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Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale - Fashion - Nairaland

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Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 10:51pm On Aug 05, 2016
[size=13pt]We are here, again!!

Good Day, Fabulous Ladies and Gentlemen.

It's the Grand Finale of this awesome contest and we are down to just 5 handsome young men. The journey started with 26 cuties and here's where we are. cheesy

These five finalists have shown us that they have all it takes to be crowned Kings today and we are putting them at your mercies now to vote for.

Now here's the catch...
You Can Only Vote For One, Just One of the contestants to be presented before you today

Who's it gon be? Well, you decide, We countgrin

I remain your humble host, DYGEASY. cool

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:01pm On Aug 05, 2016
[size=13pt]Before I introduce the contestants,

Let's have a look at what the winner(s) will go home with.

Proudly Sponsored by the Founder of Nairaland, Seun.

The Winner of this contest will go home with 50,000 Naira.

The 1st Runner Up wins 30,000 Naira and

The 2nd Runner Up, 20,000 Naira

All sponsored by Nairaland

Clearly, this is a different contest from what we've always had. Bigger and Better right? cheesy

You can follow us on Instagram @nlpageants

Now, meet our contestants...


Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:06pm On Aug 05, 2016
Contestant 2


Vizkiz is a graduate of Ekiti state University and presently works as an accountant. He hails from Ogun state.

At the mention of pounded yam and vegetable soup garnished with sorted Bush meat plus good yogurt drink as dessert. You can have my mumu Button. Lol

His hobbies are Singing/writing songs, watching movies, surfing the Internet and hanging out for adventure.

His role model remains his dad and a close friend or re
"Determined, a goal getter and a music lover (music is my life) whenever I have a "me time" I spend most of it writing songs of listening to some cool and energetic songs.”

On what makes him different, “I'm like every other person but every other persons are not like me. Meaning in a thousand dinnasour millennium, there will be "only me" to have walked the surface of this earth. There may be another Vizkiz, i'm sure out there, there is...what makes me unique is the pain, the story, the style, the drama, the depth of despair and the heights of joy that is found only in me.”

What is your favorite quote?

"Let me begin, let me end"

Why do you think you deserve to be crowned Mr Nairaland?

1) “I'm always creative when commenting, and that's a fact. Its an unwritten yet golden rule that only the real brainy comments pierces the heart of a nairalander. And that where you find Vizkiz

2)I have a huge sense of humor. I may not rival industry stand-up acts on big flashy stages but if I don't crack you up most times some of the times, then somewhere somehow a camel is fasting in the desert. I try as much as possible to put smiles on people's face even at the expense of me called a "mumu"

3. I'm a leader, with innate attributes, i'm real enough to understand that being a leader is being responsible for and to all Including those who will not be responsible in return.

4. I am never to speak my mind on anything anywhere no matter who's involved. And I'm really in the sense of the word itself.. 'I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.' ...I'm gifted and proud.”

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:07pm On Aug 05, 2016

1. What would be your reaction to a girl whom you really care for, but just found out she has been playing you for a fool

Answer: If i found out that, sincerely, I won't be shocked altogether. Yes, naturally I will feel betrayed and smacked but will not be shocked. Why? I'm mentally prepared for the worst in a relationship whilst hoping for the best.

She's only human and capable of doing exactly that. I'm not saying guys should live in a relationship constantly looking over their shoulders or being pessimistic but it's totally ridiculous for a guy not to expect being jilted and mentally prepare for that moment.
Others can be naive, i'm not but make no mistake about it as human, I would be highly disappointed though and i'll cut any previous ties i had with her and move on, not forgetting the lessons i've learnt thereby moving on to build a better and healthier relationship with someone who's meant for me. No time to be hurting on spilled milk

2. What makes you a real man?

Answer: First of all, a man by definition is subject to individual perception and judgements. So I shall narrow my answers to mine own sentiments too It takes discipline, patience, and maturity to filter oneself and think about others before one responds. A response requires thought, meta-cognition. A reaction is instinctual. Boys react, Men respond. Therefore, a real man can be identified by the way he chooses to respond to whatever takes place around or within him.
Secondly, a real man sticks to his identity. Real men do not live under the shadow of imitation. They express how they feel. They don’t try to be someone they’re not. You can spot real men easily because they practice transparency and non-defensively.
And lastly, A real man acknowledges, no matter his intellectual, social or moral standing, that he's afterall a human and is capable of making mistakes. Real men are willing to examine their own defects, acknowledge wrongs and offer apologies. These are some of the many traits you find in me that portrays me as a real man

3. Can you share the defining moments of your life with us?

Answer: So I will say.. One of the defining moments of my life was when I had to choose the path I tread on for the rest of my life. It is not an easy thing making choices that will define the rest of your life. For me choosing the right path to take is a defining moment. Another defining moment was when I had to experience heartbreak for the very first time. As hurtful as it seems, I will say it is a defining moment for me...the knowledge from that period guides me even till now.

4. A tribal scourge has been sweeping Nairaland lately, given your capacity, what can you do to remedy the situation.

Answer: The tribal scourge on Nairaland is, to say the least, an unwelcome phenomena. But make no mistake about it, it's the reflection of the sociology in which Nairaland itself, as a forum, is resident. I can't stop it, but I can limit the disastrous effect this tsunami sweeping across the forum is currently producing.

You can't think people's thoughts for themselves. What's tribalism? A feeling of superiority of a particular tribe over the other in so much that one's loyalty is first to their tribe before country or religion. No one can stop this because it's a mental thing. But I can limit it by de-radicalising the minds of Nairalanders, purging their thoughts of extreme tribal loyalties. Since its in the minds that such extreme devotion is made, it's in the mind that such can be countered

5. How would you feel about being with a woman who makes more money than you do?

Answer: Living with a woman who earns more than me? It's about the simplest of puzzles in my opinion. Yes, it's been one of the complex issues in modern relationships but sometimes, you should know, that complex issues have the simplest solutions.

Here's the thing: she earns more, meaning I earn too and not altogether dependent on her. A man, like me, who understands his responsibilities can still navigate the waters of the union with feeling ego-inferior.
With mutual respect, understanding and shared vision, i'm perfectly at ease with her superior earnings as I also believe in gender equality.

6. What will be the first thing you'll do if you win tonight?

Answer: if I should win this contest my first appreciation goes to God for making me come up top and to my "midnight team" for being the greatest of them all. Trust me, it hasn't been a smooth journey but they were always there to support, and that support turned out positively

7. What will you do with the prize money?

Answer: I will spend the money of cuz...what else? Lol...though I made a promise to dedicate some part of the cash price to the winners from the tournament in education section. I feel they also deserve to be given prices as they are doing a greater job trying to build up minds.

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:09pm On Aug 05, 2016
Contestant 5


This fair skinned young man is presently an undergraduate student of Banking and Finance at the ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BALEWA FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY BAUCHI, BAUCHI STATE. He’s in his mid-twenties and hails from Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara state.

His favourite meal is amala and ewedu soup and his hobbies are, reading, playing and watching football, watching movies (science fiction) ' cooking and travel.

His role model is the American actor and producer Tyler Perry. Friends and family would describe him as irreproachable, polite and decent. He thinks he’s different from the lot because he is diligent, conscientious, assertive and cautious in everything he does.

His favorite quote goes thus, "If you look up at me,you'll see a friend , if you look down at me you will see an enemy but if you look at me sqaure in the eye you will see a god.”

In his words on why he thinks he deserves to be crowned Mr. Nairaland, “To be a MR NAIRALAND is both an honor and responsibility, Nairaland has impacted my life positively since joining in 2013 ,majorly it helped me secure admission into the University, since then I have decided to promote the forum as a way of showing gratitude by creating informative, educative and hilarious threads, I remembered when my phone was seized by my dad at the dinner table because I was busy creating a thread I believed will be on frontpage (lol) .Nairaland is a great forum being the first choice of youths in Nigeria and Africa at large my vision is to make it greater using my creative abilities to influence and impact the life of teens and youths in this great forum (Nigerians, africans and foreigners).I have the attributes to achieve these goals, i am innovative, informative, cooperative ,productive, persistent and magnanimous in my covert and overt action as an individual, I am a stakeholder of this great forum for years and I am ready to devote my time and resources to continue to promote this forum for many years to come. Crown me MR NAIRALAND 2016, I AM READY TO DELIVER , TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE HISTORY!”

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:14pm On Aug 05, 2016

1. What would be your reaction to a girl whom you really care for, but just
found out she has been playing you for a fool.

First I'll divulge how hurt I am and how resentful I feel then cut all
form of communication with her. Move on and try to ameliorate my life

2. What makes you a real man?

My humility,ambition and decision in all context of life. my ability
to apply data analysis to evaluate any situation I found myself
in.Provide ideal to conundrums, brainstorm, strategize and forecast
towards achieving my goals, Inspire people to be productive and
innovative and lastly strive others to achieve their goals.

3. Can you share the defining moments of your life with us?

The defining moment of my life was 3years ago when my uncle whom
promised to sponsor my education simply because my father dropped out
of school to work and sponsor his, breached my trust and revoked his
consideration after I spent 3 years serving him, that moment my whole
world changed , my perception and goals truncated as I realised
whatever i have to become from this day on will come from my
magnanimity, willingness and hard work as I began the journey of self

4. A tribal scourge has been sweeping Nairaland lately, given your
capacity, what can you do to remedy the situation.

This illness has disseminated the forum beginning from politics
section, the way to curtail or manage this scourge from my perspective
is FIRST MEASURE ; frowning at any tribal post, how I wish we have a
dislike bottom, it can be used to detest such posts, discourage the
poster and prospective posters. Right now I think these emoji can be
used " angry undecided "

SECONDLY, by quoting any tribal post spotted and orientate the poster,
there can be peaceful co-existence and cooperation amongst ethnic

LASTLY, report any tribal post to the section's moderators or
supermods as a good and law abiding citizen of the forum.

5. How would you feel about being with a woman who makes more money than
you do

The thought alone will make me feel vulnerable to act,The proclivity
that the lady won't be submissive could hinder one to feel inferior
while some men feel aggressive, I should be the sole provider of
resources that's one of my trait as the man. I will feel hesitant to
act on matters pertaining decision making on resources and feel
insecure around her, candidly, I can't live like that not for long.
The measure to take is work harder to maintain a balance or manage
most of OUR income if she accepts.

6. What will be the first thing you'll do if you win tonight?

First I will give GLORY TO GOD, enter my team WhatsApp group
appreciate all their efforts and prepare an indebtedness speech to
thank nairalanders ( the owner ,supermod, moderator, organisers and
voters ) whatever the outcome of the contest is, I will still do the

7. What will you do with the prize money?

I will use the money to do 3 major things, divide it to 3 portion.

One goes to my campaign team to reward their unmeasurable efforts thou
they vehemently stated, they aren't doing it for the cash prize but
for the love of the contest.

Two goes to my writing materials as my exams will commence on the 12th
of this month

Three goes to the "very poor", I study in the north eastern part of
the country and the rate of poverty here is high. I'll have the
chance to help as I've always wanted.


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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:16pm On Aug 05, 2016
Contestant 8


Iamkingzlee is in his early twenties and he is running an Undergraduate programme in the department of History and International Relations, University of Uyo. He hails from Akwa-ibom state.

What is your favorite food?
“You can win my heart with a plate of Spaggethi. Or better still, if you prepare the best 'Oha' soup. Just give me your ring size and i'll come asking for your hand in marriage.”

He loves Surfing the net, reading novels/magazines, dancing, playing games.

His role model is none other but Emmanuel Ikubese.

How will a close relative (friend or family) describe you?

“A close relative will describe me as a simple and jovial person, a goal getter/achiever, "calm but tactical. I am quiet but I always plan my moves. I'm also bold and confident not forgetting my ability to make people around me laugh and forget their sorrows."

What makes you different?

“My school of thought, the home of how I see things and take every action, it's peculiar to only me!!”

Iamkingzlee’s favorite quote is “When It's your moment, own it!!"

Why do you think you deserve to be crowned Mr Nairaland?

“I deserve to be crowned Mr. Nairaland because i'm all shades of Original, good looking and confident. I have the style, the Grace, the charm, the class, and most especially the Brain/intellect to represent this Great community,Nairaland, on any platform Globally.”

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:27pm On Aug 05, 2016

1. What would be your reaction to a girl whom you really care for, but just found out she has been playing you for a fool?

Ans-> Well, not much reaction is needed. In as much as I'm going to be very heart broken I'll just move on with my life and not give up on finding a girl that will appreciate me. So such a girl is at loss here cos she lost a caring man. It's good riddance.

2. What makes you a real man?

Ans-> In our society today the true meaning of who a "real man" is, has been shifted to the relationship and emotional angle. But in my opinion, what a real man should be should not only be in the confines of relationships or marriages. A real man is someone who can set his priorities straight, he knows his onions and above all is responsible. Generally, that's the correct description of a real man in a nutshell, and being in possession of those abilities I believe I'm a real man in every sense of the word.

3. Can you share the defining moments of your life with us?

Ans-> The day I lost a very close friend of mine. It made me see the world in a different angle, It made me realise 'All is vanity', It made me realise how short life is, How I ought to make use of the life I have, How I need to touch lives and make impact in this world with every minute I get to live. This made me see life in a different light!

4. A tribal scourge has been sweeping Nairaland lately, given your capacity, what can you do to remedy the situation.

Ans- > Actually, I'm not really in the capacity to do much about the tribal issue sweeping Nairaland being that I'm not a moderator. I can only contribute my quota as a good citizen of this country. First off, as a person who hates anything that has affiliations with tribal sentiments, I do all I can to stay away from such activities. I think staying away from tribal fights is a good step in reducing it drastically. Secondly I'm going to make use of the report button which is available to every nairalander to bring those people who are guilty to book. The report button is the only weapon nairalanders can use to fight against any bad development as long as the moderators are always available to do their duties.

5. How would you feel about being with a woman who makes more money than you do?

Ans- > Lol... I know my reply to this question may not go down well with some of my male folk. But let's look at it this way; That woman who is making so much money than you, is she not a human being too?? Does she not also have the right to hustle or work as much as a man can do just to survive? So to answer that question, I won't feel a bit threatened or bad. Being a person that also does not like to sit at home and depend on people I'll also be out there working for myself. It may not be more than what my woman earns but it's definitely going to be more than enough for me to take care of myself and the family if it's in a marriage scenario. So despite her money I can still take her out, buy her things and spoil her like she doesn't have anything at all wink

6. What will be the first thing you'll do if you win tonight?

Ans-> Hmmm.... It has not been an easy journey trust me. And I will tell you the truth at this moment that winning this contest right now will be a very big surprise to me. I'll be very happy no doubt about that, but I won't fail to give gratitude to God for the strength I've received from the beginning of the contest till now. Congratulating the other contestants will be the next step in line, even if I don't win I'll still congratulate them because we need the spirit of sportsmanship in every competition we find ourselves. Appreciating my voters and campaign team would come next. BEING APPRECIATIVE IS GOLDEN and so I cannot forget the people who have always stood out for me. They have been the very best!

7. What will you do with the prize money?

Ans-> Honestly speaking I never expected that the male edition will come with a prize money. I thought it would be business as usual so I opted in for the fun. Now that there is a prize money attached, I think the fun has been intensified. LOL... Okay, I don't really have a particular thing I want to do with the money right now because I've not even wrapped my head around it. When the money comes, the ideas will set in.

Thank you!

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:28pm On Aug 05, 2016
Contestant 11


Fynestboi is a 300 level student of the Obzfemi Awolowo University Ile=Ife. He hails from Ogun State and he enjoys any meal with plantain.

He enjoys researching on topical issues', Reading, Listening to music. He doesn’t look up to anyone in particular as he believes just one person cannot possess all desirable traits but religiously, he follows the steps of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

How will a close relative (friend or family) describe you?

“In order to strike a balance I consulted two friends a male and a female.

Friend(Male): Fynestboi is a brother.... I have never seen him as a friend. Why? He is free with everyone, straight to the core and Selfless in helping everyone.

Friend female: Friend female: Fynestboi is a friend that will always leave you amazed, he is charismatic, always ready to serve at any cost, a selfless individual, anything he does, anywhere he is he will always set standard, people will just know that someone different is around and he gives a lot chai his heart is just too big... Fynestboi is just extraordinary.

Family: Lol called my mum to ask her, and she was like: Ade what are you up to again, and I was like, ma I just needed to know, and here was her response.

Mum: Ade is a boy that is loveable by all, you will just love him no matter how harsh you are and that is due to his amiable nature, he is very kind, he is slow to anger, he takes people's problems to be his own, he is quiet but a very bright child.”

“What I might actually think makes me different might be similar to someone somewhere that I don't know, however I will say I am different because I am me.”

His favorite quote is, “Wanting to be like a successful person might make you a failure, pursue success in a dimension that would make people see you as a role model, not in a way that would make them compare your success with someone else's.”

“Why do you think you deserve to be crowned Mr. Nairaland?

“It's easy to claim to be something but through our actions, the truth and the fact is revealed. And those we relate with are best positioned to assess us. Hence, I asked various nairalanders on why Fynestboi deserves the Crown and I got these:

Nairalander 1: You deserve the crown because you're one with tremendous intel on how to bring the minds of Nairalanders together. This you did when you single handedly hosted and handled the Nairaland Debate Competition, which bring the mind of intelligent young under graduates from different schools to compete, learn and get to know other...

Nairalander 2: Fynestboi is very straightforward, a person who wears his heart on his sleeve and once he sets his heart on something, he doesn't back down until he achieves it. He deserves the crown for his commitment and focus on things that matter the most.

Nairalander 3: Fynestboi gives motivation to those who shy away from exploring the intelligence in them. Fynestboi is always ready to learn things, like business strategies and how to make ends meet. He is a great guy with big dreams which I believe will have positive influence on people around him.”

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:34pm On Aug 05, 2016

What would be your reaction to a girl whom you really care for, but just found out she has been playing you for a fool

Oh my! sad One of the things I abhor is one playing on the intelligence of another person. It would certainly be painful and regretful. She just cost me an emotional loss in my emotional investment. I will be disappointed embarassed and gladly move on. Her deceit means we perhaps were never meant to be. cheesy

What makes you a real man?

Real man can be relatively defined from various perspectives. There is no definition that best explains the term. However, I see a real man to be a fighter who is always there for his family, friends and the nobodies.
I stands tall against all odds, perseveres when the going gets tough, restrategizes when hope seems to be lost and stays steadfast on his words.

Can you share the defining moments of your life with us?

I have grown up to cherish every moment of my life, as I believe all the moments are microcosms in the macrocosm of how I turned out to in the past, present and future. So, it is safe to say that every moment of my life has been defining and will continue to be.

However I wouldn't jettison the fact that out of all these moments some are meant to stand out. Even if some moments actually contributed to that particular moment standing out, hence such moment is when I gained admission and lots of issues arose to test my joy.

I gained admission to study what I never wanted. But, it had been 4years then that I had been rejecting admission on the basis of "not what I wanted". That particular year, I decided to accept the admission was the year my family was faced with an issue hinged around financial crisis which automatically made it impossible for me to afford the fee (OAU just increased the fees). And it was the case that one couldn't push except I wanted my Sisters in final year and third year respectively to drop just for me to start mine. But to my greatest surprise, help from where I least expected sprang forth and I was able to pay and start up my undergraduate life despite the predicament at that moment. smiley This moment alone has been a causal agent to so many other defining moments....

A tribal scourge has been sweeping Nairaland lately, given your capacity, what can you do to remedy the situation.

Nairaland is a forum filled with people from different ethnic and tribal backgrounds. You find some with funny grin online personality, some are cool cool while some are indifferent. It is just an image of ethnic diversity in Nigeria. With issues bothering on ethnicity as a discourse, attitudes of the people to those issues are as diverse as the ethnic groups in Nigeria. Ethnic-nationalism has taken over nationalism itself. In Nigeria, we believe our strength lies in our diversity but the sad reality paints otherwise. Every individual in this cyberspace has that tendency of shielding their ethnic group using any means possible.
I believe the moment we started to notice a problem, its solution(s) gets birthed. Hence, tribal scourge is a social menace that needs to be exterminated if possible. Sadly, we can only work on getting it reduced to the lowest level of patronage possible.
Fighting tribal scourge is a collective responsibility to be spearheaded by the Admin of this platform. As Mr Nairaland (if voted in), I would suggest that the Admin should increase the base of moderators in concerned sections to moderate the activities of nairalanders. Clearly, there are rules guiding our conducts on this platform ( Don't abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish harm to Nairaland members OR THEIR TRIBES.). Moderators, who are ready to work and be swift to hide and delete any thread relating to such, before it gets escalated..

Knowingly, having active moderators is not enough as nairalanders need to help achieve the goal by using the report button on any comment/post or thread that reeks ethnocentrism or any related ones to notify the moderators. This can also be done through the use of "pm".
Nairalanders can as well help the cause by deviating from engaging in tribal e-war or any e-wars.
Also, threads related to national unity, integration and cohesion should be promoted to front page regularly in order to spring up social reorientation and re-engineering.
Lastly, a platform in my capacity would be created to seek nairalanders' opinions on how best to tackle the social menace as we are all in this together. It's important to seek people's opinions on such issues..

How would you feel about being with a woman who makes more money than you do

That's somewhat of a lopsided marriage cheesy lol.... Frankly, it's a blessing I believe. When married, myself and the woman have become one. So, what belongs to her automatically belongs to me. There is no fuss about it. Marriage has a dictate best captured in the Latin quote which reads:"non mihi, non tibi sed nobis," meaning, "not for you, not for me but for us".
Nevertheless, I will try as much as possible to work harder so as to be man enough to pay the bills and not delegate much financial responsibilities to her.

What will be the first thing you'll do if you win tonight?

Appreciate God and all that contributed to the success smiley

What will you do with the prize money?

A hefty chunk of the grand prize if won goes to the education section [Nairaland Interschool Debate third place winner (Lagos State University) were unable to get anything after the debate last time]. Hence, I will use part of the money as a recompense for their wonderful performance) and my team would certainly have a reasonable piece of the prize although most of them would decline the offer as we all believe in altruism......

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:46pm On Aug 05, 2016
Contestant 16


This 22-year old lover of photography is a student at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) in his penultimate year. He is an indigene of the state of Osun.

His Favorite food would be anything swallow, but preferably pounded yam with Oha or afang, egusi soup. The Hobbies he takes interest in are photography, reading anything he lays his hands on, and surfing the net, having his quiet time.

His role models are His Dad and Bayo omoboriowo (Chief photographer of President Buhari.)

He would best be described as an introverted person, who is smart, caring, cheerful, polite jovial, responsible, neat, and also stands for justice.

“On what makes me different,well, technically i would say am not so different, we are all same, but I would say my personality as a loving and friendly person. And my attitude toward s life which is “living it in simple manner”

His best quotes are,

1. "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." -- Winston S. Churchill
2. "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

Who do you think you deserve to be crowned Mr. Nairaland?

“I deserve to be crowned Mr nairaland because: Everyone eligible to vote deserves this crown, that said I think I personally deserves it because I have the ability to relate with lots of people (different age, class, section members) of this wonderful forum. And to continue u have been doing for a while which is publicizing the forum far and wide to others who haven’t heard of it. Oh.. and I know I have got the looks".

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Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 11:49pm On Aug 05, 2016

1. What would be your reaction to a girl whom you really care for, but found out she has been playing you for a fool

Answer: I would be unhappy, obviously. And that would be for the following reasons;
Because, I cared for her in the best possible way. I would be hurt, and I would also let her know I feel hurt. But then, I would move on, focus more on myself. Being more successful, as they say, success is the best revenge.

2. What makes you a real man?

Answer: A real man can’t be determined based on his strength, size and looks. So what makes me a real man is defining my responsibilities, understanding my relatives, my woman, and my family. Being there for the people in my family, my surroundings, my environment, not just financially but emotionally, and physically. Surroundings is used here, because there's life outside my family also.

3. Can you share the defining moments of your life with us?

Answer: Hmm, happened about 3-4 years ago.
While seeking admission to the university, I wrote entrance examinations to various schools, got admitted to 2 out of it, Bowen University and UNIOSUN but I have always wanted university of Lagos, couldn't have imagined myself studying accountancy in a school not UNILAG. My dad saw my change in reaction and emotions when I saw that I passed those exams, he expected a joyful and excited me but that wasn't happening. He called me one night, and told me what he was about to tell me was going to change a lot in my life. That, would I rather pick Bowen University or I would wait a year to re-sit for jamb and re-enroll for university of Lagos. A very tough decision it was back then, but here I am, studying accountancy in UNILAG. In the real sense, it has sharpened my view about life, that is, sometimes we just have to take risk. Taking risk defines a man. I guess that defined mine.

4. A tribal scourge has been sweeping Nairaland lately, given your capacity what can you do to remedy the situation.

Answer: According to Onyeka Onwenu, the iconic musical legend, she emphasised in one of her songs that "in our diversity lies our unity" I believe it can't be totally curbed on Nairaland if it isnt handled properly in the outside world.
In as much as the tribal war, brings about liveliness on Nairaland, it is still to be curbed truly. Some may suggest stricter punishment for offenders, but in the real sense the only grave punishment is banning a moniker/username, but looking at it, it takes less than 10 minutes to create a new moniker, so I do not see this as a means of curbing it. In my opinion, I would encourage more sections of educative arguments and minimise sections of tribal sentiments.

5. How do you feel about being with a woman who makes more money than you do?

Answer: This is 2016, women in some cases than few makes money than men. So long I provide for the basic home amenities, I think I would be fine and in fact I would also support her because I love ladies who are independent financially. And also try harder to push beyond that point I am.

6. What would be the first thing you will do if you win tonight?

Answer: Wow, after thanking my Creator? I would write an appreciation message and I will profusely show my appreciation to all my campaign team for the efforts as I have always done and to everyone who has been there for me since the beginning, those who joined and to cap it i would send a heartwarming message to the other contestants.

7. What will you do with the prize money?

Answer: After fulfilling my duties as a religious fellow- a Christian (paying of tithe). In the cause of this contest I met a fellow student of the University of Lagos, department of mass communication, final year, who co-runs a charity feeding program [celebrating the future, Africa]. I have pledged that if I win the grand prize of #50,000, I would donate 8% to the program. Then my team will have their own share too, in the proper sharing ratio. And the remaining I will add to the savings I have already towards buying my dream DSLR camera. I would use that to work for a while before getting a studio of my own.

Thanking Nairaland and Nairalanders for this.

46 Likes 13 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 6:59am On Aug 06, 2016

[size=20pt]My task is simple today. I have to crown just one person. Yours is to vote for that ONE person out of the 5 contestants.

Please Note That Contestants can also vote for themselves OR another contestant. [/size]cool
Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 7:01am On Aug 06, 2016


[b]- Demeaning and insulting remarks to the contestants shall not be tolerated. Defaulters shall be banned throughout the duration of the contest without option of parole.

- When voting, please tag NLJega at the end of your vote. i.e "cc NLJega". ( I vote for Seun. Cc NLJega)

- Any vote not tagged with "NLJega" will be counted as invalid.

- Votes from accounts registered after the 1st of April would be counted as invalid.

- Votes from accounts created before the 1st of April 2016 and with less than 300 posts as at 1st of April would also be counted as invalid.

- Remember that votes would be subtracted and depending on the enormity of the offence, a contestant risks outright disqualification if at any point during the course of the competition, it is discovered that a Contestant breaks any of the rules or derogates, insults or bullies another contestant.

- Members/Audience/Voters should please endeavour to cast their votes in one post and at once too because votes would start getting counted from the get go and to ensure votes accuracy and timely announcement of results, we implore you not to make unnecessary modifications. This will reduce spamming of the thread and the forum at large with votes soliciting and even If you CC the official umpire "NLJega" after a modification, your vote MAY NOT be counted.

- There will be no campaigning of any sorts on the voting thread. Failure to comply with this results in an outright ban till the end of the contest with no option of parole.

I do hope we all have a wonderful voting experience.[/b]


Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Dygeasy(m): 7:01am On Aug 06, 2016
For Results...
Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by ladyF(f): 10:22am On Aug 06, 2016
Hehehe, by the power vested in me as senior member of FTC association, I hereby cast my vote for ---->


Cc: NLJega

[size=3pt]Its LadyF again[/size] cry cry cry

32 Likes 7 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by peeparty(m): 10:22am On Aug 06, 2016

I HigH cHief PEE:::::pARTy.::::::::

Even a BLinD dude would See how HandsoME/intelligenT He iS. iamkingzlee for the girls BiKo.

I vOTE iamkingzlee


wish you aLl ThE besT.

12 Likes 4 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by kingphilip(m): 10:22am On Aug 06, 2016
I vote Iamkingzlee

cc Nljega

9 Likes 3 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Agarawu33: 10:22am On Aug 06, 2016
I vote this young man who surely deserves the crown with the way he murdered the question. cool

I vote Fynestboi cc nljega grin

16 Likes 2 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by honeydear(f): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016
i vote Fynestboi

CC: NlJega

6 Likes 1 Share

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by honeydear(f): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016
Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by kossyablaze(m): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016
Here's the crown! U're a winner champ
I Vote Fynestboi
Cc NLJega

7 Likes 1 Share

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by iykekelvins(m): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016

Cc: NLjega

Goodluck bro, Team Vizkiz all the way up!!


Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by kinglekan: 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016



25 Likes 6 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by Alki: 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016
On Behalf of Benin People's Republic I Alki the Baba Oghe Evbo Cast my Vote for ViZKiZ

I vote Vizkiz Cc NLJega


Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by NOBODYY: 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016

Cc: NLjega

7 Likes 3 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by MISSNORA(f): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016
Kossyablaze make sure you come out!
I vote emmm mm.... So hard to choose between Fynestboi and Vizkiz.... Nawa o
Ok... I vote Fynestboi cc NLJega

1 Like

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by kramfonos(m): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016

Cc. NLJega


Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by firstEVA(f): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016

Cc NLjega

10 Likes 1 Share

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by paragon40(m): 10:23am On Aug 06, 2016
i vote vizkiz Cc NLjega


Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by barackodam: 10:24am On Aug 06, 2016
I vote


cc nljega

9 Likes 3 Shares

Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by kinglekan: 10:24am On Aug 06, 2016
cool cool

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