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Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 9:38pm On Jul 07, 2016
My first attempt on story writing
People like aunty Audrey..aunty peju,bros temitope,glowingscences,kingzpen,and a host of others inspired this...please take this as a baby's first attempt in walking
Constructive criticism,corrections and suggestions are highly welcomed

The tittle...i dnt know yet buh with time we would fig it out...just take it as" shadows on waters"

Veterans in the field the VIP position is reserved for u...you are welcome
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 10:35pm On Jul 07, 2016
Chapter #1

"Driver, Dangote bustop dey oh"Ada reminded the driver as the bus came to a halt
"Oya aunty take your change"the conductor handed her an old #200 note
"No worry,use am buy beer"she smiled at the conductor who shone back his scanty set of brown teeth
"Ah,thank you ma..thank you fine girl you go Marry husband wey fine pass Ramsey Noah..come geh money pass dangote"the skinny conductor hailed as the rest of the bus occupants broke out in laughter
"see your sweet mouth,because of common 2hundred naira you don dey form better
pesin"a fat woman at the back shouted amidst laughter
"who be dis wan eh,as u be like baloon reach common to mind business you no sabi..nor let me burst you oh...come oh wetin dey worry fat pipo sef..u don marry sef?becos as u fat reach,your man fit lost inside you oh"the conductor mocked as everybody including the driver burst out in laughing harder.Even Ada who was at the process of getting down had to spare her a look while trying hard to suppress her laughter as the woman in question eyed the conductor angrily

"aunty figure 8 abeg kontinu to dey maintain your shape make u no go be like this madam wey resemble bread wey yeast too much for inside"the conductor shouted to Ada as the bus zoomed off. Ada couldn't bear it again, she burst out laughing

"Bike you dey go?"Ada shouted across to a middle aged biker who was wearing black all through
"where"the man who sounded refined asked
"Brown street"
"Oya enter,#100"the man said starting the engine of his bike
"Hmmmm oga but brown street no far again na,no be fifty naira"
"miss, with the state of the economy that is a serious state of comatose and the skyrocketing price of premium motor spirit also known as petroleum..you would unarguably concur with me that the price I asked you to pay is quite meagre to compare with the actual bill I should have charged you..so please hop on and let me convey you on a rosy journey to your residence at your door step". Ada was amused, was this guy a prof..normal bikers would either leave or plead but this achebe guy was busy giving her lectures and seminars. All the same she hopped on, she understood the plight of her fellow country people..things were indeed hard and she wasn't even planning on paying less she just wanted to prove to the guy that she wasn't no jjc

The journey home seemed long even though her house wasn't far from the bustop, But she couldn't just wait to get home.The bikeman was a big time charlatan and talked virtually about everything from sports to politics to marriage to religion. Ada not wanting to appear arrogant had to contribute to each topic

After what seemed like forever they eventually stopped at her ash coloured gate and wouldn't even let her go in as he delayed in giving her her change while trying to round up the topic

"you are a good person miss"he said as he finally gave her the Change

"and you are a good man too, goodbye"she replied to dismiss the goodlooking man

"Okay miss, hope to see you again" the bikeman said and zoomed off

Ada shook her head as she entered into her compound. She went straight to her door. Whilst searching for her key in her bag which was proving difficult to find

"Hello fine lady from the east" she heard a familiar voice say
Ada froze,that voice sounded familiar and only one person referred to her by that name

No!no!no!no! It couldn't be, what was he doing here,how was he able to find her' her thoughts were interrupted

"at least you should turn to say hi right" the same voice said.. And like a robot she turned..Alas! It was him..

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Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 12:10am On Jul 08, 2016
Chapter #2
It was him! It was the same guy who turned her days into nightmares! The originator of her sorrows,the guy who made her give suicide a thought' what was he doing here?. Was he here to destroy the remaining pieces of her life she had managed to mend together
No!!! She wasn't going to let him

"you,you,....you...what are you doing here" she stammered

"uhuh, at least you should have said hello, Anyways how do you do" He said stretching forth his hands for an handshake smiling

"I said what the heck are you f**king doing here" she screamed in anger

"Hey,hey easy on a gentleman babe" he said moving back a bit and putting down his hand

"how about offering me a seat"

"Are you deaf? I said what the heck are you doing here?what do you want?!! Ada fumed in anger

"Okay since you want it this way lets get down,where is my child" he said adjusting his collar and looking straight into her eyes

After about 10 minutes of silence Ada let out a short loud laugh

"your child? Huh? Your child? You think you've got a child? Wow bravo" Ada said clapping
"waooow, nice to know a father cares" she said laughing hysterically

"Ada, this is not funny..I'm here for my child" Melvin said sounding serious..
Gboa!Gboa! 2 hot slaps landed on his soft cheeks. She was at the process of releasing third one when he held her hand back giving her an angry look

"you wanna hit me? Huh..does it hurt? Do you even know what it feels like to be hurt? I doubt cos you rich spoilt brats don't know what being hurt feels like..you are born on golden beds,fed with silver spoon live in diamond castles..You are think you can buy everything with money including happiness.you dnt suffer to get anything,you are cowards. You only good at stealing the joy and peace of the poor and convert it to ur selfish gain...you arrogant slowpoke..you have the right to come in here and spit thrash..huh.." She couldn't help it again the tears were flowing

"I'm sorry i accept am everything you've called me..i accept but I can explain just hear me out" Melvin said remorsefully

"hahahaha, almighty Melvin is apologizing,am amazed...well too late keep your apologies to your pathetic family" she noticed his eye narrow in pain

"Too late cos I threw him away " she said turning her face away

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Re: Shadows On Waters by Ynack(m): 12:15am On Jul 08, 2016
Interesting dear continue
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 12:15am On Jul 08, 2016
To be continued Moro....
Please show some love
[b][/b]Your thoughts and criticisms are appreciated
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 12:17am On Jul 08, 2016
Interesting dear continue
Thanks dear I appreciate...one more this night for you..gracias

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Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 12:49am On Jul 08, 2016
Chapter #3

"He's a boy? I have a son?" Melvin asked feeling excited

"last time I checked you aren't deaf' I said i threw him away..so forget it, he could be dead you know"

"You did what?"

"you heard me right"

Melvin stared at her in shock and disbelief

"I dnt believe you, I really can't bring myself to believe you can be this heartless. Why not the orphanage or to some childless couple? Why would you do such a harmful thing to your....our child?"

" Our child? Wait did I just hear you say our child? Was he ever our child when you disappeared after informing you of my pregnancy, was he our child when everybody turned their backs on me including my own family, was he our child when I went hungry for days, was he our child when I fainted on the road several times and was at the mercy of passersby, was he our child....she broke down. You think am heartless? Your bastard son Is the heartless one here who took after his so called father who took after his own father who comes from the generations of heartless people. Your bastard of a son tormented me, kicked mercilessly while he was in me..your bastard of a son ate up any little food I could manage to afford...leaving me hungry most of the time..because of you and your bastard son my dreams and ambition were cut short..Do you know what ten months of suffering,torture, pain and anquish was like..well you wouldn't know cos you've never been through any of these

******to be continued

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Re: Shadows On Waters by KingzPen(m): 1:22pm On Jul 08, 2016
Nice Start...
Re: Shadows On Waters by Gracito(f): 1:54pm On Jul 08, 2016
Space booking grin nice beginning
Re: Shadows On Waters by ikombe: 2:57pm On Jul 08, 2016
Space booking grin nice beginning
shift small make i follow you sidon for here cheesy

Re: Shadows On Waters by ikombe: 3:01pm On Jul 08, 2016
Op this your story dey intresting oh cheesy

Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 3:32pm On Jul 08, 2016
Op this your story dey intresting oh cheesy
Thanks dear am glad you like it
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 3:35pm On Jul 08, 2016
Space booking grin nice beginning
Thanks babe
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 3:38pm On Jul 08, 2016
Nice Start...
Thanks sire u welcome here
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 3:40pm On Jul 08, 2016
Sorry for coming late ..special dedication to the 1st set of people who appreciate my little effort...thanks...next coming up
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 4:26pm On Jul 08, 2016
Chapter #4
"Well I gave birth to him, I couldn't take care of him..i couldn't take care of myself either. I dumped him by the side of the road. If a good Samaritan had picked him, fine. If not then he's already dust and ashes" she concluded wiping her tear filled face with the back of her palms. She looked at his face and noticed tears trickling down his face.
So men cried too, she thought.

"he was so innocent, he didn't deserve any of that. I'm sorry jnr , wherever you are dead or alive. I'm so sorry for turning my back on you. I'm sorry that I dnt know what you look like or how you cried. I'm sorry for every single thing you passed through, I'm sorry you couldn't call me daddy, I'm sorry my boy" Melvin knelt down and cried
Ada was touched, she had never seen a full grown man weep like a baby before. She knew he liked kids but she never expected him to react like this on hearing what happened to his son. He didn't even deserve her pity, if there was anybody who needed to be pitied here it was her.

" get up and get out, and don't you ever return. I don't ever want to see your face" ada said pointing to the gate.

After sometime he stood up like a dejected soul
"Where did you dump him" he said tearfully
Ada sized him up from head to toe. He was wearing a blue t-shirt tucked neatly in a black designers jeans and a blue canvas, he looked simple but expensive. Standing at 6 ft 3" his short natural curly hair was neatly combed and oiled and his side beards neatly lined. His straight and pointed nose which she liked pulling made her admire him again. He seemed to have grown more handsome over the years. He was looking smart and gorgeous. And his smile which always revealed his heavenly made dentition always weakened her.
How could one person be so handsome. God surely cheated some people, he was not just handsome, he was rich! Every girl's dream guy.

"in yenegoa"

"why yenegoa"

" you are not in the position to ask me that"

"where exactly in yenegoa?"

"I don't know, but its close to portharcourt park or something like that. And why do you ask? You think you can find him? Forget it even I his mother can't recognize him when I find him. It's almost 4 years now you know" ada replied sarcastically
"well since you are rich everything is possible with money right? Get out now! " she ordered
Like a slowpoke he turned back, walked a few steps dejectedly turned again, muttered "I'm sorry" turned and left
Ada stop watching him till his range rover zoomed leaving behind a cloud of dust. After he left Ada hurriedly opened her door
" sweet Jesus" she exclaimed holding her chest
She brought out her phone stared at the picture on her screensaver " I'm sorry honey, I never meant any of that. You are no bastard...i love you so much" she cried as she held her phone tightly to her chest.

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Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 4:46pm On Jul 08, 2016
Please show some love to a newbie... Your views and suggestions are quite needed.. Bikonu...thanks in advance
Re: Shadows On Waters by ashatoda: 7:44pm On Jul 08, 2016
i would av called ada d devil if not that she looked at her phone. Serves Melvin right for fleeing from his responsibilities. Wen im dey back ceiling shey im no knw sey na wetin dey end am be pikin? Coward judgement come im dey weep for who? Abeg continue
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 9:20pm On Jul 08, 2016
i would av called ada d devil if not that she looked at her phone. Serves Melvin right for fleeing from his responsibilities. Wen im dey back ceiling shey im no knw sey na wetin dey end am be pikin? Coward judgement come im dey weep for who? Abeg continue
Lols u gat no chills remember to err is human...next episode loading
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 11:31pm On Jul 08, 2016
Chapter #5
Just then her phone rang
" pm aunty" ada replied trying to sound normal

"hw have u been my dear?" Aunty Cecilia's voice came

"ermmm yea am good...how's my sunshine doing" she asked trying hard not to sound different

"Derrick is good, you wont imagine derrick brought back home a kids dictionary which was a price given to him at school for being the first kid in his class to learn how to read multiplication table 1 to 6" aunty cecilia sounded excited.
A drop of tear escaped Ada's eye..she was happy her son was growing up to be so well and never ceased to make her proud. It was just so unfortunate that she couldn't be there with him to watch him grow into a fine young man. She really wished she could be there for him but circumstances beyond her put asunder between she and her lovely son.

"you there"

"yea...please tell him that I love him so much,tell him mummy would always protect him no matter what, tell him nobody would ever come between our love, tell him he is safe and nobody is taking him away from mummy...tell him"

" easy,easy girl. What happened? Aunty Cecilia sounded worried now

"no...erm nothing am fine" ada tried to pretend even though she knew that aunty sissy would detect

"no you are not
"I am am really
" no you are not"

After a short pause "baby you can confide on me you know right" aunty sissy said calmly

" I'm really fine just feeling a bit sick"

"ok for peace sake lets assume you are a bit sick..but trust me I would sooner or later find out"

"yes ma...my regards to derrick

"take care of yourself and wipe those tears on your face they don't look good on you" aunty sissy said mischievously

Ada chuckled and ended the call,aunt sissy had a way of making her forget her sorrows. She even knew her better than her mother did.They were inseparable friends and shared lots of secrets

Tbc Moro

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Re: Shadows On Waters by Gracito(f): 3:21am On Jul 09, 2016
shift small make i follow you sidon for here cheesy
I don shift, you carry okpa Come?
Re: Shadows On Waters by ikombe: 6:56am On Jul 09, 2016
I don shift, you carry okpa Come?
okpa ke cheesy

Na beans and bread make sense for dis kinda story grin
Re: Shadows On Waters by Gracito(f): 6:56am On Jul 09, 2016
okpa ke cheesy

Na beans and bread make sense for dis kinda story grin
ngwanu, you be oga na

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Re: Shadows On Waters by ikombe: 7:20am On Jul 09, 2016
ngwanu, you be oga na
i don see dem cheesy

Make i call am grin

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Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 9:41am On Jul 09, 2016
abeg make una buy for me oh... *yawns* I dey h....good morning
Re: Shadows On Waters by Gracito(f): 1:13pm On Jul 09, 2016
abeg make una buy for me oh... *yawns* I dey h....good morning
e don finish oo#waiting. Oya upload zi, we'd get you fiofio
Re: Shadows On Waters by ikombe: 10:33pm On Jul 09, 2016
Ada is already feeling in secured undecided

Where Op na angry

Come and Upload na

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Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 10:37pm On Jul 09, 2016
Sorry its coming late
Chapter #6

Kpam!kpam!kpam! Ada heard the knock for the 3rd time. Whoever it was wasn't going to give up easily she noted. She suspected Melvin, could it be that he eavesdropped on her call. She wasn't expecting anybody and nobody would come check on her by this time she thought.
"Didn't I ask you never to come back huh yo....." Ada couldn't complete as Tonia stared at her confused
"Hello girlfriend, who pissed you off" Tonia said making her way into the sparsely furnished 1 room self contained apartment
Ada gently jammed the door "when did you return?" She questioned Tonia who was undressing.
"about 2 days ago..now back to business, who were you trying to warn"
"ermmm that...i was just waking up..it was prolly a nightmare" she said pouring water into a glass.
"a nightmare ba during the day...abeggi. Food dey this house atall" she said walking to the kitchen but stopped when she noticed adas swollen eyes. " babe sup with you anything the matter" she asked concerned holding her shoulders.
"your have been crying and your eyes are swollen too"
"oh...don't mind me. The movie I was watching before I slept off was touching." Ada said walking to the bathroom to wash her face
" for your mind now you sabi lie...am so tired now but we'd talk about this later...so better cook and fry the lies wey u go yarn me" Tonia said sarcastically.

Ada came out of the bathroom but this time around her eyes were soaked. Not just with water but a combination of water and tears.

"he came here today" Ada said her voice shaking"
" well I knew sooner or later that he would, he pestered me so long for your address. but common he's your boss and he deserves to know where you stay, besides that guy really likes you. You should give him a chance, come to think of it...he's cute,rich and has a nice heart..babe no g......"

"Melvin was here today....he came back for his child" Ada screamed in tears cutting Tonia short

" What!"

Abeg bear with me for the slow updates but am not receiving the encouragement I need...thanks yall that has taken your time not only to read but comment, thanks a bunch

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Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 11:06pm On Jul 09, 2016
Chapter #7

" it's okay dear, be the strong woman you have always being...dont let this weigh you down" Tonia counseled as she hugged her longtime friend close after Ada narrated the days incidence to her.

"Tonii am scared, what if he finds out...what if he comes back for my baby"
"Melvin won't do such a thing...he knows how much the child needs to be with his mother"
"it's not Melvin here...its his family especially his mother...she would do anything to get her grandchild....they've got the money...they've got the connection..and am nothing but a poor daughter of a dry cleaner rejected by my own family... Who do I run to..who do I know...i dnt think I would survive it if my son is taken away from me...cos he's my life...oh God........." She lamented as she cried throwing herself on the tiled ground

" dnt talk like that...you've got God okay ..besides Melvin won't find out I assure you..derrick is in faraway calabar..you are in benin,and Melvin is supposed to be based in portharcourt and could be busy looking for derrick in yenegoa. So don't you see..his chances of finding out are slim okay..put yourself together and be strong for derrick" Tonia said assuringly

" oh I just hope so...i doubt if I would survive this if Melvin discovered..."

" it's okay I'd be here for you as always"

" oh dear what would i have done without you...thank you very much God will reward you.."

" thank God...it is well oh" Tonia cuddled her to sleep and laid her on the bed

So Melvin is in town she thought, "hmmmm" she sighed

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Re: Shadows On Waters by dammyluv911(f): 10:44am On Jul 10, 2016
dear dis is WONDERFUL .more ink to ur pen
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 10:58am On Jul 10, 2016
Chapter #8

Ada was having difficulty locating a particular office, this registration process was particularly tedious. She had offers from male counterparts who wanted to help her with the whole registration process but she turned them down. She knew that at the end of it they would want something from her either a relationship /sex or money. And the money her dry cleaner father gave her was barely enough to pull her through the semester.
Adaeze nwamba was the 1st daughter and child of mr John nwamba the dry cleaner and roseline nwamba who sold foodstuffs at their street in portharcourt, She had 3 other siblings, 2 boys and a girl.
Her only sister anthonia was her closest friend they bonded like twins just the way obinna and ekene were inseperable, even though she was 4 years her senior. They were two years older than themselves in the family.
Her family were staunch catholic family and her father was a church warder and occupied some other post in church he was also the cmo secetary and was a strict disciplinarian. They feared and respected their father. He was kind and helped the people he was better than despite not having.
Their mother was cwo treasurer and a church warder too. They weren't rich but they made sure their children never lacked the necessities of life and vowed that they must all go to school.
Gaining admission on the second attempt was a dream come through for Ada, she had always wanted to study mass communication so that her voice would be hard, she wanted to speak against the way politicians swallowed the country's money alone...she wanted to speak against how the rich oppressed the poor..she had her fair share of the discrimination as she attended one of the best secondary schools in town where only children of the high and mighty attended. She went there on scholarship but nearly regretted it as she faced all sort of discrimination and degradation from both students and teachers..she was nicknamed the washman's daughter.

As Ada ascended to the 2nd floor of the building she recalled that she was to take her right. As she turned right she bumped into someone and this sent her files flying down the stairs

" hey were you blind" she heard a masculine voice ask
She looked up to behold the most handsome guy she had seen since she came to campus..rude handsome jerk ' she thought. She ignored him and went about picking her stuffs
" you can't even say sorry huh" he questioned her
Still ignoring him she picked the last of her files. As she made to pass he stood there blocking her way. She looked up at him he was some inches taller than her..she perceived the fragrance of his perfume..he looked like some spoilt rich kid. She turned to the other side but he still blocked her. What was wrong with this cute punk

"I'm in so much hurry and wasting my time with an impolite jerk like you is not what I plan doing" she said gently. His lips thinned into a frown and his brows shot up

"wha...what did you just call me" his accent was tushed
Like a swift of lightning she pushed him out of her way and made her way into her destined office. He stood there too stunned to move or speak as he watched her catwalk out like nothing happened. He was too embarrassed to speak, he looked around and saw some group of girls giggling but immediately stopped as his eyes caught them. The shorter of the girls swung her hips and walked to him
" hy am Benita, Benny for short. Sorry about what just ha...." She couldn't complete as he ignored her like she wasn't there and walked away. She was greatly embarrassed as her friend broke out in laughter " oversabi" her friend yelled out to her.
Re: Shadows On Waters by ozeepresh(f): 11:04am On Jul 10, 2016
dear dis is WONDERFUL .more ink to ur pen
Thanks dear

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