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Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:00am On Jun 25, 2016
[size=18pt]We are here!!

It's the Grand Finale of this awesome contest and we are down to just 5 beautiful ladies. The journey started with 11 beautiful ladies and here's where we are. cheesy

Have you ever seen such number of beauties in one place at the same time? You can only see that in the Miss Nairaland Contest.

These five beautiful ladies have shown us that they have all it takes to be crowned queen today and we are putting then at your mercies now to vote for them but unfortunately you can only vote for ONE of them. Only ONE.

I remain your humble host, DYGEASY.

We decided to have an interactive session with the contestants so we placed a phone call to each of them to ask them a few questions. A clip of the recording is embedded in each of their profiles as you scroll down.

Here are the questions we asked them;

What has been your most saddening and enlivening experience since the contest began?

A child is conceived on the basis of rape and outright molestation by a hardened criminal, there is an option to keep or abort the pregnancy. What would be your candid advice to the victim.

Recently, we have seen cases of unprecedented darkness in Nigeria's power sector. If you were made the minister of power with a two year tenure, what would you do to ameliorate or put an end to the ugly situation?

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:02am On Jun 25, 2016

Before I introduce the contestants,

Let's have a look at what the winner(s) will go home with.

Proudly Sponsored by the Founder of Nairaland, Seun.

The Winner of this contest will go home with 50,000 Naira.

The 1st Runner Up wins 30,000 Naira and

The 2nd Runner Up will win 20,000 Naira

And a whole lot of consolation prizes.

All sponsored by Nairaland

Isn't this a different contest from what we've always had? Bigger and Better right?

Now, meet our contestants...

You can follow us on Instagram @nlpageants


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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:02am On Jun 25, 2016
[size=18pt]Besides the main prize, consolation prizes will be given out.

This part has been taken upon by a Fashion and Beauty Company, ROYALHAIRS to give out their products, Crotchet braids and Virgin Hair.

The winners will also be the face of the brand for a year and cash prizes will be added to the pot as well.

Details of the additional prize ROYALHAIRS is offering:

1. Winner gets a N25, 000 cash gift + a virgin hair + crochet braids

2. 1st runner up gets a N15, 000 cash gift + crochet braids

3. 2nd runner up gets a N10, 000 cash gift + crochet braids

HEAD OFFICE: 44, Ogunlana drive, Surulere Lagos. We also have offices in London, Port Harcourt and UNILAG.

Website: www.royalhairs.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/royalhairs

Instagram: instagram.com/royalhairs

Photos of the braids and hairs to be won are attached.


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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:04am On Jun 25, 2016
Contestant 1


Mimzy is in her early twenties currently running a part-time H.N.D programme (Business Administration and Management) in Yaba College of Technology. She also works as an Account Executive & Administrative Officer in a Law Firm in Lagos State. She hails from Lagos Island in Lagos State, Offin area.
She enjoys any meal of bread and her hobbies are reading, swimming and experimenting in the kitchen (she even follows several food blogs, Dooney's kitchen being her favourite). Her role models are God and her mum.
When asked what friends and family will describe her as, she said, "I had to ask two friends and one relative to describe me bluntly so I could get an unbiased description of me and here is what they said.
Friend 1 - "Aramide, I think you're considerate, loyal, trusting and sensitive with a balanced sense of judgement"
Friend 2 -
"Ermmm..okk. I would like to describe you as a very straight forward person who likes to take things in her stride in a very level headed manner. Life is quite exciting to you as it has galores of opportunities and experiences to offer and you feel one should always make the right use of it. You are adventurous by nature for you like to take up new challenges. It gives you the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence. One thing you firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards individual betterment, in whichever form it may be. Therefore you are never tired of beginning where others end".
My sister - "You are one very troublesome girl with a good sense of humour, fun to be with and very emotional at the same time"
On the thing that makes her different, she said, "I will refer to my favorite quote in response to this question... I will not say I am different from the others but I will say that I have constantly tried to be myself even amidst pressures to be who I am not and that makes me outstanding"
Her favourite quoteis that of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
She believes she deserves to be crowned Miss Nairaland, because,
"I believe in teamwork and that everyone, no matter how seemingly detached from the ongoings are, brings something unique to the table and hence, they should be consulted. This is one of the reasons why I opined during the campaign that EVERYONE IS MIMZY'S CAMPAIGN MANAGER. To Mimzy, everyone is important. I see values in people and how they can be harnessed. I see rich values In Nigeria's diversity and how we can use them to positively turn around the current animosity that exist.
I'm daring as well as adventurous and I can boldly represent this forum when service calls. My persona wouldn't change even when I win the competition. I'd always be the open, friendly, rational yet opinionated Mimzy everyone knows. I am confident in my own skin and I believe in the dignity of female folks.
I am as real as can be. I am for One Nigeria, One Nairaland".

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:05am On Jun 25, 2016
DOWNLOAD MIMZY's Phone Interview session.


1. If you won the prize money, how would you use it?

If this were off the net, I would have printed the largest "THANK YOU" banner ever. cheesy First off, I'd contribute a portion of it to TeHN (The e-Helpers' Network). I've been moved by the impact this group has made. R231 and his team have been awesome and I'd like to further that cause of benevolence by contributing to it officially as Miss Nairaland. Then, i would allow my team to decide how best to put the rest to good use. It has been a collective effort and they have been a part of this from the beginning.

2. If you were to choose strictly between money (lots of it) and love in a relationship, which would you go for?

First off, my lover has to be a career-driven, goal-oriented person. I believe people with these traits are ambitious and dedicated to whatever cause they pursue or believe in.Being in a loving relationship with this kind of persons would mean that we'd both work hard at making our relationship work which includes playing our parts financially.

Money can make one afford a lot of the pleasures of life. True love is a companion when all else fails and a loyal friend even in old age when the love for money fades.

Lots of money without love is a life of empty pleasures with a void still to be filled. True love without lots of money still guarantees happiness and genuine companionship. It can make the difference in situations where money fails.

One can live without money and live fully.But one who has not experienced love has not truly lived.

With the hardwork and ambition and a loving relationship to rely on, we'd both live comfortably. In the process, we'd have a loving relationship and live comfortably (through our hardwork and ambitious drive). What more can humans ask for? smiley

3. Describe a unique experience in your life that has shaped you into the person you are today.

The death of a course mate; He and I were in a race to be the best student in a particular session. We would read long into the night and eat little. We would hunt for past questions and even come to school during holidays to study some more.

He died in a car crash! Just before the second semester would commence. The car conveying him ran into a truck that was parked by the roadside.

And I realised there and then that it didn't really matter any more who came first. It has ended for him. But it opened a realisation for me.

There's more to life than the pursuit of glory.

And I also realised that life isn't all about striving hard and pursuing self-glory.

I realised if it had been me, my academic excellence would have made no difference to anyone left behind, being first in my class would have added no value to anyone.

I have since sought to strive for goals that would benefit humanity in general and impact people close to me.

Virtues like honesty, truth, religious and ethnic tolerance have become my goals to attain.

4. "Online beauty contests are a waste of time." Argue for or against

Online beauty contest is a unique experience as it allows us to unlock different potentials within ourselves that we never even realized existed. It affords us the opportunity to excercise our appeal and strength in a collective way.

Social media is a part of our lives and the activities we partake in on it have far-reaching consequences.

Using Miss Nairaland contest as an example, different things come into play. There are a lot of lessons about interpersonal skills. Lessons about public relations. Lessons about passion, loyalty, and other human traits which come to play in situations like this.
Since those on these online forums are persons, these human characteristics would come to play which would affect our lives unconsciously.
I, for one, have learnt alot from this competition. Made friends (who would be lasting ones hopefully) , I've learnt from the errors in the campaign process and would build on the strategies which have been successful. Since we can truly term these contests as educative and entertaining, then they aren't a waste of time.

5. How would you want to be remembered when you leave this world?

I want to be remembered as someone who positively affected people's lives either as as career person, friend or acquaintance. I want to be remembered as one who's opinionated yet rational, civil yet not hypocritical and one who exuded positivity. I want to be remembered as someone who stamped herself on the consciousness of those she interacted with as a loyal person who despite the human flaws, showed the greatest gift of all- love.

6. Recently, there has been some rancour over the approval of a gender equality bill in Nigeria, are you for or against the motion? Why?

I am for humanism which is basically treating all persons (regardless of gender, race, tribe, sexual orientation, political affiliations and religion) fairly.

Edit out the "gender". It think it should be called "National Equality bill ". Every Nigerian who meets stipulated requirements by institutions should be given fair opportunities. Semantics maybe but as a citizen I shouldn't be discriminated against in anyway.

If a job opportunity is available, as long as I meet the qualifying requirements, I should enjoy all the benefits attached to it regardless of my gender, age or religion.

It shouldn't be termed "Gender Equality Bill", it should be simply termed "National Equality Bill". That would sure scale through the readings and be passed.

7. Why do you deserve to be crowned Miss NL 2016 tonight?

Mimzy has always been Mimzy even during the campaign process. I've always been (and have remained) opinionated. I have good interpersonal skills which gives me an edge when relating with people because I am empath in a way.

Since they say "success is about overcoming hurdles", and I have overcomed a lot to be at the finals, it's only fitting that I should be crowned Miss Nairaland 2016.

Last but certainly not the least, I believe in people power and the overwhelming support from the viewing public is one indication that they want MIMZY to be Miss Nairaland. I want the same too.[/b

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:10am On Jun 25, 2016
Contestant 4


Lanicky is an undergraduate at Adeyemi University of education, Ondo state. She is a native of Ondo west local government of Ondo state. Her favourite food is hot Pounded yam with melon soup. Her hobbies are writing poems and long stories. I also love dancing and composing songs and her mum happens to be her only and most respected role model.
“A friend will describe me as a cheerful and generous lady, while a relative will describe me as hardworking and easy going lady.
I do not give up easily, no matter the trials that I encounter on my way to success..I stay focused. And also I do not do things that I don't like or enjoy just to be accepted by anyone. I remain who I am, because artificiality never earns people either love or lasting respect. *smiles* This is what makes me different from others.”
Her favourite quote is, “Do not give up when you fall once, rise up again, continue your journey to success with your head up high and a victorious smile on your face.” A quote by her.
“Well, to be crowned MISS NAIRALAND beauty and intelligence are of utmost importance and I believe I was marvellously made by God and I am beautiful in every sense. I know this because I feel confident with myself and those around me do not fail to mention it.
Aside from that I believe myself to be intelligent, self-conscious and friendly. All of which are characteristics a Miss Nairaland should have. She must be able to reply comments wittily, act properly, postively and in accordance with Nairaland rules and so be able to relate with every person she comes in contact with on Nairaland as amicably and as diplomatic as possible. I have all these attributes.
I also participated in the 2014 edition but couldn't make it to the finals. I have learned from my mistakes, I do not give up in my quest and for these reasons, I believe this is why I deserve to be Miss Nairaland 2016.”

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:30am On Jun 25, 2016
DOWNLOAD LANICKY'S Phone Interview Session.


1. If you won the prize money, how would you use it?

Well, first of all, I'll appreciate members of my team for a job well done via a little remuneration. I have to say, I've been privileged to work with them. All of them were really dedicated and devoted to me and my cause, so what better way to pay them back? I may never compensate them for the time and energy they put into this but one way or the other I plan to give back in gratitude for a job well done.

Secondly, I plan to use the money to acquire a skill. We all know the Nigeria of today isn't favorable to a lot of people, including graduates. So I plan to use the bulk part of the prize money to learn how to make bags and I've made active inquiries towards acquiring this enterprising skill too. Granted, the money would not see me through the entire training but its a really good start.

2. If you were to choose strictly between money (lots of it) and love in a relationship, which would you go for?

Love is great but money comes to mind first. Money keeps love going, but money isn't everything either and love in itself is never enough for a relationship to thrive. Nevertheless, if I were to choose between them, I'd rather choose love because being a hard working lady myself, I will settle for no one less hard working and with a vision to succeed. So when the both of us come together, it will just be a matter of time before we both have money, lots of it.

3. Describe a unique experience in your life that has shaped you into the person you are today?

One unique experience that has shaped me to be the person I am today is my bicycle learning incident when I was in my early teens. When I was 13, I was like the oldest of my peers that didn't know how to ride a bike because I was always afraid of falling off. I was always riding with the aid of a friend or holding on to the wall for support but this didn't help my learning how to ride. However, one day, I was determined to ride as well as my friends so I had to let go of the walls and tell my friends to stop holding me in place. I fell a number of times and was bruised but eventually my determination and hard work paid off when I started riding as well as my friends. I learned from that incident that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to if only I'm focused and determined and it has shaped me into the dogged person I am today.

4. "Online beauty contests are a waste of time." Argue for or against.

From my point of view as a contestant in one, I can outrightly say, online beauty contests are not a waste of time. Granted, a lot of time and energy goes into participating in them but the rewards surpass the downsides.

For starters, I've learnt a lot on personal development, my outlook to issues and the world of cyberspace has changed considerably. This is because in the course of contesting, I've come across a lot of people from different spheres of life, some in Nigeria and beyond but we were bound by one thing; Miss Nairaland 2016. Their opinions and outlook towards life has changed the way I used to think, in a positive way of course. Online as offline, you meet people with differing views from yours but what makes you a better person is your tolerance towards them. Also a lot of them have instilled a sense of confidence in me, the way members of my campaign team work tirelessly to see that I emerge the winner of this particular contest, makes me determined to not let them down. Even when I'm discouraged, I say to myself, if these people believe in me, then there must be something within me they see that I probably don't.

I've also learnt a lot on teamwork, leadership and good public relations. Truly, there is nothing we cannot achieve if we set our hearts to it and work with a purpose. Also if you want to make people support your cause, you have to be courteous, humble and flexible, these are few qualities that makes one a good leader. And we all know what they say about a good name, your image and reputation is highly important. These lessons are applicable in an online contest as they are in real life. So even if you're not contesting in one, these life lessons are something everyone needs to learn at some point in their lives.

5. How would you want to be remembered when you leave this world?

I want to say first of all that life isn't about stuff, it isn't about the number of clothes, bags or shoes I possess and I believe strongly that any rich man who dies rich, is poor. I believe in giving back so I want to be rich enough to finance charitable causes starting from Nigeria and reaching out to the rest of the world. So when I die, people will remember me as a charitable woman, who never gave up in the face of disappointment and made the world (or at least her corner) a better place than she met it.

6. Recently, there has been some rancor over the approval of a gender equality bill in Nigeria, are you for or against the motion? Why?

I believe that most of the rancor towards the approval of the gender equality bill in Nigeria is unfounded. From my understanding, women are not agitating to be better than men in any way, rather, they are asking for equal opportunities in every aspect of life. Agreed, nobody is stopping the women from being who they want to be but in the same vein, nobody is making it any easier for them. An aunt once narrated how she was rejected by a landlord from renting his apartment space because she is a woman and unmarried. Sounds untrue right? Yea, but I saw the whole thing go down firsthand so I can say for a fact that things like that really happen. And we all know an unmarried man doesn't face such rejection from a landlord so far he can pay the rent. So, I am for the gender equality bill. Women should be accorded more opportunities to thrive and survive in Nigeria. We aren't asking for preferential treatment of any sort but a woman shouldn't face bias in the society because of her gender.

Although I wonder with the approval of this bill if men would stop paying the bride price for their wives. Hahahaha

7. Why do you deserve to be crowned Miss NL 2016 tonight?

Wow. This is a big one. Well, let me first say all the ladies who entered this competition deserve to be crowned because they are all queens in their right. However, why I think I deserve this crown is because I believe my winning will be an inspiration to someone out there to never give up even in the face of adversity. If anyone followed this contest from the outset, one would be forced to see I'm the most castigated and insulted contestant especially because of my looks. Some of the insults were mean and unkind, however I refused to give up in the face of opposition because I believe Miss Nairaland isn't all about looks, its about an inner quality which I possess which is the resilient spirit of a fighter. Ever since the bike riding incident from my growing up I've learnt not to give up easily even when challenges come. So many times during this contest, I felt heartbroken at the scorn that I faced from a lot of people that I didn't even know and I did think of withdrawing from the contest a number of times but I resolved to stand and see my commitment through to the end.

My winning this crown will send a message to ladies everywhere to be themselves and never bow to pressure. Mine will be a face against cyberbullying because I know what it is to be bullied and insulted but that didn't deter me from reaching out for I what set my mind to do.

Also it will also pass a message that tenacity pays, failure should not keep you from achieving your dreams. I once contested for Miss Nairaland in 2014 but I didn't win. I came back again this year, determined to dot my t's and cross my I's so when I win that will pass a lesson or two that failure should not keep anyone from striving to go for what they want, especially if its positive. When I first contested, there was no prize money attached but if I win this year, I will go home with a prize, that alone is a lesson that determination pays.

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:35am On Jun 25, 2016

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:40am On Jun 25, 2016
Contestant 6


Mystic gal is a law student in her penultimate year at the Enugu state University of Science and Technology, Agbani, and also a business lady/blogger. She hails from Enugu state, Oji River Local Government Area to be precise.
She says she is a foodie so she has no particular favourite. She mostly eats attractive foods which completely rules out the possibility of a favourite but if fruits were food that would have been her favourite.
Her hobbies include reading, singing, talking and mostly cooking.
Her role models are her mum and sister. In her words, "My mum mostly trained and molded me to be what I am now and she played the role of an elder sister and mother. And my bestie/sister is also my role mode as she played a part of enlightening and polishing me to become the refined person I am right now".
When asked what family and friends will describe her as, she said, "Woah ,close relatives and friends would describe me without stress, as an annoying person and truthfully I don't know why I do such, which also makes me wonder why they still stick around.(where are all those smileys), I may not know about other character traits, but I know that I am loyal to a fault, forgiving and I am an intellectual".
She believes she is different because she is enterprising and love challenges, she says she is the kind that wants to know all, a purpose driven /designed lady, a person of many words who believes in singularity.
She thinks she deserve to be crowned Miss Nairaland because she possess the following attributes; Intelligence, Beauty, Charisma, Enterprising qualities and Singularity.

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:44am On Jun 25, 2016
DOWNLOAD MYSTICGAL's Phone Interview Session.


1. If you won the prize money, how would you use it?

I would pay my tithes 10%, then also give some to charity 10%, I will for sure give some to my campaign team and moral supporters / my mum 20%(they all deserve it),at least 30 percent goes to my savings .then finally I would use the remaining 30% to buy my dream electric sewing machine I always wanted and have been saving up for (I want to start up my fashion dream)

2. If you were to choose strictly between money (lots of it) and love in a relationship, which would you go for?

I would sincerely choose money especially for now, because I am trying to build a life and make things better for myself and my future. So it's more of a step at a time and my priority. So.. Making the money is the step and priority.

3. Describe a unique experience in your life that has shaped you into the person you are today.

I remember stealing from my dad when I was younger and he beat me very well with our gas cooker wire, just for taking his100 naira and some bars of chocolate. Since then I have sworn to make money with a honest means though, so I just try to find ways to work when I think I want something I fancy. Right now I don't steal and I strive to make much money through honest means. Beating me for stealing has shaped me for good.

4. "Online beauty contests are a waste of time." Argue for or against

I wouldn't say that online beauty contests are a waste of time because it is much like the physical ones we see everytime. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Merits being: it drives the contestants to always stay fit, it boosts a contestant's confidence, it is also a means where one can pay off his or her school fee or pursue a career path and it is a means where agencies advertise their goods and services. The de-merit would be, it may drive the contestant to use ill advised means to stay fit, also unhealthy online competition and fight is seen and finally, it may cause a huge distraction to either the contestant's studies or work.

5. How would you want to be remembered when you leave this world?

I want to be remembered as a philanthropist, a loyal friend, caring sister, loving mother and wife and I made changes everywhere I went.

6. Recently, there has been some rancour over the approval of a gender equality bill in Nigeria, are you for or against the motion? Why?

I am really for the motion, I support the bill, which I think the suitable name should be gender equity bill/equal opportunities bill and I think that everyone including the ladies should be enlightened about it.
”​The ​​Gender Equality Bill is not a battle of the sexes​;​ it is not a bill that removes the submissiveness of women to their husbands​ neither is it a bill that seeks to erode the responsibility of the woman in
her home​.
“It only seeks to give the woman more opportunity to assist herself and the man in the home​.​ I​t is a bill that benefits the man even more than the woman.​”
( I got this from an article that was shared to us from an NGO I work for, "PURPLE" which got it from NAWOJ'S 's article on gender equality)

7. Why do you deserve to be crowned Miss NL 2016 tonight?

I deserve to win because i believe i can make some changes in some sections of the forum if i am given an opportunity, like getting sponsors for the education section's debate that goes on all the time, conduct a contest for those in the arts and graphics section, make TEHN more known on nairaland and many more which i plan on doing even if i don't win. Also i am beautiful, enterprising, charismatic and a simple person which everyone would like to have as a friend .

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:45am On Jun 25, 2016
Contestant 8


Refiner is an 18 year aspiring undergraduate into the Nnamdi Azikiwe University but due to some constrains financially, have taken up special courses as she looks forward to being an Entrepreneur someday.
She hails from Ezinihitte local government area in IMO state and her favourite food which she says she can risk helping the military fight Boko Haram in Sambisa forest just to be served is a plate of hot jollof rice prepared with smoked fish and garnished with vegetables like carrot.

Her hobbies are reading interesting novels,traveling to beautiful places,playing around with kids,making great friends, helping people and researching.

Her role model is none other than her dad. In her words, "He is a man that everyone will love to associate with. He taught me how to be determined to get whatever I want. He inculcated in me the spirit of *never say never*. He's very humble,generous, kindhearted, responsible and cheerful which I'm looking up to grab from him".

Her close relatives will describe her. as a stubborn lady that never gives up till she achieve her aim. A close relative will also describe her as a young lady with great dream, hardworking, humble, cheerful and always willing to help.

On what makes her different, she has this to say, "Most girls are considered beautiful, Intelligent, Humble but one thing I know is that the ability to put myself in people's shoes, feel what people feel, try as much as possible to help people or give out ideas which I feel can be beneficiary, cases where direct help can't be necessary makes me totally different".

She believes she deserve to be crowned miss Nairaland because, "As a brand ambassador of one of the greatest online forum in Nigeria and Africa, I'm willing to portray the forum in good light to the public with an already established platform, I'll help through my own medium to generate more traffic to the site giving to my own marketing acumen.
People come to seek for advice on a platform like Nairaland and as an ambassador I will be ever willing to help people who are in need of it, regardless of tribe or political affiliation.

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:48am On Jun 25, 2016
DOWNLOAD REFINER's Phone Interview Session.


1. If you won the prize money, how would you use it?

I intend personally to channel this money towards helping people who have genuine financial concern online. I.e on Nairaland. People
sometimes fall into this category and as a brand ambassador, I should always be there to help.

2. If you were to choose strictly between money (lots of it) and love in a relationship, which would you go for?

I need not explain much on these, I will go for love. It might sound too direct, but Love covereth a multitude of sin. Which means
that, even when the money is gone, Love keeps the marriage going till everything returns to normal. Even when it doesn't, we will endure to
the end.

3. Describe a unique experience in your life that has shaped you into the person you are today.

The death of my sister, who was my backup in life. I felt so devastated. Before her demise, she told me that I could be whatever I
wish to be, if only I believe and work towards it. Right now am chasing all my dreams head on... Nothing will stop me.

4. "Online beauty contests are a waste of time." Argue for or against

I am a contestant, and I am required to support. But frankly speaking, in a situation like this, the end should justify the means.
If the aim is not achieved, it becomes a waste of time. And if the aim is achieved, it becomes worthwhile.
We have people who gets inspired by contests like this. People who through this contest becomes more focused in life. They now believe in
their own dream. People who through this contest get the needed help they need. And believe me, in any online contest (because it varies)
where the aim of it is achieved, I should be proud to call it a fulfilled contest.
Aims such as...

I) Targeted publicity
II) Increased Traffic
III) Direct exposure of the Host platform
If all these can be achieved, we are to go.

5. How would you want to be remembered when you leave this world?

Simply put, I want to be remembered as one, who never allowed her own burden disturb her from being the much needed Change and help the
world want to see. I will keep letting the light shine.

6. Recently, there has been some rancour over the approval of a gender equality bill in Nigeria, are you for or against the motion? Why?

I support the gender equality bill... Women have been marginalized for so long. Ranging from Childbirth, Education and down even to
sharing of Inheritance. It should stop. Every gender is equal and so should it be. So I believe that this bill will help to balance some
things in the society that has been one sided for so long. Thanks.

7. Why do you deserve to be crowned Miss NL 2016 tonight?

I have heard about other people who won the contest and never came back. This ain't right. The prize money is not for personal
consumption. I have decided a 3 key agenda that I will embark on during my reign.

1) Help genuine Nairalanders who deserve help financially
2) Improve the traffic of the site
3) Bring more public light and other positive attention to the biggest
public forum in Africa (Nairaland).


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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:49am On Jun 25, 2016
Contestant 10


Ivyy is a 25 year old graduate of Communication Arts from the University of Ibadan. She hails from Imo state and was brought up by Yoruba/Igbo parents. She currently works as a Program Officer with a Media Non-Governmental Organization in Lagos. Her hobbies are writing, reading, cycling, listening to good music, hanging out with friends and seeing movies. You will definitely win her heart with a meal of efo riro/oha soup with pounded yam and fried yam with tomato eggs. She tags herself a.
Her role model is Barbara Ehrenreich who is a journalist, social activist, renowned author of 21 books and a cancer survivor. Ivyy says "She has inspired me to be resilient, to be an achiever and a goal-getter. I believe I can achieve a similar feat by following her footsteps".
When asked how her family and friends will describe her, she says, “My family and friends would say I'm a positive thinker, one with a problem solving mindset and an ever-ready listener. They would say I'm amiable, very warm and approachable. That I have I've got a good sense of humour. I'm tolerant, intelligent, expressive and yet reserved. Also, many think I'm a little uptight but principled and independent".
Her best quote in her own words "I am not the only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do".― Edward Everett Hale
She believes her magnetic personality is part of what makes her unique. She says, "I have got a calm, poised, gracious, reserved and likeable nature. Hence, I can naturally communicate with everyone and anyone. Also, i have been given the gift of contentment. I live a grudge free, contented and happy life".
On why she thinks she deserves to be crowned the next miss Nairaland, she said, "I'm full of laughter, I've got a beautiful heart, I'm friendly, intelligent, articulate, opinionated but not rude. In short, I'm that diva next door with no sass. And if you vote me queen, I'd be that queen you'd want to take home to everyone. The Queen you'd be proud of".

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:49am On Jun 25, 2016
DOWNLOAD IVYY's Phone Interview Session.


1. If you won the prize money, how would you use it?

I intend to use it for a pet project to help people fighting depression. Also, i have been saving money in order to pursue a master’s degree in Mass Communication. I am convinced the Miss Nairaland Prize money would ease some of the financial burden as regards the saving process.

2. If you were to choose strictly between money (lots of it) and love in a relationship, which would you go for?

Very honestly? The obvious answer is love. I am aware that money is one of the most important things in life. However, love for me, is way more significant. I have long been a person greatly motivated and energized by the love I feel from the people around me; my family and close friends. I know from experience that a life without love and affection is at best empty, soulless and ultimately miserable. Besides God, love is perhaps the most important reason I have gotten this far in my life.

3. Describe a unique experience in your life that has shaped you into the person you are today?

Once, while in the university, I went for a swim with a couple of my friends. Draped in my bathing suit, I watched as my colleagues dove into the pool, laughing as they floated away. I knew I wasn’t particularly a good swimmer. I had swum a total of two times in the past and those pools were nowhere as deep this one. So I wasn’t exactly confident. I watched with envy as my more skillful friends swam effortlessly in the pool. A while later, I gave in to the temptation and jumped into the pool. It didn’t take long for me to regret the decision, I felt myself drowning moments later. I flapped and kicked away as my body seemed to weighty in the water. I regained consciousness in what seemed like a lifetime later when I was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The experience taught me how quick circumstances change and how life is often wickedly unpredictable.

4. "Online beauty contests are a waste of time." Argue for or against.

An online contest is not a waste of time
First, it's a different and creative platform to celebrate beauty and brains. Second, It stimulates discourse and interconnection between individuals from very diverse backgrounds. I believe online beauty contests promotes photography. It also breeds hard work, commitment and perseverance. And did I mention that it is incredibly fun too?

5. How would you want to be remembered when you leave this world?

I would like to be remembered as a decent human being. One who was full of life, love and one whom many persons would actively and subconsciously try to emulate.

6. Recently, there has been some rancour over the approval of a gender equality bill in Nigeria, are you for or against the motion? Why?

I am not against it. It is a welcome development especially for women living in backward societies. In my opinion, gender equality should not be a power tussle between men and women. Rather,
it seeks to promote the mutual respect and sanctity of all human life. Simply put, significant roles and usefulness played by both genders should be equally recognized, accepted and taken into consideration. The concept of gender equality is one that has been greatly misunderstood. I think there should be more sensitization and awareness about it. So many can see reasons to accept this beautiful idea.

7. Why do you deserve to be crowned Miss NL 2016 tonight?

Ambition is naturally born in us and, what is inherent in me is greatly the push I came to this contest with. I believe the confidence, poise, will power, intelligence and integrity I exude makes me a worthy ambassador of Nairaland. And as such, I see myself deserving of the crown.

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:50am On Jun 25, 2016
Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:53am On Jun 25, 2016

[size=20pt]My task is simple today. I have to crown just one person. Yours is to vote for that ONE person out of the 5 contestants.

Please Note That Contestants can also vote for themselves OR another contestant. [/size]cool

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:53am On Jun 25, 2016


[b]- Demeaning and insulting remarks to the contestants shall not be tolerated. Defaulters shall be banned throughout the duration of the contest without option of parole.

- When voting, please tag NLJega at the end of your vote. i.e "cc NLJega". ( I vote for Seun. Cc NLJega)

- Any vote not tagged with "NLJega" will be counted as invalid.

- Votes from accounts registered after the 1st of April would be counted as invalid.

- Votes from accounts created before the 1st of April 2016 and with less than 300 posts as at 1st of April would also be counted as invalid.

- Remember that votes would be subtracted and depending on the enormity of the offence, a contestant risks outright disqualification if at any point during the course of the competition, it is discovered that a Contestant breaks any of the rules or derogates, insults or bullies another contestant.

- Members/Audience/Voters should please endeavour to cast their votes in one post and at once too because votes would start getting counted from the get go and to ensure votes accuracy and timely announcement of results, we implore you not to make unnecessary modifications. This will reduce spamming of the thread and the forum at large with votes soliciting and even If you CC the official umpire "NLJega" after a modification, your vote MAY NOT be counted.

- There will be no campaigning of any sorts on the voting thread. Failure to comply with this results in an outright ban till the end of the contest with no option of parole.

I do hope we all have a wonderful voting experience.[/b]

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 12:54am On Jun 25, 2016



THANK YOU. [/size]

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 8:09am On Jun 25, 2016
Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by EzePromoe: 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
Muwa the Eze Pinging Pumping 1 of Nairaland VOTES THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE BEAUTY with all sense of Maturity.


Cc: NLjega

She takes it anytime any day.

HEAR more from her.


Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Ask4bigneyo(m): 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
Thank God for my Etimumu.
Cc: NLjega

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by raphie01(f): 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
[size=18pt] MIMZY rocks our world![/size]

I Vote



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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Nobody: 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016

cc NLJega

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Nobody: 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016

Cc: NLJega

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Smellymouth: 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
I ,Smellymouth aka ALAGA1, Chairman, OMO- ONILE ASSOCIATION OF NAIRALAND, humbly votes for --


Cc : NLJEga

Am outta erre. ::

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Nobody: 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016

[size=30pt]Mimzy[/size]! You ROCK bae

Perfect face of Nairaland.

I proudly vote MIMZY

Cc: NLJega

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by cindykaey(f): 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
I vote Lanicky

Cc: Nljega

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by GIYAZZ(m): 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
I vote Mimzy

Cc; NLjega

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by IamLEGEND1: 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
MIMZY BABY!!!!!!!!

i vote mimzy

cc Nljega

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by TonyeBarcanista(m): 10:00am On Jun 25, 2016
I vote for Mimzy

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by Nobody: 10:01am On Jun 25, 2016




mimzy remember me in paradise smiley

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Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by CzarRex: 10:01am On Jun 25, 2016
Refiner has my vote on this

I vote Refiner

cc NLJega

This contest belongs to REFINER!!!

If she doesn't win, I'mma pull a KANYE on the Judges!!! Just for her!

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