher enjoy in their lesson especially maths & integrated sciences. I would read ahead and answer any difficult for the whole class.

Not long I started getting attention from girls. some go jus dey bug me to teach dem some topic dey no understand while some go just use joke cum sid don 4 my laps.

Although I knew so much about sex and girl yet I still had 1 problem, I was the chronic shy type
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 6:50pm On Jan 29, 2016

I couldn't talk to girl toward relationship level yet I always desired dem .
when am along I go fantasize d kind of smooching I go give dem,all dat 1 na just fantasy cos when I see dem face to face I go just chill like water,I no go fit talK.

The next year that was In our jss 2,A new beautiful girl (pamela) was admitted and instantly I started having this spark 4 her from the first sight.

She noticed it cos I would do for her what I refused to do for other girl who ask before her. Anywhere she is there I would like to sit. I enjoy and stay longer in her company more other girls.
Yet I couldn't tell her and she knowing dis feelings for her wud torment de hell out me with it.

During free period I go dey class dey shout,dey crack joke,she go from no where come sid don for my laps or hug me from back de class go jus dey haill us "love nwatiti" and dis moment I wud wish I vanish or was not dere.
yet when I get home I would sleep thinking about her.

De matter cum worse sote I cum dey avoid her. as soon as lesson finish I go run commot for class park 4 outside jus to avoid her. Lie! lie!! 4 were she and other girls go use excuse make I come teach dem drag me enter class and my power no reach to refuse her anything. I was in such dilemma.

Any time we dey together dey talk she go dey tease me with erotic talks and the HOLY ONE go jos vex stand.
Once she see the tin don stand she go laff run leave me commot outside and ego make me shame but still I go code.

This went on,soon the class start calling us Romeo and Juliet yet I have never for once ask her out.
Even though my love for her was growing to the extreme by the day yet I couldn't express it to her I was too shy to tell any girl matters like dat

To b continued
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Missmossy(f): 6:56pm On Jan 29, 2016
Interesting,keep it coming cheesy
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 7:22pm On Jan 29, 2016
Chapter 4

We grew tried of reading so she stood up and started opening button of her billows and with a sexy dance throws it together with her singlet to de side I saw her boobs covered in very colourful bra.
It was the most beautiful boobs I ever seen not even in all my THE BEST LOVER MANGAZNE. then she unzipped her skirt it fell,she step out of it and kick it to de side and showed a matching pant.
slowly walked to the sound system pick out PSQUARE BUSY BODY, played it and started tweaking to it. she den turn to me

PAMELA: Micheal I know u love me
and desire me, I always notice the u look at when u tink am not looking.
I know u are a very sly guy but today am getting u laid and in this ur houz too whether u Want it or not.

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears.
Am I mad not to want dis. yet the shy part of was taking over me.

So many question started popping in my head,men!!! the body was willing but the ginja now not the soul now was weak, reason shyness.

Before I could get answers to all the question in my head she came to the sofa I was siting pushed me flat on it and started attacked my lips with hers.
Now some of the shyness have left. I began reciprocating as I started caressing and smooching her.
She went forward to lick all my body and I could do was make some animal noise which I never thought was from me.
she undo my belt get hold of my dick and was about to give me a Mouth Action.

My bed clock bell rang I woke,it saturday.
This was all in my dream I said angrily to myself as I stopped the bell.

I got of my bed and came out of my room. The whole place was quite.
Kid brother was in boarding school and my elder brothers were no long living with us. I saw my food on the table.

I brushed my teeth,sat to eat. I notice the piece of paper dropped by my mum telling me dat they have gone to their usual end of month visit to de village and they wud be back on sunday.

ME: see this woman and him husband dem don go another month honey moon with excuse of "usual end of month visit to the village.

I fold it and pick up my spoon to eat my spaghetti, a knock on our door came calling. Who might it be? I asked myself I peep through the front window and guess who it was?

Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 7:23pm On Jan 29, 2016
All this are just run down of my early life so sit tight the better part is about to com
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 7:28pm On Jan 29, 2016
Was my minutes ago dream about to come through,why was she here,who showed her my house,was she aware I was alone at home.
I was pondering over this question wen the second knock landed on the door and return me from my transfiguration. I opened the door

ME: hey!! How are u?,this one u came to my house am I save?how did u know my house?

PAMELA: which would I answer first? Instead of bombarding with questions won't u invite me in?.

ME: (invite u enter where? I said in my mind)sorry please come in.

PAMELA: this place look quite are you the only one at home?

ME: yeah mum and dad travelled so am home alone

PAMELA: ok. Michael the exam we have on monday there is this topic inorganic compound and their bonds. I don't get it,can u pls explain it more for me

ME: (u sure say na that topic or no be reproduction carry u come my house) ok but u have to wait for me to eat.

I left for the table while Inviting her to join me which she declined.
she picked up the remote on the sofa and went to film rake and pick out MICHAEl LEARNS mp3 album and started playing it on the sound system.

After eating I invited her to cum to the table with the book she declined and preferred we stay on the floor.

I obliged her we both lied on the floor with her using one hand to lin on my shoulder.
for my mind I was asking what kind of temptation was this.

With the little concentration I had den we learnt and later started gisting she ask me to visit her sometime I asked her her address she told me I wrote down her address and promise to visit her someday(but me know say that one na super story) .
so we Went on joking,laughing and playing till we grew tiered. .

PAMELA: pls let watch some movies(rushing to the film rake).do you have a foreign romantic movie

ME: (trouble dey sleep inyanga Dey go wake am. God pls save me from this girl today) yes but I would have preferred action ones

PAMELA: shy boy! is not dat such movie would do us any harm

MEsadthis girl u prepare come oo!! abeg come dey go) who told u dat. Me shy I laughed trying to cover up.

We argued a little I socumed to her. she put one korean movie SECRET GARDEN. I got up went to the fridge brought out bread ,salad cream and juice

ME: PAMI pls let eat is aready 12pm.
She declined,I playful threatened to force food down her throat if she decline again. Den she said something that made let her be

PAMELA: this one u dey force me eat,u won drug me she said jokefully , well sorry am not to falling for dat try using other ways.

God which kind girl be dis I thought to myself.

we sat and was watching the film silently but small time the girl go look my face as if some one excepting me to say something to her.
for were I lock up. her being here alone is making me uncomfortable becaue of my shy nature not to talk of doing anything funny.

After some time she stood up and told she was going,I said ok but as she was approaching the door I started wishing in my heart dat she would stay a little longer with me .so I called her as she reach the door.

she turned I wanted to tell her to stay a little longer but what came out of my mouth was take care of urslf she smiled and den left

Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 8:50pm On Jan 29, 2016
I became angry with myself. I started feeling a vacuum as even something have been stolen from me.
I couldn't guess what so I looked around I didn't notice anything missing.
After sometime I gave up the search.
maybe is in my head I guessed Cos now I was completely head over heels in love with her without even realising it.
So I took my bath den went for a stroll to clear my head.
When strolling I met a former primary school classmate (susan) who I been dey play DO as I DO play with den.
She have grown into a fine matured lady but I was in not in the mood to take to talk to her or anyone

Victoria: na who I dey see! Long time! Watin be that ur name again(micheal I answerd) since we commot for primary no one don seen u,not even for this our street. which water carry u and where the water carry u go since
ME: I dey just say the school I dey now dey stressful and e no dey give me chance (I lied).
VICTORIA:u no mean am? Ok how school
ME: Fine And how ur own parole (I asked hastily I was getting pissed off cos I wasn't flowing with the discussion I was still feeling that vacuum in me)
VICTORIA: me after I commot primary,palee say no money so I gots learn tailoring but me I happy say I learn cos I dey happy with the work cos e dey give me money well well now
ME: ok dat one dey .
vicky I gas push mamcy send me go message.
when we jam again we go continue from where we stop our tori(trying to dodge futher discussion).
VICTORIA: dat one fit be when God com she laughed while leaving

I turned back to go home I was not in the mood to stroll again.
when I got home that feeling was getting worse and it was getting me confused.
I brought my book to read I couldn't concentrate so I left the book ,went to my room and unpacked my play station and started playing but the game was rather boring so I left all went to my room and slept off. When I woke that feeling have subsided so I took my bath and had my dinner.
While eating dinner I made up my mind to tell her how much I love her on monday no matter.
but I never knew that was a decide that almost removed me from this world. Watch for the main story
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Holamidhe(m): 11:52pm On Jan 30, 2016
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 8:07pm On Feb 09, 2016
Pls pals sorry for keeping you waiting it as a result of my work. But i wud love comment.i wud post more real and longer update from tomorow morning
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Onyenso100(m): 10:55pm On Feb 15, 2016
As a result of some business situation I can't continue this story if you want all pls walk to any bookshop and ask for TUNNEL OF PAINS but believe me am coming out soon with a fictional bomb for all my fans,readers and haters. a heart felt apology
Re: How Love,sex & Heartbreak Almost Ruined My Life by Chicent(m): 4:50pm On Dec 03, 2016
Right on time..... Eziobodo representing.


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