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BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo / WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo / I Fell In Love By Toyin Taiwo(ty Praise) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Xeynab(f): 5:14pm On Apr 12, 2018
Please can someone send me d softcopy too...please I beg
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Nobody: 12:01am On Apr 13, 2018
Someone should help me too. I love this story so much my email zainyla41@gmail.com God bless
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Dunns(f): 8:20am On Apr 13, 2018
pls....same here dunny061@gmail.com
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Becca20(f): 3:18pm On Apr 13, 2018
pls this is my mail too. Oluwaseun.ebunoluwa87 @ gmail.com
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 8:10pm On Apr 13, 2018
pls this is my mail too. Oluwaseun.ebunoluwa87 @ gmail.com
Please send me an email. toyinfst2@yahoo.com
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by YoungBruzzy(m): 9:58pm On Apr 14, 2018
@Rachealfst.. I don't know if you can kindly send me this story please.... Tryna download it on okada book but it's not going through.... I would appreciate it alot..
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by senlymah: 6:53pm On Apr 16, 2018
[quote author=Xeynab post=66654621]Please can someone send me d softcopy too...please I beg
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by onkachi(m): 7:46pm On Apr 16, 2018
Pls can some one send to me also pls feedback2onka@gmail.com
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 10:33pm On Apr 16, 2018
@Rachealfst.. I don't know if you can kindly send me this story please.... Tryna download it on okada book but it's not going through.... I would appreciate it alot..
Please send me an email. I guess this email address is wrong.
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by akum78: 8:26am On Apr 17, 2018
Great story
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by boyency: 9:15am On Apr 17, 2018
Excellent job,,,more please
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by chillychill(f): 12:25pm On Apr 17, 2018
Please send me an email. I guess this email address is wrong.

Madam Racheal biko u fit help me send d concluding part to odetayorashidat@gmail.com? Ill really appreciate thank u ma
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Mizhoneywealth: 12:45pm On Apr 17, 2018
Please i need the concluding part so badly, pls someone should send it to be olayiwola.aishat02@yahoo.com may God bless the person
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by HOLAROCKDAY(m): 3:36pm On Apr 17, 2018
I couldn't believe I read Diz since I joined Nairaland (2014) from A-W not Z because more still there to read.
kudos to the writer, more power to ur elbow and success by God grace. [b]I couldn't believe I read Diz since I joined Nairaland (2014) from A-W not Z because more still there to read.
kudos to the writer, more power to ur elbow and success by God grace. [/b]I couldn't believe I read Diz since I joined Nairaland (2014) from A-W not Z because more still there to read.
kudos to the writer, more power to ur elbow and success by God grace.
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 4:19pm On Apr 17, 2018
Rachael pls send to me also I will be glad anthonyokechukwu@gmail.com
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Peculariconcept(m): 5:02pm On Apr 17, 2018
@rachealfst. Pls help send a copy to my mail too. yemdanies4ever@gmail.com
Appreciate in anticipation.
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rukidanty: 9:22pm On Apr 17, 2018
please can someone also send the concluding part to my email also arubayirukeme36@yahoo.com
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Nofisatayoku(f): 9:48pm On Apr 17, 2018
check your mail box....i have a msg for you.... from @nofisatayoku@gmail.com
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Toluene33(m): 3:58am On Apr 18, 2018
pls can someone send the concluding part to toluene007@hotmail.com...
God bless @rachealfst 4 dis piece of work!
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Nnnena(f): 8:25am On Apr 18, 2018
please how can I get the concluding part. I tried getting it on okadabooks but it was not possible. please this is my Gmail bensondeborah2@gmail.com. thanks In anticipation. rachelfst God bless your handwork.
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Teeyousquare(f): 8:35am On Apr 18, 2018
Teeyousquare@yahoo.com. Thanks
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by hazeem98(m): 2:37pm On Apr 18, 2018
Please can I also get d concluding part of d story
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Funkere(f): 3:39pm On Apr 18, 2018
pls someone help me with the concluding part too.
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by paulohgirlie(f): 5:30pm On Apr 18, 2018
Send me an email if you need a copy. toyinfst2@yahoo.com

Thank you sis.

Just sent a mail to ur box now.

Thank u grin
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rukidanty: 6:55pm On Apr 18, 2018
well I have gotten the complete story... thanks @Rachael
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rukidanty: 1:20am On Apr 19, 2018
nice story but it shouldn't have ended in tragedy.. thumbs up to toyin...i enjoyed every part of the story
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Marvelous352: 7:15am On Apr 19, 2018
Pls can i get the concluding part? okunolaopeyemi1@gmail.com Thnks
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Leriland(m): 7:58am On Apr 19, 2018
You can also catch up with Tales by Legend here

Hi guys, abi u guys hve been reading all these bad stories��.
I am bringing u a new one�.
By the way i’m Legend in real life i’m called Prince, but i prefer Legend�.
I just finished B.E.C.E� The truth is, i failed p)t))��. But my Poppy has some high and mighty frnds,so they push me go St. Augustines College ( Augusco )��.
I love d school. At first i did not sekof it’s a boys school��. But by the grace of God��, Holy Child School (Holico) is just arnd the corner. Plus the Holi girls dey bee roffff��….(i salute Holico girls everywhere ✌)
My first week in d school was not bad, the seniors are cool�. And they even helped me academically cause they know i’m not a good student��.
De school is a Catholic school so i hve no problem sekof i am a Catholic�� and every thing is usual…
WEEK 2: I dey school wey one of my frnds sis who dey Holicocome visit him. Aswear d girl b heaven in a human body�. I watch am saaa whey i notice sey she dropped some envelope�.
Nobody else saw d envelope, this b once in a life time opportunity�.
I make sharp go carry d envelope. I open d thing only to see it full of GHC 50.00 notes��
In my head i want keep d thing�, but i make quick ran follow d girl☺. I dey shout “girl !! , girl !!” but she no want mind me sekof plenty boys already worry am�. But i mange cross am before d gate and told her to stop��.
Charle!!, na i could not breath at all, i be like Usain Bolt���. I take 5 seconds to catch some air, na she dey look me like sey i dey craze�.
I stretch my hand give am d envelope and said, ” you dropped this”.
Aswer na she wan faint��. She could not believe her eyes�. She collect d envelope but she was shocked it was opened��. She took de money out nd counted it ( The total was GHC 700.00). Na d money was p3p3p3, she hugged me nd gave me a peck�☺. He lips b soft like some American super models lips. Na i didn’t wnt to let her go at all�.
She sey they bell am Bela (rhyming scheme �) . She dey form 1 like me�. She give me her number nd i gave her mine� nd other details. She talk me sey de money b her chop money��, dat show sey she b Dada B� , den she wan give me GHC 200.00 wey i refuse( sekof i wan show her i b big boy�, but truth b sey i dey save all my money�). We talk smorr wey she wan leave,she gave me another hug and a peck� and left..
No phones are allowed in Augusco, but if u r smart,u can keep nd use one�. Almost evrybody in da school uses a phone�� ( Dnt tell d headmaster ��)
During free period, i checked my whatsapp, only to see one new message frm Bela�☝�. She sey she wan become my close frnd or even more sekof i saved her�☺.. I sey me too.. We talk smorr wey i see sey d girl spoil roff�. She sey she broke up wid her boyfrnd in Augusco��( some b)l3 senior bi oh). She ask me whether i get girl, wey i tell am sey no ( Truth oh!! ��) we talk saa until games ended�.
Frm dat day,we talked on a regular basis till vacation was near, i also became closer to her brother�( Charles A.K.A Drogba) her bro b playboy roff�(bigups to all of u that watch YOLO�). (I thief d name so what??��)

Continue reading
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Pamberry(f): 4:08pm On Apr 19, 2018
Someone should help with the concluding part of the story...please, help.
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by paulohgirlie(f): 10:47am On Apr 20, 2018
[quote author=paulohgirlie post=66824985]

Thank u @rachealfst , u re a darling
Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by paulohgirlie(f): 11:39am On Apr 20, 2018
pls send d soft copy of ANIKE to me or share
Thank you


(You inspired this episode, thanks so much for given me listening ears anyday, anytime. You never get bored with my Anike's topic. My co-researcher, editor, Anike's wardrobe manager lol. Thank you sis, I appreciate your support. God bless you for me. Love you to the moon and back Adekemi)

Episode 27

My sister, Adekemi came visiting the following week, she was through with all her exams. She’s just at home doing nothing although shes waiting for the Navy recruitment list. So she decided to come spend time with me. Since she had the ambition of been in the force. I made sure she applied during the last Nigerian Navy recruitment Exercise few months ago. I told Prince about it and told me there’s no problem that he’ll make sure she’s admitted.
Prince called during the week, he wants me to come to Abuja. I told him my sister is around and I can’t leave her in the house alone. My mummy too will start questioning me that where did I go that my sister can’t go with him. I promise him I’ll come the following week since she’s just spending 2weeks. She has spent one week already.
Days later, I came back from school, I rang the door bell and I was welcomed by my crying sister, her face all wet with tears.
“Adekemi! Why are you crying?” I said holding her with my left hand and locking the door with my right.
“Sister mi…..the navy recruitment list is out and my name was not shortlisted” she said still shedding tears.
That was all I said, I was wondering what went wrong because I already informed Prince and he gave me his words.
“Come” I said and hugged her.
“Sister mi! I thought you said you know someone in the Navy who would help” Adekemi inquired.
Sincerely Adekemi knew nothing about Admiral. How can I allow my sister find out about Prince and I. As the first child of the family, I’m suppose to set good examples and not the other way round. All she knows is that my room mate Uncle helped us.
“Adekemi I’ll fix this, I promise. Now go wash your face” She left the sitting room.
I brought out my phone from my handbag and called Prince
“Hello….. “Hello My Princess”
“Prince the list is out and my sister’s name is not on the list”
“Did she put my name as her referee?”
“Yes she did”
“I’ll call the directors, I wonder how they do things over there this days”
“Prince you should have made those calls earlier, you know I told you to do so, but you said there’s no problem”
“Anike calm down, I’ll sort it out”
“But there’s no other list, that’s just the list for this year, they already put her name on the waiting list” I explained.
“Anike relax you’ve never asked anything from me before, this is the only favor you ever opened your mouth to ask me and I promise you, I’ll try everything in my power to get her into the academy” He said assuredly.
“You know what I’m coming over, you’ll make all those calls in my presence”
“I thought you said….”
“Change of plans, see you soon” I said.
“Ok, later” he said and disconnected.
“Adekemi!” I called out
“Yes, sis”
“I’m going to Abuja now. I need to act fast if there’s anything that can be done concerning the recruitment”
“Abuja! You know someone in abuja that could help?”
“Yes, Happy’s Uncle”
“Oh, the one I used as my referee?
“Sister mi, I can’t stay in this house alone o, I’m going with you”
“Oh ooo, are you a baby? Don’t you have a room to your self at home”
“That’s a room nau”
“Geez! OK let’s go”
“When are we coming back?”
“Maybe Sunday”
“What about your lectures tomorrow?”
“Oh ooo, I don’t have lectures on Friday Jo...”
“Sorry, I forgot today is Thursday. Let me go pack few things then”
“My friend just change your clothes and let’s go”
I was already in the car waiting for Adekemi while she’s locking the doors. I called Prince back and informed him I’m coming with my sister and he said no problem. I had to inform him because that was my first time of taking someone along with me to Abuja.
She joined me in the car and I drove straight to the airport. I parked and registered my car and paid for parking space since I won’t be coming back until Sunday.
We got to Abuja and the driver is already waiting to pick us. I saw the way my sister looked at me, when the driver bowed and open the door for us.
We arrived at my Second home, like Prince use to call it. All the staffs bowed and greeted me warmly. My sister still carried that look.
“Sister mi! Where is this place. This house is beautiful…who owns this house?” she asked but I ignored her questions.
“I usher her into the leaving room”
“Sit down first, you talk too much and stop this questions”
One of the kitchen staff was already standing in front of us asking for what to offer us.
He came back with juice, water and glass cups.
“This is Admiral Gabriel Alawode’s house” I informed Adekemi just to satisfy her curiosity a bit.
“Admiral! I’m in the Navy already, no wonder you are so confident about my recruitment into the navy”
“Prince joined us shortly and I introduced them, my sister knelt down to greet him” and he welcomed her by embrassing her.
“See resemblance….is your sister running away” he said playfully.
We all smiled, though we get that a lot from people, we look so much alike.
One of the maid came in with a comfy slippers and place it at my feet.
“I brought you your slippers ma so you could change to something more comfortable”
I was like gosh! Did I ask her? I searched my sister’s face and she gave me those questioning look again.

“Thank you” I said coldly. On a normal day, I would have said the thank you with a smile but not today, she didn’t have to do that in the presence of my younger sister. I don’t know how I’ll explain myself to Adekemi, cos I don’t like the look I was getting from her.
Trust my Prince he already sensed by uneasiness, so he discharge the maid immediately.

“Prince how far, any solution?”

“I’ve called all the directors at the NDA, they told me they are still having a meeting. The meeting will determine if they will paste another list or not. They should be through in another two hours”

The two hours he mentioned was like twenty two hours. Adekemi too was tensed but we had to wait for the outcome of the meeting.
The guest room had been prepared so I led her to the room we’ll be staying for the weekend.
Some minutes later we came back to the sitting room. Prince was still there by the time we came back. Dinner was announced and we all went to the dinning room to eat. My sister was surprised when she saw the table, the same way I was the very first day I ate on that table.

After dinner, we went back to the sitting room and a call came through on Prince phone, it was from one of the directors. He picked the call placing it on speaker for us to hear.

“Hello sir” the voice said
“Hello, I’m listening” he said.
“Sir! The outcome of the meeting is not positive sir. The names that was pasted online initially was all they could recruit for this year sir, but the rest will be on the waiting list. Your candidate’s name is number one on the waiting list sir” he informed.
“I can’t believe this!”
“Sir things are not done here like before sir, you should have followed it up personally. No one checks the referee's name again this days”
“We have one option left sir”
“What option?”Prince asked.
“If you can call the former head of state, his special list is going to be out tomorrow with just two candidate. If you can talk to him, he can add your candidate’s name to it” he pointed out.
Prince sighed. “Thank you very much, I’m grateful”
“You are welcome sir” he said then the line went off.

Episode 28

One thing about Prince, he doesn’t like asking for favor except the one’s he merits. He’s a man of integrity, so I personally gave up. My sister looks sad though.

“Prince, it’s OK you’ve tried your best. Thank God her name is the first on the waiting list” I said trying to lighten the mood.
He looked at me in the eyes “Anike this is the first time you asked a favor from me and I will do it even if he meant kissing the foot of my subordinate.
He picked up his phone, I know he wants to place the call.
“You don’t have to do it, I know you don’t like lobbying”
“It’s nothing, I’ll call him. I have a good relationship with him and asking him something for the first time we make things easier”
“Ok” I said
He called the former head of state but the phone was not on speaker this time. After some minutes of conversing with him, he ended the call.
“What did he say?” I asked
“Let’s wait till tomorrow” he replied
May be he doesn’t want to raise our hopes up, I guessed.
He changed the topic and started asking my sister questions and most are funny questions. And before I knew it my sister’s mood has lightened. Mr PA joined us and I see the way he looked at my sister, but I waved the thought off.

We all retired to our various room that evening. I already sorted out my sister and gave her everything she needed including a night dress.
She took her bath and changed. I did the same after her. She lay on the bed ready to sleep and I told her I want to get something from the kitchen but that was a lie.
I tapped the door lightly and entered into Prince’s bedroom. He was not in the bedroom. I opened the sliding glass door that led to his bedroom pool, he sat on a swing bed by the pool side swinging himself gently.
Hi” I said.
He looked up and was surprised to see me.
“Hi” he replied calmly.
He stretched forth his right hand and I took it and sat on his laps.
“Are you not sleeping in the guest room?”
“I am, I came to say good night”
“Your sister?”
“She should be sleeping by now” I guess you can’t sleep, that’s why you are here” I said looking him in the eyes.
“How will I sleep, the thought of you been so close but still far from me is enough to give me insomnia” he said smiling at me.
“I thought as much and that is why I came”
“That’s why I love you, you can always tell how I’m feeling”
I smiled and he kissed my forehead
“Now that you’ve seen me, you should be able to sleep now”
“If you say so”
“Now let’s go to bed, I’ll rock you to sleep and I’ll leave afterwards”

He obeyed and we went back into the bedroom. I made him sleep with his head on my chest. Some minutes later he was already asleep. Who says men are not babies.
I looked at his face, he was sleeping peacefully, he was even looking handsome in his sleep. I smiled and snapped him with my phone.
I left the room quietly in order not to wake him.
I opened the door to guest room and I was surprised my sister was still awake.

“Adekemi, I thought you’d be sleeping by now”
“And I thought you’ll pass the night in your lover’s room”
“Excuse me”
“Sister mi, I’m 18 and I recognized lovers when I see one”
“Seriously!” I couldn’t believe my ears. She continued.

“See the way all the staff in this house treats you like a goddess.
We to came Abuja with just our phones and handbags. Where did all this clothing’s came from. It meant one thing, your things are here. You practically live here, right”

“Adekemi I don’t live here!”

“Really! You can tell that to an slowpoke Anike….you lied to us that this man is just a good Samaritan. You even lied to your own mother. And I’m very sure hes not your friends Uncle”
“Stop! Adekemi stop!”
“You are his mistress, right”
I closed my eyes, I don’t know the right words to say to her. I know I may never be that sister she was once proud of again.
“You did this for us right. I understand, Thank you for the sacrifice big sister” she said and broke into tears.
I moved closer to her and hugged her. “It’s alright kid sister.”
“How are you coping, He’s way older than you”
“Adekemi, when life throws lime at you, all you have to do is to make lemonade out of it”
“I would have been scared for you but that man I met today he’s a good man”
“Yes he is, the most priceless thing I’ve ever came across. I see him as a father figure”
“I can see you are comfortable around him”
“Yep” I gave her a smiley face.
“Sister mi! You are blushing! Are you in love with him?”
I smiled. “I choose not to answer that question. Now go wash your face and sleep”
“Yes sis” she smiled and when into the bathroom. She came back and lie on the bed.
“One more thing, this is our little secret, nobody must hear about it and that includes Mum. Deal?”
“Now sleep, it’s late”
“Sister mi, how do you cope when you sleep with him…his age” She asked cunningly.

“Really! You don’t expect me to discuss my sex life with my kid sister. Do you? My friend sleep!”
We both laughed, I put off the light and we slept.

Re: ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Pamberry(f): 5:30pm On Apr 20, 2018
[quote author=paulohgirlie post=66872312][/quote]
could you pls help with the concluding part of the story?

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