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Undecided by Moura7(m): 7:36pm On Aug 17
He looked around the school or 'hell' as he preferred to call it,with utter disgust and disdain as he wondered how on earth he'd survive here for the next two years
He had been sent back to his family after spending 4yrs in London with his aunt after being released from juvie.Aunt IJ as he fondly called her,had been fed up with his consistent troublesome ways and had the last straw when he was locked away for 3months in juvie on counts of smashing her car which he'd obviously stolen while driving drunk.This also caused him his scholarship at the prestigious Hotspurs football academy where he was aspiring to go pro.
His return to Nigeria was pretty much normal,Mum had picked him up from the airport,doting all over him and cautioning him on how haggard his scanty goatee had been left.His dad was to return later in the evening as he was away on a business trip.
Home was pretty much the way he left it save for some renovations in the two sitting rooms and a few more cars in the garage, new gateman and gardener,nothing more.He settled down in his room,ate lunch and had a long nap obviously still exhausted from jet lag.When he woke up,his dad was home,now he was the spitting image of his father little wonder why he was his dad's favourite child,but now the look on his dad's face was far from affectionate,more like the look of a general disappointed at his lieutenants."Good evening dad",he greeted."Evening,hope your bags are packed cause you resume school tomorrow",Mr.Njoku spat out.He couldn't believe what he just heard,everyone knew school wasn't his thing so why this now.He decided to play the guilt card ,it always worked."Oh I'm great dad,london was so cool and nice,i mean it's not like you've not seen me in four years",he said hoping he's dad got the message in his sarcasm."Oh my bad,welcome son how was juvie?",Mr. Njoku replied smirking."I bet the give drunk car jackers the VIP experience right?".There was no reply as he bent his head in shame wondering when his dad became this savage, even towards him."Nothing? that's what I thought,prepare your flight leaves by 10am tomorrow",his dad said as he walked out on him.Well home sweet home Dibz ,he thought to himself as he went to his room.

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 10:47pm On Aug 17
Blueblood Montessori was one of the best highschools in the continent,it had state of the art facilities ranging of standard lecture halls to a standard stadium and an equipped indoor pool to a decent basketball court,lacrosse pitch to state of the art science labs and don't get me started on the research institute and cinema too...yep a CINEMA.Only the creme de la crème of the society could afford to go this school,they had professors tutoring highschool students, plus their hostels could match any 5tar hotel around,that's crazy expensive it was to be a BlueBlood student,mad stuff I know.
Dibz strolled behind his dad to the proprietor's office when Debbie his only sister came running towards them with a beautiful smile on her angelic face,she hugged Dibz tight as it's been ages since she last saw him.
After all the formalities,he was assigned to a penthouse,yeah you read right a PENTHOUSE!!!!;....DAMMNNN.Perks of being a Manuel I guess,his dad was one of the richest people in the country,the PENTHOUSE was offered to VVIP students who could afford to pay a million naira annually for it and just a handful of students here were privileged occupants,Dibz and Debbie included.
Dibz had tried his best to back out of finishing highschool but his dad remained adamant and even threatened to cut him off if he pressed on,so he had to give in but he wasn't going to make it easy for his folks too as he'd planned to be a nuisance to the school.
He had intentionally ignored the school uniform and donned a black T-shirt and black stretch pants with the latest version of the limited Yeezy June sneakers,blocked his ears with his earpods blasting off to some rap music as he sluggishly walked to his second period...... yes you guessed right,he missed the first period.

"Time value of money is a concept that emphasizes on the worth of money presently being much more than the value of the same amount in the future due to its.......",the words just hung in prof Ofurum's mouth,an erudite professor of accounting and finance&banking as he stared wide eyed at the audacity of the young man that just strolled into his class dressed like he was from a funeral without even acknowledging him,the great professor Ofurum's..."Hey you,Who do you think you are to walk in unannounced and disrupt my class.. hey I'm talking to you", prof shouted as he started after Dibz who still had his music on.Prof eventually caught with him and gave a rather harsh push which almost caused to fall face flat save for his impeccable balance and reflexes from years of training,he'd have fallen down."What was that for?",Dibz shouted at the middle aged man before him."Leave my class now you insolent fool before I make you repeat this course for ever",prof barked."Yeah right,like I need to shit anyways",Dibz countered as he added a bounce to his step as he oozed outta the class,he then returned and said"and by the way,this time value shit doesn't apply to me,but it sure does to salary earners like you plus this concept it entirely true cause all theories have their criticisms,bye old man",he smirked as he strolled off,game on dad he thought with a smile on his face.

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Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 10:51pm On Aug 17
Wwowwww.....mad story here guys

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Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 10:52pm On Aug 17
Give us more

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 4:20pm On Aug 18
A week had passed since Dibz joined BlueBlood and it was like the school management was having a real life experience of "one week one trouble",only theirs was much worse cus he had literally caused trouble in all the seven days he'd been in that school.The latest episode now is that he submitted an empty answer sheet in a test conducted by the ECON professor,he had instead drawn a rather impressive image of the professor himself in a funny position with just his boxers on.The proprietor,a good friend of his dad's had tried his best to overlook Dibz's theatrics but he could only endure so much and so he'd decided to call Mr.Njoku and intimate him with his son's doings."Dibz Manuel,report to the proprietor's office at once",came the secretary's voice blasting through all the speakers in the school.Dibz,who was having lunch in his penthouse as he detested having to eat in the presence of 'stuck up strangers'(his own words tho) ,heard that his presence was required.He was abit confused as he knew he hadn't done anything..yet or maybe the sch mgt had finally agreed to expell him,he smiled as he got closed to the proprietor's office only to get in a get the shock of his life...his dad waiting there for him with a heavy frown on his face.....

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 4:45pm On Aug 18
pls if you're reading this kindly comment Biko..... criticisms are allowed too.. thanks

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 1:27am On Aug 19
"What is all these rubbish about your nonchalant and disrespectful attitude towards the sch mgt,i'm hearing?",thundered Mr.Njoku."Have you grown dumb?"he shouted again after Dibz failed to reply him immediately."Look dad,we all know it would eventually get to this,i mean this is the fourth school I've attended just for highschool alone,cmon just drop it already,school's not just cut out for me",Dibz said hoping his dad could see things from his point of view."I've always wanted to draw dad and you know it but you just won't let me,okay how about football? you still disagreed ,you just want me to do what you want but it's my life dad,I have a right to choose what's right for me,ITS MY LIF..."He couldn't finish saying the words before his dad punched him square in the face.Mr.Njoku realizing what he'd just done ,felt remorseful and tried to touch his dear son's face but Dibz was having none of that,he shifted far away from his dad as if just being close to him would infect him with the deadly Ebola virus."Onyi pls I'm really sorry ,I didn't mean to react like that I'm sorry pls forgive me",Mr.Njoku pleaded.
Well if he really wanted his son to forgive him, he'd started off wrongly by calling Dibz his native name (onyekachi) which he didn't fancy so much,but who was he to continue to stay mad at his dad when he'd already apologized,he was one not to hold grudges against people especially his dad so he forgave him and they hugged themselves."I've heard all you've said son and I realize that I might have been a but selfish on my part",his dad said while he rolled his eyes,always trust his dad to never really accept he's entirely at fault."But I'd loved it if you finished school even if it's just highschool and I promise to support you in whatever you wanna do after it.If it's football I'd even talk to some of my friends in the ministry of sports and see if they could get you a spot on the U17 national team heading to Qatar next year,I promise",said Mr.Njoku to his son.Dibz was too shocked to say anything,he never knew the day would come when his dad would finally support his footballing career."Really dad,you're not messing with me now are you?,"Of course son,You can trust me but there's a catch though",Mr Njoku said.'Of course there's always a condition with you're,Dibz thought rolling his eyes."You have to stop being rude and disrespectful to the sch not plus you must up your grades,anything less than a 3.5 GPA and deal's off plus I'd enroll you in military sch,got it?,his dad said making sure not to miss anything while stipulating the terms down to Dibz."Aye aye captain",Dibz replied doing a mock salute too to show his agreement to the terms.Later on his dad left and Dibz returned back to his condo to plan how he'd get through the remainder of highschool in compliance with his dad's terms.That also meant he had to listen attentively in classes now and make sure not to miss any other class again,just the thought of all that almost made him want to call his dad back and accept the military sch offer at least he'd get to do real stuff than to sit all day and listen to boring old dudes talk about even more boring sch shit,but nothing scared him more than the thought of him wearing the school's uniform... 'aaaaargggghh can my life get anymore exciting?',he thought dryly.
The next day,just as the first period started,Dibz strolled into the class and actually for the first time acknowledged the lecturer leaving the whole class quite stunned,they noticed he was also sporting the school uniform too and boy did it look good on him.He tried to grab a few things from the lecture and he found out that paying attention was actually nice as he grabbed a lot ,even he was surprised at himself,'guess school's not that bad sha',he thought with a little smile forming at the corner of his lips.

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 1:50pm On Aug 21
Days had passed after the agreement Dibz had with his father,He had tried so hard to keep to all the school's rules and regulations together with having to keep up with his academics.It was abit helpful that he was very introverted having no friends ,the only person he talked to was his sister Debbie.
Now Dibz wasn't what you'd call extremely handsome in the Greek god kinda way but he was that hard on the eyes with the perfect physique any guy would want,but this didn't do justice to his self esteem as he always felt he wasn't good looking like his siblings and so had shut people out due to this lack of self confidence.He built up this persona of nonchalance and loner front just to get people away and even when people tried to get through he'd feel they had ulterior motives and end up driving them away.....that was until he saw her in his finance class one day.

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Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 10:04pm On Aug 24
Who is she?....hmmmm she should better let him focus o
Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 9:16pm On Aug 30
Where dis moura guy sef....oga do update na
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 5:13pm On Sep 07
She is Folakemi Dokubo,last child of Obafemi Dokubo , CEO of Dokubo group of companies and ex governor of Ogun state.
She is BlueBlood's top student having scored the highest GPA of 4.92 in the history of the school.So rich,beautiful,intelligent and charismatic, think it's safe to say that she's the most popular girl in school and yep you guessed right,she's got a whole lot of wannabes flocking around her,one thing though was that she's a bit rude(OK she's friggin rude) and this kinda seemed to put the guys trying to woo her at bay.One time she almost had her dad terminate Josh's dad contract with the government just because Josh had offered that they hang out in the school's cinema.
Rumors were that she wasn't always the ice queen of BlueBlood,that she was actually easy going and very polite and very much in love with the proprietor's son,Henry.They were couple goals for everyone even their families had become close because of their relationship but along the line Henry got a full scholarship to study in Harvard and also an option to.. go pro in the NBA and so he decided that they breakup but Folakemi wouldn't hear it,she had even offered to go with him that she was even tried of Nigeria and that her dad's jet was at their disposal. but Henry refused ,he even said that he wasn't sure of the relationship anymore as he was beginning to fall out of love with her.This broke Fola's heart and.. since then she had been very careful of the people she let into her life,but now she isn't sure she can still hold up her walls anymore,not with the new rebellious,enigmatic Dibz around....she just can't.. explain what she feels whenever she sees him,its a feeling so strange yet so pleasantly intoxicating and even though they haven't said a word to each other before, she feels like they have this telepathic connection,that they could be able to mend each other's walls of insecurity..................
Re: Undecided by ashatoda: 9:40pm On Sep 07
Please continue I am seriously enjoying this

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Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 2:06pm On Sep 08
Finally....took you long enough.
Nice....keep it coming
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 10:13pm On Sep 09

Dibz POV

It was Monday again,the start of another week in this hellish school and I'm this close to loosing my cool.I mean living without the liberty of doing what you want is freaking annoying.All this ran through my mind as I strolled to my first class of the day,I was rather early cause I had skipped breakfast,wasnt really in the mood to eat anything...I just wanted to LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!
As expected,the hall was empty as I had wanted so I just went to my seat and bent my head reflecting.I hadn't even settled well into the comfort of my newly found solitude when I heard the loud steps prolly caused by a pair of loubotin or Jimmy Choo heels entering the hall.I kept my head down deciding to just mind my business and try to go back to my thoughts before the intruder started unpacking her stuff rather loudly.A few minutes had gone by and the intruder was still doing whatever he/she was doing,loudly too and I tried,Lord knows I tried to ignore but it just kept becoming worse and so I did the only thing I could do to avoid issues....I stood up to leave and just as I raised my head up ,my eyes landed on her,the mystery girl that had haunted my dreams for quite some time now.She gasped as she saw me prolly out of shock as I'm sure she didn't know she wasn't alone in the hall and just then my eyes landed on her parted enticing glossed lips and I swear I fell in love right now and there.Realising that I had been staring,I quickly masked my face with a blank expression and walked out like I didn't see anybody and even added a bounce to my steps.
"Damn she's beautiful",I whispered to myself as I stood on the steps leading to the entrance of the basketball court."You're so stupid Dibz,so stupid.Just a simple hello or hey would have been a nice way to start up a Convo with her,but no .. you just had to be a complete douche and walk away,chicken",I chastised myself hitting my head with my hands.
Lord knows I never planned for this to happen and now I hook ,line and sinker deep with this girl and the worst part is I don't think I even have a chance with her,I mean look at her she's a goddess and me well I'm just me.I think it's better I just keep off her path and mind my business,that way I'm sure of not going through the pain of rejection.With this conclusion,I decided to block all thoughts of Folakemi outta my mind but you guessed right.....I just couldn't.....

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 12:47pm On Sep 12
Fola's POV

Throughout today,I couldn't concentrate on lectures,nothing was just entering my head.All attempts to pay attention proved futile as I seemed to always steal glances at the human enigma seated at the last row of the hall.This morning he didn't even acknowledge me or even said a simple 'hi' and trust me that really hurt.I'm used to being hit on by guys,men and even girls at times(lol sue me..I'm that beautiful), but Dibz doesn't seem to see my beauty even for a bit,maybe he's heard some rumors about me but that hasn't seemed to stop anyone from hitting on me though,just what is it about this guy that pulls me in...God I'm hopeless.
'Maybe he's gay',I thought, cause that was the only
logical reason to why he doesn't notice me and come to think of it I haven't really seen him socialize with any girl before except his sister,maybe he's misogynistic.
"Miss Dokubo can you please tell us what you think about EPS?",the AAT lecturer asked me.Obviously he had noticed my lack of interest in his lecture and had decided to ask me a question to maybe punish me? I don't really know.I stood up to answer but I knew I didn't know the answer so I just apologized.Feeling so embarrassed,I sat down and tried to pay more attention but I had this feeling of someone watching me and I decided to check and that's when I locked eyes with him and I noticed his lips twitch upwards in form of a smile and boy did he have a nice smile,my knees turned to jelly and I had to hold on tight to my seat to avoid falling off my seat.I turned around and once again I lost interest in the lecture as I couldn't get over the fact that he just smiled at me..wow."Geez Dibz what are you doing to me?",I whispered quietly to myself,and that was the highlight of my week as there wasn't even the slightest tinge of communication between us again for the rest of that week......

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Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 10:13pm On Sep 14
Hmm mm...they should just talk already Na
Nice one OP I'm loving this
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:31pm On Sep 16
Please continue I am seriously enjoying this
updated, pls announce
Re: Undecided by Ann2012(f): 7:49am On Sep 17
I'm loving this
Pls update
Re: Undecided by Ann2012(f): 7:50am On Sep 17
I'm loving this
Pls update
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:04am On Sep 17
I'm loving this Pls update
knew you would... thanks
Re: Undecided by FantasticJ: 9:26am On Sep 17
I'm loving this
Pls update

Babe, where have you been?

I've been searching for you

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Re: Undecided by Ann2012(f): 10:09am On Sep 17

Babe, where have you been?

I've been searching for you
Hey boo, search for me no more.
I'm right beside you wink
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 4:35pm On Sep 17

Dibz's POV

One of the many things that pissed me off about BlueBlood was the fact that boys weren't allowed into the girls' hostel premises,I mean what was I expecting,BB was afterall a Nigerian school.So here I am waiting in one of the lecture halls for my sister,I just feel lonely ,ever since I got here I haven't really been able to make friends and it's mostly my fault cause I've never really had no real use for people(yh I'm socially awkward like that) but Debbie just has this way of bringing out the talkative in me and I loved it even though it's taking her almost an hour to come and meet me.
"That's it I'm done",I muttered to myself as I decided to just go as I couldn't wait any longer for Dayde(a name I called my sis cause I couldn't pronounce 'Deborah' when I was little).As I walked back to my penthouse I heard music coming from one of the halls and instinctively I decided to ignore it but since I was bored outta my mind I decided to check it out.As I got nearer I figured the song to 'Dusk till Dawn's by Zane ft Sia and then I stood at the entrance of the hall shocked by the sight of an angel doing some remarkable ballet stunts.Wow did I just say 'remarkable ballet stunts?'....damn I'm so whipped,firstly,before now I've always thought ballet was shitty and useless but look how quickly I thought it to be remarkable just because an angel was doing it and you guessed right the ANGEL is my Fola."Oh shit",i whispered as I realized I just said my Fola,wow I'm really in trouble,i'm already being possessive of someone I haven't even said a word to....and then a thought entered my mind and my whole being was against it but I just don't know how my hands starting clapping.This seemed to get her attention as she turned abruptly and the words escaped her mouth ..."you".
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 4:37pm On Sep 17
I know it's pretty short but I'll complete it later this evening
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 7:28pm On Sep 17
I'm loving this Pls update

Re: Undecided by FantasticJ: 8:12pm On Sep 17

Hey boo, search for me no more.
I'm right beside you wink

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Re: Undecided by Ann2012(f): 8:16pm On Sep 17
Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 11:08pm On Sep 17
Nice one
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:55am On Sep 18
Fola's POV

The day had dragged on and I felt a bit down,nothing seemed interesting anymore and I wasn't in the mood to be amongst friends or more like people, I wouldn't wouldn't classify them as friends cause I know they are flocking around me cause of my status cause not to brag but it really helped to be seen with The great Folakemi Dokubo....lol I'm kidding but not about my obvious awesomeness tho.So I decided to dance,dancing has always been a passion of mine and it really helped me to feel alive but of course it could only be a hobby cause my dad wouldn't hear of it so I just kept my dream of dancing professionally a fantasy.
Halfway into my dancing,revelling in the pure bliss of the art ,it was as if I was soaring high but ofcourse I just can't be happy for long as some dimwit I don't know started clapping disrupting the whole flow of my bliss and as I turned to give whoever spoilt my moment of happiness a full portion of my mind,I was met with the distraction,a rather pleasant distraction tho and just like that the surge of anger I felt earlier just disappeared and I could only mutter "you"

Standing leaning against the entrance,hands in his pockets was the enigma that been invading my mind since he entered this school."What are you doing,here?",I asked trying to pose a strong front hoping he doesn't see how shaky I was feeling inside.He didn't say anything and just continued to look at me like he didn't hear me and boy did it piss me off."Are you deaf or you just trying harder to be dumb today?",I asked out of anger.I know it was harsh but I didn't know when it came out I wasn't thinking.
With that Dibz just turned around and walked out leaving me standing here very frustrated but no,I'm not letting him off just like that so I chases after him.
"Wait"!!,I shouted as I ran after him,wow he really had long legs.'Focus Fola and stop thinking about his legs',i chastised myself,but he was still walking and choosing to ignore me again."Please"!!.That seemed to do it as he halted and I came in front him panting.I had to wait some moments to catch my breath so I could talk properly but he beat me to it."Look I'm sorry I invaded your privacy so I'm leaving as it was clear I wasn't needed going by the indication of your tune back there",he said in softest but commanding voice I had ever heard and I'm not exaggerating here,it was the sweetest voice I've ever heard in my life,I mean I felt the slightest moistness in my center of gravity just as I heard him speak.'I need you so much stupid',was what I wanted to say and just pull him closer and kiss those full lips that produced the sweetest talking voice ever but ofcourse I couldn't say that to him."I'm sorry I sounded harsh I didn't mean to,You just caught me at a bad time",I apologized.."I'm not like that",I added cause I didn't want him thinking I'm some rude snob which I was.
"it's all good I'm the one at fault here",he said and started walking out again."I'm Folakemi",I said stretching my hand out for a handshake which he took and said nothing else."You know it's rude when someone tells her name and the other person doesn't reciprocate",I said feeling vexed again...just what is wrong with him.Then he smiled and said,"thought you weren't gonna ask and I'm sure you know my name too,beautiful".And just like that I turned a huge shade of pink,OMG he just called me beautiful, he thinks I'm beautiful...I mean I know I'm a goddess but coming from him I feel on top of the world."No I don't,youre not that popular here",I said with a smile trying to tease him."Oh really?... you're gonna pretend you don't know my name?",he asked coming closer with a smirk plastered on his beautiful face."Yes ...no I mean ..",I stutters.I'm not to be blamed he's so close and I just can't think when I'm around him."Which is it love?...yes or yes?",he asked in a soothing whisper ."No I don't know your name ,Dibz",I answered but he just stepped back and started laughing.Lost on the joke,i wondered what was funny and then I just remembered what I said...I just mentioned his name..gosh I'm so stupid......
Re: Undecided by Ann2012(f): 1:00pm On Sep 18
Fola has fallen oooo
Thanks for the update

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