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I Fit Be Second Jesus(sex Na Food 2)the Return Of Spana By Youngzubi / Any Crime Story Here Better Than Tarasha Suggest / Tarasha Season 2 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by queenitee(f): 7:06pm On Jan 29, 2017
Tarasha is bae
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by EmpresFIDEL(f): 7:09pm On Jan 29, 2017
hop this story will allow me read for my exam oh... beautiful write up

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by saraphina(f): 9:23pm On Jan 29, 2017
hop this story will allow me read for my exam oh... beautiful write up
it won't oo...
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by EmpresFIDEL(f): 9:49pm On Jan 29, 2017
it won't oo...
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by saraphina(f): 9:52pm On Jan 29, 2017
the story is addictive....

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 10:46pm On Jan 29, 2017

I don't like this story one bit.. it is uninteresting .
u must be 1 hell of a damn shithole to keep critisizing every1's work on NL. If u dnt appeciate wat dey do,fvck outta here cuz ure d most annoyin niggar ive seen on nairaland.do u even have a functionin brain to realize you make d writers feel bad?are you human?am very sure ure a failed writer tryin 2 unleash ur shitload of fvckin frustration here.n DO NOT EVEN SAY I DON'T HAVE RESPECT cuz u dnt hve some 4 ur self 2.*breezes out.Þ€@C£*

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by EmpresFIDEL(f): 10:46pm On Jan 29, 2017
[quote author=saraphina post=53246869]the story is addictive....[/quote my dear am in love with d story.. and I don't want tarasha to be caught and Aisha should be safe

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by PoliticalThuG(m): 10:51pm On Jan 29, 2017
Rubbish story
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by ElectGINeer(m): 10:54pm On Jan 29, 2017
Rubbish story
Your own don dey too much o oga.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 11:08pm On Jan 29, 2017

Your own don dey too much o oga.
leave him.hez just a sadist, frustrated pain in the ass >:

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 11:10pm On Jan 29, 2017

Your own don dey too much o oga.
leave him.hez just a lucid frustrated pain in the ass

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Alennsar(f): 11:20am On Jan 30, 2017
Rubbish story
well silent is d best answer for a fool nd ur foolishness is like peak milk it's in you.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Alennsar(f): 11:23am On Jan 30, 2017
kudos to u oyinprince. but Cole will never betray his boss

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 7:57pm On Jan 30, 2017
kudos to u oyinprince. but Cole will never betray his boss
haha ud never know sweetie

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 3:40pm On Jan 31, 2017
Tarasha - Chapter 4 Part 4

After speaking with Aisha on ohone, Tarasha had continued to watch the gate in order to observe the movements occurring. Things remained the same for fifteen minutes until Tarasha saw the gate been opened slowly. Soon, it opened wide enough for a vehicle to pass through and she spotted a vehicle driving out of the place. She could not see those in the vehicle from her distance but she was very sure that it was a response to the call. The vehicle drove out of the gate and took the left direction. Tarasha decided to make a call to Aisha's in order to ascertain if Aisha was in the car. She dialed the number and Aisha answered almost immediately.

'Boss,' Aisha's voice sounded low.

'How are you Aisha?' she asked, trying to buy time as she unlocked the tablet device placed on her laps.

'I'm trying to be fine.'

'What do you mean by trying to be fine?'

'My parents have gone through a lot already and have still not been set free by them yet...' Aisha began in a pitiful voice but stopped abruptly.

Tarasha noticed from the way Aisha stopped that someone with her must have issued a warning to make her stop. The tracker application was now running on the tablet device and already locating the point from which the call was been received from. 'Henry is on his way to Bolevian garden now, you should call me when you're there,' Tarasha said. A street map appeared on the screen of the tablet and a green moving dot was seen.

'Okay boss,' Aisha replied.

Tarasha ended the call and minimized the app running on the tablet device, she was now sure that Aisha was in the car that was driven out of the compound.

She took off the seatbelt and tossed the tablet device to the backseat. She took out two guns from behind the driver's seat and stepped out of the car. The first gun was a machinery loaded with tranquilizing pins which made no sound when shot while the other was normal revolver loaded with bullets. She put the guns into the pockets of her trousers and closed the front door. She opened the door to the backseat and took out a backpack. She then began to proceed carefully towards the gate, she crossed the first carriageway and then the second.

As she got to the gate, she looked back to the distance her car was parked and then looked around carefully before peeping through the space at her right hand side of the gate. She couldn't get a proper view of the compound well but could only see a little part of the entrance. She stepped back and looked around briefly again, the few passers-by seemed to be rushing to their homes and took no interest in what she was doing. She walked to the other end of the gate to peep through the space between the wall and the gate end. She got a view of three men dragging along with them a blindfolded girl whose mouth was also covered with large plaster. They were laughing aloud at her as she cried while they dragged her towards the door, soon they were out of range of vision again.

Tarasha paused to listen for sometime and heard no sound coming from inside. Since she could not see or tell what was going on inside , she decided to follow a careful guesswork. She took out something from the outer pocket of her backpack, she separated a one-eared earpiece from it and attached the other magnetic device to the gate. Then, she returned to the other side which had the smaller opening for entrance with legs. She pushed the door and it opened easily to her surprise. She pushed it gently forward and took a step in. She took a brief pause of two seconds to view the whole place before she stepped in completely and closed the door gently. She quickly hid herself under the shadow of the small building close to the gate, it looked more like a gateman's or security room. She stood in the small space between the gateman's house and the fence. The compound of the building was well lit and she could be easily spotted by anyone in the building through the windows or through the cameras in the compound. She removed the backpack from her back and squatted, she brought out a device which had the shape of a cuboid, surface area of about a hundred square centimetres and placed it on the floor. She opened the device and in it was something wired like an explosive material, she turned on a metre box which read zero minutes and zero seconds, then she picked out a small black switch which had the shape of a matches box from the cuboid. She closed the device and wore her backpack, then she moved the device back to the end of the wall of the gateman's building. Instead of walking back to the entrance of the security building, she passed the space at the back between it and fence of the whole compound, she proceeded carefully towards the main building.

A guy came out of the building as she got few centimetres close to the main entrance, he was about to raise an alarm but she quickly silenced him with a tranquilizing pin from the gun in her left pocket, only allowing him to mention a word. She ran with light steps to him and searched his body carefully.

___Same time, Inside the building___

'Shey all the other guys apart from the ones wey follow Don Dan and the ones wey dey back don go Villa for school abi?' Ojo asked the two guys standing behind the blindfolded girl's chair.

Ojo had been forced to make out time to conclude Stephanie's case as the news of her abduction had spread round town and he had gotten wind that the police were already tracing the crime to his gang. He had to finish her up quickly, so as to erase every other possible evidence against himself and his gang. Therefore, he chose the night to finish up what he had started and take Stephanie's life once and for all.

'Yes, but we should have three people join the three of us here soon. They were already on their way the last time we spoke,' One of the guys replied.

'Okay, you two can now return to your positions, make sure Saadu mans the gate properly tonight, Don Dan would not like to meet the place empty when he comes. If I don't call you when I'm done bl**ping this girl, come when you hear gunshots.' Ojo said. They exchanged brief glances amongst themselves and quietly left their boss in the room.

Ojo rose up from his chair after they had gone, he moved closer to Stephanie and took off her blindfold and the thick plaster on her lips.

She stared at him palely, her slow and weak breathing was the only noise that could be heard in the room. Then she dropped her head and stared down.

'Won't you talk? I thought you were always bold,' Ojo taunted. Stephanie raised her head and stared at him briefly before staring down again. 'Oh! I'm sorry I've not been able to attend to you since they took you, I've been quite busy. Have the boys not been treating you well?' he asked, trying to feign concern but his voice still depicted mockery.

She didn't look at him this time nor did she reply. He placed two fingers of his right hand below her jaw and raised up her head with it.

'Are you dumb?' he asked and bent forward, looking straight into her eyes as he brought his head closer to her face.

He already felt victorious on seeing her look pale and weak, he only had to finish the job by sleeping with her and ending her life afterwards. They had never met face to face before, they had only spoken on phone and seen each other from afar but he had seen several of her pictures and videos, she was looking very different from what he used to see. He knew his boys must have maltreated her physically but he had warned them not to molest her as he wanted to be the first to penetrate into her. He had heard tales of her being a virgin, that was when he made promises to his juniors in the cult and leaders of other cults that he was going to molest her badly before killing her.

Though she didn't look appealing to him now like she used to in the pictures and videos, he still had it in mind to molest her in other to fulfill his promise.

'Did my boys maltreat you so bad?' he asked again with his face still close to hers but she still gave no reply nor did she show signs she was going to.

He brushed his lips against hers and bit her lower lip, that was when she responded by landing him a slap on his face and spitting into his eyes. He stepped back angrily, feeling irritated as he wiped off his face. He turned his face and shone his eyes at her like an angry lion, then he charged towards her and landed her a blow on the face which made her scream and fall off the chair.

'You b***h, you think you can say nonsense about us in school and get away with it right,' he cursed as he knelt beside her and turned her body upwards, he began to tear off her clothes.

She struggled and screamed out with the whole of her strength in resistance but her struggle did not help matters and Ojo continued to dish her blows occasionally which made her weaker.


The first room Tarasha entered from the entrance was a wide one, it had no furniture in it. There were bottles of alcohol scattered at a corner of the room and pieces of cigarettes laying carelessly on the floor. From the structural design of the building, Tarasha could tell it was formerly used as a factory. There were two opened doors before her leading to two separate places from the room, the door at the opposite wall led into another room while the door at the right side of the room led into a corridor. She proceeded towards the door leading into the corridor but she heard voices approaching from that direction as she almost stepped out. She quickly turned and entered through the door which led into the other room, walking on the tip of her toes to lessen the noise.

'I swear na Ojo go bl**p that girl till she die, he don tey wey him near any woman.' one of the guys was talking aloud as they passed. 'Na why him wait till now wey everybody don comot for here.'

'Nothing concern me with wetin hin go do with the girl, make him just do fast make we know wetin we go do with her body, night don reach already.' the other guy replied as they approached the exit.

The first guy suddenly stopped and turned, he looked towards the opened door of the room where Tarasha had entered into. He seemed to notice something and began to proceed towards the door.

'Wetin you dey find?' his partner asked.

He continued walking till he got to the front of the door, he stopped and squatted to pick something on the floor.

'I lost my memory card somewhere here yesterday,' he finally replied as he rose up and tossed away the tiny substance he had picked from the floor.

'You don see am?'

'No,' he replied as he walked back towards his partner.


Tarasha came out from behind the thick wooden door where she had hidden and stared at them as they walked out through the main entrance. She could still hear their voices outside in the corridor. She hoped they'll go wherever they wanted to without turning to the right side of the building where she had placed the body of the guy she silenced.

There was another door leading to the corridor from the new room she was, she closed the door which she entered in from and proceeded out through the other one.

She tried to make meaning out of the conversation of the guys she heard as as walked slowly through the corridor. It took her some seconds to process what she heard them say as she was still not used to communicating in pidgin English.

For a moment, she totally forgot her real purpose of coming to the place as it dawned on her that the girl she had seen them drag in was going to be molested. She froze, pictures of Rikau's hands on her small body flashed back through her mind, she could feel the pains again of how he thrust in so heartlessly that day and how worthless she felt after it all happened.

The screams of a lady brought her back to life, she sprung into action immediately and charged towards the direction of the scream.

She had to go through another wide room which which led into another corridor before she located the room where the screams were coming from. She kicked the door open and entered. Welcoming her was Ojo's black behind, he had pulled his pants halfway and had torn his victims trousers off. He was holding her two hands down with one of his hands while he tried to tear off his victims panties with his right hand. His victim's movement was very weak, so her resistance was little.

Unluckily for Ojo, what Tarasha saw wasn't another man trying to molest another lady, who she saw trying to do the ungodly act was Rikau.

'What the heck are you do...' Ojo was saying without turning back, he thought it was one of his boys who had entered. He couldn't finish talking because the wooden chair he was previously seated on was shattered on his head by Tarasha.


The gate is opened and we didn't find Usman there,' a short guy who had just newly arrived with two others said as they shook hands with the two guys they met at the balcony. They had a big bag with them.

'He just went out of this place now, maybe he's doing something in the compound.' one of the two guys around before answered him, glancing at the gate as he did.

'Where's Capon? I need to see him now,' the short guy asked. He was the leader of the other two who just arrived with him.

'Capon is with the girl, I think he doesn't want to be disturbed now.'

'But I have an important information to give to him,' the short guy argued.

'Hmm... Well, you may try your luck. Just knock on the door if he has not started banging the girl yet, if he has, it's better you don't knock at all.'

'You have to take me where he is, I don't have time to start searching around,' the short guy said firmly.

'Tee Black can take you there,' he tried to push it to the other silent one.

'No, Tee Black will take these guys to offload the weapons in their bags.' the short guy insisted.

'Okay,' he agreed after heaving a sigh.

'Where's the weapon store?' the short guy asked the silent one.

'It's inside too, we all have to inside.'

'Okay, let's go.' shortman replied and the five of them all entered into the cult house again. They continued walking in silence, taking the same direction. Soon they began to hear the cry of the girl trying to resist Ojo.


Tarasha took out the pistol and fired every part of Ojo's body until she exhausted all the bullets. She had used six bullets on him alone, contrary to her normal strategy of one bullet for one person. To her, Rikau deserved more than six bullets in his brain. Her anger seemed to fizzle out after she ended the shooting and she took a second to look at the girl who would have been a victim of rape if not for her arrival.


'He's still be busy with the girl,' the guy previously replying to Shortman said.

Suddenly, the girl's cry stopped and seconds after, they heard gunshots in a quick succession. They paused and looked at each others' faces in surprise.

'Is he that angry with her?' Shortman asked no one in particular, with a confused look on his face.

'No, he was planning to bang her mercilessly like he promised.' the other man replied, also looking confused. 'She might have done something that got him very angry,' he added and shrugged.

The guys stared at each other in silence again before they continued walking, this time, faster and all of them to the direction of the room where Ojo was left.

Read Part 5 - 9 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 4:09pm On Jan 31, 2017
OH DEAR*whisperin*...tara...tara be careful!

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Rukkydelta(f): 3:53pm On Feb 01, 2017
Tarasha is bae
bae is tarasha

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 8:40pm On Feb 03, 2017
Oyin...you start block buster...everyborri has fallen in luv wit it...u con abandon am abi Wat ure doing to us yr readers is not fair ooh m nt hapi.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 11:19am On Feb 04, 2017
Oyin...you start block buster...everyborri has fallen in luv wit it...u con abandon am abi Wat ure doing to us yr readers is not fair ooh m nt hapi.
Abandoned wetin na? Do I have to repeat simple English everytime.
Because of my schedule, I've said for now, updates will only be on Tuesdays and Saturdays... I'm still typing today's episode
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by hefelove(m): 11:56am On Feb 04, 2017
Abandoned wetin na? Do I have to trust repeat simple English everytime.
Because of my schedule, I've said for now, updates will only be on Tuesdays and Saturdays... I'm still typing today's episode
ma daloun jare abeg farabale ko type dada, have checked ur blog trice today sef. till u finish tarasha that's wen I'll start reading other stories

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:25pm On Feb 04, 2017
Chapter 4 Part 5

Tarasha could see fear written all over the girl's face as the girl withdrew fearfully from her and drew close to the opposite wall. Tarasha ignored for a moment and proceeded back to close the door. She took off her backpack to take out more bullets for her revolver.

Stephanie vibrated in fear as she saw the strange lady filling up the bullets into the revolver. She had pulled up her pant and was trying to cover her breasts with the bra Ojo had violently cut off. The lady finished filling the bullets into the gun and looked up, their eyes met.

Stephanie cringed as Tarasha proceeded towards her with the revolver after strapping the backpack. Tarasha noticed her fear and paused, she tried to put on a friendly face but failed at the attempt. She was still bitter about what almost occurred and was terribly mad at 'Rikau' even though she had already killed him.

She took more steps forward and stopped in front of Stephanie. She bent on a knee and touched Stephanie on the shoulder, 'I'm not going to hurt you, what did you do to that... that Rikau and why are you here?'

Stephanie still continued to vibrate in fear as Tarasha touched her, she glanced at the dead body of Ojo on hearing Tarasha's question and assumed she knew him very well to refer to him as 'Real cow'. Tarasha's accent had made her hear 'Real cow' instead of 'Rikau'.

She was yet to answer Tarasha's question when they began to hear voices coming towards them, this time more than four men's voices were heard.


The guy leading stopped at the door and knocked softly, he paused and waited for a reply from Ojo, there was total silence. He knocked again after a few seconds and there was no reply. Shortman stepped forward and knocked the door louder but there was still no reply. Then Shortman opened the door slowly and peeped in before taking a step in.

'Damn it! She has killed capon,' Shortman cursed as he rushed in and took out his gun.

'What the bleep!' the other guys rushed in too and stared at the corpse of their Capon.

'She must have gone this way,' Shortman said, pointing at the second door in the room which led to a smaller room. He jumped over the corpse and walked into the room pointing his gun round while the other guys brought out guns from the bag which the newly arrived guys brought with them and wanted to offload, they joined in the search for Stephanie.


**5 minutes later**

'They're going to find us here,' Stephanie said in a shaky voice as Tarasha dragged her by the hand into a spacious toilet. Stephanie's clothes had already turned rags as a result of Ojo's violent harassment but Tarasha was thinking of a replacement for her.

Tarasha ignored her remark and picked out the vibrating phone from her pocket. She stared at the screen, Aisha was calling. She placed her finger on the green icon without swiping , still thinking of what reply to give. Aisha must have gotten to the Bolevian Garden with the guys she went with and would be expecting a call from Henry.

She finally swiped to answer the call. 'I'll call you in few minutes time,' she spoke immediately and ended the call without giving Aisha an opportunity to talk

'What are you doing?' Stephanie asked fearfully as she watched Tarasha keep the phone into her pocket and turned to lock the toilet door. 'We can't hide here.'

'I'm not hiding here with you, I'm hiding you here,' Tarasha corrected, giving her a stern look. 'Now tell me, where is Don?'

'Don, who is Don? I don't know anybody like that,' Stephanie replied.

Tarasha sighed and hissed lightly, 'Sorry, I ought to have asked what you doing here first? You don't look like someone who works with this people,'

'I was kidnapped by a cult group in the school,' Stephanie replied shakily.

'So you don't know anything about them?'

Stephanie shook her head in silence, indicating she knew nothing.

'Did you see anyone else that was kidnapped too? A young lady and a guy or old couples,' Tarasha pushed further.

'No, I've not seen anyone else.' She replied, shaking her head with her lips folded in to buttress her point.

Tarasha paused for some seconds to take out her phone, it was ringing again. She stared at the caller's ID and returned her stare to Stephanie's face. Both of them began to speak simultaneously.

'Oh! Continue,' Tarasha said with a straight face while Stephanie smiled lightly.

'I overheard them talking earlier today, they said something like moving a person I think was kidnapped out of this place to confuse somebody, they mentioned Samantha,' Stephanie said.

'I don't understand you,' a confused look appeared on Tarasha's face.

'I didn't hear more than that,' Stephanie said.

Tarasha looked away to her phone, it was ringing again, she silenced it and turned back to Stephanie. 'Do you have any idea of the number of men present here?'

'I don't see them, my eyes are always covered when I'm taken out of the room I'm locked in. But with my calculations based on the noises I hear when I'm taken out of the room, there should be more than ten of them.'

'Okay,' Tarasha turned sideway and dialed back Aisha's number.

Stephanie stared intently at her face, wondering who she was. She didn't look like one of the cultist, neither did she look like one of the abduction victims who had mistakenly escaped. Stephanie could notice the thick layer of makeup on Tarasha's face and wondered if police women or other security agencies used makeups when invading a place like this, it made her discard the option that Tarasha could be a security officer.

'Henry is on his way there, he just got to Bevo hotels now, be patient.' Tarasha said immediately the call was answered, hoping that would be able to keep Aisha and those she went with there a little longer.

'Okay,' Aisha's reply came almost in whispers. She spoke up again after some seconds of silence. Tarasha was able to deduce that a silent message must have been passed to her during the seconds of silence. 'Please tell him to call me, so I can communicate where I'm hiding to him. I'm scared I may be discovered here soon.'

'I'll tell him to reach you as soon as I get in touch with him.'


'Are you sure she's not playing a game with us?' Don asked in a harsh tone, staring fiercely at Aisha who was seated opposite him at the table. They were at the Bolevian extension outside the main parlour of the clubhouse, they had been forced to settle at a table and order for drinks so as to be allowed to wait there as loitering was not allowed in the Bolevian facility.

Aisha stared back at Don without replying, better put, words refused to come out of her mouth even though she tried to talk. Don had listened to the whole conversation through the loud speakers as his usual manner was. He had been getting frustrated when Tarasha at first did not pick the calls and was already pacing behind his seat, until she called back and he sat to listen to listen. The darkness of the garden at night had added to his frustration but he just consoled himself with the fact that Henry would be spotted easily when he gets to the garden even if his face wasn't seen clearly, as anyone was barely seen there at night even though the place is brightly lit.

The Bolevian club house, bar and restaurant was mostly used during the night time of the day while the pool, garden and kiddies' facility were busy only during the day.

When Tarasha did not pick at the first and second call Aisha made, Aisha already knew Tarasha was up to something else. Tarasha's workphone was always in her pocket whenever there was a job going on and she couldn't have missed more than two calls which she did. Aisha was confused and scared at the same time. She was confused because she was sure Tarasha was playing a sort of game with them and she was scared at the thought of the possibility of Tarasha having already discovered that she was working with Don. She fidgeted on her seat as a picture of Tarasha's fiery eyes flashed through her mind. An idea came to her.

'Don, I'll like to ease myself please,' she said, faking on a smile.

Don took his eyes slowly away from the ground which he was staring at and squinted at her suspiciously.

'I have to go please, my bladder is full and I may just do it on this seat if you don't allow me go.' Aisha added, sensing that he might decline her request

'I'll follow you there myself,' Don said. He brought out a pistol to her view to warn her silently, careful enough not to allow other people seated around see the gun.

'Okay,' Aisha said with a forced smile and got up from her seat. She pushed the chair backwards with her legs to enable her step away from behind the table. Don put the gun into his pocket and got up after her. He placed his eyes on her, at the same time signaling to the boys he came with to be watchful until he returns.

Aisha reached for the phone she had dropped on the table and finally stepped away from the table. Her eyes met with Don's as she looked up, he had a questioning look on, demanding for an explanation for the phone she picked.

'Samantha or Henry might call,' Aisha explained with another fake smile. Don's face remained frowned but he nodded in approval and watched as she began to walk towards the DJ spot before following closely. They passed through the midst of people dancing and Aisha approached a bar girl to ask where the rest room was.


Tarasha had loaded more guns and tucked them into the pockets by her side and one in the pocket attached to her shoe. Stephanie was still watching her in awe with her mouth ajar, she finally summoned the courage to speak up.

'Who are you?' she asked with stammering lips.

Tarasha looked up briefly at her face, and turned back to fasten her waist belt properly. 'I don't think you want to know that,' she said after she was done with the belt.

'I want to,' Stephanie insisted.

'My name is Tarasha...' she spoke out too quickly before she realized. She stared at the girl's face in confusion, wondering what had made her voice out without thinking.

'Natasha or Natashay?' Stephanie questioned. She did not hear the name clearly.

'Natashay,' Tarasha replied quickly, glad that she wasn't properly heard.

'That's strange, I've only heard of Natasha, never heard some called Natashay...'

'Shhh...' Tarasha hushed her, placing a finger on her lips as she placed her ears close to the door to listen.

'Have you found any sign of her at all?' Shortman asked as he entered into another large room which had about four doors leading to other places. He was talking to the guy who led them to the room where they found Ojo dead. They had been searching for almost ten minutes without finding Stephanie.

'No, I've not even found any clue to know where she passed.' the other guy replied.

'How she no go leave any trace na, she no be ordinary girl? We suppose don see one sign of where she pass,' Shortman voiced out his frustration in pidgin English.

'I'm very sure she could not have left, she must be hiding somewhere in this building.'

'Has anybody checked through there?' Shortman pointed to the door directly opposite where he entered from.

'That's where I'm coming from,' the other replied.

'Okay, it means we have to go here and here.' Shortman said, pointing to the doors at the left and right sides.

'That place is a toilet,' the other guy said, pointing to his right.

'A toilet?' Shortman said in low tones, squinting suspiciously as he took quick glances to the door, the other guy's face and the door again. 'Don't tell me you've not been checking toilets, she could just be there.' Shortman continued in low tones, proceeding slowly and cautiously towards the door with his gun raised and pointed at the door.

'That toilet is always locked because only Capon's commanders uses it,' the other guy said, trying to warn Shortman not to waste his time as the door would be locked.

'Shut up, look at the handle.' Shortman said in whispers, flashing a serious look at him. He pointed towards the door handle which had been destroyed, that was when the other guy noticed. He joined Shortman in proceeding towards the place, his gun also raised in anticipation.


'Are you going in with me?' Aisha stopped as she opened the door and Don tried to follow her in.

'Yes,' Don replied firmly. 'Is there anything you want to do there that I've not seen before?'

'No, but it'll be embarrassing to the other ladies we may meet there or that comes in to meet you.' Aisha answered.

Don seemed to think for a while, he placed a stern look at Aisha's face and communicated a serious warning to her with his look. 'Don't try to play fast, if you're not out in one minute, I'll be in to get you.'

Aisha widened her eyes at him and exclaimed, 'One minute? I'm a lady for goodness sake.'

'One minute, and it starts now.' Don repeated firmly and glanced at his wristwatch. Aisha sighed and rushed in.

Don stepped back from the entrance and folded his arms with his legs slightly apart. 'Oops!' he exclaimed as he remembered that he didn't collect the phone from her. She must have hidden it from his eyesight to make him forget. He kept glancing at his wristwatch from time to time and got himself prepared to go in when it was fifty five seconds and she wasn't out yet.

4...3...2...1. He bumped into a lady at the entrance as he tried to rush in and the bag in the woman's hand fell off with the contents scattering all over the floor.

'Damn! What are you doing?' the woman cursed as she tried to bend to pick her bag, one could tell from the sound of her voice that she was drink. It was very difficult for her to squat straight as her tight mini skirt would not allow her coupled with her druken state. She placed a knee to the ground, blocking the road partially. She was about to start picking the contents of the bag when she noticed that Don was still standing in front of her. 'Why are you watching? Aren't you supposed to help me pick up these things?' she slammed angrily.

'Please woman, I'm in a hurry. Leave the road, I have to go in.' Don said, trying to pass by and walk in.

She rose up and he almost collided into her again, 'Are you sick? Can't you see this is for ladies?'

Don was infuriated but there was nothing he could do as the lady's loud voice was already attracting attention from onlookers. He was confused on what to do but then Aisha's appearance from behind saved him from more embarrassment.

'What's happening here?" Aisha said with a crooked but hidden smile as as she pushed the lady blocking the way slightly away.

'F**k you,' Don slammed angrily at her and turned. 'Let's go,' he turned and dragged her by the hand as marched her furiously away, leaving the onlookers to wonder what kind of drama was going on.

'Where's the phone?' Don demanded immediately they turned out of the scene.

'Here, no calls yet.' Aisha said as she took out the phone from her pocket and stretched it forth to him.

Don snatched it from her and hurriedly opened the call register, he found no record of any call made. He navigated to the messaging app and checked to see if she had sent any message but found none.

Aisha smiled in her heart as she watched him eye her wickedly. Having discovered that Tarasha might be playing a game with them, she decided to sell him out in order to avoid Tarasha's wrath. She had planned with the lady who Don bumped into to keep Don busy until she was done and luckily for her, the lady being drunk accepted without questioning. She then sent text messages to Tarasha, telling her the whole truth and also her suspicions of Cole being moved to some other place, she also was warned Tarasha against replying the messages. She deleted the messages after being sure they had delivered and went out to relieve the tension that was being created outside.

Don was still burning with fury about the embarrassment Aisha had made him face and the delay in the arrival of Henry as they got back to the DJ area and were proceeding to their table. The phone in his pocket rang just some few centimetres to the dance space, he took it out and checked the caller, it was Rex.

'Hello boss,' he answered and spoke calmly, trying to hide the anger in his voice.

'What the heck are you doing Dan?' Rex fired angrily. 'The b***h you thought you tamed has just sent a text message revealing all your plans to her boss.'

Don froze in anger, his mouth was left widely agape as he slowly turned his face to Aisha. Aisha who was now in front turned to see why he stopped. The look on his face said it all, she knew he had discovered her and before he could make any move, she decided it was best she ran.

You can read chapter 4 Part 6 - 10 on www.youngicee.com

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Hmmmmmm.. The chairman of all chairmen in poetry. I always look forward to read new episodes.... Even if it midnight I do make sure I read ur write up including Airegin mafia.... Thumbs up for u guys. But please don't make it like MMM mavro that grow only Tuesday & Thursday.... Anyway Sha, I admire u guys, & Eze2000 on Bokoharam stuff & Betrayer.... Is just that Eze2000 is no longer uploading.... Once more, Thumb up for u guys. I learned a lot from u guys style of writing & it also help on my vocabulary..... May God help u guys oooo
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Abandoned wetin na? Do I have to repeat simple English everytime.
Because of my schedule, I've said for now, updates will only be on Tuesdays and Saturdays... I'm still typing today's episode
oh dearie m sowie,i dint see dat b4...hope ure nt offended?

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oh dearie m sowie,i dint see dat b4...hope ure nt offended?
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oh dearie m sowie,i dint see dat b4...hope ure nt offended?
I'm not offended. Do Ignore the dummy post above please. Replying it and derailing the thread further is what could be offending
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Tarasha 2 : Chapter 4 Part 6

Shortman kicked in the toilet door violently and it hit the wall behind.. The toilet was dark, so he could not see clearly except for the parts which the little ray of light entering through the door lit up. He shot thrice in a random manner as he took in a step but he didn't see the ladies inside, bending by the dark side of the wall. It was too late before he noticed their bodies in the dark as a bullet already pierced through his chest and he fell back lifelessly against the door he had kicked open.

Shortman's partner on seeing what happened began to shoot into the toilet from where he was as he called the attention of the other guys around.

'Tap this red button if you need me,' Tarasha whispered to Stephanie, handing her a small device which had a switch on it. 'Don't leave this place until I come back for you,' she instructed before rising up from her squatting position and proceeding towards the door. She stopped just before she got to the part where the reflection of the light would reveal her shadow and squatted, she took some seconds to observe the shooter's manner of shooting and listened carefully to the sound made by the soles of the shooter's shoes. The shooting stopped for a while and she noticed a shadow of a man approaching slowly with a gun in his hands. The shadow stopped and she could see notice the owner trying to change his gun. She used the opportunity and surfaced at the entrance, a bullet entered into the guy's forehead before he knew it.

Tarasha took Shortman's gun before dragging away his body from the doorway into the toilet properly, she turned on the toilet light and could hear Stephanie let out a scream as she closed the toilet door. She ignored Stephanie's scream and proceeded towards the opened door by the wall at her left hand side. A guy rushed in from the place she was headed to, she sent a bullet straight to his right knee, he staggered and fell down but with his gun still in his hand, he turned and attempted to shoot at Tarasha but she was faster, her bullet had hit the hand holding the gun, just at the wrist. The gun fell off his hand and he let out a loud cry. She approached him hurriedly and pulled him up with his collar, careful not allow his blood stain her clothes. She made him rest his back against the wall and she placed a knee on the ground. She pointed her gun to his nose, 'Where are the couples you kidnapped?'

The guy refused to give an answer at first and closed his eyes, pretending to be weaker than he actually was. She cocked her gun and pointed it backwards, sending in a bullet to the chest of another guy who was approaching slowly and carefully from the opposite door.

'Tell me where they are,' Tarasha used the tip of the gun to hit his nose and he opened his eyes, looking bewildered as he saw the person he thought would have shot her laying lifelessly far behind.

He was still too confused to talk as he wondered how she had seen the other guy coming behind her from the corridor leading into the door at the opposite side but she surprised him again. She pointed her gun towards the door at the right side and the door flipped open almost immediately, with the man who opened the door receiving a bullet into his chest from her gun.

'Where are the couples?' she hit his nose hard with the tip of the gun again

'The building behind,' he said in a weak voice, vibrating fearfully. She must be using a sort of black magic, he thought to himself.

'How many people are there with them?' she asked.

'We have two boys each assigned to stay with the different couples, one stays at the door,' he answered, his body and his voice was growing weaker, his vision more blurred. The bullets in his body and the bleeding were making their effect on him.

'That means five people are in the building behind?' she asked and he nodded weakly in affirmation. 'Any other person in the whole facility?' she asked another question.

'Five of us were looking for you in this building and we have one person who is supposed to be outside,' he replied, now gasping for breath.

She paused for a moment to listen, she could hear some footsteps and tried to figure out where it was from. She then turned and look towards the toilet where she came out from, three seconds later, the door of the toilet opened slightly and Tarasha could see Stephanie peep out frightfully. Stephanie was terribly scared as their eyes met.

'I told you to stay in there,' Tarasha slammed angrily at her and the door was hurriedly closed.

The guy before Tarasha was still gasping when she turned back to him and she hastened his journey to the great beyond by slamming her gun against his forehead before she rose up. She pocketed the revolver and took out another as she entered into the next corridor through the door in front of her.

She stopped for a minute to think and strategize. She took her time to observe the building walls and roofs, it was made of materials which were natural sound absorbers which meant the people in the other building may possibly not be aware of the gun exchange except the buildings are connected to each other with a wall or unclosed roof.


Aisha knew better than to wait for Don to unleash the fury in his eyes, so she used the opportunity to run since she was already some steps away from him.

Don shot at her once but missed, he chased after immediately but couldn't continue shooting as she quickly mixed up with the guys and half Unclad girls previously dancing who had now also fled for the lives at the sound of the gunshot.

'After her guys! After her!' Don screamed aloud in anger at the rest of his boys who already joined in the pursuit. He shot twice into the air as he spotted Aisha running towards the opposite side of the DJ stand, he followed immediately.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:26pm On Feb 07, 2017
Aisha did not know where she was running to but she kept on running, the last time she looked back, she saw Don standing and screaming at his boys. The DJ and his assistants had fled the place before she got there, she bent her head to dodge the bullets as she ran past the platform. She could see Don's men coming after her but she kept running towards the toilet where they were just returning from. She ran past the restroom and entered the laundry area of the Bolevian hotel which had no crowd except for the few laundry workers doing late night jobs.

The laundry workers who had also heard the gunshots and were already alert quickly hid themselves as they saw Aisha run pass their blocks through the window. One who was ironing clothes flung the pressing iron away and hid himself under the ironing board. Two ladies in the washing room also hid themselves behind the washing machines.

Aisha followed a narrow path between two walls to the back of the laundry block and found a very dark room on turning back. The wide room had the door ajar, she entered into the room and closed the door. Then she proceeded futher inside to find a perfect place to hide herself. She couldn't see well because of the darkness as she tried to navigate but she was still able to figure out that the room was the store for finished laundry works.


'You dey craze, leave me jor.' Don slapped the face of a huge man who was trying to stop him from running.

'What the f**k are you doing?' the big bouncer shouted as he squeezed Don in his big arms, trying to take the gun from Don. But Don was also a fighter, he hit the man's groin hard with the back of his feet, making the man release the grip on his body. He turned and shot the man in the belly. He turned back to face the DJ stand where he was running to before he was grabbed from behind by the bouncer. He couldn't see Aisha or any of his men around, the partyers had already fled the place and the only people he could see coming towards him were security officials of the place.


Tarasha knocked twice on the door after covering the peephole with her palm. She looked around briefly again before turning back to the door. The building looked more like a quarters for living. She heard someone shout to her in response to her knock but couldn't make out what was said. She took out her phone while she waited, it had made several short vibrations some minutes ago and she had not yet checked the messages that came in.

Aisha's number was the first thing her eyes saw when she unlocked the phone, she had received up to seven text messages from Aisha alone, each message carrying not more than the standard one hundred and forty character limit. She began to read from the first;

'I'm sorry Boss, I never meant to lie to you. I was forced into it. These people would not hesitate to kill my parents if I don't dance to their tune. Please, instruct Henry not to come to the Bolevian garden, they have men there waiting to capture him. Our base is...'

She had to stop reading and keep the phone as she heard heavy footsteps approaching the door from inside. There was a pause as the footsteps got to the door, Tarasha could tell that the person was trying to check who was knocking though the peephole.

'I said the door is open, can't you...' a stout man was saying as he opened the door but couldn't finish his statement. With a kick on his chest, Tarasha pushed him back into the house and followed him in, rendering a shot in through his forehead.

Another guy inside the entrance hall of the building turned from his seating position and tried to raise his gun but Tarasha sent a bullet into the arm he lifted, rendering the arm useless and making the weapon drop to the floor.

She approached him slowly, with her eyes alert and observant. 'Get up, where are the rest of your boys?'

As if in response to Tarasha's question, two guys came walking out through an opposite door. They were without guns and had only come out to make enquires about the recent gunshots they heard, thinking it was one of their men shooting to terrify a captive of theirs as their custom was. Tarasha turned towards them and shot them down before they could make any move to turn back. The guy whom she was interrogating on seeing she was distracted by them attempted to pick a gun with his other hand but the second hand was rendered useless too as soon as his fingers touched his gun in the pocket. He let out a loud cry.

'Now don't play games with me. How many more people are still in?' Tarasha asked, placing a foot on the chair, in the space between the man's thighs.

'Two,' he muttered, quivering in pain.

'What about the couples you kidnapped?'

He was yet to answer the new question when his phone began to ring, the screen light drew Tarasha's attention to his pocket. She took out the phone from his pocket and checked the screen.

'Who's this?' she asked, turning the screen to him.

'The guy in,' he said weakly, nodding his head in direction where the two dead guys had come out from. He was bleeding so much that his trousers had changed color.

Tarasha answered the call and put it on loud speaker. 'Guy, what is happening?' a gruff voice barked from the other end.

The guy stared at Tarasha's face helplessly, not knowing what response to give. Tarasha shook her head to indicate and pronounced the word 'nothing' silently, expecting him to read her lips.

He clearly understood the message but did not speak, he frowned and stared at her face thinly before he spoke. 'Guy, there's ...' Tarasha who already read his possible response from his demeanor hit his forehead with the butt of her gun and flung the phone away. She turned and proceeded towards the door, changing her gun and equipping her two hands as she walked. She entered into a well lit long corridor and as she took two steps forward, a guy showed up with a long iron rod from the last room at the far end. She immediately shot at him but he was alert and fast to enter back into the room. Tarasha walked faster and broke into the first room, the corridor led to a closed end with four rooms at the right hand side.

She reached for the switch and turned on the light in the room. It revealed two terrified old couple, clinging to themselves fearfully. They placed their gazes on her as the lights came on like they had seen a terrifying monster erupt from the ground. Tarasha heaved a sigh of relief, she knew she had gotten the parents of either Cole or Aisha. She turned off the light and moved away from the area of reflected light through the opened door from the corridor. She could hear footsteps approaching slowly and carefully and she guessed it would be the man who had appeared at the other end before, maybe he had come out with a gun now.

Tarasha remained quiet as possible where she was, she could hear some muttering from the corridor but the voice was too low for her to hear what was said. The sounds of the footsteps seized, then Tarasha assumed what was mutterred in her mind. The men were two now obviously and one must have warned the other about her being in the first room. She tried to calculate the distance where she was from them, making use of the closeness of their footsteps sounds the last time she heard it and their muttering.

'Who the hell are you? Get out and talk to us,' one of the men yelled, pointing his long gun in readiness towards the room with the opened door. His partner, the former man stood beside him holding the same long rod. There was total silence for more than one minute. 'Come out and face us, stop being a sissy.'

'If you want us to talk, drop your weapons first.' They heard a lady's voice emanate from the room.

The men exchanged quick glances. 'I told you, I saw a lady figure.' The man with the rod whispered to his partner.

'You drop your gun first and throw it outside,' the guy with the gun replied Tarasha.

There was ten seconds silence and then a pistol was thrown out through the door of the first room.

'Did you see her?' the men asked each other in low tones, staring intently towards the opened door and trying to observe the direction the gun came from.

'It came out straight, she must be by the walls or by the bedside where the old cargos are seated.' the man with the rod answered.

'Are you going to drop your weapons or waste my time discussing with each other?' the lady's voice sounded again, without giving them the opportunity to think of what to do.

'Ermm... How many... How do we know if that's the only weapon you have there?' the man stammered.

Tarasha let out a sigh at his reply, she was tired of their time wasting talks, she took out the tranquilizing pin launcher and proceeded out of the room.


Don kept on shouting commands at his men as he followed the way he had seen Aisha take, ignoring the security men who were after them.

'Where's the b**ch?' Don asked one of the boys he met as he entered the laundry area.

'We've not seen...' he couldn't complete his statement because Don shot him angrily.

He stepped on the balcony of washing area and took out his phone, he could see the abandoned works from the opened window. He hissed and stepped down from the balcony again on hearing approaching voices.

'Stainless, where the hell are you?' Don shot angrily at Stainless.

'Exactly where you sent me,' Stainless replied.

'The godamn girl is escaping man, there's a tracker on her cloth. Provide me her location,' Don said as he turned towards the back of the building.

Don was well familiar with the laundry section of Bolevian as he was a regular customer there before, he knew where the back of the building led to.

He hurled curses aloud as he hurried through the narrow space. Things had really gone messy and all in a twinkle of an eye. He hadn't anticipated that Aisha would turn back against him. Getting out of Bolevian at the right time was his worry now, he was sure that Aisha would be found again, sooner or later, before she discovers the tracker on her cloth. The greatest of his worries was of how he was going to tell Rex how messed up things were.

He stepped out from the narrow corner and stopped to think for a while. For some reason he turned back and saw the store for finished laundry works, he knew it because he had been there to collect his clothes before. An idea came to him, he could find a cloth to change into to perfectly disguise himself. With a quick light steps, he climbed the short steps up and pushed the door open. It opened with lesser force than he exerted, making him almost fall. He hid behind the door for a while, waiting for the Security men running around to pass. After some minutes of waiting, he turned on his phone's screen light and began to search around the clothes hung in the room.

Read parts 7 - 10 on www.youngicee.com
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oyinprince u made me join nl wit dis captivatin story av always bin a guest reader thumbs up
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angry guy how do U expect someone not to be mad at U when U update ones in two weeks, I dare not make another mistake to start reading any of ur story again
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:11pm On Feb 11, 2017
angry guy how do U expect someone not to be mad at U when U update ones in two weeks, I dare not make another mistake to start reading any of ur story again
I wonder who opened the cage for this kind of guys recently , they just seem to be on the increase. Too sick and dull that they can't count how many times a thread is updated in a week.

Well, I'm getting used to you guys already, so you and your comments don't matter anymore. I never saw your comment when I was less busy and made more updates, so I don't think you should matter now I have a challenge and I'm squeezing out time to update twice a week.

Do ignore my moniker or posts when you see them anywhere else, I'll do well to ignore yours too. Now, you can run back into the cage with your playmates cool
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:15pm On Feb 11, 2017
Part 7

The two guys were caught totally unawares, they actually expected the lady to engage them in a longer conversation but Tarasha wasn't ready for that. Before they could process the image they were seeing in front of them she had sent in two tranquilizing pins into their bodies from the launcher.

The men's strength rapidly weakened, the weapons on their hands fell off first. The one with the rod fell on his knees before he fell face flat but the guy with the gun fell half sideways, hitting his head on the wall.

Tarasha picked up her gun and walked slowly and carefully, over them and to the end of the corridor. She opened the door to the fourth room which was at the end, there was nothing and nobody in it except for some empty packets of cigarettes and lighters. She closed the door gently and proceeded back to the third door, she pushed it open and found another frightened couple seated on wooden chairs. There were two dirty student sized mattresses laid carefully on the floor.

Her phone began to ring as she closed back the door, she took it out and saw the Henry's name displayed as the caller's ID. She silenced it and returned back to the tranquilized bodies of the two men lying on the floor in the corridor.


Several hours had gone and the message Henry was expecting from Omotara had not yet arrived. He had slept off, sitting on a chair and placing his head on the table in the computer room.

He rubbed his eyes, yawned and stretched as he rose up from his seat. He tapped the keyboard in front of him to turn on the desktop screen, the software was still running and there was nothing unusual about the monitoring. He yawned again, as he wondered if Tarasha had given him a false alarm and why she didn't send the message she promised to send. Or maybe she was the one in trouble, another thought flashed through his mind. He searched the table for his phone and found it behind the flat screen desktop, he picked it up and dialed her number. It rang but wasn't answered, he tried three more times before taking a pause. He fell back on the chair shakily, afraid of what could have happened to her. He remembered the last night occurrence where the enemy was already approaching her to kill her before he showed up. He wondered if she was in that kind of danger, who would be there to help her? He asked himself. But then he remembered her words when they had a little argument after that, she had said to him that she would have definitely found a way out without his help.

His phone beeped twice, distracting him from his scary thought. The cure to his fear was what arrived, a text message from Tarasha. It read, 'I'm quite busy now and I'll call you later. You're safe, just enter after unlocking the first block. These men already think you're in Lagos.'

Henry heaved a sigh of relief after reading the message, he laid back his head to rest on the table immediately but the noise made in his stomach reminded him that he had not taken dinner.


Aisha froze in fear as she watched the figure move around the room, the darkness did not allow her see the person's face but she knew it was a man. He moved around with a little but bright source of light which was held in his right hand, he kept searching for some minutes before he stopped in front of a shelf which was only few centimetres far from Aisha's hiding spot. She was under a table which was small compared to the other ones in the room, but it was still large enough to allow her body under it. The figure placed the source of light on a table beside the shelf making the light point towards the ceiling. He heard some noises from outside the room and quickly covered the light with his hand and looked back towards the other side. After a minute, the noise faded away and he removed his hand from the light. He then took off his shirt and changed into another which was of a bigger size. Then he stopped to look around again for a second, then he fixed his stare towards Aisha's direction and then gradually began to proceed there slowly.

Aisha cringe in fear as he drew nearer, she made sure her legs were well hidden under the table. He got to her table and stopped there. For a minute, she held her breath, not wanting to be discovered by anyone and even if she was discovered by this man, she was ready to give a fight in order not to be handed over to the security men. She only hoped that her strength would be enough to tackle the man. Her thoughts drifted to Tarasha and Henry while the man continued with what was doing at the table, she could see his legs move occasionally but did not know what he was doing above. She wondered what Tarasha would be doing now and what instructions she must have given to Henry whom she sent to help. Her mind drifted again to the possibility of her being discovered by the Bolevian staffs, it would mean that she'll be handed over to the police from their security officials. But she still preferred the option of being discovered by the Bolevian staffs than Don discovering her, she could still get saved by Henry or Tarasha before she gets to the police but she was very sure that Don was going to kill her immediately he sets his eyes on her.

She regained consciousness of her environment again as something dropped to the floor from above and rolled under the table, a bow tie. Her heartbeat increased in speed as the light was pointed to the floor. The man stepped back a little to check for the tie. The light revealed his shoe and she automatically recognize that the man was Don. She began to fidget all over as the man bent his knees gradually.


'Look here dummy,' Tarasha accompanied her words with a blow to the man's face again.

He closed his eyes back and shook his head vigorously as he tried to balance his vision, at that point, he was seeing more than stars. He was one the men whom Tarasha had tranquilized at the corridor. She had removed the pin from his body and injected him with a substance to revive him, so as to extract some information.

Even after opening his eyes, his vision was not still clear enough and the throbbing headache contributed to his pains. 'Where am I?' he muttered as his eyes met with a young lady's face.

'You're in your kingdom,' Tarasha answered in mockery. She placed her palms on the arm rests of the chair and stared into his eyes.

'Where's the other guy your gang captured with Aisha Bello?'

'I don't know what...' he tried to reply but Tarasha cut him short as the butt of her gun hit his lips. He winced in pain and rubbed his lips with his palm as it bled.

The hit seemed to reset his brain to default settings and cleared his blurred eye vision as he could now see Tarasha's face clearly.

'I don't have much time here, answer me now.' Tarasha barked at him, cocking her gun to show her seriousness.

'Ermm... Baba Stainless and the other guy took him to our other lodge behind our mini campus ' he said shakily.

'How do I locate the place?' she asked, pressing the tip of the gun against his already bleeding lips.

'Ermm... It's behind our school's mini campus,' he said, stammering.

'Which mini campus are you talking about?'

'Uhmn...' the guy continued to stammer, not knowing what to say.

'You know what? You're taking me there,' Tarasha pulled him up by the collar and pushed him to the front.

'Oh no...' he tried to refuse.

'The other option you have is to die,' Tarasha said with a tone of seriousness, pointing her gun towards him as she stepped back slowly to the last room in the building. 'Don't try anything foolish,' she said and kicked the room door open, she entered and switched on the light. 'I have to get you out now, get up and follow me,' she said to the couple and turned back. The couple seemed to consider first, they stared at each other in silence and then finally stood up and walked towards the door slowly.

'Are you looking for these?' Tarasha said as she stepped back into the corridor, she was waving a long gun and a rod at the guy she left in the corridor. He had searched his unconscious colleague's body for weapons and found none and began to search around the place for the long gun he was holding before they were knocked out.

She threw the both weapons to the floor and they both dropped close to him. 'You want to use them right? Pick them up and use,' she said to him and began to proceed forward. The couple at the last room had already appeared behind her, holding each other's hands. They looked frail in their dirty clothes.

The guy stood frozen as Tarasha got closer to him, he was too shocked and afraid to pick up any of the weapons. She walked past him to the first room where the first old couples were and entered. She beckoned on them to come outside and stepped out of the room. The other couple were still standing by the wall at the far end will while the tortured guy was facing them, still without picking the gun. 'Come on, let's go.' Tarasha summoned them. They began to walk up to Tarasha weakly, they paused in fear when they got closer to the unconscious body and the standing guy at the middle of the corridor. 'Come, that dummy can't do anything to you.' she said, knowing that they had paused in fear of the guy standing.

'Hey! What's the address of that place?' she said, proceeding back to the guy.

'14/16, Ejiro Street, behind Rael University Campus.' he replied almost immediately as if he was expecting the question. He turned to Tarasha slowly.

Tarasha smiled and bit her lips slightly as she noticed the sweat on his forehead. She reconsidered her decision for him to lead her to where Cole was on remembering that she also had to pick Stephanie. 'You don't have to follow me anymore, I want you to deliver a message to your boss in case I don't come back before him. Tell him Samantha Osman was here, ' with that, she inserted a pin into his neck where it would be seen easily, he collapsed to the ground immediately.

'Follow me,' she turned swiftly and led the couples out of the corridor.

They entered into the main room where Tarasha passed before entering the corridor. She walked to the door and opened to peep outside, she closed back and turned to look at the couples. They were walking to catch up with her as fast as they could but their weak bodies didn't let them match quarter of Tarasha's speed, coupled with the fear they experienced on meeting dead bodies lying around.

'I have to check if the way is clear first,' Tarasha turned back and said to them. 'You guys should remain in here and I'll be back in few minutes,' she said to them. She could see the fear on their faces, especially the ladies as they stared around the place seeing the dead bodies laying everywhere.



For the fourth time, Chief Rikau kept hearing the singing of birds disturb his sleep. He dipped his index fingers into his ears to reduce the sound but it didn't help matters because it came sounding the fifth time. It was at the fifth time, he opened his eyes and sat up in the bed, wondering what could be the source of the disturbance. His eyes drifted towards the blinking light from the footstool beside the head side of the bed, his phone was the noise maker and the source of the bird's song.

He blamed himself for bringing his phone into the room as he reached out for it, the caller's ID was unknown. He wondered who could be calling him at such time of the night with an unknown number. Late night calls was not something strange to him though, the only strange thing was the hidden status of the number at that time of the night. He answered the call and listened in silence.

'Where have you been Chief Rikau? And why have you not been answering my calls?' a male's voice from the other end sounded. Chief Rikau remained silent, trying to identify the speaker. 'Can't you talk?' the voice came rudely again. Chief Rikau paused to check the caller's ID again. There was only one person who was always acting rude to him like that, Rex.

'Is this Rex?' he said in a low voice.

'Oh! You're finally awake, now sit up properly, I want to ask you some questions.' Rex said with command in his intonation.

'Rex, why are you calling at such an ungodly hour?' Chief Rikau replied, his voice still clouded with sleep.

'Who made the hour ungodly? No hour is unreasonable when there's something important and urgent to do,' Rex replied.

'Okay, what do you want me to do for you?'

'Before I stay, sit down properly.' Rex insisted.

Chief Rikau dragged himself up and rested his back against the headboard, wondering in his heart how Rex knew he wasn't lying down and why he insisted that he sat upright. 'I'm sitting up now,' he said.

'Okay, I have five minutes for this call before the network provider's system start recording the conversation. We've used two minutes already, so don't waste my time in answering whatever I ask you.' Rex said and took a brief pause, Chief Rikau only heaved a sigh in response.

'Where has the police kept the mother of Henry E.G?'

There was silence for a couple of seconds.

'Damn you Rex! That's confidential and shouldn't be let out by any officer...'

'Give me a quick answer man, I don't have time to waste on this.' Rex cut in.

'What do you want to do with her? Even though her son is wanted, she's under our care and nothing bad must happen to her.'

'Okay, thank you. All I need to confirm is that she's with you, if you don't tell me where she is exactly, I can find out myself.' Rex said and the line went off immediately.

Chief Rikau froze for some minutes, trying to study the situation. Rex would never stop bringing surprises and he wondered what he was up to now.

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