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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:02pm On Nov 09, 2017

'Why is his name only written as DJ in the citizen's directory?' Tarasha asked aloud, staring at the computer with a confused look. After waiting close to an hour for the search to be completed, it loaded very scanty details after it finished loading.

'What other details does it show?' Cole asked from his seat. Henry was no longer in the room with them.

'It shows his previous occupation as a student and shows his hubby as swimming,' she answered him.

'No address or present occupation?'

'None.' She folded her arms and rested her back. 'There's no way we're going to confirm if he's affiliated with Desert reporters with this.'

The control room door opened and Henry entered, now on a sleeveless top and shorts. 'Lunch has been served, I'll advice you guys go for it before it gets cold.' he said as he walked to the seat beside Tarasha.

As he sat, he noticed that none of them replied him and also observed the look on Tara's face. 'Is there any problem?' he asked, looking at Cole.

Cole nodded a no and continued with his own work but Henry wasn't convinced. He looked at Tara's face, she wasn't saying anything but was staring at the screen with a thoughtful face. He looked at the screen. A Nigerian citizen's profile was being displayed, an old passport of boy in his mid teens was the picture there and the name showed was only 'DJ'.

'Is this the SSS agent's profile? If his details are not there, it means he's not just an official of the SSS but a special agent of the NIS.' Henry said after skimming through the profile.

He finally got Tara's attention. 'What's NIS?'she asked him.

'National Intelligence Service, a secret division of the State Security Service.' Henry answered. Cole was also staring at him now.

'So, it means we can't identify him from this directory?' Tarasha asked.

'You can but only with an authorized computer system.'

'And how do we make this computer authorized?'

'There's no way we can make the system authorized, what makes it authorized is if it is used in the premises of the NIS Headquarters.'

'You mean we can only access his profile from their office?'


'That's crazy!' Tarasha chuckled. Going into the den of several NIS officers just to get one of them would definitely be the most stupid thing to do. 'So, where is this NIS office?'

'I don't know, it's secret and their operations are secret too.' Henry answered.

Tarasha closed her eyes for a moment and laid back her head on the backrest of the chair. She searched her mind for another method to find the Agent. The only thing she could think of was going to meet Jumoke in Lagos but then there was a high certainty that Jumoke wouldn't know anything about the Agent, he could have gotten the information from her secretly or even from somewhere else entirely.

'I think I've also met the guy, he's a journalist.' Henry said, staring thoughtfully over the computer screen.

Cole and Tarasha fastened their eyes on him, wondering if he was sure of what he was saying.

'Can I see his recent picture again?' Henry said to Tara.

She located the gallery tab in the status bar as clicked on it. Henry got up and placed a finger on the screen, covering the bandage head in the picture. He titled his head in both directions one at a time to view the picture.

'It's him,' he said as he returned to his seat. 'David James, Desert Reporters journalist. He's quite young and intelligent, we met thrice and worked together on one occasion.'

'What did you do with him?' Tarasha asked.

'It had to do with creating a virtual server, the guy is quite good in cracking and developing too.' Henry replied.

'So how do we find him?'

'I don't know, I don't know anything else about him apart from our work together.'

Tarasha remained silent for a moment and bit her lower lip thoughtfully, 'I hope you're right with this name you just provided, if you are, then we don't have a problem with locating him anymore.'

'He's right,' Cole stated boldly, getting up from his seat. He walked towards them and stopped beside Henry. 'When you travelled, I made some research and I got to know the name of the journalist who broke the news of your mother's kidnap,' Cole said looking at Henry. 'His name was David James, he's the same person.'

Tarasha turned away from Cole and faced the other side. She smiled evilly to herself. The initials 'DJ' which she saw now made sense to her. The guy's real name was David James.

'He must have been trailing me for a long time,' she said, turning back to the men. They both stared back at her expressionlessly. 'I need to pay him a visit soon,' she said and got up to her feet. 'Now my tummy is asking for food, I've got to settle it.'

With that she walked out of the control room. Cole and Henry stared at each other for some seconds before Cole followed her. Henry stayed back as he had already eaten.

Chapter 13 is already ongoing on www.youngicee.com


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by EmpresFIDEL(f): 11:52am On Nov 10, 2017
Rex na mumu
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Tobennz(m): 1:26pm On Nov 10, 2017
[quote author=Oyinprince post
Go tara, go tara, go tara.... Ts ur bufday... I pity dat guy wey dem call david james, d guy stupid ehn... I wish cole self will leave dat grl fool called patricia.... Mor ink 2 ur pen oyinprince
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Tobennz(m): 1:26pm On Nov 10, 2017
Rex na mumu
Bretta mumu
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by hefelove(m): 12:28am On Nov 12, 2017
oyinprince wetin do ur site?
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 2:25pm On Nov 12, 2017
oyinprince wetin do ur site?
Nothing, I announced earlier that we're making a change
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:03pm On Nov 12, 2017
Chapter 12 Part 10

April 26, 2031.


Tarasha squeezed his fingers as it touched her palm. It took him by surprise. He didn't know she was awake and had been watching him as he walked towards her, leading his way with his phone's screen backlight. She had noticed when he sat on the floor beside the sofa and was wondering what he was doing when he spent sometime there silently without doing anything.

'So you're awake?' he said, raising his phone to see her face with the backlight.

'Yes, why didn't you switch on the light and why were you tiptoeing here like you wanted to steal something?' she asked with a light tone.

He chuckled. 'I didn't want to wake you up,' he said and tightened his fingers around hers. She pulled his arm across her body making it lay on her belly touching his breasts slightly. He adjusted his seating position on the floor while she also turned towards him on three seater where she laid. 'So why are you not sleeping?'

'I was sleeping,' she replied. Their faces were close to each other's.

'Sleeping? But you saw me tiptoeing to you,' he questioned.

'Yes, you woke me when you got out of your room.'

Henry was confused for a moment. He had opened and closed his door as gently as he could and the door wasn't even one that made noise when it wasn't even handled gently.

His phone's backlight went off and he could barely see Tarasha's face in the darkness.

'How did you know I was still here?' she asked while Henry was still trying to turn on his phone's screen again.

'I've not slept, I've been waiting to hear you enter your room since but I never heard the sound of your door closing.' Henry replied.

'Well... I just wanted to think alone in the darkness, that's why I turned off the light but then, I slept off.' she explained.

'But you said I woke you up when I stepped out of my room, how is that possible? I didn't make any noise with the door,' Henry asked.

'It still made some very low sounds, especially when you closed it back.'

Henry tried to remember the manner at which he closed it. 'I closed it gently,' he argued.

'The whole house is silent, I can hear the gentlest sound now. Even if the noises are from different sources, I can still differentiate where each is from, I did a course on that for three years.

Henry shook his head and smiled. A brief silence followed. The phone's backlight switched off but he didn't bother to turn it on again.

'That man you came with, who is he?' Henry asked.

'He's Dr Martin, he worked with Elvis Richards several years ago and he seems to know a lot of the man's secret.' Tarasha replied, after taking some seconds to consider whether it was time to tell him or not.

'How did you get to meet him?'

'I got him from my research on Elvis Richards, he was the one I went to look for in Anambra.'

'And he agreed to come here with you?'

'Yes, he did.'

Henry let out a breath, not really sure of what to talk about anymore.

'I was scared of losing you, I thought I would never see you again when I heard the sounds of those gunshots that night.' Henry said in a deeply terrified voice. 'Thank God you're alive but...' he stopped and gave a gasp.

'But what?'

'So many innocent people died,' Henry said in a sad tone and let out a very deep breath.

'They had to die, I was attacked,' Tarasha said defensively and sat up, she felt he was about to judge her again. 'There was no way I could have left there without them going down.'

'I know, I understand that they had to die. But I think is that we should avoid such situations from reoccurring,' he said, turning on his phone's backlight again. She had shifted away from him to the middle of the sofa while Henry remained at the edge with his hands on the armrest where she previously laid her head.

'I didn't plan to fight or kill anybody there, the only ones I plan to kill remains Elvis Richards and Inspector Rikau. But anybody that comes in my way and leaves me without a choice will have to go too.'

'But do you know we can do this without you having to kill?' Henry asked thoughtfully. 'Even Elvis Richards and the Inspector General.'

'That's not possible, I've told you several times that I ain't gon take that sermon.'

'It is very possible Tara,' Henry insisted.

'It isn't,' she argued.

'Shh...' Henry hushed, their voices were getting louder. He moved closer to her and positioned his elbows on her knees, he located her palms and held both in his. 'Now, you said that man, the doctor that came home with you worked with Elvis Richards for several years.'

'Yes, he worked with them.' she replied, wondering what he was driving out. She tried to release her hands from his grip and fold them but he didn't let her go.

'And you also say he has so much information,' Henry continued. He released one of her hands to take his phone, he turned on the flashlight and then placed the light to face up on the seat. He took her hand in his again.

'Yes,' she now folded her lips in and stared at him sternly.

'Then, if we're to go by the manner you said it, we should be able to get enough information from the man to bring these wicked men to justice.'

Tarasha shook her head at him. 'How can you suggest that when you know that Elvis Richards can easily influence the court processes? The judiciary system here is still been control by the men at high places.'

'I know, but we don't have to take them to court directly.'

She stared at him without saying anything.

'Now, for example, Inspector General Rikau was a major head of the terrorists that disturbed the nation several years ago. If we can get valid proofs of the man's involvement from anywhere , then we can bring him down with that. If we also get valid proofs implicating the Vice President too, we can do the same with him.'

'I still don't understand how that is going to send them six feets down,' she argued.

'They would be killed or be forced to kill themselves especially if we make it in a way that none of them would be able to escape,' Henry said. He paused to see if she understood him.

'I still do not understand him.'

'Simple, we can get the masses to also want them dead. That would force the system to judge them rightly but if that doesn't happen, the cry of the masses can make international bodies come in.'

'Hmm... So how do we make that happen?'

'Easy, this is how...'

Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:04pm On Nov 12, 2017

'Good morning Sunshine, I can't wait for us to be at my parents house together this afternoon.'

Cole's heart skipped a beat as he read the message. He wasn't scared of meeting her parent, he was only afraid that it wasn't the right time to do it. He also knew he could be putting her life in danger by associating too much with her.

He wanted to send a reply immediately to cancel off the appointment but he stopped. He had already planned it to take place during a period that Tarasha won't need him and also planned not to stay long at the place. There was no need to change his plans now, except if the boss needed him to do something unplanned for.

'Good morning dear, I can't wait too. Hope you slept well,' he typed in a reply and clicked the enter button.

He dropped the phone beside the pillow and stretched for some seconds in the bed. He stopped as he realized something, he picked his phone again and opened the messaging app, it was actually the first time Patricia would be the first to send a message in the morning. Maybe she was loving him more, he thought. Or perhaps she was taking him more serious because he was now ready to visit her family. He drew in a breath and closed his eyes. He got some kind of encouragement to meet her parents more.

Her image formed in his thoughts. He fantasized about her smooth curves and sexy lips, how he wished he could just have a taste of her that morning. Maybe that day could be the day. They had planned to go to his new apartment together after leaving her house. That could be the opportunity he had been looking for to have a taste of her great body. Not that it mattered to him than she herself but he still longed for the opportunity.

His phone beeped in his hand again and he scrolled down to read her reply.



Inspector General Rikau's Residence, Asokoro

'Rex, I think you should just tell us how long we should give you to kill her. We're tired of just making empty assumptions,' the IG complained bitterly.

'C'mon, give me a break dude,' Rex replied in a rude way which shocked the IG. The IG looked around to see if any of his men had not heard or seen the way he was being disrespected. Rex gulped down a glass of hot drink before he continued, 'You give me a target without sufficient information and you're expecting magic, you must be kidding.' he said as he dropped the cup on the table noisily. 'Stop bossing me around like you give me the information I need.'

They were in the same room Rex was always allowed to stay whenever he came to the IG's house. Rex was seated on the armless chair which back was turned to the table, his legs crossed and his left hand resting on the table. A bottle of wine and a small cup was on the table just beside the computer set.

The Inspector General stared at Rex with so much anger bottled inside for some seconds, he couldn't find words to say anymore, he only clenched his teeth and fists in anger and disgust.

'What do you need from us?' he asked, his fists still tightened in anger.

'Just tell me where she is right now and her movements for the next forty eight hours, then I'll bring her dead body to you in less than seventy hours. That's the information you should give to an assassin if you want immediate results. But right now, I'm doing the job of an investigator too.'

The IG's mouth was sealed after hearing his words. He still felt feed Rex wasn't right but he had no words to counter him.

'Let me go straight to the reason I'm here,' Rex said after gulping another cup of wine. 'I wanted to ask if there is anything of yours or the Vice President which Samantha Osman touched in that state she went to.'

The Inspector General stared at his face, 'Things like?'

'Your family, investments or property.'

'I don't have anything in Anambra State and the Vice President also does not have any business or family member there too.'

'So, it meant she might have just gone for another business?'

'Yes, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing in Anambra that has to do with us.'

'What about that SSS Agent who trailed her, do you know him and what useful information does he have?' Rex asked.

'I don't who he is. Right now, he's still in Anambra State but I'm aware he'd be returning today.'

'That means you can find out who he is when he comes?'

'No, he's a secret agent, the only person allowed to know him is the Agency's Chairman.'

'Is there no way you get any details about him?'

'I can, but I don't know what he has to do with this,' the Inspector General said, giving Rex a questioning look. 'What do you need to know him for?'

'I do not necessarily need to know him, I only need to know what he knows.'

'If that's what you need, I can provide you with that. He's submitting a report to the NIS immediately he returns.'





'Come on, they're waiting for us already.' Patricia said as she dragged Victor by hand into the house.

'Wait!' Victor pulled her back. She stopped and turned to listen to him. 'Are you sure I'm properly dressed?' he asked. She had painted her parents as very strict people and he tried his best to dress as responsible as possible.

'Of course, you look perfect.' she replied, sizing him from head to toe with her eyes. She wrapped her arms in his and pulled him along as the climbed the stairs to the balcony.

Victor couldn't explain his anxiousness. The thoughts of having her parents reject him kept running through his mind. He felt for some reason that they might find something in him that they didn't like and order their daughter to call off their friendship.

Patricia's father was in the living room when they entered. He was lying on the three seater sofa with his legs crossed, a tablet device in his hands and an earpiece fixed in his ears.

He didn't seem to notice their entrance until Patricia got to his front.

'Pat, when did you come back?' the man asked, sitting up and taking off his earpiece.

'Just now, Daddy. Good afternoon sir,' she said all smiles, bending her knees slightly in courtesy. 'This is Victor,' she said beckoning on Victor who was still standing afar off to come closer.

'Victor!' the man called with so much enthusiasm showing his complete set of teeth.

'Good afternoon sir,' Victor bowed slightly as he proceeded forward, the man was already stretching his hand forward to him.

'My son,' the man continued cheerfully as they shook hands warmly. 'You're welcome to our home, Patricia has said a lot of things about you already.'

Victor faked a smile and flashed a look at Patricia. He hoped she had told the father only good things about him and not how he was staring at her breasts and backside when they first met.

'You may have your seat,' the man finally released his hand and pointed him to an adjacent seat close to the couch.

'Thank you sir,' Victor said as he took his seat.

'You should go and call your mother to come see our guest,' the man said to Patricia. She turned and smiled at him before taking the way that led into the other parts of the house.

Victor took some seconds to look around the house. It wasn't expensively decorated but was beautiful enough. He noticed that the walls were just recently painted and the air conditioners newly installed.

'So Victor, where are you from?' Patricia's father began. 'I mean your state of origin.'

'From Edo state sir,' Victor replied, focusing his gaze on the man's face. The man had a round face with a flat nose, his hair, partly grey and already halfway the top of his head.

'Where in Edo State?' he asked.

'Benin sir,' Victor replied.

'Benin!' the man gave out a bright smile. 'I served in Benin and also spent the first five years after service working there. I have a lot of friends there. So can you tell me which area in Benin?'

Now Victor was scared to continue. He didn't lie when he said he was from Benin but his fear was the man knowing more about him if he mentioned the exact location. If the man knew his area, then research could be easily made on his background and details he would want to hide revealed.

Patricia and her mother joined them in the living room at that moment, rescuing Victor from his tight situation.

'So, is this the young man who wants to marry my daughter?' Patricia's mother said in a lively tone as she approached them. She was short and fat. She had a round face just like her husband and walked like someone who was struggling to support the weight of her body on her legs. However, she was neatly dressed and her hair was well plaited. She had an apron on her body which showed that she was coming from the kitchen.

'Good afternoon ma,' Victor stood to greet her, managing to put on a smile.

'Good afternoon my dear,' she walked close to him and gave him a side hug before going to the sofa just opposite him. Patricia stopped behind Victor's seat and rested her elbows on the top of the backrest. 'Pat, aren't you going to entertain your husband?' she said to Patricia.

'Oh! Mum, thanks. I'm okay for now,' Victor tried to stop Patrica from going.

'No, you can't just be seated like that,' the woman insisted. 'Pat, get your husband fruit juice while we wait for the food.'
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:05pm On Nov 12, 2017
Cole took in a deep breath. He didn't know whether to feel welcomed or uncomfortable now that her mother was already referring to him as her husband, does it mean that she accepted him already. She also asked him when she entered that was he the man who wanted her daughter's hand in marriage. It meant Patricia must have told her parents that he was her fiance. He was also amazed at the way he was welcomed, he was expecting a thorough scrutiny by both parents.

'Yea, I'm very hungry too, I would not mind a cup of juice first too.' Patricia's father joined in.

'Always hungry Papa Pat,' the woman jeered at him.

'Yes o, Saturdays are my free days, allow me eat as much as I can please.' the man replied back jovially.

'So Victor,' the woman called to his surprise. 'You didn't answer my question.'

Victor stared at her inquisitively, not knowing what question he didn't answer.

'I asked if you are the man that wants to marry my daughter.'

He let out a smile, feeling embarrassed as his eyes met with the man's own. 'Yes, by the grace of God,' he responded shyly. He was surprised at the words which came out of his mouth. He could tell where he got 'by the grace of God from'. Now, Patricia must explain to him why she told them he had asked to marry her.

'You're welcome my son, feel at home.' she said with a smile and relaxed back.

'Thank you ma.'

'So what job so you do?' Patricia's father asked and Victor's gaze turned to him immediately.

'I run my firm under AA group of companies.'

'What do you do in your firm?'

'I deal with exporting Nigerian made products, so it means I serve as a mediator between the indigenous production industries here and the distributors in other countries.'

'That sounds nice. Where do your parents stay?'

'My parents are in Lagos state,' Victor replied.

'Okay, well...' the man got up to his feet holding his device in his left hand. 'I want to do something inside before lunch, do make sure you feel at home.'

'Thank you sir,' he bowed slightly and his eyes followed the man as he walked inside.

'Let me go and check the food in the kitchen,' the woman was already up before Victor turned his face back. 'Pat!' she shouted as she made her way into the kitchen. 'Don't you know you're keeping the young man waiting?'

Her voice vanished as she disappeared and for once Victor was left alone in the living room. He took a moment to look round the walls of the living room again. He could see the wedding pictures of Patricia's parent and also a family picture by the side. An old wall clock was positioned up above the flat screen TV close to the ceiling.

'Victor, what do you think about my parents?' Patricia said as she walked in from behind with a tray and a pack of juice in it.

'They are wonderful people,' Victor said, turning back to look at her. His eyes followed as she walked to the footstool and placed the tray on it and then carried everything to his front.

'Thank you,' he said.

'You're welcome,' she replied with a smile and squatted beside the stool to open the fruit juice, she poured some into the cup for him. 'You'll like it, it's cold.' she said as she got up to her feet.

'Thank you,' he took the glass cup and took the first sip. He dropped the cup and relaxed his back. Patricia was now seated on the left side arm of his chair and her right hand placed on top of the backrest. 'Pat,' he changed into a serious tone and turned to her. 'But why did you...'

His statement couldn't be completed as she pulled him forward with his collar and covered his lips with hers. He felt powerless for that moment and couldn't resist the kiss. She placed her arm on his head and pulled him closer.

'Pat! Food is ready now, come and serve.'

They quickly broke away as they heard the voice of her mother approaching. Patricia got up and turned towards the kitchen immediately.

'Victor, hope you're enjoying yourself?' the woman asked as she came in view.

'Yes, thank you ma.' Victor replied and quickly went for the cup of juice again, grateful that the woman did catch him smooching her daughter.

55 minutes later

'I was thinking I would meet your sister today,' Patricia said as they drove down the road. Victor was in the driver's seat and she was at the passenger's.

Victor gave a chuckle, 'She's not the kind of person that likes meeting people, except for business reasons.'

'She seems kind of weird to me,' Patricia said, bending her lips in a funny way.

'People say that often,' Victor nodded.

'So why haven't you moved into your own apartment since you have one?'

'There has really been no reason to, and I also don't want it to sound like I'm an ungrateful person, so I have to take it slowly.'

'Okay... So, do you have foodstuffs in your house there?'

'Ermmm... Yes, I stocked the place with some...'

'You didn't order from us?' she cut in.

'No, I did. EasyShoppers sent another of their delivery men.'

'Okay, but you should order through me next time'

'It's okay ma, correction taken ma.' he said and both of them laughed briefly. 'But I hope you're not planning to cook again when we get there?'

'Why shouldn't I cook?' she raised a brow.

'We just had lunch,' he stared at her with his eyes wide open.

'Yes, that's lunch. Won't we have dinner?'

'Dinner? Isn't it too early to think of dinner?'

'Early? It's not,' she argued.

'I think you shouldn't bother about cooking, we could just get something to eat from an eatery close by before I drive you back home.'

'No, I'll cook.' She insisted. 'In fact, we have to stop by at the mall in front. I'm sure you don't have the food items for the meal I'll like to prepare.'

Victor shook his head and blew out breath from his mouth. He knew he couldn't convince her to stop. It took them three minutes to get to the mall and she stepped out after Victor stopped the car in the parking space.

'What exactly do you want to buy?' Victor asked as he stepped out from the other side.

'You don't need to follow me,' she said and began climb up the verandah of the mall.

'So you think I'll sit and wait for you in the car?' he asked after leveling up with her.

'I won't stay long in there, that's why I asked you to wait.' she replied.

'It doesn't matter how long you want to stay,' Victor said to her. He got distracted as his phone began to ring. He took it out from his pocket and checked the caller, a serious look appeared on his face as he stopped to answer the call. 'Boss.'

'I'm in the compound of the mall, my car is parked at the other side. Come meet me there briefly.' Tarasha's voice sounded through the speaker.

His heart began to beat faster as he turned back and looked towards the parking space at the opposite side to locate her car.

'Ain't you coming with me anymore?' Patricia stopped to ask as she was about going in through the door.

He took the phone away from his ear to whisper to Patricia. 'I'll meet you.' He put the phone back to his ear. 'I've seen your car boss, I'm coming there.'

Patricia watched him for some seconds before entering the mall.

Read more here: www.youngicee.com
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Alennsar(f): 9:51am On Nov 13, 2017
oyin ade your blog is ok for all now. even small. phones can now comment on it . :

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Divay22(f): 6:07pm On Nov 13, 2017
Your blog is far ahead from here..
When i checked I saw part chapter 3 part nine...

It's confusing

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Dockybae(f): 6:11pm On Nov 13, 2017
I think it's high time you end this story. since 2013. Haba!!!. undecided lipsrsealed

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by dimssy(m): 7:36pm On Nov 13, 2017
Tarasha Tarasha.


Oyinprince, good job well done

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Tobennz(m): 1:30pm On Nov 16, 2017
Abeg na update fast ooooii,, i dey wait since na oyinprince.....[color=#990000][/color]
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Fazemood(m): 4:39pm On Nov 16, 2017
Wow, mind blowing masterpiece. Mehn! I can't express how much satisfaction I've gained while reading this work, it's amazing.
Keep it up man

You are a good writer, with broad mind and creative. Tarasha on a normal scene is expected to be dreaded by the readers due to her constant assasinations and unwarranted killings just to achieve her aim or get away, but you have turned the story to make her the opposite, with your creative and sensitive mind. Only good writers can do that.

I applaude you bro, God keep your mind, heart and hands strong and active always.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:53am On Nov 17, 2017
Wow, mind blowing masterpiece. Mehn! I can't express how much satisfaction I've gained while reading this work, it's amazing.
Keep it up man

You are a good writer, with broad mind and creative. Tarasha on a normal scene is expected to be dreaded by the readers due to her constant assasinations and unwarranted killings just to achieve her aim or get away, but you have turned the story to make her the opposite, with your creative and sensitive mind. Only good writers can do that.

I applaude you bro, God keep your mind, heart and hands strong and active always.
Thank you sir. God bless you too

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:55am On Nov 17, 2017
Your blog is far ahead from here..
When i checked I saw part chapter 3 part nine...

It's confusing
It's not confusing ma, I started on my blog before starting here
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:58am On Nov 17, 2017
I think it's high time you end this story. since 2013. Haba!!!. undecided lipsrsealed
. ABA! which kind 2013, have I even started writing at all then? undecided . It started in 2015 and i hope you wouldn't complain again if I end it badly
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:59am On Nov 17, 2017
oyin ade your blog is ok for all now. even small. phones can now comment on it . :
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Chapter 12 Part 11

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

'Good afternoon boss,' Cole greeted and stood beside the door.

'Get inside the car,' she replied with a firm tone, also signaling with her head.

Cole turned to the other side and entered into the right front seat. Tarasha's gaze lingered at the entrance through which Patricia entered the mall for some seconds before she turned to Cole.

'I was just returning from Olusegun Obasanjo way and I saw your car driving into this place. I have a task for you and this is the best time to tell you.' she said and turned to look at the back seat. She took off the face cap on her head and hung it on her right knee, then she stretched forth to the backseat and picked a brown paper file from there. 'Here, take this and open it.'

Cole opened the file and took out the only A4 sized paper in it. Drawn on the paper was a table of seventeen rows and five columns. The first column contained the serial number, the next was titled 'Name of drugs', the third 'Pharmaceutical Industry's, fourth 'Country of origin' and the last column 'Year of ban'.

'The table contains the names of sixteen drugs which were banned by the World Health Agency between 2008 to 2015 but still found their way to Nigeria, and were used during those years. The drugs actually numbers more than a hundred but these sixteen drugs were the most dangerous ones,' Tarasha explained. 'Do you know where the drug Agency headquarters is?'

'Yes,' Cole replied. 'Olusegun Obasanjo way, Wuse... Is that where you are coming from?'

'Yes, I went there to take a survey, to check how easy to gain access into the place will be.'


'It's quite easy and that's why you'll do the job for me tonight so that we can use the proofs we get as soon as possible. I'll leave further instructions on how to go about it at the base for you. Now listen, here's what I want you to do.' she stopped and narrowed her gaze on his face. 'You would retrieve from the drug Agency files the emails sent to them from the World Health Agency informing them of the ban of these sixteen drugs during those years, also retrieve their confirmation of receipts, make sure the names and signatures of the drug agency's chairman and Health Ministers' of the respective years appear on them.'

'Boss, but do you have the key to their database?' Cole asked after her explanation.

'I'll leave everything including the keys you need at the base for you,' she replied.

Cole took in a breath and nodded gently. He put back the paper into the brown file neatly.

Tarasha's gaze moved to the side mirror by left. She could see the image of the lady Cole had come to the mall with there. The lady had gotten back to Cole's car with a nylon bag and was standing outside, looking towards the car they were seated in.

'That girl, who is she?' Tarasha asked.

Cole raised his brows and squinted, he had been expecting the question. His second phone began to ring at the same time, he checked the screen , Patricia was calling. He looked back briefly and saw her standing beside the boot of his car and looking towards their direction.

'Boss, she's my girlfriend.' Cole replied. He silenced his ringing phone and covered the screen with his palm.

There was silence for a while. Tarasha stared straight through the front window thoughtfully. She had no reason to come into Cole's personal life. He was her employee and he was doing his job efficiently. She couldn't tell him what to do with his life as far as it doesn't affect his job with her.

'My flight to Lagos is by 6pm. As I said, I was about calling you to meet me at the base when I saw you driving into this place. I want you to ensure that the Doctor at the base is being monitored and that the communication lines with me is kept open at all times.'

'Okay boss. How long are you staying in Lagos?'

'I plan to stay till tomorrow only but it could extend to next tomorrow if the need arises,' Tarasha said and took a glance at her wristwatch. 'I have to get my bag from the base now, Henry would drive with me to the airport,' she stopped as she looked at the side mirror again. She could see Patricia already walking towards their direction. 'You have to go now, your girlfriend is coming here already. Be careful.'

Tarasha put her cap back on and switched on the car engine immediately.

'Okay boss,' Cole said and got out of the car immediately.

'Baby, I'm sorry.' he apologized as he approached Patricia.

'What are you doing there?' Patricia said, still walking forward with her eyes on the car which Victor had come out from.

'Nothing really, that was a friend of my sister, she asked me to take this home.' He answered, displaying the envelope in his hands to her.

'What's that?' she said, with her eyes still fixed on the car which was already driving out of the parking space. She still tried to continue going forward as they met but Victor held her by the wrists on the two hands.

'Nothing important,' he replied.

Her eyes followed the car as it drove off. 'Who's she?' she asked, her gaze finally settling on Victor. She had watched his expression when he received the call earlier and also saw him walking towards the car direction but she thought he was only going to answer the call where she wouldn't hear his conversation.

'Like I said, she's a family friend, she gave me something to give to Kimberly.' Victor answered, now looking at Tarasha'a car which was now at the gate. He knew Patricia had seen that the person driving was a lady but he was sure she couldn't have seen the face because of the cap Tarasha had on.

'How did she know you were here?'

'She came to shop here too and happened to see us driving in when she was walking to her car,' Victor lied.

'Okay,' Patricia said and Roorkee to him, she faked on a smile and looked into his eyes. She rubbed his chest briefly with her palm. 'Let's go home.'

'Yeah, let's go.'

The held each other's hand and walked back to Victor's car. The bag Patricia had gotten from the mall was still on the boot.

'Sorry, how did you pay for the things you bought?' Victor asked as he saw the nylon bag.

'Don't worry about that,' she replied and picked the bag from the boot. Both of them split ways, Victor to the driver's side while she to the right hand side.

'You can't tell me not to worry, I should have given you my credit card when you were going in.'

'I have enough money to pay and I've paid for it already.'

They both continued their argument on who should have paid as they got into the car. Soon they were on the road, driving to Cole's new apartment.





'Ensure that the Doctor does not have access to a phone, he shouldn't reach any of his family members until I return.' Tarasha said to Henry who just drove her into the airport.

'I've heard you already and I'll see to it.' Henry replied.

'Thank you,' she said and took off her seatbelt. She leaned closer to him and placed a kiss on his lips before opening the door. She stepped out and strapped on her backpack. 'Take care,' she said before closing the door.

He watched her walk away in silence. He closed his eyes and drew in a breath after she walked into airport check-in. He prayed in his mind that she would not come across a similar situation to the case of Anambra.

He reversed out of the parking lot and turned into the roadway. He continued towards the gate, pondering on the tasks Tarasha had given for him to accomplish before she returned. The tasks were not tedious but necessary for the success of their coming operations and he also needed to get them done so as to avoid her changing her mind again about killing their targets with her own hands.

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Victor and Patricia kissed each other like hungry lions. They had just entered into the living room of the house but couldn't hold themselves to get into the bedroom before satisfying their urge for each other.

Patricia had started it, wrapping her hands around Victor's neck immediately after he closed the door. He in turn lifted her up slightly and pressed her breasts against his chest. They continued with the kiss as they moved to the centre of the living room.

Patricia broke away from the kiss and dragged Victor by hand to the couch, she pushed him to sit on the sofa. She placed her knees each by both sides and made her bum rest on his knees. Her fingers reached for the buttons of his shirt as her lips located his again. His hands also located the zip at the back of her blouse.

Twenty five minutes later, both laid unclad and tired on each other in the three seater sofa, their clothes scattered in different directions in the living room.

The sound of Victor's ringing phone brought them back to reality.

'I got to pick this,' Victor said as he tried to lift her away from his body. He recognized the ringtone, it was the one assigned to his boss and colleagues.

'Oh! Can't you just leave it for now?' she resisted and covered his mouth with hers again, rendering him temporarily powerless. He fell back on the chair and responded to her kisses. The kisses stopped after a minute and Patricia laid her head on his chest. He wrapped his hands around her and closed his eyes.

Her gaze fell on the brown envelope which Victor had kept on the centre table. She began to think of the best way to gain access to the content of the envelope before leaving the place.

She could hear feel and hear his breathing as his belly gently rose and fell, she felt disgusted at every sound of it and even on imagining his body still wrapped around hers. But this was the stage where she always had her men under control, she knew what they could do to get her laid and what she could do to them after it.

Victor's phone began to ring again and this time, he lifted her up quickly before she could overpower him. He searched around for his trouser and quickly located it. He took out the phone from his pocket and glanced at the screen before answering the call. The caller was Henry.

'When are you coming back to the base bro?' Henry asked.

'Henry, I may come very late but I'll surely come back this night,' Victor replied.

'I thought the boss had an assignment for you.'

'Yes and that's why I'm coming, I would have loved to stay here till morning.'

'Try come earlier bro, she asked me to show you some of the details you need for the task.'

'It's okay, I'll try my best to get there as early as possible.' he replied.

The call ended and Victor heaved a sigh. He stared at Patricia who was already picking up her clothes. He tried to stretch his body to check if he still had enough strength for the boss' task that night. He realized that he would need to inject himself some drugs if he didn't want to mess up.

Patricia still glanced at the brown file as she picked her clothes. She had heard Victor talking about returning late that night. She wished that they had agreed to sleep over that night. She would have been able to go ahead with her plan of putting the sedative in his food and would be able to check the content of the brown file and even hack into his two phones before the next morning. Now, she couldn't put him to sleep because he'll surely know that she drugged him if he suddenly slept off when he didn't plan to sleep overnight there.



Lagos, Nigeria.


'Which hotel did you say you'd like madam?' the cab driver asked again.

'Take me to any good one around this area,' Tarasha replied.

'There are plenty good ones o, it all depends on your money.'

'Just take me to the closest one, forget about the money.'

'Okay madam.'

Tarasha took out her phone again and opened the notepad application. She copied the Drug Agency's Lagos address which she had jotted there and pasted it in another application to check the distance from where she was now. It was 29.9km and approximately 1 hour 9 minutes drive through the Apapa Oworonshoki Expressway.

'Driver, can you take me to "Bar-deer"?' Tarasha asked, missing the pronunciation of the location name 'Badia'.

'Badia ma?' the driver asked to be sure, pronouncing the word correctly.

'Yes, I think so. NAFDAC's office is located there,' Tarasha replied.

'No ma'am, our cabs don't go that far and I don't even know the routes to the place very well. I just started this taxi business,' the driver replied.

'Okay, thank you. Just take me to an hotel. I'll use Uber services to get to Badia,' Tarasha replied, still mispronouncing the name of the place.

She cleared all the apps running on her phone and opened her gallery to check Nnamdi Okafor's picture which she had downloaded on her phone. She remembered how he died as her first victim in Chief Gab's main task. She had thought he was just a victim, not knowing that he was also reaping the harvest for his bad works.

She checked the time and calculated the duration of time she would use in the two locations she planned to visit. She had it well planned out and would not need up to twenty four hours to complete her mission there except something unexpected came up.



Cole's Residence, Abuja.

'Men... You're such a good cook too,' Victor said as he swallowed the last mold of semovita.

'Thank you,' Patricia smiled back at him. She watched him as he took out the meat from the plate of ugu and egusi soup and tore it with his teeth. She smiled and did the same with the meat in her plate.

Both of them were distracted from the beautiful moment by the sound of a ringing phone. It was Patricia's phone, she hissed as she heard the sound.

'That must be my mum,' she said with a sigh.

'I guess it's already time you should be home.'


'I'll drive you home once we finish the meal,' Victor offered.

'No, you're going to have to take your bath first before we leave this place.' she retorted.

'Take my bath?' Victor looked at himself. To him, there was nothing dirty about him.

'Yes, I called you to come in when I was taking mine but you were too busy with your tablet device.' she said.

'That's true,' he remembered her calling him to join her in the bathroom but he was busy then studying the drug Agency building. 'But, I still have to drop you first, I can have my bath when I get home.'

'No, no, no,' she said and folded her lips in. 'I won't let you drop me without having your bath.'

'Must you always be this stubborn?' he asked jovially.

'Yes, especially when it's about the right things.'

He shook his head and chuckled. 'I'm going to have my bath now, but would you like to come with me?'

'Come with you to unclothe you or flight you to wash well' she asked and laughed. He joined in the laughter. 'I'm not having another bath, it's your punishment for not answering me when I called you.'

'Okay, let me just go already.' Victor said and got to his feet, still munching the piece of meat in his mouth.

'I'll clean the dishes while you get ready,' she said and began to pack the plates on the dining table as she watched him go into the room. She stopped with the plates after he walked out of sight. She proceeded towards the room to ensure that he was already in.

She returned to the living room quickly and headed straight to the centre table where the document was. She held it and positioned herself in the three seater whose back was turned to the path of the room so that she could quickly hide it if for any reason he comes out unexpectedly. She also held her phone which was previously ringing closer.

She opened the brown file and took out the paper in it carefully. She unfolded it and scanned through the content. At first, she didn't understand what it was until she took her time to go through it. Then, she took a shot of the paper with her phone before folding it back into the envelope neatly.

A message entered her phone as she walked back to the dining. She unlocked the phone, the message had popped up on the screen. It was from Dave and it read; 'I'm in town.'
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9:15 pm

Jumoke trudged through the passage of the house with her bag which seemed heavier than it should be in her left hand. She had a stressful day at work as there happened to be more than five emergencies in just one hour of that day.

She managed to pick out the keys to the door from her bag and inserted it into the keyhole. It opened as she turned it, easier than it should have but she was too tired to notice. She pushed the door in and stepped inside. The house was dark and hot, the curtains were all closed. She closed the door and reached for the bulb switch. She turned on the bulb and turned to meet a surprise.

'Hi,' Tarasha said and made a smirk. She was seated on top of the backrest of the three seater sofa and her feet was placed on the seat cushion. She was dressed on a white top and black shining trouser, her jacket which she took off because of the heat laid beside where she sat. She was handling a pistol in her hands.

Jumoke froze on the spot. Even though she didn't recognize immediately who her guest was, she knew she was in trouble. Her legs vibrated on the spot and her bladder suddenly became full.

'Don't be scared, I'm supposed to be your friend. Or have you done anything wrong?'

Now Jumoke recognized her, both her face and her voice. The change in hairstyle had been the cause for her not recognizing immediately.

'You helped me some months ago, and now I've come to pay you fully.' Tarasha said and jumped down from the chair.

Jumoke's heartbeat faster than normal. She knew she was staring death in the face and didn't know what to do to save herself.

'I left you alive because you were good to me but I'm here to kill you now because you decided to sell me out even after I warned you,' Tarasha said as she stepped closer to her slowly.

She stopped at Jumoke's front and placed the gun on the nurse's lips. Now, Jumoke's whole body was vibrating. Tarasha dragged the gun down from the lips through her neck and stopped in between her breasts. Then she hit the nurse's face with her backhand suddenly, making the nurse crash into the television behind.

She followed and dragged her up with the collar from the shattered parts of the television and disks on the floor. She left her for a moment and proceeded to door to lock it. Then, she pulled the nurse along and pushed her to the sofa.

'Now, look at me.' Tarasha said, pointing the gun at her. She placed her feet on the centre table and supported the arm with the gun on it. 'Where can I find him?'

Jumoke's face was soaked with tears already. Her back head had hit the television and it hurt so much that her head had become so heavy for her body.

'Where can I find him?' Tarasha asked again, this time in an impatient tone.

Jumoke managed to voice out something amidst her tears but it was inaudible.

'Look here, I'm not joking with you.' Tarasha warned. 'I don't want to repeat any question again.'

Jumoke sniffed in and managed to stop sobbing, her nose was running already. 'He stays in Abuja, but I don't know where exactly.' she repeated the same thing she said earlier which wasn't audible.

'What's his name?'

'David James.'

'You told him about my Bank transaction with you?'


'What else did you tell him?'

'How I found you that night and your warning to me,' she said in a teary voice and sniffed in again.

Tarasha smirked, 'How did he find you?'

'He's my boyfriend.'

'Your... Boyfriend?' Tarasha widened her eyes and released a deep breath. She put her leg down from the table.'So what does your boyfriend do? Where does he work?'

'He's a journalist, he works with Desert Reporters.'

'Desert Reporters?'

'Yes,' Jumoke nodded like a frightened baby.

A knock was heard at the door.

Read more here: www.youngicee.com

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I wish to notify you on some errors you've constantly repeated, you always use 'an' instead of 'a' whenever you're writing a noun starting with 'h' which is a consonant. For instance, you wrote "an hospital" and "an hotel" it's "a hospital or a hotel". Hope you make corrections smiley .

Thanks for this thrilling story BTW. cool wink
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I knw der will be part 3, dis story is jst so trilling, cant wait 4 d continuation oooooo....
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:11am On Nov 20, 2017
I wish to notify you on some errors you've constantly repeated, you always use 'an' instead of 'a' whenever you're writing a noun starting with 'h' which is a consonant. For instance, you wrote "an hospital" and "an hotel" it's "a hospital or a hotel". Hope you make corrections smiley .

Thanks for this thrilling story BTW. cool wink
Thanks... I've used Google on this matter several times but I still end up mixing them. But what about "An hour", "An Helicopter"?
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Chapter 12 Part 12

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

'Are you expecting someone?' Tarasha asked, taking a brief glance back at the door.

Jumoke shook her head in negative, folding her lips in to avoid making any sound.

'Okay, talk to the person,' Tarasha ordered her in whispers.

Jumoke sniffed in again and managed to clear her throat. 'Who's it?' she shouted at the person at the door.

'Aunty Nurse, hope everything dey okay, we dey hear noise from your room.'

Jumoke stared at Tarasha face for a moment. She would have loved to shout that moment and tell everyone she was in trouble but she knew that would take away all her hopes of remaining alive. She had heard of Samantha's 'exploits' and even seen on the news the recent one at Anambra state, so she knew there was no one around who could save her except Samantha decides to leave her alive.

'No wahala, thank you Bros.' she replied and sniffed in.

'You dey sure, Nurse?'

'Yes, thank you, I go see you later.' she replied.

Tarasha waited some seconds for the person who knocked to leave totally before she continued.

'You said your boyfriend works with Desert Reporters?'


'In which of their offices does he work?'

'In Abuja.'

'In Abuja?' Tarasha widened her eyes.

'Yes,' Jumoke confirmed.

Tarasha had been thinking he was following her from a distance not knowing he was very close to her.

'Do you know where he stays in Abuja?'

'No, I don't know.'

Tarasha stared at her thinly for a while, trying to access if she was speaking the truth or not.

'Do you know I'll kill you if you lie to me,' she threatened.

'I...don't know... He only told me he stays in Abuja,' Jumoke replied in a shaky voice.

'He told you...' Tarasha muttered to herself. She realized that Jumoke was not the Agent's real girlfriend, but only a tool in the agent's hand and maybe a sex partner for the agent whenever he visited Lagos. There was really no need to keep Jumoke alive again because she knew nothing else apart from what the Agent had fed her. 'Since when has he been following me?'

Jumoke tried to keep quiet for a moment but Tarasha raised gun on seeing her hesitation.

'I don't know how long for certain but he was also around when you came to the hospital to drop those people,' she quickly spoke on seeing the gun point directly to her eyes.

'So he knew I was here with you that night?'

'I didn't tell him that until last week.'

'What day last week?'

'Uhm... Not last week, last two weeks. I think it's on Wed...nesday,' Jumoke said.

'You told him you treated me and what else?'

'That you sent money to me as a repayment for the things I had to buy.'

Tarasha took some seconds to process the information in her mind. That was exactly it. It was how Agent Dave got to get her card details and trace her recent transactions with it.

'Was he at the hospital when I came to drop those people?'

'No, he wasn't. He came the next morning.'

'And what did he come to do?'

'He came asking about you. He said he was given an assignment to write about you and he wanted to know all but the police changed the story that you were a member of the force and he couldn't do anything since he wasn't a witness.'

'How long did he stay during that period?'

'He didn't stay up to a week,' she replied.

'And you never saw him in the hospital again?'

'After he left, he hasn't been in the hospital again.'

'I mean during his stay for that week, was it only once he came to the hospital?'

'No, he hid himself in our premises for some days.'

'And what was he doing there?'

Jumoke sniffed in again. 'He tried to find out the truth from the patients you brought in, he checked on all five of them.'

'You guys allowed him?'

'No, he sneaked into their wards occasionally.'

'How?' Tarasha narrowed her gaze at Jumoke's face.

'I helped him, he always walked around in a doctor's suit.'

'You helped him? That was before you met me?'


'And which of the patients told him the truth?'

'He was only able to speak to one of them, he only placed recorders in the wards of the others.'

'Which of them did he speak to?'

'Stephanie George.'

Tarasha paused for a while to recall the girl's face. She could recall again Stephanie's screams and her struggles under the rapist and that frightful look on her (Stephanie's) face after she killed the man trying to molest her.

'According to the report, Stephanie George lost her memory, was that true?'

'No, it wasn't. The police tried to induce memory loss into her but he changed the ampoule containing the mixture from the lab.'

'Who changed it?'

'My boyfriend, Dave.' Jumoke replied, her voice still shaky and her look frightful.

'So it means Stephanie still remembers everything that happened?'

'Yes, she does. Dave made her agree to pretend.'

Tarasha stopped to think again. If Dave had asked Stephanie for information about her, the girl would have only told him about their encounter that night as there was nothing else she knew. But it was possible for Stephanie to still be in contact with the Agent. She considered the situation careful for some more seconds. Stephanie George would be more useful than Jumoke, that because, Stephanie was kind of well known in her school and had been made more popular due to her encounter with Samantha Osman but Jumoke was just a nurse whom the secret agent had used to fulfill his purpose, Tarasha was sure that the Agent had no feelings for her.

She raised her gun and pointed it straight at her forehead. 'Did you see note I write wrote to you before leaving here that morning?'

'Ye...ss..ss, I saw it.' Jumoke trembled with her whole body vibrating. Her knees were on the seat now and her bum resting on the back of her ankle.

'I also warned you when I sent the money not to let anyone else know but you refused,' Tarasha said and gave a brief chuckle. 'I left you alive because I thought you were a good girl but you proved otherwise... And do you know you've been a fool? The man you called your boyfriend isn't a journalist, he is a secret agent of the SSS and he traced me to Anambra with the payment information you gave to him.'

Jumoke's eyes widened in shock at the revelation. It instantly made more sense to her why Dave always returned free from the police and the source of the bullet wounds she had treated got him.

'Agent David James has taken you for a fool, but I'm going to help you end your foolish life.'

Tarasha raised her brow and tilted her head leftwards a little. She cocked the gun.
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'Are you coming to the office today?' Lizzy typed into the chat box.

'Yes, I'm on the way already. Dan is driving.' the reply from Dave entered almost immediately. 'We've got a lot of reports to write at the office this morning, so I may not be able to see you until noon.'

'I'm also leaving the office in some minutes. I got some thing from Victor last night.' she typed in and sent. She exited the app and opened her pictures gallery where she located the photo of the document she took the last night. She marked it and forwarded it to the messaging app.

'What did you get?' Dave's message had already entered before she sent the picture.

'It's a list of drugs, I don't know what it's all about. He got it from a lady when we stopped at the mall yesterday afternoon to get some food items.' Lizzy sent.

'Which lady gave it to him?'

'I don't know her but I think he was being traced all the while we were together.'

'Did you see the lady's face properly?'

'I didn't see her face at all, she was far from me and was even putting on a face cap.'

'A face cap? Black one?'

'Yes, a black one.'

'Samantha was dressed the same way at the hotel that day but we can't say if she was the one you saw.'

'Just check the pictures and see what you can make out,' Lizzy sent.

'Okay, thanks. I'll call you later today.'

Lizzy dropped the phone on the table after the chat ended and continued to arrange the rest of the makeup kits into her bag.


'The Chairman may get mad at us if we run late,' Dan said to Dave, after taking a glance at his wristwatch.

'I know, but what can we do now?' Dave replied back and folded his arms.

There was an unusual traffic jam along the way that morning. From the look of things, they could guess the reason of the delay to be a malfunctioning of the traffic signs. Dave and Dan had an appointment with the NIS chairman that morning.

'I think we should call him now and tell him we're stuck in a traffic jam right away,' Dan suggested.

'Do you think that'll make anything better?' Dave sounded pessimistic, even though he still took out his phone.

'Just try and let's hear what his response would be,' Dan replied.

A call came through just as Dave was about to dial the Chairman's number, the caller ID displayed was Jumoke. He answered the call and placed it close to his ear.

'Good morning Jummy.'

'Good morning, is this Mr David?' a strange male voice spoke.

'Yes. Is there any problem? Where is Jumoke?'

'Where are you? You're needed right away at the Lagos State General Hospital.'



'I copied eleven messages from the archives, each one carrying the names and full signatures of the persons involved.' Cole typed on the computer keyboard and tapped the enter key. He minimized the app with the use of the mouse and opened a picture folder, he selected three pictures and renamed them one after the other.

The computer speaker beeped while he was still renaming, Tarasha had replied.

'Send me all of them, everything in a word document but each one starting on a new page.'

'I would do that now boss, but while I'm at it, here is Henry's work last night.' he typed in and sent first before clicking on the attachment button, he selected the three pictures he renamed from the picture folder and sent it to her. 'Henry got their full details and location, we can begin work on them as soon as possible.' he sent and minimized the chatting application again.

He navigated with his mouse to "My Computer" on the desktop and clicked on it, then he selected the removable disk A from the opened window. A beep sound came from the speaker again but Cole continued with what he was doing. He opened a txt document from the removable disk and then opened the Microsoft office word 2030 from the start icon. He copied the messages from the txt document into word and spaced them just like Tarasha asked him to do. He saved the new document to the desktop with the name 'NAFDAC' and then maximized the chat application again.

'Do you know any of those in these pictures before?' Tarasha had sent to him.

'Yes, I had always known of Vivy the girl and the first son James, but I never heard of the middle one even though I knew they were three.' he sent in reply. He continued to type after sending, the messenger also indicated that she was typing. 'I'm attaching the word document now, I couldn't fix in the signatures yet.' he sent his message before she could finish typing.

'Okay, I'm sure you know we would place more focus on James.' her message entered, just two seconds after his.

'I know boss, but I suggest we use Vivy too, James as a man would accept and handle it maturely and would be calmer due to the nature of his job but Vivy would get emotional, and because she's a public person, I think she'd help us with our target more.' Cole typed. Another message had entered from her before he finished typing.

'We would fix the signatures after I select the useful ones.' Cole read her reply before sending his message. He began to type again.

'Are we sending to them in hard copy or soft copies?' he asked.

'Okay, we'd use the girl also.' Tarasha's message entered. Cole waited for her to reply his last question. 'Both formats to make them know the seriousness, but we'd send the hard copies first and only use the soft copies as a reminder. I'll personally deliver it to James and you'd get it to the girl.'

'Okay boss.'

'You have to show this document to Dr Martin after I verify and send back to you.'

'Okay, the doctor has asked of you and said you promised to allow him speak with his family today.'

'I'll be back before evening, my flight is by 3pm.'

'Oh!' Cole typed and sent. He was surprised she had finished all she went to do so quickly.




'Have you been able to reach her parents?' Dave said into the phone. He stood by the boot of the car in the garage.

'Yes, we've been able to reach them and her mother is here already.' the receiver replied.

'What's her state now?' Dave asked.

'Well, it's not something I can say on phone, you just have to be here.'

'I'm in Abuja now, but I will try my best to get there tomorrow.'

'Where are you going Dave?' Dan's voice sounded from the back.

'Okay, thank you.' Dave said into the phone before turning to Dan. 'I have to be in Lagos briefly tomorrow.'

'Lagos? For what?'

'My girlfriend is in a critical condition at the hospital,' Dave replied.

'Your girlfriend? I never heard you talk about a girlfriend,' Dan said as he walked to the driver's side of the car.

'That I never spoke about her doesn't mean she doesn't exist, does it?'

'Well...' Dan shrugged. He opened the car door. 'So how do you plan to go about it? You are aware you can't get permission to leave town anytime soon.'

'I know, but I have to find a way about it.'

'I'm sorry I can't help you, I don't want to get into trouble with the chairman again. Today's trouble was enough,' Dan said before entering into the car. Dave also walked to the front and got into the passenger's side.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:21am On Nov 20, 2017
The Inspector General's Residence.


Rex sat in front of the table, working on the computer system. The Inspector General sat somewhere far behind while Stainless sat close to his boss

'The credit card has truly been destroyed,' Rex turned away from the computer and faced the IG.

'That means the report is true,' the IG replied and wheeled himself forward.

'But I'm finding it difficult to believe that the Agent doesn't have an idea what Samantha planned to achieve in that state.' Rex said thoughtfully, moving gently side to side with the swivel.

'I don't think he lied about that, he wouldn't have returned soon if he knew her next plan.'

'I need to know that Agent,' Rex said and sprung up to his feet. He walked past the Inspector General towards the door.

'Rex, I'm not going to allow you meet him.' the IG turned back and shouted at him.

'You don't need to bother yourself, I know what to do.' Rex said before stepping out of the room. He closed the door noiselessly.

'Good day sir,' Stainless' voice brought Chief Rikau back to reality as he kept on staring at the door through which Rex left. He was still speechless as he watched Stainless also go out through the door. He hoped that Rex wasn't planning to go looking for the secret Agent because it could cause troubles for him as the Inspector General.



'So you made her lose her memory permanently?' Henry questioned Tara. He sat at the edge of the bed in her room, Tarasha standing at the front, arranging and hanging some clothes in her wardrobe.

'That was the only choice I had. The reason I didn't kill her was because I promised you no death until it was really necessary.'

Henry let out a deep breath. 'Well... I don't know if I should say the permanent memory loss is really better than that.'

'I think it is, she can start a new life without remembering something about me that'll get her into trouble again or even make her eventually lose her mind.' Tara replied, arranging a black jacket on a hanger.

'Is there any possibility of her ever regaining her memory?'

'There's none,' Tara stated blankly. 'The liquid had enough time to circulate her body, no one discovered her until late in the morning.'

There was silence for the next thirty seconds.

Henry shrugged after trying to shake off the guilt he felt thinking about what happened to the girl Tara had to drug. He remembered that the same drug was used on him but he was lucky to be discovered before the mixture circulated his blood. 'So, did you get enough information from her?'

'Yes, I did get as much as she had. The secret agent only uses her for his works, she doesn't really know much. But I got his mobile number from her,' Tara replied.

'That's something tangible, so when are we going to work on the number?'

'Monday morning after our first set of tasks are completed,' she answered.

'Monday is tomorrow.'

'Yes, tomorrow.' she replied and closed the wardrobe, she was done with arranging her clothes.

She turned towards him and placed her hands on her waist. She stared at him for a while. He also stared back at her. She was putting on a v-necked top on a black pencil jean shorts which stopped on her knees. Her uncombed hair made her look like a young tomboy.

'Were you also able to extract everything we need from the drug agency's office?' Henry asked.

'Yes, I got everything we need.' she replied as she walked straight towards him. She climbed up the bed and on his legs with each knee placed by his sides.

'Ermm... What are you doing?' Henry asked, staring straight at her face as she firmly gripped his shoulders by a hand at each side.

'Trying to get you to f...' she stopped as she lacked the right word to use. She had wanted to use the f word but she knew it would be inappropriate for what she really wanted. She could feel his breath touching her chest through the open v-neck part. She pulled his head closer gently and covered his lips with hers.

She pushed him gently to the bed and their lips continued to work on each other. Henry grabbed her by the waist and pressed her body gently against his. She broke the kiss and raised her head, she unbuttoned his shirt slowly and began to use her lips on his chest hungrily. She pulled away again and tried to take off her top. Henry got to his knees and their lips covered as he tried to help her take off her own top.

The shirt was taken off and flung to the floor, leaving her with the bra covering her breasts only. He was already taking off the bra from behind when she voiced out some words which killed the urge in him immediately.

Henry pulled back at once. A sudden feeling of guilt and weakness overwhelmed him at that moment. He began to think he was only about to fulfil his lust because of his inability to control his sexual urge. He moved away from her and stepped down from the bed.

'What's the matter?' she stared at him with her eyes widened, disappointed and feeling angry. Her bra was already off halfway and she was seated on her heels.

'I can't do this,' Henry said, shaking his head in an agitated manner. He buttoned up his shirt quickly and fixed his legs into his slippers.

'What?' she stared at him with so m annoyance in her eyes.

'I don't want to f*** you Tara, I want to make love to you.' he said before walking to the door.

Tarasha remained in the same position, lost in thoughts. 'F*** me hard,' that was the phrase that dropped out of her mouth and made him pull away. It was the language she understood not 'make love'. She realized she had never 'made love' to anyone, this would have been her first time, all she had ever done was to have sex with people to get something done or eventually kill the partner.

...to be continued

Read Chapter 13 here: www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Fazemood(m): 6:33am On Nov 20, 2017
Thanks... I've used Google on this matter several times but I still end up mixing them. But what about "An hour", "An Helicopter"?
H in 'Hour' is silent so it pronounced 'an hour' H in Helicopter isn't, so it's 'a Helicopter'. I believe your native tongue as yoruba is the cause for the confusion. I know cuz most of my yoruba friends can't pronounce the letter H in any words that starts with the letter. :-)
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 9:11am On Nov 20, 2017

H in 'Hour' is silent so it pronounced 'an hour' H in Helicopter isn't, so it's 'a Helicopter'. I believe your native tongue as yoruba is the cause for the confusion. I know cuz most of my yoruba friends can't pronounce the letter H in any words that starts with the letter. :-)
Ehen, I don't think I know how to pronounce the "H" sound too cos I can't hear any "H" in Helicopter but I'll work on it. Thank you

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:58am On Nov 24, 2017
CHAPTER 13 Part 1

® 18+ SNVL

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

April 28, 2031


EFX Studios, Asokoro Extension.

Reminiscing on the recent happenings in my life

I’m drifting wrong to right

Eliminating my strife

Is soul which I hold to

I’m told to let it go but it’s harder than they know through

I tried to make corrections by my own

But by natural selection my times got blown

I’ve grown wiser

A better analyzer

There ain't a man that can pry my price...

'Alright stop!' the music producer ordered as he tapped the space bar on the keyboard. His head fell back tiredly and he let out a breath. He turned his swivel towards the recording boot. 'Vivy, why don't you allow us reduce the tempo of this beat a little?' he asked, staring at her with a finger pressing against his lips.

She took off the listening headset and stepped away from the microphone. 'Do you really think it'll be better that way?' her voice sounded low.

'Yes, I'm very sure.' the music producer answered confidently.

'Okay, reduce it and play for me to listen.'

The door to the studio opened just as the music producer turned and held the mouse. He focused his gaze on the computer screen and refused to be distracted. Only after he finished reducing the tempo and tapped play he looked towards the door and noticed that the person who entered was a total stranger. The stranger was putting on a pull over which covered his head and still had a face cap under, he wore a jean trouser and hiphop shoes to compliment his dressing. A backpack was also strapped to his back.

He paused the music and squinted at the visitor who was looking around and proceeding towards him slowly. 'Hello, please, didn't anyone attend to you at the reception?'

The stranger just flashed a look at him and kept on moving closer, his eyes still searching everywhere in the studio. The stranger's eyes finally located the transparent section of the boot and he saw the person he was looking for. She had a headset in her hands and her gaze was fixed on the music producer until she noticed his presence. Their eyes locked and the stranger let out a wry smile. Vivy's gaze moved back to the producer, wondering why the beat was stopped.

'Bros, na wetin you want?' the music producer resorted to Nigerian pidgin English, thinking the stranger was one of those struggling but arrogant upcoming hip-hop artistes.

The stranger looked at him and smiled, he felt like taking out a gun and shooting the music producer for his loudness but he wasn't permitted to kill anymore except it was indeed necessary. 'I came to see her,' he said to the music producer and then faced Vivy who stared at him with a confused look.

'What's happening Veniyx?' Vivy asked, looking at the producer for an explanation.

The stranger located the entrance to the recording boot and began to proceed there.

'Hey! Where the hell are you going to?' Veniyx shouted at him and jumped out of his seat. He dashed towards him and tried to stop him from entering the boot.

The stranger twisted Veniyx's hand and grabbed his neck as him tried to pull him by the shoulder. He opened the door to the boot and dragged the music producer into it with him. He pushed the producer to one side of the boot at the entrance after almost choking him to death, then he proceeded towards Vivy, slowly.

'Who the hell are you and what do you think you're doing?'

Cole stopped at her front and let out a smile. 'Sorry you had to meet me this way Vivy, I'm a big fan of yours,' Cole said and stretched his palm to her for an handshake.

She stared at his hand for a second and eyed him arrogantly, not making any move to accept his handshake.

'Oh!' Cole chuckled. He withdrew his hand and took off the backpack strapped to his back. He opened the zip and took out an office file. He strapped the backpack back to his back and then stretched the file to her. The music producer at the back continued to cough as he struggled to get on his feet.

She only took a glance at the file and stepped back. She stared him in the face and shook her head gently. Then she hung the headset of the microphone stand and attempted to walk away.

'Get back here b****,' Cole dragged her back and took out a gun from his back pocket. 'Get back in,' he pointed it at the music producer who was already trying to get out of the boot. He motioned for the producer to step back before turning back to terrified Vivy. He pointed the gun to her head. 'Now, move this way.' he said, pointing her to the side where he could see her and the music producer together.

She obeyed fearfully, raising her hands halfway up.

'Now, have this.' Cole stretched the file to her again and she received it from him this time. He took out a pen from the outer pocket of his backpack and gave it to her. 'Now sign the first paper in the file,' he barked at her and flashed the gun at the music producer who was now staring at the file, warning him to mind his business.

Vivy tried to read what document she was about to sign but couldn't read much as the stranger barked at her to quickly sign it. All she knew was that she signed a confirmation of receipt, but couldn't tell the receipt of what she was signing for.

'Now, your thumb.' Cole said as he brought out an inked pad and placed it open on his palm. She pressed her thumb gently on the pad and printed it on the space made for it on the paper she also signed.

Cole returned the pad and pen into his bag first and then took the paper she signed on from the file, there were still some other documents left there. He passed the paper to the music producer and asked him to fold it into four, still holding the gun to Vivy's head.

'The remaining documents there are for your Dad, you can deliver them to him if you like. But if you do not, I have proof that you received them already. Tell him it's from Samantha Osman when you give it to him.'

Cole collected the folded paper from Veniyx and put it into his back pocket. He stepped back carefully until he got to the door. 'I won't hesitate to blow off your heads if you try to make any sound,' he said before opening the door. He stepped out of the boot and locked the door from behind.

He proceeded back to the reception where he had tranquilized two receptionist and a visitor. He took out the tranquilizing pins from the victims' bodies one after the other and stepped out of the place quickly before they recovered.

Back in the studio

After a minute, Veniyx began to struggle to get the door opened while Vivy began to check the documents in the file. There were about sixteen A4 papers stapled together in the file. The first one had a letter head of NOTD Pharmaceutical Limited and the letter was dated May 2, 2011. It was sent to a pharmaceutical company in Europe and it was a request for a specific quantity of drugs. She skipped the other parts of the letter and was about to flip to another page, but something in the complimentary close caught her attention. She saw father's name and signature at the close. She scrolled up again to see the name of the pharmaceutical company. She was confused. She never knew her father to work in or own such a company. It was that same period her father served as the Vice Governor of their state of residence. She opened to the next page and there was a letter from the World Health Agency to the Nigerian Drugs Agency, informing them about the ban of the drug that was requested in the first letter. She closed the file for a moment and stared in confusion.

'Do...do you have your phone with you?' Veniyx who was still struggling with the door asked. Vivy stood frozen to a spot, she was totally absent minded. 'Vivy!' Veniyx shouted.

She flashed a quick look at him, her face still dim in confusion.

'I left my phone outside, can you make a call with your phone to your driver outside to come help us with this door?' Veniyx asked.

Vivy turned back to search for her phone which she was reading her lyrics from before the stranger entered. She picked it from where it was hung and handed to to Veniyx to make the call.

'I don't know your driver's number,' Veniyx complained.

'Search for Toba,' she said with a quick glance at him and then stared blankly at the wall again. She opened the file again and checked the date on the first letter for a second time, she compared the date on the second letter.



Aguda House, Aso Rock.


The Vice President stepped out of the house, flanged by the minister of housing and the minister of works. His Security officials followed behind at a slower pace as the government officials all turned towards the car park.

'If they are not responding as they should, why don't we assign the project to indigenous engineers?' the Vice President asked the Minister of works who was at his left side as they continued on their way to the car park.

'Sir, we won't get as much as we want if we award the contract to indigenous guys, they could be easily monitored by the law enforcement agencies in charge.' the Minister replied.

'Uhmn... Even though we should consider that,' the Vice President stopped to think but couldn't find words to continue. The phone in his pocket began to ring, he balanced a hand on his walking stick and took out the phone with the other. His injured leg was getting better and the walking stick was becoming more for fashion.

'Good morning, my campaign manager.' The Vice President answered the call and hailed his caller in a cheerful tone.

'Good morning sir,' the caller replied in the same cheerful tone. 'The first set of slides for the campaign and are up already, I ensured that they were raised at the same time across the thirty six States.'

'Good work, I...'

'Dad!' A very loud voice interrupted the Vice President's phone call. The three men standing close to the flowers and the Vice President's assistants at the back all turned to the speaker. 'Dad, you have to explain this right away.' Vivy charged angrily towards them. She stopped in front of the front of the Vice President and stretched the office file to him. She dragged her long braided hair which was falling to the front backwards and then placed the hand on her waist, chewing the gum in her mouth so fast and noisily.

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