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gods At War(the Golden Scepter) A short Fantasy Novel / Power Overload: Gods Of Our Fathers / ALIEN - GALAXY AT WAR!!! (2) (3) (4)

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Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 9:29am On Nov 10, 2016
This is a story of a guy and a girl who wish to tie the knot but their fathers are at loggerhead. They plan a way of marrying without their parents blessing, but along the line things got more complicated than ever before making their families casualties. Stay tuned to enjoy this super story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 9:33am On Nov 10, 2016
Episode 1 I arrived at the muritala muhammad airport wondering how my future is going to be. A country I left about ten years ago. So it’s a true adage “nothing is as sweet as home”. I was happy to be back from a stranger’s land but at the same time worried about what my father’s reaction would be to me not bringing a wife from the states. Truth be told there are a lot of beautiful girls in the states but none possess the kind of character I want in a wife. My dad’s driver sighted me from afar as I keep looking around for him. He came close and I quickly recognize him “Peter” I shouted “Davis, is that you” peter said “Funny you, so you didn’t see me” I teased “I did, I was just joking” he said.” So how was the states” “hmmm the states is fine but nothing compared to home, you know” I plafully slap him and he smiled “So where is my gift” he said while inside the car. ” Why can’t you wait till we get home” I said. “Yes sir” Little did I know what I was going to meet at home is not welcoming. We got to the gate and the gate man open the gate. I got down while peter unload my baggages. I went inside only to find my dad and mum …….. I met my dad and mum fuming. *dont ask me why na wife matter* I greeted them like a normal child would but I only got murmuring from my mum while my dad was stone faced. “Dad what’s the problem?” I asked “Are you asking me that question? when I begged you to stay at the states or bring a wife home, do you think am joking? Oh! So you don’t know you are growing older at twenty seven? You still want to do Big Boy? All your friends that you both had primary school and secondary are either engaged or wedded with children, and you are here asking me the greatest senseless trash I have ever heard in my entire life”. My dad replied. It was obvious they won’t be welcoming me, I had to carry my bag to my room then come back and greet my mum. She relied with the same murmuring, it was then I knew something was definitely wrong with this people. I left for my room to unpack my stuff, I arranged my room as I was about to get down on the bed I heard a knock on the door. I answered it and the person turns out to be my mum, I didn’t say anything as she sat down and begin to say “not that we meant bad for you my son just that we want to see our grandchild early, I want to back my baby when am fit not when am no longer agile. Please, just consider it you are the only son of this family please try to get us a wife and baby. Please, my son please. Get us a baby before we join our fore fathers, please”. This woman please is getting too much for me, so I decide to satisfy her soonest even if it takes going to a baby factory I will try. I said my thanks and she left my room. It was then I started thinking of how to have a good wife. I suddenly remembered I have to be at my dad’s company tomorrow to assume his(my dad want me to take over the moment am in town) position. I need plans for tomorrow. I thought as I slept off.

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Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 9:38am On Nov 10, 2016
Ain't gonna continue until I see some amount of likes, comment and critics.
Re: Fathers At War by presido997(m): 11:20am On Nov 10, 2016
Oya continue,,,,
Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 1:55pm On Nov 10, 2016
Oya continue,,,,
Alright I will
Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 9:38pm On Nov 10, 2016
***Episode 2*** I woke up the next day feeling somehow light headed due to the stress of the flight I went through. I quickly say a little prayer and went to shower. It was monday so I will be resuming at my father’s company; PETERSON MULTI-NATIONAL COMPANY. A company that is split into three sections;(1) The Peterson beauty house, that one deals in creams, soaps and everything concerning women (2) The Peterson electronic workshop, this one deals in the manufacturing of electronic appliances while the third one deals in the production of medicine and injections. *i dey explain am make you know say the job wey I wan do no be small* Truth be told I ought to take some time to rest my ever working brain but my dad will hear none of that. *** my papa na serious man ooo*** I put on my clothes, ate my breakfast, pick off my car key and zoom off to work. I arrived at mr office and called out a general meeting of all sections. My command was granted and within few minutes the hall was filled to the brim with workers. The were so many that I gasped in fear on how too manage such people. I address them and assured them the best of my behavior and also plead with them on their very best towards the work. I resumed my duty that morning and at the end on the day I was very tired that I wasted no time in shower and thum! I bounced on bed and I slept offf. This routine went on for days untill one day when I woke up late. All in the rush to get to work early, I skipped breakfast. *** I don’t been late because I do personally punish late comers*** I hurriedly picked my car key, get inside and drive. My mind wasn’t really into driving so I couldn’t concentrate. I thought of my father’s disappointment in seeing late. But one thing happen the instance I jerked from my thought to concentrate on the road. This mark the beginning of turns in my life. What really happened?
Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 9:39pm On Nov 10, 2016
[color=#770077][/color] embarassed embarassedWhy is there nobody to comment. embarassedWhy is there nobody to comment.
Re: Fathers At War by presido997(m): 8:58pm On Nov 12, 2016
Continue na, nd u mention me on ur nxt update
Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 10:55am On Dec 11, 2016
Episode 3 ***continues from last scene*** I was not looking up before and before I did I was already hitting something that looks like an angel. I was perturbed, hope this people won’t lynch me? I thought. I came out of the car to find a damsel lying in front of my car with blood oozing from her nose. I was scared, hope she is not dead? God help me please, I prayed. People had gathered around as I bent down to feel her pulse. It was there but her beat was low. Oh God! I muttered. I quickly carried her with the help of some pedestrians to my car. I drove off to My Family Hospital, I arrived there and the nurse commenced treatment on her. I wasn’t allowed to see her so I headed off to my office only to find a beautiful lady having an argument with my secretary. As I stepped in I could notice some excitement in the girls eyes but I chose to ignore it. After a while of looking, noticing and ignoring. I inquire about the fight which my secretary explain thus “Sir, I was busy typing when this lady barged in here demanding in an authoritative tone where my boss is. I told her you weren’t around and she said until I provide her with your whereabouts she will keep disturbing me. I told her to sit but she said she feel like shouting and ranting, so I let her do it, am sorry sir”. I told her its okay and I walked into my office, this is getting much for just a day. “Won’t you invite me in?” Came a shrill voice I think belong to the stranger. “Come in” I said “I will make sure you get fired here” continue the shrill voice but I think she was talking to my secretary who just laughed it off saying you can do nothing. She entered into my office, surveyed everything with an eagle eye and said “not bad for a manager”. I was angry but just have to keep my cool. “What do you want?” I asked “Are you really asking me that? I should be asking you why you are treating me like this. Your mum never told me this part of you”. She said “Okay who are you?” I asked “Oh! You haven’t been told, am sorry my name is Amarachi mostly called Mara. I am the daughter of the senate president, I lived in the states all this while but came down to do some stuff here”. “Hmmmmmm” I took a deep breath “Well, you know me so well so no need for introduction, but what are you doing here? Do you have an appointment with me or someone sent you to me?” I asked her raising an eyebrow. She looked confused but she manage to hid it, then she dropped the bombshell. “Yes, your Father sent me to you, and I am your…..” She stopped when she saw my confused look “Please sorry for my naughtiness, please take a sit” I said “Thanks” ” So continue with your story” I said “Ok””As I said earlier I am your …..” A call broke through the office. Picking up the call and I was speaking with my dad “Hello dad” “Meet me in my office now” “Ok sir, I will be there in a jiffy” I noticed Mara face fell as I said that. “Baby, please I need to go see my father maybe we will talk some other time”. “I will like to see your father too” “For what reason?”I asked surprised “Nothing, just wanna get to know him that’s all” “Okay,no problem” I led the way and told my secretary to take care my office before I will be back. Off I went to my father’s office with Mara trotting behind me. I got to my fathers office and knocked, waited and was ushered after a grunting come in came from the insider. I went in with Mara and I notice all my father’s frown turn to smiles when he saw Mara. “Mara, how are you? My dear” my dad asked “Good moring sir, am fine” mara replied I was perplexed, how my dad got to know Mara I don’t know. “So dad what was the reason you called me?” “She was the reason I called you” my dad said pointing to Mara “What do you mean? Who the hell is she?”I asked partly angry ” SHE IS YOUR FIANCEE” my dad said and I gasp in shock “What” I said Hmmmmmmm How will I cope with someone my heart is not moving an inch for not to talk of beating a drum. Am really confused….
Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 1:04pm On Dec 11, 2016
***Episode 4***
Seraphina side of the story
Seraphina was rolling on the hospital bed, groaning with immense pain on her forehead. Her mother will be damn worried by now. How the hell did she get here? Now she don't know how to leave. Who brought her here. She remembered been sent on an errand by her mother but forgot when she was brought to this hospital.
A nurse came inside and she sighed.
"Thank God, you are awake" the nurse said.
" Who brought me here in the first place, please"
"I don't know because I was not on duty when you were brought in" the nurse answered.
"Hmmmmm" I sighed
"Good day, miss" a masculine voice with ultimate authority laced with the slightest anger boomed at the door.
"Good day, Mr. Peterson" the nurse answered
I turned to find the person with the voice staring at me in an irritating manner. I hate people who stare at me. It made me feel like an alien, but with this man staring at me it make me feel naked. I can't just explain the pleasure that flow through my body that instant.
He straightened his body and I delivered a breathe of relief. He came close to examine me or so I thought.
"Good day, doctor" I greeted.
He seemed confused but quickly masked it.
"How are you doing, Miss ..." Wanting me to finish the line
"Seraphina, call me Seraphina".
"Alright, how is your body"
" It is getting better, but how do I get here, please. Because the last I remembered is I crossing the road when running an errand for my mum" I asked.
I looked up at him to find him with an amusing smile.
"Well, am not the doctor. Moreover, I was the one who brought you here" he said
"Has she taken her drugs?" He asked turning to the nurse who stood there all this while listening to our conversation.
"Yes, she has"
"So when will she be discharged?"
"As soon as the doctor deem it fit"
"But I need to get home by now, my mum will be worried sick by now". I told him.
"Okay, you know what, tell me where you live and I will assure you your mum will be fine" he said.
I gave him my address and he told me he will do as promised.
"Well, can I ask an angel for her name?" He asked raising an eyebrow in significance.
"Uhmmmm, I will say no. You know am a human not angel".
"Okay then, can I ask a damsel for her name".
"That's better. My name is Seraphina".
"Wow, such a lovely name for a lovely damsel"
"Really, I never knew strangers are these nice"
"Are you trying and say am a stranger"
"If not a stranger then who, you never told me your name, handsome dude".
"Geez, am flattered. Well am Davis, Davis Peterson"
"Uhmm, okay nice meeting you, even if its on a sick bed"I grimaced.
"Hey, don't blame yourself cause I brought you there" he chuckled.
"Please help me with the message for my mom please, I don't want her worried". I said.
"I can see you love you mom" he winked
"Why won't I?" I pouted.
"Okay, let me run along then, stay safe. I will be back in a jiffy". He said
"Bye" I waved at him as he exit the door.
Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 3:17pm On Jul 21, 2018
Episode 5

*Davis POV*

I left Seraphim at the hospital making my way to her house, she gave me the address. It was a bit far since it wasn't within the vicinity. It was like a downtown Lagos but I'll say it looks like a slum to me. I don't really know the street so I had to ask some passers by. Some were weary of me because I was in a car, but then I got someone to answer after like asking from three people.
"Please, where is No. 15, Àjosewa street??"
"Well, You go over down towards the end of the street, you'll see a sign post indicating the street then turn right, Seraphina's house is not far from there"
"You know her?"
"Of course, who doesn't know the most beautiful girl in our street?"
I was surprised to see a loving look on the boys face at the mention of Seraphina. It's true she is beautiful, in fact the most beautiful I've seen in a while, with her full pouty lips, Diamond shaped face, long upturned nose, big round eyes and a full jet black hair. She is a African beauty with a natural figure eight. She has a full cup D size boobs and a very wide backside that can give any male a walking hard on.
"Sir, "
I was jolted back from my from my thought about that angel
"Are you okay Sir?"
"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for the description"
When I got the house of Seraphina, I was perplexed at the turn of events. A woman was crying and rolling on the floor shouting "Hey, my pikin ooo" " I no see am ooo"
I moved forward with the hope of getting a little audience. Fortunately, some women turn to look at me with their mouth agape. I was wondering what they were staring at till I remember I was still in my immaculate black suit with a sky blue shirt and black tie inside the car I brought there so what they were all staring at. I got out of my Car, A black shiny Porsche, head over to one of the women to ask about Seraphina's mother. Immediately I heard the woman crying on the floor shouting again
"Sera oo, they want to kill my daughter. God will not allow them. Hey"
I walked over to her and bent low to her level and told her to stand up
"No, leave me let me die like this, they've took away my only hope of survival, lemme die ooo"
"Mamma, nothing will happen to you, Seraphina is fine, She's at the hospital. The doctor said she'll be discharge tomorrow "
"Ehh, my daughter, hospital, Wetyn happen abeg"
"Nothing much Ma, she had an accident in the morning while running to get you some drugs"
"Ewooo, my child, thank you. My pikin, ah Adaeze muo"
The women outside started dispersing when the heard their friends child is not dead. Seraphina's mother ushered me into their little cottage which is just a Four bedroom flat. It looks like the biggest house in the vicinity, no doubt it is. Which readily means one thing, They were once rich. What could have gone wrong? I asked this question in my mind not daring saying it out loud. I sat on one of the couches in the house, and behold it was quite comfy. I narrated what happened in the morning when I hit Seraphina on my way to work, including the fact that she is in the hospital and that she sends her regard. After a while of question and answer, I got up to go and Seraphina's mother insisted she follow me to the hospital but I told her not to worry Seraphina will be discharged tomorrow. She said her thanks and some prayers before escorting me outside and into my car. I sped all the way home just to meet my Father outside talking to Mara. I was angry and tired but I didn't dare say anything. I greeted my father and went inside. I was about to enter my room when my father called me back and told me why I didn't acknowledge Mara. I told him I am tired and all I want to do is get inside and lay down some some petty drama over a girl not worth it. My father was angry was an understatement, he was furious, his eyes laced with rage. I apologized and went inside, got into my room, showered, clean up and came in to my room to lie down just to find Mara there in a nightgown. I was angry but I maintain a calm demeanor. I won't let her see me in my vulnerability.
"Baby, won't you come to bed?"
"What are you doing here?"
"Well, am here to spend the night with you, don't you think am sexy in this night gown? Or to you want me to change it into something sexier?"
"Why don't you go to the guest room, I don't like sharing my bed space, especially with someone I don't know"
"Come on Babe, you'll get to know me and I promise it'll be the best experience for you"
"Please, just go to the guest room. I'm tired and I need my rest "
"What do you mean I should leave your room, I am not going anywhere outside this room" She ranted
"Okay, suite yourself "
I went out of the room, into the guest room and lay don't on the couch there, the couch is not as comfortable as the bed in my room but it will do.
As I lay down, my mind went through different things that happened today, my waking up late, the accident, meeting Mara and Seraphina. I thought about Seraphina, what could have gone wrong with their family?, why are the living in a downtown? My Mind paraded on all these thoughts and I thought of Seraphina in the hospital.
"Will she be fine? Her mother seems pretty upset not seeing her daughter earlier. Is she the only child?
I think she is though. It was only her mother at home and she was her mother survival. Why was I thinking about her though, she's just a girl. I thought about Mara, who does she think she is. Acting all arrogant, bitchy, pompous and lacks manners. My parents are funny though, how can they just think I'll marry a girl they proposed for me. No that's not possible. Mara can't be in my life, see how she was talking to my secretary like she owned the place. Well, I'll see about that tomorrow. I slept off with the image of Seraphina carved in my brain.......
Re: Fathers At War by sandra2winstar(f): 3:21pm On Jul 21, 2018
Diddydiva! Cutieberie1! Cherlene! Laykorn! Mirexxx! Orijin101
new episode here

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