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*Undecided* by Peachess(f): 11:02am On Oct 21, 2016
This is my first work and I'm pretty serious with this one. I believe there are experienced people here and any form of criticism is allow.
It is a crime fiction with a lot of romance.
Re: *Undecided* by Peachess(f): 11:16am On Oct 21, 2016
[b] Copyright ©2016 By Mabel Daniel
This is a work of fiction, characters, places and incident are all from the writer's imagination. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is entirely coincidental.
The scanning, uploading, copy/pasting and distribution of this work via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the writer is illegal
Diana Okoro curled in the bed with nothing but the blanket covering her unclad body, she raised her head up a little looking around the room like a conscious prey watching out for its predator. She stopped looking around when her eyes got to the slightly open door by the left, she dropped her leg like a stealthy cheetah without making any noise and still looking at the door. The door opened when she was about dropping the second leg, she jumped in immediately covering herself. A dark skinned averagely tall young man about 5’10ft came out, he's Ola. He stepped in just when she was adjusting the blanket over her body and just saw her covering herself.
Ola is a fresh graduate serving in benin. He is a Casanova from an above average family. He spends most of his earnings on girls, betting and alcohol. His nonchalant and carefree lifestyle has robbed him of so many opportunities and made him distant from is family. Ola is a sucker for beautiful women he has not slept with and can do anything to please them even at his own detriment.
“Oh, don’t cover up yourself like that. I must confess your face, your whole body, you're just the definition of true beauty. Babe you are too sweet.” he said placing his thumb and index finger on his lips.
“I guess that's what you tell every girl you sleep with” she replied
“You’re different I swear, all those months we’ve been chatting on Facebook, did i deceive you anytime?” he said wiping his neck with the towel.
“Wow you seem to forget so easily, you told me you didn’t have a girlfriend. It not like I’m jealous. She said adjusting the blanket. “it’s just a one night stand anyway and you're right, I'm different."
"But I was later honest with you, I told you I'll leave her just to be with you." he said. [/b]
Re: *Undecided* by Peachess(f): 11:29am On Oct 21, 2016
[b] He sat down on the bed and she sat up too resting her back against the wall with the bedsheets wrapped around her chest. He leaned toward her and held her head gently then looked deep into her eyes and they kissed. He kissed her passionately caressing her back all the way down he was too engrossed to be thinking straight.
“Ola stop.” She said as she broke off the kiss.
“Don’t worry baby, its going to be better than the one we had earlier. Just trust me." He replied and continued kissing her with more passion than he did earlier.
She pushed him with so much force pinning to the bed. “I said stop, gosh!”
He looked at her surprised by her sudden aggression and strength. Daina looked so gentle like a dove, she doesn't even look like someone that can lift a pail of water not to talk of pinning him to the bed. The girlfriend part must have made her upset. Well it’s already 7:30, there’s no way she’ll leave by this time. “Gonna hit that stuff all night and she must agree, with the light off and the cool breeze from the fan, there's no way she’ll say no. Nepa better not Bleep me up”. He was still engrossed in his thoughts when she stood up and made for the bathroom unclad with her butt swaying from side to side like dangling jelly in a plastic bag. That ass, smooth and spotless without stretch marks, “I must caress those things all night”. He thought
He searched for his phone to text his friends about the wonderful night he’s having and brag too about things he didn’t do and thing he did. He searched everywhere but he couldn’t find it, she walked to the table where her bag was and searched but he didn’t find it, he collected her phone with hopes to call his phone but her phone was locked. He cursed and dropped the phone back in the bag.
She opened the door slightly stretching her head out of the door. “Please can you give your towel?”
“Take. He said giving her the towel. But I can wipe it off for you and send you to heaven in the process.” He said smiling
“Thanks, but I won’t fit in heaven.” She said and closed the door immediately.
“Ehen, have you seen my phone?” He said tapping the door slightly.
She opened the door with the towel firmly tied around her chest. “There’s a phone on top of the sink” she walked passed him and went opposite the bed to collect her clothes from the chair.
He went inside the bathroom and when he came back she has already worn her panties and she’s wearing her brassier. A slim girl with an hourglass figure, he just can’t resist her, her flawless chocolate skin. She wore her trouser and her crop top, he just couldn’t stop watching her dress.
“Don’t tell me you want to sleep like that?” He asked
“I wanna take a walk” She said not looking at him[/b]
Re: *Undecided* by sirblero(m): 1:46pm On Oct 21, 2016
Wow...Am Attracted To Dis Story...You're Great...*keep It Coming.... * Still Glued To Dis Story Like Super_glue
Re: *Undecided* by Peachess(f): 3:10pm On Oct 21, 2016
Wow...Am Attracted To Dis Story...You're Great...*keep It Coming....
* Still Glued To Dis Story Like Super_glue
Finally, I was already getting discouraged.
Re: *Undecided* by sirblero(m): 3:12pm On Oct 21, 2016
Finally, I was already getting discouraged.
You Shoudn't... Owkay.... I Like Your Story... *still Waiting For More Updates..
Re: *Undecided* by Peachess(f): 3:33pm On Oct 21, 2016
[b]“I wanna take a walk” She said not looking at him
“Ahah, this night? You don’t even know this place.” He asked looking very surprised
“I want fresh air but you can be my tour guide, if you don’t mind” She said in a flirty tone
“Of course I don’t mind” He said pulling his goatee and smiling
He quickly dressed up, his wallet fell from his pocket as he put on his trousers hurriedly. He picked it up and placed it in his back pocket.
Let’s go. He said a little breathy
She picked up her bag and made for the door.
Why are you carrying your bag? Do you wanna go back by this time? He asked surprised
No, just want some fresh air. I don’t like walking without my bag it’s already used to me. She said nervously
“She must be one of those crazy girl carrying empty bags around” he thought. “Some Nigerian girls are confused, they need their head checked. Well it’s none of my business as far as it doesn’t affect that thing down there” he said.”
They walked outside, she held his hand as they walked out of the gate. They took the left which was brightly lit up and row of houses and shops stretched out, though at night the place was still busy with different activities.
“Take me somewhere quiet” she said. Somewhere we won’t bump into any one. She turned looking at him
“Why?” He asked
She looked at him seductively and he recognise the look. He wondered why she acted that way back in his room if she wanted it, confused girl.
“Let go back to my house you can get all the privacy you want.” He suggested
“If I wanted your room I wouldn’t have come out here, I’ve never done it in the open before and I crave for it each time I see it on TV. She said still looking at him
He looked at like she was crazy
“Never mind you’re not as adventurous as I thought.” She bluffed
“You think so?” He asked raising a brow.
He held her hand and they turn back to the opposite direction, passed his house and walked straight up before taking a left. There were few houses in this street just before the river Nile you have to cross before getting into the lonely part. “For all this stress he has to go through before getting that place I'm gonna make her cry” he thought. Tell all his friends about her and arranged them to pay the bitch back. he thought.
She looked around and kissed him when she felt it was safe. It got so intense they left the pathway with a speed of light and the next thing he pinned her to the floor, the grasses their bed.
“No I want to be on top.” She said breaking the kiss.
He was already in the mood he made no objections and they switched positions.
She stopped and reached out for her bag.
Baby what now? Come joor” He queried dragging her left hand which was closer to him.
“I’m collecting protection. She said and resumed what they were doing.
He closed his eyes in pleasure as her left hand moved through his chest down to his tummy and down to his zippers. He placed his hand on her bum still closing his eyes caressing it and squeezing it tight like a potter moulding his clay.
She brought out her right hand with a knife in it, she was still caressing him with his her left hand. She leaned forward towards his head and slit his throat ripping out his vocal cord, he opened his eyes and moved is mouth but no sound came out. He held his neck as blood gushed out of the throat like a water fall, he looked at his Diana with so many questions in his eyes but words could not come out. He struggled like a slaughtered goat for two painful minutes that seem like years, moments and regrets flashed before his eyes before loosing consciousness.
Diana squatted beside him as soon as he became unconscious. She stabbed him some more, in his chest, his belly and lips. She felt a pain in her head and she suddenly felt like a human with emotions, she freaked out when she saw Ola's lifeless body . She quickly picked up her bag, pulled off the blood stained clothes she had on. She hurried up collected her bag and ran off like a scared chicken.[/b]
Re: *Undecided* by Peachess(f): 3:46pm On Oct 21, 2016

You Shoudn't... Owkay.... I Like Your Story...
*still Waiting For More Updates..
I've done that. Don't know when next I'll update cos of low battery…
Re: *Undecided* by Peachess(f): 1:52pm On Oct 23, 2016
Timi Johnson sat on the chair staring blankly at her anatomy textbook on the table, lost in deep thoughts. She was still wandering what happened the previous day after the black out she had as a result of her severe headache. She laid on the bed because of the headache then everything went blank but when she woke up she was laying on the bathroom floor. This not the first black out she has had, she has had series of it but this seem to be longest. Why did I go there? Maybe to put water on my head to reduce the pain. She thought...
"Knock, knock! Timi, are you inside?“
The knock on her door brought her out of her deep thought.
"Adesuwa, I'm coming don't break my door!"
Adesuwa is not just her next door neighbour but also her close friend and confidant. Apart from her garrulous personality she's very fun to be with. They've been through a lot together, finding the hostel together because they were not cleared on time and couldn't get bed space in the school. Young and naive they were "caught young" like most fresh girls and played but Adesuwa handled it with maturity. Unlike Timi who can't get over it.
"What are you doing inside? Boy dey your house?" She said as she walked through the door forcefully. "Ahah, there's no one inside, I've been trying to reach you since yesterday. Where did you go?"
"I had one of those black out again I can't remember what happened yesterday after the headache." Timi said placing her hand on her cheek with a look of frustration on her face.
"I've told you to stop thinking too much, heart break is a normal thing in this life... If you continue like this you're gonna get yourself killed." Ade said
"This why I didn't want to tell you, I know you'll bring it up" Timi said in an angry tone.
"I'll say it because I'm your friend and you need to know the truth, you need to get over Issac." Ade said
"I swear to God I'll never tell you anything, Isaac, Isaac, Isaac. There's no day you don't talk about him." Timi said throwing her hands up in the hair.
"If you don't want me to talk about him then date another guy, Chucks looks like a good guy to me, accept his proposal." Ade said
"Chucks is no different, I hate guys and I don't wanna have anything to do with them" Time replied
"You don turn lesbian? Ade asked "I go dey fear you o" She said laughing very hard.
Adesuwa recognized the look on Timi's face. It mean it's time to shut up.
"Won't you go home today? I've packed my stuff, I'll be leaving any moment"
"Lagos people, you need to go early, but me Warri is just here" Timi said.
I'm not actually going to Lagos today I'll go on Monday, I'll be going to New Benin to spend some time with my boo boo" She said smiling.
"Hmm, is it that serious?" Timi asked pretending to be concerned.
"Yes" Ade replied
"Well, I'm happy for you." Timi said with no interest
"Thank you". She said as she stood up from the chair. "I want to see you with a man next semester, I'm not joking."
"Abeg come dey go joor..."
"Sorry o, I was about leaving. But I'm serious, you're too cute and sexy to be single." Ade said as she opened the door
Timi sat on the bed for about thirty minutes thinking about what Adesuwa said. No way I'm dating any guy, not after what I went through, they see me as a sex object and not human, bunch of animals! She thought.
She stood up from the bed and made for the bathroom, time to get ready. Unlike other students Timi doesn't fancy going home because of the constant abuse she goes through. She's not only a slave but a sex slave. An hopeless orphan, no one to help from this wicked world.
She parked her stuffs and arranged the room. She got ready in the afternoon. Adesuwa has gone out already, she locked her door and left the hostel.
Nothing eventful happened as she went to ring road, her head was filled with thought that she feared she was going to erupt like an active volcano. Staying in school is not an option going home is not also something she liked, between the devil and the blue sea.
"Figure eight, men see shape... " Some touts were talking about as she passed.
" if you do this one from back eh" The second one said.
She was used to this kind of conversation, people of all status sees her like a sex object. That why she was raped, that's why guys don't take her seriously. She used to always question God why she was made this way, but she stop after the revelation she had. God has sent a helper to save her and other females from all these sexual predators everywhere.
"Timi, Timi"
She looked back as she heard her name. It was Sonia her former classmate in secondary school, she's is in the faculty of arts
"Sonia, how are you doing?" She asked with a fake smile on her face.
"I'm good o, are you going to warri?" Sonia asked
"Yes" she replied.
"Come and enter this car, just one passenger left. OT motors is crowded" Sonia said
"Really? Okay." Timi said
Timi couldn't believe her luck, the driver collected her bag and placed it in the booth. OT motors is always crowded at the end of every semester because it's cheaper. She sat down in the middle in the back seat, Sonia by her right and there was a boy in the left.
They chatted for a while reminiscing, talking about the good times in secondary school and also about some classmates they haven't seen for a while. They talked about their department and when they had nothing to say anymore they operated their phones.
"OH my gosh! Sonia exclaimed.
"What's the matter?" Timi asked.
"I just lost a friend" She said with a shaky voice.
"OH my God I'm sorry, was he sick?"
"No he was murdered, Ola who did this to you? Just look at him, Ola will never hurt anyone" She said said trying to hold back tears.
Timi felt chills down her spine when she saw the pictures of the dead man. She was scared to her bones and questions kept on popping out of her head. No, not again, not the headache. What if something bad happens to me if I black out in the car? Please God, not now! [/b]
Re: *Undecided* by sirblero(m): 10:14am On Oct 24, 2016
Hmm...This Story Is Becoming So Interesting!!
Her Blacking Out..Indirectly Means Killing Someone...Or Doing Things She Can't Remember.... Hmmmm
*nice Story!!....More Ideas To Yur StorY

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