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The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 7:52am On May 12, 2017

I bounced excitedly on my chair.. I've been feeling this excitement suffuse me all week! I'm a fresh graduate of the University of Benin and I studied Law. I met Lekan at a seminar and we fell in love at sight. He's my perfect foil.

Beautiful eyes, a carefully maintained fit body and a sardonic smile twisting his lips. I graduated this year and we've been dating since I was in 300level. He's been the best support ever! He was a Master's student when we met and now he's well on his way to become chartered- he's a genius and also studied accounting.

He studied law and criminology at a university in UK.. I've forgotten the name. He spent a lot of his formative years there; and as such, his views and opinion are very westernmost. Like, to the core. He speaks concisely and I respect him a great deal. He came to Benin for a short course and since then didn't want to leave. He fell in love with Nigeria.

He helped me all the time to study and my flagging GP took to the skies- I managed to finish with a 2nd class Upper; all kudos to Lekan. I've been excited all week because I suspect something cooking in his mind.
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by kevwe10(f): 1:35pm On May 12, 2017
continue now,am enjoy it
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by Akinwale14(m): 2:09pm On May 12, 2017
Why d u stop undecided
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by Akinwale14(m): 12:08am On May 14, 2017
crysleeqiam I go slap u o
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 8:39am On May 15, 2017
We're each other's best friend and extremely close; I tell him everything, and vice versa. We didn't live together, but spent all our waking hours together. He's a perfect gentleman and never ever pressurised me for sex. I'm very happy because I'm not yet ready to start having sex; especially when there's a lot at risk; my family, my future and my life.

I came from an Upper-Middle class family and my father is a very elite farmer who owns thousands of plots of farmland all over Nigeria. He's a secondary school graduate who didn't have the opportunity to further his education- but knows the core values of being an educated folk.

He believed in getting educated in what you love and fully supported my decision to study Law, as opposed to my mum who wanted me to study medicine so that she'd be called- Iya Doctor. They had a lot of fight over it, with my dad encouraging me to choose what I love.

When I got admission to study law, my mum felt very bad and was inconsolable. Her dreams to be called Iya Doctor was forever shattered- I'm her only child; but the 9th for my dad. Yes, we're a polygamous family, though we all didn't live together.

My mum is the last wife and the last love of his life, so we lived a happy monogamous life. The other wives and children couldn't care less. My father always suspected that my mom desperately wants me to study medicine because of my step sibling- Joke. Her mom is the 2nd wife and people call her Iya Doctor. I guess it's that rivalry.

Anyway, the drama of the doctor issue ended when we convinced her that being called Iya Lawyer is better; and has more prestige. She became happy and gave me all her support. Now, as a graduate, she's changed her name to Iya Lawyer.

Lekans Cologne disrupted my wandering thoughts and I looked up.."Hello Darling.." He whispered into my ears.. I'd been keeping my nervousness at bay with the funny drama my mom performs. For the first time ever, I was shy to look into his eyes.. I wiped my sweaty hands on my thighs.

He sat down beside me and gently took my hands in his. "Mobolaji Ayoka Ilesanmi, I've been waiting for this day ever since i was born. The first day I saw you, I was awed. You're the most beautiful and perfect woman made for my imperfect soul"... He took a deep breath.

My heart beat a 100 mile per minute. If there's anything I'm sure of, it's to be his wife. But then, his family is scary. He came from the Old Salvador Money of Isale Eko. They are stinking rich and they live the life's of the Crème la crème of the society.

His family is old and powerful and infact, like the British royalty, he has a title behind his name! I mean, in Nigeria?! His full name is Adeyemi Olalekan Salvador the III. The third! Although I've never been to his family house; which has been featured in a lot of interior décor magazines, I'm scared of them.

They command so much power and money! How'd my humble family seem to them? And the thought of his mum sent shivers down my spine. She's even strict with him!
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 5:06pm On May 16, 2017
.."so, would you be my Wife?.." Time stood still for me. The love of my life just asked me to marry him! I felt numb. Then happiness slammed into me with the force of a bus and knocked out the thought of any fear.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I screamed in ecstasy. I felt so fulfilled. Deep down, I've always questioned what he saw in me. Me. He's so handsome, sexy, gentlemanly and perfect! Finally, he's going to stop getting featured in lagos most eligible bachelor's.

He chose me! I'm going to be his wife..

How naive of me..
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by queenitee(f): 10:58pm On May 16, 2017
Let's go
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by popesaint(m): 2:06pm On May 17, 2017
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 5:06am On May 18, 2017

I saw the smile on her face and I felt regret fill me. Poor poor innocent girl! I love her; but just like a little sister. It doesn't make much difference to me anyway, I'd definitely marry her. She's so innocent and clueless. Well, she's young.. At 22 years, she still See's the good in everyone.

I'd told my mom I'm bringing her home. Afterall, that what she wants. African mothers. She's extremely scared of me getting married to a white girl and eloping or staying permanently at London.

I laughed. I could see fear written all over her face.. I assured her my mom would love her, as far as she's a Nigerian bride. I felt bad deceiving her, but I needed to! I'm not getting any younger, and I need scrutiny away from me.

Marriage is not for me, but since I have no choice; I'm sure I and her would come to a perfect understanding soon.

I'd make sure to spoil her with money and everything she can ever need.
But my love? Never.


I finally got to meet his mom and she's very courteous and nice; although with that dash of cold- pride this extremely rich people carry. She grilled me endlessly about my background. Seemingly satisfied, she declared me perfect and welcomed me into the family.

In a whirlwind of events, the introduction day was set up and it was a very very lavish affair. I myself thought it was my wedding. I saw the tally of the total money spent and my mouth rounded in a big O. Just how rich are this people?

Foreign currencies was spent at what was supposed to be an introduction. My father didn't support my wedding to Lekan, but he couldn't give me a reason for it, so i didn't entertain the thought. Throughout the introduction, his face was a mask of indifference- which he wore when ever he's hurt.

I deliberately blinded myself to it and enjoyed the party. My head was filled with thoughts of marriage to someone very rich, and although I didn't love him because of the money; the money was definitely an added advantage.

Soon after, the wedding date was set. It was a flurry of event's and my mind still can't catch up with the marriage. I mean, it was the most expensive and beautiful wedding i ever attended. Dignitaries from all over the world stormed lagos and came to watch us tie the knot. My wedding party went on for a week!

I can't begin to explain how it all happened. My mother- in- law took care of all the details and I wasn't allowed to do anything but look pretty. It was an intense experience and I was truly awed.

Well, the most important part of all this is the Sex! I mean, although I insisted on no sex and he obliged, I'd always wished he pushed for more. I mean, I missed out on all the dirty talks, sextings and nasty nudes dating couples swap. Ours was a perfect courtship set from the 80's.

I'm a highly sexual person, although im sure lekan thinks I'm the perfect virgin. Sure, I'm a virgin, but I masturbate. Like a lot. I can't go to sleep without ribbing a cum out. I'm this mass of sex induced virgin who can't wait to be bleeped to oblivion by her husband!
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by queenitee(f): 9:58am On May 18, 2017
Wow, I'm loving this
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by popesaint(m): 4:13pm On May 18, 2017
I love this story scatter..
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 7:06pm On May 18, 2017
Except I'm menstruating, I sport constant wetness. Like I'm wet almost 80% of the time. I wondered how i managed not to Bleep. If I'm reading and alone, I can just slip a finger down to my pussy and swipe through it; give my clit a few pinches and pour out juice..

I'm so so expectant! I've been waiting for this day in a long long time.. We touched down at the airport and I couldn't even take in any scenery. This is our honeymoon! I just want to have a nasty hard fucking, then we can explore the place. But bleeps first.

We entered the limo and it zoomed off to our destination. A huge mansion. One of the many properties of the Salvador family that's oversea. The housekeeper has come earlier to clean up.. And the butler welcomed us in spanish. "Señora" he addressed me and I didn't understand the rest of his epistle.

Lekan replied him in crisp Spanish and I rolled my eyes. He smiled at my attitude and translated that the man was welcoming me. I muttered a thanks and we entered. I didn't see the grandiose of the house. Lust has blinded me totally.

While in the Limo, I'd cuddled against lekan and he seemed eager, but he seems to withdraw a bit when I suggested that we should go to our bedroom and rest. He encouraged me to go up and I was puzzled.

After like 5 years, he came into the room and I was already simmering with tension. I'd bathed and I'm dressed in the most sexiest and expensive lingerie I've ever seen in my life. They plumped my breasts to delicious looking globes and since I got a tiny waist nd flared hips, the rest wasn't hard.

I expected him to pounce on me and devour me, infact, I'd perfected my current pose in the mirror for hours, but he just glanced at me- with a hint of banked lust and entered the shower. He came out, towelled up and crashed on the bed. I poked him and wrapped myself around him; but he just said.."I'm tired baby, can we Bleep later?"

I opened my mouth in shock! "You haven't even touched me yet!" I shouted in frustration. My pussy was insanely wet at being near the object of my fantasies; but he just yawned. I bristled at his attitude. "Touch me please?" I moaned.

Surprisingly, he squeezed my breasts through the bustier and I almost screamed in pleasure. He flicked my nipples till they were hard as a dick and I panted in lust, my eyes closed. He placed his head on my thigh and nuzzled at my tummy.. My lust overcame me.

His touches slowed and I opened my eyes. I was shocked to the marrow. He's fallen asleep! Is my thigh a pillow?! On our wedding night! After making me all wet and Hot!

I think I have to rape him!
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by Akinwale14(m): 7:16pm On May 18, 2017
grin grin grin grin
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by rudestmcblaze: 3:22am On May 19, 2017
I think I have to rape him!
Sleeq will nt kill somebody oh! So somebody cannot be tired again?
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by queenitee(f): 4:51am On May 19, 2017
I will help you with the rape. Lol I'm loving this
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by zoomman(m): 6:17am On May 19, 2017
I will help you with the rape. Lol I'm loving this
I will tell my mummy for you..... angry
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by queenitee(f): 8:27am On May 19, 2017

I will tell my mummy for you..... angry
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by zoomman(m): 9:36am On May 19, 2017

Becoz of what you said angry
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 5:33pm On May 19, 2017

I went to sleep frustrated. His body was so heavy, I couldn't even move it. Then I felt a hand rove my body, and I felt happiness fill me. His hands held my face as he began to kiss me, first just a few brushes of lips, with the flavor of Mint masking his own taste.

Then he deepened the kiss and groaned, and I felt my nipples harden to the point of painfulness, and my lower body thrum with need. In just a few moments, his hands slid down to my hips and then gently slipped up to cup my breasts. His fingers gently pulled off my nightie.

He bent his head and gently captured my nipples..He sighed. “So beautiful. So perfect.” He leaned down and tasted one nipple, and I felt it as my clit swelled. With the tip of his tongue, he teased and savored me and I clutched his head hard like a fucking lifeline.. Oh my, this is exactly what I've been expecting..

With his other hand, he skimmed my thighs softly and cupped my ass, pulling me closer. I groaned in distress; I need him to make it hard.. Why his he taking so much time. I leaned my head back giving him more access to my breasts and he nuzzled between them.

His hard penis ground against me and slipped between my ass cheeks.. I flicked my hands down and grabbed it. He groaned and I rubbed the tip till a bead of precum wet my fingers..

Wetness flooded my thighs, and he sighed as he reached down and cupped my mound. I am so wet. He pulled a couple of pillows over and turned my face down, my hips high over the pillows. He rose up on his knees and pulled me back, and with his large fingers, he thrust into my vagina and fingered me hard.

I thrashed like a fish caught on a hook and he slipped his dick into me. Wait, it felt so thin and inconsequential. I groaned in frustration! Why?! My eyes suddenly opened and I realised I was dreaming.. 2 fingers were buried in my pussy! 2 thin fingers!

I hissed in anger and pushed the duvet off me. What a dream! That was supposed to be my wedding Bleep! I looked at his side of his bed and it was empty.. Then the aroma of freshly ground coffee hit me and my mouth watered. He entered the room with a tray balanced on his hands and he gently placed it on the bedside table.

"Baby, breakfast in bed!" he said excitedly.. I looked at him. Is this one mad? Why is he acting like we bleeped? And he wasn't helping matters at all. He wore a low slung pyjamas that showed off his hot body. What a waste! I thought.

I'm too proud to say anything. I wondered what kind of man doesn't pounce on his newly wedded wife. I shook my head in disdain while trying to eat up. At least, he's romantic. If he doesn't say anything about it, I'm not saying anything either. I won't die, at least I've lived without rooster all my life. I want to see where this nonsense will end.
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by queenitee(f): 6:19pm On May 19, 2017
This is serious
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 1:17am On May 21, 2017

I gave her all the attention in the world and we went on a shopping spree. I bought her diamonds, jewelries and dresses befitting her status but she jut glanced at everything indifferently. I knew at some point, I have to Bleep her; but I'm not relishing the Idea.

How long till she snaps? She's not saying anything and infact makes no moves to touch me, but I see how agitated she is. My mind raced a million mile per minute, I need to gather my fledgling courage and sleep with her.

I can't hide behind the veil of "engagement" anymore.. She's my wife now, and I have to do something about it. Our honeymoon is coming to an end already. Everyone back in Nigeria would have expected me to pump her womb full of Cum and infact, she should have conceived by now!

I worried hard. What if we get back and she begins to tell people that I didn't touch her? Then the whole marriage fiasco was a waste! Lekan, do something!


Aside the No-Sex; which is extremely frustrating.. He's the perfect husband.. He's romantic and showers me with all the attention in the world. He showers me with the most expensive things of everything! It was then I understood that money is not happiness.

Infact, I'd entertained the thought of sneaking out and getting a guy to Bleep me, but I then, we're always together. We explored the whole of spain together.. From the ruins to waterfalls to museums to huge and tears inducing cathedrals.. It was simply amazing.

And the men? I couldn't help but notice them.. They're extremely tanned with rakish smiles. I see the glances I get, but Lekan is always with me, so they keep off. I'm sooo angry! I wondered if he's impotent? But still I didn't find it in me to confront him.

We gisted, and did everything like nothing was missing. Then, when I thought nothing else could hurt me more than my husband not fucking me, I find out he's been cheating on me. The day before we travel back to Nigeria, his phone pinged that morning and I glanced at it out of curiosity.

He left it on the centre table while cooking lunch; I swear, if he could Bleep me half as much as he could cook, I'd be the happiest woman on earth. I tried the password with my name and it unlocked. I felt joy fill me at that.

The joy quickly faded when I opened the message. My heart shattered into pieces. "I miss you, my baby.. I wish we were here together.. I've prepared our own honeymoon for you here. As soon as you get back, let's go off for a week and Bleep like rabbits. I hope you didn't give my rooster to her?"

I quickly scrolled through the messages from earlier and realised he's been dating her since! Even during our engagement. So, when he was pretending all gentlemanly and busy keeping me for marriage, the bastard was feeding another woman that glorious rooster?!

I've been reduced to spying on him when he showers! His rooster is thick and extremely long. I get shivers while staring at that monstrosity that's supposed to be mine legally! But no, some stanky ho somewhere is having all that?! Bleep it, I've been so stupid.

I've been playing gentle wife while my husband is making plans to Bleep the life out of another woman.. I felt tears rush to my eyes. All that rooster. All that dick. I wiped my eyes in anger. At least, I've realised he's not impotent! He's not just fucking me.

I felt anger fill me. Oh no, he doesn't! I realised how stupid not confronting him was! He's going to Bleep me tonight and fill me with cum; the bastard!
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by Akinwale14(m): 2:20am On May 21, 2017
Hmm but this episode is too short.
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by Shakyroh320(f): 4:23am On May 21, 2017
just take it easy with him,its not everything anger can do,just be sure your allegations are be correct before you use wrong allegation to turn him to a wolf in human clothes .Kip it coming ,His grace is ur strenght
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 8:38am On May 21, 2017

I served lunch and I was getting very uncomfortable.. Mobolaji was extremely nice and gave me extreme attention. She was all touchy feely and I wondered what has possessed her. Well, I can't wait to get back home tomorrow.. I'm tired of this celibacy.

Yes, I smacked my forehead mentally.. Shit, I've not bleeped her! What if she's all nice because she's planned something disastrous for me in Nigeria? Women of nowadays can't be trusted. They get all nice when they've planned something wicked.

I began to worry, what if she told my mother? God, I have to Bleep her! But what about my promise? The one I made to the love of my life, my true partner? I promised not to touch Bolaji!

But then, I can't leave anything to chance; I'm suspecting her niceness. Someone that didn't complain throughout the one month we spent here and then is all sweet the night before we get back home. I'm sure she's got an evil plan hacked.

I'm sorry baby, I've got to cheat on you.. I thought. I hope i get forgiven.


In the evening while watching tv, lekan suddenly turned to me and grabbed my face.. Then he gave me hottest and wettest kiss of my life. I melted like a Popsicle spread under the sun. He devoured my mouth and buried his tongue deep in my throat. I swear to God Almighty, I came!

Convulsions overtook my body and I shook like a leaf. He broke the kiss and looked at me in Amazement. I was moaning like he was fucking me already.. When we started kissing, he was staring at me almost indifferently, but now, after he realised his kiss made me cum, lust swept all over his face like wildfire.

His control broke past all barriers and hefted me up, and dropped me on his laps. Then he tore off my clothes. My breasts were bared to his gaze and he almost ran mad with lust. He slapped it and they bounced like balloons filled with water.

He couldn't get enough of it and continued squeezing, slapping and licking the life out of them. By this time, my whole shorts was wet and infact, I've stained his shorts too. He slipped a hand beneath the waist band of the shorts and buried 3 fingers inside me.

I screamed in ecstasy and he curled his finger in an insane angle I didn't understand! He hit one part of my vagina that made me go mad. I wanted to die! I went hoarse. Jesus! Is this what Ive been missing?

He suddenly dropped me and pulled out his rooster. Bleep. It was big, long and wide. This is my first time seeing his rooster hard. He sat down heavily and then pulled me to a kneeling position between his legs.

"Bleep, I can't get enough of your breasts, Bleep you, Bleep it." he groaned. He pulled me forward and grabbed my breasts.. Then he squeezed them together and shoved his rooster between them.

His dick slipped between them and i could see agony etched on his face. Lustful agony. He thrust harder and came all over my chest. He spurted gallons of cum and he slapped my mouth open.

Some of it entered my mouth and he asked me to swallow. I did so obediently. His rooster was still hard and I flicked my tongue down to lick at he head. He shoved my head down on it, choking me. He bleeped the life out of my throat and then he pulled out.

By now, my arousal had hit the topmost charts and I was ready to beg to be filled. I didn't even say anything yet. He just picked me up and slammed me on his rooster. I screamed out in a mix of pain and arousal. Bleep. I felt like the dick was going to come out of my throat.

"You wanted my rooster right?" he slapped my breasts again and began biting the nipples, while licking up his cum splattered on it. I think I died. The assault of pleasure was too much. The pain was quickly forgotten as he bounced me hard on his rooster and slammed into me deep. "Have it! Let it fill you! Bleep it, ride hard on it!" he whispered fierily into my ears.
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by Akinwale14(m): 9:04am On May 21, 2017
Hmmm u and this ur sex story sha
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by queenitee(f): 2:22pm On May 21, 2017
I'm loving this
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by Akinwale14(m): 2:28pm On May 21, 2017
I'm loving this
I knw u wil love it.
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by popesaint(m): 11:38pm On May 22, 2017
am glued to my seat and waiting for action. Nice story
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by rudestmcblaze: 10:23am On May 23, 2017
@sleeqiam, always on point and never dissappointing. U will nt kill girlfriendless guys like me with konjivitis................. #ThumbsUp
Re: The Hottest Thief! ( When She Married The "Love"of Her Life..) by sleeqiam(f): 1:19pm On May 24, 2017
am glued to my seat and waiting for action. Nice story


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