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Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 6:05pm On Apr 08, 2018
When storms and calamities strikes, only God can save one from total destruction
This is a story of love, betrayer, revenge, murder.......

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 6:07pm On Apr 08, 2018

Breathing heavily, he ran as fast as his legs can carry him, he wonder why the masked man was trying to kill him..

Not knowing where he is running to, he ran into the bush, he can feel the bushes slightly cutting his flesh... It was dark.. Thin dark.

Great fear grip him as he saw monstrous shadows heading towards him from a distance...

He wasnt sure if the masked man was still pursuing him.. he had managed to escape from him earlier..

Confused, he ran into the thin darkness, he ran to a point and decides to stop,he looked back, the masked man wasnt there...

Could he have stopped? he asked himself.

He exhales shapily, he could hear the sound of his own breathe, it was heavy, evidence of who has been running without a stop...

Fear seize him as he heard whispering, at first they were far, then the whispers began to come closer..
He wondered if it was the bushes making mockery of him since he couldn't stand firm like a man and fight....
He shivered as he thought he heard footsteps... Footsteps fast approaching towards him..

Without hesitation,he quickly ran into the thin darkness of the night, he could feel the cooling sensation of the night in his spines...

Then he heard footsteps again.. this time it was clear.. Clear to him that someone was behind.. He increase his speed not thinking of looking back, nor stopping.. His only agenda was escaping from this masked man who wants to devour him...

His body began to itch as the grasses began to have effect on his skin...

He was getting tired, he could hear the pounding beat of his heart.. It felt like each part of the bush he ran through was getting darker and darker... He wasnt seeing anymore, the light wasn't visible anymore, he knew for a fact that this was the end, there is nowhere he will hide that the masked man wouldn't find him, he always does....

Not thinking straight he hit his leg on a large wood on the ground, then he fell down... He grimaced in pains as he try to stand up...

Slowly and steady, he raised up his face,then he saw him.. He was at close range, standing over him with an axe.. There and then he knew all was over..

He tried to move his leg but the injury was severe....

"What do you want from me?, he asked as he grimaced in pains..

"Death... ",the masked man replied

"please dont kill me, I have done nothing to you, please.... "

"This is your end King Godfrey ",the masked man said..

"No... No... No... "he screamed loudly, then he woke up...

He breathe heavily,he looked around. "Thank God it was a dream... "

His wife who was woken up by his screams stood up beside him..

"Your highness you must have had a bad dream",Queen Edna said...

King Godfrey took a deep breath "Yes, a very bad dream",he said still feeling a bit scared....

"someone was trying to kill me",he added

"May God forbid ",Queen Edna said

"Who was it that wanted you dead?, she asked

King Godfrey exhales, he tried to remember his face then he realised the person was masked...

"He was wearing a mask",he muttered

A knock sounded from the door

King Godfrey took a deep breath, he wonder who was knocking so late at night.

"Father.. ",a voice sounded from outside

King Godfrey felt relieved it was his son..

"Am ok son.. "he said still sitting on the bed.

"I heard you screamed",Pious his son said from behind the door..

"Is nothing to worry about. "King Godfrey assured

"Ok if you say so..... "Pious said

"Did i wake your younger brother also?, king Godfrey asked curiously

"No father, he is still asleep "Pious said

"You should go back to sleep also... "King Godfrey said

"Ok father... "Pious said in a faint voice ..

"You also rest your highness... Queen Edna said when she was sure Pious have left the door side... "You have a big day tomorrow.. You should rest now".she added

"Yes i should.. "king Godfrey said reclining his head to the pillow... The dream worried him so much, he wondered if God was trying to pass a message to him through that dream...

He was the king of Akpatu kingdom... One of the most envious and prestigious community, he was a kind and cheerful king, he wasnt partial, he passes judgement on who deserves it and he knew for a fact some people hated him for it... He have two sons, Pious was the oldest and crown prince... Francis was his youngest son.. It was so unfortunate God didnt give him a daughter he had seek and hope for, but he wasnt going to blame anyone he took it as his fate...

He couldn't sleep, his eyes didnt even blink, he was there steering at the ceilings thinking if the dream was a warning or just a mere dream....

But he was sure it was a warning, people who dont like him are lurking around to devour him, he must be careful with those he calls his close associates.....

Rays of light beem into the palace that morning, the cabinet members nicknamed the chiefs were all seated with their sons seated alongside them..

Pious who sat beside his father wondered why his father has called for this meeting, asking the chiefs to come with their sons, his father has never done something like that before, he decided to wait patiently with curiosity clouding his mind as to what was going to be discussed...

He made a brief smile as he saw his father neatly dressed in the lion skin clothes, he knows whenever his father was dressed like that, ... The issue was definitely serious..

Pious looked at the chiefs, they were eight in numbers, his eyes scan from the one that was sitting at the right side of his hand, his name was chief Carlos Adigwe, he was the most influential and wealthiest among the chiefs, it was allerged that people fear him because they think anyone that crosses his path ends up dead....it was rumored that he killed his first wife because she couldn't give him children... He married a second wife who gave him two sons.. One Pious knew..the other he doesn't...

His oldest son Desmond was sitting next to him, it is rumored that he is very arrogant using his father's name as a threat to people... Pious wished they never crosses paths..

Pious eyes met the other chief sitting close to chief carlos, his name is chief Buzo, he is the richest palm wine tapper, he supplies palmwine to near and far communities and cities... He have workers who tap and bring for him, it is rumored that no one in the village dares to sell palmwine except him, because of his fame in palmwine... He was nickname the palmwine merchant..

Pious eyes moved to his son that was clinging next to him like a virus.. His name is Jacob but he nicknamed himself Pope, people say he harasses girls... Those who dont do his biddings... He teach them a lesson.
Pious eyes fused on the other chiefs sitting next to chief Buzo.. His name is chief Odumodu.... It is said he built the first hotel in the community...

Pious sigh as he stare at the rest of the chiefs and their sons.. He looked at his father who was adjusting his dress, then he knew his father was ready to begin..

King Godfrey inhaled deeply, "My cabinet members, i welcome you all to this meeting... "he pause, looking at the expression on their faces... Then he continued...
"Something urgent came and that warranted for this gathering, one of our daughter have been defiled by one of our sons and you all know that is forbidden in this land... "

He ordered a guard to call the victim and her parents out, immediately the guard left, he came back with the victim and her parents seconds later...

"This is our daughter that was defiled by one of our son in this community "king Godfrey said pointing at the girl who was already crying...

King Godfrey pitied her, he wonder why anyone will want to rape such a noble and pure girl...

"Come here my daughter"king Godfrey said as the girl walked towards him..

"You said one of the chief's sons did this to you, this are the chief's sons, can you identify the one who did this?...

There was tension in the house... All the chiefs wondered whose son was the one who raped her...

The girl nodded to the king question, then she turned to face everybody..... "Jacob raped me",she blared out...

"What nonsense !,chief Buzo Jacob's father hollered...
"My son will never do a thing like that...."he added

"This girl is lying father, i cant even stoop so low to even talk to this common village wrench let alone raping her.... "Jacob said sarcastically...

"There is evidence "Mr Azuk the victim's father said..

"Evidence my foot"chief Buzo yelled.. "your majesty you must punish this girl immediately for laying false accusations on my son.. "he added

"Lets listen to the evidence ".King Godfrey said not minding what chief Buzo was saying..

Mr Azuk exhales and then he began"My daughter was on call with her friend when he draged her from behind, the phone fell on the floor, the call was still connected and it recorded her screams and his voice telling her to stop screaming or he was going to kill her, the phone was on record... My daughter was fetching vegetables when he raped her...

The king ordered for the recording to be played..

Mr Azuk played it and it was exactly as he has said..

"This is no evidence your majesty "Chief Buzo said disappointed...

"The evidence is clear, your son is guilty ",king Godfrey said

"Your majesty, are you taking the words of this village peasants over my son's..."chief buzo hollered

"This village peasants as you call them are my subjects and i have a duty to protect them from whoever wants to cause them harm no matter whose son it is... "King Godfrey said controlling his temper

"Your majesty, this......

"Enough....."King Godfrey cut him short...
He inhaled deeply"the punishment for his crimes are simple, he will be shamed in the village square"King Godfrey added

"You want my son to be strip naked and tied like an animal to a tree.. "chief Buzo blared out

"Your majesty you can reconsider this"chief Carlos said...

"The laws say so... he will the face the punishment of his crimes... This is my judgement"King Godfrey replied
"seize him"he commanded...

The guards immediately seize Jacob

"Father this is a conspiracy.. Jacob said as he was been dragged out

Chief Buzo steered at the king with anger flashing through his eyes... Then he walk out angrily..

Mrs Azuk sang songs of praise as she light the lamp

"My wife, its night already, you have been singing ever since that boy was tied on that tree..."Mr Azuk said

"That serves him right, i am very glad we have such a great and upright man as a king, just look at what that bastard did to my daughter " she said walking close to her daughter who was still crying..

"My daughter, is ok, that bastard has been punished for what he did to you, stop crying....

Mr Azuk shook his head"my wife, let me go and urinate outside... "he said and left

When he was outside, he stare at the darkness, then he went to the backyard, all he could hear was sharp whispers of birds...

It wasnt after he started urinating that he heard the gunshot,great fear seized him as another gunshot came, the gunshot was close by but where.....

He ran into the house, he shivered,heart pounding, he ran to his wife and daughter, their lifeless body was lying on the chair, their cloths soaked with blood.....

He burst into uncontrollable tears and then he screamed loudly....

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 10:42pm On Apr 10, 2018


King Godfrey took a deep breath as the driver stopped the car in front of mr Azuk house, he wasnt sure what to tell him, how to console him, he wonder who could have done such a hideous thing, he knew something for sure, it must be the chiefs,this must have been thier retaliation for what he did to that boy..., sometimes being king comes with hard decisions, risks, and those risks were ones he was willing to take.. He took a deep breath as the guard opened the car door for him.. He came down from the car,slowly and steadily he walked towards the house, he could hear the voicesof people speaking inside, the people were probably there to console him... how fast news spread, just hours after the sad incident, the news had spread like a wild fire...
The people that saw him coming portrayed and greeted him... They move out of the way so he could go in...
His guards waited outside as he went inside alone, he almost shed tears when he mr Azuk grieving over his wife and daughter's death... The king sat down as people began to leave... Minutes later he was alone with him..
"What have i done to deserve this...? Mr Azuk said wiping the tears that was falling down his cheeks...
"Is such a great tragedy that your wife and daughter have to leave this way, but only God knows why this happened.. "
"he did it"Mr Azuk blared out
"That man did it, that evil man murder my wife and daughter..... "he added
King Godfrey knew for a fact he was telling the truth, but what use is the truth in that situation without evidence...
"I promise you, whoever did this,will be brought to justice... "king Godfrey assured and he meant it, it was time someone stop those men from getting whatever they want, he knows very well that the chiefs dont like him, they have hated him since the time he stopped doing their biddings ....he look at Mr Azuk, he blamed himself for their death, if he havent done that to that boy, his children would still be alive, but he had no choice, the laws were already made even before he was made king... Being king comes with a lot of responsibilities...even ones with bad desires.....

"Father, what's your stand on this issue?Pious asked as he walked with his father to the garden
King Godfrey look at him, he was sure Pious will make a great king one-day... "what would you do if you were in my choose? King Godfrey asked curiously...
"I will do everything in my power to bring the killer to justice"Pious replied...
"That is exactly what am going to do"King Godfrey said as he sat in one of the chairs in the garden..
"But father, do you think Chief Buzo is capable of doing this? Pious asked.....
King Godfrey scoffs"My Son, why do you think he did it?
Pious had thought long about it, he keeps assuring himself it was him, it can be coincidence that on the day his son was accused and punished was the same day they died.... He is definitely the killer..
"It cant be a coincidence,can it dad? Pious asked
"It might, it may not"..king Godfrey replied..
"Only God can tell the difference between a sinner and a saint...",he added
"Dad the evidence is clear, no one will believe an opposite story, Chief Buzo is the culprit here.. "
King Godfrey chuckled "lets leave that for the inspector to find out.. "King Godfrey as he saw the inspector coming..
"Your majesty"the inspector said when he got to where they was....
"Inspector i have been expecting you "King Godfrey said
"Am sorry i couldn't come as early as expected "he said
"Come on sit down"King Godfrey said pointing to a chair opposite him...
The inspector did as the king said
"So what you find out about the case"King Godfrey asked
"Nothing much. But my boys and i are trying our best to catch the real culprit...
"Good inspector, you shouldn't stop until those murderers are found, no matter who they are, they must face justice.. "

Sounds of music filled the air as the eight chiefs danced to the tune of the song, one of servers at the hotel brought drinks, they eight took each glass of drink and cheer to good living...
"Odumodu, you have doing great in this hotel of yours"..chief Carlos said looking around....
"Thank you chief Carlos,"Chief Odumodu replied...
"This small party is just my little way of telling you i appreciate you for the support you have given to me.. "he added
"Come on Odumodu, you dont have to throw a party to thank us, this hotel is ours as well as yours"Chief Buzo said
They are laugh hysterically at the comment of Chief Buzo.
"Out people say, a thankful heart bring more good tidings to his path, still i appreciate you"Chief Odumodu said
"Let us merry to the downfall of our enemies and the uplifting of our success.. "Chief Ayo, one of the chiefs said raising his glass of drink for a toast....
"To our constant winnings"Chief Majo said as he raised his glass for a toast
"Let those who want our ruin die before they dream of seeing it"chief Marcus said
"To the chiefs"......chief Carlos said
"To the chiefs"they all responded...
They toast and gulp down their drinks...
"Chief Buzo, have you heard the news? Chief Azuka asked
"What news?... Chief Buzo replied...
"They say you killed that man's wife and daughter... "
Chief Buzo laugh"Those are just gossip, the people say what they feel, that is not true, they might have wronged me, but what gain will i have if i should kill them... "
"How is your son coping with that humiliation?,Chief carlos asked...
"Chief Buzo grunts"I told him to lie low for a while... "
"Did you also tell him to learn how to keep his manhood in his pants"..chief Carlos asked as he gigled at the sound of his words..
The others laugh also....
Chief Buzo didnt replied, he felt like he deserves whatever insults he was getting right now, if his stupid son hadnt raped that girl he wouldnt be so ashamed today.......
Just then he heard someone screaming his name, they all looked back, the security were trying to him off, but he going back, he struggled with them as he screamed his name....
"You murderer"Mr Azuk shouted as the security guards pushed him back....
"Come and kill me the same way you murdered my family.. "Mr Azuk shouted again..., there was tension in the arena, everyone eyes were on him...
"Take that dog out of here"Chief Odumodu ordered...
The guards realise the man was being stubborn, without hesitation, one of them lift him on his shoulder and carried him outside...
"Everyone out.. "Chief Odumodu blared out...
Everyone there began to go out,some mumbling words to each other as they walk out of the hotel...
"A mad dog should be put to rest.. "Chief Carlos said as the rest concurred.....


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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 8:25pm On Apr 12, 2018

Mr Azuk almost collapsed on the floor as he look at his wife and daughter's picture, he thought about the lovely moments they have had together, his daughter's dream of becoming a lawyer...
He was inclined to kill that bastard who has destroy his life, he wondered what he was still living for, his reason for existence has been wiped out, he collapsed on the chair as he cling the picture to his heart...
He hasnt slept a wink since his wife and daughter's death, he wonder if he can go on living without them, they were his hope, his motivation, his source of life....
He look at the picture once again and gave way to tears.....
"Oh God, why did you take them away from me"He lamented...
He was furious, all he wants now is the dead of who has done this to him....
Just then, he heard a knock on the door,he wipe away the tears that was rolling down his cheeks, he wasnt in the mood to receive any visitors, he was done with people consoling him, telling him everything will be alright, he has heard enough, all he wants now is revenge.
The knock came again, sluggishly he stood up and walk to the door...
The knock came again, this time louder...
"Who is there"he blared out furiously
"Can i help you? He asked as he flung the door open
"Good day sir, I am inspector Kess, and this is my assistant ,inspector philip"
Mr Azuk urshered them in....
Inspector Kess looked round the house, it was very unkept, evidence of someone who has been feeling down, they watch him sat down, they stood waiting for him to ask them to sit, but when he didn't say, they gave themselves permission..
Inspector Kess looked at him, from Mr Azuk expression, he could understand what the man was passing through "We are really sorry for your loss sir"Inspector kess said..
He waited for his reply but when he gave none, he continued "We are here to ask you some few questions sir"
"If you are here to ask me who killed my wife and daughter everyone knows that answer"Mr Azuk said with a bit of anger in his tone..
"You should be arresting that man instead of coming here to ask me questions... "he added
Inspector Kess sigh"We understand your plight sir, but you should know we cant arrest someone on the basis that everyone is saying he is the murderer"Inspector Kess said
"That man you are defending killed my family....
"Am not defending anyone sir... "Inspector Kess interjects
"Then you should go and arrest him"Mr Azuk blared out
"The evidence is clear, he killed my family, that man should be behind bars... "he added
Inspector Kess have heard the rumors, everyone keep saying the chief was the killer, he wasnt sure if he really is, he has seen this kind of case before when every hand points to one man.
"This is a murder case sir, everyone is guilty until proven otherwise "Inspector Kess said
"Sir we understand how you are feeling right now, but we really need your full corporation to find out who the real culprit is"Inspector philip said
"I would say any other thing until that animal who has ruined my life is caught"Mr Azuk said impetuously
Inspector Kess grunts"am sure this isnt really a good time to do this, we will come next time sir.... "
When they got no reply from him, they greeted him and walk outside...
"Do you think the chief did this ?Inspector Philip ask when they were outside.
Inspector Kess exhales "Honestly, i dont know"he muttered
"But i guess we will find out when we get there"he added, then they entered their car and zoom off..

Francis chulkled as he stroll down the palace with his elder brother Pious, Francis was a young boy of 23,he was the youngest son of king Godfrey, as a young boy he has been inclined in learning the laws and norns guilding the community, he was always curious about a particular issue, although he has never been allowed to stay in any official meeting, his elder brother have that privilege...
He was not too tall and dark in complexion, people always say he took resemblance after his grandfather,he was very inquisitive in knowing what goes on in the kingdom, people say he was more traditional than his brother...
"So what are they saying about the case"He ask
"The usual, They say the chief killed him"Pious replied
"Do you believe that"Francis asked
Pope sigh"He could be the killer"
"Its hard to believe brother, why would he want to kill them when all evidence will bounce back to him"Francis said
Pious thought about what his brother had just said and he saw reasons with it"You think someone else did it?Pious ask
"i cant tell brother, it might be the chief, it might be someone else... "
Pious stood thinking about the possibility of what his brother was trying to point out"If someone else did it, it possibly means the person wanted the chief to be blamed for the murder... "Pious said shabily
"Exactly "francis interjects
"It was the perfect moment to strike"Francis added

It was 2:53pm when the inspectors arrived at the chief's house, they both marvel at the exquisite mansion before them, inspector Kess wonder how an ordinary palm wine supplier could acquire such a wealth, he suspects there was something else to his riches that eyes are not seeing, they park their car as directed by the security guy(gateman),they came out from the car and slowly close the door, then they took a clear picture of the house...
"Damn, this mansion will worth millions of naira"Inspector Kess muttered to himself..
Inspector Kess took a deep breath as someone he suspects to be one of his thugs that protects him motioned to them... Without hesitation, they follow him..
They both marvel at the beautification of the house, there they saw chief Buzo sitting in one of the chairs with a walking stick that was by his side....
"Inspector, i wasnt expecting your visit"chief Buzo said
"It was rather an unplanned visit chief",inspector Kess said as they approached him...
Chief Buzo gave the guard signal to excuse them which the guy did by moving out of sight... The inspectors both sat down as the chief told them...
"What can i do for you inspectors "Chief Buzo ask as if he doesn't know what they were actually there for...
"We are here to ask you some few questions sir"inspector Kess said
"Go on, am willing to help in anyway i can"Chief Buzo said
Inspector Kess took a deep breath "What relationship do you have with mr Azuk, the man who recently lost his wife and daughter... "
Chief Buzo giggled "what relationship could i possibly have with that peasant, with all due respect officer, am a man of class, what would you say if you see men of my calibre associating with such peasant like that..?. Chief Buzo said with enthusiasm in his tone
Inspector kess immediately knew he was a very proud man..."I believe all men to be equal chief"
Chief Buzo scoffs"If all men were equal, there wouldn't be kings to rule over us"
Inspector kess wasnt ready for this chit chat conversation the chief was starting, he felt the chief was trying to divert them from the actual reason they came"We heard his daughter accuse your son of raping her which led to some punishment,how did you react to that chief?
"When you say accuse, it feels like it hasnt be proven to be true yet, i presume you use the right word inspector"Chief Buzo said
"I stand in for correction chief"Inspector Kess said nodding his head...
"I took that humiliation and shame the same way any man would have taken it"Chief Buzo said
"Even to the point of killing? Inspector Philip interjects
"Would you have killed if you were in my choose? Chief Buzo asked back
"Not all men are the same"Inspector Philip said
"Am not a killer officer"Chief Buzo said
Inspector Kess look at him, if this man is guilty, he is very good in covering his tracks...
"Eyewitness say Mr Azuk bump into your party and before everyone, he called you the murderer"Inspector Kess said
Chief Buzo laugh"That lunatic is ranting thrash, same with all those who are supporting him, he is just a frustrated man looking for someone to blame for the dead of his wife.. "
"And why would you be the first person he blames? Inspector kess cut in
"Look Officer i may hate him for what he and his desist family did to my son, but am not capable of killing, why would i kill them when i know fully well it will all bounce back at me"
Inspector saw reason with what he was saying, why would he kill them when everything will bounce back at him...
"What about your son, how did he take the humiliation?inspector Philip ask
"My son came straight home after serving his punishment and since then he havent left the house... "
"Can we speak to him"Inspector kess ask..
"My son isnt in his right frame of mind to receive any visitors, he is still trying to heal from the everlasting shame that will always cling to his skin like a shadow.. "
"Another time then"Inspector kess said
"That will be better"
They both stood up, thanked him and turned round to leave...
"Inspector, goodluck in catching the killer, whoever is trying to drag my name to the mud should be behind bars and rot there forever.... "Chief Buzo said,
The inspectors nodded and left
Chief Buzo sigh, he stood up, then he saw his son standing there..
"How long have you been standing here?"Chief Buzo ask taking a deep breath..
"Long enough to hear every word you said, dont worry the police didnt see me, i was hiding, i just came out now"Jacob said
"You should be preparing tp leave this country "chief Buzo said walking pass him
"Did you do it father? Jacob ask
Chief Buzo stopped, he turned back to face him
"Do what? He ask back, he was inclined to get a clear explanation of what his son was trying to drive out
"Did you kill them? Jacob asked
Chief Buzo went ballistic, without hesitation he slap him hard on his right check...
Jacob grimace as he touch the spot...
"How dare you think i will ever do such a thing"Chief Buzo blared out
Jacob began to laugh hysterically "They got what they deserve "he said with anger flashing through his eyes..
"Did you kill them? Chief Buzo asked anxiously
Jacob scoffs"I didnt, how could i possibly kill them when i was home with you, though i was planning to, but its good someone helped me, that man deserves every bit of what he is passing through.... "
"Do you know who did it? Chief Buzo ask
"I dont dad"
Chief Buzo stood looking at his son could his son been the killer....

"Do you believe what he said?Inspector Philip ask as they drove from the compound and headed for the police station....
"One thing he said made sense, why would he kill them when all evidence will bounce back to him... ?Inspector Kess ask wondering...
"His alibi shows he was home at the time of the murder"Inspector Philip said
Inspector Kess sigh, the case was getting more complicated.. "If he didnt do it, who did?.

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 11:07pm On Apr 17, 2018

The congregation sang along as the choir sing the hymn in a high pitch...
St. Matthew church was the only large church in the community, its foundation started during the era of the missionaries, then nobody had really cared about the church , it was just a small building roof with palm woods.. As Christianity spread so was the church, its number of members increases....
The service came to an end after the hymns, King Godfrey watched as people began to troop out of the church, each person that passes greets him as people considered him to be god of men after the mighty God the church preach about..
"Your Majesty "Father Moses said displaying the chaplet in his hand...
Father was the only Father the church has, he was respected in the kingdom as people see him as the channel they can approach God...
"Father"King Godfrey said
"This is a surprise "Father Moses said...
The King was never the religious type, since he came to the church, he remembers vividly the king has only been to the church twice..
"Indeed it is"King Gregory replied
"You are always welcome to the house of God"Father Moses said
The king smile, then he began to walk with the father..
"I had a very bad dream"The king said
"Dreams are interprets in different ways, what you sees as bad might be good in its true meaning... "
"Father, anyone in his right senses will know that the dream i had was totally a bad omen"
"What was your dream? Father Moses asked curiously
King Godfrey exhales shapily "I was been chased in my dream by someone who wore a mask, he was about to kill me, then i woke up... "
Father Moses made the sign of the crucifix"Your majesty, you should know you are surrounded by evil men, and were evil men dwells, bad things follow, people will do anything to end your reign "
"So this dream was a warning ?King Godfrey asked
The father took a deep breath "God must be trying to tell you something "
"You should be watchful your majesty, the holy book says, be vigilant, be sober, for your adversary the devil walks around looking for who to devour "the Father added
The king nodded, he knew for a fact, there are people who will do anything to end his reign, greedy men who lust for wealth....

INSPECTOR KESS pushed the files away as the thought of his current case creep into his head, who was the guity one, the case was a complicated one, catching the real culprit now was more difficult than he expected,the DPO expects results from him, sooner or later, the DPO was going to call him for answers..the only suspects that comes to his mind was Jacob, he could be the killer or he could have hired someone to do the dirty Job for him, whichever the case was, the killer revolve around him and he was inclined to find out,no matter what...
He picked a case file from the table, open it and began to read...
He sigh as a knock came on the door.."Come in"he said
"Any update yet?he ask focusing back on the case file
"I think so"Inspector Philip said as he lean his hands on the table
Inspector Kess immediately stop what he was doing...
"Whats the latest? He asked
Inspector Philip smiled as he saw the agitation on his partner's face
"A woman is here, she said she may know someone who killed them"
"A clue... "
"We hope so"Philip replied
"Were is she now?
"Questioning room.... "
Kess immediately stood up and they both rushed out

It was seconds later when they arrived at the interrogation room,Kess look at the woman, she was dark, fat, probably in her late 40's...Kess wonder if she knew anything, what was it she want to tell them, with a curious mind,he sat opposite her.....
"My partner said you wants to tell us something "Kess said
The woman nodded, Kess watch her,he could sense the unsteadiness in her....
"So what do you have to tell us?Philip asked
The woman took a deep breath "I think Obiro killed Azuk's wife and daughter "
"Who is Obiro? Kess ask
"Obiro is Azuk's cousin, they were both given a piece of land by their late grandfather, Obiro claimed everything to be his own, there was a day he had threaten Azuk's he was going to kill him if he doesn't leave that land alone for him"
"Were you a witness to this threat... ?Kess ask
"The land in question is closer to mine, so i was at the farm that day when Obiro has come to threaten him..."
"And how did Azuk react to the threat? Phillip ask
"Just the way any man in his choose would have taken it, Azuk was very furious "
"why are you telling us this? Phillip ask curiously, he suspects a foul play was going on, in all his years of investigation, he has never seen a witness volunteer herself, it was either this woman was force to do what she is doing now or she is trying to protect someone..... Probably the real killer..
"I want the killer to be caught just as you, my conscience will forever hunt me if i knew something that could have helped and i didn't say, Mr Azuk's wife and i were very good friends "She said
"Were you very close with her"Philip ask
"We weren't that close, but we shared things together "she said
"Do you think Obiro is capable of murder?"Kess ask
She exhales"I have always knew Obiro to be a wicked man but i dont know if he is capable of killing "
"A wicked man is capable of doing anything, dont you agree with that? Kess ask
The woman nodded
Kess ask her name and were she stays, he took the details of Obiro and thanked her for the information....
"Do you believe her story"Philip ask after the woman was out
"lets find out if she is telling the truth... "

Francis grimace as he bit his lip, he pick one sliced part of the apple and began to eat it..
"Father, what does the other part of the word looks like? Francis ask
King Godfrey laugh, the other part of the world were the other towns and communities in the other side of the great ogini river, the ogini river is a large and deep water, it is believed that whoever falls inside are never found, the Ogini river supplies water to them and most of their neighboring communities,people often call it the other part of the world because no one from this side has been there before, since no one has dared to cross the ogini river, the few that have tried, they were never seen again, he doesn't know if anyone else has tried but he knew for a fact men are still trying and he was sure some has succed..no one knows what kind of life they live over there, stories has it the people there are cannibals, they said there is no civilization there,but to him, they are just stories....
"It's nothing different from what you are seeing ,the two parts are the same...
"But people say a different thing, they say the people there are human eaters... "
King Godfrey laugh hysterically "Those are just stories my son, no one has proven that to be true, those are just stories to scare people "
Francis has thought about it, no matter whag it is, he will like to go there some day....
"What if what people say is true"Francis said
King Godfrey pour the juice on the glass cup "None of it is true son, people who are afraid create such stories to back up their fears"
Francis nodded, his father could be right, he wonder what the other part of the would look like, how people were living there, he ate another slice of apple as he continued with his thoughts

The sun was high in the sky, they could feel the sun slightly burning their skin, Inspector Kess look at the address in the hands, then he assured himself he was in the right place...they both went inside the compound, Kess quiver as a dog ran out and started barking at them, not minding the dog, he knocked at the door, at first there was no answer, he knocked again... Then he heard footsteps approaching from inside, he adjusted himself as the door flung open, a man who he suspects could be Obiro stood at the door,the man was wearing only a singlet and a wrapper tied to his waist...
"Are you mr Obiro? Kess ask
"Who is asking? The man said
Kess thought the man's question was stupid...
"I am inspector Kess and this is my partner Inspector Philip, we are from the police station
"What can i do for you? The man ask..
Kess felt that answers his question, this was definitely their man..."we are here to ask you some few questions "Kess said
Obiro stared at them, as much as he doesn't want them in his house, this was the police,he cant refuse them that privilege
"Come in"He said shabbily
They did as he has said, he offered them seats when they were in...
"so what can i do for you officers?
"Kess sigh"we are here to ask you some few questions sir"
"What questions? Obiro asked
"How well do you know mr Azuk? Kess asked
Obiro frown"He is my cousin, everyone knows that"
"Did you have any issues with him?Kess asked
"Cousins have issues sometimes"he replied
"There are rumors that you threatened to kill him if he doesn't leave that piece of land.."Phillip said
"Are you insinuating i killed his wife and daughter? He blared out
"we didnt say that"Kess interjects
"Even a dumb skull will know were this is going to, i know you police, you look for someone to put the blame on.. "Obiro retorted
"Sir, we need your full corporation on this"Philip said
"And what would you do if i dont corporate, will you arrest me?He asked furiously
"If it calls for it, we will take you in"Kess said with seriousness in his tone...
"then i suggest you do so cos am not saying any other thing"
This man was stubborn, Kess knew that for a fact but the question is.... Is he the killer?

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 12:27pm On Apr 26, 2018

Inspector Kess took a deep breath as he stare hard at Obiro, this man was firm, he wasnt fidgeting, he wonder if he was the killer, the way the case was going, he suspects the killer was close-by waiting for them to take the wrong move, he thought about the woman who has given them the information, could she be lying, there must be something more to her story, something she was hiding, no one will give that kind of information without anything for it ......
"Did you threaten to kill him?Inspector Kess ask
Obiro hissed "Inspectors, i didnt kill them, i suggest you look somewhere else for your murderer "
"Is that land so important that you have to murder that poor man's wife and daughter "Inspector Kess said
Obiro was furious, he stood up from his chair "If you have nothing more to say, i suggest you take your leave now"
"You know withholding information from the police is a crime"Inspector Kess said
"Damn the police who condemn someone without proper investigation "Obiro retorted
They both stood up, thanked him, Obiro reciprocated by hissing as he close the door behind them...
"That man is definitely hiding something "Inspector Philip said as they approach their car...
"I suggest we get a search warrant to search the house, who knows,we might just find exactly what we are looking for....
Inspector Kess concur, he knew his partner was right, the man seems like someone who was hiding something though he has his doubts, the search warrant might just clear his doubts, without ado, they entered the car and zoom off..


OBIRO sniff and lick his hands....."since i married you, this is the best food you have cook so far"
His wife, Nina blush,"Dont tell me all this ones you've been eating aren't this delicious "
Obiro chulkled at his wife statement...
He gulp down a cup of water as a knock came on the door...
"Who is it? Nina ask standing up and moving to the door....
"Its the police "The voice sounded
Shock swept through her, she shift aback.. "The police "she muttered
Obiro groan, he didnt tell his wife the police were in the house the previous day, cos he felt it wasn't important, they were just looking for someone to blame... He look at his wife who was shivering in her spines ,he stood up and open the door... He was shocked when he saw one of the inspectors that came earlier with other four uniform police men.....
"Why are you back here officers? Obiro ask anxiously
"We have a warrant to search this house"Inspector Phillip said showing him the warrant paper
"You would find anything here"Obiro said
"You should leave us to decide that"Inspector Phillip said, then he ordered the rest to go inside...
"You are making a big mistake officer, am not the killer"Obiro said
"i sense fear in your statement"Inspector Philip said
"A clear conscience fears no accusation "Obiro replied
Inspector Philip sigh..
"Well said, if you are innocent, we will find that out soon"He said and left him to join his boys in the search ...
"Please be careful with that"Nina said as one of her bags were throw on the floor,the police scattered everywhere but nothing was found, then,then Phillip suggested there rooms were checked,the police rushed to their room, what they saw there surprise them, they saw chains and a whipping rope on the bed... Kess pick up the chain.....
"What are these for"He ask
"Those are not any business of yours"Obiro said with furious eyes
"You dont train dogs here,do you? Obiro didn't reply, he just keep staring at him, the search was making him angry but this annoying inspector was making him go bad
"Are you abusing her sexually? Phillip ask
"She is my wife, i can do anything i want with her"Obiro retorted
"That is our private life, you shouldn't interfere with that"Nina interjects
"Sir we have seen something "One of the police man said.....
Shock swept through Obiro as he saw a gun and a pack of bullets in the police man hand........
"That isn't mine"Obiro said with shaking mouth
"Jesus!Nina exclaimed as she covered her mouth with her hands
"Exactly the same bullet that was used in murdering that man's wife and daughter "Inspector Philip said as he collects it from the police...
"I dont know how that got there, i swear"Obiro said..
"You are under arrest for the murder of Mrs Azuk and her daughter "Phillip said as Obiro was handcuffed
"My husband is innocent. Please dont take him away"Nina laments as tears began to drip from her eyes..
"I didnt do this inspector,someone is trying to set me up"Obiro said
"Anything you say or do will be use against you in the court of law"Philip said as Obiro was drag away into the police van.....

Few hours later, all the elders including the policemen were all gathered at the great hall, the great hall was a place for trival issues, the king was sitting on his throne, with his wife and two sons sitting besides him, Obiro was in the middle of the hall were everyone could see him......
It was tradition that anyone who was found guilty of such a crime must be brought to the Kings Court before he was handover to the police for further punishment....
Inspector Kess was still shock at the outcome of everything, till now he was still having the feeling that something wasnt right, though all the evidence points to Obiro as the killer, he had question Obiro when he was brought to the police station, and Obiro had sworn on his life that he wasn't the killer, that he was been set up...
King Godfrey took a deep breath, he couldn't believe Obiro was capable of doing such a thing even though rumours has it that he was a wicked man, Obiro was once a cabinet members in the palace, no one knew the reason he cease to be one, he just left.... he looked around to see if Mr Azuk was there, but there was no sight of him, he wondered why he wasnt there to witness the execution of his wife and daughter's killer....
"Why did you kill that innocent woman and daughter? King Godfrey ask anxiously
Obiro grimace as he tried to free his hands from the chain"My king,i believe you are a wise man, am innocent of all these charges that are been laid on me"
"But the evidence says otherwise "The king said
"That gun doesn't belong to me"Obiro blared out
"Where were you on the night of the murder? Inspector Kess ask
"I was in my house"Obiro retorted
"Your wife said you weren't "Inspector Kess said
Shock ran through his spines"I swear i was in my House"
"Do you mean to tell us that your own wife is lying "Chief Carlos interjects
"How can you killed someone and spread cheap rumours that i killed him"Chief Buzo said with anger in his tone
"I didnt kill anyone "Obiro retorted
"Someone is trying frame me"He added
King Godfrey ordered his wife to come forward which the wife did....
"Tell us the truth, were was your husband on the night of the murder"King Godfrey ask curiously
Nina look at Obiro who was giving her a dangerous look...
"He wasnt home"Nina blared out
"Nina.... "Obiro groan at her, but the guards hold him down
"What time exactly did he came back home?King Godfrey ask
Nina grunts"Am not really sure of the time, but it was almost 12am...."
"That was exactly the time range they were murdered "Inspector Philip added
"She is lying your majesty, i was home, why are you lying Nina, is it because of what i have been doing to you"Obiro cried out
"Am simply telling the truth my husband, to what extent are you going to lie about your whereabouts that night"Nina said back
"Your majesty, the case is clear, he is the killer, what more evidence do you need before you render Justice "Chief Carlos said
King Godfrey had doubts, he believes Obiro is innocent but what can he do when all evidence points to him....
"Your majesty if you render justice, you will be condemning an innocent man to dead, i beg you to reconsider this..."Obiro cries out
"Your majesty, no one is bigger than the law, this man has been found guilty, according to the law,he must face punishment, except you consider yourself to be greater than the law..... "Chief Carlos said agitated
King Godfrey sigh.......
"Am innocent your majesty, someone is trying to frame me"
"Your majesty, you were quick to punish my son when evidence came, there is evidence now, or perhaps you have forgotten everyone must face the wrath of his wrongdoing..... "chief Buzo said
King Godfrey looked at him with furious eyes, chief Buzo reciprocated the look
King Godfrey took a deep breath "You are right, everyone must face the wrath of their wrongdoing, no one can escape it,Elder Obiro, you are found guilty of murder, you are to be punished according to what the court decides..."
"Your majesty, you are condemning an innocent man to dead...."Obiro laments as the king order the police to take him away....
"You know am innocent, do the right thing"Obiro said to inspector Kess as they drag him away.....
Inspector inhales, something tells him Obiro was telling the truth, is he the killer, or he is innocent...

I cant believe that bastard actually killed that woman and daughter "Chief Buzo said..
He was in chief Carlos house, he has gone there when chief Carlos called him that he wanted to tell him something important, though he wonders what the important thing was..
Chief carlos laughs hysterically at his statement....
"And that idiot has been spreading rumours that i killed his wife and daughter"He added
"you are so naive Buzo, did you really think Obiro killed them.... "
Chief Buzo was confused"Did you kill them? He ask anxiously
Chief Carlos gigled"No i didnt, that man was spreading news about you, those kind of news can be harmful in the future, i know you wouldn't have the heart to teach him a lesson for what he did to your son, because you have grown soft, i helped you out as your friend "
"But you just said you didn't kill them"Chief Buzo said still confused on what Carlos was trying to drive out
"There are many ways to kill a rat"He replied
"I called you here to see for yourself "He added..
Just then the door opens, one of his thugs came in followed by someone else
"Him! Chief Buzo muttered in astonishment
""That is our killer"chief carlos said
Chief looked at the killer with shock in his spines,"Arent you......
"Am inspector Philip, Kess Partner"Inspector Philip cut him short
"I promise i will deliver desired result chief"He added
"You did an awesome job inspector "Chief Carlos said as he stood up and tap him on the shoulder...
Inspector Philip remenbers how he had murdered mr Azuk's wife and daughter, when the case was becoming tough, Chief Carlos had suggested they make someone the killer, that is when he brought that woman in to accuse Obiro of been the killer,he had promise to give her ten percent of the estimated amount atvthe end of the job, though it was true that Obiro threaten Azuk, but it was just a threat, he decided to use the threat against him, be careful what you say to people..... He knew pinning the murder on him will be hard, he found out his wife wasnt happy with her marriage, it was later he found out she was been mistreated by her husband,that bastard chain her to the bed just for wild sex, on their meeting, she had told him she wanted to escape from his torments, so he planned with her, promising to give her the same ten percent of the money for the job... There is nothing money cannot do, the foolish woman agrees, she planted the gun and the bullets in the house, then she testified he wasnt home on the night of the murder......
"That's your balance"Chief Carlos said pointing to the briefcase on the table...
Inspector Philip open the briefcase, then he close it back when he was fully assured the money was complete...
"You know what to do,no witnesses.... "Chief Carlos said
"Yes boss"Inspector Phillip replied


Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 4:20pm On May 03, 2018

The execution time was fixed on that sunny afternoon ,the verdict was two days ago, and the judge had found Obiro guilty, and the judgement was that Obiro will be shot dead at the field...
Though Inspector Kess still doubt that Obiro was actually guilty, something was definitely wrong but all evidence points to him, his own wife had testify against him on the day of the verdict .....
The rattling noise of the crowd filled the air, it was like the whole community has gathered to witness the execution of Obiro... Obiro was tied to a tree, Inspector look at his face, Obiro wasn't remorseful...he keeps saying he was innocent, that he was been set up... He has curse them earlier that they were going to regret thier actions..... But the case was out of his hands, the judge has already gave judgement, there was nothing he could do now even if he wanted to...
The order was gave, without hesitation the police men in line shot Obiro mercilessly......
Some people in the crowd covered their ears, some looked away while others just whisper words among themselves....
Obiro grimace in great pain.... He tried to utter a word but all that could come out from his mouth was blood.... He couldn't take it, the pain was too much, he bow his head, cursing them in his heart, then he finally gave up the ghost...
Inspector Kess shook his head, he wore the dark eye glasses he was holding in his hands, he watch as the crowd began to dispatch to their various locations...
He grunts when he saw some men loosened Obiro lifeless body from the tree and carried into the ambulance.....
"Feeling sorry for him"Inpector Philip said..
Inspector Kess turn to face him, he was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't know when his partner got close to him...
He sigh"Death is nothing to be happy about"
"He killed two people"Inspector Philip said
Inspector Kess flex his fingers"We are not sure about that"He said as he watch the ambulance drive away
"Do you still doubt it, the evidence was there and his own wife testified against him"
Inspector Kess inhales deeply, the wife testifying against her own husband really surprise him, what sort of wife would do that....
"He treated her like an animal "Inspector Philip added when he got no reply to his first statement
"So this was a payback, it sounds more like a false testimony "Inspector Kess replied.. You should have realized it earlier, the man had treated her badly, so the only way to get back at him was testifying falsely against him...
Inspector Philip groans softly, this partner of his was becoming too obnoxious, if he isnt careful, what happened to Obiro might just be his portion
"Even if that were true, there is nothing we can do now, the killer has been killed, the case is close.... "Inspector Philip said sarcastically
"If that were true, it means we just killed an innocent man".......

That night King Godfrey couldn't sleep, his mind was unsettled,he kept thinking about the fact that Obiro might be innocent, he has condemned him to dead few days ago when he was brought to the palace, he hasnt really thought about the possibility that he might be innocent until today, what if he was innocent, it means he condemn an innocent man to death and that weight will be on him until he lives no more... Been king was really hard, sometimes he wish he wasnt a king, he thought about his dreams, as a young boy with aspirations he has always told his younger brother that he will be someone who will bring change to the society.... He has always wanted to work towards until the sudden departure of his father... Then everything changed, the life he has dreamed of were flushed down the drainage.... Been king was hard,it comes with many hard decisions and declaring judgement on Obiro was certainly one of those hard decisions, one he was going to regret forever if Obiro was proven innocent.....
He grunts at the thought of it, who will prove him innocent when the case has been close, everything was over now.. But his instincts keep telling him Obiro was innocent.... Those chiefs were definitely behind it, he knows that as much, he started suspecting them right from the day of the trail,those chiefs must have something to do with it...he rest his head on the pillow as his wife rolled over to face him.... He smile as their gaze met..
"Why arent you sleeping?He ask faintly
"Why aren't you?Queen Edna replied with clenched teeth
King Godfrey chulkled...
"You seem worried"His wife muttered
"Everything is ok, you should go back to sleep "
She lean her back on the pillow then raise her head to meet his...
"You dont seem okay to me"She said
He gave her a faint smile"Its nothing you should worry about, am alright "
"I have been married to you for thirty-six years, i know when something is wrong with you"
He knows no matter how he try to act as if everything was fine, his wife will still argue, she was always adamant, sometimes too stubborn....
He sigh"I was just thinking about what happened today"
"About the execution? she interjects
He nodded"There could be a tiny possibility that he wasn't the killer"
"I have also thought about it,but what can we do, all evidence pointed at him"
"Exactly my point, isnt it a bit weird that all evidence pointed at him?
Honestly, i dont know anymore"She replied shabbily
"But you shouldn't let that bother you, you only did what you thought was right at that moment "she added
"My decision at that moment could have spared him"
"It could have also made things worst "she interjects
He knows for a fact his wife was right, whatever may be the case, it was done and settled.....but he just wished he did the right thing

Mr Azuk snort as he gulp down the small bottle of gin....its been almost a month since his wife and daughter died but but it was still fresh in his head as if it was yesterday.... He cough as he gulp down a bit of the hot gin...., he groans at the fly that perched on his leg, the fly immediately flew away...he touch his chest, then drop the bottle he refused to release from his grip for the past one hour... He grunts as a knock came on the door, he wonder who it was, he was tired of people telling him everything was going to be fine..
He exhales when the knock came again... Sluggishly he stood up staggering on the way to the door....
He gritted his teeth as he opened the door... "What are you doing here"he blared out on the sight of who was there...
"Good afternoon"Inspector Kess greeted
Mr Azuk eyed him then he left him standing there...
Inspector Kess knew for a fact this man wasn't going to tell him to come in, he went in himself.....
The house was very unkept....it was more dirty than the way they saw it last time......he shift some litters of papers to one corner and sat on the chair opposite him..
He exhales as he watch him drink the bottle of gin...
"How are you fairing sir? He ask when he drop the gin...
There was silent for a while then he finally spoke up"How would a man in grief be feeling? He replied impetuously
Inspector Kess could sense the man was still in great pain, loosing a wife and a daughter is really a memory of a lifetime
He wasnt sure why he was here, but his instincts tells him he needed to be here,to check on him and to ask him some few questions....... Though the case was closed but he wasn't satisfied with the outcome, he needed to find out the truth to clear his conscience....
"I didn't see you at the trial"He said when he didn't know how to begin...
Mr Azuk sniff"Why would i be at the trial of an innocent man"
"There was evidence that proves he was guilty "
"Finding a gun in someone room is not enough evidence to kill him...
"It wasnt just the gun... "Inspector Kess interjects
"That man's blood will be on your head and all those who joined hands to kill him"Mr Azuk retorted ...
Inspector Kess just kept quiet, the thought of killing an innocent man really bothers him...
"you killed an innocent man while the real culprit is walking freely and throwing parties and you call that justice, shame on you ......
Inspector Kess knew this wasn't the time to find the answers the questions that keep bothering him.....
"I just wanted to check on you sir, am glad you are ok... "
"They have killed three people dear to me and you are yet to catch the perpetrator..... "Mr Azuk added
Inspector kess knew that whatever he says would make any sense to him, instead he sigh ,thank him and walk out of the house....
"Corrupt policemen"Mr Azuk muttered

The only thing that could be heard in the bush was the chirping sound of the birds in the trees... Inspector Philip looked around, he wonder why that woman wasnt here yet, this was their rendezvous, he just wonder why he was delaying, he look at the cash he was holding in the bag he was holding, the 10% of the payment....
He had taken great risk coming here, he look back as he heard the rattling sound of the bushes, then she came out from the bushes into the open space...
"You are late"He said
"Something kept me behind, am sorry"
She was the same woman who has giving them information about Obiro,the one he has bribed.....
He handed her the bag"The ten percent as promised "
She collected the bag ,bring out the money, they were in bucks
"Correct "She ask
"You can confirm it, i have no reason to cheat you"
She drop the cash back on the bag"It was nice doing business with you, hope we can do more in the future "she said
"As long as you keep your silence, we are game"He replied....
"I should leave now, before someone sees us.. "
Inspector Philip nodded
She turn round to go,just then he grabbed her by the neck, she was inclined to scream but his grip was firm on her neck, she tap his broad hands hard but he didn't release her, she was fading, her breathing was slowing..... She could sense death hovering around her... As the bag fell from her hand
He tied her griply and firmly, he wanted to be sure she wsa dead....
She wasn't moving, she gasped for breath...... Slowly she started fading, she couldn't take it, slowly she gave up the ghost...
Slowly he drop her on the floor when he believed she was dead, he rub his head with his hands, he look around, he wasnt sure were he has kept the shovel he has brought with him, he has hid it so she couldn't see it....
He check the corners of the bush and there it was, he exhales, then he began to dig....
"The terrible things you do for money"He murmur
He dig until he was sure the grave was wide and deep enough to accommodate her body.. He rolled her into the grave making sure not even her cloth was outside.... Then he began to cover her with the sand he has dug out...
It wad minutes later when he finished... He took a deep breath.....
Then he sat on the floor...
His breathe was heavy, he sniff when his phone rang, he quickly took his phone from his pocket and answer the call....
"Is it done"The caller's voice sounded from the other end
"One to go chief"He replied
"Leave no trace"He said
"Yes boss... "He replied as the call ended... He quickly pick up the bag, hid the shovel,clean the dirt from his shirt and ran out of the bush....



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 1:25pm On May 09, 2018

PRINCE Pious, francis and the royal guards all stood at the threshold of the palace inner chamber waiting for the arrival the envoy of the Olives oil enterprise... It was noon, the sun wasn't that high in the sky, Pious in his royal attire stood with his brother beside him, his father had told them to welcome the agent while he,the chiefs and elders sit inside....
Just then a car rode inside the palace followed by one other car, Pious immediately knew it was him though he haven't seen the envoy before but from the cars they came with anyone will know....
He took a deep breath as a fair man on black suit and a pair of black shoes came out from the first car..
Three huge men also on black suit came out from the second, they look more like bouncers,they stood beside the car...
Pious exhales as he realise they were just his security men.. He wonder why such a man will carry such huge men as security.... He didn't blame him though, the way the world is...is enough for one to do the unthinkable just for his protection.....
He adjusted himself as the envoy drew nearer to him.. The envoy must probably be in his late thirties or more....
Francis was feeling awkward, he wonder why his father will ask him to join his elder brother to welcome him.. As much as he loves learning the norns and traditions... This situation he was in was totally one of the things he never dream of doing......
"Mr Raymond"Pious said with a smile as the envoy got to where he is...
Pious was sure Raymond wad his name as that was the name specified on the late they had sent them...
"You must be the famous prince, i have heard so much about your exploits"Mr Raymond said
Pious chulkled, he wonder what exactly the envoy has heard about him.... "This is my younger brother, prince Francis"he said pointing to him...
"Is a pleasure to meet you, prince Francis "mr Raymond said extending his hand for a handshake...
"We should go in, the king and his cabinet members are waiting "Pious said
He led the way as the rest followed....
Most of the elders mumbled words to each other as they watch the envoy walks in...
"Mr Raymond"King Godfrey said as Mr Raymond approach him...
The king was majestically seated in his throne..
"Great king, it is a great pleasure to finally meet your acquaintances"Mr Raymond said kissing the back of his right palm..
"Your reputation definitely precedes you"He added
"The pleasure is all mine"King Godfrey replied
Mr Raymond was ask to sit down which he did...
Pious and Francis sat beside their father, Pious wonder why his father has chose to use the inner chamber instead of the great hall.. But whatever it is, he knew it was for the best...
"Elders of Akpatu"King Godfrey said...
He cleared his throat and then continue "This man here is the representative of Olives oil Enterprise, you know before now we have been on business with this great establishment and those businesses have been beneficial not only to me but the entire Akpatu kindred, two days ago, they sent me a letter that they were going to meet with us today for a business discussion, i didnt want to hear this discussion alone, that is why i have called for this meeting..., i will now let the envoy speak, let him tell us the reason for this gathering .....
Mr Raymond stood up as the king motioned for him to speak"Great king, great elders,,as the king has said i was sent here as a representative to discuss business with you, our agents here has found has vital things in some places, this things if harness can enrich every one of us and makes this land even more powerful..... "
"Go on"King Godfrey said
"Tell us what you found"king Godfrey added
"We have found oil in some lands"Mr Raymond said
"Oil.... "King Godfrey said as if he didn't hear him well...
Chief Odumodu stood up"If i may say something my king,i think what have found is good, if this oil is put into good use, it will definitely bring good fortune to us, we should agree to this deal..
"Those are peoples lands"One of the elders retorted interrupting Chief Odumodu
"What becomes of the people who owns that land, most of them suvives from those lands,most of those lands are the only things their fathers and grandfathers left for them...., what becomes of them after the so found oik is extracted and the ground returns are damaged.... "the elder added
"Those involved in such will be highly compensated"Chief Odumodu said
"That is what they always say,we all know where that compensation money goes to....as the saying goes, the rich becomes more rich, the poor becomes more poor"The elder retorted..
"Dont be an obstacle to good thing"Chief Odumodu blared out
"Not when the good thing is a threat to our people "The elder said back
"That is enough"King Godfrey said as he turned to face mr Raymond
The king knew the elder was right, if the oil is extracted, it would bring the good fortune everyone expects but it will surely bring destruction and chaos and he wasn't ready to witness that when he is still king...
"Yout Majesty, think about this, if the oil is extracted, think of the gains, that will come after it....
"There is no gains without pains"King Godfrey cut in..
Chief Ayo who was sitting patiently listening to every word they were saying stood up "Your Majesty, if you ask me, i will say this is an opportunity we cannot let go, opportunities like this dont come every time, they rarely come at all, think about Bajuri kingdom, Oil was discovered there, the oil was extracted and it brought riches to the people,since then we ve been praying such opportunity comes our way..
"We are not bajuri"King Godfrey cut in...
"And the oil there didnt bring good fortune to them, it brought chaos and disasters when the angry youths revolt which eventually led to the division of the kingdom, i dont want that for my people.. "King Godfrey added
Chief Carlos grunts, he knew for a fact what the king was about to do..he was about to make the biggest blunder of his life....
He exhales as he opened his mouth to talk"Your highness, rejecting this deal will be a very stupid thing to do..
"He is the king"Pious cut in
"He will do whatever he choose to do, his decision shouldn't be questioned by anyone"Pious added
Carlos sniff, he shook his head, then he sat down back in his chair all the way staring at Pious with furious eyes....
"Tell your people, we are not interested in this deal"King Godfrey said
"Your highness, please you should reconsider this..
"That is my decision"King Godfrey retorted...
"You will be well taken care of until you are ready to leave... "king Godfrey said, look at the chiefs, then he stood up and began to walk away followed by his two sons and few guards..
"All hail the king"Elder Utero said...
Some replied while other just stare at the king with furious eyes as he walks away...
"Stupid king... "Chief Carlos muttered

"JESUS"Inspector Kess exclaimed as he saw Nina's body barely hung on the rope That was tied on the iron hook in the ceiling...
"Dis she commit suicide?Inspector Philip ask
"Honestly, i dont know.... "He replied....
A young boy has rushed to the station earlier to call that they found a dead body in the house, according to the first person who the body, she identified herself as Nina's friend, she said when she came the door was opened, at first she thought someone was inside, she knocked but no one answered, then she walked in, the house was scattered, she called out Nina's name, she said she wondered why the door was opened when no one was inside, she said she decided to walk to the backyard, which she did, that was when she saw Nina hung to a rope from the window, she said at first she was alive but when she ran into the house, she discovered she was dead.. That was when she raised alarm...
"But why would she kill herself after she testified against her husband?Inspector Philip ask as he try to cut the rope and bring jer down... Her body was cold, her skin was fading, he remembered how she had struggled with him the previous day, but he took the upper hand, he had killed her and hung her on the rope to make it look like suicide....
"That is what baffles me,why would she kill herself, was she feeling guilty?Inspector Kess ask anxiously...
"Feeling guilty for what? Inspector Philip said as he drop the body on the floor
"Dont you think she lied, if she was been treated like an animal, there is every reason to lie just to get away from him... "Kess said
"Even if she lied to get away from him, she should be getting away, not committing suicide"Philip replied..
"You think someone did it?
"It makes sense if we think so"Philio said, he knew even if Kess knows it wasn't suicide, the game was an end point, he will never know who did it...
"You are right, it wasnt suicide,and whoever killed her wanted someone to find her"Kess said walking towards the body
"That explains the open door and window"Philip said
Kess sniff"The killer is smart"
Now he knows for sure they killed an innocent man..
"Whoever is responsible wanted her silence, and killing her was the only way to get it... "Kess added
"I guess so"philip interjects
"We killed an innocent man Philip...... "

Queen Edna smile as she preened herself in the mirror...
"That should do Rachel"She said to the maid combing hef hair
"Yes ma'an"Rachel said
Queen Edna stood up from the chair, look at herself one last time... "How do i look Rachel?
"Gorgeous, a beauty befitting a queen"Rachel said
"How is your father?"Queen Edna ask as she remembers Rachel had told her three days ago that her father was ill...
"He is okay now, the money you gave me went a long way.. "
"Am glad to hear that"Edna said
Just then a knock came on the door, Rachel immediately opened the door...
"Your Majesty"She said as she bow her head...
She pave way for the king to come in...
"You can leave now Rachel"Edna said
Without hesitation, Rachel left the room...
King stood motionless staring at his wife....
"Are you going to just stand there or.....
"You look beautiful"King Godfrey said shabbily
Edna smile"So how did it go, why was the envoy here....
King Godfrey remove the crown from his head and sat in her bed...
He wonder why his wife had decided they sleep in separate, though it wad customary to do that, he wonder why such customs even exist, a wife can only enters the king chamber only when the king wants... What nonsense
"He said they found oil here"
"Wow, that's good news"
"Yes, but i declined it"
"Why, you know that would have helped us go a long way
"Oil brings nothing but destruction "king Godfrey said
"that is only when you allow it... "
"I know it brings good tidings, but the bad things that comes with it is inevitable "King Godfrey said
Edna smiles, she knew his husband dont just make decisions if they weren't in the people's best interest...
"I was just doing it for my people... "he added..
"I know,you have always done the right thing "...

Cleopatra smiles as she approach Pious room,she thought of what to do to get his attention, Pious had ask a glass of juice be brought to his room,she had convince the maid sent to bring the juice that she will go instead, she liked the prince but he doesn't look her way, she always fantasize about the two of them, him holding her griply to himself, her father had told her oneday to seduce him, who knows she can get pregnant and eventually becomes the queen, something she has always dreamt of.. But the stupid prince never even take a glance at her, she looked at herself, then she look around, when she saw no one coming, she quickly drop the tray the glass of juice wad placed upon on the floor, then she drew her skirt up,to the level of her thighs, she bet the prince wouldn't resist looking at her, she drew her shirt a bit up exposing her stomach, then she adjusted her breast...
When she was satisfied with her look, she pick up the tray and knocked the door...
Smile filled her cheeks as the door was open..
"My prince"She said with a tender voice....
Pious pave way for her to come in, he collected the juice and sat on the bed...
"You can leave"He said
Cleopatra knew this was the time to flaunt her looks in front of him, she gave him a seductive smile, then she turned around....
Pious wanted to look away but his eyes couldn't, for a second he was just staring at her then he realise what he was doing....
"Am through with you, you can leave.. "
"Yes my prince"She took one last glance at him, she opened the door, still looking at him, seductively she went outside, then she closed the door
"God... "Pious muttered and sigh, then he gulp down the juice
Cleopatra rest her body on the door when she was outside, she knew for a fact what she did definitely got his attention.., he was so cute, she began to touch herself imagining it was him, she cant wait for the day he will she will touch him, savour that erotic smell of his, hold him tight and kiss him like a hungry lion...
"What are you doing"Rachel said from beside her...
She quickly Move her body from the door"And what business of yours is that"She retorted
"Must you always bring yourself so low"Rachel said
"You should watch your mouth maid"she said furiously
"Maid.... "Rachel chulkled
"A black pot calling a pot black, you have forgotten that we are both maids....
"Well i would be a maid for long"Cleopatra cuts in
"You should be careful what you do or you will get yourself fired from here..."
"You are the one who needs to be careful, you can get yourself fired"Cleopatra said back,she eyed her and walk away....
Rachel shook her head

The eight chiefs gathered at Chief Carlos house, the decision of the king angers them, how could the king make such a decision.....
"Even kings listen to his subjects"Chief Marcus said
"This king we have is a blockhead"Chief Ayo interjects
"This king is going flush our prestige as a great kingdom down the toilet"Chief Majo said
"I mean what was he even thinking what he made that Terrible decision"Chief Austin said
"Does he even know how much we can make from this? Chief Joseph said
"He keeps talking about the poor, who gives a damn about them, when they work hard they can become rich like us"Chief Marcos said
"If this oil is extracted, it will definitely gives us a new legacy"Chief Odumodu said
chief Buzo sigh, he has been quiet listening to everything they were saying...
"Chief Carlos, what is the way forward?
Just then they were told by Chief Carlos guards that the envoy have arrived, without ado, they ask them to let him come in
smile filled their faces as mr Raymond walk into their midst..
"A nice house you get here chief"Mr Raymond said
chief Carlos chulkled "Evidence of hard work"He said as he ask him to sit down....
"I heard you wanted to tell me something "Mr Raymond said as he sat down
Chief Carlos inhaled"You know our king has been going through a family problems for a while now, so sometimes he makes decisions irrationally,we called you here so we can discuss about the oil... I suggest you bring in your people and start working"
"What about the king, he was totally against it"Mr Raymond said
"Leave the king to us, he is our king, we know how to settle issues within ourselves "Chief Carlos replied
"What you are suggesting is good, vut am sorry we cang start anything without the Kings order, if the king objects to it, then so be it, there is absolutely nothing we can do"
Chief Buzo sigh"You dont seen to understand what we are saying....
"With all due respect sir, i understand perfectly well what you are saying,the king is a great man, and we wouldn't want to dare defy him, so my answer remains the same, without the kings command for us to proceed, we cannot do anything"
"That will be all Mr Raymond, thank you for coming "Chief Carlos said
"Is an honor to meet the great cabinet members of this community.... If you want work to commence, convince the king.... "Mr Raymond said, he thanked them and then he left
chief Buzo hissed
"Carlos, are you really letting him go? Chief Odumodu ask
"Is there nothing that can be done to undo the terrible blunder our so called king had made.....? chief Buzo ask
"Its time we have a new king... "Chief Carlos replied....



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 9:00pm On May 10, 2018

That morning, all the guards and maids in the palace were busy carrying out their daily duties, The King and Mr Raymond were seen walking from the garden...
"I really appreciate your hospitality great king"Mr Raymond said
"It was nothing"King Godfrey replied
They both gigled as Mr Raymond walk to his car
"I believe we will have more business dealings in the future"King Godfrey said
"Of course"
"You are welcome anytime you want to visit"
"Thank you"Mr Raymond ,he look around, wish him well then he enter his car and zoom off follow by the other car he came with...
King Godfrey sigh as he watch him leave, he knew for a fact that he was not happy about his decision, but he had to do it, to protect his peoples from future catastrophe....

Slowly and Gently Raphael tiptoed to were she was and nib her on the waist...
She quickly stood up in shock, she took a deep breath when she saw him..
"Raphael, i have warned you several times not to do that to me again"Cleopatra said with her heart still beating rapidly
"Come on dear, you know i love you very......
"Love who"she interjects
She exhales then continue"I have told you times without number that is over between us, i cant be with an ordinary guard like you.... "
"You are also a maid....
"A maid with a future ambition"She retorted
Raphael sniff, he wonder what this girl was even feeling like..... Though he love her and he regrets why he still do, she was once a good and naive girl, but recently she is been acting weird, he has heard some of the guys whispering to one another how sweet she was in bed but he didn't believe any of that, he doesn't want to believe she has slept with them"Am also a guy with a future ambition"
"Then go out and make money, or you will die as a guard here"She blared out
"Then promise me you will wait for me"
Cleopatra laugh hysterically"Wait for what, oh so you expect me to wait until you have grey hair while all my mates are out there making it big,My dear, my advice to you is that you remove every hope of us getting back together from your head, because its never going to be possible, not in this world and certainly not in the next"
"But Cleo.....
"Hush.... "She cut him short... She eyed him then walk away leaving him there...

Inspector Kess paced around in his office, he was skeptical about the idea of meeting the DPO to reopen Mr Azuk case since it wad very obvious they killed an innocent man, the thought of killing an innocent man hunt him and he wasn't sure he will be at rest until the case is solved, until the real culprit is caught, his partner Philip has told him earlier it was a bad idea to meet the DPO to reopen the case,they brought in the person, they brought in the evidence, how would he explain that it wasn't the real killer that was executed but an innocent man...
But he knew he needed to make things right...whatever the outcome, it was worth trying..
With a make up mind, he headed for the DPO's office, he gently knock on the door when he got there, he heard the DPO voice telling him to open which he did....
"Good morning sir"he said as he saluted
"Good morning"Mr Ajayi the DPO replied
"Sir i have a little favour i want to ask of you"Kess said not actually knowing how to begin
The DPO signalled him to go on...
"Sir i think we made a mistake"
The DPO sigh"What mistake?
"I have this feeling Obiro was innocent"
"Feelings doesn't prove anything"Ajayi said
"His wife who testified against him commited suicide yesterday"
Ajayi adjusted himself on the chair he was sitting"Why wasnt i informed about that?
"Sir we thought it wasn't necessary because we thought it was suicide but now we have put the pieces together,she was murdered "
"You should be out there looking for the killer"Mr Ajayi said
"That is the reason i want mr Azuk case to be reopen, this deaths are connected "
Ajayi sigh"You think it was the same killer?
"Yes sir"
"Are you trying to imply an innocent man was executed?
Kess exhales "Am afraid so sir"
"Do you realize we can both lose our jobs if what you are saying is brought to public notice?
"I know sir"Kess said shabbily
"That case is close inspector, there is no point reviewing it"
"But sir, dont you think there is a tiny chance that we can set things right..... "
"I will not put my job in jeopardy because of your mistakes"Mr Ajayi blared out..he pause for a while, then continue "You had your chance to bring in the culprit which you did, is no one's fault he was innocent,you screwed up yourself,dont drag me down with you"
"But sir.. "
"We are done here inspector"Mr Ajayi retorted
Kess exhales, he was expecting this reaction from him, he knew his job will be on the line if the case were to be reviewed, but the risk was worth taking, he will never forgives himself for killing an innocent man
"Sir please, i beg you to think about this"He said, he waited for reply but none came, the DPO was just staring furiously at him.., he sigh then he left the office.....
"Stupid boy"Mr Ajayi muttered, he look at the files on the table, there he saw the envelope that was brought in earlier, he hasn't had the time to read it, he wonder who must have sent it, with a curious mind, he pick it up and opened it, he smile as he read the content of the letter....
he smiled as he put back the letter into the envelope......

St Matthews church wad the name that greeted chief Carlos when he drove into the church premises... Slowly he came down from the car as his guard who was heavily built opened the door for him, the church was a bit quiet, he wasnt the church type,he believe in riches and it comes through hard work, going to church is just an excuse for sinners....
He went into the building, ask a little boy about the father, and the boy pointed the way to the reverend father office..when he got there, he was told someone was there, so he decided to wait, although he wasn't good in waiting, but it was a church, even if he wasn't a believer, he needed to respect the fact that it was a church, he wink his eyes when he looked at the crucifix on the wall, he remembered the story, the story of the Messiah that he was old when he was little, during the time of the missionaries, they always tell that story and people are still saying it, sometimes he doubt it if the story was true..
Just then the person came out, he collected the briefcase his guard was holding and went into the office....
"What a pleasant surprise chief"Father Moses said as he set eyes on him..
"Is so good to see you father"Chief Carlos as he sat opposite him...
"You know you are always welcome here chief"
Chief Carlos chulkled..
"How is the work of God Father?
"Ohhh, it gets more enjoyable everyday that passes "
Chief Carlos gave him a faint smile"That is why i brought this little token for you"He said putting the briefcase in the table
"Take it as my own way of showing concern for rhe work of God"He added..
"That is so thankful of you Chief but am sorry i cant accept this money.."
"Father am giving this money in good faith"
"I understand son, but i cant accept any money i wont be able to pay back"
Chief Carlos laugh hysterically "Who is talking about payback,am giving this money to God"
"Am sorry chief, i cant accept this money"
Father Moses knew for a fact what he was up to, this kind of men gives money in return for something, and that thing is what he would be able to offer when the time comes
"Father, are you rejecting God's money?
"Am so sorry chief, but this money you are giving me is something i would be able to pay when the time comes, am so sorry, i cant accept it"
"Your lost father"Chief Carlos said taking the briefcase...
"An advice for you chief, deviate from this path you are threading, the end of the road is nothing but destruction, come back to your saviour, he is ready to receive you anytime.... "
Chief Carlos smile, that wicked taunting smile but the smile faded away within a second"An advice for you Father, always pray to God to make your soul rest in peace"
"What does that mean? father Moses ask anxiously
"Shalom father"Chief Carlos said as he left angrily...
"May God have mercy on your soul "Father Moses muttered

Francis grimace as he bit his lip, He took another slice of apple"Brother,have you heard about the other side of the world? He ask curiously
Pious laugh hysterically"That is just a fallacy,dont tell me you believe that"
"I believe it"Francis said eating a slice of the apple
"Do you think a world were there is no civilization, no internets still exist, not in this century... "
"But it is rumoured that no one has ever cross the Ogini river to the other side"Francis said
"There is nothing Beyond the Ogini river, its just water, the stories of people leaving beyond it are just tales we were told as kids, nothing exist there"
"But you believe that whoever that entered the river does not suvive?
Pious sigh"I have heard stories, that people that dare to enter the river were never seen, but its just stories, nothing of such has ever happened"
"Nothing you have witness.. "Francis cut in
"There is nothing there Francis absolutely nothing "
Francis was still of the opinion that people live there, and one day he wishes he go there...

After the meal, the DPO mr Ajayi thanked Chief Carlos and Chief Buzo since they were the only ones present there...
"Thank you for the meal chief, i really enjoyed myself"
"The maid did a wonderful job"Chief Carlos replied with a smile in his face
Mr Ajayi look around, the house was extremely beautiful he imagined how he will feel if he owns this kind of mansion"Sorry chief, but i dont seem to see your wife anywhere, where is she?
"My wife doesn't stay here, she stays abroad"Chief Carlos replied...
"Wow, nice"
"How is the police work, i heard it gets tiring sometimes"Chief Carlos said
"There is no work that doesn't gets tiring, but am coping"
Mr Carlos signalled one of his guard who was standing near the door, the guard immediately went into his and came back with a briefcase, Chief Carlos placed the briefcase on the table"This is for you DPO, to show appreciation for what you have been doing in our community..."
Mr Ajayi smile"Come on chief, its my duty, i dont need to be paid for it"he said sarcastically, he was inclined to take the money..
"Come on DPO, take it, it just a way for telling you to continue with the good work you have started with us"
Mr Ajayi grab the briefcase, he opened it, he open his mouth in amazement as he see the bunch of money on the briefcase ...
"All this for me"He said with mouth open
"Half a million to show how appreciative we are DPO, you can do whatever you want with it,its all yours to spend... "chief Carlos said
"Thank you chief, i really appreciate this"Mr Ajayi said as he close the briefcase and keep it in his side..
"I will always do my best to fulfill my duties in this kingdom"He added
Both chiefs nodded...
Just then the DPO phone rings, he looked at the call, it wasn't anyone important but he needed to get out of there to count the money...right there he started budgeting the money for things he wants to buy...
"Am sorry chiefs, but work calls"He said agitated
"Go on, its your work to protect us, i cant stop you from doing that"
He thanked the chiefs, then he walk out of the house all way praying he gets home fast....... Not everyday this kind of money comes one's way....
"Chief, what are you doing? Chief Buzo ask when he was sure the DPO was out of sight..
"When we invited the DPO you didnt tell me you were planning on giving him so much money, what is all that money for? He added
chief Carlos chulkled"Relax my friend, to trap a bird, you have to put what it likes on the ground, you just have to set a bait for him..., this money i gave the DPO, its not free, we surely pay for it, we will need him in the storms to come and when that time comes, he will run to us like a dog... "
"we just bought his loyalty"Chief Buzo interjects

King Godfrey sniff at the aroma of the food, he quickly wash his hands
"Are you sure you want to eat now, you might be late for the meeting "Queen Edna said
"The meeting can wait, eating your food is more important"
Just then his phone started ringing, he pick the call, finish the conversation then dropped it....
"You are right, everyone is already there"He said
"I told you"
He quickly wash his hands and stood up...
"I guess i will have to eat this later when i come back"
"Be careful"
He smile at his wife, she was always concern about him whenever he was going out...
"You should stop worrying, nothing is going to happen to me"
Edna smile "I know.. "
The king kiss her goodbye and left the dinning, he headed outside...
"Stephen is the car ready?He ask
"Yes sir"Stephen said as he quickly opened the Car door for him...he jump into the driver seat, the gate was open, then they quickly drove away...
King Godfrey Phone started ringing again, he pick the call,told them he was coming, the meeting was more like a diplomacy meeting, kings from the other kingdoms have decided to meet with the British envoy... King Godfrey was furious, he thought the disturb was becoming too much but he doesn't want to be seen as the king who keeps them waiting....
"Go faster"He said
Stephen quickly increase the speed, they were on the highway, the car was moving smoothly until they came to face a big truck coming towards them, Stephen step on the brake to slow the car but it wasn't working, he match it over and over but it didnt work...
"Stephen whats going on?
"The brake is failing your majesty
the king could feel the rapid pounding of his heart as the truck came close to them...
Stephen was lost in thoughts,impertuously he diverted the car steering into the bush, they scream as the car sped into the bush, the tires hit a big wood on the ground then the car and somersaulted...
King Godfrey gasp for breath, he grimace as blood drop profusely from his head, the thought of leaving his family behind came crawling into his head.. The pain was much, he was suffocating, he couldn't take it, just then he close his eyes.......



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:42am On May 13, 2018

Heart pounding, Queen Edna and her two children ran into the hospital, they headed for the room her husband is as directed by one of the nurses, shock ripped their heart when they saw him lying on the sick bed,Queen Edna immediately collasped on the chair...
"Mum"Francis shouted as he ran towards her..
Pious heart sanked when he saw his father's condition, he thought how the accident must have happened ,Stephen has always be careful anytime he drives his father..... He grunts as he watch his father lying helplessly on the bed, he wonder for how long he was going to stay like that...he sniff as he saw his mother lamenting on the chair... "women,always acting like women"
He scoff, he didn't like the condition his father was but he knew he was going to be ok...
"my prince"
Pious turned to face the doctor when he heard his voice .....
The Doctor sigh as he saw the queen crying,crying as if the husband was already dead, though he wasn't sure if the king was going to survive, the accident did a very big damage to him, if he survives, its going to be a miracle...
"I want to talk to you in my office"He said...
"Mum"Dad is going to be fine"Pious said as he followed the doctor to his office hoping to hear positive results about hi father's health... When they were in, the doctor ask him to sit which he did...
The doctor exhales, he wasnt sure were to begin from...
"How is Stephen?Pious ask when he noticed the unsteady expression in the doctor's face
The doctor took a deep breath, he flex his fingers"We couldn't save him"
Pious let out a low moan, he look away, then he face the doctor again,he felt a painful feeling in his spines, he wonder how he was going to tell his old parents....
"What about my father? He ask impetuously...
The Doctor inhaled,"The accident cause a lot of damage to him, especially his legs...., am afraid the king may not be able to walk with the legs"
"Is he going to be crippled?
"Am afraid so"
Pious heart sank, hearing this news about his father really saddens him, he fear what his mother may do when she hears the news...
"Is he going go be alright?He ask with shaking mouth, with tears almost dropping from his eyes...
The doctor wonder how he was going to tell him that his father's condition was very critical, how was he going to tell him that the king might never wake up.....
"We will do our best to save him"he said with clenched teeth
Pious wipe the tears that was dropping from his eyes"You shouldn't tell the queen any of this until my father wakes up"
The doctor nodded
Pious sniff, then he stood up..
"One more thing"The doctor said
Pious wonder what it is again, another bad news perhaps..
"I dont think your father's accident was a mere one"
"What are you saying doctor?Pious said sitting down inclined to hear more..
The doctor sigh"I think someone wanted to kill him"
Shock engulf Pious"Kill....."he exclaimed
"Why would anyone want to kill my father?
"The car was examined, it seems someone tempered with the brakes, it was a delibrate act....,brakes dont just stop working like that.... "
Pious saw sense in what the doctor said, but who could have done that, whi knew for a fact his father has so many enemies, but......
He gritted his teeth, it was definitely an inside job, someone in the palace wanted to kill the king...
"Thank you doctor for this information,i will put it to good news"
"I suggest you tell the police "
Pious nodded, he stood up and left the office all the way thinking who wants his father dead...

Pious was furious when he got to the palace, the thought of someone from the palace wanting to kill his father really angers him, without hesitation, he assembled all the guards and maids..
He stare at their faces,he wonder who the perpetrator might be...
"Who was on guard last night? he ask
Kunle signified by raising his hand...
Pious stare at him with furious eyes, the guard was shaking, he wonder if he was shaking because he is perpetrator or....
Earlier before he came to the palace, he had called inspetor Kess and has brief him about the kings accident and what rh doctor had find out, they had told him they were on their way.....
Pious ask the rest to leave.....
Heart pounding, Kunle wonder why the prince was so interested in finding who was on guard, he just wonder what must have happened...
"Did you find anything strange when you were on guard last night?
"No my prince,.."
Just then he saw inspector Kess and his partner Philip heading towards him...
"Thank God you are here inspector,"Pious said
"We will take it from here my prince"Kess said
Kunle feet were shaking, he wondered what he had done...
"We need a full list of the guards and maids in the palace..."
"No problem, you will geg it as long as it helps us catch that bastard..
"Sir i can help you with the list"Kunle said with shaking mouth
Kess stare at him, he was unsteady, definitely a criminal who was so afraid he will be caught...
"I guess we will start with you? Kess said
Great fear seized kunle, he doesn't know what was going on but whatever it was, he knew it was serious trouble
"Are you taking him to the station? Pious ask
"No, we are doing the interrogation right here"Kess replied
Pious nodded
"Where were you last night? Phillip ask
"I was here in the palace"Kunle said with shaking mouth
"Where were you in the palace?Philip ask
"I was standing guard outside"Kunle said..
He was scared, an inner mind keeps telling hil to stand firm and answer the damn questions, but he couldn't.... Instead he kept on shaking....
"Did you sleep off? Kess ask
"No sir"He said with clenched teeth
"Everyone sleeps a while"Kess added
"I did sleep sir but it wasnt long"
"So how would you know if someone walked in?Pious ask
"Sir, we are three that always stand guard,but one of us was sick, and the other went to see his sick father...
"So you volunteer to do a three man's job? Philip ask...just then his phone rang, he quickly took the phone from his pocket, he scoff when he saw the caller, he excused himself from them, went to a corner and then press the answer button...
"Hello sir"He said
"it failed, silent the bastard"the voice at the other end sounded
"Noted"He said then the call ended...
He look around,then he went back to where they are....
""I guess they should ask Raphael, he washed the car lastnight?Kunle said
"Go and call him"Pious said
Kunle quickly ran out
"Do you believe what he said? Pious ask anxiously
"Dont believe anything until you are fully aware of what you are dealing with, No i dont believe him"Kess replied
Just then Raphael entered the room, Kunle had told him that something was wrong... "Am here sir"He said as he get to where they are...
"We were told you washed the kings car last night?
Raphael wonder what the questions were for, has something happened to the car...or the king..
"Yes sir"
"Did you find anything suspicious?Philip ask
"No sir, the car was just the way it used to be anytime the king instruct us to wash it...
"Who was with you?Kess ask
"Nobody sir"
"Are you sure?Kess ask
Raphael bit his lip as he remembered his friend Peter was there, peter had actually volunteer to wash the car instead.."
"My friend, Peter was there but....
"Call Peter"Kess said cutting him short
Raphael nodded and hurriedly left them...
Pious felt the more time they were wasting interrogating people, the killer must be planning a way out....
"Do you think anyone here is capable of murder? Phillip ask
Pious sigh"Honestly,i dong know they all seem innocent...
Raphael rushed inside...
"Where is he? Pious blared out
"My prince, he is no were to be found, he was with us earlier but now he is gone... "
"That is our man"Kess said
"if he isn't in the palace, were else does he go? Philip ask agitated
"He has a grandmother he goes to see everytime... "Raphael said
"Take us there.....
Raphael nodded as he led the way..

It was few minutes later when they reach the compound, the compound was awfully quiet, Pious wonder if anybody stays in the small rickety house that was there...
"Thats the house"Raphael said
They quickly came down from the police car, Kess knock the door but no reply came, Pious headed for the backyard and there he was pacing around....
"Peter"Pious blared out...
Shock raced through Peter, heart pounding, he ran into the bush..
"He is getting away"Pious shouted as he followed him into the bush followed by the other three...
Peter ran as long as his legs can carry him, he regrets what he did, if he knew it was their plan to kill the king he wouldnt have tempered with brakes....
Pious ran as fastas he can, he was furious, he was ready to do anything to catch this bastard who wants to kill the king, but the possibility that the guard was sent by someone to kill his father was the question that pondered his mind...
Peter knew they were getting closer to him, he came to a road were they were two roads, without hesitation, he took one of the roads... And headed into the nearby bushes...
Just then Pious lost sight of him... He stopped and inhaled deeply...
"I suggest we split up"Philip said when they got to where Pious was...
Kess nodded as he headed his own way, Pious headed his own way... Phillip did same...
Raphael just stood there watching....
Great fear seized him, he can hear the rapid beating of his heart, the race waw becoming more exhausting but he knew for a fact he had to go on, he had to escape, if he is caugh, it will be the end of him... He wasnt sure were he was going but he continued running... He couldn't think clearly, he was only concern about his safety, he decided to look back, there was no one behind, just then he hit his leg against a big stone... He instantly fell to the floor...he grimace bitterly... Then he tried to stand up...
"Dont move"Philio said from behind him..
Peter could feel his heart ripping out from his chest, he couldn't stand straight, his ankle waw strained and it hurt him alot, he turned around to face him....
"Please, i did it for my grandmother,she is sick, i needed the money.... "
"Dont worry, she will soon join you"Philip said, without hesitation he shot him right through the chest....
Peter fell down, he couldn't endure the pain...
Phillip raised his shirt up, he pulled out a gun and placed it in his hands, it was a lucky day, he had carry an extra gun as if he knew something big like this was going to happen... Besides him no one else knew he carries two guns, he heard footsteps in the bushes, he was very sure they were close..
"God help me"He muttered then he shot his upper arm, he grimace in pains as he began to bleed, he fell to his knees..
Kess and Pious came rushing out of the bushes...
"Nooo"Pious shouted as he ran towards Peter....
"Who sent you to kill my father?Pious yelled...
Peter tried to utter a word but nothing but blood seems to come out, the pain was much... He thought of his grandmother as he breathe his last breath..... Just then he gave up the ghost...
"Why did you shoot him? Kess ask
"He shot at me, it was self defense..... "Philip said sarcastically
Kess watch as tears drip from Pious eyes...
"Now we will never know who sent him".....Kess added



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 11:02pm On May 13, 2018

RICK lashed out his anger by throwing the pillow ,the fact that he doesnt have the attributes to be the perfect son in law that his girlfriend father wants really angers him..., he groans at the mirror and started pacing around.... He loves her, he loves her too much that he can do anything for her even killing if that is what it will take to get her, to hold her, tp wake up everyday and see her....
He was crazy for her, it would have been great if she was a person of his standard, but she was way more higher and that annoys him.... She was a princess and he was nothing...
She had called him earlier, she had told him the devastating news...
A knock came from the door,he wasn't inclined to open the door for anybody, all he wants now was a moment with her..
Then he heard her voice calling his name from outside ,he quickly open the door..
"Princess"He muttered
She quickly rushed in and close the door...
She took a deep breath"I came here unseen"Princess Claude said
"You sneak out"
"I needed to see you"She said
"We leave for Akpatu kingdom today"
"You cant marry that guy claude"Rick said
"That is what my dad wants"
"Then lets elope, we can go somewhere nobody will see us.. "
"No matter how far we run, my father will always find us"
"I cannot allow you marry that guy"
"I have no plans of marrying him"
"Then lets run away... "Rick said
"Am not going there to marry him, am going there to kill him"
"How would you do that, if you are caught...
"I wont be caught, for our love i can do anything even though it means going into hell, when the prince of Akpatu dies, my father will have no choice but to let me choose the man of my choice"
"Then lets kill him together, for our love... "

Queen Edna look pale as she watch her lye helplessly on the hospital bed.... "Seeing him like this everyday..... "She scoffs
"Mum, Dad is going to be okay... "Pious said
He didn't tell his mum about what Peter did, Peter was dead, what he regrets is not finding out who sent him, but he knew something for sure, Someone wants his father dead...
"The king of mahuda sent word, he is arriving today with his daughter"Pious said
Queen Edna wiped away the tear that was falling from her eye..
"We shouldn't look sad in front of them, lets give them a grand welcome"Queen Edna said
Pious was Curious about the reason the king was visiting with his daughter..
"But Mum i thought they are coming for a diplomatic discussion, why is he bringing his daughter?Pious ask curiously
"Your father wanted to tell, and he would have told you if it wasn't for this accident"
"Tell me what? Pious ask shabbily
"Princess Claude is your soon to be wife"
Pious sniff, was he hearing right, how could his father arrange a bride for him without consulting him...
"I know it may sound shocking to you, your father thought you needed a wife...."
"And i see he went ahead to arrange a bride for me without my consent, what a wonderful father i have... "
"Son, for the past few years, you have shown no interest in a girl, we only needed to help you"
"I can find a wife for myself mum, i didn't intend for anyone to that for me"
"Princess Claude is a beautiful and nice girl, you will like her.. "
"I bet i will... "Pious replied with clenched teeth

Later that day, prince Pious,Queen Edna and Francis stood at the threshold of the palace, they watch as King Felix and his daughter princess Claude came out from the car...
Pious stare at a girl he thought to be the princess since she was dress in royal attire,if she was, it means his mother had not lie when she said she was beautiful,she was indeed a beauty..
"Your majesty"Queen Edna said..
"My Queen"King Felix replied
"Its really so good to see you after a very long time"He added
Queen Edna smile...
"My two sons, Pious and Francis"
King Felix turn his gaze to Francis"Look at you now, you have grown so big, the last time i saw you were just a toddler ..."
Francis chulkled, to him the last time they actually met, he has become a boy not a toddler....
"Prince Pious,the man of the people ,you are looking just like your father"
Pious gigled..
"Princess Claude, you are as beautiful as they say"Queen Edna complimented....
"Everyone, lets go inside, dinner is served"

Pious stare at her, his inner mind tells him she wasn't much of a talker, she was quiet all throughout the dinner......he wonder why his parents will think she was a better choice for a wife, besides her beauty, he hasnt seen any other attributes she posses.... The silence was becoming too much, this was all his mother's idea, his mother had suggested they sit at the garden and know theirselves better.. What a waste of time....he sigh and then decided to start a conversation..
"So tell me more about you princess Claude "
"There is really nothing worth knowing about me"she replied
Pious gritted his teeth, this was the one reason he doesn't talk to women especially the ones of high class, though he wasn't the sweet Hot mouth type who will strike a conversation with any woman that pleases his eyes... He was just a shy boy...
"Our parents want us to get married, funny isn't it?Pious said
"Yes, funny"she replied shabbily
"So what is your stand in that? Pious ask curiously, he wanted to know if she was against it as he was
"What is yours? she replied..
Pious grunts, so she is the type that answers questions with questions... The annoying type
"I was shock by it, but later i realise, it can be a good decision since we will able to understand ourselves later in the future... "
"You think an arranged marriage is good?
Pious sigh, was that what he said.. He wasn't ready for this kind of conversation...
"That isn't what i meant, i mean...
"I know what you mean prince pious"she said cutting him short
She hates him, hates him for accepting this marriage....his presence irritates her
"I beg to take my leave"She blared out
"What, have i offended you"Pious ask wondering what he done to warrant that kind of behavior..
"You did nothing, i just need to rest"
Pious scoff"If that is what you truly want, then let me escort you back"
"I can walk myself, thanks for the help"She said, then she left him there...
Pious chulkled"This one is definitely a character"he muttered..

"Claude banged the door behind her as she enters the guest they were given to stay, she wonder how long she was going to stay in this house,she quickly pick up her phone and dial Rick's number...
"Hey"Rick voice sounded from the other end
"Are you okay? He added
"of course am not, that bastard of a prince... "
"Wait, did that bastard touch you, i swear to God i will kill him myself if he...
"He didn't touch me"Claude said cutting him short
"Am just angry"She added
She felt someone grab the phone from her hand, she quickly turned back,shock swept through her, she didn't realise when hef father had walked into the room....
"Calling that gold digger again"King Felix blared out
"He is not a gold digger dad, he is the one i love,he is the one......
King felix a hot taunting slap before she could finish her statement, then he grab her throat, Claude gasp for breath...
"I would have you ruin this chance for me, you will do as i say, you will marry prince Pious, like it or not, do you understand me.... "King Felix groan
He let go of her when he realise she has gotten the message
"As long as we stay in this palace, you will put on your best behavior"He added
Claude stare at him with furious eyes....... Then she turned her face away
King Felix gave her a dangerous look, then he left the room....

Chief Carlos chulkled as he pour the wine on the glass...
"Chief, this issue is serious but you keep laughing over the issue"chief Buzo said
"No matter one tries to run fast, he cannot outrun death... "Chief Carlos replied
"We need another strategy to kill that king"
Chief Carlos gave him a glass of wine
"We will soon receive good news, lets cheers to that"
Chief Buzo was confused, but he knew for a fact that anytime there was something serious and chief Carlos resorts into laughter, it surely means there was more to what he knew..

"Slowly, Phillip opened the door to the room, there he saw him lying on the bed like a dead man, though he was here to make that happen,he move closer to him, he touched the oxygen he was breathing through, they were so foolish, no one was standing guard watching him, he pitied him, he didn't want his hands to be stained with a king blood but he have no choice, he needs the money, money is everything to him....
He pick up the pillow he was reclining his head on, gagging his nose will be the easiest way to kill, he was already half dead anyway...
"King king, am sorry for doing this"He smile as he took the pillow closer to his face....
"What are you doing "
Fear engulfed him as he heard a voice from behind him,he is been caught......



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 11:58pm On May 15, 2018

HE was furious, why will someone walk in now that he was about to complete his task... Slowly he turned back... He exhales when he saw the person ...
"You scared me Abigail"
"What are you doing here Philip?Abigail ask
Philip was glad it was her, Abigail was his ex girlfriend and a nurse in the hospital, what would have happened if it was someone else,he really has to careful...
"Oh, i came to get some drugs for my hand, then i decided to check on the king"he said putting the pillow back in the bed, he reclined his head in the pillow...
"And what were you doing with the pillow? Abigail ask
Philip was confused, how was he going to explain that...., he smile and walk close to her....
"Come on, i just wanted him to relax his head well, am a police officer and its my duty to protect the king and people of this town"
"Do you realise you are not suppose to be here"Abigail said..
Phillip sigh"I was just curious about the Kings health Abigail, lets not make a big deal out of this"
"Dont do this next time"she said as she walk to the Kings side...
"You look more beautiful now"Philip said with clenched teeth
"Isnt it obvious, i looked more beautiful after i left you"
Philip scoffs, He knew f or a fact that he and Abigail weren't truly in the best of relationship, she loved him but he only wanted her body, after he got what he want, he force himself to love her but tge more he tries the more it felt like a waste of time.... So he told her he couldn't continue.... She had beg to stay but he just wasn't ready.. So she walked out and since then he hasn't seen her and then today she showed up when he was about to earned some big amount of money...
"So can i get my treatment now?
"You didn't come to get that from me"
Philip sigh"Well since you are a nurse, i thought....
"You thought what.... "She retorted
She exhales, she knew for a fact that she still loves him and that annoys her..
"Look, i think you should leave.."She said faintly
"I hope this isn't personal "Philip interjects
"If that is what you think, is not"
Philip scoffs "If you say so.. "she stare at her one last time and walk out all the way thinking how she has obstruted his plans, chief will be furious when he get the news of his failure...

Princess Claude furiously slammed the door behind her as she walk into her room..., she groan at the wall,..
"I cant stand this disgusting prince and my father"She muttered
Her father is forcing her to marry this disgusting man for his own selfish ambition, having influence of a stronger kingdom is what his father wants, but she wants something else, and to thwart her father's plan she need to act.., she quickly pick up her phone from the bed and dial Rick's number...
Rick answer after the second ring...
"We need to act now Rick"She blared out
"I have been waiting for you to say that"Rick said
"But i dont have any idea how we are going to do that"
"Take him for sight seeing, lead him into the woods, there i will shoot him.."
Shock swept through her"Wait,shoot,how did you get a gun?
"A friend of mine lend it to me"
"You didnt tell you have a gangster for a friend"
"He is not a gangster, he keeps the gun for security purpose"
Princess Claude sigh"No one keeps a gun for such purpose"
"Look sweet dear, dont start thinking about that, we should focus on how we are going to be together, and to do that, we need to get that bastard out of the way.. "
Claude gritted her teeth "Tomorrow then, i will text you the location"
"Dont worry about it, i will always be one step behind you"
"I love you... "She said and ended the call
She was finally going to be free, let her see who her father will impose her on now...

Chief Mayo grunts as he gulp down the glass of wine, he drop the glass, wipe his mouth with a solvent paper....
"You Know Odumodu i have been thinking, if Chief Carlos eventually succed in killing the king, then what happens next? Chief Mayo ask
"Then we put a new king in the throne"Odumodu replied
"And who exactly do you think it will be? Chief Mayo ask
"That i dont know, but as tradition demands, if a king dies, a son will continue.... "Odumodu replied
"Dont you have any plans of your own? Chief Mayo replied
"What do you mean?
"Why killing a father when we know a son will surely take over,and you know quite well the son is just like the father, you have seen how he reacts in so many cases"
"You know you are right there, so you are suggesting we wipe out the entire house?Odumodu ask
"What am saying is, we should start making plans afterwards,we know Carlos will try to take the throne after the kings death"
"We cannot go against Carlos, he is too dangerous"
Chief Mayo gave him a faint smile"What you fear will come back to hunt you, we wouldn't have become what we are today if we were afraid, Carlos might have more money now, but if he eventually becomes the king,we will be doomed...

She frowned when she saw him, but for her plans to work she needs to convince him, with a make up mind, she force a smile on her face and walk up to him...
"Hey you"Princess claude said
"Hi you"Pious replied shabbily
"Am sorry i acted like a spoit brat yesterday"Claude said
Pious scoff, he was surprise she was talking to him after the stunt she pulled last night..
"You didn't act like a spoit brat, i understood what you were going through,i know you dont want this marriage.. "
"No i do, you were right, we should get to know ourselves better"Claude said
"Pious gritted his teeth"I think that is a good idea
"So i suggest we go for sight seeing"
"Sight seeing!, am sorry Claude, but there is no chance for that right now, i want to go see my father at the hospital"
"Your father will be fine, when last did you have fun, lets go and have some fun, that way we will know each other better"
Pious was surprised at the change in her character, he thought he understood girls, but this one.... She is strange, she can be a wild tiger now and the next thing she is calm as ice... He thought of what she has said,it may be a good idea, that way he was going to know her better,he will just have to see his father when he returns..
"Okay, lets go then"
"God, thank you"

As they walk along the woods, Claude check her time, it was 12:26am,she wonder where Rick was and what he was doing, she has manage to lead the idiot into the woods..
"Is anything the problem, you have been looking at your watch since we enter the woods"Pious said
"There is nothing wrong, is just that when i have nothing to say, i look at my watch"
"Well, that is new, what other things do you do when you are bored"
She chuckled"You seriously dont want me to start counting.... "
From a distance, he glare at him with furious eyes, so he is the bastard that is trying to steal his girl away from him, he positioned the gun, wrap his hand around the trigger and was ready to fire..

His heartbeat increases as he try to open his eyes, slowly and steady, his eyes began to open, everywhere was blur, then he blinked, shock swept through him, he gasp for breath.. with hands shaking, he muttered...


Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 10:27pm On May 17, 2018

"Your majesty, you are awake"Carlos said
Chief Buzo rush to his side..
King Godfrey sigh, he look around wanting to see any member of his family, but all he could see was the face of this chiefs...

Princess Claude wonder what Rick was still waiting for before he kills this bastard, she was beginning to doubt if Rick knew where they were....
"Beautiful place isn't it? Pious ask
She grunts"Yes it is"she said as she look around but there was no sight of him
"My father use to bring us here when we were little, we will sit under this trees and he will tell us stories"
"Your father must be the adventurous type"She said as they both gigled...
"So did you love coming here? She ask
"Anytime i want to clear my mind"
She chuckled, then sigh as her phone began to ring, she hissed as she saw the caller, she wasn't sure if she should pick up the call..
"Would you pick it up? Pious ask wondering who was calling..
She smile then the smile faded within a second,she took a deep breath, she just wonder why her father was calling her, with a curious mind, she press the answer button
"Hey dad"
"This should be the last time you will pull this kind of stunt"king Felix voice sounded
Shock swept through Claude, what was his father talking about..
"What's going on Dad? She ask anxiously
"Did you think you and that stupid boy can kill the prince? King Felix furious voice sounded
Fear engulfed Claude, just then she knew it was all over...
"Where is him father? She blared out not minding if Pious was there..
"Barely alive, and i will kill him if you try any other stupid thing"Felix said and the call ended
Claude could feel the rapid beating of her own heart, so Rick has been caught
"Are you okay"Pious ask, then his own phone rang, he immediately answer the call, a minute later the call ended...
"We should leave,my father just woke up"

An hour later, Pious, Francis and Queen Edna were in the hospital, Pious has ask princess Claude to follow him but she has said she wasn't feeling well, Pious knew there was more to her excuse, something was wrong with her...
"Mum i need to tell you something"Pious said as he drag his mother to a corner... "
"The doctor said Dad damaged his leg in the accident......
"He will be crippled"Edna interjects
Shock swept through Pious, how did she find out
"How did you.....
"I forced it from the doctors mouth, he was so keen in keeping it a secret"
Pious sigh, it was best she knows, he was looking for a way to tell her...
"What are this chiefs doing here?Pious ask..
"They are your father's cabinet members, they have the right to be here, you seems to have forgotten who your father is, your father is the king"
"Still, i dont like this chiefs"Pious said
"Neither do i"Edna said as she walks to her husband side...
"Your majesty, we are glad you are okay"Chief Buzo said
King Godfrey nodded, his head still hurts, he tried to roll over but he couldn't..
"Dont stress yourself my king, you need your rest"Edna said
"Your highness, We should leave the king to rest"Chief Carlos said.. He look at the king one last time..
"Thank you for coming, your presence here is greatly appreciated"Queen Edna said
Chief Carlos nodded, he gritted his teeth a he stared at the queen who turned her face away...
He smile to himself, signal Buzo, then they both left..
"Am glad you are okay dad"Francis said
King Godfrey felt a bit relieved as his family surrounds him...

Where is he dad? Princess Claude blared out as she got to were her father is
King Felix stared at het with furious, he told the guards that stood with him to excuse them, then he groan at her...
"Look here little girl, if you ruin my plans for me, i will kill you myself"King Felix groan
"And what exactly are your plans father, You are forcing me to marry a man i dont love because of your own selfish ambition..."
King Felix slap her hard on her right cheek, as she grimace, he hold her neck, Claude gasp for breath..
"Am doing this for you and me, i wont allow your petty love for that bastard to ruin my plans, if you dont marry prince Pious, you will die alongside that bastard, and i will sacrifice pieces of your bodies to the god of ogini river"
He released his hand from her neck, Claude cough as she gasp for breath...
"I hate you"Claude said as she breathe heavily
King Felix grunts, he was filled with rage, he groan at her then left her there....

KING Godfrey was hurt when he heard the news that he may never walk again..
"We will get through this"Edna said
"You dont understand"He said, he took a deep breath and continue..
"The people will never accept a cripple king in the throne"
"Father, you are their king, crippled or not,they wont have a choice but obey your commands"Pious said
"I wont be able to perform my duties"King Godfrey said shabbily..
"Dad, been crippled doesnt stop you from performing your duties"Francis said
King Godfrey sniff"I must relinquish the throne for you son"
"Dont say that"Edna interjects
"Dad, you are strong, even with your disability,i believe you can still lead the people "Pious said
"King Godfrey sigh, he wasn't strong as his son was implying, the people will revolt, he was cripple, what will he be able to do when disasters come, with hurt in his heart, he turned his face away...

Princess Claude paced in her room, she has tried Rick's number several times, it was switch off, she wonder where her father has hid him, or could he be dead, she knew his father, he doesn't hesitate in killing anything that gets in his way of progress... She collapse in the bed as tears began to drop from her eyes, she have to be sure he is still alive, she need to know were he is, Rick was right, they should have ran away when they had the chance, now it was late, he is missing, and she dont know if he is alive or already dead...

Chief Buzo look lustfully at the girl who was pouring him the drink, he fatasize about her until she finish and left them....
"Where is your mind Buzo? Chieg Carlos ask as he chuckled
"Just admiring the beauty that was in front of me"Chief Buzo replied
"That is Samantha, she is new here"She said
"She is fire chief, she can turn any man on just with her eyes"Buzo said
"My friend, you should take your eyes off her, i havent taken her to paradise yet, she is here, specially for me"
They both laugh hysterically
"So what do we do about the king now, since our informant has informed us that he is crippled"Chief Buzo ask
"A crippled king in the throne, it seems we would get blood in our hands afterall"Chief Carlos said
"What do you mean?Chief Buzo ask
"Nobody will want a crippled king to rule them, the people will revolt, he will surely be impeach from the throne, we will soon have a new king"
"What if the people doesnt revolt, the people love the king,been crippled wont make any difference"
"Well in that case, we need to give them a reason to revolt".......
Chief Buzo smile, he raised his glass of wine"To the new king then....

Slowly Rick open his eyes, everywere was dark, at first he thought it was his eyes, then he realised it wasnt, the room was dark, he wonder where he was, the last thing he remembers was that, he was aiming the trigger at that bastard who was trying to take his girlfriend, just then something or someone has hit him hard in the head, then he fell unconscious....
He look around, he saw a tiny hole a light was shining from, he peep through the hole, there was nothing there, he began to pace in the room, drooling his hands around for anything, then he got to the door, he tried to open it but it was lock, just then he knew someone has locked him there.....
"Anyone there"He shouted but no one answered
He went to the tiny hole the light was beeming from, then he heard footsteps approaching, he rushed back to the door..
"Who is there"He shouted again but no one answered..
Confused on what to do, he scream....
"Somebody help me"


Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:45am On May 20, 2018

That sunny afternoon, the people gathered at the great hall, it was announced the previous day that both old and young should assemble at the great hall for an important discussion that may shape the ruling house... Some people didn't wait till the specific time before they went there, on occasions like this, there was always merriment, some people has gone there for the food while others went there out of curiosity on what the gathering was all about .....
Some people started whispering as the king was rolled in a wheelchair, they wonder what had happened, though they have heard the rumors but it just seem so hard to believe...
Pious help his father as he sit on the throne, King Godfrey inhales deeply, then clear his throat, his leg hurt, what he was about to disclose will come as a shock to everybody but he has to do it, if he cant sit on the throne on his own, how can he rule the people of Akpatu....
He glance at his wife and two children who were waiting curiously as to the gathering was all about..
"People of Akpatu, you all must be curious as to what this meeting is all about..., as you can see, i had an accident a week ago and it claimed my two legs, but glory be to God that am still alive and well...."He scoffs, look around, he caught the gaze of the chiefs, then he quickly look away, sigh and continue"Because of this, i can no longer gives the kind of service as expected of me, that is why I want to abdicate the throne to my oldest son Pious....
"Father "Pious muttered
The king look at him, then continue"From now on he will be your king and protector.. "
"All hail the king"The crowd echoed
King Godfrey smile as he saw the amazement in the people's face,he continue as the crowd turn silent"As tradition demands, a new king will be crown after three days of his announcement by the traditional Prime Minister, but before then, as you all know, a night to the day he will be crown, Ajuwa festival is celebrated....
"Hail"The people echoed again
"Let the celebration begin... "drugs and songs were heard from outside......

"My king what are you doing? Edna ask as they roll the king out of earshot....
"The right thing "The king replied
"Father am not ready to be king yet"Pious said, if he knew his father was going to make such a decision, he would have stopped him, he wasn't ready to be king yet.
"My son, you have everything it entails to become king"King Godfrey said
Pious scoffs, he wasn't if he was really who his father is saying, he wasnt expecting the mantle of kingship to fall on him on..
"Dad, making me king is a mistake, am not ready"
"Kings are not made,kings are born, i have seen those qualities a king should posses in you,i believe you will be a better king than me.."
Pious sigh, does he really posses those qualities his father said, been king comes with great responsibility, and he wasn't sure if he is up to that task.... "

Pious grunts as he ate the apple, he look at his younger brother who was busy drinking wine....
"I cant believe you are now king"Francis said as he drop the glass of wine..
Pious chulkled "not yet"
"Doesn't make any difference to me, its been announced, you are now the new king of Akpatu, your majesty"He said jokingly as he portrayed
Pious laugh"Dont start
"So are you getting married to her? Francis ask
"Who? Pious ask
"Princess"Francis said shabbily
Pious scoffs, he hasn't even think about that
"Honestly i dont know"He said
"Well it seems dear princess doesn't love you"Francis said
"What do you mean? Pious ask curiously
"Just yesterday i overheard her auguring with her father that she doesn't want to marry you"
"Francis, you shouldn't eavesdrop on people's conversation... "
"I know, i just heard it when i was passing, there is something really strange about them, but the fact is, she doesn't love you, she doesn't want you.. "
"Same goes for me"Pious said
Francis scoffs"You do know if you marry her you will be ruining your life and hers as well"
"We may grow to love each other"Pious said shabbily
"Brother, there is no such thing as that, love is supposed to be mutual, but in your case, it isn't even one sided, you guys will end up destroying yourselves if you form a union"
"Father wants me to marry her"Pious said
"Father doesn't control your heart, you should marry someone you love"
Pious laugh hysterically "What do you know about love?
Francis scoffs"Well,enough to know when two people are not compatible"
Pious laugh, he just cant believe his younger brother was telling him about love,but he knew his brother was right, he cant marry a girl he doesn't love..
"Just try talking to dad "Francis said
Pious nodded, he pour the wine in the glass and gulp it down....

Princess Claude peep from a corner, as the king Felix drove out of the compound, before now she has ask for Pious car which Pious willingly gave her, she quickly enter the car and started following her dad, she was careful, she doesn't want him to suspect someone was following him, she was few paces away from him, he diverted to the other road and she did same, she keeps following him until he stop and drove into a compound, she wonder if her father knew anyone there, she wonder if this was the place he was keeping Rick, she slowly came down from the car, the area was isolated, too quiet for her liking, people can be killed here and nobody will know, she walk towards the house, the house wad surrounded by bush, she was afraid, fear run in her spines, hands shaking she push the gate open, it was a small bungalow, she move towards the threshold of the house, there she heard a deep voice, then her father's voice came up...
Her heart begin to pound, she wasnt sure how she was going to enter the house.....

"No matter how you try to keep us apart, we will always be together"Rick blared out
"You will be with her in the grave"King Felix said
Claude rushed in
"Rick"she called out as she ran towards him, but she wad block by one of her father's thug"
"Claude, my love, you have come for me"Rick said but he was held down by a gun pointing to his head"
"You useless fool"King Felix groan at her
"When i saw that car following me, i knew something was up"He added
"Release Rick father, he has nothing to do with this"Claude said
"Is that why you plan to assassinate the prince?Felix said
"Father i planned all that alone, if you want to punish someone, punish me"
"Baby, no matter how he tries to separate us, we cant be separated "Rick said
"You will marry who i want you to marry"King Felix said
"No dad, i love Rick, i will only marry him"Claude said as tears began to drip from her eyes
King Felix groan, he furiously collected the gun from the thug who was pointing it to Rick's head, without hesitation, he shot Rick's right hand....
Rick shouted in pains as the bullet penetrate into his hand.....he grimace as he breathe heavily....
"Rick... "Claude shouted, she push the thug blocking her aside as she ran to his aid...
"Baby, no matter what happens, no body can separate us"Rick said with clenched teeth...
Claude nodded in tears
"The next bullet will go to his head, so i ask again, will you marry the prince? Felix blared out
She didn't answer, she just knelt with uncontrollable tears rolling down her cheek.....
Felix held the trigger, ready to fire again.....
"Will you? he yelled
"Yes"Claude said faintly
"Claude no, you cant, you promise me...
"I know baby, i know.. "She said holding his face,they both sniff as they cry bitterly...
"take the bastard to his cage"Felix said
Rick was drag away by two guys... He scream Claude name as he was been drag away..
"I love you"Claude muttered

It was 4:59pm when Pious arrive at chief Carlos house, to vis surprise all the chiefs were gathered there, Pious knew they were up to something when he received an invitation letter from Carlos, he was inclined to know what they want to tell him...
"Our king"Chief Mayo said as Pious walk into their midst
Pious smile faintly, "I greet you chiefs"The chiefs nodded as they ask him to sit down...
Drinks were immediately brought to him but he rejected them..
"My king, it is customary that when a person of a higher level visits yoj, you should do your utmost best to make that person feel comfortable, The drink that was serve to you was out of our kind gesture, you are a king, you deserve the best"Chief Buzo said while the rest nodded
"Am not king yet elders"Pious said
"Elders! Chief Ayo exclaimed
"We are chiefs my king, you should address us as one"Chief Ayo added
Pious chulkled"It doesn't really make any difference to me, been chief or elder, you are all my father's subjects, so i believe the same treatment should be given to us... "
The chiefs felt embarrassed...
"Spoken like the true son of your father"Chief Carlos cut in
"But i believe you dont know our traditions and customs yet"chief Carlos added
He clear his throat then continue"You see, we were all saddened by your father's condition,but his decision to make you king was a hasten one, i keep asking myself, does he know the norns of our people, being king comes with so much responsibility,are you ready to bear all those burden...?
Pious knew were the conversation was going, but he just sat and listen..
Chief Carlos sigh"Your Father was a great king in his time but he had so many lapses, being king doesn't just concern rulling a half kingdom but a full kingdom, your father in his reign favoured some people and left the people that matters,and this decision of his led to many lost opportunities, this community would have been the most wealthiest in the world if your father had listen to us.. "
"What exactly are you trying to drive out chief? Pious ask agitated,
Chief Carlos laugh as the rest of the chiefs"Nothing much son, i mean your majesty, but if you are ever going to have a successful rule, you have to listen to our wise counsel"
"Wise counsel! Pious chulkled as the word echoed in his head, he immediately stood up...
"I came here out of respect for you chief, but i have a great counselor and mentor at home, my father will teach me everything i need to know, am sorry i will not be sway by talks of greedy old men,have a good day chief"Pious blared and left them..
"Did he just call us greedy old men? Chief Ayo ask
"And to crown it all, he had the nerve to walk out on us, who does he think he is.."Chief Odumodu interjects
"The son is worst than the father"Chief Mayo said
Carlos was furious, there was rage in his eyes"He will pay for this... ,they will all pay for this... "



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 6:33am On May 22, 2018

He rolled over to the other side of the bed at the beep of the alarm, he hated this alarm, but he knew for a fact he needs it, he was tired, was it stress or too much fatique, he was gaining weight, his wife Kahefa had told him that but you wont blame who does nothing but sleep and receive favours from the king gets fat, he wasn't much of a busy man but when it comes to his duty, he is very serious with it....
The bedroom swung open, he raise his head, it was his wife standing at the door like a bodyguard...
"Your phone has been ringing"Kahefa said
"Who? He ask shabbily feeling tired to stand up from the bed
"The king"She said
He quickly stood up, collected the phone from her and called back....
The king answer after the second ring..
Kahefa watch as her husband and king talk on the phone....
"What did he say? She ask anxiously when the call ended
"We are having a new king"Zuru her husband muttered
"Pack your things, we leave for Akpatu now"He said and headed into the bathroom

"Chief we must do something soon, if that boy becomes king, he will treat us like trash"Chief Ayo blared out
"Tomorrow is the night of Ajuwa festival, we only have a day before that bastard is crowned king"Chief Odumodu said
Chief Carlos sigh, he hates the king, now he hates the son more"When is Zuru coming?
They look at theirselves but no one came with an answer
"Tomorrow night is Ajuwa festival, Zuru will be present there, which means he is either coming today or tomorrow"Chief Ayo said
Carlos gritted his teeth"Zuru is the traditional prime minister,bonded with the crown, without him, a new king cant be crown"
"Are you insinuating we get rid of Zuru?Chief Buzo ask
Carlos chulkled"To kill a tree, you get rid of the root, Zuru is not our problem, the king and his entire family has to die"
"And how do we go about that, all our attempts to kill him has gone fruitless"Chief Mayo said
Carlos smile"Tomorrow night is Ajuwa festival, as tradition demands, a king does not participate in the festival"
"He will be in the palace"Chief Buzo interjects
"Without guards or maids, just him"
"Nobody will know if he is dead"
Carlos nodded"But we have a tiny task to do, we have to call his sons and wife, that way, we will be wiping out the whole family"
They all laugh at the plan...
"Tomorrow night, we change the course of succession, bloodline, Tomorrow night, emerge a new king, a king of our making..... "
"Tomorrow night marks a new dawn for us, new success, and more riches.. "
They pour drinks, raise their glasses and celebrated..

Claude throw pillows around as she pace in the room, the thought of Rick filled her head, she had no choice but to agree to marry that dickhead of a prince, but deep down she knew she did it for Rick, for his safety.. But Rick wasn't safe with her father, what assurance does she have that after getting married to that dickhead, her father wont kill Rick... She groan, she just wish someone kills this prince who has made her life so miserable....she sat on the edge of the bed, just then a knock came on the door, she didn't reply, the knock came again, this time the person called her from outside, she sluggishly walk up to the door and opened it
"What"She blared out as she saw a maid standing there
"The prince wants to see you"Rachel said
"Tell the prince am busy"She blared out
"But..... "
"Are you deaf"She cut in
"Tell him am busy"She added
She stare at her then close the door at her face
Rachel sniff, she so much dislike this girl, she was just so rude..
Claude look at herself in the mirror, her dreams are beginning to shatter right in front of her..the knock came again, this time she was furious, she was inclined to teach that girl a bitter lesson she will never forget in her entire miserable life...
With rage in her eyes, she flung the door open...
"Whoo, princess easy... "Pious said as she raise her hand to slap him...
"What are you doing here? She blared out
"The question is, whats upsetting you? Pious ask back
She scoffs"What,because you are my soon husband to be, you think you have the right to meddle in my affairs"
"Its not meddling, it called showing concern"Pious said
"I dont need your concern prince"She said and was about to close the door but pious hold it....
"Seriously, whats getting you so walked up?Pious ask
"Leave me alone"She blared out
"Not in this situation"Pious said
"You will see the worst of me when we finally become husband and wife, king and queen"
"What do you mean by that?
She eyed him, then close the door and lock it..
"That is scary"Pious muttered

Shock raced through Zuru when he saw the king on a wheelchair....
"Zuru, my brother "King Godfrey said,
"Your Majesty, what happened? Zuru ask anxiously
"Accident happened"King Godfrey said
"When didn't you tell me"Zuru ask
"I didn't want to bother you brother"Godfrey replied
Zuru wink his eyes at him, his elder brother was always doing that, hiding things from him...
"Zuru, You remenbered king Felix? Godfrey ask
"Your highness "Zulu said walking towards king Felix
"Zuru, the mighty Zuru, Its been long i saw you, where have you been?
Zuru smile but avoided the question...
"Uncle Zuru"Francis said
"My favorite nephew has grown so big"Zuru said
Francis grinned,
They discuss about the family and food was served...


She clatters as her leg hit the dishes on the table, then she woke up, she wonder how long she has slept, she look round but her husband wasnt there, she wonder where he has gone to, the house was awfully quiet,she called out Rachel's name but she wasn't in sight, she wonder where everyone has gone to, it was strange, really strange, there was no sight of anyone in the palace, fear ran in her spines, she quickly rush to the inner chamber, heart pounding,she hold herself from the shock,there was blood on the throne, without hesitation, she scream loudly...
She scream as she woke up... Her breathe was heavy...
"It was just a dream"She said with shaking mouth..
"Are you okay? King Godfrey who was sleeping beside her ask..
"I had a very bad dream"She said still shock by the dream
"Its just a dream"Godfrey said
"No this one felt real, something bad is going to happen today"
"Nothing is going to happen, is just a dream, whatever you must have seem, there is no meaning to it... "
She was still scared,she relaxed herself..
"Something bad will happen, i can feel it.. "she muttered

Pious and Francis watch as preparations for the festival were been made....
"This is the first time am going to witness this"Francis said
Pious chulkled"You witness it when you were little, iy was celebrated in honor of father.. "
A wave of shock swept through him...
"Brother are you okay? Francis ask
"I dont feel good, i have been having this unexplainable signs that something bad is going to happen"Pious said
"What bad thing can happen on a happy day like this?
"I dont know but i just have this feeling that everything wont go alright.. "
"Brother,am sure that is because this festival is celebrated in honor of you, rejoice, you are becoming king by dawn tomorrow.,nothing is going to happen"
Pious prays his brother is right, he prays everything goes well....

Carlos smile to himself for a well carved plan, they may think they are celebrating, but he will make sure the celebration becomes a funeral....
"Happy death day king...."he muttered as he laugh hysterically...



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 2:41pm On May 23, 2018

Rick sniff as he smell his body, he peep through the tiny hole the sun rays was beeming from, He grimace as he touch his injured hand, though the hand has been treated and bandage but he was still feeling the pains,The thought of Claude marrying that bastard filled his head, he has to plan his escape, he needs to stop her from making a big blunder, he knew she was doing it for him, for his own safety, but he cant lose her to another man, he cant bear the thought of another man touching her, Claude is his, She will always be his, no one can come between their love.... Furiously he hit the wall with his fist..., he grimace at the pains he inflicted in himself, his eyes was filled with rage, he collapsed on the floor as a tear drop from his eye....
Just then the door open, he close his eyes a bit as a large ray of light shone into the room....
Gavi one of the thugs guarding him drop a plate of food in the floor and push it to his side...
"when do you intend to release me? Rick ask
Gavi gave him a taunting smile"Release!,your life ended the day you tried to kill the prince"
"Then why aren't i dead, why are you still keeping me? Rick blared out and he stood and begin to walk towards him..
"We are not done having fun with you"Gavi retorted
Without hesitation, Rick punch him in the face, as Gavi tried to regain his balance, Rick push him aside then he ran out of the room, shock swept through him as the other Three guys aim guns at him
"There is no escape for you"One of them said..
Gavi who was furious, drag him back and threw a punch at him, then he push him back into the room and lock the door....
"You cant keep me here like an animal, you fucking idiots"Rick yelled from inside....
Then he begin to kick and hit the door....

"Do you think i did the right thing?King Godfrey ask as Zuru roll him in the wheelchair to the garden..
"Abdicating the throne to your son, who was the last king that did that? Zuru ask
"King Zubayi,our great great grand father"King Godfrey replied as they both gigled
"And what made him do that? Zuru ask
"He was sick, barely alive according to the story"Godfrey said
"So Brother,anyone in your choose would have probably done the same thing regardless of if its right or wrong"Zuru said
Godfrey sigh"I cant i would have to pass through that loneliness tonight
"Its the tradition,the outgoing king has to be home alone"
"The foolish things tradition makes us do"
"Zuru, when are you going to bring Max to come see his uncle?
"As soon as he finishes his studies"
"He must be a big boy now"
"O yes, he is"....
They both chulked

"Put that there"Queen Edna said to a maid
"So how is the festival celebrated?Kahefa ask as they both stroll round the palace
"Its a festival of Joy, to usher in a new king, the people gathered at the village square, there they drink and wine, they try to make it memorable, seems it doesn't come always"
"So even the princes will join in this festival?
Everyone will join except the king, it is tradition that the king stays in the house"
"Unguarded?She ask
"Yes, he alone will stay home"
"That is absurd"Kahefa said
"That's tradition, the kings before him have done it"
"It is believed that when he does that, that way he communicates with the past kings.. "
"And what do they tell him? Kahefa ask curiously
"No body knows, a king never reveals what he was told"
"That is weird"Kahefa muttered, leaving a king unguarded like that, what if something happens to him......

THE night finally came, sounds of drugs and music were heard throughout the community, People move and dance and merry....
Raphael smile when he caugh sight of her, then he began to walk slowly to her side, when he got to where she was, he pinch her in the waist...
Cleopatra quickly turn around..
"What is wrong with you? She blared out
"Come on Cleo, today is a happy day, lets have fun"Raphael said
"I dont want to have any fun with you"she said as she begin to walk away from him, she looked around for the prince, she thought she had seem him somewhere, if this stupid Raphael hasn't distract her, she wouldn't have lost sight of him, this was her night, a good opportunity to seduce him into sleeping with her....

King Godfrey grimace as he tried to stand from the throne, he quickly took his crushes and supported himself,he sat on the wheelchair, the house was empty but he could hear the sound of drugs and music, he smile, he wished he was there...
Fear prick him when he heard a sound, it was like footsteps approaching towards him, he roll the wheelchair with his hands towards the window, he open the curtains but there was no one there.. He sigh, he close the curtains and roll the wheelchair from there... Shock swept through when the door opens, there he saw him...
"Carlos"He muttered
"Your majesty"Chief Carlos said
"What are you doing here"King Godfrey ask anxiously
Just then the rest of the chiefs entered, now he knew they were up to something....
"Do you realise, you are breaking the rules of this festival... "King Godfrey groan
"We will go to any extent to get you out, even if it means breaking some rules"Carlos said
"Get me out..!,Get out now, you will be dealt with in the morning"King Godfrey said
"There will be no one to deal with me, dead men tell no tales"Carlos said as he drew closer to him
Great fear seized Godfrey, his hands were shaking, heart pounding fast..
"This is the end of your reign"Carlos blared out, then he stab him hard in the stomach..
Godfrey grimace in pains as he collapsed from the wheelchair to the floor...
Chief Buzo walk towards him and stab him again...
"Die... "He yelled
Then they begin to take turns stabbing him..

Pious and Francis laugh hysterically as they watch some men dress like masquerades perform...
"This night is much fun than i think"Francis said
"Yes it is"Pious replied
"Your highness"Cleopatra said from behind them
Pious scoffs as he saw her, Cleopatra quickly stood beside him..
"Are you enjoying the festival? Pious ask
"Yes my prince,am enjoying every bit of it..."
A boy came running towards them, he breathe heavily when he got to where they are...
"My prince.. "he said with shaking mouth
"The king is in trouble.. "
"What... "Pious blared out..
Without hesitation, he quickly took off.."
"Find the queen"Francis said to Cleopatra, then he followed his brother
As Pious run he prays nothing happens to his father, he hopes his fears doesn't come to pass..

Blood filled the floor, Godfrey creep in the floor as he gasp for breath, he creep to the door, he was fading, dying....
"How does it feel to be so close to death? Carlos ask
"You are not just fit to be king, after we are done with you, we will kill your sons and wife and end your bloodline....."
"What about Zuru, Zuru is his younger brother"
"Zuru is already the traditional prime minister, he cannot be king"
"Father.. "Pious scream from outside the door, he rushed towards his father who was struggling to creep outside...
"Dad"Francis called out
"It seems, God has favoured us today, our plan is going accordingly "Carlos said as the rest chulkled...
Godfrey cough out blood, the pains was too much, he reclined his back in Pious back... He try to speak but no words seems to come out, with pains he managed to utter.. "RUN"
Pious knew staying with his father will probably get them killed, his father was already at the verge of dead, he kissed his forehead, release him from his grip,then he hold Francis hand...
Carlos placed his legs on Godfrey body"Kill those two"Carlos ordered three of his thugs who were armored with guns...
"Father.. "Francis shouted as Pious drag him
"The men immediately start given them a chase...
Godfrey grunts deeply in his throat,he prays silently gor God to protect his family, he took his last breath, then he gave up the ghost..

"What a festival"Kahefa said....
Zuru sigh"The ways of our people... "
He thought about his brother at home, he must be feeling lonely...
"But isn't this tradition awkward?Kahefa ask
"What tradition?
"Leaving a king unguarded like that, i dont seem it as a good tradition"Kahefa said
"Speaking of that, have you seen the queen and the princes, we are suppose to be together"Zuru said, looking around if he will caught glance of any of them..
"Am sure they are fine wherever they are"Kahefa said
Zuru nodded....

They ran as fast as thier legs can carry them, the gap between them and the thugs was closing in, they had no choice but to divert into the bush....
"Aren't we going to get mother? Francis ask in tears
"Its too late for that"Pious replied as he drag his younger brother deep into the bush, the cold was freezing, they could feel the grasses piercing thier skin... They were tired,Pious recalled what has just happened, those evil chiefs killed thier father, if he had know he would have listen to his instincts telling him to stay that something bad was going to happen...his instincts was a warning, he just didn't yield to it, he presume by now his father must be dead.. He was so filled with thoughts that he didnt realise when he hit his leg on a big wood in the ground, he immediately collasped to the ground, he grimace in pains as his leg begin to bleed, he tried to stand up but he couldn't...
Then they heard footsteps fast approaching them..
"Go"He said to Francis
"No, am not leaving you here"Francis said
"Go, one of us has to stay alive, go please"Pious said as he push him..
Francis was hesitant, but when he saw the close range they were with them....
"I love you brother"He said and ran off
Pious sigh, he tried to stand up again but it was too late, they were already there with him...
"So you think you can run very well"One of the thugs said
Pious look at the sky, it was almost dawn, their faces were visibly seen
"You murderers"He yelled
Just then they shot him.. Pious collapsed on the floor..
"Lets get the other boy"One of them said, then they started pursuring him....
They became on which way he he must have took.. There was darkness evrywere..
"He couldn't have gotten far, he must still be in the bush, its almost dawn, we will find him soon"

The festival was now coming to an end, people were beginning to troop home to use the other few hours of the night to have some sleep...
"Am glad i came, i enjoyed every part of this festival"Kahefa said
"Me too"he said as they enter the palace, they watch as maids and guards began to dispatch to their various quarters and positions
"I still havent the Queen or the princes.. "
"Come on my husband, it was a festival, you cant possibly see everyone, you will see them at dawn.. "
Zuru nodded as he follow his wife to their chamber...

When it was dawn, the maids and guards began to carry out their daily duties, some of them were not satisfied with the sleep but today was a great day, it was a day where a new king will be crown..., Anita one of the maids carried her broom as she enters the inner palace, there she saw someone sitting in a wheelchair backing her, she wonder if the king slept here...
"Your majesty"She said but no reply came, she felt he was sleeping, she didn't want to disturb him but why would the king be sleeping in a wheelchair, with curious mind, she walk up to him..
"Your majesty"She muttered again, then she walk to his front,heart pounding hands shaking, she scream loudly.....

With shock Francis woke up, he cant believe he has actually fallen asleep, he has been crying, he doesn't understand how he had manage to fall asleep...he wonder what must have happened to his brother, was he dead like his father, Just then he heard footsteps....then he caught gaze of them...
"I see him"One of the thugs shouted..
Immediately Francis took off as they chased after him...
He ran as fast his legs can carry him making sure he doesn't hit anything
They were at close range, he knew for a fact he wont be able to outrun them but yet he kept running...
He stop when he ran to a cliff, fear engulfed him when he look under, he began to shake when he saw the river flowing down there...
"This is the end of the road boy"The thug said
Francis look at the river again, his inner mind was telling him to jump
"Dont even think about jumping, that is the Ogini river, you will die there and your body will never be found... "One of the thugs said
Francis scoffs, so this was the famous ogini river where people enter and disappear mysteriously...
"Just come here, we will give you an honorable dead"
Francis glare at them.."You will all pay for this"he said with rage in his eyes...
Without hesitation he jump into the river...
"Stupid boy"one of the thug muttered


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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 10:25am On May 24, 2018


HER feet were shaking as she watch from a distance, fear prick her spines as she see them stabbing him without mercy,she was scared, too scared that she decided not to watch again, she quickly rushed outside, running from sight, if they see her, they might kill her too...
Her heartbeat increases, her breathe was heavy..
"They killed him, they killed the king... "Princess Claude muttered with shaking mouth...


"OH MY GOD! Kahefa exclaimed in shock as she saw the king lifeless body reclining to the wheelchair
Some of the guards and maids broke into tears, Zuru just stood staring at his brother dead body..
"Who could have done this to a king? Kahefa ask in tears
Zuru wipe off the drop of tear that was about to fall from his eyes, he stood motionless gazing at the kings body, who could have done this to his brother was the only question that keeps ringing in his head...
Just then people began to troop into the palace, some of them instantly broke into tears upon seeing the king..while some ask how it happened but no one was replying....
Few minutes later a van arrived and the kings body was carried to the morgue...
People cry as they watch while some whisper things to one another....

Princess Claude immediately lock the door after she drag her father in..
"Dad, we need to leave right now"Claude said still afraid of what she saw...
"Are you insane, you want us to leave at a time like this when the whole palace is in grief"
"You also have a palace to run, a people to rule"Claude retorted
"We are not having this discussion now"Felix said
"I know who killed the king"Claude blared out
"Who? Felix ask anxiously
"Some men"She said
"What men, and how did you know that?
Claude sigh"I was bored at the festival, so i decided to come home and sneak into the house so it wont look like am violating their custom, that was when i saw them taking turn stabbing the king... "
"Did you see their faces? Felix ask
"I couldn't see their faces clearly, it was dark"She said
"Felix grunts"You must not tell anyone about this"
"Then we should leave"Claude retorted
"We are not leaving here until our mission is accomplished, the prince will be crown king today"
"What prince? Claude interjects furiously...
She inhales and then continue"Have you seen any member of the royal family, the two princes and the queen are not here, i believe they are dead as well"
Felix realised he hasnt really see any of them, could his daughter be right..
"Dad, whoever did that to the king meant business, he killed the entire family, this was a coup"
"A change of bloodline"Felix muttered

"A great tragedy has struck us"Iroko the chief priest said as made some incantation...
the chiefs and all the elders including the youths were now present at the great hall....
Iroko shook his head, he look up and look down, then continue"A great king has fallen"
"Iroko, what can be done? Chief Carlos ask
"What must be done must be done, the Ajuwa festival has been held, the coronation process must commence"Iroko said
Zuru sigh, he wonder why some people can be so mean, a king just died, but they just dont want to acknowledge that, he believes a coronation of a new king should pend until the late king is buried and put to rest....speaking of a new king, he hasnt seen the two princes and the queen anywhere, could they be dead like the king, fear begin to engulf him as he thought the worst things...
He clear his throat"Iroko,dont you think crowning a new king should pend until the late king is buried....
"You know nothing of our tradition son"Iroko interjects
"Our tradition says, after the Ajuwa festival, comes the new king, failure to do that attracts disasters... "Iroko added
Iroko was the community chief priest who comes out only on trivia matters like the kings dead, the rest of the times, he is isolated in his own world, people often think who wasn't part of them as he dont always come out of his shell....
"Where is the crown prince? Iroko ask
People look around....
"Its been rumoured that the queen and the two princes are no where to be found"Chief Ayo said
Zuru stared at him, chief Ayo was quick to say that, could the chiefs be responsible for his brother's dead...
"The auspicious time is now, if the crown prince is not here to be the king, then its the gods will that he shouldn't be king, someone else must take his place"Iroko said
"Chief priest, we should just waiy a bit for them, we can put on a search warrant for them"Zuru said
"Time is a virtue that cant be wasted, your suggestion would have be possible if the Ajuwa festival wasn't held"Iroko said
"Chief priest, giving the throne to someone else will be shifting the line of succession to another bloodline"Zuru said
"If the one the Ajuwa festival was held in honor of is not here at the auspicious time to carry out his duties then i fear the line of succession must be shift, Akpatu must have a new king, and to achieve that, the prime minister must choose a candidate"Iroko said
"You cant do this"Kahefa muttered to her husband..
Zuru took a deep breath, he fears his brothers family has been wiped out, whoever did this, this was what they want, for the line of succession to shift, since he is the prime minister, he cannot become king... He look at the chiefs who were glaring at him....
"In that case, from this instant, i cease to be the prime minister of this kingdom "he said dropping the staff of authority...
"If a prime minister abandon his duties, the people will choose a new one or one must volunteer and he must take the oath of secrecy"
"I will not be a party to this"Zuru said furiously, he grab his wife hand and left them....
The crowd watch as chief Buzo step out
"This isnt our way of doing things, a prime minister should be selected by the people and that selection takes time but the situation we are now is rather urgent, a new king must be crown.... "Iroko said
"People of Akpatu, do you take this man as your traditional prime minister? Iroko ask
It was the elders that answers, they all chorus no.. Just them the voices of the youths, they were shouting yes at the top of their voice...
"Majority carries the vote"Iroko said
Iroko turned to face him, he pick up the staff of authority"By this staff, you shall swear that you will serve the people, stand by the kings side and never to disclose any information regarding the affairs of the inner caccus"
"I swear"Chief Buzo said
"By the authority bestow on me, i pronounce you prime minister of Akpatu kingdom.....
Chief Buzo smile as he collects the staff...

His head hurts, his back ache, slowly he begin to open his eyes, at first he was still in the bush or perhaps dead, where was he, was he in the world beyond, then it became clearer to him that he was in a hut, an old rickety hut, he tried to stand up but he realise he was bandage from the chest down to his waist, he fell back on the mat as he grimace in pains, the last thing he remembers was crawling on the grasses after he was shot.. Fear grip him as he saw a shadow walking round the hut, the shadow was with a gun...

"Carlos our king"The youths echoed
"How did he get the support of the youths"Chief Mayo ask Odumodu
"I have no idea"Odumodu replied
Carlos came forward, he gigled as the crowd echoed his name
Some elders left furiously whispering to theirselves that Carlos had killed their king
"Carlos do you accept this responsibility?Iroko ask
Carlos chulkled, i am an old man, what will i be doing as a king, i think this kingship should go to my son...
Desmond Carlos son was seen walking from the crowd....
"Do you accept this responsibility?Iroko ask
"I do"Desmond said
"Do you swear by the sacred staff that you will protect your people from danger?
"I swear"
Iroko motioned for the prime minister to crown him
"By the power bestow on me, i crown you Desmond king of Akpatu kingdom "Chief Buzo said wearing the crown in his head, then he gave him the staff, Desmond sat on the throne, then the crowd hail him.....
"This is the worst coronation ceremony i have witness"King Felix said to Claude..
"Akpatu is doomed"One elder said to another...

He try to stand up and run but the pains were severe, he rolled from the mat into the ground as he try to pick a stick that was close to the mud sand..
"My prince, dont be scared "The person said running towards him
He was shocked when he saw him but he felt a bit relieved..... "Mr Azuk "He muttered
Mr Azuk nodded
"How? Pious ask
"I went for hunting the moment the festival came to an end, when i saw you, at first i thought you were dead, it was later i realise you were alive but barely, i gave you some medicine i made from the leaves to stop the bleeding, there was no one i could trust to treat you but Doctor Daniel, Doctor Daniel has helped me in the past before, he removed the bullet from your body and bandage you up, i didnt want to take you home since you might be in danger so i kept you here.. "
"Thank you"Pious muttered
"I need to see my uncle "
"My prince, you cannot go home, that evil man has been made king... "
"Chief Carlos?Pious ask anxiously
"How did you know? Mr Azuk ask
"The chiefs killed my father "
"I thought as much, those evil men will do anything to get what they want, they killed my wife and daughter and they escaped punishment.. "
"They wont this time,they will pay for what they did to my father "he thought about Francis, he wonder if he survive or dead...
"What about my mother, did you see her?
Azuk shook his head"No one has seen the queen, nor your brother, do you think they killed them the way they killed the king a'd tried to kill you?
Pious grunts, he was filled with rage, all he cares about now is revenge...
"You will do me a favour"Pious said
"What is it my prince?
"Find my uncle and bring him here but make sure no one sees or follow you... "

Raphael drag Cleopatra out of sight"Pack your things, the palace is no longer safe for us"Raphael said
Cleopatra remove her hand from his grip"What do you think i am, your daughter that you can order around"Cleopatra retorted
"Can you drop your ego for once and listen to me,whoever that must have killed the king must have also kill the princes and the queen mother, nobody is safe here"
"Then go ahead and run away like a scarecrow, am going nowhere"she blared out and walk away..
"Cleo"Raphael said after her...

"The kings murder is still a mystery to us inspector"Chief Carlos said
inspector Kess look round the room, he wonder the kind of tradition they practice here, how can they have a new king when the late king just died and his wife and children missing...
"This place was a crime scene, we would have gotten a clue if everything wasnt wipe out so fast... "Inspector Kess said
"This ground you are standing on is a sacred ground, a symbol of authority to the whole of this kingdom and beyond, you would make us sour it with the body and blood of a corpse"Chief Carlos said
"Am just saying....
"Your opinion doesn't matter in this situation "Desmond cut him short, "you should be looking for the killer and the missing princes and queen and not telling us how to run our kingdom"Desmond adddd
"We dont mean to offend you your majesty"Inspector Philip said
"Today is a happy day, i wont be offended by the mere talks of policemen, i am the king, i have an obligation to protect my people as you do"
Inspector Kess sigh"Thank you for your highness, investigation will commence now"
"My people and i are looking forward to expect positive results from you"Desmond said
Both inspectors nodded and they left..
"You have spoken like our true king"Chief Carlos said
Desmond smile"I learnt from the best"
Desmond sigh as he reclined his body on the throne, if he hadn't bribe those youths, those stupid elders would have ruin his and fathers plan.... He will deal with them

"Father"He shouted as his brother drag him away..
He continue screaming then he woke up, he breathe heavily as he vomited water from his mouth and nose.....
"Sleeping Beauty has finally woken up"
Francis look around, he has no idea where he was, the last thing he remembers was jumping in that water, how did he suvive, fear grip him as he saw people with chains to their legs and hands, where was he....
He felt a strong hand stood him up,just then he realise his legs were chained too.....
The man chained his hands and they push him to join the line of men who were chained like him...
"Where is this place?, he ask a young boy he thought could probably be in his age
"KA-RU"a man called out to him
Francis could feel the pounding of his heart as the man approach him, the man was huge, had a rough beard,probaly in his late fiftys....
The man touch his body.. "He has a soft hand"Another man from behind him said
"You will fetch a good price KA-RU"The man said as he climbs on a horse
"How did you survive that water?The boy in front of him ask
"I dont know"Francis said shabbily
"What is a KA-RU? Francis ask curiously
"It means my beloved devotee,its given to whoever suvives that water"The boy said
"Beloved devotee to what?
"Welcome to the other side of the world kA-RU"The man on the horse said



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by baryour769(m): 7:57pm On May 24, 2018
nice1, really enjoying this masterpiece... more please

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by vadec: 8:12am On May 25, 2018
Wao this is lovely keep it up bro.

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 12:41pm On May 26, 2018

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD..... the word keep ringing in Francis head, so this was the other side of the world from the stories ,a world no one thought existed, was he really here, its still like a dream to him, he look around, it was a total different world from his, the clothes the men on the horse were wearing was a total different from thiers.... He has always wish to be here.. ,he finally got his wish.... Be careful what you wish for..
"Who are this men? he ask the boy
"That is Azog, the slave hunter, the rest are his men"
"Slave hunter"Francis muttered ,so slaves hunting still exist here, the stories were true, there is no civilization here...
"Move faster KA-RU"A voice said from behind him
Francis wink at him..
"So are we his slaves? Francis ask
The boy scoff"Why do you think you are in chains?
Francis grunts as he look at his hands, those chiefs did this to him, he have to get out from here, he has to escape, he has to go back and avenge his fathers, mother's and brother's dead....
"How do i get back to the other side of the river?Francis ask anxiously
The boy chulkled "Many have tried to leave, but they didnt live to tell the tale, there is no escape from here.. "
"I survive the river once, isn't that why am name KA-RU"
"You were named KA-RU because your interest overlap with Ogini"
"You mean the river god? Francis ask
"What interest is that? Francis added
"Ogini is a dark god, he must have seen the same darkness in you, that is the reason you survived in that water"The boy said
"That is absurd, there is no darkness in me"
"You keep telling yourself that"
Could his passion for revenge be the darkness.....

"Oh my God, you are alive"Kahefa said as they enter the hut..
"What happened?Zuru ask
"Those chiefs killed my father? Pious said as he try to stand up from the mat.. Zuru help him up..
"I thought as much, what about the queen and your brother?
Pious sniff,the thought of his brother and mother dying really hurts him.. "They are probably dead"he said as tears began to drip from his eyes..
"Am so sorry"Kahefa said hugging him
"Those men need to pay for what they did uncle"
"Yes they will pay"
"They will pay for every blood my father bleed, every tear my mother brother and i shed, every pain we went through, they will all pay for that"Pious said with rage in his eyes...
Zuru nodded
"My prince, what will you do now, you cant go back to the palace"Mr Azuk said
"He is not going back to the palace"Zuru interjects
"Those men must have all my father's assets"Pious said
"Not all"Zuru said,he scoffs, then continue"Your father knew something like this was going to happen someday, so he had some private companies in my name, just him and i know about it... "
"So what are your plans now, you can't go back to the palace, you cant stay in the village either"Kahefa said
"I cant leave without avenging my family's dead, those men need to pay, i will fight them with last drop of my blood"Pious said
Zuru sigh"You cant act irrationally now, the only way you can fight those chiefs is using their greatest weapon against them.. "
"Which is? Kahefa ask curiously
"Money and power"Zuru replied
"To defeat them, you have to act like them"Zuru added
"How would that be possible, they will know is me"Pious said
"No they wont, because they think you are dead, You have to become a new man with a different identity, with money and power, we will bring them to justice"

Inspector Kess sigh as he push the files aside, he shrugged, and reclined his back on the chair....
"What a case...! Phillip muttered
"This isn't a case, its a dead end"Kess said
Philip drew nearer and sat beside him"Do you have any suspects in mind? Phillip ask
Kess exhales, the only suspect he have in mind is the chief, he must have killed the late king for the throne, but he cant prove it, until there is evidence, there is no case..
"No"He replied
"Do you? he added
"We have practically interrogate all the guards and maids, they all said the same thing, they were all at that festival... "Kess said
"What sort of festival is that, anyone in his correct senses will know this was coming, how can they leave a king unguarded, doesn't sound like a good tradition to me"Philip said
"Whoever did this, waited for the best opportunity to strike...."
"And he succeeded"Philip interjects
"Do you think they are still alive? Kess ask
"Who.. The princes and the queen?
Kess nodded
"No one have heard or see them,its more like they practically disappeared off the surface of the earth "
"Do you think the same killer did it? Kess ask
"Thats the only logical explanation for it"
"if they are alive, we need to find them"
"Finding them is no problem, the question is, where do we start from?

King Felix took a deep breath, he fears his plans will be jeopardize if he doesn't do anything, with his daughter as a queen of Akpatu kingdom, it will form a big alliance between Akpatu and his kingdom, people are envious of Akpatu because its one of the most richest and prestigious community, having an alliance with them is the dream of every minor kingdom, rulling them is his dreams..
"King Felix, So what happens now that the king is dead and his children and wife are nowhere to be found?Chieg Carlos ask
"Am shock by the sudden departure of the king, but that doesnt necessarily mean the alliance can't be formed, the marriage can still happen"Felix said
"You mean you want your daughter to marry my son, the king"
"As king, it will be a great shame if i go back without be able to accomplish what i came for, you of all people should understand that"
Carlos chulkled"The decision lies in my son's hand, he is now a king"
They watch as Desmond enter the inner chamber, he was dressed in royal attire, Carlos smile as he saw his son...
"Your majesty"He said as Desmond sit on the throne
"King Felix, Our honoured guest, i hope you are enjoying your stay under my rule"Desmond said
"Your rule will leave a great mark that will shape history"Felix said
They all chulkled
"Your majesty, King Felix here was suggesting something right before you came in"Carlos said
"You know you are now a king and as a king, you will need a wife by your side"Carlos added
Desmond chulkled"My father, always knowing the best of things"
"You know the princess was bethroded to the lost prince, but since he isn't here to take his responsibilities, we think you should fit in that position"
"You want me to marry the princess"Desmond said
"That kind of alliance will be good for your people"Carlos said
Desmond smile"Then so be it"
Desmond thought about, he remenbers the first time he saw her, he couldn't take his eyes off her, he wonder how her body will feel in his hands, his hands grabbing those soft ass of her,his fingertips caressing her....
"Then i suggest we start planning"Felix said

CLAUDE took a deep breath as she arrived at the place, she just wonder what her father was still doing in the palace, if she had her way she would have escaped, but she cant leave Rick..slowly she came down from the car, she had took her father's keys when he wasn't there, she needed to see him, to see how he was faring, she walk into the building, then gently opened the door.. The place wasn't a house at all, it was more like a place were prisoners were kept...
"Princess"Gavi said when he saw her...
"Claude sniff at the odour of the cigarettes they were smoking ....
"Where is him?Claude blared out
"You are not suppose to be here"Gavi said
"I want to see him"She said
"Your father wouldn't approve of this"Gavi said
"My father doesn't have to know"
"By that, i presume your father doesn't know you are here"Gavi said
Claude grunts"Can i just see him"
"Please"She said shabbily
"If he tries to run, i will shoot him"Gavi said
Gavi led het to the room, then he opened the door, shock engulf her when she saw him sitting on one edge of the room looking tatared...
"Rick"She said and ran to his side..
"Princess"Rick muttered faintly
"What have you done to him "Claude yelled
"He tried to act smart, so we taught him what we do to smart boys, since he hasn't been eating"Gavi said
"Baby look at me, am here for you"Claude said
Rick cough"Get me out of here"
"The next time he tries to run, he will be a corpse"Gavi said
Claude glared at him as the words dripped from his mouth...

The elders murmur as they enter Elder Ajugo's house, elder Ajugo was the oldest elder in the land, he often dont come go meetings because of his old age...
"This cant be possible"One of the elders said
"Our kingdom is doomed"Elder Utero said
"Elders I have heard about what happened"Elder Ajugo said
"I was even disappointed in the chief priest, how can him allow a new king to be crown when the community is in chaos, this cant be accepted "Elder Abulo said
"A new king cant be crown now"Elder Ajugo said
"Iroko said, that was the auspicious time"Elder Ojoba said
"What! The practice of crowning a king at the auspicious time has long be abolished, Iroko couldn't have use that"Elder Ajugo said
"What do you mean"Elder Utero said
"Before King Azubike died, Him and i and few elders who are no longer alive has gone to the shrine, there Iroko father told that the practice of crowning a king at the auspicious time was no longer accepted by the gods since it will result to chaos in the future... "Elder Ajugo said
"Are you saying Iroko knew this and he lied"Elder Utero said
"Iroko is the eye of the gods his father must have told him that"Elder Ajugo said
"This is unbelievable"Elder Ojoba said
"As long as the late king son is alive, another person cant be crown king"Elder Ajugo said
"Our ignorance have cause us this"Elder Utero said
"We dont even know where the princes are, they might be dead"Elder Ojoba said
"Until it is proven they are dead, we cant have a false king on the throne, we need to remove him from that throne"Elder Utero said..
The rest concurred

Iroko chulked as he collects the money
"You will get more of this if you keep supporting us"Carlos said
"Chief Chief, be rest assured you have my support anytime, the elders are ignorant, they will never find out what i did.. "
"Even if they find out, what can they do, my son is the king, his judgement can be questioned.. "
"You are right, i hope to do more business with you in the future"Iroko said
He shook hands with him and he left..
"Fool"Carlos muttered
He look around his house, he has been so busy at the palace,he wanted to see the prisoner in his house before this fool showed up to collect his balance..
He ask his guard if the prisoner was doing and he said yes, he gigled then begin to go to the room, slowly he open the door, he gave her a taunting smile.....
"Enjoying the chains?Carlos ask
"She glare at him, she try to move her hands but her both hands were chained to the wall.. "
"Carlos drew nearer to her, then he began to touch her face with his fingertips..
"Am going to enjoy every part of your body"Carlos said
She spit on his face"You will die before you lay hands on me... "Queen Edna retorted
Carlos shift aback and wipe the spit from his face.. "What did you think, that i killed your husband and two children just for the throne"He chulkled"I did it also so i can have you all for myself, your beauty have always attracted me, the kind of effect you have had on me, i have never felt it in any other woman"
He lick his lip as he stare lustfully at her leg... "Am going to so so enjoy you Edna"
"Your days are numbered, Carlos"Edna said
"Who is going to kill me, Is it your dead husband or children?
"Dont think for one second you will escape judgement,you will suffer, and die a miserable death... "Edna yelled
Carlos laugh hysterically "You are funny, i am a tiger, am untouchable, whoever that dares touch me ends up in the grave"
"Your judgement is coming, your destruction is inevitable, i will sit and watch as your skin are shred off limb by limb"Edna retorted..
"Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, my queen"He said, smile at her and left her...
"I will kill you Carlos, this is a promise"She muttered



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 11:38am On May 27, 2018

SHE COULDN'T sleep, she tried to but she couldn't, she just stare at the wall, the thought of Rick filled her head, he thinks about him night and day, the thought of him have made sleep eluded her countless nights.... She needs to do something and very fast, she remembers what Rick has told her in the ears.... Will calling him get him out of there....she look at the clock, it was 08:31am...
She immediately jump from the bed, she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realise when it got to that time... She quickly step into the bathroom all the way thinking if she should do as Rick has suggested....
While on the bathroom she heard a knock on the door, by the knock she could easily tell it is the maids knocking....she didn't bother to answer.
After her bath, she came out of the bathroom, applied her cream, and change into cloths, she preened herself in the mirror.... Slowly opened the door.....
She sigh as she saw the person standing there
"I was about knocking"Desmond said as he smile ....
Claude eyed him"And what business does a king have here?
Desmond lick his lips as he look at her lustfully....
"You know you are beautiful right"He said
Claude hissed and was about to walk out on him but Desmond drag her back..
"That isn't a good way to treat your husband to be"Desmond said
"Excuse me! she exclaimed
"What husband to be? She added
"Didn't your father tell you?Desmond said
Claude gritted her teeth, what has her stupid father done this time
"We are getting married, you are going to become my wife"Desmond said
Claude chulkled"You must be delusional if you think am ever going to get married to you"
Desmond sniff"The way i see it you dont really have a choice"
"Are you that block headed that you haven't be able to get my point, am never, ever going to marry you, not in this life and certainly not in the next"Claude blared out
"I am your king, You should talk to me with some respect"Desmond yelled
"You are the king of your people, not my king"Claude retorted
"And if you need some respect, you should earn it"She added and walk away...
Desmond groan as he watch her walk away

The three elders wait patiently outside Iroko's house, tye compound was very unkept, a stranger will think no one stays there, Iroko had no wife and children, though people say before he became commited to the deity, he had a son with a woman who in turn ran away with the child, people say thats is the reason he isolates himself from the world.....
Iroko came out from the house with a chewing stict in his mouth, he wonder why the elders were at his house so early in the morning....
He remove the chewing stick, spit on the floor and clean his hand with the wrapper that was tied firmly round his waist...
"Elders of our land,It is said that a rabbit does not run in the afternoon for nothing, an old man that sets out in the morning must certainly have a destination, Elders to what do i owe this visit?
The elders eyed him...
"Ikoro, we have come here to ask you why you did what you did? Elder Utero ask
Shock ripped Iroko, what exactly where theh asking, do they know what he did...
"Elders, you ask questions in riddles, i have no idea of what you are talking about"Iroko said
"You lied about the auspicious time, there was no such thing as that"Elder Abulo blared out
"Crowning a king at the auspicious time has always be out way, right from the time of our forefathers"Iroko said
"Iroko, we are not children that you can easily deceive, we know that act has been abolished a long time ago, why use it now? Elder Ojoba said
"You dare question the gods"Iroko blared out
"We question you, not the gods"Elder Utero retorted
"I am the eyes of the gods, questioning me is questioning the gods"Iroko said
"So you consider yourself a god"Elder Abulo said
Iroko groan and looked away
"We have a tradition and we intend to follow it, as long as the crown prince hasn't been proven dead, we cant have a new king"Elder Ojoba said
"So whatever deal you must have had with those chiefs, you better start going back to make things right"Elders Utero added
"I am the eyes of the gods, i will not be cajole into anything by mere men"Iroko said
"Even Chief priests are greater than the gods, we must all face judgement"Elder Utero said
"If you dont do the right thing, we will, a false king cannot sit on our throne"Elder Abulo said
"By lying, you just tarnished your image, you can no longer be seen as the eyes of the gods"Elder Ojoba interjects...
They eyed him, then left him there...

"Dont you think we should tell the police"Kahefa said as she pack her clothes from the wardrobe
"The only law here is the rich people, do you think if the were to find out the truth, they will do anything? Zuru said
"Its worth trying"Kahefa said
Zuru sigh"If we tell the police, we would be putting the prince at risk, this case is beyond the police"
"So what, are you just going to take matters into your own hands"Kahefa said
"My brother is the one who was brutally murdered by those men,you tell the police, they get arrested today, tomorrow they are released and everything will start over again, that isn't justice"Zuru blared out
Kahefa exhales, then she shrugged, she knew her husband was right, but what she fears is the outcome of their revenge..
"Come on lets go"Zuru said as he zip up his bag, Kahefa did same and they left the room.....
They went outside, thanked the guard who has helped them, they entered their car and zoom off...
Desmond stared from a window upstairs, his gaze follow the car until it was out of sight, he fears Zuru might turn out to be a thorn in his flesh in the future, he has told his father that Zuru shouldn't be alive, they should have killed him as they had killed his brother and nephews but his father had said Zuru would be a problem but if he turns out to be one, he will make sure he goes six feet beneath before he will dream of getting the upper hand...
"Clear all thorns from the way, that way you will succeed"He muttered

King Felix look around the garden, he hasn't really notice the garden was this beautiful, his was a small palace with a small people to rule but Akpatu was great, the palace was extremely big, it was the giant among kingdoms, he thought of the gains he will derive when his daughter finally becomes the queen, just then Rachel walk in with a glass jug of juice and a glass cup, he placed the jug and the glass cup on the table in front of him, Felix gaze fixed on her breasts as she bow down.. He lick his lips, if he was in his palace, he would have gotten this girl down but he felt he can still do here...
"Whats your name? he ask looking at her imagining the worst things.
"Rachel"She answer with clenched teeth..
"How would you feel if i ask you to go with me to my palace and work for me?
"Your highness, i will be honored, but am really happy with my work here"she said
"What about becoming my wife?
Shock ripped her spines"Your highness, any woman will jump at your offer, but i look forward to marry a man of age range"
Felix chulkled"You think am too old for you?
"Far be it from me to say that your highness"
"Then accept my proposal, i will your life a happy one, you wont have to worry over anything, i will provide anything you ask for.. "
Rachel swallow hard, this old man has no shame, how could stoop so low to woo a common maid like her, what does he think she is, a common maid who will jump at any man because he has money, she has dreams, and she doesn't intend to trample on them...
"Am sorry your highness, but i have to decline your request"She said
"Oh, am not in a hurry, go and think about it....
"Father, what is this foolish talk that i hear"Claude blared out as she approach them...
"You can leave now"Felix said to Rachel..
Rachel sigh, without hesitation she left them...
"This old men has no shame"dhe muttered to herself as she walk away...
"Have you no sense at all, didn't you see i was talking to someone"Felix said furiously
"Who you are talking to Isn't my concern, what is this nonsense that i hear, you intend to marry me off to the king?Claude blared out
"I dont intend, i have done it, your marriage has been finalized and it happens in a week time"Felix said
Claude gritted her teeth"Are you that selfish, first it was Pious, now you are getting me married to the king, what is even wrong with you"
"We will discuss this no further"Felix retorted
Claude was infuriated"What do you think i am, some thrash that you can just throw off anytime you wishes, over my dead body will i get married to any king"She blared out
Felix quickly rose up and slapped her hard on her right cheek.. "I am your father, your king, your owner, you will do as i say"He said with rage in his eyes
Claude grimaced as she touch the spot she was slapped, she glared at him.... With anger flushing through her eyes...
"I will not be intimidated into doing anything by you or anyone else"She retorted, eyed him and walked away...
Felix groan.......

Chief Mayo was offered a drink as he wait for chief Carlos, he sigh as he saw him climbing down from the staircase...
"Carlos the tiger"He praised as they both gigled...
"You haven't change a bit Mayo"Carlos said as he sat opposite him
"What exactly will i be changing from"Mayo said as they both laugh...
Chief mayo inhale deeply"Carlos,i have something important i want to discuss with you"Mayo said
"Whatever it is, i believe its important, so tell me what is it?
Mayo cleared his throat "you know i have only one daughter, and she becomes a joy to her father if she brings home a good son in law"
"That is correct"Carlos said
"Since we are friends, why dont we extend our friendship to be a family"Mayo said
Carlos chulkled "Now i understand where yoej are going to,of course, my son will like your daughter very much, i heard she is the type that can arouse any man just with her the way she moves her hips"
They both laugh hysterically though Mayo was embarrass by the tone Carlos used for his daughter..
"I believe, this union between your son, the king and my daughter will bring more success and a strong bond to us... "
"Of course"Carlos replied
"I will talk to the king, he will have no choice but to agree to marry her"Carlos added
Just then Iroko rushed in...
His breathe was heavy...
"Iroko, whats pursuring you in this daylight? Carlos ask
"They know"Iroko said
"They know, who knows, know what? Carlos ask
"They knows i lied about the auspicious time"Iroko said
Carlos laughs
"Chief, this is a serious matter, if this news spread, the people will seek my head"
"Relax Iroko, it will never come to that"Carlos said
"I cannot relax when my reputation is at stake"Iroko said
"Your reputation was already at stake when you collected money from me"Carlos said
"Is that all you have to say"
"Iroko, go home, i will handle this issue"
"Am not the only one whi is threatened, they seek to remove your son from the throne"Iroko blared out
"They dont dare... "Carlos retorted

Desmond preened himself in the mirror as he look at the crown, whi would have thought he will be a king someday, just then a knock came in the door, he opened...
"Your highness, the elders are here to see you"The guard said
Desmond dismissed the guard, he wonder why the elders have come, he look at himself one last time and walk out of the room...
It was seconds later when he arrived at the inner chamber, there he saw the elders standing glaring at him, not minding the expression on their faces, he sat on the throne and reclined his back....
He motioned for them to sit down.... But their looks said they weren't ready to sit...
"We didn't come here to sit, we have come to warn you"Elder Utero said...
"How dare you utter such word from your mouth, have you no respect for your king"Desmond yelled
"You have three days to leave this palace or we will summon the youths and kick you out ourselves... "Elder Ojoba said furiously
"Leave this palace or you will face the wrath of the gods"Elder Abulo added
"The only wrath that will fall is my wrath if you dont leave this place now"
"Whatever plans you and your father had with Iroko, it ends today, we wont warn you again"Elder Utero said....
They glare at him, then they left...
"Desmond groans, he is the king, no man can bring him down from the throne, not even the gods......



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Woow, this movie is full of suspense....weldone sire, pls kip it up

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:55am On May 28, 2018


Throughout the journey all Pious keeps thinking about was how to get revenge, he didn't even give his father a proper burial,he will justice to those men who had destroyed his life even if its the last he does,he will do it with the last drop of his blood...
"We are here"Zuru said as the gateman open the gate..
He park in a corner, then they came down from the car...
Pious look round the house, the last time he came here, the house was not as beautiful as this, the house was a mansion...
"Welcome home Pious"Zuru said
Pious shrugs, "Nice house you got here uncle"
"Evidence of hard work"Zuru replied as they went inside the house ...
that moment of his father dying came running to his head, he sniff and wipe his eyes with his hand...
"They will pay"he muttered to himself..

Elder Utero sniff at the aroma of the food,he smile at his wife as he opened the food, his wife Anita pour water from a jug into the cup for her husband....
He ate one spoonful of the food....
"Delicious"He said
Anita laughs then she sat opposite him
"My husband, i dont think fighting with the king is a good thing oo"
"Am not fighting with anybody, am simply telling the right thing, since Iroko has betrayed all of us, its left for us the elders to do the right thing"
"My husband,everyone in this town knows who chief Carlos is, he is not someone to mess around with"
"Carlos is messing around with our tradition.."Elder Utero said
"Because he has money doesn't give him the right to trample on the tradition that has been existing since the age of our forefathers "he added
"My husband, i still advice you drop this fight"
"I am not afraid of Carlos, he can have his money but i have my pride"He said and drink water
"Am afraid oo"Anita said, just then their son John entered the house
John was looking tired and pale, he threw himself on the chair, John was their only son, though they have tried to have another but no other child was forth coming no matter hiw they tried... Elder Utero has ask father moses go pray for them on several occasions but father Moses has told him he should wait for God's time...
"What happened John?Anita ask anxiously
"Its business o"John said shabbily
"Dont tell me there was no business today?Elder Utero said
John owns a boutique, though a small boutique but there was competition and others with the same business trade with him seems to be more successful than him..sometimes he wishes his business grew bigger than it already is but there was no money to do that..
"Father you cant believe it, i havent sold one thing for the past one week"John lamented
"My son is okay, your day is coming, just be patience, oneday God will establish you"Elder Utero said
"John as long as we can eat, we are not complaining ...."Anita said
John lean his back on the chair as he thought about his life...

Desmond was filled with rage as he sits on a chair in the garden, how dare those elders insult him, he will deal with them, he will teach them a lesson they will never forget...
Cleopatra enters with a glass of drink, she thought she could have another chance of becoming close to the king since the previous prince has shown no interest in her, this one might, she wonder what could have happen to the previous prince, could Raphael be right, could they have killed them...
She put the thoughts away as she approach him, she drop the glass on the table and look at the king seductively...
"Anything else i can do for you my king? She ask with a smile on her face...
Desmond didn't reply but signalled her with his hand to leave, there was more in his head than having conversations with maids...
Cleopatra nodded, she turn to walk away, she stood for a while, she look at him but he wasn't looking at her, it was more like something was bothering him, she was inclined to ask but the expression on his face tells her not to dare...
She look at him, then she turn and walk away.....

"My baby"Raphael said from behind her
"Haven't i warned you never to touch me again"Cleopatra blared out..
"Baby, i have told you to stop saying this kind of things, look i really love you very much"Raphael said
Cleopatra laughs"Just look at me very well"She said turning around"Do i look like someone who is still in your class"
Raphael wonder what she meant by that, because from the way he sees it, she is still a maid which makes her his class...
"My love, we shouldn't be talking about class,we....
"Heyyy, hold it there"Cleopatra interjects
"This should be the last time you will ever show your ugly black face in front of me"She added furiously, she hissed and walk away..
Raphael just stood looking at her, he sniff, he love her, and it hurts him he still does, maybe she is right, there is ni future for them..
"I really pity you"Rahael said from behind him
Raphael turn around to face her, he hissed when he saw her...
"You keep approaching her and she keeps turning you down, and to crown it all, she insults you, dont you ever get tired"Rachael said
Raphael fold his hand"And what business of yours is that?
"Is not my concern oo, am just advising you to have some sense"
"I will not take insults from you"Raphael said
"Is not an insult, leave her alone, dont make her to keep insulting you"
"If she insult me, did she insult you... That is how you people will be pokenosing in what that isnt your concern, gossipers"Raphael said and left her
"Look at this one that am trying to help"Rahael said after him..
She chuckled and walk away..

Francis was tired, he felt relieved when Azog ordered them to rest, he wonder where they were going, they were in the middle of no where, him,the boy and one other boy sat under a tree, even if he wanted to escape, there was no way of escape until he is release from this chains....
"What is your name? Francis ask as he realised he has been talking with him all the way without even knowing his name..
"Am Leviticus but you can call me Levi, most people prefer to call me that"The boy said
Francis nodded"So what do you think they will do with us? Francis ask anxiously
"What they do with slaves"Levi said
"I pray he doesn't sell me to the lord"The boy sitting with them said
Francis was surprised, what Lord where they talkong,is it the Almighty Lord that the missionaries preach about..
"What Lord is that? Francis ask curiously
"Lord Kubali, he is the king in the capital, but he prefers been called Lord"Levi said
"I hears he uses boys as sacrifice to Ogini to grant him long life"The boy sitting with them said
Fear began to engulf Francis, all his life he hasn't seen or heard about where humans are used for sacrifice, where exactly is he.....

Pious grunts as he stared at the book in front of him, rage filled his eyes, the thought of his father, mother and brother been dead filled his head, he tried to wave the thought but it keeps persisting and so was the rage, the anger, the hunger for revenge.....
Shock swept through him as Zuru entered the room without knocking...
Zuru drew closer and look at the book in front of him..
"I see you know your enemies by their names"Zuru said
Pious look at the book, he has written the names of the chiefs on it...
"They will go down one by one"Pious said
Zuru tap him on the shoulders "I promise you,i will fight with you to the end,but you need your rest now, you have a journey ahead of you"
"Must i embark on this journey?Pious ask
"You need the skills, you need to be the business tycoon the whole of Akpatu will bow for, you need to invest the money, you need to go to the white man land"
"But uncle, before i become a successful business tycoon, it will take time,and time is a virtue i dont have"
"Time is everything, if you want our plans to work, besides it wont take more than a year, you already have the skills, you just need to enhance them"
Pious thought of what his uncle has said, he knew his uncle was right, for him to win, he needs to do exactly as his father has said....

Anita sang songs of praise as she sweep the house,just then three broad chested men with guns pushed the door open...
Fear run through her spines..
"Where is your husband?One of them said
"My husband is not here"Anita said with shaking mouth..
One immediately entered their room, there he saw Elder Utero sleeping on the bed, they quickly stood him up, it took some seconds before elder Utero realised what was going on, he tried go release himself from his grip but his grip was firm on him..
"Leave my husband alone.."Anita shouted
She hold their hand, one grew annoyed and hit her head hard with one end of the gun..
Anita immediately fell on the floor and went unconscious...
"Anita"Elder Utero shouted...but his shout couldn't be hear by anyone as he was immediately carried into the backseat of the car and they zoomed off speedily......

Few minutes later they arrived in an uncompleted building, Elder Utero wondered who they were and why they have brought him there, they pushed him into the building, then into a room..
Shock swept through him as he saw the other two elders there.. Elder Abulo and Elder Ojoba tied together....
"How can you treat elders like this, dont you have no respect for your Fathers"Elder Utero yelled
The thugs didn't reply, instead they pushed him on the floor....
Elder Utero was furious, he immediately stood up..
One of the thug immediately point a gun to his head...
"I will blow your head off if you dont sit down now"The thug said in a deep voice..
Just then Chief Carlos entered...
"I knew it was you, you are the only one who will stoop so low go do this"Elder Utero said
Carlos chulkled "You are bold"
"And you should know bold men fear nothing"Elder Utero said
"I heard you three are planning to dethrone my son"Carlos said
"Your son is not our king, we have a king,his name is king Pious"Elder Utero said
Carlos chulkled"Where is your Pious now?
"He is not dead until his body is found"elder Utero said
"So you prefer the throne stays vacant until he comes back"Carlos said
"Even if he doesn't return, we will never acknowledge your son as our king"Elder Utero said...
Elder stare at the other two elders who immediately look away, he wonder why they were afraid...
"Elders, we should stand for what we believe in, dong fear because he feeds on our fear, you fear him today, you will fear him forever"Elder Utero said
"Do you know what am capable of doing? Carlos said
"Other than killing me, you can do nothing"Elder Utero retorted
Carlos snap his fingers..
Elder Utero heartbeat increases as he two guys dragging his son in...
"Father"John said
"Do you swear to bow and support my son? Carlos ask..
Elder Utero glare at him, anger flush through his eyes, the other two elders were already shaking, if Carlos have Utero son, he could probably have theirs as well...
"Over my dead body"Elder Utero blared out..
"Cut off his son's hand"Carlos ordered



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:16am On May 29, 2018

Heart pounding, His breathe seize for a second, fear engulf, it was more like his heart has be ripped out of his chest as he watch the sharp edge of the cutlass getting closer to his right hand that was held straight by one of them...
"Father.. "He cried out
The distance between his hand and the blade began to close...
"Stop"Elder Utero shouted,he sniff with rage flashing through his eyes..
"Do you? Carlos ask again..
Elder Utero glare at him with furious eyes...
"Do you? Carlos yelled
"Yes"Elder Utero said shabbily...
"Now we are on the same page"Carlos said

Slowly Anita open her eyes, she look around and realise people have gathered and they have been pouring water on her face.....
"My husband"She blared out as she tries go stand up
"You need to rest"One of her neighbor said
"No, my husband is in trouble, i must go to the police"She said as she stood, she tied her wrapper well and rushed out of the house while some of the neighbors ran after her....

Both inspectors laugh as Philip made a funny statement...
"I cant believe we still have no clue to the disappearance of the princes and the queen... "Kess said
"We have tried our best"Philip replied
"My instincts tells me the chief is behind this"Kess said
"Chief Carlos?Philip ask
Kess nodded
Just then a police enter the office
"Sir a woman is here, she said her husband was kidnapped by men with guns, she said the chief is responsible... "
"What chief?Philip ask
"Chief Carlos"He replied
"Speaking of the devil, he wont escape from this one"Kess said
He grap his pistol and they left the office....

They headed for the palace after they have gone to chief Carlos house, but he wasn't there..
"Are you sure the chief is behind this? Philip ask
"Why would the woman lie? Kess replied
Philip sigh...
It was few minutes later when they arrived at the palace, they came down from the car and went in....
Luckily for them the king was sitting on the throne..
"Greetings your highness"Kess said
"What brought the inspectors to the palace?Desmond ask
"Your highness we are looking for the chief, your father"Kess said
"And what business would my father possibly have with the police?
"It was brought to our notice that the chief is responsible for the adoption of an elder"Philip said
"An elder"Desmond chulkled
"Why would my father adopt an elder, my father is a well known and respected man in this society, he will never do that, i cant believe you still listen to such gossip"
"Sometimes gossip turns out to be the truth, but nevertheless, the chief is wanted and if he is here...
"My father is not here"Desmond cut in
"Any idea where he could be?
"Am not my father's keeper, am the king"Desmond retorted
"Thank you for your help, your majesty"Kess said, then they both walk away

THE other two elders shiver in fear as Carlos turned his attention to them...
"We accept him as our king"They both blared out
Carlos chulkled"You made the right choice"
Just then his phone started ringing, he press the answer button...
"Dad, the police are looking for you"Desmond voice sounded
Carlos gigled"It is done son"
"Thank you Dad, what would i do without you"Desmond said with enthusiasm in his tone
"Dont worry about the police, i will take care of them"He said then the call ended...

They look round the building, one of them came down from the car and observe round the house...
"Are you sure we are in the right place?he ask the other guy in the car..
"This is princess description... "The one in the car answer...
He one outside went in back, he pick a gun and load bullets on it, the older one did same..
"Lets go save my brother"One of them said...
They came out from the car and slowly went into the building, theh hid themselves in a corner as they observe again, then they move forward, there they saw two guys playing cards...
One of them quickly fired two shots are the guys playing card..
The guys immediately collasped to the floor, one died instantly while the other was barely breathing...
The two guys move closer to him..
"Where is my brother?he ask furiously..
The guy on the floor couldn't talk, he fight for breathe...
The other guy who ask the question grew annoyed and fired two more shots at him..
The guy on the floor died instantly...
"Rick.. "He blared out
Shock swept through Rick, how could he forget that voice calling him, the guy who abandoned him when he was little...
"Brother"He called out from the room..
They both run to the door of the room but it wad locked, the other guy check the dead men pocket...
"Found it"He said as he walk towards the door, without hesitation they opened the door there they saw Rick sitting on the floor, his brother immediately carried him on his shoulder and into the car, then they zoomed off...

Desmond was overjoyed with the outcome of everything, he preened himself the mirror...
"I will be the great king in history"He muttered as je chulkled, just then a knock came on the door... He opened..
He watch as Cleopatra enters his room with a bottle of champagne that he has ask her to bring but asking her to bring the drink wasnt his only intention, he stare at her, looking her from her face, he gritted his teeth as he look at her breast, then her hips.....
She noticed his eyes was fused on her, she smile at him....
"I have seen the way you look at me"He said moving closer to her, he roan his hand around her collar bone..
She shivered and moan at the soft touch of his fingers..
He immediately pushed her on the bed, then he locked the door...
"Your highness "She said shabbily..
"Dont worry, i will be gentle"he said pulling off his clothes until he strip down to just his singlet and white shorts..
He lean down to her,he lifted her face to him and he kissed her...
His lips felt good in her mouth, this was what she wanted, she kissed him back immediately..
They roved their tongues in each others mouth, she felt the growing bulge in his shorts, she smile at him as she began to attentively open his fly, she pulled his boxers down and his raging d**k was ready, he was huge, more huge then the men she has ever been with..
He took his shirt off and she admired his chest and abs,then he let her take his d**k in her hand..
She look at his d**k for a few seconds studying it, she stroke it a few times gingerly and brought her face up close...
He smile at her as she look up at him and smile, her eyes shinning bright...
Slowly she closed the distance until the head of his d**k rested on her lips, she kept her lips closed and move Her mouth side to side...
He moan as she rub his d**k on her lips like it was a large obscene lipstick..
She pulled back to look at his raging boner again, she thought of how he could still be hard.. So hard
She stroked it a few more letting him moan at each strokes she gives him, then she gave the very tip a gentle kiss which sent a raging sensation all over his body...
He could see the trace of her lipstick on the tip of his d**k and he was in agonizing heaven...
She struck her tongue out and lick the underside, she kiss the head a few more times before finally opening her mouth and taking in the head...
He moan in utmost pleasure as he ran his fingers through her hair..
She gag when she took more of him in her mouth and siliva flowed from her mouth..
She backed off and stroke his shaft a few times as she recover her breathe,she suck him back in past her lips and began to bob up and down as much as she could, after 20 to 30 seconds of bobbing, she pushed down a little further and hold herself there for several seconds..
He moan as she went down harder and further, when she was just half way down he felt his d**k touch the back of her throat and she came up coughing..
He felt his orgasm building up inside him, he figured out it would be rude to just blast a load in her mouth but wbo cares, he was the king...
A fierce sensation through him as she take him back into her mouth, her head bobbed up and down his shaft, she was holding on to his waist using just her lips and tongue on his engorged d**k..
A ring of her lipstick formed around his d**k at the point she couldn't go past and the vision was too much to bear...
His balls flexed and his orgasm struck hard, he tried to hold it but the sensation was too much, he moan loudly as his body began to react to the movement of his orgasm fighting hard to be released....
He continued moaning then finally he released the big load in her mouth...
The first blast was a direct hit to the back of her throat and was never to be seen again as she gulp down everything...
She pulled back instinctively and the second blast splattered all over her lips and chin....
"Where did you learn how to do that? He ask as he gasp for breathe...
She smiled"Its nothing your highness
He put his clothes back on, as she hurriedly rushed into the bathroom to wash her face, she dried her face with his towel,then she came out..
"Whatever happened here should be buried here, this never happened, understand?he said
"Yes your majesty"She said...
She took one last glance at him, opened the door and went outside..
She smiled to herself, she knew for a fact he will come asking for more,she has finally pinned him where she wants..

Princess keep pacing in her room, she wonder if they helped him, was Rick okay, she needed to go see for herself, just then her phone started ringing, it wad an unknown caller, she quickly answer the call..
Excitement ran through her spines as she heard his voice...
"Are you ok"She ask anxiously with smile clouding her face..
"Am on my way"She said when he told her where he was...
She quickly end the call,pick her bag and rushed out of the room..

Shock swept through them as Gavi and the other guy saw their friends lying dead on the floor...
"He escaped"Boyo the other guy said..
"What do we do now? He added..
"We call the king"Gavi said..
He picked up his phone and dial the kings number..
King Felix answered after the second ring"
"Your majesty, he escaped"Gavi said
"How did that happened?King Felix infuriated voice sounded
"Boyo and i went out to get food, only to come back and find our men dead"
"Who killed them?
"No idea your majesty "
"The princess must not know about this"
"Roger that your majesty.. "
"Find that boy and kill him this time"King Felix said
"We wong make mistakes this time"Gavi said then the call ended
"Who could have killed them? Boyo ask

Claude walk carefully so no one can see her but unfortunately for her the foolish king appeared from nowhere blocking her in the front..
"And where is my wife in a hurry to? Desmond ask
"For starters, am not your wife, secondly i dont owe you any explanation as go where i go to"Claude blared out
Desmond lick his tongue"Maybe not now, but very soon, you will start telling, i wont have a wife who secretly sneaks out and sneaks in whenever she like"
Claude wasnt in the mood for his rubbish, Going to see Rick was more important than what he is saying, she smiled at him but the smile disappeared within seconds
"What kind of smile is that? he ask
"The type you deserve"She said as she tries to walk away but Desmond drag her back
"With all due respect your majesty, please get the hell out of my way"Claude blared out
"I wont let you talk to me in thag manner, am your husband and your king"Desmond groans
"Then i suggest you start acting like a king and not a spoit brat that was given a throne he doesn't deserve"Claude groaned back
"Excuse me Desmond"King Felix said from behind them
Claude scoffs when she saw her father,could her father have heard the news..
"Give me a second to talk to my daughter"He said
"You better tell her to start showing some respect to her husband, i wont tolerate her insolence when we are married"Desmond blared out, he glare at her who reciprocated the look, then he walk away...
"Are you disrespecting the king? King Felix said
"Oh please father dont pretend like you didn't know this was going to happen... This is exactly what happens when you force a girl to do something against her wishes"
"Well, that will end today, because if you dont your dearest Rick will die a miserable dead"
Claude chulkled, if his father is threatening her with Rick, it means he knows..
"I see you have heard the news, news fly around here"She said
"What are you talking about? King felix ask anxiously
"Dad please dont pretend like you dont that my dearest Rick, my husband,my life and my love have escaped.... "
King Felix grunts"I see he have called you, where you running off to him?
Claude smile"I dont need to run off to him today, he isn't a prisoner anymore dad, he is free like a bird, i can run off to him anytime i pleases"
"I will hunt him down and kill him"King Felix said furiously
"Oh dad please with all might, go ahead and hunt him down, you will never find him"
"I forbid you from seeing that boy"
"What, are you going to lock me up in my future husband palace.....my future husband, the king will never agree to that"
"I see you have grown wings"King Felix said.
"Whatever wings i have, you gave them to me.. Remember what you told me when i was ten...you said i should never stand for what i dont want, that is exactly what i am doing... "
"Am watching you Claude, whatever you try to do to ruin my plans, i will always be one step ahead of you.. "
"Am watching you too dad, whatever plans you have to seperate us will go down the drain..... "
"I will kill that boy"King Felix said
"I challenge you to dad"She said as they glare at each other...
She watch as her father furiously left her.. Then she took a deep breathe...

Zuru and Kahefa watch as the plane took off from the airport...
"Do you think this was a good idea?Kahefa nodded
"For all our sakes, i pray it is"

Pious took a deep breathe as he look down,he grunts as the plane went high....
The thought of his family evades his head, he gritted his teeth....
"Am coming back for you chiefs, am coming "he muttered and relax himself on the plane chairs... Then he tightened his seat belts..



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 6:28pm On May 30, 2018


KING GODFREY is the king of Akpatu kingdom, Akpatu land was one the prestigious and envious kingdom, King Godfrey was honest and upright in his ways.. He has a wife, Queen Edna who bore him two sons, the oldest son was Pious, and the youngest was Francis...
King Godfrey had a dream that he was been chased by someone who was trying to kill him...when he woke up from the sleep je told his wife who had told him it was just a dream and nothing more little did he know the dream meant more than what he thought..
The chiefs were the most richest people in the kingdom,their leadef was Chief Carlos because he was richer than the rest..
They were infuriated by the way the king was rulling,they felt he was making them lose so many opportunities that could have made them rich..
They plot to kill him, at first they failed in their attempt, they connive with a palace guard named Peter who tampered with the kings car brakes, which led the king to a drastic accident that claimed his legs rendering him crippled..
Peter would have been caught and dealt with but before they could catch him he was killed by Philip, a police inspector who was working for Chief Carlos...
King Godfrey felt he couldn't handle the affairs of the kingdom in his condition so he abdicate the throne to his elder's Son Pious..
The chiefs invited Pious to chief Carlos house, they hoped they could get him to their side, but Pious declined their offer by saying he won't be swayed by the talks of greedy old men..
The chiefs felt insulted, so they hatch another plan to kill the king, not only the king but this time the entire family..
They eventually succeeded in killing the king, they thought they had killed the two princes but unknowingly to them the princes miraculously survived..
Chief Carlos was made king but instead he gave the throne to his son saying that he was too old to be king so his son will rule in his place..
Pious was rescued by Mr Azuk, a man whose heart has been in torment because his wife and daughter were killed by the chiefs but they were never caught, someone else was killed in their place...
Francis in the other hand find himself in the otherside of the world, a place he has always wish to be.. His wish was granted..
He was caught by the slave hunter Azog who made him a slave...
Queen Edna was chained in a room in Chief Carlos house,Chief Carlos had confessed to her that the only reason he didn't kill her was because he wants her, he wants a taste of her lovely body but queen Edna has sworn to kill him..
Zuru who was king Godfrey brother took Pious to the city after he found out he was still alive, but had told Pious go to the white man land and establish himself...
He told him the only way he can fight the chiefs was becoming like them.. Having money and power..
The last that was heard of Pious in the book 1 was him in a plane with bitterness and a hunger for revenge....
"Chiefs am coming for you, am coming "He has said to himself

Both inspectors came down from the car when they arrived at Elder Uteros house, the door was opened but since the curtains was dropped they knocked....
Seconds later the curtain flung open, inspector Kess look at the boy who was just standing looking at them as if they had offended him...
John left the curtain as he paced a way for them to come in....
They went in and saw the family sitting with sad expression on their faces....
Kess was shocked to see Elder Utero, he wonder if the chief has released them so soon...
They greeted them and sat opposite them..
"Sir, how are you feeling now, your wife told us what happened, we were actually here go ask her a few things as to know a few clues to your whereabouts but it seems you are here already, you mind telling us who abducted you?
Elder Utero inhaled deeply, the warning chief Carlos has given them came loud and clear in his head, chief Carlos has threatened to destroy their entire family if they tell anyone especially the police they were kidnapped by him, as much he doesn't fear him.. Family comes first and he fears for the safety of his family....
"I went out on my own, no one abducted me"Elder Utero said
"But your wife said otherwise"Kess said
"My wife wasnt here when i left"he said
Kess could sense he waw lying, was he been threatened, he knew very well the chief wad responsible... "Look sir, you dont have to lie, just say the truth and whoever did this to you will surely be arrested.. "Kess said
"My husband is not lying"Anita interjects
She grunts"Actually my husband and i wanted to go somewhere, when he went out without telling me, i felt maybe he was in danger, that is the reason i reported he was kidnapped"
Kess sniff as he shrugged, what they were saying doesn't even make any sense... "Sir are you saying this under threat?
"En, no one threatened me"Elder Utero said with clenched teeth...
"If you are threatened, you can file a complaint...
"My father have been through too much stress today"John cut in..
"I suggest you come another time"He added
Kess exhales"Anytime you want to talk, you know where to find us"He said, stood up from the chair, thanked them and walked outside with his partner...
He killed the tire of the car furiously....
"There is nothing to be angry about, they are the victims, if they want their offender to be punished, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it"Philip said
Kess groan"This chiefs are getting away with everything, we cant just stand by and watch"
"We will find evidence soon enough, i believe they will make a mistake soon"Philip said
"Am not going to sit and wait until they make a mistake"Kess said
"Then what are you going to do? Philip ask anxiously
"When there is no evidence, we create one, it high time those chiefs are lock behind bars"Kess said as he enters the car..
"You are becoming obsessed with chiefs, you are not even sure if they are responsible for everything"Philip said a he sat beside him..
"Trust me i am"Kess replied, he started the car and zoom off
John who was peeping them through the window sigh as he watch them drove away..
"We should have told them the truth"He said
Utero knew his son was right, he should have told them the truth but he was scared, not for himself but for his family, that ruthless chief can go to any extent...
"And then what?Anita ask
"Then he will get arrested and everything will go back to the way it was"She added
"Sometimes its best we show sole strength, how long is he going to feed in our fears?John said
"As long as he doesn't cross our paths anymore"Anita replied
"You see what they would have done to you if your father hasn't submitted to his son's rule"she added as tears began to drip from her eyes
"Still i suggest...
"Enough"Elder Utero interjects furiously.... He look at them with rage in his eyes
"We will speak of this matter no further"He retorted... He groan and walk away..

Carlos smile a he enters the room, he saw a plate of food in her front..
"I heard you aren't eating your meal"He said
She look at him with disdain, she drag the chains with her wrist but it was firm on the wall...
"Rot in hell"Edna blared out
"You need your strength if not for anything but to perform when i finally see whats between your thighs...."He said as he bow down and begin to rub his fingers on her legs...
He sniff as the perceive stench of her body and shirt..
"When last did you bath? He ask as he stood up
Edna chulkled "There is a time for everything Carlos, a time to enjoy, a time to suffer, a time to die, you will die a miserable, agonising death, your end is near"
Carlos laughs"Whoever is giving you this funny ideas, doesn't have your best interest at heart, i will reign forever.. "He sniff,then he called Samantha who rushed in immediately...
"Clean her up"He said to her, then he left them..
Edna glared at Samantha
"Am sorry ma, but i have to do my job"She said

Chief Buzo winked as he watch the sex scene in the Tv....
"This Americans are really crazy"He muttered as he laugh..
"Hi dad"A voice sound from behind him..
He quickly look back, his expression changed when he saw him..
"What are you doing here, you are suppose to be in the states"Chief Buzo said
"Come on dad, aren't you going to welcome me"Jacob said
"Dont you feel any shame coming back here, you were stripped naked for the whole world to see"
"Oh that, that is past Dad"He said as he threw his luggage on the chair and sat on a chair opposite it..
"You should go back, i told you never to show your face here again"
"Its my life dad, i will live the way i pleases, i was the one who was stripped naked, not you, so stop making a big deal out of this, besides those idiots have been dealt with, am back now and back for good"
"Not in this house"Chief Buzo retorted
"Relax dad, besides i heard you are now the prime minister and my very good friend the king, how can i hear such good news and still remain there"
Chief Buzo grunts and sit back in the chair, his son was stubborn, has always been stubborn, he spoilt him, because he waw the only child, he had pampered and maybe over pampered him, that is why he doesn't listen to him again...
"So dad tell me what has been going on here?


"Why are you so restless father inlaw"Desmond said when he saw expression on King Felix face who just walk in to see him
"Something urgent came,i will have to leave for my kingdom immediately "King Felix said
"That is a sad news, aren't you going to attend your daughter's wedding?Desmond ask
King Felix chulkled"What kind of father will not his daughter's wedding, my wife and i will surely attend, you just take care of her until then"
"For a moment i thought you were going to take her along"
"She is your property now, you are to keep her safe"
"This will be the safest place for her"
"I trust you on that"

King Felix stare at Claude who reciprocated the look"I will always be watching you my dearest daughter "he said
Claude smile"So as i dad"
King Felix entered the car, Desmond and Claude both watch as the driver carried king Felix on the car and drove away...
Claude was happy, now she was free, free like a bird..
"Hope you have learnt some manners from your father? Desmond ask
"Hope you have learnt how to stay away from my lane"she retorted, eyed him and left him there..

Francis gasp for breathe as he staggered to stay in the line...he was hungry, tired, extremely exhausted, all his life he has never felt like this, the pains, the hunger, this terrible living.. How did a prince became a slave... Those chiefs has taken away everything from him it was left for him to survive and return the favour and he swear to return it in double dose...
"Where do you think they are taking us? He ask Levi
Levi grunts, the thought of his mother filled his head, his father had left them and till now he was nowhere to be found, he remenbers vividly his father has taken him when he was little cross this path they were following...
"Levi"Francis called out.
"I think its mogula, the land of the dead"Levi replied



Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Hunts(m): 6:41pm On May 30, 2018

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by vadec: 7:16pm On May 30, 2018
I dey gbadun you bro

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Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by Silver1996(m): 7:52pm On May 31, 2018

JACOB shake his head to the beat of the music, the increase the volume as he use one hand to control the steering of the car...
Whoooh! He exclaimed in excitement then he began to sing along....
"Am back my people"He shouted...
He remove the glasses he was wearing and threw on the front seat chair opposite him...
"Boom boom boom"he said as the song echoed in the speaker...
"Look at this man"He muttered when he saw Mr Azuk trekking down the path he was taking... He immediately turn the car steering to his direction, Mr Azuk quickly jump into the bush to dodge the car from hitting him..
Jacob laugh as he stop the car and came down...
Mr Azuk who almost fell, regain his balance..
He became infuriated when he saw him, the bastard that has raped his daughter"Are you insane, it seems my wife and daughter wasn't enough for you"He blared out furiously
"I see you still have mouth to talk because you are still alive"Jacob said back
Jacob scoffs"Well you will regret that forever, because i will make your life so miserable that you will wish you were dead"Jacob added
Mr Azuk glared at him, he was inclined to hit him and kill him right where he stood just the same way they killed his wife and daughter... BUT he was waiting for the prince return, he has sworn to fight with him, when the prince returns,their revenge will begin.....
He manage to force a smile in his face...
Jacob wonder why he was smiling, was he mocking him..
"Dont think i will ever forget how you raped and killed my daughter including my wife"Mr Azuk said
Jacob chulkled"You wont forget because i will always remind you of it, I really enjoyed your daughter, i enjoyed how she screamed when i thrust my d**k inside her sweet vigina, she cried and begged me to free her but i just keep pushing in and moaning in ecstasy.... "
Mr Azuk was furious, his eyes burned with rage, he tried to hold his anger...
"I bleeped her the way i have Bleep no girl before and i enjoyed every bit of it,every drop of her tear moved me to do more, i keep fucking her hard as she screamed...
Azuk was furious that he didn't realise when he punch him hard in the face...
Jacob staggered as the punch landed in his face unexpectedly, though Mr Azuk was a bit old but his fist was strong..
Jacob spit blood from his mouth, then he turned to face him when he regain his balance... "You will regret this"He said and groan at him..
He entered his car and drove away nearly hitting Mer Azuk who jumb out from his way...
"I will kill you.."Mr Azuk muttered

Rick grunts as he hung up the call, he threw his phone on the table and sat on the bed...
"Do you really love her that much? William his elder brother ask..
William was the one who had rescued him from King Felix men
"What do you know about love?Rick ask infuriated
"More than you can imagine"William replied
Rick scoffs then he frowned back"After she comes i will leave your house"
"Where would you go? William ask
"I have been alone almost all my life"Rick said
William immediately knew where his little brother was to with the conversation"Am sorry"He muttered
"Sorry, you abandoned me when i was thirteen, you abandoned me the time i needed you the most"Rick blared out
"I explained my reasons to you the last time we met"William said
"That was your flimsy excuse, you showed up after fifteen years and you expect me to welcome you with open hands.. "
"Then why did you ask for my help now?William ask
Rich exhales shapily"Thats because i was short of choices, i needed to get out of there"
"You called me, and i answered ,doesn't that tell you i care about you"William said
"The only thing you care about is yourself and your guns"Rick retorted
"Those fifteen years i was away from you, there isn't a day that passes that i dont think of you, i was planning a life worth living for us"
"I see where your plans have gotten us"Rick interjects
That sad memory of him crying and yearning for his brother to come home creep into his head, after the dead of their parents in a drastic car accident..
He has cling to the elder brother, he was just a kid making all ends meet with his elder brother, they suffered together until one his brother disappeared, he remenbers how he always sit under an orange tree hoping for his brother to come home to him but he never showed up,year after year he wait until he was tired of waiting, he work hard doing all kinds of jobs to make a living.. There was a time he was at the verge of killing himself because he was frustrated with life, that was when princess Claude showed up, and she gave him a reason to smile and live again......
"Look Rick, i may not have lived to your expectations, but you should know whatever i have done, i have done for you"
"You keep telling yourself that"Rick said
"I regret my decision, i regretted i left you but am willing to make things right if you give me a chance"
"Its too late for that, just do what you do best, just disappear"
"Am concern about you"
"Dont be, because am not, as soon as Claude comes, we will leave and you will never see us again"
William sigh

Desmond gritted his teeth as he stare at chief Mayo daughter....
"Carlos, i think we should give them a chance to be acquainted with each other"Chief Mayo said
Carlos nodded, they both stood up and left them..
Desmond just wonder why his father wants him to marry this girl, she wasn't even pretty, all she had was just a big ass and a killing hip... He wonder how many women his father wants him to marry, first it was Claude... He grin as the name echoed in his head, he keeps thinking of her, was he falling for her, he wave the thought away, he isn't the type that easily fall for women especially her type,he has seen Claude type, she was proving hard to get, they will eventually get married,his marriage with her was supposed to be in a day's time but he has postponed it, now he was getting married to two one, a cute one but rude and an ugly one with a big fat ass that could give any man a hard on just by looking at it...
"So whats your name?Desmond ask after much silence
"Clarisa your majesty"
"Nice name for a beautiful girl"Desmond teased and she blushed
"So what do you do?Desmond ask
"Am into interior decorations your majesty"
Desmond sigh, though she was a daughter of a rich man but seems respecful unlike that arrogant daughter of a king"
Clarisa stared at him, when her father had told her she was going to become the queen, at first she was angry and refused but seeing the how cute the king is now, she has definitely changed her mind, she is going to marry him.
"So Clarisa what did you study?
"Am a graduate of Linguistics your majesty"
"That is so cool"
"So how would you feel if you become the queen of this great kingdom?
Clarisa blushed"It will be a great honour your majesty"
"Then so shall it be, my queen"

Rachel sniff as she spread the cloths in the rope, she was shocked when she saw the person standing at her back....
"How long have you been standing there?she ask
"Not quite long"Raphael replied...
He move closer to her..
"Am really sorry for the way i talked to you the last time we spoke"He said
"Oh its nothing that i dont deserve, i shouldn't have pokenosed in your issues with Cleo.. "
"No its not that, you didn't deserve the way i spoke to you, i was angry but i shouldn't have lashed it out on you like that, it was very wrong of me"Raphael said
"Okay, if you say so, i forgive you"She said she sit down to wash the rest of the clothes... "
"Whose clothes are this? He ask
"The princess and mine"
"You mean princess Claude? He ask
"Isn't she the only princess around here?
Raphael chulkled at her statement...
"I offered to help"She said
"Okay"He said as he sat beside her..
Rachelwas surprise, this was the first time Raphael was sitting beside her..
"Surprise why am sitting here? He ask as if he read her mind
"I should be surprise,shouldnt i?
They both laugh
"When you see a guy who never speaks except when ask to tell her something to do sits with you, you should be more than surprise.. "
Raphael chulkled..."Am also sorry for that.. "
"For what again?
"For not talking to you"
Because of his love for Cleopatra, he has distance himself from the girls in the palace..... Rachel was beautiful, he was just noticing that now...
"Seriously its nothing, it was just your character, i actually believed that you were the shy type"
"Shy"He scoffs
"Am not shy"he added
"That is just what i thought"
He smile at her...
She reciprocated the smile, though it was a bit awkward...
"So what about Cleopatra, have you settled issues with her?She ask as she break off the smile.. She watch him as he slowly frowned back..
"Nothing i say will change her mind, am not her type, i will never be"He said shabbily
Rachel pitied him, she just wonder why Cleo will leave such a guy with such flimsy excuses....
"She doesn't know what you are worth"She said not knowing when the words came out from her mouth...
"I mean no condition is permanent, everyone have a bright future and i believe you will be better than this in the future"She added sluggishly
"Ya... Thanks, those words of comfort are just what i needed..
"Am glad i could help"She said as she focus her attention on the clothes all the way thinking of ways to drive him away......

Everywhere was strange, Francis felt abashed as people, both old and small gathered to look at them, he wonder where they were...
"Where are we? He ask
"Mogula"Levi replied
"I thought you said it was the land of the dead? Francis said
"You will soon find out why i said so"Levi said
"Why did he bring us here?Francis ask anxiously
"You have no idea about what slavery is all about, do you?Levi ask
Francis shook his head"I have heard a few stories about it, all my life i have been living.....
He sigh when he realise what he wanted to say, telling him he was a prince will be really awkward..
"I have no idea"He said shabbily
"Some of us will be sold to the rich men, if you are lucky enough, you might be sold the king"Levi said
"So they have king here"Francis muttered to himself..
"The king, is he a kind man? He ask anxiously
"Depends on what you mean by kind"Levi said
Francis was confuse,dies kind have different meanings...
"I dont understand"He said
"Some say he is a good man, others say he is a demon"
"And what do you say? Francis ask
"The devil lives in him"Levi replied..
Francis was prick with fear, since he arrived in this strange world he has heard about different type of people.., those who are called lords, kings and the � devil....



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