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TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 9:35pm On Apr 29, 2016
Rise oh moon for it is time for the wolf to howl.

Time for the sky to be filled with his mournful song.

The wolf is awake, roaming and longing for your light to show him the path.

Rise oh moon, for the hunter is prowling.

His moment of triumph is breaking with the glow of your waning light.

Your ominous form fueling graceful strides.

Rise oh moon, the wolf’s heart is beating, racing The hunt has begun and the ending is near.

When the wolf howls….there is much to fear.

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Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by emarkson(m): 9:45pm On Apr 29, 2016
Boss come start oo
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 9:56pm On Apr 29, 2016
CHAPTER ONE: The New Begining Herlett Preserve : 09:50 An idle man they say is the devils workshop well i am not idle and i am definately not the devils workshop i am just a normal teenage boy that love adventures though i see myself as a loser still i love adventures thats why i am in the middle of the woods by this time. My name is John Hale the other half of Janes Hale actually James is my twin brother, my dad is the local sheriff of our area Herlett. I am five foot six inches tall while my brother is just an inch shorter than me. What i am doing here i can explain i can explain i overheard my dad talk about a big cougar withh a deputy so here i am trying to find the so called animal I know most people question will be what are you doing outside by this time the reason is simple i love adventures who even knew there is a river in this place i have walked so long into this preserve than i would have done during the day then something happened.

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Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 10:02pm On Apr 29, 2016
Boss come start oo
this is the first time i am ever writing a story so please correct me if i make a mistake
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 10:14pm On Apr 29, 2016
[center][/center]continuation: My pheripheral vision caught running deers. Running deers? What's chasing them. Then i saw the animal this thing ic nowhere near what it was described as because the report says a big cougar but this is like a big wolf of about eight feets red glowing eyes , furs, claws, a broad face with long fangs. It approached me then one word came to my mind RUN!!!!!!

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Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 10:19pm On Apr 29, 2016
Little did i know that this thing was not just big its also very fast it caught me before i performed that action then it slashed my abdomen, it bit me and it went away leaving me to fend for myself. Is this some hallucination or is that thing real. I ran out of the preserve got on my bile then i drove home

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Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 5:31am On Apr 30, 2016
*****CHAPTER TWO :I AND MY TWIN**** ********JAMES'S POV 10:30pm********
I was asleep when someone came into the house though i was in my room i heard it so i ran to the living room and i saw John i saw blood stains on his clothes . I asked him where he was coming from but he did not answer me he went straight to his room and he locked his door. I am suprised at John behaviour first he came late with blood stains on his clothes then he snubbed me and went straight to his room this i quite unusual but i will ask him about that later. Dad is unusually late today i dont know why but since my dad works for the state i am not suprised.

THE SECRET ORGANIZATION Zeecorp a widely known company owned by Mr Tom Gurner deals with making of guns and other armory had something not widely known to people ''an underground''. This underderground is not like a normal underground this one is like a city with differient rooms it looks like a liar for scientics maybe its indeed the scientics liar because every one there are working on one thing or the other I know you are wondering what something like this is doing under a respectable company. I can answer that the CEO of Zeecorp is not a normal human he is the alfather of all vapires in the whole of pelsavennia so vampire science how does the two correlate humans are improving in the sense of technology so now you can see that vampires also need to improve in their own sense of technology for instance creating a substitute for blood when blood is not available and so on but now i that underground these vampire scientics are trying to achieve one goal THE HUMAN WOLF. The war between vampire and werewolves has been there since ages a lot of lost lives just because of this war but Tom Gurner decided to turn the tables around and kill these werewolves just from anywhere by creating his own hit man with the same gene as that of a werewolf. The main objective of the human wolf is not to just find its kind but to also kill them.

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Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by sleemoon(m): 6:43am On Apr 30, 2016
Hmmmm... The Last Wolf saga...

Btw... Why is everyone creating a werewolf story now??

Anyways... M here @ d front row waiting for full update....

@OP. Please make ur post lengthy...why d short short version naa... Anyways more ink to ur pen and more blood to ur fingers
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 11:18am On Apr 30, 2016
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 11:48am On Apr 30, 2016
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 1:32pm On Apr 30, 2016
-------------------- JOHN'S POV---------------------

I slept immedieatly yesterday ignoring the pain i was feeling from my adventure or should i say bite and scratches. Now its morning i really need to start preparing for school then i looked towards where the injuries i had just last night was or should be and my oh my those injuries were gone . I do not know if i should be happy that i healed overnight and would'nt be feeling any pains or i should be concerned at how i did heal overnight but now I have to put those thoughts away and face my most persistent problem 'HIGH SCHOOL'. Whats there in high school aern't just there to learn and maybe socialise thats for a normal boy but for me my high school life is just the correct defination of screwed up. Screwed up in the sense that I am a victim of the two most relentless bullies that kind of people that seem to gain something by shoving me aside, placing their legs where i am meant to step on with the intention of tripping me over, moving the chair from its place when i am about to sit and so many other wicked behaviours that they find really funny. I find it suprising but both boys that bully me are friends actually they are and the have their own group eleven of them so when i am bullied the rest will laugh so i called them ''my own worst enemies''. Just as i was about movig into the school i saw my her name is Claudia she is a cute girl with hazel eyes, long blond hair she's tall though i can't say how tall she's refferd to be the queen bee of the school so you can see that my chance with her is almost impossibl and she also happens to be the girlfriend of Fred the other half of my own worst enemies. Fred is the captain of the Team A Football group.

My day went smooth no bullies no punishment but lectures today was so boring expecially the Economics which happened to be my last lecture i don't know why i dislike economics class i think its because of the teacher that also happenes to be my coach Mr Henry Cole he sorts of dislike me and trust me its a mutual feeling. Mr Cole is very quiet but to me his quietness is kinda evil because i learnt somwhere that people that keep to themselves are people you should you shoul watch out for He had his eyes on me through out the class i don't know why.

After school i rode home. When i got to the garage i saw James bike and guilt washed over me i avvoided him today because of the fear that if i told him he might make jest of me so i made up my mind i was going to tell him and i don't care if he belives me or not. I met James inside i apologised for my behavior and i told all that happened at the woods to him just like i predicted he laughed and playfully told me to go back to the woods and find out if what i said is really true. He did not believe well its not like i expected him to i spent the rest of the day indoor i did'nt come out for dinner then thought of James word GO BACK TO THE WOODS AND FIND OUT so i made up my mind i am going back out there.

Herlett Preserve

A woman standing barefoot is right behind a tree looks like she's hiding from something indeed she's hiding from something HUNTERS not normal hunters but werewolf hunters they've been chasing her since they found out abot her. She's wearing a leather black jacket and a black jean trouser a cloth she stole from one store drawing the attention of the hunters to herself. She's bleeding from her right arm but it does not really matter because she knows she'll heal she's greatly fatigued but the hunters are not giving up they will make sure they kill her because she killed six hunters during their first face off
Just as she was thinking of what to do she heard an incoming arrow and dodged just before it made contact with her then she started running had she known she wold never had come t herlett at all because she escaped from the vampires just to become a victim of hunters while she was running she fell for a trap a trip wire it grabbed her leg suspending her upside down then she made her claws grow from her finger nails and with one swipe she cut the trip wire but a man who seemed to be the lead hunter took her down with an arrow which head was laced with yellow wolfsbane she fell flat on the rough ground like a sack and passed out since th hunters had the intention of killing her the lead hunter took a broad sword and raising it towards her lower abdomen and he said something ''we protect those that can not protect themselves'' and he brought the sword down cutting her in half.


Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 1:36pm On Apr 30, 2016
Hmmmm... The Last Wolf saga...

Btw... Why is everyone creating a werewolf story now??

Anyways... M here @ d front row waiting for full update....

@OP. Please make ur post lengthy...why d short short version naa... Anyways more ink to ur pen and more blood to ur fingers
you are welcome my brother and about lengthy post i have done something about it
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 7:23pm On Apr 30, 2016
======CHAPTER FOUR: FINDING====== =============MYSELF==============
--------------------JOHN'S POV------------------------
I got to the preserve just in time to see two ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) with two people on each vehicle maneuver their way in the woods "Is this some kind of wood racing" then i found out that those guys were chasing a woman. The woman looked surprisingly odd to me because she was barefoot an she had a ruffled brown hair and her eyes was glowing crimson red How is she able to out run ATV'S am i wondering about that how am i able to run as fast as an ATV wow i think this night will be full of surprises. The guys driving the ATV stopped they dropped their helmets picked up their bows and arrows and started moving forward i think the woman's exhausted because she is standing right behind a tree with the help of the illumination of the moon i could see her face fear was boldly written on her face i looked towards those guys and surprisingly i recognised two the one leading them happened to be Mr Ted the owner of the pub opposite our house and the guy right behind Mr Ted is the school's janitor the man at the right side o Mr Ted fired an arrow an it was going to hit the woman at the back of the head but she dodged it before it touched her then she started running. She ran into a trap immediately i saw this i wanted to run from my safe distance and help her but something held me back i watched her cut the trip wire and start to run then Mr Ted took her down with an arrow straight to her back he took a two edged sword. moved closer to her then he said something inaudible then he cut her in half Jeez!!! This guys just killed a woman then i turned around and i started running drawing the attention of those men they saw me and they all started shooting arrows i dodged all those arrows effortlessly ran toward the main road got on my bike and i rode home.

A man clad in black T-shirt and a Brown trousers sits under a sunshade he has a glass cup containing an orange drink right on the table he is dozing the sudden ring of his phone jerked him so much that he hit the table and spilled his drink he brought out his phone from his left pocket and answered the call immediately he left the deck and he went inside.
"These werewolves really have a nerve for my wife's store to be attacked by one of them and to also be stripped off her clothes i will make sure i'll kill this werwewolf myself but speaking of werewolves i thought i killed those things completely i'd better call these boys". those were the thoughts of Ted Lawler when his wife called that her store had just been attacked by a feral wolf and it made away with her clothes Ted drove towards the front of the street to pick up his guys and off they went to his wife's store. On getting there she was wearing only bra and panties he had taken another cloth for her when he went to the house. He gave her the cloth and asked he's wife where the werewolf passed and she told it went towards the abandoned warehouse so they took off Ted did not need to go Back home for weapons he had every weapon he and his group needs in his trunk. He drove into the warehouse and they all came down from the car and moved towards the trunk picking any weapon of their choice he packed his car directly in front of the abandoned warehouse door and kept watch over that area Holding a shotgun and told other members of his team to spread out a find the werewolf. Stealthily a man with a kantana approached a slightly opened door and opened it with caution immediately he entered the room the kantana got snatched from his grip and off went his head Ted stood right in front of the car thinking if he should go against the protocols and kill a werewolf he is not sure has killed before as he was still contemplating on what to do a head rolled towards his position and stopped right in front of him then it hit him that's the head of Mark one of his guys then he saw her perform some sort of acrobatic moves and she landed a full giant werewolf then he remembered his werewolf lessons giant werewolf are more stronger in the day than the night he jumped into the car started the engine and he called his guys to get in but only three of nine were still alive the rest were dead. They jumped into the car through the window and Ted zoomed of with one intention I'll get you in the night and that night he really did have his own pound of flesh

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Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Rex1(m): 9:04pm On Apr 30, 2016
Oboy c action movie, my oga abeg com continue from were u stop b4 anxiety go kill me ontop of the chair i the sidon o
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Preciousbouy(m): 9:35pm On May 09, 2016
Please OP come and Conti what you started oo... Enjoying it
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 2:11pm On May 11, 2016
----------CHAPTER FIVE: HALF DONE----------

In the silent room in a horizontal tub like transparent glass with pink like liquid lies Buck the Human Wolf experiment prototype. He isn't that stupid to volunteer for such experiment he was simply taken against his wish. Buck works as a woodcutter in Texas. He was going home after a tedious day in his job when he met a woman she was very perfect in all ways according to him and was really appealing while he was still daydreaming about how she would look nude she moved with the speed of lightning and she punched and kicked him simultaneously until he passed out. Right inside the room termed as the silent room opposite the human wolf is Michael Anderson the last member of the Anderson pack in a tub exactly like that of the human wolf just that it is vertical and contain a colourless liquid he's got black marks all over his body with long needles piercing those black marks those needles are connected to a small rubber hose transferring blood from Michael to a big machine demarcating him and Buck the human wolf. At the other side of the machine those same type of rubber hose is passed from the machine to the human wolf he has those same black marks and needles in him receiving the processed liquid from the machine into his bloodstream.

A tall black muscular man and a man who is just like the opposite of the tall man: short, chubby and white are just beside the the human wolf talking about his progress

"I don't know what is taking this thing so long" said the tall guy "according to the reports it's 50% done" the short man replied. Just as they were conversing their alfather approached

"how is it going Dan" the alfather asked talking to no one in particular "just according to the plan sir before the end of the month he will be standing straight willing to be commanded but i ask what are we to do with this were wolf donor" the chubby man said but the alfather was not ready to entertain any question he just walked away from them.


I felt really uncomfortable in school today like i wanted someone to offend me i later learned it was called building rage and there came Fred just what i needed at the moment he shoved be back towards my locker and held the collar of my jacket asking me what i was going to do about that i replied not with my mouth but with my fist and showed him what i was going to do about what he did to me. My first punch went to his solar plexus that punch sent him flying six feet from his actual position, he crashed on the floor i went to where he crashed and started raining punches in him his jaw, his nose, his face i didn't care i just wanted to inflict some injuries luckily for me i saw no injuries so i kept punching unfortunate of him he came to me alone and will just keep on getting punched since he had no injuries just then people passing by the school corridor interfered in the fight and i was separated from Fred he looked surprised and blood trikled down his nose my rage subsidised immediately i saw blood i jacked Dustin's hands of away from mine and i went towards the economics class.


This morning was just too great i am finally independent in my feeding that is as a vampire i can go out and get to suck on people's blood as i wish without supervision. So what other way to make this day perfect "bullying John" that's a thought to wow about because i plan on making him my victim his night so after i got to school, i kissed my girlfriend she was in a hurry to get to her English class so i just left her and i went after John i recognised the smell of his blood its something i practically found myself memorizing. I located him with the smell of his blood and i shoved him backwards towards the locker and asked him what he was going to do about that and indeed he showed me what he was going to do about what i did he gave me a punch that sent me flying then i crashed hard on the tiles almost giving it a crack. Before i could recover to put up a fight John started raining punches on me i felt totally helpless and simply succumbed to what i was getting though i didn't want to by body wanted a different thing then i was saved from what I'd call evil John i just looked at him surprised that r could received something like that from someone of such calibre i watch him jerk someone off his jacked and he walked away.
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 9:57pm On May 11, 2016
***********JOHN POV***********

I seriously did not like the stare i was getting from Mr Cole it was getting on my nerves like i did somethong wrong to him. I didn't know when i said "sir what did i do" even after my statement he kept on explaining and stealing glances at me i was here thinking he was gay. Economics is one of the classes i shared with James he was looking at me from his seat suspiciously then i found out almost everyone gave me that look they must have caught coach looking at me well i just shut my mind from those and tried to concentrate the more i tried to concentrate the more distracted i became then i looked straight to Mr Cole and he smelt somewhat familiar though i tried to deceive myself that getting peoples scent is impossible but seriously I've seen a lot of impossible things these past few days. After economics class all classes went well i had a free period after English and i was on the bench in the field when Fred approached me this time ten guys followed him with Fred making them eleven altogether. There was no way I'd beat these guys the same way I beat Fred earlier this morning i mean these were Fred's regular guys everyone in highschool did not want to have a encounter with and these same guys were coming to me obviously they were coming to avenge their friend. I weighed my options it's either i run or i remain seated and remain seated means I'll get beaten because these guys were really not smiling so my mind went for the former and my body went for the latter like an abnormal gravitational force glued by butt to the chair. They were just right in front of me then Sam asked me why i am so confident and it happened like a flash all the guys that approached me were lying on the field whatever got them there had so much force because i was sitting on the last bench row. I saw it happen in a blur and making from the size and dressing the person that hit them was definitely coach. Just then the bell rang i stood up and i went to the cafeteria trying to get the what happened at the field out of my mind then i noticed part of me found Coach attractive infact i was getting a hard on just by thinking about him and the other part of me was yelling to me that i was not gay. Getting to the cafeteria i totally forgot about coach with the looks i got when i entered it was as if a new student came to school its just that i am not a new student i was born and bred in Herlett i guess my face off with Fred and encounter with coach in the class had already gone round the school, and speaking of coach we are supposed to have a match with Team A right after lunch. I went to one table at the corner i wouldn't sit with anyone since almost everyone in the cafeteria were looking at me like i am some kind of freak.
With my tray i moved towards what I'd have called freaks seat if i was not going to sit there i just did not want to face the embarrassment of sitting in the midst of people that will stand immediately i sit and move to another table. Right from where i was sitting i could hear James and Alice his girlfriend talk as they approached the cafeteria another uprising feat hearing from dangerous distance. Just how time flies lunch time was over so as me trying to listen to Fred and his guys conversation from listening i learnt Fred was going to get his proper revenge in the field using the advantage of football being a very aggressive game as an excuse to shatter my bones, bad for him i was thinking of the same thing making the two of us. From the cafeteria i proceeded to the Boys locker room, wore my jersey and my pads grabbed my helmet and off to the field. On the field i met coach talking to my teammates already he said we were playing defensive line in the match today and we went to the field taking our positions. Team A were playing coachless because their coach wasn't around i wore my helmet and i squatted balled fist on the field and a semi stretched leg just on the line. Fred plays quarterback for Team A. He was about there feet away from me then the match started as a quarterback Fred was trying to make a goal but i was everywhere then it came to a point that it was just me and Fred facing each other only about ten feet apart then the feeling to hurt some one overwhelmed me again then i slammed my right leg foward on the grass bent my back and i took off. Seemed like Fred had the same intention because we took off at the same time and made a kind of helmet to chest interaction unfortunately Fred was on the receivers end he fell flat and was rushed to the clinic. The game was stopped everybody was surprised but my coach looked like that was just what he was expecting.
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 10:07pm On May 11, 2016
dont just read Botaflicia (m) dont say i am rude i had 310 views with only four comment
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Ice4jez(m): 10:53pm On May 11, 2016
u doing good my friend
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Rex1(m): 1:55am On May 12, 2016
Sincerely ur 4ever loyal reader, abeg carry on cos i still dey ur side .
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Preciousbouy(m): 2:49pm On May 13, 2016
Bros abeg no stop here I am so addicted to werewolves stories... Pls continue
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Preciousbouy(m): 2:50pm On May 13, 2016
Bros abeg no stop here I am so addicted to werewolves stories... Pls continue...
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Botaflica(m): 9:41pm On May 13, 2016
Honestly dawson, you are not rude, but i have also been commenting on ur write-ups. Have you checked my response to the mail you sent me? I replied you of your God's given gift. I'm sorry, i ain't reading without commenting when it touches or get through to me.
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 1:16pm On May 14, 2016

At Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania there is an old house at one corner of the street locals believed that supernatural creatures once lived there but ignorant people never bought that story going into the house will probably change the mind of those doubters when they see for themselves the bloodstains and claw marks every where its obvious whoever were those that lived in this house were really delta with by something

"The body is mine only I can make it reach its full potential" "what! Are you kidding me? I was born with this body and I do as I wish". These were the words of argument between the woman who seemingly bit John (Jenny) and John fighting for dominance over the body prophesied to end the oncoming threat to the lycans. The woman got fed up with the argument an initiated the beta transformation "wedges on the face, wolflike growing in the ears, little hard growing all over her body that on her face forming a letter m kind of shape with the straight line of hair forming from her forehead to the bridge of her nose, electric blue glowing eyes, and elongated claws all happening simultaneously, her height was undifferient.

"You now see why I am meant to control this body I am am stronger" she said with a type of breathing voice her fangs had cut the fluency of of her voice. John on the other hand just stared at the manic that wanted control over his body. "the prophecy chose the body not you" she breathed with that same voice all this while John just looked on partially amazed at her and what she had said PROPHECY so he was in line with some kind of prophecy actually to do what he wondered.

Jenny's rage increased when he just stared at her like a slowpoke. She lunged forward at him making a swipe with her clawed hands to his head but unlike any normal werewolf John relaxed his eye and he saw that coming, he ducked bending downwards and rotated at a kind of 360 degree angle he sent a strong punch to her stomach with both fists. She did not see that coming she was hit before she could block the blow that punch made her stagger backward, she wasn't meant to fall but a wood on staggering back move made her fall. John wasn't going to give her enough time to recover. He lunged forwards knee firstbut this time she saw this and rolled away before his knee hit her gut.

Jenny was out of the way already aerial moves like that san not be reversed, he hit the wooden floor with his right knee. If it was a human that person would probably need clutches, for a werewolf a couple of minutes to heal but John soon up like nothing had happened suprising Jenny she saw his eyes glow not all normal werewolves eye glow but "a green glowing eyes "AN OMEGA!!!"

Omegas with green glowing eyes were the most powerful werewolves of all time the last was a female and she was killed a thousand years ago. Its occurrence was just like something that happens once in a thousand years. Currently only three green eyed omegas had been born into the world all females and all dead well John has just added to history making them four. Purple eyed omegas were less powerful than the green eyed omegas but record has only six for females and two males. They were also all dead.

But a male green eyed omegas was as rare as dust during winter. Jenny remembered her readings about omegas werewolves "an omega can kill anyone who makes a wrong move towards them without a second thought". Jenny always counted those book irrelevant myths because she has never heard or seen someone who knew an omega though some family earned respect because an omega had come from their lineage.

Through out Jenny's 157 lifetime before it was ended by that hunter she never believed in those myths until now and she regretted not paying attention in those omegas teaching. But she really wanted to confirm if everything she's heard and read about omegas are true taking the first. "Omegas are the fastest werewolves" she relaxed and moved with all the speed she could muster towards John. She really did get to him and swing her clawed hands at him giving him five claw marks on his chest. What she experienced was worse than what she inflicted on John. He held the hand she used on him twisting it with so much force thereby breaking it. The pain made her turn and he culled his knee towards his chest and he hit her with the sole of his boot. She went flying over 12 feets the wooden floor cracked immediately her back hit it. With a great blur speed john was right in front of her this time his eyes glowed amber yellow he reminded her of someone. Her one and only love Henry Cole.

To be continued.....................
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Preciousbouy(m): 3:04pm On May 14, 2016
Pls more update... Loving this story
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 8:02pm On May 15, 2016
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Preciousbouy(m): 9:44pm On May 15, 2016
spikedawson abeg post something for us nah
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 11:43am On May 16, 2016
In the eastern part of the United States
people are still rejoicing in the
remembrance of the previously won
civil war. As people were in the mode of
celebration the opposite was that of a
certain lady she was unhappy unlike
people around her the civil war had
claimed the life of her soul mate though
she was still a teenager when he left for
the war he had been her soulmate since
she was born. Her family members kind
of resented her because of the death of
her soulmate and always told her to go
out and get herself another suitor.
“What am I going to do none of the
werewolves from other clan find me
attractive and my own soulmate is
dead” those were the thoughts of Jenny
Anderson as she walked towards the
pub she had tried making herself
attractive during the werewolf training
and meetings but every one that had
approached her gave out only lust and
not love as their chemosignal. With a
heavy laden heart she entered the pub
hoping to put away all her worries with
the drink there.
She sat on a table beside the pub door
and requested for a drink. Just the drink
was given to her she looked around to
make sure nobody nobody saw what
she was about to do. She brought out a
small brown fabric containing a purple
powdery substance and adds it to her
drink actualy that substance happened
to be a purple wolfsbane. She does that
in other to get intoxicated, but
unknown to her that was her greatest
undoing werewolves hunters knew that
werewolves become weak after
wolfsbane poisoning and plan to nab
her after she had her drink. They had
noticed a young lady that had been
coming to the pub every night, sits
beside the door and only drink a cup
before staggering outside a quite
unusual chain to be performed
Immediately after she drank the
contents of the cup she was heading
towards the door when she suddenly
blacked out. The hunters had put
wolfsbane in her drink before she put
her’s that was double wolfsbane

She woke up in a weapon room. Knives, arrows, swords, guns were scattered everywhere the place reeked of wolfsbane and gun powder.

She could pick up six heartbeats just right outside the door she was totally oblivious of how she was captured. The motive of
the hunters was to lure her pack out and that plan really worked out it was an all out supernatural war between the Anderson pack and the Aconite hunters a lot of blood was shed and at last the
three days war ended a lot of dead bodies more hunters than werewolves.

The whole area was deserted Henry Cole was a lone wolf at a young age his pack has been raided by the vampires and
he’s been left homeless only survivor of his pack. He had become a wanderer due to his homelessness. He was there
when the battle started and he even helped the werewolves win. He found out that the werewolves had disappeared then he found out that wolfsbane gas had
been released into the air he didn’t feel suffocated because he was immune to all types of wolfsbane.

He walked into the house and he
followed the heartbeat he heard to the weapon room there he saw a young lady. Hr helped her out of the chains.

She was too weak to stand on her own so he held her in his arms his eyes glowed amber yellow and that was the first and last memory she had about him though she found out his name she did not see him afterwards.
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 4:39pm On May 20, 2016
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Presh900(m): 7:05pm On May 20, 2016
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by Leiykong(m): 11:24pm On May 20, 2016
more please
Re: TRANSFORMING: The New Lycan by spikedawson: 12:05pm On May 28, 2016
CHAPTER NINE: UNKNOWN TORMENT ************** JOHN ************** I woke up this morning suddenly sitting straight and gasping for air it looked like i had a dream but this was not a dream because the injuries i had was still healing now i know what i am and what is coming, i also know that i am connected to some kind of prophesy and i am also a werewolf. Yesterday i earned a two day suspension i think the principal added me ramming into the best athlete and also beating him together now i have two full boring days to spend at home. Why does my life suck at every corner. I got out of bed still dressed in my navy blue pajamas and i headed to the living room just as i was going down the stairs i met my dad clad in his sheriff uniform. He faced me and he said “what is wrong with you your principal said you beat someone up i am a law enforcer and i can’t watch my own son become a nuisance” those were his ramblings he kept on talking for minutes and i was like did he really care ever since mom left he had only focused on his job and he left i and James to ourselves. Just as he was talking a call came through his phone with my supernatural hearing capacity i could hear what the person at the other end was talking about the person said there was an accident downtown after the call dad was going to explain but i asked him what caused the accident he looked at me surprised at how i heard but he just told me to be safe and made for the door James came out of his room fully dressed for school he didn’t even act like he saw me he just made for the door i heard Alice’s voice from the garage i think she came to pick him. What the hell is wrong with my twin. That was my thoughts as i went to the kitchen

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